Lawsuit: “Reactor itself” melted down, not only nuclear fuel rods — Japan gov’t “lying through their teeth about meltdowns”

Published: December 26th, 2012 at 1:11 pm ET


Title: U.S. Sailors Sue Japan Over Fukushima
Source: Courthouse News Service
Date: Dec 26, 2012

The Fukushima nuclear disaster exposed Navy rescue workers to dangerous levels of radiation, which the government-owned power plant covered up, eight U.S. sailors claim in court. […]

“As a consequence of the earthquake and tsunami, the reactors were damaged and power to the cooling mechanism of the FNPP was interrupted, resulting in a meltdown of the fuel and reactor itself, thereby triggering the release of high levels of radiation.” […]

The plaintiffs claim the government deliberately misled them: “the Japanese government kept representing that there was no danger of radiation contamination to the U.S.S. Reagan … and/or its crew, that ‘everything is under control,’ ‘all is OK, you can trust us,’ and there is ‘no immediate danger’ or threat to human life, all the while lying through their teeth about the reactor meltdowns at FNPP. […]

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Published: December 26th, 2012 at 1:11 pm ET


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31 comments to Lawsuit: “Reactor itself” melted down, not only nuclear fuel rods — Japan gov’t “lying through their teeth about meltdowns”

  • RJ RJ

    They are seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and $30 million in punitive damages for fraud, negligence, strict liability, failure to warn, public and private nuisance, and defective design. They also want TEPCO ordered to establish a fund of $100 million to pay for their medical expenses.

    40 mill. Is not enough to pay for their medical bills??

    But I still hope they win. Maybe my grandson will know how it ends

  • patb2009

    as sailors, the navy will likely intervene and get this case dismissed on national security grounds.

    because the navy knew it was dangerous, they continued ops for policy reasons.

    TEPCO will likely bring the navy as a joint defendant, and that will be the end of that

    • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

      They won't win anything. I agree with you on your assessment, this is not a Japan/Tepco issue because the whole nuclear movement began under the U.S. umbrella and has proceeded with its approval and support.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I was waiting for someone else to mention "National Security" matter would be the likely grounds for dismissal-unfortunately the PEOPLE & public health & well-being are NOT where their concerns are,but the future of the nuke puke agenda and it's security needing to be protected from the sick & dying public victims rather than some military threat other nations pose to the country!Maybe it will force some level of what they KNEW to be disclosed and/or the incompetence & mishandling of the event we deserved the right to know about and would expect a JUST govt. to respond appropriately with updates & ACTIONS-if just to inform us of what happened & what could've been done to prevent the cancers & deaths already adding up starting with my own beloved spouse & the loss of what would've been our 1st grandchild if my "gut-feeling" about it prove correct,and it usually is!(? At some point they won't be able to laugh at the "stupid American people" (to borrow Barry Sotero Hussein's comments caught on an open mike!(?) I've found that the best way for ME to succeed is to go about my life in an unconventional manner or "ass-backwards" in this twisted world and I voted for him for "3" reasons.~#1;I'd hoped he would reverse White House policy and plans to expand or even continue kissing nuke puke ass as the impacts of Fukushima grow beyond their ability to stifle the TRUTH.#2;TPTB & Administration"might" answer for their high crimes & treason.#3;Romney would've made…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd~ things even WORSE than O'bummer!! I hope I live long enough to see them answer for their crimes against humanity and all living things! Aside from being my wife's cancer caregiver and the hopes that a MIRACLE might occur-I live for the day I see them PAY!! 🙁

        • gnomesang gnomesang

          johnny blade… i hear you talking! last week i was trying to send a comment to the nrc about their lack of information to the citizens of this country as to how to protect their kids, (at the very least). after circumnavigating me all over the website it finally hooked me up to some .gov site. there was a statement about how sometimes they cannot release information due to "national security"….
          at that point i was not only furious but also insulted. "how" i asked, "can warning people about the dangerous radiation their breathing and ways to protect their kids thyroids with KI, be hurtful to our national security?'
          then i went on to say that i would bet that everyone at the nrc and iaea have a supply of KI in their homes and also know in advance when to give it to THEIR KIDS. how dare they, i told them the same thing i told our local news stations… that by not giving the citizens the information, and by deliberately down playing the seriousness of this event, they are criminals!! they are committing crimes against humanity, and that i for one will scream with my last breath to see that they are tried and held accountable.
          i've never been religious. but if there is a hell, i hope there is a special place reserved for all those assholes. pardon my language.

