Kyodo: 1,300 people file criminal complaint seeking to jail gov’t officials and Tepco execs — Haruki Madarame, 32 others accused

Published: June 11th, 2012 at 2:46 am ET


Subscription Only: 1,300 file criminal complaint against TEPCO execs, nuclear safety officials
Kyodo News
June 11, 2012

Around 1,300 people mainly from Fukushima Prefecture on Monday filed a criminal complaint against Tokyo Electric Power Co. Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata and 32 others, arguing they were responsible for causing the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant and the exposure of the plaintiffs to radiation.


the 33, also including former TEPCO president Masataka Shimizu and Nuclear Safety Commission chief Haruki Madarame


They also argued the failure to promptly announce data on the spread of radiation from the System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information, or SPEEDI, “hindered evacuation of the residents (around the Fukushima complex) and expanded their radiation exposure.”


Fukushima residents call for criminal charges against nuclear officials
By Kyung Lah
June 11, 2012

The executives of the Japanese utility that owns the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and a number of the country’s government officials should go to jail, according to a complaint filed by more than 1,000 local residents on Monday.

A total of 1,324 people lodged the unusual criminal complaint with the Fukushima prosecutor’s office, naming Tsunehisa Katsumata, the chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) and 32 others.


Published: June 11th, 2012 at 2:46 am ET


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48 comments to Kyodo: 1,300 people file criminal complaint seeking to jail gov’t officials and Tepco execs — Haruki Madarame, 32 others accused

  • arclight arclight

    this from the japan daily press

    "…On Friday of last week, Masataka Shimizu took his turn before the parliamentary panel investigating the Fukushima disaster and how deep the mismanagement went. Those being investigated by the panel include former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, Tsunehisa Katsumata, and other TEPCO executives. Many tried to claim that there was no way to predict how much damage would have been sustained by the tsunami, however these claims haven’t gotten them very far, as it has been widely revealed that there were numerous warnings given to TEPCO, and they were clearly ignored by those in charge at the time…."

    and looks like the buisness world is shaking.. more "smoothing"?

    bloomberg buisness tepco plunging shares chart with NO related news??

    nice description of tepco there though,, no sign of the teaser on the google search??

    "TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER CO INC (TKECF:OTC US): Stock Quote ……Find TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER CO INC historical stock quotes, key competitors, … Mary Oswald, an American Eagle flight attendant, demonstrates with others …. the post to succeed incumbent TEPCO Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata, 72. … in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, has sued Tokyo Electric Power Co…

  • markww markww

    I think the whole world should Get on board with this lawsuit and everyone connected with TEPCO from businesses down to sitting chairs at Colleges everyone have been listening to a LIE from the beginning


      I agree with the range of accountability that you're pointing out. Yet, for this very reason, nothing will come of these legal proceedings. The courts (entire global legal system) is now run by organized crime. Thinking you'll find justice in any court of law is naive. The judges are protected from the outrage of the people and as such, can make any arbitrary decision. We're seeing this on every front now. They're pissing in our faces and laughing. When we're ready to freely give our lives to protect complete strangers and the vulnerable world about us, only then will there be any chance of getting any respect and justice from those on high. This is how it's always been throughout history and how it is…in our age…

      • As the natives day, [paraphrasing] "You guys have a legal system, not a justice system."

        • Try that again:

          As the natives say, [paraphrasing]

          "You guys have a legal system, not a justice system."

          [typing in the dark here]

          • mikael

            WHats missing is reality in all this, and whos to blame.
            Why did it go so far, ignorance or greed, stupidity or simple blindness to whats real and whats our commo0nt enemy.
            Its not capitalism or what ever label we put on existing systemic frauds, and they have expoced them selfs now, for decades. Unable to deal with their own issues, to save people is becomed a "expence", its not wourth an effort.
            We divide our world acording to a inherent psycophatic and simplistic sytem of reality.
            People have becomed like blind mice, unable to see, reality staith infront of your own eyes.
            That reality is already Frying our world.

