Kyodo: Dumping Fukushima radioactive water is gov’ts only solution — Risk of “damaging effects” from toxic discharges — Even if fully implemented, around 300 tons of contaminated groundwater will still flow into Pacific every day (VIDEO)

Published: February 4th, 2014 at 1:01 pm ET


Xinhua, Feb. 3, 2014: [A]ccording to the central government here, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), TEPCO is struggling to contain massive influxes of contaminated water on a daily basis and must now weigh the risks of dumping excess radioactive water into ocean. […] Juan Carlos Lentijo, head of the IAEA’s mission floated the idea of releasing radioactive water into the ocean when on a recent mission to the stricken facility […] Lentijo added that TEPCO should weigh the possible damaging effects of discharging toxic water against the total risks involved in the overall decommissioning work process. […] “You cannot keep storing the water forever. We have to make choice comparing all risks involved,” [Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority] said.

Wall St. Journal, Feb. 4, 2014: When implemented the [pumping] system is expected to cut the daily flow of contaminated water to as low as 290 tons compared with 400 tons now.

Kyodo News, Feb. 3, 2014: The groundwater will be pumped out before it mingles with the highly radioactive water accumulating and leaking from the cracked basements of the flooded reactor buildings […] filtration systems [are] unable to keep pace and storage space rapidly running out – dumping appears to be the government’s only solution until it can build a giant experimental freezer around the complex expected to take two years.

NHK, Feb. 3, 2014: Senior vice economy and industry minister Kazuyoshi Akaba met Chairman Hiroshi Kishi of the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations on Monday. […] Akaba […] said the government will release information to the public to prevent harmful rumors. After the meeting, Kishi said he acknowledges the need for the bypass plan, but it can’t move ahead without the understanding of local fishermen. He also said he plans to make a final decision after carefully examining how the bypass process will be monitored, and measures to prevent harmful rumors.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: February 4th, 2014 at 1:01 pm ET


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146 comments to Kyodo: Dumping Fukushima radioactive water is gov’ts only solution — Risk of “damaging effects” from toxic discharges — Even if fully implemented, around 300 tons of contaminated groundwater will still flow into Pacific every day (VIDEO)

  • bf9 bf9

    How about building that rectangular encircling underground wall diverting it with a second "breakwater" even before that, eliminating the need to pump out any groundwater at all? Oh that's right, that costs money. Screw it. Dump it all cause nobody needs an ocean right?!

    • DNA Evidence Can Now Prove Link Between Cancers And Fukushima Radiation; via @AGreenRoad

      • What Happens If You Offer People Radioactive Fukushima Bottled Water To Drink? via @AGreenRoad

        • Wyakin Wyakin

          DR GH-TY, provocative video. Cynically, perhaps there is reason the US (et. al.) is a republic, rather than a democracy.

          Alternatively, there is reason to consider the prospective transformation of republican plutocracies, which have demonstrated pathetic and deficient stewardship skills, into citizen based democracies.

          Civic engagement at a level needed to control technocrats requires effort, so far which has not been achievable. Sufficient understanding of the NP trash byproducts to support the cessation of the destruction of what is left of the planet’s genetic heritage, and consequently species viability (human’s included), is required by the public.

          The 20-1st century gravitation toward NP has been financially rewarded, though profits achieved from subsidies (E.g. PAA, Japan's ACND, etc.) and regulation designed to minimize the corp. cost of toxic externalities, rather than protect public interest. Unabated risk taking is exercised.

          A public not familiar with the risks of NP, is impotent in supporting any method of contest. Everyone with a capacity for critical thinking, should understand that the utilization of fission for power generation and weapons production is species ending.

          Dumping is the JP government’s only solution to contaminated water? The Pacific Ocean is not a nuclear power toilet.

          Maybe the IAEA,, U.S. engineers should stop drinking Dice's Fukushima spring water, and start thinking stewardship without the 90SR…

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            …90SR induced mental haze.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Wyakin, the U.S. is (and always has been) a Constitutional Republic. What would make you think otherwise? I just don't get why more people don't know this. What's your rationale for it being otherwise? (And please let's take it to the Forum.)

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Hey, Wyakin, Republican is not = Republic.

            Republic is a form of government.

            Republican is a political party.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              BTW, I'm not a Republican.

            • Wyakin Wyakin

              Ho Taters-the use of "r" and "d" I use above refers to form of government, not party, and is not intended to myopically apply to the US.

              It seems that the need for public understanding and awareness of the cause and effects of nuclear trash in the form of liquid "toxic discharges" and "tons of contaminated groundwater" flowing "into Pacific every day" to effectuate meaningful change, is entirely on topic.

