Kyodo: Terror drill at Fukushima nuclear plant — Fears about ‘highly fragile’ cooling systems

Published: May 11th, 2013 at 12:37 pm ET


Title: Terrorist drill held for Fukushima nuclear plant
Source: Kyodo News
Date: May 12, 2013

Terrorist drill held for Fukushima nuclear plant

Police and the Japan Coast Guard conducted a joint drill Saturday to prepare for a possible terrorist attack on the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

About 150 officers and other people, including members of a special assault team of the police, participated in the drill at the Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant, about 10 km from Fukushima No. 1. […]

The National Police Agency fears the stricken Fukushima No. 1 could make for a tempting target for terrorists because the cooling systems there are still highly fragile. […]

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Published: May 11th, 2013 at 12:37 pm ET


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44 comments to Kyodo: Terror drill at Fukushima nuclear plant — Fears about ‘highly fragile’ cooling systems

  • Lion76 Lion76

    "all" cooling systems for every plant are fragile, let's be honest. It only take one well placed "missile" to penetrate a spent fuel pool anywhere to make things to apeshiat.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    False flag..securing the perimeter.

    • Toadmac

      My thoughts on Gov/tepco's next press release…..
      Terrorists in an unforgivable attack, exploded a dirty bomb containing radiological material purchased from Nth Korea and assembled in Iraq for Syrian dictators who fund horrifying terrorist training cells. The device has created wide spread contamination all over Fukushima pref. Nature threw all she had at Fukushima No.1 power plant & due to its sound design and safe technology was under control within days. This act of terror has contaminated the Fuku No.1 plant so bad an immediate withdrawal has been carried out.

    • f3ck4r f3ck4r

      totally agree!

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    terrorist drill? hahaha, right. Maybe terrorists will cause three nuclear meltdowns/explosions, releasing massive radiation to the air and ocean. A world gone mad

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield

      They already did, they're called TEPCO

      • pcjensen

        and, GE, and IAEA, and US DOD and all other "regulatory" agencies involved with TEPCO

    • m a x l i

      @CodeShutdown, it's the other way around. This drill is aimed at "terrorists" who intend to PREVENT meltdowns, explosions and radiation releases, like these ones here:
      Interesting that the drill was carried out near Fukushima No 2 (not No 1, which is supposedly the reason for the exercise!) Maybe they want to restart that?
      What comes to mind, is the several days+several nights standoff between protesters and police before the Oi-restart middle last year. (I couldn't find a video for that.)

      • m a x l i

        Have a look at the pictures in the Kyodo News source! I'm not sure this is the way to deal with real terrorists who might have explosives strapped to their bodies. It looks to me this is rather the welcome they have in store for peaceful demonstrators against any restarts.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    It does not take a missile. Just disconnect the power or stop the cooling system, or kill the electronics with an EMP pulse. they are all highly vulnerable.

    Why All Nuclear Power Plants Must Be Shut Down

    Project Paper Clip; USA Imported And Hired Hundreds Of Nazi War Criminals To Develop Nuclear Industry; via @AGreenRoad

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, Project Paper Clip was a doozy — EVERYONE should read about Project Paper Clip. Much thanks for posting this.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Omg. What a freak show! Tepco worried about a terrorist attack! What next? Wow they really have it under control now. Holy f%$#;ng sheeyit. Such folly. Im mad as fission

    • We Not They Finally

      Don't buy the propaganda for a second. They are NOT "worried about a terrorist attack" at all. They are worried that decent ordinary people might rise in protest, or that accurate radiation readings might make their way to the outside world, or that independent doctors might openly assess how badly this is killing off children. Anyone who tries any of the above will just be LABELLED "a terrorist." And the worse part is that this horror show SEEMS to be confined to their borders, but really they have made it the legacy of us all. And there is barely any way to even say "I AM NOT COMPLICIT IN THIS" but to post on web pages? Sometimes we don't know whether to weep or scream.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        May be the first step to rewrite history…

        …Government and corporate corruption and irresponsibility plus morbid disregard for human life doesn't bode well for future history lessons why people should not play with nukes.

        Now, the government will want to say that it was all because of lone wolf type people or small groups of malcontents that messed up the whole Pacific Ocean.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    Well of course it's fragile. Duct tape weakens when exposed to high radiation.

  • weeman

    Not a terrorist target, you can't get to heaven if you are radiated, that would make you unclean.

