Latest Fukushima webcam images show large clouds of smoke/steam rising from reactor buildings (PHOTOS)

Published: May 3rd, 2011 at 5:52 pm ET


Fukushima Webcam via Pointscope, May 4, 2011:

May 4, 2011 at 5:00 am in Japan (Enhanced)

May 4, 2011 at 5:00 am in Japan (Original)

May 4, 2011 at 6:00 am in Japan

Published: May 3rd, 2011 at 5:52 pm ET


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24 comments to Latest Fukushima webcam images show large clouds of smoke/steam rising from reactor buildings (PHOTOS)

  • M from FI

    There has been small amounts of smoke rising all the week on 5:00-6:00 am photos as I’ve checked the webcam every day. This seems rather larger now I bet this is far from over and the amount of smoke will rise until they can somehow get their so called filters installed if they even work.

    • Decker

      I’m not expert, but I think the air filters they want to install inside reactor 1 bldg won’t have any effects on this.

      • Anthony

        I agree with your point unfortunately! I mean even if filters worked, wouldn’t they have to be constantly changed to remain effective? Wouldn’t the used filters be extremely dangerous to handle? I am not trying to undermine efforts to resolve this but it just seems like not the right answer. Maybe I am not getting the concept either.

        • Deetu 3

          Anthony-I had the same thought.Seems to me it always comes back to the “waste disposal” problem that is the dark heart of nuclear anything.There IS no way to dispose,only redistribute.
          On a side note I think whatever we do or say on here is in no way going to affect or undermine any efforts on site,contrary to what paid trolls/shills such as surreal vista and Harry fukup would try and have people believe. … taking the gov/industry SCHILLing-they have blood on their hands.

    • Decker

      But they are going to use those inside the buildings, no? And the steam seems to be coming from the spent fuel pools, which are completely exposed on reactors 1, 3 & 4.

  • M from FI

    I don’t really know but yes it kinda seems like that the “radioactive steam” or smoke is rising from pools or somewhere.

    Also some relatively small earthquakes seem to lurk around the plant 66-80km would these cause some damage? Even they’re still pretty far away but if one bigger one were to happen around 10-20km radius that would be sure to cause some more damage to the pools, cores etc.

    And there’s been few studies that bigger quake would still hit within 2-4 months. As some Finnish seismologist told to media here in Finland.

    So I still see this case far from over even when they’re trying to do their best and the workers are building up even more radiation to their bodies.

    Kinda mad.

    • Decker

      Yup, they say after-shocks are going to keep coming for months. Since the installations already suffered a lot of damage they may not resist. But they had some pretty strong ones already, within Fukushima prefecture or North Ibaraki. The guys at the plant were angry cause they wanted Tepco to start building a new tsunami barrier, but so far nothing.

    • terraohio

      Kinda upset! Where are the giant vacuums, the machines to suck up the radioactive steam? Blowers, fans, vacuums, anything will help. What about vacuuming the sea floor near Fukushima? They started sucking up oil in the Gulf marshes with some success.

      What about starting to enclose the reactors withing one third or a half mile distance by setting up large concrete block and lead
      walls, the great wall of Fukushima, for example?

  • Novamind

    To: M from FI The Japanese need to get some SISU!

  • M from FI

    “Human is really small when nature shows it’s power. Big buildings crashes down like toothpicks.”

    Also these so called “lies” about those explosions that certain heavy elements wouldn’t reach U.S. after these and so it seems that tiny amounts have still made their way down there on some states/towns.. They were not that high but all amount of toxic element can cause cancers etc.

    Can’t find the site where a man had these listed.

    • These extreme low levels of biologically significant radiation hit North America Mid March 2011. Low levels of radiation were found in Washington and California milk by the end of March.

      North American Radiation
      * Cerium-144
      * Cesium 137 accumulates in fatty tissues, liver, spleen and muscles
      * Iodide-131 accumulates in Thyroid, breast and ovaries
      * Strontium-90 concentrates in your bones and liver
      * Barium-140 causes bone tumors up to 30 years later
      * Tellurium-132 causes cell mutations, repeatedly via replication
      * Yttrium-0 damage to liver and respiration
      * Plutonium-244 concentrates in your liver
      * Uranium 235 accumulates in your bones and liver
      * Cobalt-60
      * Americium-241
      * Tritium
      * Ruthenium-106

  • radegan

    Ministry of Education, radiation level in Akogi in Namie-machi (survey area No.32):

    (5/2/2011: 24.14 milli-sieverts (3/23 – 5/1); +2.99 milli-sieverts from previous week)

    This little village about 30 clicks out got 2.99mSv last week. That’s 0.427 msV per day. A full mouth dental xray is 0.15 mSv, so living here is like getting about 3 full mouth dental xrays every day. Have I got that right? Oh, shucks, that’s nothing – send the kids on to school and let them play outside.

    I suppose you could just put some unexposed film between your cheek and gums, take a walk, and make your own dental xrays.

  • Cuica

    There is a way to contain a meltdown, we saw that at 3 mile island and at chernbyl. Why isn’t this being done? i’ve heard that it’s too hot and is melting through the containment to the ground then the sea. Seems like if it could be cooled with chemicals, then perhaps a dam could be built out from the plant, that would allow the sea water to be removed, then perhaps a huge lead plate could be stuck under the reators to stop leakage…then perhaps an airtight dome placed on top…like a cake server. Seems like a lot but if you had an army of people helping instead of an army of people guarding oil in foreign countries, it might work.

  • The Hanford List

    Charles Pardee Chief Operating Officer … theses windbags blow the fukushimas

  • xdrfox

    Choosing Prophesied 1,000 Years of Peace and Prosperity vs Nuclear Energy Suicide
    Tue, 03 May 2011
    by Suzy Chaffee

    U.S. and Japan Equally Shameless in Shuttling Officials From Regulatory Agencies to Nuclear Energy Industry
    By Russ Wellen, May 3, 2011