          • jrm43231

            If you think the plutocracy is solely republican, you're one of those people who still aligns themselves with one of the 2 major, corrupt, corporate-owned American political parties. You have no clue about anything. Of course, I didn't read anything past that line because you already start of demonstrating that you don't know what you're talking about.

            • Wyakin Wyakin

              Hi JRM43231-

              thank you for the critique of the manner in which I have expressed myself above.I try to learn from constructive feedback to improve and hope you do the same.

              You have misinterpreted my usage of the adjective "republican." I invite you to take a look in any dictionary:

              re·pub·li·can (rĭ-pŭb′lĭ-kən)


              1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a republic.
              2. Favoring a republic as the best form of government

              My comments have nothing to do with party politics.

              You are entitled to think anyone commenting here is full of baloney. We all have our moments of brilliance and otherwise. The portion of your commentary which is a personal attack, is disrespectful and is not conducive to mutual communication and understanding. Best regards.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Dr. G, I love Mark Dice interviews of the public. The number of people who bought into the whole "marketing concept" and took the water was amazing. It just goes to show how conditioned people are to accept advertising as being TRUTHFUL when it is not.

      • J.

        This is brilliant. Thank you so much for posting this. Please pass it on widely.

        It is critical for patients to demand a sample of any biopsied tissue. Some doctors in Japan take a god-like attitude of total superiority, but the laws may have provisions to allow for this demand. In any case, this is a global disaster, so any patient in any country should do the same — demand a sample of biopsied tissue and of any tissue removed in surgery.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yo, Dr. G, if this is true, it is the DEATH KNELL for the nuclear industry. Done, finished, kaput. It's only a matter of time. But will it be soon enough?

        Socrates, did you get that? It's the burning ember, the needle in the haystack, the evidence perhaps you have been seeking.

        Nedli, you'll likely jump for joy over this one. JEC, you too!

        Attention, newsers, the smoking gun has been located.

        I wonder if anyone has notified Dr. Busby or Dr. Caldicott about this one?

        Dr. G, in case I forgot to mention, you're awesome.

  • Nick

    “You cannot keep storing the water forever. We have to make choice comparing all risks involved,” [Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority] said.

    Since this water is contaminated forever, why keep it? Just let it flow.

    Japan okays dumping highly radioactive water from Fukushima. After careful study, it was determined that since things are already FUBARed, a teensy eensy bitsy more of radioactive water won't raise the risks any further.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Nick… we know it was all for show any way…the tanks are all leaking…they are dumping the waste regardless. There is no solution, the keystone cops are destroying the world. 🙂

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Impeccable timing
    Bloomberg report about merging isotopes. Fox go for sugar causing cancer.

    Listening to BBC about cancer cos of lifestyle says WHO.
    Linked earlier.
    Now they can discharge the irradiated water.
    Job done!

  • Nick

    Since tsunami debris is being removed it will now be easier to drain the 100s of water tanks.

    Watch…..we will be toiled TEPCO stored the water in tanks because there was debris in the way. Now that they have made progress in debris removal, the water in the tanks can safely be discharged without encountering obstacles to the sea!

  • Sickputer

    Yes, the fishermen will prevent the release of "harmful rumors" as long as Tepco pays them a lifetime stipend to NOT fish for the poor contaminated sea creatures still alive on the east coast of Japan.

    How much peace of mind will that settlement buy?

  • Ontological Ontological

    The harmful rumors will be of course the TRUTH!

  • jec jec

    Anyone wonder what they mean by "measures to prevent harmful rumors"…scary comment! Guess they will throw all the complaining people in jail. Sure hope the jail doctors are able to provide care for the illnesses TECPO has caused!!! There could be quite a few people added to the jail population!

  • jec jec

    And I wonder how this will affect the USA Sailors lawsuits?? Not good if people can not talk about contamination of the ocean water…Just Saying..

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Makes me wonder if Socref didn't know about this, about the time he showed up here. Things that make you go, "Hmmn."

  • Nick

    Thou shalt not speak of Fukushima.

    Fukushima alarmists will be vilified by nuclear energy folks everywhere.

    Speaking of of harmful Rumors….
    ……I can still hear you say you would never break the chain, never break the chain…

    • usagi usagi

      This will not be able to be hidden this time. The consequences are of a reach, scope, and magnitude far beyond anything they've ever tried to sweep under the rug before. More people are becoming aware of at least a hint of what's going on, but the truth must reach more while there is still time!

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    NHK, Feb. 3, 2014: Senior vice economy and industry minister Kazuyoshi Akaba said the government will release information to the public to prevent harmful rumors..
    . He also said he plans to make a final decision after carefully examining how the bypass process will be monitored, and measures to prevent harmful rumors.

