Official: Japan will be ruined if public doesn’t realize they’re being exposed to Fukushima radiation — “99.99% of the people are being sacrificed” — Rest of world will be taken down too (AUDIO)

Published: March 12th, 2014 at 7:19 am ET


Forum with Michael Krasny on KQED, Mar. 10, 2014 — Kenji Kushida, Stanford University (at 43:00 in): This crisis doesn’t stop, it keeps on going, there’s no easy solution in sight. […] This current situation is basically unprecedented.

Message from Arao Shunsuke, Fukushima resident, Mar. 10, 2014: […] Fukushima Daiichi is nowhere near under control, there are still massive problems […] we must be prepared for a long term battle which will go beyond the present generation. […] in Nakadori and other places in Fukushima, a million people are being forced to live exposed […] Many citizens of Fukushima mutter “we are guinea pigs.” […] Meanwhile TEPCO has not taken any responsibility for spreading radiation not just throughout Fukushima, but throughout the world. […] From the point of view of disposal of the radioactive waste also, people are realizing that we are nearing the point of collapse. […] We are continuing our journey on this small but beautiful planet, through the limitless universe. All of us must join our strength so that this delicate vehicle, which we are riding, which we have borrowed from our children and grandchildren, can be protected and handed over to them intact.

‘Nuclear Hotseat’ hosted by Libbe HaLevy, Mar. 10, 2014 (at 49:30 in) — Taro Yamamoto, celebrity and lawmaker elected in 2013 to represent the Tokyo district in Japan’s Upper House: “Idiotic ideas — like restarting the nuclear plants — are being considered here in Japan. It really boils down to exposure to radiation. Why is nuclear dangerous? Because it exposes people to radiation […] in Japan you can talk about nuclear energy, but the subject off radiation is taboo. You almost never here the subject discussed on TV or the mass media. In various places the true situation about radiation exposure is being hidden. If Japanese people can’t face up to this problem then this country will be ruined. It will take the rest of the world down with it. […] I think it is wrong that people’s lives are being sacrificed because of money and the company profits. […] 99.99% of the people are being sacrificed.”

Full interview with Yamamoto here

Published: March 12th, 2014 at 7:19 am ET


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211 comments to Official: Japan will be ruined if public doesn’t realize they’re being exposed to Fukushima radiation — “99.99% of the people are being sacrificed” — Rest of world will be taken down too (AUDIO)

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Oh, happy day.

    • bo bo

      Just a message to first time visitors…
      I believe enenews is being attacked and this may continue through the fukushima disaster anniversary.
      You will need to try at least 2 times to open pages and threads
      If you try to sign up as member and can't – ( your password doesn't get sent) – check your spam inbox
      When commenting, before hitting submit button, save your comment – because you might have to try twice.
      Don't give up, it's worth it digging through the archives here, and connecting to the people that truly care.

      Thank you admin, for all your hard work battling this.

    • SteveMT

      Commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the earthquake & Fukushima disaster. May all of those who lost their lives both on that day and all of the days that followed rest in peace.

    • skizexq skizexq

      Taro – when does 'ruined' start? 3+ yrs later and y ou just now see this? 99.9%?
      geeesh/ shoulda oome to ene about 2.75 yrs ago…

    • We Not They Finally

      O happy day???? My poor Colon.My Colon which is on the best day spasmotic is now going nuts…Thats my reaction. Especially WIIP in NM is freaking out anyone who sees the end coming.The official who so stated that only one incident in 20 yrs aint bad.and others are diving me to the extreme. I cant not react to the bad new After 9/11 WE fled NYC and went west from flame to fire…..Our neighborhood in NYc became a morgue.

    • Gradius

      I just see the picture now. When Japan gets "doomed flag" to the public, the global economy will go down too. So the ends will be much much MUCH faster than the radioaction from Fukushima itself. We'll start to kill humans at MUCH faster and bigger pace (we have a lot and better guns now) than the ancient times did. Movies like "300" (it was 3000 actually) would be child's story/fantasy very soon.

    • We Not They Finally


  • jackassrig

    Good words but late in the day. These words should have been uttered two days after the NUCLEAR explosion.

  • zogerke zogerke

    not guinea pigs. rather, experimental white lab mice. the ones you always torture intentionally to test our your drugs on and new medical practices on, and then "sacrifice" and dissect to see how their brains and bodies do… Except there is no personal protective equipment that works, for the dissectors. The people in lab coats will be dosed and contaminated and sickened just like the lab mice, like everyone else whose choices they have massacred.

    i am so glad the anniversary day is over and so disheartened/ that the catastraphe goes on, day after day. Max Seivert also posted this snippet of cesium 134 being found in soils of fraser valley in british columbia:

    it is here, here, here,here,here.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Smile, smile
    Denial, denial
    Abe is vile
    Turning Japan into a pile
    The radiation Nile
    Oh me oh me oh my
    Where has been all the vitriol

    I hope those voices can be made loud and clear.

  • Sadbuttrue Sadbuttrue

    Japan is done, nothing can be done to save them I'm sure the people there realize that so what's the point. Japanese people don't talk about their problems and secrecy is protected with threats of jail. Using the pacific as their toilet should piss the rest of the world off enough yet here we are three years later and still no international action, not even government monitoring of radiation levels.

    • atomicistheword

      Ask CTBTO they will say the opposite. All governments are aware of the data.

      Fukushima~The Big Lie 3-8-14

      Plop that in YouTube. I'm under heavy attack at the moment, can't put links in here and accessing the site from European VPN.

    • whatamessa

      Doesn't it seem strange that this Horror show has been going on now for 3 years,and I don't recall any,Nuclear scientists,Engineers,People of great wealth,Respected Humanitarians, Rockstars( where are you Paul) No on is making a big issue out of this,no public outcry from these well known FOLKS.

      • I was thinking about this the other day as well Whatamessa. Where are all the big stars that do Humanitarian work; why aren't they speaking out. They certainly have the following needed to get people to open their eyes. Look at say Lady Gaga with her millions of groupies. All it would take is for her to send out a well worded tweet to her followers (the majority of which are the next generation we will be relying on to fix this). Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, Willy Nelson, Bono, Beyonce, freaking Justin Beiber…These are the people we need to get talking about it as they can reach millions quicker that we could reach 10 I am sure. But where would we start to get these people on board?

