Large spike in Cesium-137 from Fukushima measured May 4 — Higher than levels seen on March 17-20 (CHART)

Published: May 7th, 2011 at 10:28 am ET


Trace analysis of German monitoring stations and other trace monitoring stations worldwide, Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection, May 6, 2011:

Published: May 7th, 2011 at 10:28 am ET


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29 comments to Large spike in Cesium-137 from Fukushima measured May 4 — Higher than levels seen on March 17-20 (CHART)

  • anne

    Conscious Eating [Paperback], by Gabriel Cousens M.D.


    Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients [Paperback], by Russell Blaylock M.D.
    (Section on supplements to combat radiation)

    Our Earth Our Cure: A Handbook of Natural Medicine for Today [Paperback], by Raymond Dextreit (Author), Michel Abehsera (Editor, Translator)

    Nutrition for Vegetarians [Paperback], by Agatha Thrash (Author), Calvin Thrash (Author)

    The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers [Paperback], by Hulda Regehr Clark, (Author), Ph.D. N.D. (Author)

    These are books that I use.

    • Noah

      Excellent concise article
      Thank You Anne, great job in locating article


      An good overview of protective strategies.

      Highly Recommended: two Gieger counters up

  • anne

    Wire mesh hat:

    In 1962, Allan H. Frey discovered that reception of the induced sound can be blocked by a patch of wire mesh (not foil) placed above the temporal lobe.[8]

    8. ^ a b Elder, Joe A.; Chou, C.K. (2003). “Auditory response to pulsed radiofrequency energy”. Bioelectromagnetics (Wiley-Liss) 24 (S6): S162–73. doi:10.1002/bem.10163. ISSN 0197-8462. PMID 14628312.

    • Flo


      Thank you very much for posting the translation! I always wondered what they were saying.

      I really scoured it and noticed that Germany lowered their radiation limits for foods. You can see it on this chart:

      (scroll down)

      Is anyone here savvy enough to compare those limits to U.S. limits?

      [please excuse my double post]

      • xdrfox

        Amyone that has a request for translation, I will look into to see if the ability to do !

    • Yes, thanks for these translations. It is really useful to read exactly what the German folk are saying about the testing. And the spike in the Cs-137 comes a few days after the Rhenish Institute stopped making their northern hemisphere dispersal maps available publicly.

      Here’s a link also posted in the comments section of the article about the nuclear expert being “horrified” that the “Environmental POLLUTION Agency” is stopping their testing:

      The data examined in the link above is the Cs-137 dry deposition, as this is one of the most crucial pieces of information – how much of the stuff that lasts 100+ years (until even 90% of its radioactive power is gone) IS already on the ground and how much WILL be on the ground month-by-month (based on trends over the past couple weeks of April). And of course, this does not even look at the REALLY bad stuff, like Plutonium and Strontium.

      • xdrfox

        Sorry guy’s I thought about everyone had translators.
        In the future just ask if I haven’t translated !
        Or if you find a site with possibility of gleaming some inf. to learn or compare !

        • Well, yeah I guess I didn’t know about that specific web page on that German site. I do use translators sometimes, but I also appreciate your effort in putting the link right there – makes it quicker to get to the information!

  • anne

    “Green Power: God’s solar power plants amaze chemists” by Jonathan Sarfati

  • Heart of the Rose

    Some stuff on here might be worth the translation.

  • Flo

    Thank you very much for posting the translation! I always wondered what they were saying.

    I really scoured it and noticed that Germany lowered their radiation limits for foods. You can see it on this chart:

    (scroll down)

    Is anyone here savvy enough to compare those limits to U.S. limits?

  • fuckyoushima

    but 2 orders of magnitude lower than levels seen on march 21…?

    easy on these titles, enenws…

  • Flo

    The rise in cesium levels is important to know because air monitoring has slowed down in the U.S. due to claims that radiation levels are low.

    However, now we see a spike in cesium in Japan after it leveled off for about 11-12 days.

    How will we know if this new spike in Japan impacts the U.S. if no one is monitoring?

    This is just another reason why the U.S. should continue an amplified air monitoring policy.

    • xdrfox

      EPA say’s, Eat some Gulf Seafood !

      • Anthony

        Because there is no serious testing it seems like such a gamble to eat out of our oceans now… I mean, what the hell happened to food safety anyways? I mean, isn`t that frightening – would you really consider eating seafood knowing all the animals from there seem to be perishing – also untested? I know this is a time of great changes but if you are a food operator TODAY you have to abide by strict guidelines to deliver safe food products and that includes fish processing plants….it seems like a gross contradiction in terms to issue permits to a processor who receives seafood off boats caught in waters loaded with oil, radiation, corexit, god knows what else and bursting with dying animals of every description? The seafood processed at the moment may have been pulled out of a school of fish who will be the next reported dead ones on Friday…. yours for sale at the local market on Thursday. Its getting dysfunctional without the truth.

        • xdrfox

          “abide by strict guidelines to deliver safe food products”
          Not to forget the dispersant’s that they are NOT testing for !
          Full of interrupter’s to the Thyroid gland and cancer agents as the oil ie PAH’s !