  • mairs mairs

    "Release the rats!"

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Note that its a mere 150 coast guard and police and over at fukushima 2= daini. This lost cooling and was close to meltdown during the 2011 quake/tsunami. Drama was happening as exemplified by pulling a dead worker from a crane cockpit. One can understand the drill considering their conspiracy theory mentality. Try this for terror; 33 million people have aids, causing millions of orphans and in some african countries 1/3 of the people are infected. Land mines kill more than terror ever has. Military CAUSES more terror than protects from it.

    • We Not They Finally

      The whole POINT is to cause terror!! And to KEEP OUTSIDERS OUT. You say you want to go and take radiation readings? You must be a terrorist. You say you want to deliver medical help? You must be a terrorist. You say you want to save children? You must be a terrorist. And the people doing this charade even claim to be HUMAN. If they are "human," then I don't know what I am, because there is not one molecule in my body that is willing to identify with THEM. Not the same species as me. I don't believe it.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        The only way to not be classified as a terrorist nowdays, is to be in the government or being a lead lined condom salesman in Fuku.


    They only wish terrorist would take it out so they wouldn't have to deal with it. Maybe they were holding a terrorist job fair?

  • The REAL terrorists are those who condone and perpetuate the existence of these DEATH MACHINES.

    The REAL terrorists are those who choose to ignore this ongoing GLOBAL EVENT. The constant unabated releases of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and sea will take it's toll.

    Possibly this was not a terrorist drill. Perhaps, the 'test' was on those doing the drill to see what kind of doses they're getting during a single day. I would almost wager that they were told they were at a safe distance and there was no concern. 😉

  • We Not They Finally

    We already know who the terrorists are. It's TEPCO. No real political terrorist would be crazy enough to get himself nuked in an area which is ALREADY being mortally nuked. But the scary angle here, and POSSIBLE ULTERIOR MOTIVE, is to KEEP ALL OUTSIDERS away on the pretext that "they may be terrorists." Way more likely brave souls who simply want to take radiation readings, save children, deliver medical help, alert the world. So they are just playing more monstrous death-games against their own people. The TEPCO/government crowd there is worse than monsters, worse than demons. It's just Evil Incarnate.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      with you, WNTF. Look how the worlds governments jumped on the terrorist bandwagon; the perfect threat to justify fascist or totalitarianism. What must home life be like for these shrieking mutants who all seem to be cut from the same stinking hide? Whats more, the public buys it, or is totally apathetic. It bodes ill

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        "The public buys it…." Yes, after hearing that there are plans to have people on Mars in ten years, my neighbor really thought that there would be stores there. She thought that surely if there were going to be people living there, there must be stores. Amazing how close the public is.They touch my life daily, especially here in public housing. OMG it's me! Well, I ain't buying it. I'm not going to Mars or Fukushima.

  • ftlt

    Yeah!!! Blame it on the bogeyman terrorists!!!


    Leave a comment for the NRC on proposed restart of San Onofre. Deadline is tomorrow midnight (Sunday)

  • Cisco Cisco

    From the article, "Plume-Gate: Fukushima two years later" at

    "Adding to this, Mike Adams, reporting for Natural News on 6th May 2012, stated: 'If reactor number 4 suffers a structural failure, the release of radiation from the 1,535 spent fuel rods would make it virtually impossible for work to continue on the site, potentially resulting in a release of radiation that would destroy the world environment.' "


    "With 374,524 nuclear reactors worldwide in operation, 68,309 slated for construction and another 176,740 on order or planned,
    many undoubtedly being designed by the very engineers who control much of the media, perhaps it is seriously time to consider
    where all of this development is leading us."

    Where are these numbers coming from? Any thoughts?

      • Sickputer

        The author misread the WNA figures… The adjacent left column was number of reactors… She read the Megawatt output column.

        Quite an expert author on nuclear affairs: 🙂

        "Jennifer Bilek is a freelance writer living in New York City. She has been working in the children’s hair industry for 20 years and has written extensively about children’s haircare for parent magazines. Bilek also writes for The Upcoming Magazine ( about current affairs."

        • Cisco Cisco

          Right SP, thanks for that. Bilek is no expert on nuclear agreed; but her cites and conclusions are dead on with the exception of her unfortunate use of total world nuclear MWe to be the number of worldwide reactors…404 if I recall.

