Kyodo: US gov’t sent “special team to counter nuclear terrorism” to Fukushima after 3/11

Published: December 31st, 2012 at 9:42 am ET


December 31, 2012 report in Kyodo News translated by EXSKF (US Nuclear Terrorism Specialists Were Sent to Japan Right After the Start of Fukushima Nuclear Accident to Measure Radiation):

It was revealed on December 31 that a team that the US government sent to Japan in order to measure radiation around Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant right after the start of the nuclear accident was a special team to counter nuclear terrorism. […]

Title: U.S. nuke crisis team’s Fukushima findings wasted
Source: Japan Times
Date: December 31, 2012

The United States sent a special nuclear response team to Japan right after the Fukushima meltdown disaster started in March 2011, but Japan was slow to make use of radiation data from the unit, according to U.S. and Japanese government sources. […]

The [Consequence Management Response Team] provided radiation data from the first round of [Aerial Measuring System] operations to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, then Japan’s nuclear regulatory body, and to the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry from March 18 to 20 via the Foreign Ministry.

These initial data, however, were not effectively used to make decisions about the early evacuation of residents around the plant, several Japanese sources reiterated recently. […]

Watch video of the CMRT leaving for Japan here

Published: December 31st, 2012 at 9:42 am ET


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43 comments to Kyodo: US gov’t sent “special team to counter nuclear terrorism” to Fukushima after 3/11

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    Isn't it interesting that all this information is now coming out AFTER the news releases of the US Naval sailors started suing and CNN stated making reports.

    Next we'll find out that the US had installed radiation monitors all over Japan, has been collecting soil samples and "black substance" samples, and been doing medical testing on the Japanese citizens all this time but the Japan gov't has been ignoring the results.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A 'special team to counter nuclear terrorism'?
    These folks had the radiation reads..too?
    Did they find any terrorists?
    Did the inform the public?
    Who did you say the terrorists are?

  • jec jec

    And US citizens, Japanese citizens were to be notified of results..WHEN? Guess the US lawsuit, and discovery phase is "outing" the radioactive details. Of course, if tagged as 'national security' then nothing has to be released. The terms of coverup.."national security" and "terrorism" – no evidence needed if used in reference to information…just my perception and theory of course.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, JEC, everything gets redacted, blacked out, not disclosed because of supposed "national security" concerns. Do you remember reading the NRC transcripts and the statements of Chuck Casto from on-site? It seemed like every time something important was said, it was blacked out in the transcript or marked, "inaudible."

  • lam335 lam335

    EXSKF translation of Kyodo:

    "The team consisted of 33 people in "Damage Control and Response Team" [my translation, probably not the official name] in charge of measuring gamma radiation from the sky and analyzing the situation of contamination."

    Damage control is a term used in the Merchant Marine, maritime industry and navies for the emergency control of situations that may hazard the sinking of a ship. It is also used in other contexts…

    The term is also used in project management and other contexts to describe the actions needed to deal with any problem that may jeopardize an endeavor. As well, it has been adopted for use in politics and media to describe a need to suppress information or employ spin doctors to represent a response to a situation.


    EXSKF questions whether his translation is correct. Regardless whether it's their official name, it seems appropriate. When the nuclear industry and related government entities engage in "damage control," they place particular emphasis on the last of the definitions noted above.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    the level of contempt our (US) government has towards its own citizens, is just mind blowing.

  • Ganxet Ganxet

    Gov. And media are the main terrorists.
    Why they don,t try to find melted fuel?
    U don,t need to go there to knoww rad. Levels are so high. It,s known enought.
    Stop playing whith us.
    They try to earn time. But why?
    Maybe last earthquakes cracked pools?

  • Ganxet Ganxet

    When they must wath their beaches, pacific ocean, air plumes, dispersal for radionuclides, inform people… etc. They go to fuku to read radiation. And prevent terrorism? What next?

  • waterbug

    They knew immediately what was happening.
    The engineers are not stupid, nor are they lacking in diagnostic tools and methods.
    The fact that the truth comes out in dribs and drabs, long after the fact, should reveal the strategy to obscure..
    Just another day at the office.

  • pure water

    "Radiation data known by officials early on"- is this the reason of the well coordinated lies all over the world?
    I hesitated posting this:
    Some people doubt this place, and with reasons.
    Any way, there are other maps, and different data, and we have to look at them as well. The rest is – each and every one is the only one responsible for his/her health."Mea culpa", so to say.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    they knew there were lethal doses of radiation, they knew there were no wmds before starting the war, they knew about the housing bubble, they knew waterboarding was torture, they knew they knew they knew!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      gnomesang, thanks for that.