  • atomicistheword

    I cannot see the Japanese car industry surviving, who wants radiation cars? Californian cesium 137 nuts, no thanks. Ukrainian blueberry jam, no thanks. Californian contaminated oranges, no thanks. Hawaiian macadamia nuts, no thanks.

    And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more.

    And they all said, thank you General Electric Hitachi, Toshiba, you have increased our wealth. Still protecting your new clear friends????

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I just love the labels on fruit now days. "USA-EU" O…K… so where is it from? California? Latvia?

      I avoid fruit that says California, and would rather get something from South America.

      If nations get a little cozier the label will say, "Earth" which would be fine, but what if I like Florida oranges over California oranges. I like French fries, but the package says earth fries. If I want to avoid fallout, or pollution from this place or that I guess I just won't know. Non-GMO foods? Fat chance.

      Might as well say on the label, "Why do you bother reading labels, dumbass?"

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Seriously, why don't they just put a short story on the label? Something short… Edgar Allen Poe… "There was a loud sound, like a heart beat somewhere under the US-EU.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        People keep having to have more I.D. all the time. Thumbprint. Eyescan. DNA. Driver's license, state of issue, mailing address, passport, email address, blah, blah. Why doesn't my driver's license just say US-EU?

      • atomicistheword

        It's mandatory in Oz/NZ to show country of origin on such food items. So what they do is send it to New Zealand freeze it and declare it made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients and vice versa. Gotta keep those dollars rolling.

        That's how we get those Chinese frozen veggies with banned in USA/OZ pesticides on them.

        You've gotta have eyes like an unradiated eagle to keep up with the trickery of the sourceres.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          "Local and imported ingredients." I see that alot, Atomic. My eyes are more like a salmon's eyes. You know, the fogged over look when mating has been completed, or attempted, and now lying on the rocks, gasping last breaths. One eye sunburnt, the other taking macro photos of a rock.

          I wish the labels said, "Good" or "Bad."

          • atomicistheword

            They could have corn labeled "new clear corn" hand manufactured in our laboratory. This is gooooooood.

            Casting a glance for one second away from the dumb phone, pausing flappy birds, two packets in the trolley.

            This is what we face, but we must persevere in hope that they drop the dumb phone and a conversation breaks fourth.

            We are only warners!

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              I read the angry birds app is a spy tool of the NSA. I was sorry to read that.

              Makes your very interesting phrase, "Casting a glance for one second away from the dumb phone, pausing flappy birds, two packets in the trolley." even more poignant.

              That phrase would fit well in a modern "Clockwork Orange" movie. Life seems a bit grazzy, in Nadsat. The wi-fi electronics makes me feel like a bug on a wall trying to get attention, especially when it's a cashier doing it.

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                I saw this one movie, too, couple was having sex, and the girl was talking on a "bleeding" iPhone. We are up against it alright.

                • unincredulous unincredulous

                  Plan B: Turn your phone off, walk through the grocery stores, and other public places, and act as if you are talking to Arnie Gunderson: "Really, it's that bad? Three nuclear meltdowns? The power company lied? Everyone's scared for their lives? OMG!" Sorry, sir, I am not talking to you. Nothing to see here. Ok, well if you really want to know…

                  • bo bo

                    That's a good one…I've done this before at lunch places – in places where they take your name down and then yell your name when your food is ready, you can tell them your name is 'Fukushima is here'

                    They'll have to yell and then you can pretend you are hard if hearing so they have to repeat several times.

                    I didn't have the balls to say that whole line… but said my name is Fukushima. It kind of blended in because I'm Japanese but the people kind of had puzzled look on their faces.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I like to walk around ..telling people I'm doing a bird count.
                      I ask them have they seen any?
                      They don't answer..
                      (There are very few birds here)
                      I just away.

                    • unincredulous unincredulous

                      Seymore Butts! I need a Seymore Butts here!

                      Once I walked around with a protest sign with nothing on it but blank canvas.

                      One couple asked me about it…

                      You could get a small gang to get out a subliminal:

                      Nuki Melldown, Fischer Diing, Emer Gency, Radi Yation, and Fuku Shima walk into a restaurant…

                  • Magda

                    What I've been doing is printing sheets of headlines from ENE news with a link to the original source and leaving them in coffee shops, in supermarket trolleys, in offices I visit, and so on, I've even dropped them in the street and left them on a seat at the bus stop. I make sure they're dated and recent and from consecutive days. You can get 15 or so headlines on a page. It gives a good overview.

              • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                Yes this was on 60 minutes Sunday , and if you downloaded the brightest flashlight app you have a permanent GPS that they can track your very move ..I did

                I'm not sure if you can get rid of it either .
                The dating site Cupid collects a shit load of data too .

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                The Wi-Fi electronics make me sick. Literally. EMF sensitive.

                What a world. I had to be the guy with the extraordinary perception, who even feels the X-rays when I get them done. Which is said to be impossible. I see them too, with my eyes closed (dental X-rays).

                When I get around a lot of people using cell phones or near a tower, my head literally buzzes and it gives me a headache.

                "Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide."

                Welcome to the Brave New World.

      • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

        Err watch out for the bananas.. the real ones this time….

        This is the 2nd time in as many months that we've had the freaky deadly spider scenario…. so watch out for them too.. or you may be a gonner sooner than you think…


  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Corporations aren't people. They have no children to protect, no soul to save, no body to incarcerate for the safety of the public. They are profit machines. They feed on the poor and the weak. They take our own precious resources and sell them back to us. How can we let them be responsible for our future, our planet? We need to take back our planet. Demand the return of the commons, while there's still something left that they haven't raped and pillaged. Take away their personhood. Its the best first step. Then we should throw all are collective resources, our militarys, our scientists and everyone or anyone willing to sacrifice themselves for the future of mankind. Where's are will to live? I don't know about yall, but I want off this crazy train. And the corporation driving it is clearly insane and admittedly incapable.