    Phew! Someone has to focus on the rumors.
    Ill sleep well tonight.

  • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

    "Dumping appears to be the government’s only solution."


    I'm losing the ability to stay calm.

    • Ontological Ontological

      I already lost it long ago. Calm in this mindless stupidity is hard to do indeed NID. They will dump it, same as any toxic wasteland they are to create. The second it is socially acceptable to toss it, they do.

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        I believe there exists a back room
        A place where the power elite msm sits and plans it's whitewashing
        Get the populace to believe this is ok
        Baffle them with a continued stream of bs
        Till they buy it
        Think tanks are good for this
        Just watching the talking heads on Sunday morning is enough to make you batty
        You get all the talking points for the week carried over to all the others
        It was blatant in the bush era
        Put out for all of us to see
        Bushes brain
        And once you are aware of it
        It can piss off the pope so to speak
        Nuke speak is the book that comes to mind
        It should be a prerequisite for the fuku warriors

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Dumping has always been the gov't only solution. As long as it doesn't come back on them…. wink wink.

      • usagi usagi

        Their skulls are as thick as Tepco's. This will come back on them, and they need to enjoy full blame. They've guaranteed the loss of their food supply now, and the poisoning of their people in the meantime.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Groundwater is pouring through cracks..all over the plant.
    Where do they get the sum..300 tons?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      TEPCO numbers:
      Water pumped into Units1-3 each day: 300 tonnes
      Water flowing in the ground under FDNPP per day: 1,000 tonnes
      Highly contaminated groundwater flowing into Pacific ocean per day: 300 tonnes

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Oh, I get it now. Thanks, PUN.

        Clear as a bell.

        – Wait until all the nuclear engineers start using Common Core math . . .

        • usagi usagi

          You would think they used common core in the design phase back in the 60s. Though, the new designs aren't as safe as they'd have you think.

          Even a reactor like the AP1000 – which is supposed to survive station blackout through passive safety – can fail in ways that the designers seem to have overlooked but that can be easily conceived. What if the wiring to the valves for the passive residual heat removal heat exchanger are damaged in the initial event (like an earthquake)? What if the pressurized water loop develops a leak from the earthquake and the coolant flows out? Passive flow means gravity can spill the coolant, too. Then you're right back at LOCA like a GE MkI BWR at Fukushima.

          Here are three fundamental truths about Nuclear Power:

          1 – You can claim infintesimally small probability of reactor control failure, but you cannot make it zero.
          2 – Regardless of the probability, the consequences of failure are the same: contamination, ruined lands, lives, and health.
          3 – When failure eventually occurs, that infintesimally small probability of occurance that you carefully calculated doesn't mean jack shit. Nor does the excuse that the seismic forces exceeded your design assumptions for the containment. Your death vault Pandora's box broke open. You own it.

          • usagi usagi

            Should have been "probability of reactor control/cooling/containment failure" above, not just control. It's late in Yokohama, and I'm still sick with flu like symptoms. Good night everyone. I'll check in tomorrow.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        PUN, sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "common core math." Would you please explain? I realize it's a new standard being implemented in U.S. schools. I'm just not sure how you are applying it here.

        • usagi usagi

          I think he meant it half-jokingly as a remark about the kinds of nuclear plants you can expect once they are designed to be "passively safe" by graduates of a "lowest common denominator" common core education system.

          Nuclear power was not safe, and cannot be made safe, but foolishness can lead to even more complacency and then eventually more radiation in our environment and food. The only thing I can guarantee you about nuclear power safety is that it cannot be guaranteed.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      On the premise that the corium is below the reactors…
      Then the 1,000 tons has the capacity to become contaminated.
      Perhaps as much as 1,300 tons…or more.
      The 1,000 tons is based on a normal aquifer situation..
      Which I doubt here.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    Wonder if the stupidity of the Japanese statement is smoke and mirrors for the timing referred to earlier in my earlier post.
    Wonderful distraction.
    Job done!

  • Sigh. I have been saying (for years now) that all of it's going to get out eventually, there's no real way of preventing it. I still say that about all the pie-in-the-sky not-real 'plans' for isolating the reactor plants and their basements from groundwater incursion. Because doing so would cause contamination and radiation levels in the work zones to skyrocket to levels where no one can work there. How then do they "decommission" these things?

    They can filter some of it, put the resins in casks for permanent storage, but the water's gotta go out. They do not have adequate filtration for even just what they're pouring in every day, and each resin system is designed only to remove a certain isotope and its close kin. So they'd need multiple systems in line, and they don't plan to spend that much money.

    It's all kabuki. The crap is going out, all of it not trapped in resins will eventually go out. Time only lessens the amount of short-lived isotopes, and most of those are gone by now. Their daughters aren't uniformly stable or short-lived, so they're still there.

