Kyodo: Highest levels of Fukushima contamination in plankton already east of Hawaii? (MAPS)

Published: May 21st, 2013 at 4:30 pm ET


Title: Researchers find high cesium in some Pacific plankton
Source: Kyodo
Date: May 22, 2013

Researchers find high cesium in some Pacific plankton

Scientists said Tuesday they have detected radioactive cesium from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant in plankton collected from all 10 points in the Pacific they checked, with the highest levels at around 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude. […]

The researchers collected plankton at 10 points in the Pacific from off Hokkaido to Guam between January and February 2012.

They detected cesium-134 in plankton at all 10 points. The density of radioactive cesium was the highest at 8.2 to 10.5 becquerels per kilogram in samples collected from waters around 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude. […]

The density of cesium in seawater was highest in waters at around latitude 36 to 40 degrees north, the team said. […]

“25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude”

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See also: [intlink id=”study-fukushima-radiation-plume-already-north-hawaii-june-2012-heading-west-coast-map” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: May 21st, 2013 at 4:30 pm ET


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83 comments to Kyodo: Highest levels of Fukushima contamination in plankton already east of Hawaii? (MAPS)

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    As was spoke to years ago, in time, this will contaminate the entire west coast. What is concerning is, you have to consider the contact with this wicked evil killer radiation. Imagine there are say, twenty-five small radioactive particles per about a gallon of water in the ocean now and it is only geting worse day by day. Which one is on you, or worse, in you.

    Bless'ed Love…let it lead you always.


      thank you much James, for the blessings…

      P.S. your avatar is pure genius…

      • Jay

        god invented radiation , so Must be good for you BECAUSE a Good god would not do Bad things to harm us ( including cosmic radiation , asteroids , lighting , deadly spiders , Jack-the-Ripper , religionS , etc, ) …

        A Fool's Paradise INDEED !

        Back to topic , let's forward this find about the plankton to our politicians demanding food control aimed at radiation detection , because now we have Proof so the politicians Must Act , Now !

    • We Not They Finally

      Goodbye plankton goodbye food chain. Goodbye oxygen that the plankton sends 70& of our oxygen from the ocean.Goodbye ocean goodbye life on this Planet . Will we be the new Mars?
      Thousands of yrs from now when aliens land on earth on their tourist trip..They will ask what morons destroyed their own planet?

      • Tim42

        Radiation effects scale with body mass. Single cell creatures are less likely to be affected. (I.E. less damage as the decay photon/electron/Alpha particle exits the single cell creature into the surrounding seawater.

        Meanwhile larger creatures.. Up the food chain.. That's a different story. A decay photon(gamma)/electron(beta)/Alpha particle exiting one cell ends up damaging other nearby cells.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Massive radiation in the food chain. Highly aggressive cancers in the sea lions, which is probably in all the higher sea food chain fish and mammals.

    What happens when one eats live aggressive cancer cells in sushi?

    And how soon before the surfers start to show unusually high cancer rates?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      TIS…Did we ever get information on tests on sick sea lions? You say, "Highly aggressive cancers in the sea lions…" Did we ever get a report back on the tests? Or are you just speculating about a very logical and strong possibility/probability?

      If we were given results, not only on the So. Cal 2013 sea lions, but also the tests that were to be conducted on sick seals and other animals in Alaska at the end of 2011, I missed it. If you have concrete data, please link. TY!

      • mandog

        This may be what you are looking for.

        Sea Lion Mystery Solved?

        • J.

          The man cited in this link, Yoichi Shimatsu, also claims that Israel caused the Fukushima disaster because Japan supports Palestine. I've read other disinformation from this person via A bit of checking shows much of what he says to be rubbish.

          • We Not They Finally

            J., your summary of Yoichi Shimatsu does not even say what he says. He said that powers in the U.S,, including Dick Cheney, gave Japan a (technically illegal international) go-ahead to enrich uranium and other fuels for nukes, with materials being routed through TEXAS. Israelis (big in the CHENEY cabal)upset because in 2010, Japan said it would do it for Iran. "Causing the Fukushima disaster" is a big territory, but part of it, Shimatsu said, was an Israeli-linked security firm planting the stuxnet virus in Japanese computers controlling Fukushima. As was done by the Israelis in IRAN.

            The thing is, when people engage in superficial thoughtless gossip (as your post, apparently), both no one LEARNS anything and they also wind up misinformed. Yoichi Shimatsu is a brave man who travels back and forth to Japan trying to report accurately, trying to help. Your casual slam on him helps NO ONE.

