Lab Director: Expect radiation spikes coming from US nuclear facility — Gov’t pays for more air monitors to see impact on populated areas — DOE warns of ‘ignitability’ of 368 containers at site; “Significant fire risk” — Top Official: Material at WIPP “just disintegrated… got very hot, very quickly” (VIDEO)

Published: August 2nd, 2014 at 9:38 pm ET


Dept. of Energy – Carlsbad, NM Field Office (pdf), July 30, 2014: The purpose of this letter is to provide you [New Mexico Environmental Dept.] written notice that the Department of Energy [is] provisionally applying EPA Hazardous Waste Number (code) D001** for the characteristic of ignitability to some nitrate salt bearing waste containers that have been disposed at the WIPP facility. […] This affects up to 368 containers […] in the underground WIPP facility […] The Permittees plan to implement the [plan] to expedite closure of Panel 6 and Panel 7, Room 7 so that a potential release […] will not pose a threat to human health or the environment.

** “Significant fire risk due either to their low flash point, ability to self-combust and burn, or are able to combust or support combustion” –EPA hazardous waste specialist Daniel Stoehr

Reuters, July 26, 2014: A team of government investigators has turned its attention to Los Alamos in recent days […] to determine whether additional barrels are affected, said [New Mexico Senator Peter Wirth]. “We’re making progress in determining what happened. Now we are much more focused on the scope,” he said.

Minutes of the New Mexico Legislature (pdf), published June 26, 2014: In further explaining what occurred [at WIPP, NMED Secretary Ryan] Flynn said that the material holding the bags of magnesium oxide together that had been on top of the drums just disintegrated. By all indications, he added, the area got very hot very quickly […]

Carlsbad, NM Town Hall, July 24, 2014:

  • 37:30 in – Question: Is Dr. Hardy saying that radiation from contaminated ventilation system will continue to be released to the environment periodically? Russell Hardy, director of the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring & Research Center: That is Dr. Hardy’s assumption… we will probably see spikes at Station B, as contamination… makes its way out of the repository.
  • 52:30 in – Hardy: We did receive additional funding from DOE to expand our ambient air sampling sites… very soon we will be deploying 3 additional ambient air sampling towers… one will be here in Carlsbad… we think those 3 additions will give us much better coverage in the future with respect to how this release — or the potential for future releases — may impact the area.

Watch the WIPP Town Hall here

Published: August 2nd, 2014 at 9:38 pm ET


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123 comments to Lab Director: Expect radiation spikes coming from US nuclear facility — Gov’t pays for more air monitors to see impact on populated areas — DOE warns of ‘ignitability’ of 368 containers at site; “Significant fire risk” — Top Official: Material at WIPP “just disintegrated… got very hot, very quickly” (VIDEO)

  • Cisco Cisco

    Not to worry. They've got it covered…literally. SSDD WTF!

  • johnnyo


    • johnnyo

      Wow, that was hard. Had no idea I was so addicted to this friggin' place. I thought cigarettes were tough to quit. On the bright side I visited Majia, Stock/NukePro, Greenroad, blogs for first time. Not real big on clicking links so this got me outta my rut. Skfs or whatever. Enviroreporter (didn't care for that) Fuku Diary I'd been before.

      But none had anywhere NEAR the # of comments,and thats what I missed. So many different voices, blended into one community. Man, I think i'm in love with u rascals. Glad it was less than 48 hours. We gotta talk about back up plans. I am as low-tech as a guy can be and still read/post, but at one of my stops I saw a phrase something like "back-up in the cloud". Hmmmmmm. Guess as long as it aint a chemtrail or Onto-pink. Whoever hacked us is running scaired for good reason. Truth is like water. Damn it here and it will eventually spring up there.

      Richard Gage was on CSPAN morning call in Friday. He runs Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Very Cool. Tip that bitch.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Yes, we're back. Ain't it grand? These boards are where a real antinuclear community has been growing, and it is good to be here in this virtual space with you all. Truth is flowing…..

      • just breathe just breathe

        We will be back in the dark ages again soon enough.
        When I got the 404 here this morning, I started to panic.
        Without you all here at ENE it's like being in the Dark Age.
        So grateful to you all for your knowledge and commitment
        to make sure the truth is told. Thank you.
        Stock thank you for always reminding us to check out Nuke Pro.
        I went there during my panic attack and there you were and bo and others
        directing traffic.
        Sail on captain…
        Mahalo and peace to all

      • Truthy1

        Cross of Nero – Or Peace sign.Also know as "The Dead Man Rune". Be careful what you use the father of lies is deceiving/using you !!

