Lawmaker: Serious questions arising about why Canada gov’t failed to alert public about radioactive rain after Fukushima

Published: January 19th, 2012 at 1:04 am ET


Title: Greens say Health Canada failed to reveal radioactivity in rainwater
Source: The Nelson Daily
Date: 18 Jan 2012

The Green Party of Canada said despite public concern over fallout from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Health Canada failed to report higher than normal radioactive iodine levels in rainwater.

The Greens have been calling for Canada to increase transparency around possible radioactive contamination in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. […]

It has now been revealed that data were not released from a Calgary Health Canada monitoring station detecting levels of radioactive iodine in rainwater well above the Canadian guideline for drinking water.

Lower levels of contamination resulted in a don’t-drink-rainwater advisory in Virginia. […]

Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich Gulf Islands

  • “We were worried that this important information would not reach the public and unfortunately, it looks as if we were right”
  • “Serious questions are arising about how Health Canada tests for radiation, and why it has failed to properly alert the public”
  • “We find out now that monitoring appears inadequate, Health Canada data does not agree with that from independent researchers, and no information is making its way to the public”
  • “In effect, Health Canada has not allowed Canadians to take any preventative steps to reduce our exposure to this radiation”
  • “We now ask, what changes will be implemented to restore public trust in our health regulators?”

Read the report here

Published: January 19th, 2012 at 1:04 am ET


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19 comments to Lawmaker: Serious questions arising about why Canada gov’t failed to alert public about radioactive rain after Fukushima

  • isogoodhumans

    CBC never covered this. What a waste of taxpayer $! CTV and other Canadian MSM are pure wimps.

    Georgia Strait and Montreal Gazette have real repprters-they covered it.

    • I agree, and I voted for her (Elizabeth May) (she’s in my riding/constituency).

      They’re not only not covering it but also misinforming people, as is low-levels-and-not-to-worry Health Canada.

      So, people of Canada, this is what happens when a large-scale (global) radiological disaster hits:

      1) mainstream news gets blacked out
      2) the government posts false information
      3) the government shuts down radiation monitors
      4) the government gives fake salmon readings and
      5) the government allows radioactive food into the supply

      I’d prefer to see what Canada is actually doing for the millions of people who pay taxes and make that government possible.

      Nuking them and lying about it is unacceptable and likely criminal.

  • arclight arclight

    WHAT!!!! do you mean this warning?

    Radiation risks from Fukushima ‘no longer negligible’
    Published 11 April 2011 – Updated 12 April 2011

    “Data for the west coast of the United States, which received the Fukushima radioactive fallout 6-10 days before France, reveals that levels of radioactive iodine-131 concentration are 8-10 times higher there, the institute says.

    Rain water and tap water

    According to CRIIRAD, a huge proportion of the inquiries it has received concern the risks associated with rainwater and drinking tap water.”

    “But the institute suggests that the situation of water from reservoirs that collect rainwater from one or more watersheds, such as hillside lakes, should be examined more closely.”

    “Spinach, salads, cabbage and other vegetables with large surface areas are among those food products that are particularly sensitive to iodine-131 contamination, if they are cultivated outside and exposed to rainwater. Washing vegetables does not help, as iodine-131 is quickly metabolised by the plants, CRIIRAD notes.

    Fresh milk and creamy cheeses, as well as meat from cattle that have been outside eating grass, are categorised as foods that may have been indirectly contaminated and must also be monitored. Contamination of milk and cheese from goats and sheep may be of a greater magnitude than that of produce from cows.”

    “If the foods (leafy vegetables, milk etc.) contain between one and 10 Bq per kg or more, it is possible that the reference level of 10 mSv may be exceeded within two to three weeks, the institute added.”

    and this

    “a French research body on radioactivity. The NGO is advising pregnant women and infants against “risky behaviour,”

    so the europeans knew.. why didnt the canadians know? oooops

  • stopnp stopnp

    What about America? They barely even covered it. The only reason I’m on here is because I saw the nuclear explosion and thought to myself, “holy shit this is bad!” …And it continues to get worse. I will continue to use alternative media to find out what I have been. Nuts to this cover up every thing is ok wash the cancer off bs

  • or-well

    Green Party of Canada, 23 pages of press releases back to March 2011 and statements on Fukushima noticeably absent.

    They do oppose calf-roping though.

    To be fair, there is one on Chalk River and one on Chernobyl.

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    I do not trust my government. From day one they refused to acknowledge that Canada would get hit from Fuki. There was not even a mention that just maybe they should do some baseline testing and let the public know. The whole while we could read online that just south of our border Washington was being hit by radiation. The pretended the border was a force field that kept all radiation away from us. That is why my friends and I waited six months for our Geiger counter and joined the “radiation network”. I did not trust them then, we do not trust them now! “We are standing on guard for thee”. Sad isn’t it?