    • Yet it is humans that take decisions on behalf of the corporations, and – more importantly – it is humans that are the shareholders of the corporations, and who put pressure on the managers to take decisions the way they do, well-aware that if they don't they would be exchanged just by the next best person doing it. In that way, corporations are nothing but a masquerade for their insanely greedy and evil owners. An incredibly clever masquerade, though, given the facts that it allows them to act legally in all the ways that would be illegal if they did the same as individuals.
      The world we live in is dead crazy. Literally.

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        No corporation–or its shareholders–make a dime if you don't buy their products (garbage).

        Even–and especially–the cellphones. Get rid of them. You don't need them…you never did. It wasn't long ago that they didn't even exist. Cancel your phone plan, and recycle your phone. Get a landline if you need a phone…or even share one with a neighbor…or petition your town/community for a local payphone.

        All EneNewsers could easily do this…knowing what we know about the interconnectedness of corporations with nuclear energy and other environment-destroying products…it's a logical step toward the un-flinching defiance of all things nuclear and destructive, by replacing negative behaviors with positive ones.

        Protect fresh water sources; learn your local wild edibles; start a land-management scheme with your neighbor(s); design or petition for an efficient bike network to be developed in your area; replace your kitchen tools and utensils with wooden versions, only from naturally fallen materials.

        If you like to smoke, say F-you to all the companies by learning to identify local, wild smokables. Yarrow is a common "weed" and has a delicious taste and aroma. I like some Goldenrod leaves at the bottom of a pipe, with yarrow packed on top. I hope that even this interest will encourage more people to a healthier way of life that supports the local wildlife to be healthy and clean.

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          If you didn't have the ability to get food from the supermarket or local veggie market or whatever…you would have to inevitably reach a point where you look around at your feet to see what is growing.

          At that time, it will benefit you greatly to know what that green plant is at your feet, and whether or not you can eat it. Finding out what these things are is easy: A great place to start is

          Once you have a good idea of what all the plants are that are found around your feet…you will realize that many of them are very nutritious and delicious.

          At some point, the distribution of food in your town/city is going to break down to a point where large numbers of people will be going hungry. Everyone who can't buy food will look to the hills and the vacant lots.

          But when you get the the edge of the parking lot, where the dandelions are growing, you see the dirt/dust/grit from cars and roads dusting the greens. You'd have to be starving to eat those greens…Someone eventually will.

          So it it each of our responsibilities, as individuals, to ensure that none of our behaviors in life contribute the creation of more toxins and poisons.

          Start working–immediately–toward a lifestyle free of owning a car. If you don't own one, you don't have to have money for gas or insurance…and you give the huge environmental benefit to the world. Help your kids toward a lifestyle that is successful without gasoline.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      Corporations are first of all organized groups of people who are then stimulated into mob consciousness that is controlled so windows are not broken and fires are not stared–BUT the energy of the mob is very desirable for corporations which include governments.

      Beware of large groups. And presidents bearing gifts.

      People in corporations are trained mobsters. In a mob people let down their inhibitions like at a rave. This is very important. Quite docile people in America supporting through their work the destruction of Iraq for example are numbed to consequences of their actions.

      Love and intelligence are the poles of life. Unite the two in your actions; and be free!

  • rogerthat

    taro yamamoto: ''the true situation about radiation exposure is being hidden. If Japanese people can’t face up to this problem then this country will be ruined. It will take the rest of the world down with it. […] I think it is wrong that people’s lives are being sacrificed because of money and the company profits. […] 99.99% of the people are being sacrificed.”

    the simple, unvarnished truth. thank you mr yamamoto.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, AND…. Libbe HaLevy is an AMERICAN radio host. Her program can be accessed all over the world, but it was not produced in Japan. I greatly hope that Mr. Yamamoto is free to voice this right in Japan.

  • Sickputer

    When a tree falls on a deserted island, no one cares because they don't hear the sound.

    When 125 million humans fall ill and many die, many humans should hear and care.

    But they don't.

    Big Brother pouring forth soothing statements that all is well makes tragedy simply the cost of modern life. To succeed and have a modern lifestyle we acquiesce to the casualties. The survivors pity the sick sailors, the cancers of many, but just shrug and watch another episode of The Voice. There is no dissent, because people have lost the will to oppose policies for fear of losing their jobs and modern lifestyle.

    It is Japan's populace that always gets the reputation of being obedient to authority as they bow and embrace the idea that "the nail that sticks out gets hammered down". They are not alone.

    Fear of society's hammers is universal in affluent nations. So much to fear losing…well-paying jobs, four bedroom suburban house or luxury condo, whiz bang electronic devices. Your well stocked pantry and restaurants, cars that give you immense power and freedom.

    Instincts of fight or flight are hidden deep in the subconscious, rarely stirring any survival urges. We exist, we consume, we die. This is your Brave New World and every third world starving human wants it also. Regardless of the fatal price of a shortened lifetime. They have that already.

    Modern society conditioning created the 99% sheep class. Easy to control and easy to slaughter.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You are very wise and many have had great lives being sheep here inside the US and also in other parts of the world. Those great bountiful lives will come with a price though, soon, and down the line. Not all people are evil or know that what they do is evil or that their actions have negative consequences for others. SP you pretty much hit the nail on the head and all we can do is try too awaken as many as possible to get involved in the solutions and the most urgent is the shut down of Nuclear Power world wide. Then the ending of the fossil fuel burning party that is going on 24/7 world wide would be the next one to tackle. It can be done and there are those out here that see these problems and they are trying to change things, but as we all know this will be a slow process with many health casualties now and down the line.

      Send all you know here so they can get a glimpse of what must be done to save our planet! 🙂

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I once heard a man die. He just went past me and then I heard the sickening thud of face on asphalt. I had though his nose looked a bit blue.

      I guess if the nuclear death was like that, people would notice. Especially once it became a pandemic.

      I feel for the fishes in the deep blue sea. When they fall they don't make a sound. They have all that sea snot to dampen the sound, too.

      I bet that's why that whale put his head up onto that boat and looked at people. Probably thinking "you assholes!" I read about that whale doing that recently, somewhere.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Typo, sorry.