        • hanaloa hanaloa

          this link is insulting, racist and absurd. This is not only off-topic, itʻs offensive and qualifies as hate speech. You make absolutely no attempt to address the very real ongoing situation at WIPP. Youʻre worried for us that the Boogie Man is going to recruit us to his service with his evil symbols (which are disguised as peace, fertility, earth, wind, fire, moon, sun, etc.). Iʻm worried that youʻre just not getting it. Regardless of diverse spiritual beliefs, the vast majority of Enewsers agree that nuclear (and its associated infrastructure) is bad, really, really bad. This is an unnecessary "evil" that needs to be exposed. Why devolve to some comic book abstraction of evil when nuclear so clearly demonstrates the real thing? Come on now…the yin-yang symbol?!? Why didnʻt you include any nuclear/radiation symbols in your list of Satanʻs symbols?

  • Mark your Calendar: WIPP Town Hall Mtgs 1st and 3rd Thursdays – next week, 7 Aug and then 21 Aug usual time unless otherwise announced, 530PM Carlsbad, NM time

    • EKO KLAP$€

      Don't forget your iPhone charger, a banana and a packet of potato chips.

      The word for the day is accelerant.

    • We Not They Finally

      If only they gave any meaningful or truthful info in those town meetings. Look, even the DOE seems to neither trust them nor defend them[!!] so this is all "worse than bad"! I would imagine that they need to determine HOW far to evacuate, but doubt that they will evacuate at all.

      We were in Albuquerque at the original incident, 274 miles north of Carlsbad and supposedly not in any wind path, but we both felt "hit" within a week or so, before anything was even announced. So it must be dreadful for those actually downwind of Carlsbad. We wonder if they will ever tell the truth about any of it. It just seems like red siren alarm bells that the DOE itself isn't backing off and calling it "safe," as that is what they usually do.

  • lol, more like radiation protection gear … oh, but, wait, I'm in the southern hemisphere… gotta love the internet!

  • GQR2 🙁

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    Another Government experiment. I've seen some people blame Christian people on this site for many evils in this world twisting things backwards. But it seems to me that many scientists are atheists. These same atheistic ungodly men exploit nuclear power with no accountability and their works are evident. These are Godless men. Their judgement is coming.

    • dunkilo

      Yes,i agree mountain.One thing every human has in common,we all must die…Then what ?
      Time is short for Godless men .
      This is my truth 🙂

    • m a x l i

      Thank Flying Spaghetti Monster I'm safe, phew!

      • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

        Soul Cake Duck loves you.

        • m a x l i

          Oh, I didn't know. Thats good news! 🙂 It can never hurt to be loved by two deities. If you fall in disgrace with one, because you have sinned in his eyes, because you have, say, burnt the tomato sauce – you can still run to the other for your support, consolation and ticket into heaven. 🙂

          • dunkilo

            I said this is my truth..have no ill will to you,maxli.I can take whatever you or others can dish out.Im used to it so if it makes you feel better 🙂

            • m a x l i

              There was no ill will to you either, dunkilo. I found your philosophical thesis "Time is short for godless men" quite interesting.

              I was responding to the "Mountain", who was trying to be imposing and intimidating, but to me looked rather silly with his false generalisations.

              I gave a little insight into my philosophy (or "my truth"), which you obviously found interesting enough to respond. It seems we have a lot in common. 🙂

              • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

                I haven't even began to make generalizations. With the Pacific dying and slow world starvation on the horizon, Ebola should make it quick for most. Pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto are about to get rich from the drugs and vaccines. Going to be a lot less atheists. Betting the nuclear whores will be treated first. Who will run the NPP's if 90% die. Who? That's wild ass generalization thinking isn't it?

  • lickerface lickerface

    We've felt lethargic since Valentine's Day here near Austin, TX. I can remember much of my worst migraines, DAILY, starting around Valentine's.

  • dunkilo

    More monitors!How bout yous guys be the human monitors!In-hale ……ex-hale …….right beside the vents…report if you smell anything like popcorn ….You worthless ,evil,sub-human scum.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Installing more radiation detectors to ….