        • Madashell10 Madashell10

          JB I Can relate to the wanting to make the GUILTY pay for their crimes against Our families and friends who we have watched suffer …… die ,then be charged $100,000s dollars in medical bills after they are gone . WTF is wrong with US all allowing this to continue …. Trials , Imprisonment , Hangings are some of my thoughts of Justice for the GUILTY . They would Never allow US to get away with the same crimes … Correct

    • kalidances

      It cannot be dismissed on grounds of national security because both the civilian and military populations were injured as a result of a deliberate act of misinformation on the parts of the military, mass media(as ordered by the governments), and government leaders of both countries.

      The minute Obama went on TV in March of 2011 and said the Fukushima event should have been studied and funded it went into the legal common areas. When he said that the public would absolutely be notified if there was any risk, it became a public health issue.

      Obama and his senators said this should be addressed. They didn't address it and now people are chronically ill and dying.
      It can't be buried by national security reason because our military leaders authorized crimes resulting in sickness and deaths of citizens of both countries.

      This is now an ongoing international environmental hazard situation.

  • razzz razzz

    Novel approach. Still have to show where or how you were damaged. Symptom showing yet? If the case ever made it to the discovery stage (never happen), that would be interesting. Didn't include GE and their faulty design? Or the US Government for holding back data. Aircraft carriers are pawns on a chessboard.

    Here you will see just how powerful the nuclear industry is but on the other hand you can see why GE began selling off parts of its nuclear divisions years ago, already saw the writing on the wall. Claiming the designs work but operator and manufacture errors would cause failures.

    • kalidances

      You did notice that the government itself said back then that they were exposed right?

      I already posted the link in the previous page so I can't repost but this was immediately after it happened

      "…Meanwhile more U.S. military crews were exposed to radiation Tuesday as the Pentagon ramped up relief flights over the reeling country.

      The Defense Department said the Navy started giving anti-radiation pills to some of those exposed, and Americans on two military bases south of Tokyo were advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

      …Sensitive air monitoring equipment on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington detected low levels of radioactivity from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant as the carrier sat pier-side at Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, Cmdr. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the U.S. 7th Fleet, said Tuesday.

      …The Navy said Monday that radiation was detected by another carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, and that 17 helicopter crew members had to be decontaminated."

  • weeman

    USS regan is a nuclear aircraft carrier, therefore they have all the equipment on board to monitor radiation levels and multiple nuclear engineers on board, who are total knowledgable about radiation.
    If the levels were that high they should have locked all the doors and kept everyone indoors, if they didn't they are as responsible as the Japanese government, unfortunately you sign a non disclosure paper when you join the armed forces, that puts a gag order on it.
    They knew immediatly that it was serious and to this day they know alot more than they are telling, they don't release satellite pictures, infrared pictures, full disclosure of isotopes released etc etc etc. bolder dash

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Governments keep nuclear fallout info secret, nothing new there. But what's totally messed up, is the technology itself. And worse, every good citizen on the planet is being forced to coexist with the failed technology. Luckily, we're headed towards wind and solar, etc.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      We're a couple of decades short I fear. I'll pull hope out of the attic when the USA starts shutting down nuclear power plants. Let's see employees will have to babysit the spent furl pools for five years and then after five years you can dry cask which isn't foolproof and where would you put all that nuclear waste? You don't want it next to oceans and rivers. You would want to store it in Yucca Mountain, but you can't do that either because of public outcry. Wow, I certainly would not want to be President.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Yucca Mountain was turned down not because of public outcry, but because the site is totally unsuited:

        Why Yucca Mountain Will Fail as a Nuclear Waste Repository
        “It has been known since the early analysis of this site that fractures in the rock of Yucca Mountain will allow the release of radioactive gases over time as nuclear waste decays. The primary gas will be carbon-14. It is estimated that the release of this radioactive gas will have a global impact over time that will result in 25,000 additional cancers. This fact would have prevented the site from being licensed under EPA’s nuclear waste repository standards coming into effect at that time. In 1992 Congress exempted Yucca Mountain from the EPA standard, telling them to write a special standard just for Yucca Mountain. The original standard (more or less) is on the books (though with a loop hole) for the embattled Waste Isolation Pilot Plant plutonium dump in New Mexico….
        “Why will Yucca Mountain fail to isolate nuclear waste? Why is it fractured? The answer is very simple. This area is as seismically active as the California Bay Area. There have been more than 600 earthquakes within a 50-mile radius of the site within the last 20 years. A major jolt knocked windows out of a DOE facility in the early 1990’s. In 1998 and 1999 there have been a whole spate of tremblers, at greater frequencies than previously observed, one recently derailing a train on a proposed nuclear waste transport route.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The Unfolding Yucca Mountain Scandal?
        Falsified Yucca documents lead to investigation of project's science.
        “The use of fabricated sources in a study about the safety of the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear-waste dump — revealed in a series of emails between scientists — has Energy and Interior Department officials scrambling to investigate. The U.S. Geological Survey study was critical to the project's approval, as it concluded that radioactive waste inside the depository would be safe, prevented from leaking into groundwater, for thousands of years. The project is already some 14 years behind schedule, and with questions arising about the science supporting the project, opponents — including Nevada's congressional delegation and its Republican governor, Kenny Guinn — may be successful in keeping the dump from being built at all. ‘This proves once again that [the Department of Energy] must cheat and lie in order to make Yucca Mountain look safe,’ said Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). ‘It is abundantly clear that there is no such thing as “sound science” at Yucca Mountain.’…"