            • J.

              Here are Shimatsu's claims:



              "The state of Israel is implicated in theft from U.S. strategic stockpiles, fraud and extortion against the Japanese government, and a computer attack against critical infrastructure with deadly consequences, tantamount to an act of war."

              Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and Shimatsu provides only allegations. He's saying that without Israeli sabotage the backup generators would have worked and the disaster might have been averted.

              I don't presume to judge Shimatsu's character or motivations, but based on these claims, I don't consider him a reliable source of information.

              • Jay

                J. , if you want some proof try to explain the first explosion in Fukushima ( Reactor 1 ) .

                Look at the difference between explosion 1 and 2 .

                Aside , Y.S. did a poor job of Scientifically documenting his readings of sea lions … otherways Green Peace and others would plaster the findings all over .

                Hence go back and try to explain the first Fukushima explosion … besides the recent findings showing that Fission is still on-going in Fukushima …

                • J.

                  My point is simply that Shimatsu is not a reliable source of information. I don't want list members to think otherwise. Consider Shimatsu's "explanation" of the Sandy Hook killings. Google it yourself. It's beyond bizarre, and is indicative of Shimatsu's overall credibility as a writer. For a discussion of the the explosions, I rely on Fairewinds.

                  • Trawling4Trolls

                    The plumping of the hens, indeed.

                    In good sooth, as the British say, Shimatsu appears to have had himself a bit of fun with the rense piece.

                    As Shimatsu mentioned Hartford, CT-based insurance companies I'll add to that direction of thought with this,


                  • irhologram

                    j., Well, fortunately for us, you can't tell us what to think, because we'd rather research it and THEN think. A few days after Sandy Hook, while I was researching anomalies, including a reference to Sandy Hook on a map in the Batman premier in Aurora…I came across a clip of the wife of a dead whistleblower regarding a pediphilia operation in the school system in CT. So having seen this very credible woman relay that there was an investigation underway of school system involvement, I can have an open mind about Shimatsu's reporting. You do believe SE Asia is a pediphilia sex haven, do you not? Here's a portion of your link: "In all cases so far, our team discovered that these frontline pedophiles supply children for sexual services to VIPs traveling in Asia, including diplomats from the highest levels of the White House and State Department, top executives of major corporations, and heads of universities and aid agencies. Nearly all the patrons involved in this cruel pastime have backgrounds in US intelligence ­ the CIA, NSA or State Department intelligence."
                    Prefered are dark-brown haired/green-eyed, black-haired/blue or green-eyed, and blonde/ blue or green-eyed children. In other words, they're not Asian, years of "service" are short, and new supply has to come from somewhere (but under the radar so there will be no outrage). Pedaphelia has been a big, lucrative industry for some time. It's not just the realm of priests and British TV stars.

        • We Not They Finally

          ….Yes if we tell the world what straits we are in the economy of Japan will crash and probably the worlds economy ..It will happen sooner or later.Please if and when the Oceans die life on this planet will soon follow.That will be called the days of judgement like in Revelations….There is no answer for 60 years of Greed idiocy and just not caring for this world but only for Gold.Its over…

          • Anthony Anthony

            Yes and let the bullshit systems fall as they may then. We can survive that whilst those running it wont. What we have learned is our livability is more at risk with what IS still in place in these societies today.

          • Jay

            LOL ! " will be called the days of judgement like in Revelations " , said WeNotTheyFinally .

            Next you'll tell us that Fukushima was planned by god !! LOL ! Thanks for the lough !
            You Must be religios , no ?

        • Trawling4Trolls

          Shimatsu's reading is quite similar to the Hitachi-city man, each speaks of being suffused with it,

          "In one specimen, for example, we see a shocking reading of 0.48 micro Sieverts in its heart and liver regions."

          The highly exposed man in Ibaraki died, Mr. Morita
          Location : Hitachi city Ibaraki
          Back ground : 0.13 μSv/h
          On clothes : 0.50 μSv/h ~ 0.60 μSv/h
          On body : 0.60 μSv/h ~ 0.80 μSv/h
          Tapwater he brought : 0.25 μSv/h (Cs-137 was detected)

          Iori Mochizuki has been the man of the hour, has he not?

          That looks to be a pleasant stroll down that lane in your link's header, mandog.

