*News Alert* Kyodo: Japan gov’t thinks they can restart nuclear reactors in a few months

Published: December 6th, 2012 at 2:21 pm ET


Title: Japan could restart some nuclear reactors next summer
Source: Kyodo
Date: Dec. 7

The Nuclear Regulation Authority Secretariat is considering starting preliminary safety checks on offline nuclear reactors in Japan next spring, allowing some to be restarted next summer, sources close to the matter said Thursday.

The authority plans to adopt new safety standards for nuclear power plants next July in response to the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant accident, while 48 of Japan’s 50 commercial nuclear reactors are left offline due to safety concerns. The remaining two are in operation under tentative standards.

In a bid to make safety checks under the new standards efficient, the secretariat is planning to launch preliminary checks next spring as an outline of the new standards becomes available, the sources said. […]

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Published: December 6th, 2012 at 2:21 pm ET


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45 comments to *News Alert* Kyodo: Japan gov’t thinks they can restart nuclear reactors in a few months

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    "The authority plans to adopt new safety standards for nuclear power plants next July" aka, we are reducing our safety and structural integrity standards to make everything look ok.

    • As predicted a major earthquake followed by a strong aftershock(hope you are reading!) struck off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan after giving forewarning in the form of three deep focus quakes(DFEs)(Two at Fiji being the usual portents):
      6.2 2012/12/07 08:31:15 37.939 143.763 29.2 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
      MAP 3.1 2012/12/07 08:27:01 60.206 -144.057 34.9 SOUTHERN ALASKA
      MAP 7.3 2012/12/07 08:18:24 37.889 144.090 36.1 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
      The three portenders after 6.4 MM strong one at Vanuatu:
      4.3 2012/12/02 03:02:02 27.822 139.855 503.6 BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
      4.8 2012/12/02 21:00:51 -21.717 -179.487 605.1 FIJI REGION
      5.1 2012/12/05 23:08:37 -20.710 -178.933 617.7 FIJI REGION

      You still want to go ahead with nukes the world over? Beware the world's dams' surges. They are going to bring about extinction.

  • The definition of INSANITY is..

    • Sickputer

      The definition of insanity is believing your own lies.

      However, I doubt the nucleocrats believe their own lies.

      What they do believe is their ability to make 99% of the world accept their lies.

      They are wrong,.. they probably have 99.99 percent fooled. Except in Japan and the countries downwind of Chernobyl.

    • JustmeAlso

      to defy human nature

    • Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

      • m a x l i

        Exactly! It's like holding your hand into a flame again and again and expecting it will not burn next time.

        If it is as simple as a flame and a burned hand, everyone can see this person poses a danger for themselves and everyone else and belongs in an institution to be looked after and cared for. If the connection between cause and result is not as immediate and obvious, we tend to make the insane our leaders in politics, economy, education…

  • NO to restart!!! = "Saikado Hantai"

    How could anyone call for a 'restart' of these Death Machines when the discussion of the day should be how to take 'mitigation' measures and protect your children and the DNA of their future generations.

    Nuclear Power is NOT SAFE, the true costs to the planet can no longer be measured.

    It's time to cut their loses instead of creating an even bigger more costly mess.

  • Anthony Anthony

    So while they are choking out themselves and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere with radiation poisoning, they make a point to state they will resume operations.

    Which is why it doesn't matter what we know or think about the situation.

    In one step they override millions of examples of the nuclear truth just here. And we end up with Fukushima and more to come.

    The Japanese Citizens are not screaming loud enough for me to believe anyone could care if we lived or died through this human experience.

    How can they expect greatness when they are sowing so much doom and danger in our lives?

  • Standard # 1 – No building on fault line
    Standard # 2 – No building next to the ocean
    Standard # 3 – Place generators on elevated platform
    Standard # 4 – Stop paying scientists to lie to the public

    Any others?

    • blackbuddha blackbudda

      People have enough actual and ongoing problems with already built npps
      sorry -No standards for building others!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      No building anywhere for any reason. Even without a natural disaster, killing radiation emitted everyday, cracks form just from use and shoddy materials. Operator mistakes, lying about failed safety checks. Don't forget flood problems when on a river below a dam. And solar flares can knock out the grid and EMP attacks can destroy the grid and all communications. Also vulnerable to other terrorist attacks.

      US planning much less security near nuclear weapons facilities. They must be planning to abandon the country.

  • or-well

    Please consider the oft-repeated lie that nuclear accounted for 30% of Japans' electrical output.

    (Like "safe" levels of radiation, it seemed to go up after 3/11.
    But it was often quoted as "about" a quarter, or "up to" a third.
    Anyway, if you've never seen the figure bandied about, it doesn't matter.)

    So – 48 commercial reactors offline.
    No industrialised nation could lose 30% or a quarter of it's electrical output and still function the way Japan has!!!

    They also produce elecricity in fossil fuel-fired plants.
    And they have increased their consumption of fossil fuel for these plants and increased those plants electrical output.

    Would they have us believe they had THAT MUCH spare capacity in the fossil fuel-fired electrical generating plants?
    If that's true, then they don't need the nukes.

    As a nation, they are managing fine without those nuke reactors.
    But the electrical utilities are spending big money on fossil fuel to ramp up output.
    Whether it's 30%, 20%, or 10%, there's added cost eating into the bottom line.

    They want those nukes back online. So do all the players in Nuke Village.

    But wouldn't the money spent for nuke subsidisation, nuke
    promotion and community nuke persuasion pay for the extra fossil fuel?