            There are a lot of scare mongering about CO2, and to all that bullshitt, its just ONE thing to say.
            Anything that dont includ the SUN or the rest of our universe, earths magnetic poles(where the cold is born), a.s.o. is infact a dilerium tremendes at a grand scale and have absolutly nothing to do with anything close or even remotly close to anykind of warming. You can with good cinfidence wipe your own a.. with anykind of driwell they The AGWistas are serving. When the facts sate that right now, the world is getting slowly colder and we have been so for 3 decades.
            Thats the facts.

            This is also the facts, and I wil give this to the Japanes people, this is what we lack and have completly forgotten:
            Responcebility, not only for our selfs, but for the coming 7 generaltions.


            • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

              Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via A Green Road Blog

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              Ey. mikael.
              Talking of wiping one's arse here….your delusional posts become seriously annoying. I know I should read over them, but they're still kind of fascinating, in a very bizarre way.
              You catch my drift? Stop it.

              (sorry all. my apologies.)


                @B&B: I too love a 'delusional' rant now and then. But when they go completely OT, I have to wonder as to the objective behind it. Some, out here, show zero respect for maintaining content 'rhythm' and the hard work of ENENEWS' administration and others.

                In this instance, there's a chance mikael's working with a small texting device (i.e. IPhone or some such thing), which don't make for good blogging devices. That, coupled with a potential language barrier, could diminish the quality of the message. So, I'll remain respectful of mikael's motives and hope he exhibits a little more discipline in the presentation of his ideas/message…

                …keep up the good fight B&B!!!

            • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

              I am afraid that what will be missing… is the people who filed the lawsuit.

            • Loveistheonlyrationalact Loveistheonlyrationalact

              Historical, ie: core samples, data shows that a global warming event immediately preceeds both major and minor global cooling events and ice ages. Geology 101

              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                "historical", you name it.
                That means before industrialisation was involved.

                different story today.


            which says it all…

      • bleep_hits_blades

        Aftershock is right – without ENFORCEMENT, the 'law' is just words on paper.


          @bleep: which is what their game is; to get us to think that we're living in a society of law and order. They only draw from that well when it comes to holding the little guy to account, for his/her mistakes. Conversely, they use the litigious process of the 'law' to protect themselves from justice. I've learned, from watching on the sidelines, the entire justice system is rife with disease. There isn't a cop, lawyer, judge, politician or businessman who doesn't know this.

          When the people of the world are ready to climb-out from behind the illusion of justice, we may be able to move forward as a progressive species. As it is now, we're doomed and deserve all that is descending on us for our lack of courage and self-sacrifice. Get it clear people. No one is looking out for us. It is up to us take-back the power and determine for ourselves, the destiny of this planet and its occupants…

          • bleep_hits_blades

            Yes, Aftershock – I agree with what you say here.

            In terms of blaming the people, it's a complex situation, because the elites have analyzed us & devised clever & subtle ways of manipulating us. They exploit all of our foibles – laziness, wanting an 'in loco parentis' govt. that will 'take care of us' & allow us to remain childlike in many respects. Observing myself, I see many of these same regressive traits.

            It looks like we are moving into an 'endgame' in more ways than one.

            Actually one wonders about the whole concept of free will – as in – to what extent can we be said actually to have free will, in the modern micro-managed cradle-to-grave totalitarian state?

            The whole reason I got into studying all of this was that it presented such a fascinating puzzle. Family life was a kind of a war zone between my mother & father, & I was to some extent a pawn in the game; I dealt with it all by retreating away from that scary situation & my own scary feelings & into the world of thinking/ observing/analyzing.

            Actually I used thinking as a way to calm & escape my scary feelings.

            So I am to an extent an habitual observer/analyzer of human systems & interactions.

            I feel that right now we are in some kind of endgame phase. Early end game maybe. It's a frightening place to be. Being surrounded by the largely oblivious adds to the nightmarish unreality of it all.