    This is why I have long mentioned the "Mother Of All Seawalls" out beyond the last groundwater sink. It would not do much of anything about tritium, but for all the metals and metallic compounds – even the soluble ones – it would serve to impound. They will eventually sink to the bottom, and the bottom can be continually covered with galium sand/zeolite over years rotating basis.

    • weegokiburi weegokiburi

      How do expect that a 'mother of sea walls' can be built by a system that can't bolt together prefabricated water tanks that don't leak?

      • All of humanity needs to do it. It'll extend well beyond Japanese waters anyway, so the only time Japan would have to get into the act is when it closes to the shoreline.

        But that of course presumes humanity wants to do anything about Fukushima. Alas, we appear to be much more gung-ho in teraforming this planet into a place where we can't live.

        • No Immediate Danger No Immediate Danger

          To get things done in this technological society, you need a pay-off. What would be the pay-off for undertaking this massive seawall project?

          Technically speaking, saving the ecosystem and billions of human lives is not a pay-off.

          The problem is not with humanity, or what's in our hearts. The problem lies in how we've organized ourselves.

          • Well, I've also said for a long time that the nuclear 'principals' in this Fuku coverup game (the world industry and all their pet governments plus IAEA/WHO, etc.) all figured out early on that they could absorb the population losses over time without any trouble. It's "less than MAD," after all, and they accepted that. So they will do zip.

            Just pointing out that there are things that could be done. Not expecting any of them to actually BE done, of course. §;o(

            • Ontological Ontological

              Correct. "TheIRS" bottom line is the final frontier. Final, fatal failure, will be the result without dire intervention. Things that could be done, King Salva, gave Lord Krsna back His city of light, at the cost of His Helmet, and Earring, and possibly his life. This cloud city device can irradiate both good and healing radiation or horrible burning Hell radiation. Too bad the Godhead gave up on Mankind 4000 years ago. It is easy to make good elements turn bad, it should be just as easy to turn bad back into good. Hiding this science was a big mistake for us, not them.
              Alchemestry in light, Gold(Au), can be made to become superconductive free ion, non binding high spin monoatomic ash, or pure crystal clear as glass; and this is the key to the changing of elements, and just happens to be a potential cure for cancer. Wizardry? Perhaps. A solution, maybe, but is not now a bit too late to think like this?

              • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

                The only thing to do now is CONCENTRATE on shutting the rest of these freeking monsters down FAST.

                We can't do anything about Fuku, but we can show our rage by bucking these bastards every way possible by informing the public at large and to make as much noise as possible.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          "Alas, we appear to be much more gung-ho in teraforming this planet into a place where we can't live."

          No, but maybe 'others' can.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Maybe it was on Zero Hedge where I read the Japanese government gave TEPCO a $100 billion loan and then TEPCO they posted a $2bil profit.

        As I see most systems around me, I see the bottom line at TEPCO as value extraction, nothing more.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          The funny thing is that the "general citizen populations" have no clue that are all being played like a deck of cards.

          None of this Nuclear Cabal money is their own money.. all of it (the money) came from and is the "general citizen population's" own removed by force tax/rate/subsidized collection money! 🙁

          What a slick sick card game this is… 🙁

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      JoyB, as usual a great suggestion, thanks.

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    “270 billion gallons of groundwater contaminated above drinking water standards.”

    Hanford is dwarfing Fukushima with groundwater contamination so far.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Department of Defense.

      He he. Ha ha. Ho ho. Department of the funny farm is more like it.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Hanford has been polluting the Columbia and the West Coast for 70 years, with a smidgen of 'success' shutting it down.

      Give Fukushima 70 years and see where we are. We'll all be long gone, that's for sure.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        Yes Time is Short…and my relatives up there refuse to address any of the issues…my father died of leukemia…he lived on the Columbia. There are many deformities, down syndrome cases , kidney cancers, eye malformations. But if you ask the local populace about the radioactive waste they stare at you with a blank look. Total denial.

        • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

          newsblackoutSA, yes we have limitations in how we perceive things, sometimes we need someone to be our ears and our mouth. Most poeple go with the flow. Many MSM reporters are indeed going to Fukushima to observe and see for themselves and show others.
          They are often welcomed and shown around at their own risk. Look at Paula Hancocks and others in the video: “…so here you can see all the journalists getting ready…”

          Can we say this everywhere?
          Some are being diverted, threatened, humiliated etc..

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Harmful rumor #1:
    "…dumping appears to be the government’s only solution." 😉
    Atta boy, IAEA & Japan!
    You can now prove the reality of every "harmful rumor"!