          Both Canada and the U.S. turned off their detection networks, their "prerogative", presumably. Filth.

        • Unfortunately, Yoichi Shimatsu doesn't know which edge of his Radex to point at the sea lion, nor to wait for a mature (160 second) reading. Only the 10 seconds mark appears in one of his documentary photos. He appears to be reading the radioactivity of sand. (Beach sand is often found to be mildly radioactive –noticeably so with an ordinary Geiger counter.)

          I watch the encroaching radioactive pollution with dread. I also watch with amazement –that for the sake of appeasing the nuclear industry, and not (rightfully) enraging the seafood industry, the public is largely being left to its own inadequate devices and self-proclaimed experts for monitoring.


          • combomelt combomelt

            Fascinating to witness the intensity of this information smothering campaign. Truly herculean efforts somewhere have plotted and achieved near worldwide mass media silence about the creeping slothlike effects of fuku. Most people can barely stand the time it takes to wait for a red light to turn green. Forget about convincing the same people that 2 yes 2+ years later they are still going about healthily doing their little errands on a beautifully sunny day….they "see" all looks well. They feel fine. Just had physicals, great results…. yah, well they did read some sealions died and the scientists are studying it. So they go to red lobster and order the prawns fresh from the gulf and bluefin caught off Or they go to their weekly tuesday night sushi fest and the fish tastes grreat! Or the sheeple make sushi at home and wrap it up with fresh japanese seaweed. Out of sight out of mind. Like a 6mo old infant

          • Trawling4Trolls

            Well, Craig, unless somebody provides more details we could probably assume the animals he measured were done in a lab rather than on the beach, as you seem to be suggesting. Craig, did Shimatsu butcher these animals himself then autopsy them on site?

            He gave the reading for the animal's heart and liver and you're implying there was sand involved?

            I don't want to seem too flippant so hit us back with the autopsy details.

            • Hi T4T.

              * Just so we're on the same page, I believe that this:
              –is the original Rense article.

              * Presumably, this:
              –is the autopsy scene for heart and liver–

              –and Shimatsu's treatment of nose and mouth is at:

              In that photo (and elsewhere), we see the 10 seconds indication on Shimatsu's Geiger counter (looks like a little quote mark) –and that he thinks his GC is more sensitive in the forward direction. (The Geiger-Mueller tube is located along the left side in a Radex RD1503, behind a row of beta radiation louver slits.)

              * Cesium-137/134 contamination would have to be pretty bad to show up by waving a Geiger counter at an animal carcass.

              * Of course, it's worth a try –and worth going at it with whatever GC you've got, but one should at least isolate the specimen –like from naturally radioactive beach sand. (Or maybe UN-naturally. Shimatsu was in the neighborhood of the San Onofre Edison NPP!)

              * Reading the manual is also a really great idea 🙂 You can find out useful information –like which end of the GC to point at the sample, how long to wait, best practices, and why.

              * The most responsible method (IMHO) is to take samples home (or to some other sheltered, controlled environment) where you can establish a before and after background level (to subtract from your sample reading).

          • We Not They Finally

            We're for anyone TRYING. If you don't like HOW they test, then HELP them.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yoichi Shimatsu said that he TESTED the sea lions and they were very radioactive. But then he got on the Jeff Rense show and when sea lions came up, he didn't mention that. It would be crazy if NO ONE mentioned it.

        • We Not They Finally

          Too much is now at stake for Countries to coverup the evidence…
          If we refuse to monitor radiation we are hiding our heads in the sand.Are we humans or are we ostriches?Fear anxiety and escapism only leads to world panic sooner or later.We teach our children to confront problems not hide from them.Cowards die many times heroes only once.This is not the time for cowards.As I have said over and over never hide from the truth of things.The way to solve problems is to confront them not to lie petrified in fear.


    the weakening and eventual destruction of the entire chain of life on this planet…

    • We Not They Finally

      OK so sooner or later its over. So what. Its done. Now we need to come to terms with everything and prepare ourselves to move on..This means we dont stop living. We dont freak out. WE dont panic. Everyone has to die sooner or later. The difference is in this case we will all find new homes to return to..Im sure in this infinite universe.Billions of planets go rogue destroy themselves but im sure life goes on…..

      • truthseek truthseek

        Great mentions WN'TF 😉 In essence, "Don't stand still… keep moving, living our lives", I do struggle… That said, I cannot believe that I a reading these words, these are most informed perspectives from well reasoned people (everyone posting here) that I feel like I have come to know [trust] over the past few years. Our words, thoughts and expressions are EPIC. ??? Is this really it ???