    Welcome to the living laboratory.

    You are the lab rat.

    We are all lab rats.

    We are all downwinders.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Here is what everyone must grasp; ALL waste barrels will be crushed within a few short years/decades at some 3000 or more psi. ALL nuke containers will be crushed at WIPP by DESIGN. The storage facility is already half way through its predicted useful life span for this reason. The radioactive air MUST vent, there is no way to keep a football size high pressure vessel sealed. Now they are in a hurry to close it up, like sweeping poop under the rug, collect their gold achievement multimillion checks and move on with a whistle on their lips. The EPA intervention limit is TWO becquerels per kg for plutonium. Contrast to 1200 bq/kg for cesium. Better FORCE them to comply. They need to be STOPPED with the closure, and forced to figure out a different storage or this will pollute the continent for eternity.

    • Sickputer

      I agree with you CS 100% in theory. But in practice I'm afraid we're already screwed. The Germans are probably already soon to concede barrel removal is impossible to implement based on the dynamics of the cheap ass barrels. They really f#cked the human race. Frigging nucleoapes and their cosmic death rays.

    • jec jec

      "The EPA intervention limit is TWO becquerels per kg for plutonium"..yup. Has anyone added up the reported filter contamination..and oh by the way..only one "hot particle"..could do it. Hot Particles were shipped to a boast by one nuclear lab!!! Thats not very much.

      Also, has anyone commented on the fact that LIQUID maybe in some containers? LIQUID and SALTDOMES are a no no; a gallon or so of liquid could start a terrible situation. Finally, an explosion of say 100 of those barrels in Panels 6 or 7, or 386 or just a few..could probably cause a pretty BIG bang. How strong are the walls of the dome? Can they fracture..especially if weakened by liquid? Has DOE/WIPP/EPA factored all this in and provided the PHYSICS of a potential accident in the worse case?

      • jec jec

        I guess questions to submit to the next Town Hall Meeting are:
        1. Radiation Emissions from WIPP, have any ANY areas inside or OUTSIDE the facility or in the environment shown 2BQ/KG of PU (or higher)? Note word ANY. Same for AM, same for Cesium; have to change the EPA intervention levels to reflect each isotope.

        2. Since Cesium 137 found in victims around WIPP is NOT made in nature, it came from US nuclear efforts. What assistance is provided for those people testing positive for Cesium? Forget when and where. The how smoking..or eating contaiminated foods! is not relevant. Its like making the victim guilty! Cesium 137 is a US government created toxin.
        3. Animals testing for the three products of PU/AM/CEsium 137 has been performed by WIPP/DOE/EPA? How many animals, types and what are the results for external and internal radiation in those animals? Since the contamination is not consistent across the landscape, should EVERY animal used for food be tested for internal contamination before use? Will WIPP/EPA/DOE fund this effort, to determine the scope of problem? Would be best NOT to find contamination, but data means testing, scientific methods are NOT pronouncements without data.
        4. Since the spread of particles is not consistent, i.e. areas can have some or none based on atmospherics (winds, rain). Can HOTSPOTS exist from WIPP PU and AM particles? How does WIPP/DOE/EPA plan to test for this particulate matter if its not near one of their dosimeters/filters.

        • jec jec

          4a. Since animals and humans are also radiation collectors, how many will be monitored as WIPP continues operations, and continues to vent radiation? How will WIPP monitor both internal and external radiation of area inhabitants, or where ever the plumes from WIPP travel?

          5. RADNET and other radiation sites show jumps in radiation or seem to suggest increases in radiation in a 'work day' schedule. Is WIPP venting into the atmosphere on a daily or several time a day OR on a schedule to allow humans to enter the facility?

          6. GAMMA radiation is not tested for based on WIPP comments, alpha and beta are tested for. Since PU is mainly GAMMA, how does WIPP test for PU?

        • jec jec

 me these are the 'burning' questions that WIPP needs answer..OR EPA or DOE. And any 'bonus' like the 1.9 million given for GREAT JOB DONE..after the fire..needs to come back from the contractor! Look at all the violations and safety issues ignored..And FEDERAL LAWS. Same for other nuclear facilities… Los Alamos..and Hanford WA..and Savannah…and….nuclear power plants. The culture of 'its fine' you cant prove it wears thin when people realize they have been lied to.