    It's all about the water. Some of this disaster was due to an earthquake and tsumani. But what has happened since then has mostly been a result of action, and inaction, by TEPCO and the Japanese Government. It can also be said that TEPCO and the Japanese Government made the decision to put these poorly engineered atomic planst in an earthquake zone, at sea level, where a tsumani could swamp backup systems. So, in reality, TEPCO and the Japanese Government is entirely responsible for the situation we face today, the earthquake and tsumani notwithstanding.

    If Japan dumps the contaminated water, this means war.

    First, stop making contaminated water!
    Do not pump another drop into the reactor ruins.
    There is no corium left inside reactors1-3 to cool.
    Fill Reactor/Containment/Torus1-3 with borated sand and grout. Seal everything inside for 100,000 years.

    Second, dispose of contaminated water at sea.
    Drain all contaminated water into barges, and anchor them over the offshore trench.
    Filter the water.
    Salinate with salt brine, refrigerate, and pump to the bottom of the ocean.

    Third, stop contaminated groundwater from entering the ocean.
    Build an underground steel and concrete wall completely around reactors1-4 to bottom limit of aquifer.

    BTW, where is the damn corium? 😉

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      IAEA/TEPCO/Japan: If they didn't have bad ideas, they would haveno ideas at all.'t-For-Bad-lyrics-Elton-John/FB370FE00519F63F482577C4005454A3
      Lyrics By Elton John:

      I knew from the first night I met you
      Something just wasn't quite right
      Loving like an innocent stranger
      But something was just out of sight

      How could I know that you had used me
      Fill out some plan of your own
      I could have known you'd abused me
      Leave me here hurt and alone

      If it wasn't for you I'd be happy
      If it wasn't for lies you'd be true
      I know that you could be just like you should
      If it wasn't for bad you'd be good

      I only sung what I wanted to sing
      You were a dream in my mind
      I never know how you never could be
      It didn't take long for me to find

      I guess that it's mine for foresee
      Only what I wanted to see
      I couldn't know you would be
      A player just acting for me

      If it wasn't for you I'd be happy
      If it wasn't for lies you'd be true
      I know you could be just like you should
      If it wasn't for bad you'd be good

      I knew from the first night I met you
      Something just wasn't quite right
      Loving like an innocent stranger
      But something was just out of sight

      If it wasn't for you I'd be happy
      If it wasn't for lies you'd be true
      I know you could be just like it should
      If it wasn't for bad you'd be good

      If it wasn't for bad you'd be good

  • Nick

    Warning the following is a harmful rumor………

    ……..Fukushima is leaking radiation…….

    so is this…
    ……man made radiation is not natural……


    ….there is no safe dose of radiation….

    All of the above are harmful rumors.

  • bozzy54

    Has anybody heard the "nasty rumor" that TEPCO going to dump more toxic waste into our oceans and kill all of man kind!,,, food for thought the "DEVILS" in the details

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    So let them dump it! sound really bad but if you keep holding as much Radio active water on site as they have let build up it only creates an unworkable site? Bremsstrahlung? this is what Arnie was talking about weeks ago. if you can't work on the site you can't fix the problem? the only reason we are talking on these sites still is because the ocean is taking the hit for man kind! if this was an air borne release all this time it would be very different! people wake up stop trying uncover the cover and go to your Governments and demand they start testing !!!!!! wake up tell your friends and family call the government , email , stand on there front doors, don't let them out of the building to go home at night !!!!!! what ever it takes to get them involved!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    On 16 September 2013 Lake H. Barrett said that Japan should begin preparing.

    He refers to low levels.

    Toxic = low levels?

  • US Gov Admitting Findings of Uranium all over Alaska, in the Food Chain

    Been data mining this 300 page tome, very interesting they did the testing in June 2011.

    The soil and lichens have VERY high radioactivity. 6000 Bq /kG!

    They dont plan on retesting until 2016 (think election)

    Simply…the radiation did not yet have time to bio accumulate larger animals but was huge in the lichens and mussels.

  • bozzy54

    Slightly off topic but,,,, sugar causes cancer (FOX) really?? There was 3 above ground nuke test I believe it was sailorhat/baker, feb 6 1965 and again sailorhat/charlie april 16 1965 both 500 ton and another sailorhat/delte june 19 1965, 500 ton. On the island of Kaho'olawe. Pure cane sugar from hawawi…. Grown in the sun… C&H, remember that folks ?
    and four dump sites include 1million tons of mustard gas, hydrogen cyanide and cyanide, 16,000 100lb bombs and 12 stokes mortars containing a total of 598 tons of mustard gas.