            Some people seem to react as though it were a game & what is needed is more 'team spirit'…


              bleep, you are one brilliant being. You meld both inner and outer, unlike any other. It is both and honor and a treat to go through your writings.

              As to the end game: I've come to think of how 'our' reality is influenced by nature. We used to fight the fever of invasion with drugs (palliative constructs). Now, we know it's actually better to allow the body to use its own defenses in quelling disease. For such reason, I've become real big on letting the 'disease' of our 'modern' society run its course. If it were a simple matter of bulking-up our defenses, I'd agree with those who rely on civility. But alas, I fear we're long past the point of return. Now, I want only to see them brought down into the grave, with their victims. I have nothing but contempt for these miscreants and very-much fear their hitching-a-ride into the heavens. The disease must remain and end here…

              • bleep_hits_blades

                Aftershock, thanks very much for the good words.

                Basically we humans have a long enough history now that we can see what is at play – can see the patterns that emerge. There is this old saying that lunacy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

                I am not sure that we have any reason at this point to expect a 'different result' – than the patterns/outcomes that we see when we study history. The amoral sociopathic leaders lead/manipulate/herd the childish and easily duped masses around like livestock and play a fast and loose game with the lives and futures of us all. The stakes get ever higher as the destructive/control/surveillance technologies become more powerful and sophisticated.

                I am very frightened right now. Of course the fact that I have become ill doesn't help. But I just see the walls closing in on us human beings.

                Very sad – tragic – because mixed in with the negative qualities, people have so many great qualities, abilities, talents, potentialities.

                This website has been and continues to be a kind of lifeline for me – a sort of cyber-community. And a continuing source of information – the best single source I've found.

                Das why I lurk! (And shoot off my mouth….)


                  @bleep: I've always been impressed by your insights.

                  Without going OT, I do hope you're able to hang in here a bit longer. It's all going as predicted and you won't want to miss the 'closing act'. So do what you can to maintain your observation point.

                  We're all slated for the dustbin of history. You should definitely make a point of (privately) documenting what you see for those of the future. (Yes…there is a future.) Write what you've observed and note references. Write for those in the future; what they'll want to know. Do not bother 'talking' to those of this period, as they're already 'gone'. Aside from some personal take on yourself, do not allocate much time to yourself. (If they need to know who you were, they'll reconstruct your history from what's being stored on all of us now.) Down the road, they'll want an unbiased treatment of this period, so tell the truth as you see it. Do not worry about structure or context. Just write as though you're reporting on the day's news. And not unlike Claudius, make several copies and store them at different (family) locations…

      • BillyRaz

        Aftershill- I disagree in the strongest terms with ur view that crooked courts and judges will not be held accountable- So the Mafia protects them for now- So what?? Do u have any clue what will happen to the Mafia if the Japan people will not get their pound of flesh even as the women start poppin out Jelly babies?? Then who do u think will flip on a dime and become the heroes of the day thats rite…..The Ninjas and the Gangsters!! Then where u gonna run? Those courts will uphold the law or die ignoble deaths


          @BillyRaz: before spewing your 'incisive' world view, do a little research into how deeply embedded Yakuza is within TEPGOV's management and political decision making. When you're finished taking some steps into the world of adults, come back and fill us all in on how this fantasy of yours plays out…

    • richard richard

      Yes markww, I'd agree, it's going to be a global compensation payout, nothing before seen, I'd imagine.

      The bopal accident in India that killed many thousands, has taken decades to be resolved, with pitiful payouts as well.

      I won't be here to see the outcome of this one I reckon.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Agreed… how do we join with the people in this lawsuit?

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    markww: 100% Think of the damages from Fuku. Millions are already avoiding Pacific seafood, destroying the Pacific fishing industry. California growing fields and Washington orchards are all ruined, people are avoiding California fruits and vegetables. California dairy industry is finished, save your advertising dollars, you're going to need them. Nobody wants to eat nuke industry cesium and plutonium with their food. Japan is toast, millions of lives ruined. TEPCO should just be nationalized already. Who do they think they are kidding?

