Kyoto U. nuclear professor: Much more serious than I envisioned — We’re in uncharted territory for first time ever since humans started using nuclear power (VIDEO)

Published: May 21st, 2011 at 2:59 pm ET


Description: Dr. Akira Hiroshi Koide (Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University Professor), VideoNews, May 19, 2011:

Via EX-SKF [Emphasis Added]

Following is my notes as I jotted down the salient points Koide made in the interview:

[…] I believe the Reactor Pressure Vessel has a large hole, not the small holes that TEPCO says. […] much water has leaked (4,000 tons in the reactor building basement) and yet TEPCO says there’s still pressure inside the RPV. It is impossible, given the structure of the reactor.

We’re in the uncharted territory that we enter for the first time ever since the human race started to use nuclear power. […]

The Suppression Chamber in the reactor building basement is torus-shaped. The location where the corium may have dropped is the center of the torus, and it is concrete. The thing to worry about is how far down the concrete the corium will go.

The water circulation system using water in the building proposed by TEPCO is tantamount to admitting that the Containment Vessel is broken. It is a much more serious situation than I envisioned, […]

However, if the corium goes into the concrete, no point in talking about circulating water to cool. There will be nothing you can do. The only way may be to entomb the whole building in a concrete coffin. […]

There is a possibility of further hydrogen explosion, and it is still possible that Fukushima exceeds Chernobyl in terms of magnitude of the disaster.

Read the full EX-SKF report here and please consider making a contribution for their hard work and dedication.


Published: May 21st, 2011 at 2:59 pm ET


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132 comments to Kyoto U. nuclear professor: Much more serious than I envisioned — We’re in uncharted territory for first time ever since humans started using nuclear power (VIDEO)

  • ZombiePlanet

    Is that the good news that all are hopelessly waiting to hear?

  • Arizonan

    The thing he is worried about is “how far down the concrete the corium will go.” Are there no nuclear physicists or engineers who already know the answer to this question? And why is this the thing Dr Koide is worried about?

    • Whoopie

      Good question Arizonan. Nothing makes sense to me anymore.

    • terraohio

      Why is everyone so clueless? If entoumbing is the way to go as the Dr. says, what are they waiting for?? This is genocide.

    • Nope. Even the physics forums are ripe with people trying to deny the scope of the accident. Back when radioactive chlorine was being found, they denied its existence, though TEPCO clearly reported it, because continued criticality was considered “impossible”. The nuclear scientists have their heads buried in the sand… all nuclear physicists rely upon the continuation of the nuclear industry. Its very difficult to make a man see your point when his livelyhood depends upon him not seeing it.

      No one knows what will happen. The worst case is that molten core will reach the water table and cause a massive steam explosion blowing the fuel and an enormous quantity of radioactive matter miles into the atmosphere.

      • Lill

        “… all nuclear physicists rely upon the continuation of the nuclear industry. Its very difficult to make a man see your point when his livelyhood depends upon him not seeing it.”

        thank you Thebes, this bears repeating for it’s truth. sadly, it not only applies to nuc industry, but many more.

      • ppp23

        The nuclear scientists don’t need to worry. The end of the nuclear industry will give them jobs in the nuclear waste treatment sector for the next 500000 years.

  • Whoopie



    [Off topic]

  • kx

    this is some really bad stuff for a forum, I supose registration coming soon…

  • Cuica

    Well said!!!! I feel the same way.
    Did the good Dr. just wake up from a 2 month nap? This unchartered thing occured to me back in mid-march. Unchartered may take on the significance of…”no one knows what the f..k is going to happen or what the f..k to do. SO…now that that is really fundamentally established…lets put all our heads together, think up a plan…and f..king do something….it’s now or…just sit back and watch the show!

  • Darth

    or…just sit back and watch the show!

    The hubris of mankind is about to receive its due – something that will try our souls…

  • Moco

    “uncharted” waters/ Meaning these MORONS running this shit, have no fucking clue.

    Working with such dangerous materials, and they have no good plan. Iguess you could coin it better, like and kid grabbing a chainsaw and going to chop down a large 100 foot tree, with no clue whatsoever.
    I truly hope the nuclear arsenal is really worth this. At least, could we see a pretty mushroom cloud, for entertainment and on the way out.

  • Sam

    This professor is a mirror of a large segment of the world
    population. For some 40 plus years the cool-aid served to
    all us was sugar coated to conceal the awful truths of nuclear
    power. Even the pro’s (nuclear industry) lived their lies while
    Ronald Regan was recruited to make America feel good about
    General Electric. So now we have three cores melted and the
    Corium is on it’s way to somewhere down below, arriving we
    will only know when there are steam ventings and explosions.
    Last night there was reported a lot of steam and smoke coming
    out of reactor #3. Remember that’s the puppy with its yellow
    containment cap blown off with its mox fuel exposed. I have
    requested the University of Ca Nuclear Lab to do some
    atmospheric testing in 36 hours for this fall out plume. Lets
    hope it does not amount to much. No one knows but perhaps
    the corium in #3 is either hitting some water or TEPCO is
    venting. I write this not alarmed and in panic but with a
    need to know what the F is going on in real time.

    • misitu

      I thought the top had come off, then Arnie said he thought it hadn’t.

      I thought something rather big was seen to fall out of the plume from No. 3. And it could have been the cap.

      Maybe someone has an opinion either way?

