Latest forecast has all of California under radiation threat April 6, 7 — Shows levels as high as in Japan (VIDEO)

Published: April 4th, 2011 at 7:41 am ET


Fukushima Potential Releases, Xe-133 Total Column for April 4-April 7, 2011, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 4, 2011:

Note that the radiation cloud is the same blue color over the western U.S. as it is over Japan, indicating similar concentrations.










* Although xenon is not toxic, its compounds are highly toxic — CRC handbook of chemistry

UPDATE: California nuclear expert criticizes EPA: “We have an emergency network that’s supposed to help us know whether to take emergency action and it’s not working”

Published: April 4th, 2011 at 7:41 am ET


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22 comments to Latest forecast has all of California under radiation threat April 6, 7 — Shows levels as high as in Japan (VIDEO)

  • Published 2 weeks into Fukushima:
    HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI PAYBACK *** – 10 times more Caesium 137 / m2 being deposited in the US than in Japan (average)

    As you can see in the surface map for the next 72 hours, only the are Fukushima-Tokyo registers significant deposits.
    Contrast it with the situation for all of the US:
    Reminder: Caesium 137 half life is ca. 25 years

    [b]As expected from the ETR Laws, the previous map reduces more than just the HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI PAYBACK.
    It reduces the largest ocean of Planet EARTH is reduced to half.[/b]
    SHOCKING TRUTH: after 2 weeks of Fukushima : any ship crossing the North Pacific (USA-Asia) will be contaminated.
    As written in Revelations, the last chapter of the Bible.
    Revelations does not mention the contamination of planes leading the the end of air traffic. But it does not need to, according to the Laws of End Times Reductionism

    End Times Reductionism aka the exponential curve on the move
    Google it – archived page from 2005 here:*/

    • JO


      • z

        Please do not post your personal beliefs here again please.

        Ps: This site is about sharing scientific information and advice not FICTION and wishful thinking.

  • xdrfox

    trajectories were calculated using the NOAA HYSPLIT model.

  • xdrfox, my heart thanks you. i have been shall we say flippin a bit the last few days. didn’t want to bathe or go out or drink water, really in a bad way. Minds like yours, and like my own usually, are essential and help us all to make it. if you ever want more places to post, do ask — female dot faust at g mail —-

    to anyone else finding it difficult to not freak out unnecessarily: corporanon did a bunch of research to talk me out of my tree; i will be posting it after i get back from going out for the first time in a week….

  • well that freak out link did not work here it is again:

    no unnecessary freaking out.

  • huh. one last time : no unnecessary freaking out..

    and kudos to enenews, cool trick.

    • xdrfox

      Still not working…Not Found
      The requested URL />”” was not found on this server.

      Did you resently clean your catch ?

  • Rick

    What does xenon taste like and does this mean we are not supposed to eat bananas?

    Things I wasn’t taught in school.

  • dd

    So what exactly does this footnote mean and how is it relevant to the health risk?

    * Although xenon is not toxic, its compounds are highly toxic — CRC handbook of chemistry

  • Alex

    Footnote or not, I went to the website and generated my own graphs. There’s loads of I-131 and Cesium coming as well, I think the Xenon is probably the least of our worries.

  • jenya

    so how is everyone preparing: stay indoors for these days or what?

    • xdrfox

      Many have provided links for eceryones information, we do this for your benefit to read and become aware of the situation, but it is up to the reader to discern their own path to take during this.
      We can not retype each item posted, so please go through all the pages on this site, there is more then enough inf. to make an intelligent decision on what is best for you and what to do !

  • xdrfox

    If reading, catching up or a bit of study (preparation)is not your thing, and just stopped in to see what everyone else is doing, you may rather go back the the TV and find out more about Lynsey and Sheen, (LOSING) the FEMA people will come by and remove you body from in front of the TV that was not your best choice !

    Not Directed at anyone that is not ready for a big black FEMA Coffin to share with others !

    @ JO
    The graphs are from the Norweigian Institute for Air Research.
    I just want to know why you would bother to post “fools”. If we are looking at actual scientific data? Just asking.

  • northencal

    What is the best way to protect ourselves? I have 2 little kids. one who crawls… will staying indoors really help protect us? Is traveling to NY, which is some thousand miles away going to disperse these isotopes significanty? we are thinking of heading there, does anyone know if that should help any?

  • Kathleen Evergreen

    And what exactly can we do about it anyway. What is out there is out there already. I don’t figure anyone knows what if anything we can do about it. We’ve got tons of toxins out in the world before the latest disaster and the cancer rates to prove it. Seems to we are doing a very good job of killing ourselves off.

  • SoCalLady

    We have created an open group on Facebook called Glowing Conversations – we discuss and post up-to-date news related to the situation in Japan and especially Fukushima reactors and radiation. Many group members are quite knowledgeable about what is going on there and we have posts on what to do in the event of an increase in radiation. Please join us if this is your cup of tea…!/home.php?sk=group_138317026239145

    Follow the link or if it doesn’t work just type “glowing conversations” in the Search window in FB – the group is open so no problems there

  • Jack

    Anybody watching TV?
    NEW 7.4 Quake off Miyagi….Fukushima Workers Evacuated…
    CNN giving long interview to American guy who
    lives there, maybe, a phone interview….
    “everything is Ho-KAY!”

  • There is a lot of information available – filtering through it is necessary. I am concerned that there is no mention of fluoride in all the reports and measurements. I understand that Fluoride (F2) is a breakdown product of uranium hexafluoride. Fluoride exposure was initially thought to be a major damage vector. Is this an oversight or intentional?
    To protect ourselves and our children – born and unborn – it is advised to protect glands and organs – thyroid, brain, pancreas and cell membranes with appropriate chelated minerals, essential fatty acids, and calcium.
    My own (undocumentable) advice also includes twice daily Yoga and/or Tai-Chi, to create energy and purification of cells and organs.
    Maintain a positive representation of oneself and refrain from all negativity, which weakens the adrenals and the body/mind.
    Honor is due to the workers who have met their fate, know it, and yet work on. My highest praise is for them with compassion for their families. Namaste.