Kyodo: Flu epidemic in Japan — Cases per hospital double — Brain-swelling for infants

Published: January 25th, 2012 at 1:09 pm ET


Title: Influenza epidemic doubles number of cases per hospital
Source: Kyodo
Date: Jan. 25, 2012

National Institute of Infectious Diseases

  • Nationwide influenza epidemic is spreading
  • Doubling the number of cases per hospital
  • Over 90 percent of the cases this flu season are due to the Hong Kong influenza A virus subtype H3N2
  • The data marked the first epidemic in five years of the seasonal flu virus
  • Can cause encephalitis in infants
  • [Can] gravely affect the elderly
  • Average number of cases stood at 7.33 in the week through Jan. 15, up from 3.76 a week earlier
  • Number of cases, which increased in all 47 prefectures, has since continued to grow
  • People 70 and older accounted for roughly 6 percent of the cases, up from around 2 percent in earlier years

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Published: January 25th, 2012 at 1:09 pm ET


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50 comments to Kyodo: Flu epidemic in Japan — Cases per hospital double — Brain-swelling for infants

  • selfsovereign

    For 1500+ years elder flowers have been used for inflamation of the brain, bowels and lungs. For colds/flu and especially pneumonia this is the first, and safest option.
    I’ve used this formula (50% elder flowers/50% peppermint leaf) three times this fall/winter already.
    Safe as distilled water, and bacteria have never adapted to it.

    Lesson 4, formula #14
    ‘Advanced treatise in herbology’ Dr. Edward E. Shook

    Sorry to be a broken record, but it relieves suffering without side-effects.
    I even used it to eliminate a tooth infection.
    Anything so harmlessly effective MUST be shared……………..


    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Thanks for that tip Self. Taking notes here.

      • Have been producing elderberry tincture in big batches since the stupid swine flu scare, family and friends (including two ER nurses and a doctor) covet their winter gifts of tincture. Side by side controlled studies have demonstrated elder (in a number of preparations) works better than Tamiflu to help prevent infection, shorten time of infection, and help prevent complications from infection.

        Saved as many elders as we could year before last that were being slaughtered to widen a road nearby. Replanted on my property, I’m hoping some will have recovered enough to flower/fruit this year. ‘They’ say elders are bad for holding grudges, but I think they realize we were trying to save them. Maybe they’ll be grateful – and abundant!

    • Wreedles Wreedles

      “Anything so harmlessly effective MUST be shared……………” …and will be categorized as a dangerous narcotic as soon as it becomes popular.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        lol! Probably will Wreedles. 🙁

      • vivvi

        amazing, isn’t it? everything that actually works is being vilified by media whores and purchased politicians. Hence the war on vitamins and herbs, and efforts to ban colloidal silver. I reckon this time tehy will get their deadly pandemic because of the radiation damage to people’s immunity. I have read recently about a simple and cheap cancer treatment using maple syrup and baking soda. Unfortunately we now have an opportunity to try it, as our guard dog at work developed lymphoma, probably as the result of that hillbilly idiot gardener spraying round-up all over the yard. I sure hope it helps him, seeing that the prognosis is only weeks to live …. F*CK MONSANTO, and all the other death peddlers too.


          @viwi: one tablespoon of both black-strap molasses (preferably organic) and baking soda, mixed-well within a large glass of ‘real’ water. It tastes and looks like hell, but when you consider that alternative, it goes down nicely…

          • vivvi

            Yes, thank you. I read an account from a man who says he eliminated metastasising prostate cancer using this very mixture. He detailed how much he used, and measured the PH of blood and urine to be in a target zone for a number of days, i think it was 6 days. The scan showed no cancer after he finished this treatment. I don’t know how it works on lymphoma in a dog, but since the chemo is too expensive with no guarantees anyway, we are going to try that and a few other things. Who knows what might happen. If we do nothing, he will die in a very short time. F*CK MONSANTO and their toxic death sprays. Anybody who believes, please say a prayer for Shaka the doberman.


              You’re welcome viwi. Forgive me, but I saw that you were suggesting maple syrup and couldn’t help but correct this error.

              You are correct in suggesting that it’s about balancing the pH. This re-balancing facilitates the regeneration of new cells.