    • Zardoz

      Too bad Ronnie Reagan’s not around anymore to do a spot for “Death Valley Days” brought to you by “20 Mule Team Boron” –

    • Arizonan

      Yes, I have the thought that the whole world deserves to know what the F is happening in real time. As far as i can make out, the main next worry is: “where is that reactor/corium lava going?” The worst case is that it somehow burns a hole down 60 ft to the water table under Fukushima…but it may not get that far…but how do we know it hasn’t already gotten to the water table but just didn’t explode? I guess we don’t. I am curious, though, about the highly radioactive sewage sludge that has been found in a couple of places in Japan…160,000 Bq/kg is pretty damn high. I guess it may not be water table contamination….it could be just the concentrated output from hundreds of thousands of people ingesting radioactive substances in lower levels…Wish there was even more news on this wonderful site that there is!

    • concerned mommy

      Sam – any luck finding out?:
      I have requested the University of Ca Nuclear Lab to do some atmospheric testing in 36 hours for this fall out plume.


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  • Darth

    Oh, oh…

    Iceland’s most active volcano has started erupting, scientists said Saturday — just over a year after another eruption on the North Atlantic island shut down European air traffic for days.

  • Boron Vs Temp graphing.

    The data points that I plotted on my graph indicate the declining effect of boron in respect to the
    rising temperatures of the fukshima reactors.

    The X axis is the factors indicating heat to dates (which I used a median for) as released from three sources:Tepco press releases, Nisa, and Iaea.

    My first point was estimated between 33C – 38C. as this was the operating tempreture of the reactor, prior to the tsunami; While my second plotting point was selected at 400C.
    I chose this plotting point in reference to reports circulating the web that, the fukushima daichii reactors were only designed to withold a structural integrity of 398C.

    The Y axis is the factors indicating the amount by metric ton of “water to boron”, solution which I estimated could only be induced up to 33-40%. My first plotting point was an estimation of 2-6 tons, “active coolant” in the reactors rpv system ; While in respect to the reactor containing absolutly no boron at that time. The second point I plotted was a constant variable in respect to the inclining water being pumped into the reactor which has inclined from 1- 15 metric tons.

    I used the factor of a 40% “water to boron” mixture as a maximum allowable rate. As I am quite certain any amount higher than this would hender cooling procedures due to the accumulation and insulation of the spent nuclear fuel presently residing in the reactor core. I estimated the current mixture to be a: 20-33% (boron to water ratio).

    This linear Equation demonstrates the change in Reactors Rpv intake from Mar. 11th 2011, to Current date.
    I have also calculated the multiple slopes of the events on each rising and falling tempretures reported online. Which I will be releasing in a video that is currently being compiled via the help of friends. This video will demonstrate the factors included in making my equation, the sources I used to account for the factors, and the complete slope to pressure, temp of every plotting point I used. As this specific graph only reflects the visual intrepretation of the theory I have felt is proven through basic mathematics.

    When viewing the graph you can see a clear intersection during Mid June. I estimated the dates between: June 16 – 26th 2011.

    This is the date that the figures I calculated via the listed sources, indicated an absolute paradigm shift.
    Meaning the boron will surpass its intended use, due to the atomic fuel reaching a point in criticality that the boron to water mixture can not match.

    This means the reaction of atom’s to neutron’s will overpower the absortion rate of the active boron.

    I am working to format this in a more professional matter with all points and calculations. Though with this equation map alone, one should clearly be able to indicate that when the fuel reaches 400C the ratio of boron to coolant will surpass the 40% maximum fuel mixture I have hypothesised.

    Currently the fuel is sustaining a minimal criticality, at this present time. As the transition in time progresses I feel the current vector will indeed steadily increase. At the point the reactor reaches 400C, I feel the fuel is “capable” of becoming Hyper-critical… In respect to the boron’s inefficient ability to match the chain reaction taking place inside the core of the reactor…

    Furthermore, In reading my post you will have gained insight into what events respected scientists have theorised might initially take place. This event is known as: “china syndrome”. The speculative texts I have included present three likely scenarios that would occure in this event. Though no one can be absolutely certain to what extent of damages mankind will see in the coming of days…

    Thank you for reading my thoughts, and I hope the situation improves. I am in no way an acting nuclear authority, and what you have read is a concern I am expressing as a concerned citizen.

    I am also not advising you to do anything in any respect to changing your daily activities as this is only a theory and I do not intent to sway your concepts and comforts in reality in any way shape or form.


    • blackmoon


      Thanks for your time and effort in posting your very informative info.

      • your welcome. Its a theory, though so far undisputed…

        I’d really like to see if others come to the same conclusion… :0

        With enough analysis, it can easily be proven. or better yet debunked. after all, I just noticed the equation when considering the integrity of the situation…

        Its now being turned over to you guys so that the work can be checked. 🙂

        • 1111

          tacomagoooove – what does this mean “I just noticed the equation when considering the integrity of the situation… ” ???? , something lost in translation ?? are you trying to use faze book to mine personal data of the users of this site ?? People should have to log in to see the data ?? Your ramblings are a bit incoherent – no motivation here to treat this seriously – maybe I’m too stupid and this escapes me. Seems you never mention that these things were melted down the next day, RPV’s altogether breached, sprayed with sea water who knows what where ?? were do you get your boron facts ?? Sorry – no offense, but this comes across as pure speculative nonsense. Can you translate into worthwhile meaningful information ??