          Because she's been professional writer for the children's hair care industry for 20 years doesn't necessarily discount the merits of her research and hypotheses with respect to this article.

          There are hundreds/thousands of unknown writers outside of the MSM that are delivering the "real news" everyday, and we are talking about them here, everyday…too.

  • The terrorist thing is just a decoy. They already lost power to spent fuel pools, said it was the rats fault. If all that spent fuel goes up in smoke what is an army patrol with rifles going to do? The cooling system is fragile because the quick fixes nesesary in high radiation areas make it that way. If the mess goes up in smoke blame Tepco not terrorists. They don't give us the whole picture so it is as bad or worse then what us enenews folk think. Remember right at the beginning someone said the real threat are the spent fuel pools, not the triple meltdown. God bless all and think about a water purifier.

  • Jebus Jebus

    If we never learn from the past fears, knowing those fears materialized, then we will face those fears, and the result, again…

    A-bomb survivor passes on wisdom to Fukushima kids
    83-year-old wants to help youths overcome feeling of abandonment

  • Jebus Jebus

    Masahito Hirose survived because life needs him…

  • bumpercrop

    Are we as a species just insane? I have come to the conclusion that
    we have no leaders, just slick banksters in disguise. Let's face it,
    the almighty dollar has destroyed the health of our planet, and now,
    we are in a free fall. No matter what your political or ideological beliefs, everyone senses the coming explosions. Sometimes I wish I could be like the culture-zombies, the ones who still believe in the lies…The zombie metaphor is real. There are a few of us awake,
    the rest walk around in their stupor, determined to hold on to the
    fantasy of being in control. How long before the common people are seen as collateral in the zeal for power and lust for money?

  • Kill List – Midwest
    Well if the President can have a Kill List, why can't the good guys have a Kill List.

    Here are the biggest nuclear threats in the Midwest. They are some of the oldest, growing up around Chicago and the famous Argonne National Lab who did open air experiments to intentionally make reactors go critical and explode. Seriously, Mr. Gunderson pointed that one out to me. See the video at the bottom for documentation of this "Experiment". Nuke plants can blow up like minor nuclear bombs, the proof is in the video. The pro-nukers hate this one.

    Here is the Midwest map and explanation.

    My kill list is, in order of priority, but will take any opportunistic weaknesses that present.

    Kewaunee – CONFIRMED KILL
    Palisades (Clunker with lots of problems run by Slumlord Entergy, on Lake Michigan)
    Lasalle (2 Boiling Water like Fuku, even a lightning strike just took them down)
    Cook (On Lake Michigan, 37 YO)
    Point Beach (on Lake Michigan, 41 YO, and huge uprate to 118%)
    Dresden (2 Boiling Water like Fuku, 41YO and huge uprate to 117%)
    Quad Cities (2 Boiling Water like Fuku, 39 YO and huge uprate to 117%)
    Monticello (Boiling Water like Fuku, 42 YO)

  • fill er up

    when fukushima has their next 9 pointer and a tsunami all those containers they're storing the nuke waste will wash up on you fill in the blanks.

  • wrote a line by line op-ed exegesis of kyodo (quoting enenewsers): "DON'T YOU FEEL SAFER NOW? Japanese Police, Coast Guard, Hold "Drill" At Fukushima "To Prepare For A Possible Terrorist Attack"" (because you made me of course)(made me think, that is)

    my favorite part:

    'Members of a coast guard antiterrorism team boarded the ship from a helicopter and held two of the three attackers while police captured the third terrorist inside the plant’s compound.'

    No doubt throwing up.

    'Under another scenario, members of a special assault team and other officers blocked terrorists who were attempting to storm into the nuclear plant in a vehicle with weapons and explosives.'

    So the immediate re-purposing of the nuclear material is assumed to be the terrorist objective? Otherwise why the explosives? Certainly not to lay hands on the fuel. With any other nuclear plant on earth, even my local Rancho Seco (shut down by citizen demand two decades ago), the explosives would be necessary to get at the fuel.

    With the possible exception of Tchernobyl.

    At Daiichi, well, this would not be the case, now would it. Assuming the fuel can be found, of course….


    check it out:

  • Cerviche

    Has anyone wondered how deep corium can go before either it dissolves (if thats even possible) or before something triggers a change of state?, solid to liquid or gas, or even if its possible for it to explode?, or what would happen if it exploded so far down into the earth?