        Humans a mere blip on the timeline, of all life, on this planet…
        Hurts me to write that. sorry.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    "The researchers collected plankton at 10 points in the Pacific from off Hokkaido to Guam between January and February 2012. They detected cesium-134 in plankton at all 10 points. The density of radioactive cesium was the highest at 8.2 to 10.5 becquerels per kilogram in samples collected from waters around 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude. […]"

    I gave up seafood 2 weeks after 3/11/11 and told all my friends to stop eating seafood, too. Did they listen? Nope. They still eating tuna steaks, sushi, and everything else. It's why I finally got off facebook.

  • Sickputer

    The report has been out since April 2, 2013 when the excellent research was accepted for publishing by Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union after the Japanese scientist submitted it 13 months earlier.

    Read the full 14-page report here:

    Points of interest to me:

    "The highest 137Cs activ- ity in zooplankton was same order of magnitude as that one month after the accident, and average activity was one or two orders of magnitude higher than 137Cs activities observed before the accident around Japan." Page 1

    "The 134Cs and 137Cs profiles had subsurface maxima from 200m to 300 m depth …We calculated vertical-integrated radiocesium inventory from surface to 800 m depth." Page 3

    SP: An order of magnitude represents 10 times greater. The Pacific Ocean areas measured by these careful scientists revealed toxic cesium 137 contamination of plankton is now 20 times higher than before March 11, 2011. Their research was concluded well over a year ago.

    It is quite possible new studies may show levels of cesium 137 may be 40 or 50 times greater in plankton than the pre-Fukushima disaster era. We are moving into dangerous food chain dynamics…what effect will another 25 years of cesium bleed from Fukushima exert on the Pacific Ocean? The world for carbon forms is going to change.


      awesome followup Sickputer…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The researchers didn't answer the two most critical points:

      One, what are the depletion rates of plankton, accelerated by radiation poisoning, and two, how soon are we going to pass the lower level of life sustainability of atmospheric oxygen, considering plankton provides the bulk of the gas all life forms need to live?

      Well, question two might be a 'little' more critical . . .

      • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

        Yes. This is why my name is "Plankton Oxygen". We are probably all going to suffocate or die from the effects of oxygen depletion in one way or another rather than the effects of the radiation poisoning of our own bodies…… Unless we find a way to live with less oxygen?

        • We Not They Finally

          There is ALREADY less oxygen with the rain forests chopped down, the air polluted, and there being more humans. We need all the oxygen we can get!

          • irhologram

            Ticket. My thoughts, too. My plants have known for 4 or 5 years that the ratio of oxygen in the air is depleting. Outdoor Boston ferns now burn in the sun. i believe oxygen used to be around 22% of the air mix. Now I think I read its around 18%. I think about 16% is ELE for humans. I looked this up a long time ago, but that's what I recall. There is a new theory that we only have a couple of years before collapse of ecosystems.

            • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


              Here is an exercise to increase the amount of oxygen your body receives from the air: It's called Yoga Breathing exercises and the following is how to do it.

              Take a deep breath to the count of (you name it, I use 8, whatever is comfortable) then hold it to the count of 8, then release it to the count of 8, or double the count while exhaling if you want to empty stale air from the lungs.

              It is helpful to do this several times a day for 15 minutes. You can practice it while waiting in traffic, while standing in line, etc.

              It definitely works! You will feel invigorated and it will give you a sense of well being. It is very relaxing if you are stressed, and is especially good for those who have lung problems. Good luck!!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      @Sickputer, ALL

      Don't forget, the public has until Friday(!)to comment on the draft report on permanent[sic] storage of radioactive waste in the U.S. I will be writing my letter and telling them that they need to seek better sources of information–there is NO SUCH THING as permanent storage of radioactive waste. 6,000 generations to come will be dealing with what they are describing as permanent. Maybe a reference to this study would sober them up. (cough) Feinstein, Wyden, Murkowski and one more dim brain. They are now in a tearing hurry to build more nuclear plants like Levy County I & II.

      • We Not They Finally

        Related topic, about which there is virtually NO public education: So called "dry cask storage" can apparently be used for SOME nuclear waste, but what is being produced at Fukushima is not that substance. Rather it is endlessly fissioning radioactivity! As in (TEPCO's own admission now), if we don't water it forever, it will blow up!! Which goes WAY beyond just, "where can we put it"!