          “.. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about their facts ” …. Bernard Mannes Baruch – August 18, 1870 – June 20, 1965

    • Here's Lookin At You, Kid

      You could summarize in one paragraph by deleting I, I, I and me, me, me. Get off of the drugs … get back on them, please.

    • Dr.Stranglelove

      Pseudo scientific-sounding gibberish.

    • Dbug

      Boron isn’t coolant!

      Changing temperatures prove NOTHING about effectiveness of Boron. Many things about the cooling aren’t constant… like them changing where water is fed in, changing flow rates, fuel that has shifted, a changing percentage of water becoming steam versus going on through, holes that developed….

      Consider your proof disproved and full of holes.

      Decay heat, although coming down substantially, can get things plenty hot… a million Watts + (as predicted) worth of decay heat can still melt steel if there’s inadequate coolant.

      If you want to show fission either show some neutron radiation, or some really good analysis of the ratio iodine 131 levels graphed versus the other isotopes.

      (thanks to nyc for referral to the site below)

    • Dbug

      “My first point was estimated between 33C – 38C. as this was the operating tempreture of the reactor, prior to the tsunami”

      That’s not even hot enough to make tea.
      That sounds like a well cooled fuel pond.

      You might as well have taken the temperatures of the workers and found one with a fever. 38C is 100.4F You haven’t got a clue tacomagroove.

  • hawkeye

    notice the blame game is on the human race
    we all build nukes

  • hawkeye

    ya,were all on drugs now
    my personal fav is iodine 133
    has the best chance of putting the shills into a deep coma

  • kx

    BTW I finally post my real email here, coming out of the closet…

  • Anthony

    Earthquake Hazards and Dangers of Radiation: The Los Alamos Nuclear Facility Lawsuit

    by Suzy T. Kane

    Global Research, May 20, 2011

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    0digg StumbleUpon Submit 5Share

    The hearing of the lawsuit the Los Alamos Study Group (LASG), a non-profit nuclear education and watchdog organization, brought against the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration, responsible for the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), took place on the mornings of April 27 and May 2, 2011, in the Federal Court Building in Albuquerque before U.S. District Judge Judith Herrera. The case is important enough that [as of May 20] Judge Herrera is still deliberating her ruling.

    The plaintiff’s attorney Thomas Hnasko explained that the Los Alamos Study Group wants to halt development of the Chemical and Metallurgy Research Replacement -Nuclear Facility (CMRR-NF or nuclear facility), where plutonium pits, the core of nuclear warheads, would be made at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, until a new Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) with alternatives is done.


  • Dr.Stranglelove

    It must be pretty bad if the tame “scientists” are saying bad things may happen now.

  • zaneinvernon

    Thanks for t and then he site, its very informative and not corporate sponsored, very important right now.
    I am not a scientist but have a theory on how this will evolve. The corium will reach the water table and begin releaseing steam after which they will try to bury it with rubble cut down the rads so they can and then cover it with the tent with de humidifiers and extract the water. Fukushima will be the disaster that ust keeps on giving…
    This will take years and the Fat Cats will say “everything is O.K.” and the masses will forget all about it. Cancer rates will go up everywhere as they are now and big pharma will sell drugs to supress the cancer to those who can afford it, and the masses will still vote people in who place the economy above the value of peoples lives.

    • Cassie

      Zane, your read is that it is going to be serious, but not serious enough to get anyone’s attention. And the fat cats and pols will just keep on making a profit off of our misery?

      I guess the good news is that we at least all still around to keep the same merry go round and circus. And that they may eventually do something for real beyond Boron and water hoses.

  • Gager

    Well, the situation is clear: corium managing to go through the concrete (how thick is the concrete envelop- 5-8 cm?), will eventually meet the stagnating mass of water (tons) that had been accumulating beneath as the result of the efforts of cooling down the reactor-and… I would like to have my basic physical knowledge wrong here, but Corium in contact with water=explosion or detonation. And Unit 1 is similar to 2 and 3: that probably why professor Koide is worrying about, but too worrying (and at this stage still a probable hypothesis) to be publicised yet

    • Cassie

      1. What is the probability of this happening?
      2. How serious is this kind of corium explosion?

      Thank you.

      • Gager

        Dear Cassie:
        The only information I can give you, not being in Tepco’s headquarters and not having access to their data is simply the wikipedia site on Corium, with a very clear explanation of all the implications of a core meltdown getting at the concrete- there are still- and in this prof Koide is right, lots and lots of questions marks- and we are really in uncharted ground
        And do not forget, the earthquake parameter a(this morning again, at around 7h30 local times, I was waken up by a fairly long shaking- I assume it must have reach level 4-5, probably the center of wich was again around Fukushima)has to be taken into account-parameter inexistant at TMI and Tchernobyl

        • Cassie

          Many thanks Gager,

          You are living in Japan?
          I hope you are OK.

          So really part of the problem is that none of us have accurate data because TEPCO and the govt are lying to us. So the scientific community is doing a lot of guessing, but basically GIGO. And then no one has dealt with this magnitude of events before anyway.
          And then more variables keep popping into the equation like more earthquakes and now a volcano.
          Ok I think the picture is sinking in more and more.
          Wish I could use the happy face more.