  • Sickputer

    Of course a little more high drama anxiety will help chances of the big budget request Udall has presented to the full Congress. Surely the WIPP spin boys wouldn't be angling for sudden crisis dollars? You think? 🙂

    Not to belittle the threat…but they do need a public relations stick to use on reluctant conservative voters. "If you don't give us the $320 million and it blows across Dallas…blah, blah, blah…"

    As if we already didn't get enough from the Los Alamos honchos dumping barrels in ravines in the 1950s. Mutants.. Everybody has remnants of their Cold War fallout in our bones.

  • Shaker1

    Well, Code, I guess we just found what could be stupider than building 4 nuclear reactors on the beach along the Pacific Rim, huh?

    Close it, yes. But I'd like to see them attempt to do something about that which is recognized as having the same potential as drum(s) that created this situation. Doing nothing and closing it guarantees nothing.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      I think, Shaker1 that closing the WIPP site now will guarantee 99% crushed radioactive waste containers, 600 deg F to several thousand degree temps, radioactive and reactive chemical atmospheres trapped in moving salt at 3000 psi, escaping into the environment for thousands of years, getting into the aquifer and ruining the lives of the next 7 generations, after which there will be no more generations. Its a guarantee

      • We Not They Finally

        AND…. no one is giving an assessment of whether they still cannot enter contaminated areas (like panel 7) because they are too radioactive. Much less any WAY of remediating this. If they can, they should. If they can't, they should evacuate.

        But I seem to remember similar things being said about Fukushima….

      • Sol Man

        Radioactive waste in our frac-voc-tainted aquifers is not what people ever had in mind, but others had their program.
        Get with the program!

        With sadness and grief; I agree with you.
        This was not our dream!

      • Shaker1

        I think the same, Code. Closing the site to more material is acceptable; closing the site to no human activity that guarantees (and I would bet my last dollar on it) contamination of the environment on a scale they haven't a clue to predict would be criminal. Just why anyone would approve of a situation that could degrade to needing 'liquidators' ala Chernobyl is beyond me.

        I heard all the arguements years ago, hurt the feelings of others and had mine hurt by bigotry and unsound 'reasoning'. Time for those in favor of this strategy to man up, admit they were wrong, and get along to mitigating it. If not, all the worst predictions will have their day, and who can 'reason' themselves into those days?

    • combomelt combomelt

      Yes, Shaker1,
      the 4 plants there with the 3 that melted.
      Let's all remember that there is no place safe from them in Japan….

      nice work!!!!

      • Angela_R

        and here is what I have been looking for:
        "THE LATEST: Much of the toxic radioactive waste from fracking comes from other states and is being trucked to Ohio and injected into the ground beneath our feet and spread onto our landfills, which eventually leach these toxins and radioactive materials into ground water.

        This site is meant to be a resource to help you understand why fracking should be banned and to help you make informed decisions for yourself, decisions about how to help protect your community."

        How many fracking sites has this been occurring on? And how many mining sites has this done on. You see, imo, the percentage of radioactive material said to be occurring from NATURAL radionuclides does not add up…

  • Global warming, its a hoax, proven and charted with real data.

    No BS

    Check it out. The last 17 years….no warming worldwide.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      The terrible storms and drought and floods caused by Krypton-85 are no hoax. Nor is the acidification of the ocean caused by nuclear waste and radioactive fallout.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      “…Arctic sea ice extent declined at a typical rate through May, but extent remained below average for the period of satellite observations. While Antarctic sea ice extent increased at a near average rate, extent was at a record high, and above average in nearly every Antarctic sea ice sector.
      “Arctic sea ice extent for May averaged 12.78 million square kilometers (4.93 million square miles). This is 610,000 square kilometers (235,500 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 average for the month. May 2014 is now the third lowest May extent in the satellite record. …”

      Arctic Sea is where so much nuclear waste has been dumped.

      • Ya, I will put it on my "calculate it" list to estimate waste dumped, Bq released and convert those Bq into heat and then estimate temperatures increases over the thermal mass of the north oceans.

        Could be very interesting.

        Wouldn't that be another nail in the coffin of nuke?

        stock out

      • Anne, if you can come up with know estimates of isotope of waste dumped and rough locations (locations not that important, just need to know if in northern seas) I will do the rest of the calculations and heating produced.