        Should say "Probably thinking 'you ䷀䷀䷀䷀䷀䷀䷀䷀!'"

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        .. 🙂 "When they fall they don't make a sound. They have all that sea snot to dampen the sound, too."

      • mairs mairs

        The Ukrainian man who wrote about the evacuation of Pripyat said that's what happened to many of them. They settled in his village, scattered all over Russia as well, even when they wanted to live near their old friends. Can't have that, must scatter the survivors so no studies can be done, no followup.

        He said they would suddenly drop dead. Out in a field. In the garden. At home.

        • bo bo

          mairs…I have had 2 neighbors in my hometown in Tokyo suburbs pass away in this manner. This is just a personal account, not scientific. But, yes, it happened last year to 2 people I knew there.

    • I use to say to my close friends that I'd like to have the following inscribed on my tombstone: "Fascism at the time of Hitler was nothing but a children's birthday party" 🙁

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If Japan actually does pass away, the brand name "nuclear" will be toast. Then what will they call it? I guess it doesn't matter, someone will sell it. Maybe they would call it "new and improved solar energy."

  • NondiPloom

    There seems to be nothing that can be done to prevent the radiation releases, only slow them down a bit. Eventually, Japan will be toast and life on this planet as we now know it will cease to exist.

  • Socrates

    The Black Death came and went. This is here to stay like some macabre death machine. You struggle to find the kill switch, only to discovery that there isn't one. The grim reality sets in, the shock of recognition. The nuclear pit and the pendulum; you wake up but the nightmare and reality are the same. A sense of impending doom surrounds you, even as people go about there daily lives, not seeing the invisible poisoning….but some know, some realize the inevitability that this will take us all down.

    It is this exact scenario that is contemplated when we threaten to take another country back to the stone age. Not so much the explosions, but the relentless contamination. The biophysics of nuclear contamination cannot be altered. Einstein knew this simple reality. Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex.

    Imagine if chimps had nuclear…. we are 98.5% chimp DNA with 1 to 3% Neanderthal genes. The post-Fukushima events were inevitable from the outset of the nuclear age. Only fools did not understand because they didn't want to understand. That understanding didn't fit with their agenda. It was that simple.

    As with Hitler, they will keep telling you that we are winning on the Eastern front. Well, we're not. The Big Lie went on for 3 1/3 years… until 20 million Soviets marched into Berlin.

    We are losing the Battle of Fukushima. It will go on forever.


      I'll be forever amazed how even to this day, the peasants failed to recognize who enslaved them. The disease runs rampant now, hollowing-out what's left of truth and honor. It now only remains a matter of nature finishing what others failed to accomplish…

      • Remember the horrible 'black plague' in Europe? It killed 50% of the villagers, due to infectious fleas riding on rats, which then bit people.

        Well, the cancer rate is now 1 in 2. 50%, same as the black plague. Without treatment, you die. Even with radiation and chemo, most end up dying, just a few years later, from more aggressive stuff that nothing stops.

        The rat called the black plague has arrived on the global doorstep, and it is called radiation. All nuclear accidents, spills like WIPP, nuclear plants, release fuel fleas, also called hot particles, which 'infect' people who breathe them in, and later on cause death, disease or genetic problems.. all lose, lose, lose.

        The Matrix is alive and well.

        Unplug from the machine.. Take the red pill.

        Take the green road, less traveled.

        Create a way for others to follow in your footsteps.

    • m a x l i

      @Socrates, in those last days* of the Nazi regime, before the Soviets marched into Berlin… Whom did the Nazis give a gun and a spot in a trench to fight for Germany's "Endsieg" (final victory), after all capable soldiers were wasted, in captivity or deserted? Children and old men.

      I'm often reminded of that when I see the pathetic efforts of the shills everywhere. They are running out of 'decent' shills! The more clever and knowledgable went AWOL. The dumb ones didn't realise, hold the fort and fight for the Endsieg of nuclear power.

      (* Nowadays I'm not so sure the Nazi regime ever ended.)


        always appreciated how you cut to the quick, m a x l i…

        BTW, if possible, get a copy of Hell Storm. It's an account of the final days and what we were never told…

        • m a x l i

          @AFTERSHOCK, no understand. Did you mean "cut someone to the quick" or "cut to the chase"? (I hope I didn't cut you to the quick.)

          What's Hell Storm? Book? Film?

          I was just watching the Naoto Kan interview you suggested below before I saw your reply.


            yeah, m a x l i. You caught me doing my usual mixing of metaphors. It's my residual ADD coming into play.

            Hell Storm is a book. Much of the author's research was cobbled together from Allied sources and firsthand accounts of survivors. Really good reading for those who'd like to avoid 'fast food' history. It is the story that – must – remain hidden from the world, or the criminals who got us here lose their grip on our minds (and souls). I consider it must reading.


            And yes, the Kan interview is a must see/listen. It's doubtless one of Amy's best interviews. He reveals boatloads of behind-the-scenes tidbits, and the politics that come into play. I've come to respect the man very much. I still sense he's limited in what he can reveal to the general public. I'll not fault him, as it's obvious he was surrounded (and likely still is) by murderous people…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            maxli, "cutting to the chase" or "cutting to the quick" is, in the U.S., a way of saying someone gets right to the point or gets to the heart of the matter. It is a compliment.

            I speak some German, so I'm aware of some of the language differences. Like never telling a person who doesn't know English well, "I'm going to give you a nice gift" which I'm told means "poison" in German. One of my German relatives corrected me once, when I was talking about giving one of my cousins a "nice gift." (I meant a "present" which is another word for "gift" in English.)