    Complements of James Martin Center for nonproliferation studies

    WTH Poeple

    • I cleaned the bombs off Kahoolawe, there was no nukes on that island. they simulated a nuke bombs with a real 500 tons of TNT, blow a hole 100' deep into the island, and cracked the cap rock which provided the fresh water aquifer, nice job guys.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If it was oil they could contain it. I guess the government just can't listen to all the people saying, "Buy a supertanker."

    No, they just WANT to dump it. They get off on it.

    • GQR2

      Think about it, you're right unincredulous – they do get off on it, must get off on it, a techno kind of invisable blood lust.
      Nobody is stopping this madness. Instead violence of every form is ubiquitous in culture. Mass Media, sports, its all for the military which is a death machine.
      Is eating a heart of an enemy any more insane than this dumping when the results die offs, sickness and death are everywhere to be seen if one looks. The wild life the trees and the poor little kids. They do want to dump it, its primal aggression. a death cult perhaps. a death spiral for sure.

  • Supertankers cost money. Filtration systems cost money. Underground water diversions cost money. Public relation experts cost less money and dumping into the ocean is free. A healthy eco-system is priceless. However those pissing into our water do so to secure profits. This is just so wrong. Japan needs to bankrupt itself to fix this. Therefore not getting fixed. Just fix harmful truth.

  • rogerthat

    The super-concentrated contaminated water in the tanks must be released into the ocean as soon as possible so the tanks can be used to store the really dangerous stuff that's spewing out all over the place … harmful rumours. Unfortunately, many more tanks will be needed, rumours are just like radioactive isotopes, they are fruitful and multiply.

  • rogerthat

    do i sense a growing urgency? loose lips sink shits … they had better get in quick with the policy of dumping it all in the ocean or they are going to find that the harmful rumours proliferate so rapidly that the public outcry leaves them unable to proceed. Let's have a vote: Hey, people of the world, vote yes if you want Tepco, Japan, the global nuclear industry to kill all life in all the oceans. Kill the sharks! Make our beaches safe!!! ha bloody ha.

  • usagi usagi

    If these lunatics do this, they will virtually guarantee to destroy most Pacific ocean life. (That may happen eventually from the other releases anyway, but this is just more straw for the camel's back).

    I've been trying to get through to some colleagues who work for Tepco this week, and of course they defend their company as "doing the best it can" and with "what else are they supposed to do." I think I might have a few of them well and truly scared, for all the good it does. People are waking up to what is going on, even over here with the news suppression activities. But there are just so many sheep who don't know or care or understand the complex hazard. I think they think the contamination will just wash away from Japan and be someone else's problem…

    The Pacific in total is over a third of the world's ocean, and a third of the total surface area of Earth. Losing a third of the sea life starts to get into Revalations territory. Wormwood from Fukushima making the sea bitter…

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, probably the ocean area in the so-called "Ring of Fire" encircling from Japan, then south, then over to South America and up to the West Coast of North America is about a third of the world's waters.

      That was also "the third angel" in Revelation. Four more "angels" to go! Or whatever got translated as "angels" — apparently Satan was a fallen angel himself.

      But this mass, deliberate poisoning of the Pacific should still not be "a given." Not at all. Let them evacuate Japan (as they should have done in the first place,) then flood JAPAN with the poisoned water. They have no right to inflict that on the rest of us — human, animal, plant life included.

      By the way, were all those myths about famed Japanese "honor," and ceremonial suicide really all untrue? We're waiting….

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      usagi, you nailed it.

  • rogerthat

    Sorry to go on about it, but are dead seas not the inescapable outcome if we keep on dumping radioactive isotopes into the oceans? There are 450 nuke plants around the world, all doing their thing, and many more on the way. Are all leaders psychopaths, are all citizens lemmings? I confess it's all too much to me, i'm off to the beach to cool off, have a swim, catch a tan, take in the beauty and richness of nature. Count the seagulls … there seem to be fewer these days. Haven't seen a crab for a while, better go and hunt some up, reassure myself. Jellyfish about, but what's happened to the bluebottles? Anxious little souls, aren't we?

  • We Not They Finally

    This is in no way, shape or form that government's "only solution." They need to EVACUATE, and then flood JAPAN with that water. They are already mass murderers against their own people. But they need to be stopped from mass-murdering the rest of us. Well, mitigating it, anyway….

    Then they need to hand themselves over to The Haag and have Japan be taken into international receivership, with the proceeds used SOLELY to aid victims and to mitigate the ghastly ongoing damage. With some of those proceeds going directly to the ill and dying sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan.

    Except that there IS no international body that can honestly do such a thing, is there? Globalism: the worst fraud ever perpetuated on Mankind.