          • FJN


            I do not have time to get too specific but to give you and idea of what all this is about the following calculations may help. It takes approximately 368Kjoules of energy to boil one liter of water starting from 20 degrees c. This of course assuming atmospheric pressure. Since the pressure vessels have been breached this is a pretty safe bet. That power plant when it was operating was producing approximately 3Gigajoules of energy per second. Now unless it has completely gone critical it will not be getting near that figure. If we assume that only a tenth of the fuel is actually emitting then that makes it 300Mjoules of energy per second. Just to make the math simpler lets make that 368Mjoules. So dividing 368Mjoules by 368Kjoules gives us a scalar (number without dimension) of 1000. So we can deduce that the reactor would be able to turn 1000 liters of water into steam per second. Or it will convert 1 tonne of water to steam in one second. Thats 60 tonnes per minute or 3600 tonnes per hour. Now this requires that they lose control of cooling this thing to the point that it fissions again but if that happens the above figures would be highly optimistic. As you can see the resultant continuous conflagration would be pretty horrific. I hope that answers your question.


          • radegan

            Great post, thanks. Your assume all fuel dumps into the water at once. If there are only ‘holes’ in the bucket, Dear Liza – then only radioactive ‘doggie turds’ are dropping into the torus. And separate holes break up the mass. That’s what the good, honest folks at TEPCO were saying – there were multiple holes in the bottom. Then I saw that story where they were now worried the entire bottom would fall out – meaning a mass dump of the core (200 tons?) to the torus. I think I read the torus is flooded too so if the mass dump happens, all that steam pressure will explode the torus and scatter some of the core. The rest will plod down and seek more water to cool itself.

          • Cassie

            FJN Thank you for your reply.
            I should have taken a physics course and paid more
            attention in math class. 🙁

            I think there is going to be a major communication problem between the scientists and the nonscientists as this crisis unfolds. That is becoming more and more clear.


          • FJN


            I am sorry but I made a mistake in my calculations last night. And making the following assumption that less then ten percent of the corium is actually actively fissile. The correct figures are 2.4Mjoules of energy to convert 1 litter of water from 20 degrees C to vapor in one second. Using the preceding assumption the energy release from the corium should be about 240Megajoules per second. That amount of energy will convert 6,000 liters of water to steam every minute or 360,000 liters of water turned to steam per hour. Multiply that by three reactors, not counting the spent fuel rods, and we come to roughly 1,600,000 litters of water turned to steam per hour. By the way 1,000 litters is 1 tonne of water. Sorry about the mistake but I made the calculations in my head at 4:00AM in the morning while writing and I got some constants very wrong.

            Stay safe.


          • Cassie

            Many thanks FJN, I think the second set of numbers is lower than the first set? The second set is still a lot of tons per hour. Guess it means it is still quite an explosion.

            (not sure if you were calculating 3 reactors in the first set.)

  • Noah

    Air Purification Progress Report

    Sucessful modification of room air conditioner filter to HEPA or near HEPA standards.

    After thinking on this problem, the 3ll event motivated me to modify the filters on my room air conditioners to HEPA level performance. I say hopefully, as I have yet to test output particulate levels. Preliminary findings though are very encouraging, but anecdotal.

    As you know reduction of dust levels in the living environment is the key to domestic nuclear hygiene.

    Filtration of POV

    Previously, I posted about problems I have had with installing HEPA quality filtration in my car, however due to this breakthrough in thinking, modification of room air conditioning filters, the problem is solved. If all goes well I will modify the vehicles air filtration system today. My previous solutions drew too much power from the cars primary electrical system and met with failure.

    It occurred to me that I may not have answered all your questions you may have posted in the past. This comment section moves so quickly that I do not have the time to go back, to respond to each one.

    • J. jackson

      I would like more details on how to get my room AC to hepa filter levels. There does not seem to be any room on mine to do this. It has a reusable filter that I clean often.
      Also if you set your auto air to just reuse the air in the car and not take air in from outside,this would cut down on exposure as you drive.

  • Gager

    In fact, a lot depends on the thickness of the concrete envelopp, and above all of the actual temperature of the corium mass reacting with the concrete. If superior to 1100 degres, the concrete in turn will desintegrate, with variable speed. As far as the contact between Corium and underlying pool of stagnant water is concerned, there again, the consequence can be quite unpredictable: either a simple quenching effect on the corium, or a detonation, the essential parameters here being the speed the corium mass meets the water and the amount of corium in question. At any rates, this will reach the water level (here in Fukushima, the ocean) and induced further radioactiv pollution to the sea.

  • Anthony

    Didn’t know this, pretty bad and no good excuse….
    ‘Confidence in the Japanese government’s ability to respond to the unfolding catastrophe slipped even further this week, as it was revealed this week that the prefectural government appears to have failed to notify 4 of the towns in the vicinity of the Fukushima plant that there had been a nuclear accident following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The government is connected to all six towns within 10 km of the plants via special digital communication lines, and is obligated to inform the town governments in the wake of any nuclear emergency. However, records released this week show that the government only contacted two of the towns in the vicinity, and neglected to inform the other four. Two of the towns that were not notified learned of the accident via tv news reports and concluded that it was necessary to evacuate residents.’

  • Arne’t we about due for an Arnie Gunderson update? As I recall it was the 13th, last time. He seems to report every week, yes?

  • Anthony

    Asian products to be screened for radiation
    MUSCAT The Department of Quality Control at the Directorate-General of Standards and Measures has intensified the control procedures and radiation survey for all goods and products imported through sea ports or airports originating from East Asian countries, particularly Japan.