            English is a most difficult language, I'm told. You seem to understand it pretty well.


              thanks HoTaters. I wasn't entirely sure if I was flubbing-up or what. I've long used "cut to the quick". Could explain those strange looks that I get, when walking away…

      • Socrates

        I know a few women who were in Germany at the end. Hitler was on the radio telling everybody to fight to the last, and then take poison, like Jimmy Jones in Guyana. One is in her early 90s. I'll be seeing her next month. Her sister was here last summer. They lived in Munich.


          you're likely aware, Socrates, most don't like to talk about their experiences during the war. The few adults that remain from that time, fear speaking their mind; at least, in public. Most will regurgitate what they think strangers would expect to hear. Other than what they were 'shown' in carefully drawn-up propaganda accounts, those who grew up after the war knew little of what their predecessors experienced or what truly fueled that conflict. As the brilliant saying goes, "The first casualty of war…is the truth!" The greatest loss from each individual's death, is the truth we take to our graves…

        • We Not They Finally

          We met a Japanese woman who was living in Japan as a child at the end of WWII. She said that if the Emperor ordered people to off themselves instead of surrendering, her family would have done it.

          The thing is, in America, we may not have to worry so much about suicide. Americans generally tend way more towards homicide. The worst record in the world!

          We just need to get THE WORLD off of any homicide/suicide wagon. Neither is the human way to go. Though if I were looking at someone with terminal cancer begging to die, it would be heartbreaking HOWEVER one looks at it.

          Retaining our compassion and humanity in the face of what's to come will be a huge part of the challenge.

        • humptydumpty humptydumpty

          The Japanese civilians — women and children — were also instructed to defend the Emperor and Empire, using sharpened sticks and even bare hands. Defend to the death, and honor will be bestowed upon your family and upon you in the "afterlife." Many have subscribed to such twisted ideas which are still around — witness the rush to war after 9/11 and the instigation of the Patriot Act. Give up your freedom for "security." The sickos are still leading the lemmings over the cliff and "you go first."

  • Sol Man

    The basis of the problem it seems is congressional zombies that accepted their money to open the doors to the WRONG PEOPLE!


    Some billionaire scum
    corrupted our government
    to plunder the People.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    ninety-nine percent of me will be taken down by this sleeping pill in the next five minutes. I hope I wake up and the cigar shaped UFO over the Ukraine has fixed us all better.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    So since corporations are made up of people we should just let them use the earth as their own personal toilet bowl. We should let them enjoy their ill gotten gains. Carry on. Business as usual. It's a mad world, so let's all just lay down and die. I can't! I have babies. You know, I was adopted, and the first time I met my mother I was in an abusive relationship with a 3 month old. You know what that crazy woman said to me. She said"if your not going to do anything about it quit bitching about it." If enenewsers give up and do nothing then we are truly doomed.


      and…what would you propose, melting mermaid?

    • Sickputer

      You can do something MM. Save your own child. Practice safe food and water strategies. Carry an umbrella. Don't play in the snow. Use HEPA filtering.

      Be a voice for your friends and strangers. Pass the word without sounding fanstical.

      Don't lose your cool. Arnie never does. Enenewsers are the trickle of water that cracks open iceberg.

      People are zombies in Future Shock land. We don't have to stab them in their brains with objects. Just implant an idea, a suggestion. Some day we will awaken powerful friends… They are the ones who can help rally the forces and do what you and I try to do one person at a time.

      Wake up affluent people who have nothing financial to lose. You can spread the warning words and it is needed so badly.

      Clinton won't do it, Obama is a bought man. Even Carolyn Kennedy has no desire to save Japan and the world.

      Bonnie Raitt has the guts to oppose big Brother. How about others?

      I will try and prolong my family line regardless. Please do the same. Good luck and never give up.

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    we need to realize what a powerful weapon our wallets/purses are. we need to understand what the real costs are of our every purchase. we need to unplug. 316 is our rad net data for today in san diego, (the 3rd day in about the last 3 weeks we've been given data at all…)
    i spent 2 hours during rush hour with my body pressed into an over pass fence with a sign saying "fukushima is here" yesterday, appx 14500 cars passed. fukushima fallout i is 3 days away via jet stream, yet 3 minutes reporting "american idol" is more important to my news media. one of my best friends ordered a shrimp taco in front of me the other day, she is still breast feeding and eating sushi… i am going to give a few more big pushes on the "wake up front" then ill probably "bug out the dug out",if i can find a way. gotta save myself, can't fight if i am dead…

    by Robert Frost and Fukugeddon

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.
    Yet it is true as of today
    When killing an entire nation
    In terms of pain and devastation
    Beware there's no more diabolic way
    Than using deadly radiation.

  • GQR2

    Nuclear Hotseat is just outstanding as usual , the voices and interviews with people from Japan. Thank-you Admin for the post. Hearing from the Japanese people themselves is haunting. Nuclearu Hotseat #142 is a powerful blast of truth. Its hard to smile today..

  • every "government" is a corporation, from your city muni, to the county, state and federal level, and all are run by fools working for privately owned subcontractors for the level above them, also privately owned companies.

    for instance:

    now,, all of this is accepted ancient practice defined in the bible as "publican"… elite families getting prime contracts to collect taxes for ceasar that subcontract and then the subcontractors subcontract and so on…..

    do your own research on manta, or dun&bradstreet, or the SEC and you will find even your own road dept, code officers and sheriff and assessor are ALL privately owned companies.
    same goes for the nuke companies of course,, as well as presidents, prime ministers and of course colleges and universities.

    • atomicistheword


      So is your analogy that a corporation and publican are one of the same thing and is this an attempt to make a corporation seem human? A financial entity (corporation) does not walk, talk or breath, but a publican does.

      • atomicistheword

        on reflection I need to magnify….

        Corporations form from concentration of wealth, more power, less control. So these corporations that swallowed up the publicans, then publicans working for the corporations promised governments that they would bring up the living standards of humanity. Governments then let the corporations with sanctioned lawlessness destroy civilisation. By gleaming the wealth of the world thus destroying economic circulation and or by immoral conservation of the environment that the publican slaves live in.

        One could consider a false religion as being a corporation lawlessly not paying tax whilst owning the real estate of earth, by whatever lawless method it was obtained.

        A corporation doesn't need to breath, but a publican does. A government can be a corporation, but is not a publican.