      They knew they were special, they knew they were different, they knew they were entitled, they knew god was on their side, they knew they were in charge, they knew they had secrets, they knew they were right, they knew there were "other considerations than safety", they knew they would prevail.

      We all somehow let them do it. Then, now, here, there, everywhere.

      That said… It's grotesquely unfair but it is what it is. We have to deal with it as we find it. The universe won't care if we get it right or not but I sure hope we find a way out of this mess.


      • or-well

        I HAVE to do SOMETHING with that…
        They knew they were special
        because they were Official,
        they knew they were different –
        they said so -insistent!
        They knew they were entitled
        and the rest they belittled,
        they knew god was on their side
        so offered us to the devil,
        they knew they were in charge
        and said the rest must be meek rats,
        they knew they had secrets
        they kept under their sleek hats,
        they knew they were right
        in the dead hours of night,
        and considerations of safety
        were but retroactive and hasty,
        they knew they would prevail
        with ears closed to the kids' wails,
        while we let them do it
        attending to details,
        then and there, here and now
        Ship of Fools, tattered sails,
        garbage scow in a storm
        fasten life-vests and bail.
        They knew, they knew,
        what they wanted, at least:
        all the seats at the table
        at an endless feast,
        scraps thrown to the beggars
        who'd then be fed to the Beast
        of their Will to Power
        with reason and sanity
        but spice to devour
        and they'll lick the plates clean
        right up to the last hour.
        Oops, or-wells' dark side snuck in.

      • gnomesang gnomesang

        i know…(pun intended :p) your right.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      They not only knew, they have orchestrated it all — sometimes through action, sometimes through inaction. Hope the title here doesn't offend, this is a good summary of the kind of shenanigans we're up against.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        And now the institutional investors are buying up the foreclosed homes, re-leasing them to former homeowners, and guaranteeing Average Joe can't afford a home, even with good credit (w/o taking on huge debt/risk).

  • Sickputer

    Watch for Obama's favorite phrase "radiation is not expected to affect America" to be trotted out as more US revelations of their Japanese radiation monitoring is revealed.

    For example they might say: while large amounts of radiation did land across wide swaths of Japan we do not expect any serious effects on US citizens in Japan.

    Of course any well-indoctrinated American knows "low" levels of radiation are healthy for you. Makes you positively glow. Bernard Cohen and Don Luckey wouldn't lie to America, now would they?

    Speaking of Don Luckey… his long track record not only entailed his absurb ideas of artificial radiation being good for humans at twenty times pre-nuclear era background levels, he also was the founder of the massive antibiotic craze for poultry. Then in the 1980s he was a defense witness for Monsanto in their GMO court cases.

    Good thing he and Cohen didn't have twins or else I might be typing this with a stump for a hand and a third eyeball.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    wonder if it was the team referred to in this article.. there barely a month.. so, did they decide there was no solving this crisis so they were sent home, or Japanese did not like what they were finding, refused to believe the extent of it, or decided it was not a good idea to let the Americans know the true extent, or?

    Unbelievable that they said, "But successful efforts to reduce temperatures at the nuclear plant and plans to control contamination and reduce risk means the U.S. team can go home, a spokesman for Japan’s Defense Ministry said Tuesday."

    Reported on April 26.

  • dka

    There are 2 main types of radiation emmissions that can be measured.

    Type 1: from the exploded source. The reactors themselves.
    The closer a team measures radioactivity from the reactors, the more the radioactivities is high. A person would need to be close to the reactors and a sufficient amount of time to have his/her health affected. This is the most commun form of radioactivity measurement.
    But it is also the least dangerous of the 2. Not the one that is to be most concernd about and likely not the one that caused the sailors and population to be sick. But these measurments are the most communly given by authorities in order to say that radiations levels are not high and therefore not dangerous. The ones used to lie.

    Type 2: is from the radionuclides that are emmited from the reactors during and after the explosions. Getting in contact with these is very dangerous. The quantity emmited are known to be very high, but measuring its radioactivity is problematic.
    A measuring team would need to be at the exact right place at the right time to receive the charged winds to be able to measure it. It is highly random since it is impossible to know exactly where and when this will flow over. Tese winds charged with massive amount of radionuclides are extremely toxic. These are probably the ones that affected the sailors. But likely not the ones that have been measured. I suspect the authorities are using type 1 measurements to deceive and failed to properly act for type 2.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      And remember, ingestion by breathing or by eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water allows "internal emitters" to do damage to the body. The pro-nukers rarely acknowledge this risk.

  • razzz razzz

    I can see why he wants guns out of the system and issuing sling shots to the military.

    He could have said, "Before I leave for South America, I need anyone in the path of the plume(s) to stay indoors or inside until it passes esp. children and young women. Rain on your person should be avoided, iodine tabs free upon request. The EPA will instruct you further on possible fallout locations. Adios."