              Without going way off topic, make sure you eliminate all high-fructose-corn-syrup (HFCS) products from your diet, as well. Turns out, this synthetic ‘product’ is also contributing to increased cancer and diabetes throughout the world. And yes, I agree with your sentiments regarding Monsanto…

            • Shaka the Doberman is fortunate to have you & enenews as friends.
              Hope for Shaka, and memorizing all these recipes & how-tos for future ministrations ~ thanks, everybody.

              • vivvi

                Thank you for the kind wishes for our doggie. I know his cancer wasn’t from radiation, but I want to find out if this way of treatment works, as we might all be facing fuku cancers at some point along our journey, and I for one have NO interest in toxic chemo poisons or exotic money-sucking drugs. There are other natural treatments too, but it stuck me how very cheap and simple this one is, so that anybody could afford to at least try it. We have found out too late that just walking around on Monsanto sprayed areas is enough to cause cancer in dogs and cats. How much of this deadly crap is being sprayed around our neighbourhoods and food crops. Dear God it’s a holocaust.

      • Uh, oh. I annually grow/gather herbs/fruits for a winter colds and flu tea that has good system fortifying and anti-viral properties. It’s been years and years since we were really sick, haven’t gotten flu since back in the ’70s, don’t do flu vaccines. Raspberry/blackberry leaf, Japanese honeysuckle, goldenseal, mints, ginseng leaf, elderflower, briar rose hips, stinging nettle, dandelion and marigold flowers. [Make tinctures from elderberries and ginseng roots, both very effective tonics.] Also make elderberry syrup, which I use to sweeten the tea. A cup every morning all winter, more if we’re feeling a bit down.

        When they make all these plants illegal (much of my garden, forest and yard), I’m gonna start growing marijuana and tobacco too, just so I can be as locally notorious an “herb-granny” as possible! §;o)

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          Gee I hope they don’t make natural supplement illegal as I have MS, was dx’d over 20 year ago and only use natural supplements. The last MRI I had was called “Remarkable” according to my Neurologist who told me to keep doing what I’m doing. I guess I would have to leave the US if this comes to fruition.

        • selfsovereign

          You made me smile!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          JoyB, I see you already answered my post below. Sorry, I hadn’t read this far through the thread. Great post. Please add to Forum discussing Rad protection, too, would you?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I hear you on the “herb granny” part. Me, too! My comfrey is very, very entrenched in my yard and everywhere I’ve lived for the past 15 years (6 different places, now).

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi JoyB,

      ‘Same plant as elder berries? And do you use the berries? Have been preparing elderberry decoctions at home from dried berries. Your opinon on this?

      • Hi, Ho Taters. Elderberries are what come from elder flowers if you wait long enough. Those nice flat umbrels actually dip with the weight of them, can cause the tops of these pretty little trees to bend. As if they’re trying to be taken by the life below. Harvest is a regular soul-intensive operation, because ‘they’ really do claim that elders can hold nasty grudges and you won’t want to make ’em mad.

        First, always approach the elder in bloom or heavy with fruit with respect. Communicate your benign wishes and thanks for the bounty to be put to good use. Cut the entire umbrel (wait until the berries are so dark they’re black)at the single bendy red stem and put into basket or bag. Thank the Mama elder again as you move on. You may never cut a branch or tree without risking consequences, but may ‘take’ as gifts whatever the tree has offered (weather breaks and such). If you see green limbs after a storm, try to salvage by cutting the broken end at an angle and planting in a wet location (like where willows grow, next to a pond or stream). If they’re fresh enough they’ll root and you’ll have another elder as a friend. The ones we ‘saved’ were cut by a road crew, we got as many as we could. About half have rooted, I’m hoping they know we weren’t the ones who cut them.

        At home you must carefully pick the berries from the net-work umbrel, leaving none of the red stems. The berries can be dried on newspaper in the shade with plenty of air flow. Do not dry in the sun or a commercial dryer or oven, they don’t like the heat. When dry store in tightly closed jars in a cool dark place or ‘fridge drawer, will keep nicely for at least 2 years. Dried berries actually make the best tinctures, too much water in fresh. Use 100-proof vodka at least, preferably organic. Steep for ~4-6 weeks before straining. Tightly cork. 1 tbsp. a day for immune system maintenance, 3 tbsp. a day if you get sick (begin asap) for up to a week, but you shouldn’t need it…

      • …for that long. The tincture was shown in the side-by-side studies to shorten flu bouts to an average of 3 days, while Tamiflu was days longer and not all that effective on complications. Elder is one of the best natural anti-virals, but is also an immune system stimulant when no virus is present.