        • finding out who, what, when, where and how was drilled into me long ago , finding a better definition of what a publican vs a corporation is easily found in the word "person", which is defined as a fiction, the strawman, the papers they create then use to define who you are as a "person".
          corporations are persons as defined by the scotus.. which is also a person,,IE privately owned company, corporation as listed on the various registers.
          persons need no protections, for they are not human beings.
          publicans only need protections from the slave classes they seek to plunder. IE open revolt. which in essence always results in the same classes of tax farmers running things as before because a re-volt is a re-volution, it the snake eating its tail. a circle of lies always leads to the next lie.
          that in a nutshell is the situation in fuku. they lied from the beginning so they need to continue the lies to protect the original lie. that of nuclear power being efficient, safe and cheap energy.
          there is no position to defend the nasty deadly truth about nukes so lies are mandatory.
          there is no position to defend tax farms and exploiting humanity for a buck created out of thin air either so brutality and death by genocide in order to cull the resistance is also seen as necessary.
          publicans are nothing more than pirates sailing under the letter of marque granted by the govts of today and the kings, pharoahs and ceasars of yesteryear. now they wear badges instead of a…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Yes, and T P T B don't want people to understand what it means to "re deem the st raw man."

          • atomicistheword

            One could magnify this to the first corporations; religions. To invent sins that never existed to control the masses. Changing a name of a certain Christ, with a counterfeit name and then declaring themselves tax havens, whilst extorting monies from those in economic stress to build empires built on pillars of salt. The lie the fraud son of a GOD. Nero Caesar's work is going well. Drinking from a cup of indignation; pride converting them into drunk zombies. They never understood connection with their environment, killing those that were of the truth faith. These days they just ignore you for an atomic dream nightmare. Save one save the world.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, this all weighs heavily on the truly enlightened mind and soul.. 🙁

    • Shaker1

      (The philosopher) tends to liberate the truth in himself by seeking true liberty to all. Plato taught that “to philosophize and concern oneself with politics is one and the same thing, and wrestle with the sophist means at the same time to defend the city against tyranny.”

      So true was this that Socrates would not turn his back on the equivocation of his fellow citizens and their betrayal of truth, even when their hatred of reason meant his own death.

      The “spiritual space” created by the Polis was still, in any event, the only place for the philosopher…if he is not only silenced but even condemned unjustly to death, it remains his function as philosopher to teach the city truth by his death rather than fly into exile or withdraw into private life, since a purely private existence could not be fully “philosophical.”

      It was in the life of the Polis that the citizen manifested his deeds and his courage, above all his reason.

      It is in the public and political realm that he (the philosopher) shares words and deeds, thus contributing his share of action and thought to the fabric of human affairs. The public and political realm is that where issues are decided in a way worthy of free man…The first principle of valid political action in such a society (a society that lives by organized greed or by systematic terrorism and oppression) then becomes non-cooperation with its disorder, its injustices, and more particularly with its deep commitment to untruth.


        fantastic thoughts, Shaker1…

        • Shaker1

          Humbly, aftershock, these aren't my words, though my life was impressed by them. I ran out of word count, and believe that if I judge correctly the person who wrote them, that these thoughts might be considered in sharing are more important than a citation.

          Those words are Thomas Merton's in an essay that examines the fallacy of spiritual life that seems in our culture to be deemed 'private' and exclusively religious, when in reality, and quoting again, "The spiritual life of one person is simply the life of all manifesting itself in him. While it is very necessary to emphasize the truth that as the person deepens his own thought in silence he enters into a deeper understanding of and communion with the spirit of his entire people (or his Church), it is also important to remember that as he becomes engaged in the crucial struggles of his people, in seeking justice and truth together with his brother, he tends to liberate the truth in himself by seeking true liberty to all."

          He (Merton) then cites examples as that of Socrates and what Plato advances in the idea of the Greek 'Polis', one that we might not deem essentially spiritual or religious. That there is a private spiritual and religious life is unquestioned, but in public life that dichotomy is falacious and can be the source of much that we deem 'evil' socially.

          I hope I represented that well…


            regardless where it came from, Shaker1, I found it most relevant to our times and condition. Thanks for keeping the timeless ones before our eyes…

          • atomicistheword

            A church is not a living entity more a corporation and cannot be a bride. Only living humanity contains the truth of relationship. Anti-humans despise this message. They failed to understand what was written in truth before them. Colouring in a book with guilt of crime. War is the bastion of devils trying to put their sins on the family of heaven. We are all that family. Living in error they pridefully build atomic reactors to the stars. Perverting mankind with a false dream.

    • The only 'true' reality is beyond the illusion of this earthly place of duality. That reality is found by our passing over to it and we get to experience what that REALITY is, compared to this illusion. The other way is to experience it directly, here and now, while still in the body.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Is to relocate to the equator, or below.

  • weegokiburi weegokiburi

    I've noticed a slow anger building here. Strangely particularly among the older generation.
    The penny is dropping.
    People read between the lines. It's second nature in Japan.
    Hard to explain. It's not exactly what is said, but how its said and what is omitted.
    Aahhgghhh! Can't explain.


    • The slow burning fuse has been lit.

      When people have had ENOUGH!, the 1% cannot stop it..

      99% is greater than 1%.

      Really all it takes is voting, but voting only for those who take no corporate money.

      The solutions are all there.


      • J.

        Ralph Nader recently put out the call for billionaires who need no corporate money to get out and start a third party. He named a few possibilities, not including Jesse Ventura, who has already talked about a third-party run with Howard Stern, who has big bucks.

        No corporate money is a good starting point.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      We need to adjust the lines. I am getting angry. Been angry. What's the point in having lines?

      This nuclear crap is unreal. I understand how a factory works. I understand the profit motive. What makes me sick is how the safety representatives show up for a day and tell you all the safety rules. Then, I suppose they go golfing. The workers are told to be safe, and then told to be faster! faster! faster! The rules are bent, and may be broken. Kudos to companies who don't behave like this. But it is the way of the corporation.

      Nuclear work has the potential to kill planets. That is why the safety people are called whistleblowers and fired. I guess they didn't play enough golf, or visit enough strip clubs. Not enough fish or elk on the wall at home. Nuclear should be different. Nuclear has to be different.

      The public needs to have an "Adopt a Whistleblower program." Much more important than "Adopt a Highway."