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I had to delete an extreme post I had to respond with as the news coming out lately filling me with the angry resolve bringing me to that next level & the one that has me wishing even more that I could say more of what needs to be said here & elsewhere,but more importantly to me that the people I know & trust here after missing very little of what they've contributed through the years now and feeling like I know many of you personally now although I admit I'm not very cyber-smart & barely get by as I keep learning the computer stuff I resisted until I clumsily "stepped INTO the Grid" around Y2K & became another "blip" on TPTB screens(a move I lived to regret) I'm trying to "cautiously" proceed now that I have been getting subtle" messages" that "used" to be things I thought could happen to "anyone or everyone"~but at least I've made sure to document everything & have someone to do my final bidding if need be.All the better since I've managed to schedule an appointment with someone who has TEETH if I can make a good case & SHOW HIM what is going on in a very personal way & I hope he has the stomach for it as well as the same willingness to listen & act on behalf of other constituents issues of concern!(?) I'm also gonna put out a call for gutsy lawyers to file a suit on my family's behalf since I've noted a painful addition to the family jewels that doesn't bode well for my prospects of time allowing me to see them go down for what they've done!(?) 🙁 ***

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    I talked to the attorney for the USS Ronald Reagan's sailors last night, and was shocked to learn than the ship's contamination and crews non-medical treatment was an OBAMANATION! No one was given any known anti-radiation treatment. Nor were the deck crew air lifted off their carrier to a hospital. Why? The brass and President Obama would have to have admitted to the American people that they let them do a "BATAAN DEATH MARCH!"

    If you acknowledge you have a problem then they would have had to fix it.

    Fixing it Room 101 (*Ex-Physics & Earth Science Teacher here!)

    1.Fixing it would be a rapid mobilization and total evacuation of Japan.
    2. Deploying the "Civil Defense Early Warning System "4" times!"
    3. Spending a few Billion dollars releasing the "RADIATION PROTECTION PROTOCOL" to the entire nation.
    4. Shutting it down "4" times while everyone stayed in bomb shelters, under-ground garages, and basements while they waited for the 100+ radioactive isotopes to dissipate.
    5. Taking charge of the 4-6 GE Mark I Daiichi blown up reactors=$3 Trillion+.
    6. Then forcing & subsidizing the power companies to spend "2" Trillion dollars fixing 35-GE Mark I & Mark II reactors with a million fuel rods (*Dry casking each rod at $1 Million each)

    It cost too much!
    It's bad for business!
    As the Italian's say "Forget About it!"

    • Yes.

      So, now we get to wait and see what happens.

      We cannot even take rational safety precautions because the lying and corrupt government authorities in the know will not reveal information about contamination in food and water.

      Our governments and corporations are genocidal and too much of the human population is suicidal in its complacency.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        That's an easy one to fix, majia. Shopping list:

        One reputable tech, a decent HPGe spectrometer, a bare-bones lab, a web site streaming results, and secret shoppers in a few California supermarket chains.

        I would offer to do it but I'm not in California *and* if I bring one more dewar of anything into my house the DHS will be rapelling down my roof and crashing through the windows. The crabby old lady next door is pretty sure I'm running a meth lab in my basement now.

      • richard richard

        thanks majia for stating this – with your high qualifications i appreciate your standing and that your words fit with my laypersons perspective.

        you are obviously well studied within these fields and certainly one person to listen to on these matters.

        hopefully more of your professional collegues can surface and help provide solid qualification for what most of us stand for here.

        somehow we need to rise above the noise of the nuke propoganda machine, people in your league could help drive this to reality.

        underqualified people like myself find it hard to maintain a convincing argument. I never wanted to be a nuke expert, the previous nearly two years have forced me to learn too much that i never wanted to know, and it's still not enough.

        glad you're here. many others included in that, without saying.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I Agree homeenergyexpert..

      If they had evacuated Japan, then what about the Northern Hemisphere?

      Plus, the Nuclear Corporations would be very unhappy, can't let them loose profits, must protect Corporations. (Sarc)..

  • stopnp stopnp

    The "monetary system" is broken. It always has been. As a result quality of life isn't in the equation. Aside from the one percent. Our planets progress is the result of oil. The byproducts unfortunately are harmful to everyone. Apparently this broken system has failed to recognize our resources are limited. The money we trade for services is as worthless as the paper it's printed on. It was created out of thin air and backed by the governments word. Which means nothing to me. My health is more important. The choices these animals have made are completely insane. None of them are sustainable. Nuclear is killing everything on this planet for the dollar. Which isn't even backed by something material. Like food or minerals.