Kotaku: Plants Are Taking Over Japan’s Nuclear Wasteland — “Tall growth is unconnected to radioactivity” says news outlet — Weed known to grow in areas that were burned or otherwise disturbed (PHOTOS)

Published: July 19th, 2012 at 3:01 am ET


Title: Plants Are Taking Over Japan’s Nuclear Wasteland
Source: Kotaku
Author: Brian Ashcraft
Date: July 19, 2012

Japanese-only: http://getnews.jp/archives/233878


people living near the reactors […] are yet to return. In their place, the plants are taking over.


The photos show roads being broken apart by vegetation sprouting up through the asphalt. They show vines making their way across roads.

A weed called Common Mullein, which is described as a plant that grows “in a place that has burned or otherwise been disturbed”, can be seen sprouting in these Fukushima photos.


GetNews points out that the plant’s tall growth is unconnected to radioactivity.


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Published: July 19th, 2012 at 3:01 am ET


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9 comments to Kotaku: Plants Are Taking Over Japan’s Nuclear Wasteland — “Tall growth is unconnected to radioactivity” says news outlet — Weed known to grow in areas that were burned or otherwise disturbed (PHOTOS)

  • Blown Camaro

    This happens when roads go unused. Airborne seeds land in the cracks and sprout.

  • Maggie123

    For what it's worth – my experience with a weed problem matches what's said here. Left unchecked, weeds take over fast. Their rate of growth and size is astonishing. I'm in a 'semi-arid' climate and work constantly to keep weeds at bay, including common mullein. But it seems unlikely radiation effects won't also be noticed in time. The list of related posts certainly suggests it.

    … Am thinking a bit more .. common mullein is a biennial. The first year plants get pretty good sized but it doesn't grow a tall flowering stalk until its 2nd year (in the climates I've known it in.) (??)

  • richard richard

    just earlier i commented on how the overgrowth is thickening on tepcam.


    one pipe is beginning to be covered. soon, the lower walkway will not be visible at all.

    all the channeling is also being overrun. i used to see people walk over that. i'm guessing they haven't been this way for 6 months.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    The weed growth is not unusual, in my opinion. Mullein much taller than me is outside my window now, and it's been there for years. We find it pretty (yellow flowers), and leave it alone when it pops up unexpectedly.

    Of much more interest, I suggest, is the evidence of damaged and unused infrastructure. Huge costs are implicit in all those unused and unusable roads and buildings.

    Energy too expensive to meter.


  • TheWorldIsBlind

    I find the term "nuclear wasteland" so crazy disturbing. I mean to think that just a year ago all this land, hundreds of square miles was completely safe and inhabited by thousands. And no, its land that no man in our lifetime can ever live again. If that happened to my home town, my house, you better believe that a protest is not all that I would be doing. I would be willing to sacrafce my life – not for any single person in this world, not for the children, or the future children – but simply for Mother Earth. This poor poor planet was terribly cursed with mankind. So sad, we let you down. So sad.

  • Cindy Cindy

    Reminded me of the History Channel documentary of "Life after People".


    • Max1 Max1

      Thank you Cindy!
      My thoughts exctly.

      Anyone who watches this, please pay attention to the addressing of NPP's. Ka-BOOM!!!!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nuclear wasteland.