    I can't give you numbers, but I think it would, with cash to spare to invest in renewables.

    I think conservation alone would kill nukes in Japan.

  • weeman

    Japan you have been without nuclear power for almost 2 years and I don't see the big incovinence, I don't see running blackouts, life goes no as before why would you even consider restart.
    I wonder how much money will be spent on restarting the reactors and implicating new safety measures, I would put a wager on if you spent that money on renewable energy the return would be far greater in terms of electricity produced per dollar and profit margin, especially if you take into account decommissioning and waste disposal.It's a no brainier.
    There is no safety measures in existance that would make the possibility of running a nuclear reactor safe, they have to go, the laws of average is against you and you can not win in the end the outcome is predetermined.

  • This cannot happen. Citizens must use any means necessary to stop these mass murderers from inflicting more damage on the planet.

  • Anthony Anthony

    These same people *thought* & *thunk* us right into Fukushima. What could possibly go wrong next?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    They won't turn 'em on …the nuclear junk is unneeded, and meltdowns are taking out the country, slowly but surly.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      They are caught in Pandora's box.. financial horrors if they do not restart and keep lying to themselves, and more numerous horrors if they do restart, and more accidents happen.

      How many FUKU's can Japan take?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    It is easy to start something, but much harder to finish it so that seven future generations are not HARMED.

    By definition, nuclear power harms seven future generations. It is not sustainable because it adds low level radiation to food, water, etc.

    Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    Been trying to write something for some time now. Too much anger, too much to say

  • You can't have a 9+ quake to a subduction zone and not expect more (near Tokyo, Hiroshima, Okinowa). They've proved already that they can't even see the whole of Asia glowing on Infra Red (prior to the Fuku quake), so how do they think they're going to prevent the next Big one if they can't read the signs.
    Trés Savage, ne c'est pas Savante..

  • Maggie123

    I find this plan among the most stunning of ideas. On the face of it, it goes beyond "mere" corruption into a truly insane world view.

    Worse yet, IMO, government/industry 'leaders' less directly involved, elsewhere in the world, are sufficiently captured by the same mindsets that they raise no firm voice against it.

    I think of how 'willful blindness' works on a much smaller scale throughout society and find it in this situation.

    If there is any reservoir of wisdom so badly needed – it resides in those who can/will directly challenge — be they general citizens, scattered leaders, or both.

    I feel like I'm witnessing transcendent absurdist theatre, (and because I am here – somehow I am also a participant).

    • or-well

      "transcendent absurdist theatre" – yup, and everyone gets a role, like it or not, even if it's only like the little kid being a tree in the school holiday pageant.

      • Maggie123

        Or-well! Yes! And someone too, we know as 'Admin,' who one day decided she/he needed/wanted a gathering place for people to get real about nuclear related threats and opened a space called ENEnews! From kid to Tepco – like it or not.

        (Think it's late enough for me to retire. My best to you and all here.)

  • We… are witnessing 'transcendent absurdest theater'.

    It's like a bad science fiction mob crime drama all rolled into one.
    Except this is real and we all are participants whether we want to be or not.

    That's the unfair part. 🙁

  • Holland Holland

    Wow! 2 heavy quakes on the eastcoast.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    EARTHQUAKE WARNING for East Cost of Japan:

    "A one-metre high tsunami wave has struck the city of Ishinomaki in northeastern Japan after a strong earthquake off the coast.
    One witness said: "I immediately jumped into the car and started running away towards the mountains. I'm still hiding inside the car. I'm planning to stay here for the next couple of hours."
    "The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.3, the US Geological Survey said."

    A series of 9 strong earthquakes has occurred in the subduction zone off Northeastern Japan, since midnight December 7, 2012. The largest quakes were a M6.2, M 7.3. This is the same subduction zone area that produced the earthquake of 3/11/2011.

    Expect more earthquakes in this area over M7 and above over the next several days. Remember that a M7.2 quake hit in this area three days before the great earthquake and tsumani of 3/11/2011.

    As we have seen before, strong earthquakes disturb the corium in the mudrock below Buildings1,2,&3 at the Fukuplex. A strong West-to-East flow in the jetstream has set up over Japan, which will bring any higher radiation emissions directly to the US West Coast next week. http://squall.sfsu.edu/scripts/nhemjetstream_model.htm

  • Truth

    Not after today's reminder of 7.2 and the wave that will follow… If there is anything left, it will all mix like a blender with radiation. Japan is done for as far as their health goes and all of mankind may follow soon if measures are not taken now. As we all know, human beings only see what is immediately in front of them for the most part. Therefore, even if it is possible to avoid disaster they will prefer to enjoy their 15 seconds of fame and fortune. The world and the universe will go on without us. Only Love remains.

  • Coming on for perihelion after 2 Pacific eclipses. A Mega shouldn't be lurking, but as I said above, the whole Subduction zone has to follow up eventually on that 9+ mega.

  • Isotope Isotope

    "Despite calls for a phase out of all nuclear reactors in Japan, the country will continue to generate electric power from them for at least the next 30–40 years."

    Sounds like it's a done deal, doesn't it?


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Japan obviously has enough generating capacity without nuclear. Perhaps, nuclear plants actually do use more power than they produce. So, why did utilities build nukes? To increase the cost of power generation, thus increasing billings for electricity, and increasing utility company PROFITS.

    Here is another (and better) idea for the utilities: Install wind and solar (for power and domestic hot water) for residential customers, and charge monthly rent for the equipment. Install wind farms and solar farms, and charge a small premium for green energy. Use the proceeds to decommission your nukes!