        So many great scientific minds post to the website. Can someone clarify the differences and HOW THIS HAPPENS for the rest of us?

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          @We Not They Finally:

          Waste can be stored in dry casks which is much better than fuel pools above ground and open to the air. However, as I understand it, it will still eventually need to be placed in another container. If this is not true, I would appreciate hearing from someone who knows for certain.

    • Cisco Cisco

      No disrespect SP. I know you know this, and I know you could offer more detail about the other more noxious, toxic and dangerous radionuclides that are traveling along with the Caesium brothers.

      Part of the spin and disinformation the nukers employ is to talk only of Caesium, because if the conversation drifted to Uranium, Strontium, Iodine, Plutonium, Americium, Curium, et al., they'd have a lot more shucking and jiving to do. Oh yeah, let's not forget "buckyballs"…another real doozy!

      It's not just about 2 or 3 radionuclides; it's about the scores of others that are hundreds of times more lethal than the Caesium brothers.

      • Sickputer

        Quite right Cisco…thanks for the prod.

        See my post in the comments at EX-SKF:

        Paul Langley has an awesome factoid about Strontium 90 here:

        "Once absorbed, strontium moves to bone and other places which have a biological demand for calcium. In bone, strontium, which has a large crystal structure than calcium, binds more loosely to bone than calcium. It tends to deposit on the outside of bone structure. (Pecher, 1942)

        During pregnancy strontium moves from bone to fetus with the bulk of movement occurring later in pregnancy.

        During breast feeding, strontium moves from bone to breast tissue and is excreted into the milk.(Erf and Pecher, 1940).

        When uncontaminated orphaned baby mice were given to strontium contaminated mother mice to suckle, the previously uncontaminated mice “became more radioactive than the (surrogate) mothers” Pecher, 1941.

        "In 1943, Hamilton reported to Stone, Groves and Oppenheimer and reported that radio strontium obtained from reactor pile fuel rods (slugs as they were then called) could be used as a weapon. The proposal called for a bomb loaded with radio strontium, which was “violently radioactive”, and packed with explosive."

        SP: So many taboo words in the press…

    • truthseek truthseek

      wow man.

      (no words):

  • ML

    A very unnatural form of natural selection will occur as those life forms more susceptible to radiation will succumb to our man-made radiation poisoned world.
    Even one more year of Fukushima pollution is hard to fathom, let alone 25 years or more.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I'm sorry to the agnostics but, this reminds me of a link posted way back in April 2011. With the message going back even further.
    Chernobyl has nothing on Fukushima, in terms of current and future impact to an already fragile and essential oceanic ecosystem.
    This impact is heading towards humans like nothing we have witnessed in modern times.
    There's something to those wise old legends…

    And Many Died Of The Waters, Because They Were Made Bitter

    • irhologram

      I'm with you, Jebus.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Jebus, I am with you on this one, as well.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        IMHO, we'd better be thinking very quickly and acting on ideas to increase oxygen generating capacity. The scientific means to do so? I'm not sure but I have to wonder if indoor food gardens and aquaponics setups might hold some of the answers ….

        • Lion76 Lion76

          Massive planting of hemp and reseeding of trees could help.

        • crystalwind crystalwind

          Hi, HoTaters, Agree. Not only for oxygen but for radioactivity. My organic farmer friends can't see the point about radioactive rain falling on their soil and plants. To them Japan is way over "there", nothing to do with the rest of the planet. This idea might be a major change, but faced with the options we might want to at east look into the indoor gardening idea. Sprouted grain/nuts can be made into bagels, cheeses, burgers, breads, but my friends think a sprout is a skinny piece of bunny food in a salad. I am posting basic information in thread Methods for Combating Radiation and its Effects, as clean foods and prevention are primary. I like your thoughts. Have to check out what I need for indoor hydroponics next.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            It's called 'denial'. We here aren't, but there isn't anyone here that is in denial. Even the trolls know the truth, they just get paid to sow confusion.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            crystalwind, thank you. I'll check out your comments on the Forum. I need to begin spending time studying how free atmospheric oxygen can be generated. Plants and phytoplankton, plus a small amount of O2 released from decaying matter generate the earth's atmospheric oxygen. (At least that's my understanding).)

            Maybe there's some simple technology which can liberate O2 from H2O ? Or change CO to O2? I wish I knew more about chemistry.