  • Sol Man

    At lease the corporations genomes are impervious to harm. They can march on without us.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    I don't know. Convene, march,scream,beg, borrow, bully, lobby. Seize the assets of our asshole oligarchs. Ask Anne. I'll do anything. March,crawl swim across the gd fukushima harbour. Put on one of those fake fucking white hazmat suits. Invest in torches and pitchforks. Sue them for giving me tourettes syndrome. I'm back to ask do we do Anne, Mr goodheart ,stock. I know yall are all smarter than me. I'm not ready to start thinking of humane ways to murder my loved ones. People risked their lives so black people could vote. There not going to be voting much longer if we don't light a fire under someones ass. You just can't tell me the love of my life my babies are just dead men walking.. you just can't.

  • The solutions are all there. Start local. Start small, in your own life. Eat organic. Unplug from nuclear power, don't use anything nuclear. Switch to photo cell smoke detectors. Buy a radiation detector. Educate others. Buy renewable power 100% if you can. Vote for 'green' candidates. Vote for those not taking corporation money.

    Get involved locally in groups. Attend anti nuclear meetings. Get educated. Become an expert. Speak at meetings and social organizations. post on Facebook, other social media. Post on Youtube, or spread those videos around. AGRP has lots of videos on youtube channels that are creative commons that you can copy and share, as do other channels.

    This is the tip of the iceberg.. Go inside, meditate. Ask what your part is. Follow your heart. Follow your gut feelings.

    Finally be grateful and stay in your heart as much as you can.. the world needs more love, more than food, more than medicine, more than power, more than anything else.

    • atomicistheword

      The humble vacuum cleaner my Dr friend, you guys need to invest in a cleaner that is 100% body sealed like Dyson or Shark. These give you the lowest dust/pollen output when vacuuming your place. I also bought air conditioners with negative ion generators in them to make dust/pollen charged and fall to the floor. There is a water filled cleaner from USA I think it is called speed Queen that uniquely passed dirt through water, I'm not sure if the body is 100% sealed. (very expensive) I think the shark is the best priced of the three.

      I'm off to bed, I've made too many comments today.

      ps: I don't work or have any interests in the companies above.

  • There is a death happening on a global level.

    There is a birth happening on a global level.

    Be one of those with the intention of being part of the birth.

    Swallow the red pill daily. Live and love moment by moment.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I saw a funny post somewhere the other day. Person 1: What do the red and green pills mean in The Matrix? Person 2: The green pill means your TV needs adjusting.

      Pro-nuke folks need to adjust their perception. They are not even evading reality correctly.

  • Then share what you (as a warrior) are doing or find worth spreading around here.. spread the 'good' news of yours and others successes and/or failures..

    This is a forum for those who are part of the 'birthing', growing in awareness, knowledge and consciousness.

    The baby? How is it doing? It is coming; the crown is visible, but the highest intensity is yet to come, and there are 'complications'.

  • Writing of the era in which Rome succumbed to undisguised tyranny, historian Edward Gibbon observed: “A nation of slaves is always prepared to applaud the clemency of their master who, in the abuse of absolute power, does not proceed to the last extremes of injustice and oppression.”

    • +100

      Our modern civilization is mostly built on the backs of slaves, tyranny, despotism, absolute power, injustice and oppression of the 99%..

      But we can change that paradigm, and build something new, based on love, peace, cooperation, justice, equal rights, and basing all actions on what works for 7 future generations, rather than just short term greed, power, what works for me in a selfish way.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Dr goodheart you do have a good heart. My little girl has cf . I'm just an angry stay at home mom with a tendency to rant. Helen Caldicott says cf is caused plutonium. I don't doubt it. I realize we were all born falling of that proverbial cliff, I just assumed there would be people falling after me.

    • Anger is powerful and can be channeled to good and very powerful works.. Wield that sword of anger and outrage well.

      Nothing can stop a mama bear who is protecting her young one.

      NOTHING and NO ONE.

      Suggestion? Combine forces with other angry mama bears.. A small group of outraged mama bears is a force no one wants to tangle with. They are unstoppable. There is a group of mama bears in Japan doing a lot.. The same can be done in every country.

      Longer term…

      What is beneath the anger?

      And what is beneath that?

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      James Howenstinen, MD recommends Del Immune V, selenium, etc. Starting with the conviction that anything can be healed one discovers what is needed. The medical world is full of lies. The biggest being this is incurable. They mean we do not know the cure. Best of luck.

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

    • J.

      Caldicott's linking of CF to nuclear isotopes was the first I'd heard. I respect her and trust her and am inclined to believe that radionuclides are, at minimum, one cause.

      I've never seen that claim made by anyone else, and wonder how (if) it is substantiated.

  • Remember though that anger cuts both ways..

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    In his fine book THE BLOOMING OF A LOTUS Thich Nhat Hanh presents a number of valuable exercises. One is to view your dead body going through various stages of disintegration: from rigor mortis to sun bleached bones. If enough people start dying at once there will be no one to bury or otherwise dispose of bodies. Crematoria will not be able to afford the fuel. And who will be able to dig with a shovel? So you will die where you are. Personally I am thinking of a cave as the ideal place to spend the last few days. It should be a great experience saying farewell to a body and the world it lived in.
    The book also has exercises for dealing with anger and fear. All in all his books are very valuable and practical.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo


    By human factor I intend both good things and bad. When it comes to nuclear power the bad stand out. The perfect system that involves a human being must face the human factor. Humans make mistakes. And humans operate out of negative emotions and motives. Thus dangerous things will get out of hand. There will be mistakes. But even if humans were perfect, no machine can operate for long without hidden flaws appearing. Thus nuclear power is way too dangerous simply because the combination of human factor and the fallibility of machines portends a breakdown. A meltdown. This is so obvious that it must seem hidden to those who are blinded by ambition, greed, etc.

  • glass door glass door

    "A handheld radiation camera developed by University of Michigan engineering researchers offers nuclear plant operators a faster way to find potentially dangerous hot spots and leaky fuel rods.