    In a statement, Eng Saleh Bin Mahmoud Bin Somar Al Zadjali, Director of the Directorate-General of Standards and Measures, said that the Sultanate is a member of the WTO, and according to special requirements with regard to the International Convention on Technical Barriers to Trade, the ministry has issued a decision prohibiting the entry of any products or goods from the nuclear-weapon states or Japan without a certificate from the authorities stating that these products are free from any nuclear radiation.

    Oman Tribune

    • Jean Tanner

      Thanks for posting that.
      I’m grateful to this site for being a hub for information.
      Back to reading.

  • “…it is still pretty certain that at least parts of Tokyo have already seriously been contaminated by radioactive materials.”

    • Cassie

      This is horrifying to read.
      What is this going to mean for the residents of Tokyo short and long term.

      I keep thinking that I am just dreaming all of this and I am going to wake up any minute. This just cannot be happening.

      • ZombiePlanet

        […] I am going to wake up any minute. […]

        I doubt it.

        • Cassie

          If there is a God, then perhaps there is some wisdom in wiping out humans. Your posts are proof positive we are a blight in the universe.

          The hatred of women on this site is getting quite tedious.

          • Joe

            […] hatred of women […]

            Oh brother!
            You might place a little effort in maintaining a more even keel.

          • Cassie

            Dear Joe, thank you for your concern about my keel balance, but I think I am doing pretty well considering.

          • xdrfox

            “wiping out humans” ? It seems they have done that clearly on their own !

          • Cassie

            Xdr: Tru dat, and probably doing a more spectacular job than any higher power could even imagine. 🙁

    • Kay

      Another great link, thanks. These numbers are staggering. The idea that people were living in these hot zones for even a day before evacuation is just further proof that we must all do our own due diligence to ensure our safety as this progresses.

  • California Dreaming

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE ORANGE-GRAY CESIUM CLOUDS blanketing the sky from May 6 – 15 in Northern CA? I lived @ +1,000 ft attitude, and they rolled by just above eye level. We had some clearing when it rained May 16 – 17. Today they came right back. My baby had body tremors for a full minute several occasions when we were out driving. I think some radioactive stuff got stuck to our car’s air con system. Does anyone know how to get it out??

    Also, are there any parents out there who are detoxing their babies/toddlers? I can’t find enough info on dosage — baby is just 20 pounds. I’m giving apple pectin — not sure how much is enough? Same for clay and zeolite. I read children were fed zeolite cookies in Chernobyl for 3 days. Have no idea how much zeolite to put in, and how many cookies to make!! Would love to hear from any parents of young kids who have started detox, and results of that detox, like how do you know it’s actually working. THANKS!

    • Cassie

      CD my heart goes out to your and your baby.
      I don’t have the knowledge to answer your questions, but
      I am hoping you can get some competent help for you and your child.

    • xdrfox

      Same here CD, This is so messed up !
      Moltra may have some answers and links !
      My youngest daughter is expecting any day !
      How does one deal with detox on newborns ??????

    • little lady

      blaylock gives amounts for infants and toddlers

      • Golden Kazoo

        Boy folks…Detox on newborns? I’m not sure you can even detox things like strontium or cesium. From what I’ve gathered changing your diet and habits are the best option. You should be REALLY careful about taking medical advice from ANON posters on a fallout forum. Perhaps the detox is what is causing convulsions? Berkeley testing has shown INCREDIBLY INSIGNIFICANT amounts even in the worst case scenario and alot of the isotopes that you are worrying about were ALREADY present in similiar MINUTE levels. PLEASE be careful and consider that perhaps the detox is doing more harm than good. I’m a firm believer that human biology is an amazing thing and capable of repairing itself in extrememly adverse circumstances.

    • Anna

      I would be hesitant to give clay internally to a baby unless I was working under the guidance of a doctor who could monitor the pH levels and electrolyte balance, etc. The smaller the baby the less room for error. A lot of detoxing substances, like clay, have a high pH.
      Some symptoms of having a too alkaline of a pH include involuntary muscle spasms and nausea.

      Having said that, personally, I would consider trying a clay detox poultice, externally, on the soles of my baby’s feet. I am not saying you should do that. I am just saying I would try it and I would not feel too worried about doing that on one of my kids.

      I’d get brown rice and miso and those kinds of things into the diet. That is super safe and nutritious.

    • concerned mommy

      My baby is 20 lbs too, I’m putting spirulina (1/16 teaspoon) in a 4 oz bottle of cool roobios tea and also a little dried seaweed each day (dulse)for Iodine and very carefully selecting anti-oxidant fruits/veggies like beets, brussel sprouts, (frozen before Mar 11) spinnach, onions, garlic, grape & black berry jelly, etc. Miso and brown rice are excellent suggestions (my baby is unaware that these foods are unpalatable lol)

      I am no longer eating any foods from california, I live on vancouver island, and that’s a major supplier, but we have a lot of local foods coming into season. Not only is cali getting a lot more fallout than us, but the Nuclear processing facility in Hanford, WA is leaching radioactive elements into the Columbia River which is where Cali gets the water for their crops. I’ve started growing my own strawberries.

      also, for my 100 lb daughter, I mix the spirulina with peanut butter, it hides the taste well. also giving her vitamins: B-50, C, D, E, Omegas & antioxidant foods.

      • concerned mommy

        and xdrfox has an excellent point about the dust free home. I vaccum every day, run a hepa filter now constantly, and no shoes/outerwear allowed in the house (take em off in the foyer) and if they get caught in the rain, come in thru the basement, strip down in the laundry room & jump in the shower before coming upstairs. now that we’ve switched to hoodies from coats, the hoodies get washed after one or two wears. I am also cleaning surfaces like door handles, light switches, door jambs, and surfaces constantly to prevent dust build up.