        Keep in mind, even if a minor heating effect, the effect is continuous and many would go on for 10's of thousands of years.

  • jec jec

    Arctic sea ice is there..a friend's boat is sitting ice bound in the NW passage, Aventura. They were told to wait and see if an opportunity would arrise in a week or they can travel from NE Canada to Alaska thru the passage. Note I said ICE BOUND. Its colder this year it sounds like.

    • We Not They Finally

      Apparently, geoengineering does both the hot thing and the cold thing quite well. Check in on Dane Wigington at He clarifies the confusion.

  • FXofTruth

    For that part of the "thinking Public" that reads this statement, "will not pose a threat to human health or the environment" ….knows the translation is: "This situation DOES pose a SERIOUS and DEADLY threat to human health or the environment!"

    History is not on the side of "experts and liars" because every single nuclear accident that has ever happened, IS A SERIOUS and DEADLY threat and has cause death and endless contamination… some people remember those facts!

    If you read the one-sided studies, delusional research and "fantasy safety records" of all regulatory agencies and power companies, one would conclude that nuclear power has had virtually no effects on the Public health….nothing more than "fairy dust, moon beams, and butterflies" has been generated by nuclear reactors! Limitless, green, cheap electric power!

    The translation: Limitless nuclear waste; contamination that pollutes for 100's of thousands of years; and the most EXPENSIVE power EVER PRODUCED! Not a single nuke plant was ever profitable! The Public IS LEGALLY REQUIRED to pay incredible subsidies to shore up the financial disaster that nuclear power is, but a disaster only to the power customers! To the developers, builders, politicians, and operators of these "dirty bombs in waiting"….these nuke plants are HUGE cash cows!

    It's not a question of IF a nuke plant will fail but, WHEN will it fail. Because they ALL will fail over time. Containment failure is inevitable over…

    • Nuclear Power is a boondoggle!

      noun: boondoggle; plural noun: boondoggles

      1. work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value.

      verb: boondoggling

      1. waste money or time on unnecessary or questionable projects.

      😯 …

  • zogerke zogerke

    hey good folks. can't seem to find the cmment box in off topic:

    I'll be galavanting around on adventures in the northeast so i won't be on here as much for the next week or more.. hoping t' catch up when i return. wishing you clarity, safety, humor, irreverence, kindness towards each other, excellent debunking, effective 'trollbegonez'….and no nukes.


  • jec jec

    Laws need to be followed! Not just mouthed A few contactors in jail would help. Here is WIPP or Hanford all over again, just change the name of the guilty! Deja vu…

    Court in South Carolina "criticized the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control for not obeying some of its own pollution rules and failing to hold Chem-Nuclear accountable for conditions that contributed to radiation leaks.

    “We are concerned that DHEC did not follow the law in failing to require Chem-Nuclear to comply with’’ requirements that, among other things, limit releases of waste-polluted water from the dump, the court said.

    Read more here:

    This is my back yard so to speak..and dont get me started on the local Nuclear plants venting of Trtitium..LOTS AND LOTS.

  • rogerthat

    ''The Permittees plan to implement the [plan] to expedite closure of Panel 6 and Panel 7, Room 7…''

    – sounds like an interesting and challenging job opportunity. First consideration given to those over the age of 75 with no living relatives or dependants and preferably with an existing, imminently terminal, illness.

  • If multiple barrels erupted BELOW ground and ABOVE at the same time, what would happen?

    Do they really have an effective PLAN or plans for worst case scenarios?

    IMO – Probably not. Considering it's been 6 MONTHS since the initial event(s) occurred and the only 'stated' plan that I can figure out is that they currently have a plan to develop a strategy for coming up with a plan. 😉

    In the meantime, they are adding a couple of extra monitors to make the public feel safer. Monitors create a FALSE sense of security. Once a monitor alarms you've already been hit. The only difference is, now you know it.

    • We Not They Finally

      Early on, apparently no one could even enter panel 7 (where the drum exploded, or so they said) because it was too radioactive. We still have NO WORD whether that ban was lifted, so what is happening below ground may be at least in part unknown.

      Regarding monitors, no one is ever sure who is reading them or how it is being reported or under-reported. They may need more monitors because even THEY don't know how contaminated the area has become. As in, "We though it was contained, but obviously it is not."