    The new 'Polaris-H' detector lays a gamma-ray map over an image of a room, pinpointing radiation sources with unprecedented precision. At least four U.S. nuclear power plants are using versions of the camera, which is now available commercially through the U-M spinoff company H3D."

  • Ontological Ontological

    Western Japan around Nagasaki real time now is a tad on the heating up side. USA eastern end is a tad on the warm side also. World backgrounds are raising.

  • vicky13 vicky13

    Hi Folks,,

    New one from ArnieG and Fairwinds,,

    Nuclear Power: Their Profits, Our Risks

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    GREAT VID . . .

    Every country leader, all scientists, and all corporations need to watch this to get caught up.

    • zogerke zogerke

      it says it is written by dr m, who is:

      Dr. Craig McClain

      Craig is the Chief Editor for Deep Sea News

      (Homepage | Twitter | Author RSS)


      Craig McClain, aka Dr. M, is the Assistant Director of Science for the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, created to facilitate broadly synthetic research to address fundamental questions in evolutionary science.

      • Daisy207

        Who has obviously not done any testing for radiation – right?

        • rogerthat

          Dr M: ''After doing thorough research, reading the scientific literature, and consulting with experts and colleagues, we have found no evidence of either''

          No mention of testing. Is the government testing? Is there any department of government responsible for testing? Is Tepco testing? Is the International Atomic Energy Agency testing?
          Is the EPA testing? The answer to all these questions appears to be no. No testing of the Pacific outside the completely, totally unverified ''testing'' done by Tepco of some of the water off Fukushima. Does Tepco do its testing in the incoming current, before the water reaches Fukushima? All we have is ''models'' and ''experts''. The models should depend on data. It appears to me they depend on other models. Data, especially verified data, is so scarce as to be as invisible as radiation. Garbage in, garbage out.
          Who are the experts and colleagues, are they testing? Where in the scientific literature is there a comprehensive database of test results? Science? Voodoo?
          It's all academic, ha ha, because we already know that no-one ever dies from radiation, so there really is no reason to test, it's harmless. Unlike bananas.

  • waiono

    Cesium density jumped up 12 times from groundwater of reactor3 seaside
    Posted by Mochizuki on March 12th, 2014 · 1 Comment
    Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on printMore Sharing Services

    According to Tepco, Cesium-134/137 density became 12 times much as last measurement in groundwater. The sampling location was the seaside of reactor3.

    On 3/6/2014, Cesium-134/137 density was 5,700 Bq/m3. It went up to 67,000 Bq/m3 on 3/11/2014.

    Tepco states it is possibly because “some radioactive substance” was mixed with the groundwater sample, didn’t mention the possibility of further leakage or unknown reaction underground.

  • Socrates

    Regarding Deepsea whitewash:

    Michael Collins is alive and well.

    High radioactive detections in land, sea and air are met with media derision and denial.

    Michael sets the record straight and provides advice on protecting yourself and your family. A long but good article.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Excellent article! 🙂

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    “We have defined safety measures against the things that we kind of know. An accident is going to be something that we didn’t predict,” he said."
    "Jaczko said it was luck the wind blew in a direction that sent much of the radiation out to sea."

    (Who's luck?)

    "Yotaro Hatamura, an honorary professor at the University of Tokyo who took part in a government investigation of Fukushima, said the right decision on nuclear power can’t be made without addressing the what-if scenarios of accidents.

    “A true debate is needed, but all we’re getting is: Are you for or against nuclear power?” he said, sitting with Jaczko on a recent panel at the Japan Press Center."

    US ex-nuclear chief: Fukushima lesson is phase-out
    March 13 2014

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Safety measures against what we kind of know?"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Nuclear lobby still gagging Independent coverage three years after Fukushima disaster
    March 13 2014

    "Reporters Without Borders deplores the climate of censorship and self-censorship that continues to prevail in discussions of nuclear energy in Japan three years after the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, 250 km north of Tokyo.

    In particular, Reporters Without Borders condemns the treatment of independent journalists and bloggers who are critical of the government and the nuclear energy lobby, dubbed the "nuclear village" by its detractors."

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    Sadly, the people are NOT, "guinea pigs". The effects are well know, as testing has been done repeatedly on civilian populations since the mid 1940's.

    To promote the false meme that this is all "uncharted territory" implies a helplessness on the part of the governments involved, which is of course completely untrue.

  • We Not They Finally

    The end of all life on this planet will be part of a major panic and horror show never seen before.I think this is not going to entertaining unless living through a Nevil Shute ON THE BEACH

    scenario can be considered entertainment.
    So that should be firmly understood.Biding our time and living as best we can is but a final vision of what life at the end times will appear.

  • mt1000

    The backlash beginning. Trashing ENE News by the P.R. firms …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Enenews is not a news site .. yet they failed to define what they think it is.

    We do our bit rain..shine.
    That's all that matters.

    • GQR2

      and nothing anyone,anywhere says or thinks changes the reality of Fukushima. How is these two supposed brainiacs are suddenly struck so stupid. Like Corbett doesn't know about free trade agreements and that all of that fish or much of it is coming right here. Wow did they blow their cover or what!!!…good to know however who butters their bread and its not their youtube viewers that is for sure. Dawson's interest is the state and business. He did a long documentary on false flags (of all things) They had a good thing going until TODAY.

      • GQR2

        and they are "playing" with the people that will speak the truth about Fukushima. Its a psy-op to, a little testy test to try to shape public opinion and watch what the new memes are.not a news site. yeah riiigt is that the best you can do? really really ? whatever.
        …nice try fellas.

        • GQR2

          and on the anniversary week,have they no shame? They don't but that is besides the point. Denial and money mix together so easily..Why release this on the anniversary if not a P.R. piece. epic fail fellas. You blew your cover…i won't laugh because you both look sickly. sad. very sad. be well (you two Nimrods)

    • bo bo

      No, Dawson, enenews is not a news site. It never was. It's a news aggregator.

      Enenews simply aggregates syndicated web content such as online newspapers, blogs,podcasts, and video blogs (vlogs) in one location for easy viewing.

      I hope your third fukushima meltthrough anniversary was fun filled, enjoy the sushi, it's always so much better in Japan. 🙁

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