    • Centaur Centaur

      The french did exactly the same in 1986 after the disaster of Chernobyl. The french-german border was (by definition) their “magic shield” against radiation… no radiation in France! … at least, that’s what the french MSM and gov tried to pour into the heads of their own people and they were pretty successful in confusing everything up until only few were able to look right trough the web of lies. “You mustn’t convince 100%… 95% is more than enough.” (quote by… maybe Edward Bernays?) :/

    • many moons

      I think it’s even more sad that we all let them.
      Look how the occupation movement tries so hard to bring awareness to the public and most people don’t get it…..we should have done something long ago…..we want to believe the lies….so the goverment feeds them to us.

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        It is weird. They have to be fed a certain way too. When I talk to people about it, I get asked “why isn’t it on the news?”, totally disregarding the reports from Tepco themselves, links to online mainstream articles I’d just given them etc. If the same had come on the boob tube and THEY had seen it, it would be real. If I forward it to them, it’s fearmongering. go figure.. it’s getting difficult not to be bitter and secretly relish the moment those who know and refuse to do, get sick.

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    Nice how it sounds like it’s all in the past. Failed should reading “failing”. Both governments should still be warning NOW.

  • ion jean ion jean

    I LAUGH, SO HARD! 10Bq/kg is one tenth of what Americans were eating when I was a toddler…and that was pretty much across the board in ALL food and water and air…

    I also laugh at the school principal who laughed at me in April when I told him there was fallout in the rain on the East Coast; he makes near 100K a year and I made one tenth of that, yet I guess I remain smarter than he…I must send him a link to this article! As always, ENENEWS, kudos and thanks to you as you serve this country (and others) with nobleness that puts military leaders to shame!

  • americancommntr

    Assuming the Greens Party is honest, why would they not just want to nix this whole nuclear power, pollution, and issue of compulsive lyng and coverup by government and industry, and all their other ones relating to carbon and energy, by conducting a clandestine program to help resonant hydrology technology to break out into the mainstream?

    A mass release of perfected how-to-build-it plans would have myriad more backyard inventors doing this themselves, saving the time to figure out how, around the whole world. If people in every country were employing this technology at once, all over, it would be hard to suppress, if not impossible, especially if they got nasty about defending themselves, and seeing to it their elections were honest and corrupt government officials de-elected. People around the world could also just yank their investments out of any public companies responsible, and invest in their local neighborhood garages and shops, to screw the slave masters out of control of energy.

    • americancommntr

      spelling correction, lying not lying, and resonant hydrolysis, not resonant hydrology

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi americancommentr, I agree, going local is the way to a better future for all. But why do-it-yourself? Just get one of the systems on the market, have it installed by a local company and see the meter going backwards….
      I fully agree on buying local and stronger neighbourhoods. There’s nothing we can’t do…


  • StillJill StillJill

    Because their brains are already gobble-d-goop????

  • What else is in the rain and snow besides iodine? They are releasing data for iodine, a short lived isotope. What about Cesium 137? Plutonium? Etc.? If iodine was detected it seems reasonable that other isotopes are out there.

    I have never been to Nelson but it is known for its artistic community. Nelson is highlighted as the “Number One Small Town Arts Community in Canada” by the publisher of The 100 Best Small Arts Towns in America. A left leaning political atmosphere may be inferred. While the Green Party is very small, it is a national party. Don’t expect Elizabeth May, leader of the party as well as an MP to get heard on CBC or anywhere else with a large audience. The media conglomerate was successful in shutting her out of debate during our last election. Don’t wait to be told to take precautions. Don’t try to test for these things by yourself unless you have sophisticated equipment and access to a University level lab. The basic personal radiation detector most people can afford will not detect these low yet unhealthy levels.

    God Bless

  • Ace33

    I already live in the low level radioactive capital of Canada. So for me the cover up is no big surprise kind of disgusting that they shut down the meters for testing this kinda thing well not turned them off just stopped making it public knowledge. I would like to see Elizabeth May hold up parliament until the information on the event in japan and its consequences for Canadian citizens is made public once again.
    Please contact the green party and ask them to make this public knowledge for all to see and hear

  • Ace33

    Hi Elizabeth, My name is _____ _____ I am from ____ _____ and have seen articles that say our government has kept the real data from the public about what we are being exposed to and they have also turned off our monitoring stations around Canada. Coming from the low level radioactive capitol of Canada any extra fallout or other exposure to nuclear materials is a big concern to me an my family if the exposure is higher here because we already started higher then the rest of the country we should be being informed or at the very least the information should be publicy accessable so I can find it myself not completley blackout
    Thank you

    Here is what I sent the green party
    Let them Know how you feel

  • RichardPerry

    We all know why Canada is not reporting, the Canadain nuclear industry is the strongest behind France.