      Bottom line: If your area is being "monitored" for plutonium contamination, it is likely unsafe to even be living there.

  • rogerthat

    carlsbad weather warning; monitors have alerted us to a blizzard of bananas heading towards the city. there's no immediate danger but fit snow chains if you're passing through because falls of up to three feet deep are expected with banana drifts up to 7 feet deep, and conditions will be extremely slippery

  • Dick Shenary

    I think we should avoid global warming denial or affirmation discussions on this site unless it is related to the false premise that we must build Thorium reactors to counter GW. We have enough problems in the nuclear world without drifting into other controversial realms.

    • We Not They Finally

      Regrettably, it all intersects. Probably a judgment call whether a comment is actually OT. The public keeps getting diverted from nuclear dangers by suspect conclusions about global warming. So sometimes a "diversion" is just an education, and it's good to educate each other.

      Point well taken, but honestly "it depends." It's context.

    • Dick Shenary: Nukers are using the false Global warming theory to promote their existing reactors, as a means to fleece the public of more money (higher rates for base load power, aka nuke, higher rates for low CO2 power, aka nukes). They also are promoting that PV solar destabilizes the grid, there has never been an example in the world in which that happened in which it was not easy to fix with modern equipment ready for reverse flow.

      CO2 has no causitive action towards warmer temperatures.

      Finally, I took all the worldwide weather data for every month from 1880 to 2013 and plotted them by month and ran statistics on them and put the stats into charts. I just did this, this week. It is clear and undeniable evidence that there has been no worldwide temperature increase for the last 17 years.

      Thus, the idea of Global warming is very important. You can stop "wondering" about the issue of Global warming by looking at the actual data. Take 5 minutes and be done with this topic.

  • Speedy

    I understand this could be considered ot…but when I read this I got goose bumps…folks this is from the IAEA, they are giving mothers isotopes and measuring the amounts in the breast fed babies..You can't dream this shit up..

    "Welcome to the new age"

    • We Not They Finally

      The whole linkage between deuterium oxide (otherwise called "heavy water" — from the likes of NPP's, not from your local mountain stream,) the IAEA and breastfeeding is suspicious to the point of obscene. If it were all UN-related to radiation, then why the cr-p is the IAEA involved?? Are they just measuring HOW poisoned the babies are getting from mother's milk? And what incentive do nursing mothers have to participate in this? A bowl of rice?

    • razzz razzz

      That is a 'typical' water test. Why they subject nursing mothers and newborns to the test, I don't know. Nursing is already found as superior in nutrition and other protections transferred from a mother or wet nurse to a baby. Interesting that these world organizations suggest only breast milk for the first 6 months then 2 years of a mixed diet including breast milk. A couple of thousands years later and it is okay with them to breastfeed now. Kinda obvious in more ways than one.

      "…In practice the subject is asked to drink a known dose of water enriched in 2H and 18O. Samples of blood, saliva or urine, from which the isotopic composition of the body water can be determined, are collected over the next 5-14days. From the isotope disappearance curves four parameters are deduced, the two pool sizes of hydrogen and oxygen and the fractional rate constants of elimination for each of these species, and these are combined to give an estimate of CO2 production…"

      Gotta watch for any tritium in the heavy water, a side product of producing heavy water.

  • We Not They Finally

    Wonder what it means that the material at WIPP "just disintegrated." We just looked at the scary old movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Terrified young woman Elizabeth literally "disintegrates," like a crumbling sand castle, in Donald Sutherland's arms, as the new, shiny, deadly Elizabeth arises and says, "They were right. It's painless. It's good."

    THAT kind of "disintegration"?

  • Seeker

    WNTF and all

    I am stuck between two massive threat areas and can't afford to move. But I can try to help others:

    The events last Sunday at the So.CA. coast–killer lightning strikes followed by a massive amount of rain, w/ some raindrops as as large as golf balls– need to go viral, as this will save lives. So many are ignorant of the now permanent off the charts Fukushima radioactivity in the coastal waters, and also, even to this day, of the "black" rain which is as high in radiation as it has ever been.