        Now, people can think the formalities of dealing with elders are silly, but I was taught certain things by a wonderful teacher and would never dream of violating the protocols. For instance, there is even more formality involved in harvesting wild ginseng, which I have kept strictly for the ‘sang I now grow from wild berries and roots in my managed forest plots. Going by the formalities has always worked well for me, and others I know who grow or harvest ‘sang don’t get near the germination rate or root growth that I do. It normally takes ginseng berries 2 years to sprout, mine will come up the very next spring when planted in September, even away from the Mama ‘sang. Never harvest the best seed producing Mamas, just extend your circles every year when you gather the seeds (must always plant 6 seeds in a circle around the Mama).

        I figure a few hundred years’ worth of sensitive humans working with the healing powers of nature probably have reasons for such formalities that it’s not my place to challenge… §;o)

      • A little note on my own thinking about elder and why it’s historically so highly regarded as “Nature’s Medicine Chest.” It involves its notable anti-viral properties. It seems to recognize viral genomes, and some of its immune effects could perhaps (if any researchers cared to look) be traced to that ability and the large amount of viral DNA sequences humans have incorporated over evolutionary history into our own genomes – largely in regions concerned with T-cell production and other immune functions.

        Hence there may be some ability for elder tonics to affect DNA repair mechanisms in cell nuclei, and police strand unwinding and replication in cell division.

        My personal suspicions, of course, not what you’d call ‘scientific’ or anything…

        • Which, if you think about it, might make elder a pretty good natural mitigator of possible radiation-caused DNA damage. At any rate, a spoonful a day won’t hurt!

  • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

    This is likely China’s response for all the radiation raining on them from Fukushima.

    Watch this video on YouTube
    “Carla Gugino – The Road To Mecca *Interview (Jan.20/12)”
    Specifically and only 0:25 – 1:30 of the interview.

    This happened in Shanghai. Wanna guess what caused it? China’s probably suffering from their own environmental destruction coupled with Japan’s contribution.


    • Whoopie Whoopie

      OMG!! I’ll post that to HP! WOWZER!!

      • Fudo

        The China thing is different. China is 11 o’clock on the dial in terms of fallout patterns, so even though it’s close in proximity it’s received very little radiation.

        Truth be told, the iPhone is responsible for more cancer deaths than Fukushima. Foxconn which is one of Apple’s manufacturers has had to shut down 6 Chinese factories due to massive environmental destruction and toxic waste issues.

        Also you have to take into account all the brain tumors that will show up in 10-20 years from people microwaving their brains with the devices (that the industry is suppressing the medical information on) and at the end of the product cycle the (literally) tons of disposed devices that are being shipped to the third world where poor people are stripping out the silver and other valuable parts with a high exposure rate to mercury and lead poisoning. Then add on the cumulative effect of the seepage into their water supply from the mountains of toxic material collecting up in their environment.

        Fukushima is a dramatic disaster but the sheer scale of the environmental disaster unfolding in China and the third world being created by the first world technology glut dwarfs Fukushima by a long shot.


        • vivvi

          When you tell people you don’t want a cell phone because of radiation, they look at you as some kind of weirdo. Can’t stand those things. People even admit that they make your head hot while using them, but its all safe and fabulous, yes? And lets not even start on that other curse, wifi internet. I had a friend once, with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and he was convinced by another person to get a solarium tan. Well. He spent ages in those death ray machines and turned a fairly dark brown from it. I expect one day to hear the outcome of it, not likely to be good. This world has gone stark raving mad, people just refuse to think anymore. Fukushima is just part of the problem, but it is surely part of a PLAN.

          • I don’t tell people that it’s brain cancer that makes me be strict about cell phones. I have a coffee can on a pole three feet outside my garden gate labeled “Cell Phones Here” and absolutely do not allow anybody into the garden with a cell phone (on or off, doesn’t matter) on their person.

            Actual studies demonstrate that the radiation from a cell phone (on or off) within 3 feet of a tomato plant immediately sends the plant into a biochemical stress response. Far as I know they’ve only tested tomatoes, but I’m glad to extend that to all the vegetables and herbs in my garden.