      • concerned mommy

        oh and of course the water. . . reverse osmosis that’s been thru a carbon filter and resins. which needs the minerals to be replaced. also I bought a radiation filter for my kitchen tap from Loprest Water Company, it screws onto the tap like an aerator, and then I put it thru a Brita Filter because resins do not trap all radioactive gasses like Xenon and Iodine so the carbon filter helps with that. The filter housings are as low as $88 and the filters are around $30.

  • Cassie

    PS we have had days of odd cloud cover here in the midwest
    that are gray but with a violet or yellow tinge to them.

    • ZombiePlanet

      I also have found correlating data from the several, public accessible, bowling ally sites.

      But than again, I do find myself posting within the “Forum of Cassie.”

  • California Dreaming

    THANK YOU to Tacomagroove for posting Boron ratio and timeline. Though it’s anyone’s guess (and I hope you are wrong about the worst case scenario), it finally lifted my husband off his butt. He has been listening to Karl Grossman, Michio Kaku and Arnie all along, but the news had depressed him into a state of non action. It was — and still is — mentally difficult to think about our kid growing up anywhere but in the U.S.

    With the 38 days in mind, my husband and I agreed to get our ass moving. It’s hard to pick a country in the southern hemisphere. Many places in Asia and S Am are polluted. Monsoon season means that Thailand, SE Asia will be drenched in rain through the summer. June is also winter in AUS and NZ which brings lots of rain. Also no ozone in Aus and NZ given the ubiquitous mining and sheep farms. Fuel emission standards lower than US, and much higher blood lead level in children, remnant of leaded gasoline. But my husband finally said, “I guess our baby is better off stupid than dead.”

    If anyone of you are thinking of evacuating, what is your timeline about returning to US if the whole thing blows up? Even if we survive the initial fallout by moving to a different continent, when we return to CA, we will eat contaminated food for the next 10,000 years. But we don’t have immigration status elsewhere, unless we do a perpetual visa hop, which is costly and unlikely given we have a child. Any thoughts?

    • ZombiePlanet

      […] Any thoughts? […]



      Over reaction.

      Prepare to respond, and not react.

    • labworker

      Congrats on not letting your baby become a statistic! It all depends on your circumstances.
      I would transition down to Central America and then be discerning about options in S. America?
      How did you come to this realization? I would like to share it with others.

      • MRR0sewater

        WHOA THERE! This is something you need to HEAVILY consider…A move to central or south america is not like making the move to another town or state. You are a ‘yanqui’…you will probably not be welcomed with open arms. There are all kinds of diseases you need to consider…drinking water will not likely agree with you IE montezumas revenge. A move to South America won’t be like a travel channel special. The stress alone could kill you faster than what so far I understand won’t affect us for the next thiry years…if at all. I think you have to weigh the risks and so far ‘in my humble opinion’ I’m not sure they warrant a move to another continent. My girlfriend and I are expecting but I still CANNOT justify a move that would without a doubt put her life and our childs at a much greater risk and AGAIN IN MY HUMBLE OPINION I believe such a drastic move would actually diminish the quality of our lives.

        • charlie

          mr rosewater, your view of life in south america is odd and fearful. Hundreds of millions live their lives there every day.

      • Golden Kazoo

        labworker…Reminds me of a poster I used to know that went by Webworker. You should know…you has been warned.

    • Anna

      Australia is expensive and the the US dollar has gotten weak against the AU$. As of this moment one US dollar buys $.94 AU. Gas is expensive. I remember paying around $6.30 US per gallon.
      Australia is sweet. Love it. Total adventure. 101 ways to die a horrible death there. hehe but, it is worth it.

      One US$ now buys $1.26NZ….so your money will go farther in NZ. The south island of NZ gets approx. 7 meters of rain a year. That is a lot, but it is beautiful. NZ did not get all of the snakes and spiders that somehow ended up in Australia. So, you can relax there more.

      If you go, travel light and take lots of money via credit card. You get a better rate of exchange with a CC. Take an umbrella stroller to wheel your baby around as sometimes you have to run in terminals and use one of those backpacks that has a fold out change table zipped into it. A backpack on your back full of diapers and whatever the baby needs frees up your hands and now you can zing around pretty fast.

      Start liquidating your stuff on this end. In fact, just think of things as being a burden. When I was looking at something I wanted to buy I would ask, “Is this going to biodegrade?” No? Then skip it. It will just turn into a pain in the ass later.

      • Anna

        Also, if your husband or yourself has a skill that a country needs, when you apply for residency, that will move you up to the front of the que.

        • Anna

          “take lots of money”

          I can tell you that this is a very good thing to do as we did not do it this way. LOL. We were broke students traight out of uni. It was actually amazing to find out that there is a country that rents apartments that don’t come with closets or kitchens!

          Also, it is way easier if you move to a country where you speak the language. It can be very isolating for a young mother who does not speak the language and who also does not have any family, friends or a community matrix for support. And, also don’t forget your kids will be coming home with homework, at some point, that you may not understand. Thank heavens math looks the same in most countries.

          Also, to manage bills, taxes, notes from the school, etc. in another language adds to the complexity of it all. I am not saying it can’t be done. It just would be less stressful to immigrate to an english speaking country unless you are already fluent in a foreign language.