    Here are the relevant sources: (Shimatsu's article) /rense_Shimatsu_072814.mp3 (the Shimatsu podcast,which gives more detail)

    – (the video)

    There is a permanent black cloud hovering above the ocean at Catalina island identical to the one at the Fukushima channel. It was the source of the terrifying lightning and rain, with more to come. N.B. If anyone writes this up and makes it go viral, pls explain how the protons and free electrons interact to cause this kind of killer storm: Shimatsu did not make it clear enough for a lay person. THIS EVENT ALONE WILL CONVINCE MANY TO FLEE THE WHOLE COAST IF WE CAN GET THE CORRECT INFO ON IT OUT THERE (the MSN called it a "freak" weather event, and Shimatsu alone has the real deal).

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      flee to go where, new mexico?

      • the conversation not happening: tens of millions are in harm's way. Obama said, no worries, Buesseler says no worries… beyond gross negligence

        Hoping their judgement day comes soon

      • Seeker

        Oh what a helpful comment–NOT.

        There are still places safer than the coast OR NM.

        Get over yourself, and start adding to the solution, limited as it may be.

        • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

          i am going back to calif. because i am in new mexico now and i have a cancer. no place is safe now. there is no solution. you need more education because flee the west coast is not a solution. wipp has made it to the east coast and beyond. the radiation maps have show radiation consistently higher in the midwest and east coast since wipp. i can think of a place you could go.

      • Seeker

        In what way are you helping with comments like that? It took time and effort for me to post this and your response is obnoxious.

        Are you part of a sarcasm clique of do you have something helpful to offer us here?

    • Sparky Sparky

      Seeker, like you and others, I'm struggling with the same issues of whether/where/when to relocate. I've been studying this for many months, and while I’m no expert, IMO no place is/will remain "safe"—there are drawbacks to all options. But note that you can buy LOTS more/nice property for the money outside of California.

      You have to weigh all based on your own situation, priorities and resources. Much depends on where you are in life and how long you have to plan (time horizon) before the random nuke/property value meltdown hits and limits exit options further.

      For a good resource, search the net for "Strategic Relocation" book, video and real estate service by/linked with Joel Skousen. That's a good start. (Disclosure: I have no financial/personal interests in Skousen & Co.)

      In my mind, there's also value in staying put (shelter in place), given family/community, homeownership with (ideally) reduced debt and familiarity with the area and resources. But the current and future water shortage issue is a game-changer for me.

      My now young adult children recently expressed interest in moving out of California. That was the green light I needed to seriously consider a move that would work for all of us. But it won't happen for a while. So I'm holding my breath and moving "the plan" forward, which may need to be accelerated if things get worse, faster than expected.

      Just my two cents’ worth. Hope it helps to hear how others are approaching this. 🙂

      • 52Rockwell

        Teralingua. Solar.Water is the main problem. Land cost is minimal. Low population,and away from large Population centers.
        Im looking atatmospheric water generators . But they need about 25% humidity to function. I was think about a kind of solar still where I can dump my greywater and have the atmospheric water generators running in an enclosed plastic tent . I wont go without my grand babies though. A rough life any way you go.

      • Seeker

        So many thanks for your considerate response. I have been unable to convince my sister and her family to leave So.CA even tho they can afford it. I was hoping the story about the killer storm would get her attention, along with that of all the others I know of who are clueless. I am in AZ with NO capability to move anywhere, but I believe in reincarnation which is consoling.

        Please forgive my blasting you. It occurred to me after I did so that your reply stemmed from despair not shallow sarcasm. I am so very sorry for your location and your cancer. has amazing alternative protocols for cancer. I was a wellness practitioner before I retired and saw cancer just disappear through nonallopathic means such as EFT. All my compassion goes out to you.

  • trolls…. godless talk, ridiculous, space wasting

  • jec jec

    WIPP radiation spikes expected??!! Has Mexico mentioned any concern? Have other Central American countries? Would think they might worry their 90K children might get exposed as they are being moved to nearby to WIPP areas in some cases. Has anyone looked at the issues of the USS Ronald Reagan sailors–and considered what could happen to all the people exposed to this mess?Note the problems with fertility, fetal damage….and damage to thyroids. Just Saying..I would think countries to our South..might want to keep their citizens home and not exposed to toxins.

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    EPA sets health-based limits on radiation in air, soil, and water. Federal government agencies are required to meet EPA standards the same as commercial industries. Using its authority under the Safe Drinking Water Act, EPA limits the amount of radiation in community water systems by establishing maximum contaminant levels. Maximum Contaminant Levels limit the amount of activity from alpha emitters, like plutonium, to 15 picocuries per liter.