            Nobody argues anymore. §;o)

            • oh, JoyB, you are the Herb Granny of my aspiring very own heart!

              • §;o) I am blessed to live among the most abundant collection of flora in the North American temperate zone. Moved here very much on purpose. Love the land, it loves us back.


              @JoyB: my sister-in-law made millions in real-estate, back in the eighties-and-nineties. They were able to afford a life that few can only dream of. One morning, she got out of bed and found she couldn’t stand. At first they thought it was MS. Eventually, MRI scans revealed a host of tumors on one side of her brain; the side she held the cellphone too while wheeling and dealing. She’s gone ahead of us.

              With this in mind, I more than understand your fear. It’s a valid fear. But (and here it is) if you refrain from holding a cellphone directly to your skull, they’re not a danger.

              They’ve done studies (industry and independent) with human head models, to determine safe operating conditions of cellphones. Turns out, the human skull cavity is perfectly resonant with cellphone broadcast frequencies. (This is the bad news.) The good news is, if you keep a distance of foot or more from your head, when operating the device, you’re safe.

              Long before the issue came to the attention of most out here, I knew from my own intuition (and experience in radio), cellphones were dangerous. I only operate mine in speaker mode, at a distance of a foot-or-more feet from my head. As long as you adhere to this practice, the amount of RF impinging on your brain cells is negligible. It’s only when the device is held directly against the operator’s skull, does the radiating envelope from the antenna bend-in towards the skull cavity and do potential harm to regenerating brain cells.

              Of course, most of this is up in the air (pun intended). It’s up to the individual to use common sense and not trust in the cellphone industry’s consoling words. We all know were that’s gotten us…

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I read somewhere that even turned off the battery is dangerous for six feet. I don’t have a geiger counter, but if you have one you could check. Also if the cell phone is turned on, the most dangerous times are when searching for a cell tower or the cell tower searching for you, or when the battery is low, or if you are in a metal car. That doesn’t make them safe unless they are at least 30 feet away from you, and there is no antenna in your ear. I’ve heard that if you put an egg between two cell phones and you call from one to the other you can fry the egg. They do work on pulsed microwaves that resonate with cells in your brain that excite them with about 3200 pulses a second.

                I avoid cell phones by never using them and by staying away from people with cell phones just as much as possible.

                I also read in something by Robert Becker that the pulsed microwaves cause the parasites in your body and brain to multiply. The pulsed microwaves cause death of brain cells and Alzheimer’s, and they cause double strand breakage of DNA. Some people postulate that cancer is caused by parasites in the body.


                  @anne: you are encouraged to go where your intuition takes you. As science is only beginning to understand the ‘mechanics’ of human biology, it’s always advisable to err on the side of safety. I trust none within the conventional medical field, so I’m reluctant to accept any of their assurances. But, as I’m also a perfect creation of the goddess, I neither fear the consequences of my demise or her ability to protect me. “…I got it like that.” My only ‘defense’ against ‘death’ is-in being dedicated to the protection of her creation; including those who are ignorant of her ways.

                  So, where some would sneer at your ‘Luddite’ attitude towards that which is ‘unknown’, I respect your heeding of the ‘inner’ voice…

              • If I must use the phone I use the speaker. Mostly I text to hub, kids and grandkids. But the microwave emissions of the phone are still there even if it’s turned off, and if it stresses my plants within three feet then I don’t allow them within three feet.

                All we have is cell out here (no land line), must go outdoors to the top of the driveway or ridge to get reception. So I do allow them in vineyard and orchard because there’s no way around it. And 70+ year old vines and 15-40 year old fruit trees can be reasonably supposed more resistant.

                No one really knows the precise triggers for cancer, there seem to be quite a lot of them in our modern environment. Yet at base it’s all about the DNA and chaotic, unrestrained cell division. That’s why young children, infants and fetuses are more susceptible to radiation damage. Their cells are rapidly dividing in the first place.


          @Fudo: can’t disagree with your overall assessment of the cumulative impact that all technology is having on our environment. But barring the undeveloped (nano and such), some forms nuclear contamination can last for hundreds-of-thousands of years. Most would think this reality is of little consequence; that is, until you realize that other lifeforms are here, as well. Not being one to turn-back the clock, we should remain focused on the more deleterious threats; nuclear power plant byproducts and waste being one of them…

        • I never put the phone to my head. I always talk with the speakerphone function, or I do not talk at all.