            • crystalwind crystalwind

              "Simple technology"–plants, HoTaters. I'll post some links in the other thread. First article lists specific plants. And guess what 🙂 ….."If you grow your own sprouts for food (especially sweet pea sprouts, buckwheat sprouts and sunflower sprouts) you will have a fantastic mini greenhouse effect in your living space."
              I'm not a scientist of any kind. I probably wouldn't understand a chemistry report. When I plant wheatgrass indoors I notice the next morning a tiny drop of clear pure water at the tip of each blade. Clean water as a by-product of plants recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. Such a simple bit of beauty with a rainbow sparkling in each one. Beauty as another by-product. I'm very simplistic. Simple things like that entrance me.

            • crystalwind crystalwind

              HoTaters, I just posted additional info on other thread about indoor plants and aquascapes to generate oxygen indoors. Were you looking for something else, like a machine? Stay well.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          @Ho Taters:

          See my answer above about Yoga Breathing. It works!

    • crystalwind crystalwind

      From your link–

      “Afterheat,” Robert Socolow, a Princeton University professor, called it in an essay for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, “the fire that you can’t put out.”


    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Jebus said "I'm sorry to the agnostics but…"

      Hi Jebus , good post .. ,
      long ago , a wise woman once told me whilest shaking her head in the Nono faschion
      " TIME… is a Sphere " , when holding her hands to mimic something round , like Earth or Universe…

      It was in an answer to the hypothetical question ; calculating the possibility reincarnation exist ,
      could i escape being reborn with the same people if i kill
      myself when they are still alive…

      What she ment was , in a sphere Time , the NOW , History and Future are one and same , all happening always now … in the bigger picture..sort of

      And the more you try to run escape from time or consequence , the more it bend's lol , you can have the illusion of moving , but you are going nowhere
      outside the sphere..
      A good prediction is nothing but a manifestation of these connection's or something i think..

      I'm not an agnosticus by the way , my problem lies in the organized perversions of the original words of Prophet's ,
      not with the Prophet's themselfes..far from it ..

      I (and i'm pretty sure other people here and elsewhere too )feel some "loving" coming from above lately visiting me in my dreams ,
      both for the paradise that wants to be restored ,
      and for the humanity longing for the Loving Light to bathe their souls in ( i think , maybe a generalisation , because i know i do ,
      because the pre-taste feels AWESOME.. 😉
      need more of those to be sure i interpret correctly…

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        to be sure i interpret correctly before sharing . I'm unexplainable confident those
        things will increase to .. aslong as i invest my willpower for the good cause or something…
        Swimming against the stream that Evil aka Greed created… Like a Salmon …
        Spiritual Fertilisation and clarity waits ahead of us i think … in less then a year from now is my gut guess ..
        Keep pushing the lies out of the system and out of our lifes guy's , we don't even begin to understand yet ,
        how important it is what is happening , and what we are doing in it..
        It will get a lot worse before it get's better ..
        Sad sad people bitter towards life from trauma needs healing too.. dangerous mindset when this would be
        someone in power no ? O wait , some of them are this cynical .. like in the military etc..

        Love and Peace !

      • We Not They Finally

        Disaster interpretation…Yes we are on a rocket ride and time is moving very quickly.Once we come to the conclusion that we can do nothing to alter what is now at hand. We will either fall into a vast depression confusion and anxiety or break through and accept what is now a fact. That events have made Albert Einstein a seer. When he warned us that we must change our ways or nuclear energy would bring a horrific tragedy to all mankind.Coming to terms with inevitability should free us ironically to live life to its fullest.
        If this sounds alot like the great french philosopher Albert Camus. It does.

  • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

    This is more of an immediate and threatening problem than any other problem the human race has faced ever in my opinion. Here's to suffocation, due to oxygen depletion as a result of mass kill-off of plankton…

  • Sol Man

    I would like to know how this has affected the plankton's genome and how long the radiated cells live.

  • Urban27

    Is this so old news – MORE than one year old!

    Why is this news coming so late?

    If it had spread half the oscean in less than a Year – How far has it spread by now?

    • Anthony Anthony

      **The momentum for 'accountability' accelerates by the day …**

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      I believe the scientific journals are using the same rule which the government uses: Don't cause panic if you can help it. What a cop out.

  • Trawling4Trolls

    "[Japan's] Exports to the European Union fell 3.5 percent from a year earlier, dropping for a 19th month, while those to the U.S. jumped 15 percent." An 18.5% disparity.