    EPA also protects people against exposure from soil and ground water from sites that have been contaminated with plutonium. We set criteria that soil and ground water from the sites must meet before releasing the sites for public use.

    Rather than limiting the concentration of plutonium itself, the criteria limit the cancer risk the sites pose. A person's added risk of developing cancer is limited to no more than about 1-in-10,000 and if possible to 1-in-1,000,000, or less. Under the Clean Air Act, EPA limits the dose to humans from radionuclides to 10 millirem from emissions to air. Read more…

    • jec jec

      PSSS..Someone needs to tell EPA..that if you get cancer..YOU ARE AT 100%. My daughter is one of the 100% ers. Does not make ME feel safe..or happy to see the statistics..

    • jec jec

      GEE..looked at the EPA link and found: "One of EPA's responsibilities has been to develop public health and safety standards for the two major U.S. nuclear waste storage and disposal facilities. The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico stores transuranic wastes. They range from slightly contaminated clothing to barrels of waste so radioactive that it can only be handled with remote control equipment." They sure did a good job..(sarc).
      And radioactive it can only be handled with remote control equipment.. what happened to the low level waste, it was never supposed to hold HOT highly radioactive materials. GOTO JAIL without an get of Jail For Free card, EPA and Mr. Pres..

  • jec jec

    Just checking out Washington States's Hanford site and found some new issues, more sick workers, and discovered DOE is trying a NEW and CHEAP way to clean up their Hanford mess. Just leave it!
    Note that DOE wants to just leave the radiation in place for 250 years or so..its cheaper. Comments are being taken on the plan, go for it ENEWERS, this is likely exactly what will happen at WIPP:
    DOE is taking public comments on its proposed plan until Aug. 11. Comments may be sent to or Kim Ballinger, DOE Richland Operations Office, P.O. Box 550, A7-75, Richland, WA 99352.

    July 29th, 2014, The 43rd case of exposure to toxic chemicals at Hanford. Another exposed Hanford worker..
    And previously on July 17, 2014

    Also, the Wannapum Dam is STILL not fixed, the anchors and concrete is being replaced or added..and a flood threat could still happen. Wanapum is at 50% capacity, and its costing 22K a day for security police to monitor the area..!
    What I don't understand..clearly the engineering design and as-is build documents SHOWED the ANCHORS and BOLTS.Invisible maybe?

    • jec jec

      DOE must actively clean up the contaminated Hanford Washington groundwater. There is an approach with pumps and filters–just do it. Does not make any difference as to cost. DOE created the mess, DOE can clean it up correctly and not by ignoring the problem and hoping 150 or 300 or more years will fix it naturally. DOE can not guarrentee there will not be a plume reaching the Columbia, we have already seen in the past radiation polluted sealife in the Pacific from Hanford. When the health problems of the families in the nearby Hanford/Tricity counties, the babies born without brains, the babies aborted, the TERRIBLE loss to families is happening, this is not the time for DOE to keep hiding their poor design choices for storage of nuclear radiation. Ignoring the groundwater is contaminiated, and making a PAPERFILE solution, is not appropriate or safe for the many people who use the Columbia, its not safe for the environment. Clean it up now, not in 100 years.

  • Seeker

    The reply is going under Obvious–it is intended for digital…

  • jec jec

    EPA/WIPP RADNET turned off in New Mexico. Carlsbad is down. In fact no sign of any site up except in NORTHERN New Mexico..and some in TX. Gee..guess WIPP does not want people to know they are getting radiated. See no evil……

  • We Not They Finally

    I don't believe that the radnet for Carlsbad was EVER on. Just Albuqeurque — where the readings were always bad enough! The beta radnet at least, was NEVER on for Carlsbad.

  • dan dan

    Top Official: Material at WIPP “just disintegrated… got very hot, very quickly”

    ………and it tends to invoke a very loud BOOOOM sound as it does this, too.

  • jec jec

    NO EPA RADNET in affected areas of New Mexico near WIPP. Didnt we hear they were deplying new ones? Got US Gov funding? The Senators and Congressmen..on summer break must REALLY be enjoying their suntans and radiation exposures…

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