  • Publius

    I would move to Uruguay and never return. Then again, maybe Namibia. The thing is you are buying a bit of time but this is going to undoubtedly be bad globally within a few years. A little less severe today no doubt, but 3 or 4 years from today, given the horrorshow.

    • labworker

      So offically, the S. Hemisphere is safe for the next year? That’s what I read…other sources say it could be more long-term, depending?

      • charlie

        the pacific ocean will carry radiation to the coasts of the southern hemisphere in a few years, but the fallout should be minimual, especially in arid areas with low rainfall.

  • charlie

    California dreaming, there aqre lots of great placesto live and raise a child outside of the US. Conhile, Argentina, Brazil, or Uruguay.

  • California Dreaming

    Not sure if newborns can directly detox, since they drink either breast milk or formula, and don’t really eat solid till min. 4 – 6 months. Perhaps alternative is to keep out as much bad stuff as poss. in his diet. I was advised to detox myself so I wouldn’t pass along cesium, etc. in my milk, so I drink miso, kelp/dulse, cilantro soup. If you cook the seaweed for an hour, the sodium alginate will dissolve in the soup and purify your system. I also eat extra (pre 3-11) seaweed so I can pass extra (non radioactive) iodine to my baby. I eat avocados for the selenium and tahini/sesame for calcium, which will block some of the bad stuff from binding to your body.

    For a baby on formula, perhaps call up the company and ask whether the dairy is processed before 3-11, and mix it with filtered water instead of tap. I’d probably stock up on baby jar food and juice if it’s processed before 3-11.

    Newborns need a lot of love — and diaper changes. Better to have your daughter not worry too much. I meditate every night after reading this blog or else I would be too stressed out!!

  • Heart of the Rose

    Not an alien deal..simply the vid..

  • Heart of the Rose

    And another…not so clear…below a live link to the volcano. volcano .


    Moreover, conditions appear to be worsening, not improving. According to Friends of the Earth spokesman Tom Clements:

    “TEPCO seems to be going backwards in getting the situation under control and things may well be slowly eroding with all (six) units having problems. At this point, TEPCO still finds itself in unchartered waters and is not able to carry out any plan to get the situation under control.”



    Kevin May 18, 2011 at 9:37 pm
    A potentially “Very Bad Thing” about the meltdown that I do not see getting much mention is that when the melted fuel (corium) passes through the reactor pressure vessel and containment vessel it will hit the concrete base.

    It will then eventually melt through that and into the ground. This will result in a great amount of contamination in the ground and surrounding area but even more dangerous than that is when it eventually hits the water table. A large amount of water coming into contact with the corium could then create a very large steam explosion which will result in a great amount of radioactive particulates being ejected into the air. This would be “Very Bad” for Japan and the world.

    Captivated May 19, 2011 at 5:01 am
    Kevin, you are right but that happened in mid-march. They even admit this happened 16 hours in. You remember the explosions? Remember Reactor 3, and how that explosion was entirely different than the previous ones?

  • Here is a letter sent from Rosalie Bertell re Fukushima emergency(Russel D Hoffman’s newsletter):
    (1) Letter from Dr. Rosalie Bertell:

    From: “Rosalie Bertell, GNSH”

    Subject: RE: Sayonara…

    Dear Ace,

    I am telling people to use distilled water. It can leach out the radioactive heavy metals from cooked products. Fruits can be soaked in it. If there is some internal contamination it is safe to drink even for a pregnant woman. Do not reuse the cooking water but throw it on the ground where no food is raised. Internally keep up hydration so that the nuclear debris does not go back into storage in the bone. See enclosure!

    Rosalie Bertell


    Dear Friends and Residents of this interdependent global home,

    I cannot give magical answers to everyone’s needs at this time of crisis with the Japanese nuclear disaster. However, I can give you a few tips on how to listen to the official “expert” statements given on CNN or NHK or other networks, plus some tips on what to eat or not eat.


    First, there is a great difference between medical use of radiation, with direct risk and benefit to a patient and the random distribution of a comparable dose to a large population. In the latter case the risk is magnified by the size of the population and the benefit goes to filling some general society benefit. Hence the individual harm may be sacrificed for the military or economic good of a country. How or why we must make this trade off has never been well understood by the public or well explained and agreed to by reasonable civil society.

    There is also a significant difference between internal contamination with radioactive debris from a nuclear disaster and direct irradiation from an external medical devise under the control of a professional who can ask for your consent, limit the exposure and take care of any problems which might unwittingly immediately occur. Medical radiologists keep no record of the long term results. When internal radioactive tracers are used in medicine they have short half lives (both biologically and physically) and are not similar to plutonium, uranium or thorium or other debris found in nuclear disasters.

    Nevertheless, both exposures can be significant, and require some consent by those at risk. Unfortunately, this prior consent is absent in a disaster!


    Persons with good general health and good basic nutritional health will fare better when the food, air or water is contaminated since the body normally chooses uncontaminated food when it is available to it. Avoid eating salads if you are suspicious of it being contaminated by fallout or contaminated water, and always wash carefully fruits and vegetables to remove any surface contamination. Do not take Potassium Iodide without medical supervision. The iodine 131 has a short half life, and probably will not travel very far from the source unless the release from the reactor is explosive, sending the debris high into the atmosphere.