      • gnomesang gnomesang

        there is no place to put the waste, there never will be. why all the plants were not shut down after TMI is besides me. i shake my head in disgust.
        and i remember being in high school and being taught that nuclear was "clean energy"… 30 years ago.
        thats disgraceful.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I read somewhere that they also shed ALL of the aircraft that was onboard when they found themselves in a "cloud of high radiation"(quoted from MSM reports in March 2011!)but the piece that disclosed the suspicious removal of aircraft from its decks along with other gear on the weather-deck(?)was fairly recently mentioned and I didn't need to call Psychic Friends Network to answer the question of "why" they would do that. Now as to the Commanding Officer's Facebook "Letter to concerned family,friends & former shipmates of USS Ronald Reagan exposed to harmless radiation levels while the Carrier Task Group operated "near" the stricken Fukushima NPP" I thought then that it was fishy because they were more than 250 miles(nearly 400 nautical miles)away when they entered the radiation field!(?) Yet still "high" radiation alarms went off(again THEIR words!)followed by an abrupt course change and decontamination measures implemented when they cleared the danger area.They DO have genuine cause for great concern!The reason the radiation was so high at that moment so far away from Fukushima was the plume they sailed into was from at least one of the explosions and HAD to contain more than just Iodine-131,Xenon,etc. and I'd bet they're freaking out when they realized they got hit HARD with the worst of the worst kind of emissions at the worst point of the disaster to be near or downwind of that festering portal to Hell that IS Fukushima!(in my humble opinion)..PEACE…

  • razzz razzz

    Anne: Always doing her homework…

  • Sickputer

    The sailors will have a case for negligence because of improper instructions and equipment for the Reagan scrubdown. I have read there was soap scrubbing for ten days.

    Look at this photo:×0.jpg

    SP: Notice something missing? Like hazmat suits, charcoal respirators, face plates to shield the eyes. Some have no cloth at all over their mouths. The military has known for 60 years the hazards of airborne plutonium particles and how even simple cloth may deflect the poison. But they didn't warn the sailors nor did they provide proper equipment. How many officers do you think left the bridge to supervise the cleanup? It will an interesting case to hear some of the juicy details.

  • Pierpont

    Whatever you do, don't be a sucker for Courthouse News offer to sell you the Complaint for $39, or whatever. Here it is for free:

    The Complaint is loaded with cites to Gundersen and at least one to "" But this thing is a disaster. As if TEPCO had a duty to warn the squids on the USS Ronnie Rayguns that nuke energy is not safe? WTF? That's what the suit alleges. It says nothing about how much or what kind of radiation these squids were subjected to, but that they were "severely damaged." Uh, huh.

    I have not heard a word in any reports about any US Navy personnel being damaged by the FNPP event. Not a word. If this lawyer, Garner, can prove this up, it will be huge. But my guess is that he's more likely to end up like Birther Queen Orly Taitz and get his butt spanked. Take a shot — who knows? TEPCO has deep pockets; you might get a 7-digit nuisance settlement.

    • Sickputer

      Thanks Pp… I appreciate the link.

      It was nice to see on page 10 a plaudit to Enenewsers as "nuclear whistle blowers" who helped people see through the "glib" reports by mainstream media.

      Yes our admin and several other small sites has helped peel away the layer of absolute censorship the nucleocrats always relied on to impose their will on everyone.

      They still have great influence and aren't terribly worried, but a small snowball of truth has begun rolling down a huge mountain and it will get bigger. They won't get away with killing the human race without public recognition of their actions. We may even prevent extinction, but it will take a whisper campaign on an unprecedented level. Please tell a friend the truth…until we have shared the news with 7 billion humans.

      The nucleocrats govern with guns and deception. But we are legion and they are few. They can and must be replaced or surely we will all suffer a mutant fate.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's the pdf:

    I'm still on the fence on this, it's brilliant, no matter how you approach it…

    If it is just pointing the finger in a direction surreptitiously by the greater nuke industry, including the MIC, then it has a possibility of taking on a life of it's own. It could backfire and expose things about the NRC that need to be exposed.
    Do these kids have the navy's blessing?
    Did the navy orchestrate this as a look, these are the only americans harmed here.
    My senses say that the navy is not the instigator of this, but I'm not sure if the backing is there.

