Kyodo: Fukushima radiation ‘underreported’ — Metal boxes in monitors are blocking radioactivity — Hundreds of locations in multiple prefectures affected

Published: November 7th, 2012 at 10:26 pm ET


(Subscription Only) Title: Fukushima air radiation monitors underreporting data
Source: Kyodo
Date: Nov. 8, 2012

The Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters at the Prime Minister’s Office announced Wednesday a 150 million yen plan to retool devices to monitor radiation levels in the air at 675 locations in Fukushima and surrounding prefectures, saying they were underreporting levels by around 10 percent.

Radiation was blocked by metal boxes containing batteries next to the detection units at the monitoring posts, an official said. Residents and local governments have complained of discrepancies in data compared with readings from other sources. […]

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Published: November 7th, 2012 at 10:26 pm ET


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25 comments to Kyodo: Fukushima radiation ‘underreported’ — Metal boxes in monitors are blocking radioactivity — Hundreds of locations in multiple prefectures affected

  • RememberThis RememberThis


  • tasteslikedaniel

    What meltdown?

    seriously though I think they let the water out of sfp#4

    Now theyre saying they stopped cooling #3's too

    Its like a nightmare I cant wake up from

  • Sickputer

    The next "discovery" of consumer health fraud will be the "geiger counters" are actually $2 oven timers from China. 😉

    Really, you just can't make this shit up! The lying scoundrels in Tokyo need to be locked up in a mean prison for life. Just complete sociopaths. If this crap were happening in America…ALL the states would secede from the union.

    Japanese civilians continue to be silently and slowly butchered by the genocidal nucleocrats.

    Madness in Tokyo…

    • tasteslikedaniel

      Last I heard stuff like this is happening in america

    • Donna

      Not trying to be a pessimist here but… Are you sure the states would have a response to this? ANY response? Hmmm…

      • Sickputer

        The difference between the nucleocrat liars in Japan versus America is the Americans are much better liars and purveyors of disinformation. The Japanese keep tattling on themselves. The US just turns off Radnet monitors with no comment and posts suspect results for the operational units. Silence is the classic defense of despots. No need to deny allegations, just ignore them. The dumb sheep public loses interest fast.

        But if the American government made the same admissions of fraud during an American multiple meltdown, yes I think the states would rebel, especially Texas.

  • Jebus Jebus

    “If we address the swelling costs by doubling the amount of government bond issuance our firm will become an entity only for the purpose of dealing with post-accident issues. It will become difficult for us to raise money from the private sector so we will have to rely on the government for the financing of all of our business.” TEPCO’s chairman, Kazuhiko Shimokobe

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      IN other words, they are going to PRINT MONEY, or create more debt just to dig out of the hole they just created.

      How much does it cost to dig out of multiple nuclear Corium HOLES?

      Fukushima Crisis Total Cost Up To $10 TRILLION Dollars; via A Green Road

    • corium pudding corium pudding

      "It will become difficult for us to raise money from the private sector so we will have to rely on the government for the financing of all of our business.” TEPCO’s chairman, Kazuhiko Shimokobe

      Ah, yes… the Wall Street business model. Excellent choice.

      • kalidances

        They should just admit that they have bankrupted Japan and that they need international financial assistance. This is going to be at least a trillion dollar cleanup that will last decades. That's before all of the other affected countries start in on Japan.

  • many moons

    I really don't see it being played out differently anywhere in the world….look at what BP has done to the gulf….and we still eating the few polluted shrimp that are still being pulled out of the forever polluted water.The beaches are gone, memories are all that are left.
    The state of Alabama is suing BP. Money/compensation will change hands but the people who live in the gulf area those who are effected everyday suffer in the same silence that surrounds fukushima.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    10% Eh? Riiiiight…

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    This is what Japan is guaranteed to experience…. They do not care about their children. They are also willing to sacrifice hundreds of future generations for short term profits.

    Chernobyl Heart Movie; How Children Are Affected; via A Green Road

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The Japanese have huge demonstrations to stop nuclear power plants, which we are not seeing in the US or in a lot of countries. There are many Japanese who do care about their children. Also many have left Japan with their children.

      How can the US cast a stone when they are not reporting radiation, are not keeping out radioactive products or even testing imports before they come into the country. The US is actually radiating food and feeding the children GMO food and radioactive food and food sprayed with pesticides. The US is still fogging the streets from trucks and airplanes with pesticides which were used to kill the Jews during WWII during the Holocaust in the gas chambers. The US is blocking labeling of food which is GMO, and blocks listing all the ingredients on pesticide products and calls some of these ingredients "inert" when they are even more toxic and carcinogenic than the listed pesticides.

      I cry for all the children of the world.

      • blackbuddha blackbudda

        not only US, European Union is doing the same actions, there are huge demonstrations too, what else we can do?

        I cry for all the children of the world.

        • Sue

          We do what we can. We keep making calls, we keep sending emails and letters. We just keep bugging the hell out of them. They will notice us one day.

          • Radio VicFromOregon

            They did notice, Sue 😉 Thanks for all the bugging you do on everyone's behalf. Those less inclined to believe that small actions can bring down giants? – think civil rights. They are never, ever handed to us. We have always had to agitate for them. After that, we have to always agitate to keep them. That's the nature of humans and power struggles i guess.

  • weeman

    Surely out of the many workers who maintain these monitoring posts, that some of them would be reporting and posting this fiasco on the Internet they are human.
    Idea for Japan if the location of all of these posts are known a university or accredited organization should check data at all post at the same time and report the two readings, or the public their is only 675 locations and continue to report differences, this would blow it wide open depending on how high the results are.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi weeman, I think Greenpeace did that recently. They reported levels around the posts being a lot higher than what the post itself showed on its display.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        Yeah, GreenPeace. Sometimes joining or supporting groups of people forming organizations to act on our behalf give all of us the public power that any one individual can't easily gain alone.

  • dosdos dosdos

    They got called to the carpet for heavily cleaning the areas of contamination immediately around the installations so that they under-report radiation levels, and they want to change the battery box to correct that?

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Devil's advocate for a moment – 1)They have to protect the batteries, thus, the metal box. 2)They need a beginning clear baseline so that they can calculate accumulation so they periodically decontaminate the area. 3)Most people in the industry really don't see radiation as a harmful thing at the levels reported right now, so metal boxes blocking some of the rad readings is no big deal for them. K. Now for me. 1)Yes, DA, this may all be true, but, my impression is that if you considered low rads as harmful, and i think you should, then you'd put more energy into how to do this better. 2)TEPCO's original concept was grudgingly done and happened to help suppress rad information more than it took accurate readings and helped to inform the public. 3)Cuz of everyone's effort, TEPCO will figure out how to do this better. 4)Better, better, best would be to include some experts or design engineers who ARE concerned about low level radiation on the "TEPCO builds a better box" committee. That would make many of us smile.