Large oil spill in New York City area harbor — Feds: Damaged barge is carrying almost 10,000,000 gallons — 158,000 gallons reported released so far

Published: December 15th, 2012 at 11:44 am ET


NOAA at 10:47a ET (Emphasis Added):

Staten Island, NY 2012-Dec-15

At 0240 the NOAA SSC received a call from USCG D1 DRAT saying a barge (Boston 30) carrying 220,000 bbl [9,240,000 gallons] potential #6 heating oil is spilling to the Kill Van Kull at Mariners Harbor, Staten Island. Operators noticed odor and visual oil between hulls of the Boston 30 and another barge (DDL 25) to which oil was being lightered due to unknown damage below the waterline of Boston 30. Mariners Harbor is just west of the Bayonne Bridge on Staten Island across from Shooters Island. Miller Environmental is OSRO on-scene and is deploying containment boom to spill area. At 0750 USCG SECTOR NY called and requested trajectory for a 158,000 gallon release of #6. Air Station Cape Cod will conduct a flyover at 07:13 (sun rise). Oil is reported in the Kill Van Kull and Arthur Kill.

Note the variety of conflicting information in the reports below

Staten Island Advance:

The barge was reportedly carrying nearly one million gallons of #6 fuel oil, but it is not known how much of the product was discharged [...] Emergency radio transmissions indicate that 100,000 gallons were released into the Arthur Kill. The spill is now contained, but the barge has not yet off load [...]


A barge reportedly carrying nearly one million gallons of fuel oil was leaking oil from a cargo tank into a New York City harbor on Saturday, officials said.

Associated Press:

Coast Guard spokeswoman Jetta Disco said early Saturday that authorities have narrowed down the source of the leak to one tank on the barge. She says that tank’s capacity is 147,000 gallons, but it’s not clear how much has leaked.

Published: December 15th, 2012 at 11:44 am ET


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11 comments to Large oil spill in New York City area harbor — Feds: Damaged barge is carrying almost 10,000,000 gallons — 158,000 gallons reported released so far

  • Conflicting information… noted.

    1. 9 million gal?
    2. 158,000 gal?
    3. 1 million gal?
    4. 100,000 gal?
    5. 147,000 gal?
    6. not clear = unknown?

    Some factual info:
    A. It smelled bad!
    B. It looked oily.

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  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    As the breakdown crisis develops, expect more such incidences.

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  • Au Au

    West Coast FUBAR: Check
    Gulf of Mexico FUBAR: Check
    East Coast FUBAR: work in process

    Good thing the USA does not have an ocean on the northern border of the country. ohhh… I take that back. Alaska is bordered by the Arctic Ocean. Prolly some old nuclear subs have been dumped there.

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  • dosdos dosdos

    Barges have multiple separated containers for this reason, to limit leakage. No joy, but they'll likely get it cleaned up asap. As long as they contained it soon enough, it shouldn't pose too big a problem, other than evacuation. You don't want to be breathing too much of that stuff.

    Chemical towns are generally well prepared for things like this. The residents know when to run and in what direction, or when to tape windows. The cleanup crews are well experienced. It usually doesn't last too long.

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    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Separate compartments, like the Titanic had. ;-)

      Actually, I agree, dosdos – the separate compartments will probably work as planned, and the Titanic was an odd accident, just terrible luck that multiple compartments ruptured. Sometimes we get the breaks, sometimes we don't.

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  • Tokenura

    truth? what truth? until we fully invest ourselves as a society into alternative fuel sources… big oil is the only "truth" sadly. big oil = big money… as long as that green is flowing in to hell with the planet and the people and animals on it

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