    Now, as for the complaint, they are always sloppy on first go.
    It's not the format, it's the approach that matters here. You want your complaint noticed. Details will surface at the trial if successful.
    One thing that strikes me is that there is an air handler in the complaint. This is important for details.
    We also have a mother and child. Perfect.
    From the pdf there is a hint of physical harm as evidence.
    We also have a "super laywer" filing the complaint.

    Enenews is also mentioned a couple of times, although I'm not sure if it's in the actual complaint.


    • Jebus Jebus

      There is also a little ditty about Tepco being the designer of the plant. noted in the margin. This has the possibility, in court, of dragging bigger players to the bench. coughGEcough

      So I think that this complaint should be supported by this crowd.

      If we do anything, we should make sure it goes viral.

      Everyone I have talked with about it said, "It's about time"

      • Jebus Jebus

        Paul C. Garner's Summary

        Providing high quality result-oriented legal services for over 40 years, admitted to practice in New York, California and D.C.
        Goal is to continue my "Superb" AVVO rating awarded for 2012.

        International and domestic U.S. law; admitted to NY, CA & DC Bars. Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate

        • Jebus Jebus

          No offence to anyone here @Enenews, but…

          If there was ever a time in history to support the trial lawyers of this United States of America, this is it…


        • Pierpont

          Nothing against lawyers, necessarily. And certainly nothing against holding TEPCO's feet to the fire. But this suit and the use of US federal courts to do that strike me as just short of absurd.

          If this thing isn't bounced on jurisdictional grounds, then everyone in CA, OR, and WA will be filing lawsuits v. TEPCO in US federal court.

          I mean, you gonna' blame TEPCO b/c this pregnant lady is on the boat? Like TEPCO induced her to what: be in the Navy?, get pregnant?, get on the boat? Does the Navy allow pregnant sailors to work on nuclear armed and nuclear powered vessels?

          The complaint itself looks like a disaster. It is certainly not an example of the concise "notice pleading" required by the federal courts. It looks like something a rookie lawyer would file, although this guy's been around a while. Lawyers almost always look better on paper than they actually are. Most of those Martindale and Who's Who etc. are just paid advertising. Don't know about the Superlawyer mag. but my guess is, dig deep enough and you'll find "donations" by the lawyers featured.

          If the Navy were backing this thing, the suit would have been filed by much bigger guns than some solo atty, and it would be a class action.

          Thanks for the additional info on Garner, Jebus. I was having trouble finding anything. He's obviously reading ENENEWS, so all I can say is . . . Yeah, dude, hope you don't get in trouble over this thing. If I filed a verified complaint like…

          • Pierpont


            … that I'd be worried.

            Normally one would expect the jurisdictional issues and the parties to be set out, which he does. And then the facts in a separate section. And then the causes of action. This is pretty well just a big mash-up that the judge is going to have to wade through and try and pick out allegations of the elements of the torts. He/she is not going to be happy.

            Amberlight made the connection to Agent Orange, which seems like the closest precedent. That was DOW et al. US companies knowingly exposing US service people to carcinogens. There were no earthquakes or tsunamis or other "acts of God" involved, and the litigation went on for years and years with minimal consequences for DOW. That litigation was a slam dunk compared to this. So I wouldn't be holding my breath that anything useful will come of this.

            But if this case gets any traction and TEPCO pulls in GE as a co-defendant, or if the case gets to the discovery phase, it will be very interesting, and I will be calling this Garner guy a superlawyer myself.

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    How could the US military not know they were in harms way. They were downwind of 3 nuclear power plants that just blew up. They were also given the SPEEDI info that was denied to the general public.

  • razzz razzz

    Suit alleges that the seawater used to decontaminate the USS Regan by washing it down was already contaminated seawater, contaminated by FNNP fallout.

    Everyone that wanted more to be done to hold TEPCO responsible should read the lawsuit/complaint. It is about as close as you will get to reading how TEPCo acted like a bunch of clowns and morons, at least in legal language. The whole world should be named as plaintiffs.

    Just have to wait and see what happens and how this turns out.

    • richard richard

      'The whole world should be named as plaintiffs'.

      Damn straight. I think that's why their CEO went hospital in the early days, he nearly died from the thought of bill.

      But even till now, tepco and the Japanese government have escaped prosecution with the protection of the nuke and media industries.

      Japan and tepco will go under financially at least once the truth gets underway.

      I was thinking, to raise funds, they'll charge an entry fee to their 'smile parks'.