    If there is radioactive iodine in milk then there probably also is cobalt 60, a very dangerous gamma radiation emitter. The inorganic cobalt is incorporated into organic vitamin B 12 in the udder of the cow and becomes much more dangerous especially to the liver when ingested in milk. Avoid fresh milk for the children, unfortunately! Be careful to get sufficient rest so that the body can undertake efficient repair of any damage. Keep hydrated with the best water available to you!

    Although it is true that alpha radiation, the primary radiation in early fallout, can be stopped by paper, when this same radioactivity is released inside the body it does at least 20 times the cellular damage as the equivalent dose of X-ray. This would be contact dose, the highest dose a radioactive atom can give.

    If you have distilled water available, or are able to prepare your own, use it for cooking vegetables that are from contaminated areas. This is clearly true in Japan, but also in the US since our bread basket is in California! It will leach out heavy metal debris. Throw out the waste water! You could also soak fruit in distilled water for the same reason. This is safe even for a pregnant woman and her fetus. If you live in or near to the contamination, use distilled water also for drinking. You can do this safely for up to two years. This was the only thing mentioned as helpful by the atomic veterans, that were deliberately exposed to nuclear radiation after WW II to see if they could function in a nuclear war.

    I like to hold the food in my hands and thank it for its goodness. Then I ask that it protect me from any harmful contaminants it holds. I think this a sort of modern Prayer before Meals, and not irrelevant under the circumstances.

    I wish you well, and especially hold in prayer the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and all the other radiation victims/survivors of our world, for they are terrified by this massive threat which they hoped no one would ever have to suffer again!

    Rosalie Bertell

  • terraohio

    Here’s a solution:

    According to Dr. Tom Burnett:

    “Fukushima is going to dwarf Chernobyl. (Its) reactions are getting worse. I suspect three nuclear piles are in meltdown….When the molten mass (reaches) the water table, (it) will explode (releasing) more radioactive particulate matter. The concrete will melt and the problem will get worse.”

    It’ll continue for months. The only solution is bad; namely, “detonat(ing) a 10 kiloton fission device inside each reactor containment vessel and hope to vaporize the cores.”

    Nuclear core meltdowns are self-sustaining. Only halting the reaction can stop them. That “require(s) a nuclear weapon….in each containment vessel….(b)ut it will be messy.”


    According to Richard Lahey, former GE boiling-water reactors head of safety research:

    “The indications we have, from the reactor to radiation readings and the materials they are seeing, suggest that the core has melted through the bottom of the pressure vessel in unit two, and at least some of it is down on the floor of the drywell. I hope I am wrong, but that is certainly what the evidence is pointing towards.”

    “The reason we are concerned is that they are detecting water outside the containment area that is highly radioactive and it can only have come from the reactor core.” Lahey added that it won’t be as bad as Chernobyl. In fact, it’s multiples worse from:

    — increasing radiation releases, including deadly plutonium;

    — spreading them catastrophically across the entire Northern Hemisphere, especially over wide parts of Japan;

    — causing permanent contamination; and

    — potentially killing millions from deadly cancers.

  • Outside of the nuclear industry no energy is available for legitimate consumption from programmes of nuclear power plants anywhere. See as an example India’s nuclear power programme-an energy audit:
    Also for a simple explanation of the phenomenon see:
    So really the right thinking aware people must mobilise to stave off the nuclear power programmes and also stop the existing nuclear reactors. Practice thrift- slight change of modern civilisation’s wasteful life styles to one which conserves.

    • Anna

      “Practice thrift- slight change of modern civilisation’s wasteful life styles to one which conserves.”

      It is time to actually ACT on this. We are living on borrowed time.

  • Golden Kazoo

    A “trolls” ultimate goal is to incite you to do something irrational and impulsive because of something they led you to believe. It’s a cyber punk’d if you will…DO NOT TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM A FALLOUT FORUM! ESPECIALLY IN REGARD TO A NEWBORN! Beware posters that seem friendly and encouraging…not everyone is offering “helpful” advice. I have my eye on you two…ZombiePlanet and Labworker…

  • blackmoon

    Things seem to be getting worse!

    Smoke now rising out of reactors 4 and 2 (look at the upper right corner of reactor 2:

  • California Dreaming

    THANK YOU to Ramaswami! Can you explain what is the rational behind distilled water being able to leach out heavy metal? My baby is still having tremors. I know it’s not lead, mercury or aluminum from vaccines — pretty sure it’s fallout related. I have rashes from eating leafy vegs and cheese that are now just starting to disappear now that it’s closer to 90 days post 3-11. I would get tons of distilled water if it would leach the stuff out!

    Thank you all for suggesting L. America. It’s hard with a baby when I don’t speak Spanish other than the word burrito! Has anyone thought of Chiangmai Thailand? Decent hospital with English speaking staff. It’s also where the economist Dr. Doom (Marc Faber) lives — he’s predicted southern direction of US$ a while back. Despite the declining US$, you can still get a decent meal in Chiangmai!

    Thank you to those of you who warned me of over reaction. Unfortunately, my baby and I are allergic to cesium, I 131 and plutonium.

    My colleague told me about a beach side vacation she had in Asia in December 2004. While lying on a beach at her hotel, my colleague overheard a girl, no more than 10 y.o., telling her parents that the tides had receded way too back, that there were strange sounds coming from the horizon, and that those signs pointed to the coming of a tsunami, from what she learned in school. Her parents believed her, and spoke with the hotel manager. Within minutes, the hotel made the decision to evacuate all guests and staff to higher grounds. They all lived, thanks to the little girl and that decision to get out of the way. Peace to you.

  • Jebus