    • myau

      @WNTF, after almost 3 years of back and forth discussions,everyone here should know damned well that the Jap/tepco will not spend a dime to even try the ultra expensive project except useless pr shows for the world press. I have read comments in that someone suggested that anyone of the superpowers of this world could deploy the biggest Tzar bomb(with
      lead replacement tampers that can reduce fallout by 97%) and this bomb should be able to vaporize and obliterate the whole of Fuku perfecture from the island of Japan, sinking everything into the crust of the earth,giving no time for any fission criticlity or any sizable remains of fission material,etc.( fuku population evacuated of course) Looking at Fuku perfecture from the perspective of Google earth, it will be liken to breaking off a tiny piece of part of a crecker,so to speak. If this should work, we shall be all saved, if not ,we are no better off than what tepco is doing now, a slow death for every single human on this planet! Any opinion? Please consder,thanks.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        myau, would you please post a link or links to information on Tzar bombs? Never heard of them.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          2 myau. Oh, I see. A reference to the Tsar Bomba. But that was meant as a "we'll show you" gesture, right? So how does the adaptation with lead make it effective? Can you describe the physics or chemistry in brief?

          • Shaker1

            HoTaters, I believe that bomb even scard the hell out of them. Lead vaporizes at what temperature?

            Personally, I think the idea is on the order of Alice in Wonderland without understanding the symoblism silliness. The chance of such a thing would be an underground blast creating a cavern into which the area sinks. There's no way that an above ground blast could avoid fallout on a grand scale. Heat rises. Another thing that should be noted is that these bombs in atmosphere are detonated above ground. Placing it in open ground level seems to me to take the chance of blowing the crap all over before the blast has a chance to do what's intended. And regarding an underground blast and cavern creation into which the area can fall, what will take the place of the fallen material? The direct answer is the sea. Hmmm…Without some fill of covering material, I don't see what it solves.

            Personally, I believe they throw water at melt itself is to keep its mobility to a minimum. I don't believe they're afraid of grand criticalities, and I believe that if it's in a general mass that the water does little to mitigate fissioning. Honestly, if they wanted to get rid of it, they'd let it burn its way as far down as possible, accrete as much mass as possible, and backfill. Still radioactive crap, but accretion would lend to cooling surface area and it might acquire a shell that is somewhat 'containment'. Mind you, mine are just other imaginative thoughts, not suggestions.

          • myau

            Thank you H.T. &Shaker1 for your comments, I too am looking for the most doable solution out there, I came across the TZAR bomb from commentator under and more details of Tzar bmb on Wilkopedia, please read more if you guys are interested. I just hope more people offer comments on possible solution here than being "sitting ducks" so to speak. Thanks.

  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    I spoke with the fish. They don't want it. They asked I should tell you to put it in your pools, onsens, reservoirs. One snarky little starfish said you should shove it…. oh I can't say. 🙂

  • ftlt

    This was always the plan

  • weeman

    The only reason that tepco will realease contaminated water is it is the most cost effective, end of story.

    If the substance in the tanks had any monitory value they would find a way of storing it.
    In the three years since accident you could have made a bottling plant on premises and stored waste in lead barrels, like beer or glass vessels, etc and stored in specially made facilities around the country to recieve, a beer plant could can or bottle 300 tons of product a day and they can't even make one 300 tank a day, no space, store it in the board members swimming pools.
    Unacceptable, what is wrong with your thought pattern, your alpha waves are non existent, brain dead, pull the plug, so sorry.
    I know the idea above is far fetched and full of holes, trying to make point but do something.

  • atomicistheword

    Fukushima redefines what a toilet is, the ocean. It also shows the amazing usefulness of duct tape and the power of lowly little rats in man's face.

    (Now back to the fully restored "Metropolis" to see an eerie parallel to the American nightmare.)

    Who designed the mark 1 reactor and who's protecting them?

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    1,000 tons plus daily spewed into the Pacific DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOR ALL ETERNITY…………. Humanity and friends are toast….
    Goddamn, Goddamn the nuclear pusher man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    TEPCO: 30,000,00Bq/m3 is acceptable for Tritium releases.

    From Fukushima Diary:
    "Tepco plans to discharge the contaminated groundwater if Tritium density is lower than 30,000,000 Bq/m3, announced on 2/3/2014.

    "The groundwater is pumped up from the groundwater bypass wells.

    "Regarding other nuclides, they set the limits as 2,000 Bq/m3 for Cesium-134/137 and 10,000 Bq/m3 for all β. Tepco states even if someone drinks 2L of water for one year, the annual internal exposure dose would be only 0.86 mSv in this contamination level."

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    So it's always about the money, isn't it?