          The radiation exposure goes down DRASTICALLY holding the phone away from your body several feet.

          My theory is that the body is harmed in much the same way with all kinds of radiation; microwave ovens, EMF, radio, infrared, etc… Get close enough to any radiation source that is emitting, and it is like putting your hand in an open fire.

          Now, who would do that voluntarily over and over again?

          Sadly many people are.. such as with cellphones and electric blankets for example.

          • Federal Communications Commission
            Office of Engineering & Technology

            “Questions and Answers about
            Biological Effects and Potential
            Hazards of Radiofrequency
            Electromagnetic Fields”

            OET BULLETIN 56
            Fourth Edition
            August 1999 [I believe this is the most recent update…and, yes, I use a cellphone against my better judgement. I got Walkie-Talkies, thought :)]

            “Because of its regulatory responsibilities in this area the
            FCC often receives inquiries concerning whether there are potential safety hazards due to
            human exposure to RF energy emitted by FCC-regulated transmitters. Heightened awareness
            of the expanding use of RF technology has led some people to speculate that “electromagnetic
            pollution” is causing significant risks to human health from environmental RF electromagnetic
            fields. This document is designed to provide factual information and to answer some of the
            most commonly asked questions related to this topic.”


    • Anthony Anthony

      I see what you mean.


      @Dr. Awesome: thanks for the flag. Aside from the vapid dialog (hostess shoe talk was too much for me), they all made zero mention of radiation; as though air pollution were the catch-all. However, it was a nice reminder of why I don’t watch TV anymore…

    • Thx, Dr. Awesome, I mentioned this two times this week, them in the rain and a rash developed, couldn’t find it on Live with Kelly’s website !

      • Dr. Awesome Dr. Awesome

        Thank You xdrfox.
        I learned about the interview from this site.
        Just attempting to spread the word.
        Definitely a story that the corporate-whore media doesn’t want to go viral.

        It reminds me of the classic Bill Hicks “Go Back to Bed America” bit

        No Nukes!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      And funny, as soon as the interviewee stopped talking about her rash from running in the rain, of course the conversation was derailed and discussion took a turn toward talking about the foot mangling 4″ spike heel catwoman shoes …. Gotta keep the conversation focused on infotainment and selling those designer clothes, people!

    • StillJill StillJill

      Good Catch Dr. Awesome!

      “Acid rain”, really should get a better name. Like, what acid is it? I think it’s an isotope,….but yeah,…I do see isotopes under every rug.

  • or-well

    Radiation-compromised immune systems won’t help those who contract flu.

    It might be useful to see Prefectural breakdowns. Better yet, flu incidence plotted against radiation plume exposure compared to incidence outside of the plumes.

    Off topic, the online poll shows the choice of a womans accession to the imperial throne leading both an end to whaling and phasing out nukes.

  • Our immune systems and vital energy are going down each generation, due to chemicals, radiation, white flour, white sugar, and much more…

    The evidence? Children get adult diseases, and die more often, get sick more often, and adults have more problems having babies or even being fertile at all. Taking drugs to feel normal is not a measure of health. Having surgeries is also not a measure of health, but rather shows how far down we have come from truly health societies like the Hunza, who need NO drugs, no doctors, no dentists, no orthodontists, and no hospitals, because they are truly healthy.

    The natural world is there with all of the answers.. It still has the answers, even for those ‘exposed’ to radiation. It just takes MUCH MORE of the same natural answers than for the last generation or the one before that..

    We are going over a cliff on a global basis, in a lot of ways. It is not just radioactive fallout that is to blame. The train is hurtling down to the end of the tracks which stop at the edge of the cliff, and there is no bridge… not unless we change a whole lot of things pretty quickly.

    There is hope, but the answers (for the most part) are NOT seen on mass media. So it is up to you to save yourself and your family, if you can..

  • jec jec

    Flu Emergency. Anyone remember the new Japanese article on closing roads and limiting contact/banning meetings between people if a flu crisis happened? The Japanese Goverment limits transit/movement of people..they have to stay inside/ allow major roads to be used for the emergency. how does a sick person GET to medical care? Sounds like not at all.