          Thyroid gland controls and monitors about every function in the body through glands and cells. We are in dire troubled waters here !

  • The Hanford List

    Funny how theses charts evolve, I am about to believe sky entific evolotion-religion: just two days ago the very SAME chart missed the last spike upwards. Where it it reaLLY IS NOW?

    Somebody edited it, but which one and why?

    earlier version w/o the spike

  • Noah

    Help for Families with children (A repost)
Apple Pectin and C-137

    Quote from “The Future Children of Fukushima” by Joe Giambrone Published on Counterpunch 03May11

    “The parents of northern Japan had best investigate Dr. Bandashevsky’s dietary recommendations. He’s found that apple pectin helps remove radioactive cesium-137 from the body.” 

    Cesium and the food chain
Radioactive cesium bio-accumulates in the food chain due its chemical similarity with Potassium. All living things need and utilize Potassium and readily absorb it from their food or environment. Due to Cesium’s similarities chemically to potassium, it follows the potassium pathways into the tissue of living organisms.
Radioactive C-137 is therefore a concern when it comes to the food supply as it accumulates in plants and animals that ingest/absorb it.

C-137 disrupts many functions of the human reproductive cycle and results in still births, spontaneous miscarriage, deformation of the developing fetus, etc.
Bikini Atoll became uninhabitable due to bio-accumulation of Cesium within the Atolls food chain. It remains unpopulated to this day.

    Here we have identified one of the primary problems produced by the 311 event. Through time, the active Fukushima nuclear volcano will continue to lay down radioactive Cesium in the entire ecosystem. 

    We need to take aggressive counter measures to protect ourselves from this potassium imposter, Cesium. 
In the above post: “apple pectin helps remove radioactive cesium-137 from the body.”
Protective Strategy


    Begin to use apple pectin daily to assist in removing this harmful metal from your body.

Mrs. Noah daily feeds me Red Delicious apples (pealed for protection from I-131 that might be clinging to the skin). This is in addition to apple pectin in capsules taken daily. 
Apple pectin is one of the many supplements you can take for protection from radioactive fallout. Apple pectin works well removing C-137 in particular. Hence, its great value.

Please refer to previous posts, by others, that list other excellent recommendations and protective/cleansing strategies.

    Foods such as cilantro, chlorella and pectin, most notably apple pectin, are used for chelating toxic metals such as mercury and lead from the deep tissues and bones and removing them through the elimination system.

  • Patty

    Hi folks,

    Just registering in at 11:40 PM from Maryland. My geiger counter normally reads 28-32 cpm (been monitoring twice a day, inside and outside our home since the March 11 event). Today showed the highest spike!

    Since 10:00 PM, we’ve been getting readings of up to 72 cpm in our house! The previous readings of the day were under 40cpm.

    I wonder if this came from the May 4 spike seen from the Cesium-137 on the west coast? Maybe took 3 days to get here? Hmm? I did test behind several metal baking sheets to check for what kind of radiation it is and this did not seem to lower the high readings at all. So pretty sure this is gamma rays, folks. Seriously considering adding more barrier (cement walls?) to our house if this continues. God help us all.

    • xdrfox

      Thx Patty, 72 cpm or move underground !.

    • Tks, Patty!!

      Patty, I saw that Univ. of Maryland has some of the best high-tech equipment to monitor nuclear radiation in the country! Have you seen any more results from them??? Can they be implored upon to post those results for the sake of science and public health?!! As a taxpayer, you should contact them and demand it!! I noticed that the EPA has not detected any radiation levels for the cities tested in MD?
      I live in the nearby region and I’ve been very thirsty today, which is strange. I’m not even venturing out because of the rains and humidity. Plus, the NILU model shows a lot of Xenon coming over us this weekend!…:( Patty, keep me posted.

  • Patty

    Unfortunately our basement was not much better!

  • Tricky Dick

    There is a hot time in he ol town tonight.

  • @Patty You should consider doing what Youtube channel dutchsinse is doing for your area of the USA. He is video-taping in 10 minute intervals (though personally I would post one full 10 minute interval recording and after that just the beginning 1 min and the ending 1 min, to cut down on the time). Its actually a bit entertaining to listen to his comments, one time he left the room for coffee and came back, lol.

    There are multiple people posting Geiger counter readings in Japan, which start at 100 CPM (Counts per Minute), which is the maximum safe CPMs and go up to 500 CPM. While on a Mtn top (higher elevations will be higher, thus to down-play it some Govs are locating their censors in valleys, pathetic. Dutchsinse recorded over 100 CPM on Grandfather Mtn in N.C.

    I was watching the NILU jetstream/wind forecasts and EPA monitoring around the end of March 2011. Between March 31, 2011 and April 14, 2011 the readings were getting higher on the wind forecasts, so NILU shut them down. There is even a video showing two views (one with NILU released data and one with the REAL data from their database before it was lowered). At this point any readings coming from that site should be assumed to be double or triple what they are showing. Sad we can not trust our government sources…time to vote progressives in office that put us before corporations for a change!

  • I doubt progressives would do ONE hair better!