    It is more profitable for utilities to build expensive nuclear power generation, then it is to build wind and solar.
    It is more profitable to allow faulty GE Mark I plants to be built, then it is to redesign them.
    It is more profitable to build plants to withstand small earthquakes and tsunamis, then larger ones.
    It is more profitable to let the people struggle to survive in the midst of contamination then to evacuate them.
    It is more profitable to dump contaminated groundwater, then it is to filter it.

    I hope Japan reinvested all those ill-gotten profits in their own stock market.
    Because it is in the midst of a crash.
    Down 14% from its peak.

    How 'bout them apples, eh TEPCO? 😉

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Oh, and many thanks to The Economic Collapse Blog for the new avatar artwork! 🙂

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes! "So it's always about the money, isn't it?"

      Always! 🙁

    • usagi usagi

      One thing… it's not just GE Mk1. No reactor is safe from station blackout. Not even AP1000. If you're lucky, AP1000 might buy you 72 hours. But if the control rods jam on their way down… you'll burn through that "passive cooling" reserve much sooner!

      And there are lots of other ways power plants can fail… you'll end up with similar consequences regardless. Having nuclear power plants is like playing Russian roulette. If you play long enough, you will eventually get the consequences.

  • nedlifromvermont

    Can't understand why they don't pump the contaminated water off site … say to Futuba and vastly expand the working site for a mitigation effort …

    Is it really because they are trying, still, to maintain the future viability of the uranium fuel cycle?

    Are they (we) really that dumb?

    General Electric should be brought up before a Court Martial (Marshall?)

    Oh right. He's not a real General Officer at all. Just a banker dude interested in military history …

  • usagi usagi

    They have no idea what they are doing. Why did they even build these shoddy tanks in the first place, just to dump the water? That should tell you that there is no real thought process involved. And ask the reactor designer and builder… crickets. Might as well dump it; that's where over 300 tons of it is already going every day.

  • Sickputer

    My best guess: they will never fund nor build the ice wall piping or even make much of an attempt to stop the mountain water flow from inundating the cores melted beneath Fukushima NPP.

    They have Uncle Sam's expertise to emulate:

    "The Internal Revenue Service issued $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds last year to people using stolen identities, with some of the money going to addresses in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Ireland, according to a Treasury report released Thursday.

    The IRS sent a total of 655 tax refunds to a single f2 in Lithuania, and 343 refunds went to a lone address in Shanghai."

    SP: Japan and the US both resemble low income creaky senior citizens who need money for food and utilities and then have a heart attack. There's nothing left in the bank for the most dire emergency. The result is predictable…the patient will have bad health and struggle to survive.

  • razzz razzz

    Can't really dam around the blown reactors without being able to filter water at the same time because radioactivity would concentrate and become unstable. Enclosed area with no filtering would be worse than the virtual open pit you have now.

    IAEA knows Japan is backed into a corner and the world has to allow dumping of radioactive materials into the Pacific. Tank farm storage buildup is becoming increasingly dangerous. The GE ultimate solution to a blown reactor core, spread it far and wide.

    Major cooling and shielding is done by groundwater while at the same time erodes the melts into the Pacific with TEPCO showering any residual melts in the blown reactor. Only pickup pumps capture some of the water for filtering, the rest free flows to the Pacific.

    The filter fence across the mouth of the harbor turns the harbor into some kind of leaky sediment settlement catch basin. TEPCO capped the harbor bottom once already and is about to do it again due to heavy radioactive sediment build up. Fine elements escape to the Pacific. A crude filtration system that can be bypassed completely via underground flows with some filtering done by sand and soil. Eventually the entire area becomes saturated and a bigger problem than it already is.

    /sarc on/ TEPCO is resigned to testing for saltwater content to allay radiation fears. /sarc off/

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    "dumping appears to be the government’s only solution"

    Remember, back in the day, when investing capital was considered a risk? As a Capitalist one had to study what they were investing in, lest it fail to be profitable. Looks like those days are long gone. While I don't want TEPCO (an energy selling company that well may be Japan's ENRON) in charge, they still need to pay every penny of the cleanup they are able, even if it means the failure of the parent company. It's not like another energy-selling company won't buy the assets (note that the Daiichi plants no longer count as assets) and use them to continue to provide power to the nation. Instead, TEPCO was allowed to restructure so that the triple meltdowns and widespread poisoning of thousands cannot hit their balance sheet.

  • mindfloat

    "Dumping Fukushima radioactive water is gov’ts only solution" Nonsense!!! Perform deep drilling (1500 feet) and pump the contaminated water where it cannot hurt anyone. Deep drilling for natural gas exploration is performed regularity in the USA safely. DO NOT DUMP INTO THE OCEAN!!! Dumping into the ocean would be a crime against humanity and all life on earth and needs to be prosecuted!!!

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    How about a black-hole ray gun?