    Top Gainers & Losers In TPX
    Here's the most likely vector of approach, Hayashikane Sangyo Co Ltd., up 12.9%.

    "Hayashikane Sangyo Co., Ltd. produces and sells processed foods including fish paste and meat products. The Company also produces feed for livestock. "

    They also sell fruits & vegetables. Founded in 1941.

    After a "deserted Tokyo", now we get to lap up the Fuku food, is it?

    State Dept.-assisted trade deals with "prerogative",

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Ocean is now contaminated with radiation, thanks to nuclear.

  • We Not They Finally

    Hawaii is VERY FAR from Japan to have plankton so contaminated. That alone makes this report alarming.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    " 8.2 to 10.5 becquerels per kilogram in samples collected from waters around 25 degrees north latitude and 150 degrees west longitude"

    thats pretty astounding considering that…

    “We should pay particular attention to the fact that the presence of even relatively small amounts of Cs-137 in children from 10-30 Bq/kg…leads to a doubling in the number of children with electrocardiographic disorders.”

    Whats safe? "the impact of nuclear activity can be considered negligible if doses of radiation do not exceed ten micro sieverts (mSv) per year."

    "If the foods (leafy vegetables, milk etc.) contain between one and 10 Bq per kg or more, it is possible that the reference level of 10 mSv may be exceeded within two to three weeks, the institute added. "

    So I read that to say the ocean is contaminated to a level that would more or less double the number of kids having heart problems if they ate sea food for two or three weeks. That seems to nail the coffin concerning sea lion impact. I conclude 99.9 people…scientists in positions to expose truth are a bunch of fearful psychopath enablers. Whats up with that?

    where is that pronuke guy, I enjoyed him. Replies to him were rude. even if one had to eliminate a dangerous adversary, I cant see being childishly rude about it. Gonna spit in peoples faces as the ship goes down?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There are two types of plankton..phyto and zoo..
    How goes phyto goes zoo plankton..and so on and so forth.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    OK. Ya'all did a good job in the above discussion of Pacific Radiation. It is coming this way. In a couple of years, it will be all over the west coast, plus up to Alaska, and down to South America. Maybe we should turn our attention to the 20 and 50 year outcomes.
    By that time, Fuku Radiation will have worked it's way throughout the Pacific Ocean Basin, as well as up the food chain. Any guesses what the results will be, both within the Pacific Basin, and throughout the world?

  • Jay

    … did anyone measured radioactive Rain along the West Coast , yet ?

    P.S. : if they catched that Radioactive algae/plankton IT MUST HAVE BEEN ALIVE ( they sink when dead ) … next they will tell us that radioactive plankton survives while still producing oxygen .

    ( Hmmm , their laboratory methodology didn't test if the radioactive plankton functions properly , including the Very burning issue of Oxygen production … )/measuring radiation is a non-destructive test .

    • Au Au

      I haven't tested the rain but I did 10 minute counts with the Inspector. No barriers were used.

      April 2013
      Sand 55 CPM
      Organic strawberry patch was also 55 CPM.

    • Au Au

      I haven't tested the rain but I did 10 minute counts with the Inspector. No barriers were used.

      April 2013
      Sand at Capitola beach 55 CPM
      Organic strawberry patch in Santa Cruz was also 55 CPM.

  • lickerface lickerface

    The information in this report is significant. They're saying the highest density of cesium from their tests was in waters at 40N. That's the debris! Read this (from older story here):

    "High density observations of 134Cs and 137Cs in the surface water were carried out by 17 cruises of cargo ships and several research vessel cruises from March 2011 till March 2012. The main body of radioactive surface plume of which activity exceeded 10 Bq m−3 travelled along 40° N and reached the International Date Line on March 2012, one year after the accident."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Food for thought, pun intended…

    WHO, who are you? WHO WHO

    Here's a blip from over two years ago, stating the "fluffy" true facts.
    This was right before the media was shutdown on real fuku reporting.

    WHO: Radiation in Japan food 'more serious' than thought
    March 21, 2011

    With bioaccumulation in mind, is it any better now?
    If the land around was contaminated by the initial blasts,
    what does that say about two years of Pacific Ocean contamination?

    It's too bad that Fukushima is so serious, that it has the world's response, paralyzed.

    I wonder if the lies will outweigh the results.

    Nuclear Probabilities.

    Food for thought…