  • Hume: B.C. taken to task for failure to inform public

    Government has violated its duty to release information about incidents that put health and safety at risk, study finds

    By Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun June 5, 2012

    "The provincial government routinely fails its legal duty to promptly inform citizens of risks to public health and safety, warn legal scholars at the University of Victoria.

    Failures to disclose include air pollution, deteriorating infrastructure, parasite infestations, contaminated water and disease risk. Relevant information has been withheld from potential victims, scientists and the media — in some cases for almost a decade, says the university’s Environmental Law Clinic following a study of six cases across B.C.

    On Tuesday, the group asked the province’s information and privacy commissioner for a full investigation into what it says appears to be “an ongoing system-wide failure” by government to disclose in timely fashion information with clear public safety implications."

    “Concerns about ‘panicking’ the public must not become an excuse for withholding information,” the call for investigation says.

    Read more:

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is excellent news…now they need to find their keenest legal defense of the people.
    And press forward..

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Numbers could grow to "millions" filing criminal complaints.

  • snowwy snowwy

    best news in a long while from Fukushima …. shame it is based on so much suffering, anguish and probably also severe illness including death.

    lets hope this goes through in a positive way and that it does not take so long that people get too ill or die in the mean time.

    good luck to everyone who is taking action!

  • While waits…radiation monitoring links for the People,24.0.html

    Fukushima fallout forecasts & other radiation updates

    Maybe with the news blackout, these folks still need to know?
    .. before THEY get sued too

  • nedlifromvermont

    All we can do is bear witness and honor truthful disclosure, however painful to hear … and mull it over, what this new knowledge means individually, to each one of us, before we release it on to others in our lives, gently, and in a loving way, for shouting and ranting won't make the heartache and psychic pain go away, for what we have truly done, as a species, to our home planet we share, with all other life forms …

    So slowly and patiently go forth in your lives in honor of the truths we are sharing with one another, for truly we are holding the heart space, now, for our planet …

    Peace to all the 'newsers …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I wish that this news could be gently broken to the people..but it's been a year now.
    The urgency of the danger of being exposed to high doses of radiation particularly overrides..our heartfelt feelings to be gentle..
    Sad to say..
    The people in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima need help NOW.
    The world needs help..NOW.

  • true2U

    Sadly, these folks might pass before they ever see justice. "(

  • true2U

    OK, I don't want to end that note grim, instead I want to say I send love prayers and peace to the people of Japan and everyone affected. ")

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Glad to see people starting to create a better world in all ways; legal, ethical, moral, religious, scientific, social, sustainable, green, spiritual, just plain fed up, etc.

    We would add a helpful link about how to stop all nuclear plants, but the rules do not allow another link…

    (doing our best to live within the boundaries)


  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Obviously, the officials panicked when they got the information, so they were too afraid to share it with the oublic.

  • omtatsat omtatsat

    No court in this world has the jurisdiction to fathom the crimes committed and are still being committed in this on going global tragedy of uncomparitable proportions.

  • andii

    This video is going to make you vomit but watch, download it for your record! I hope these two British who spreads disinformation will be tried and jailed as well as those in Japan.


      brought to us by the wonderful people at! Now, you know you can trust their take on these events…


        speaking of gifts. Check out this one on the testing of the "Atomic Cannon":

        I love to watch the faces of the military personnel, technicians and scientists; many of which (supposedly, by other accounts) died prematurely from radiation-caused diseases. Of course, the DOD keeps these records under tight wraps, so the truth will never see the light of day.

        What wonderful and handsome men were they, who braved the light of the gods…

  • Boycott ALL Japanese corporations until they renounce nuclear power forever.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Most excellent idea, metamind! Totally agree, errrm, just one thing:
      Let's do it right and boycott Chinese, US, German, French, Canadian, Australian, Russian, Brazilian, Swiss and UK products as well – I left out the smaller ones!