Kyodo: Fukushima plant still at “very high risk” — “A dangerous situation because of its fragile structure” -Commission Chairman

Published: July 6th, 2012 at 1:01 pm ET


Fukushima plant “great risk”: Head of nuclear accident probe panel
Kyodo News
July 6, 2012

The head of a Diet-appointed panel to investigate the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster said Friday that the crippled plant in northeastern Japan remains in a dangerous situation because of its fragile structure. 

“Fukushima remains at a very high risk, not only because of the spent fuel issues, but also because of its fragile structure,” Kiyoshi Kurokawa, also professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, told a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, noting that another huge earthquake like the one last year may occur off the coast of northeastern Japan again.


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Published: July 6th, 2012 at 1:01 pm ET


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5 comments to Kyodo: Fukushima plant still at “very high risk” — “A dangerous situation because of its fragile structure” -Commission Chairman

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The danger is the contents, which every nuclear power plant has. We're all in danger.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    "Fragile Structure". "Fragile Structure?"
    Reactors1,2,&3 are broken, and the melted fuel is gone.
    Containments1,2,&3 were designed to be too small to "contain" anything, and were breeched.
    (23 GE Mark I reactors of identical design are still operational in the USA)
    Buildings1,3,&4 were blown up, utterly demolished! Fragile, indeed!
    Coriums1,2,&3 have melted through Buildings1,2,&3, and are loose in the bedrock under the plant.
    SFP1,3,&4 are open to the elements, with no containment at all.
    SFP5&6 still contain tons of spent fuel, vulnerable if the site should have to be evacuated, and there has been no effort to remove these spent fuel assemblies, even after a year and a half.
    Buildings1,2,&3 are still too hot for workers to do anything in them.
    TEPCO can't even properly maintain temperature and pressure sensors at Containments1,2,&3.
    Even modern robots cannot function at the radiation levels found in Buildings1,2,&3.
    No technology exists to deal with Coriums1,2,&3.
    TEPCO has not even released to the public the present location of Coriums1,2,&3.
    Fuku sits on the Pacific Ocean, and TEPCO has released no information on the amount of groundwater radiation going into the Ocean.
    Fuku sits on the Ocean, near fault lines.
    And all can say is that there is "high risk" because Fuku has a "fragile structure"?
    Fuku doesn't have enough structure left to even talk about. The structure has been destroyed!
    Ma, hand me my pItch fork. I got some…

  • The danger is… that 'dangerous' is an understatement.

    483 days and counting
    3 meltdowns
    Unknown core locations
    Cannot enter buildings
    Ongoing with no end in sight
    Accumulating and spreading
    Multiple potentially horrific situations await
    (Almost an assured 'risk' I'd say.)

  • 愚かである、完全にクリーンアップされるのを待っている間10年以上の回避核分裂性物質を残していることは間違いありません。私はそれが最悪で最高の状態で愚かとめちゃくちゃ、残酷な危険であることを言う必要があります。すべての備蓄材料の溶液が完全に、非常にすぐに対処されていない場合、全世界が、それのためにひどく苦しむだろう。それがあるように、我々はすべて(世界で私たちのすべて)がFuckushimaから良い量を持っている。

    • johnnyo


      one completely incomprehensible comment deserves one only a little less so, so,

      "And when you hear that song Come crying like the wind It seems like all this life Was just a dream"