Lawyer: Thyroid abnormalities in 55% of Fukushima girls tested age 11 to 15 (VIDEO)

Published: January 25th, 2013 at 4:59 pm ET


Title: The Reality of Fukushima- A Japanese Lawer Speaks at UN
Source: WorldNetworkChildren (World Network for Saving Children from Radiation)
Filmed by: Independent Web Journal
Edited by: The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial
Date Published: Jan 25, 2013

Toshio Yanagihara at the United Nations Human Rights Council, NGO Information Meeting: Let me now talk about the actual health condition of the children of Fukushima. On September 11, the thyroid examinations found abnormalities such as nodules or cysts in 43% out of the 42,000 children tested. The numbers for girls are worse. 54% of girls from age 6 to 10 had these abnormalities, and 55% for age 11 to 15.

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Published: January 25th, 2013 at 4:59 pm ET


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31 comments to Lawyer: Thyroid abnormalities in 55% of Fukushima girls tested age 11 to 15 (VIDEO)

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    This is precisely what one would expect in a population exposed to I131

    Girls are more susceptible to the effects of radiation.

    43%. Shit. The pre 3/11 rate was 0.8% iirc

    The level of depraved indifference of the gov is indescribable. If there was only a hell for them.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "The level of depraved indifference of the gov is indescribable."

      Which government were you referring to?

      'US House Energy & Commerce Commission Opposes NRC's Requirement of Filtered Vents in BWRs in the US, Says #Fukushima Accident Cannot Happen in the US'

      • gottagetoffthegrid

        When I posted iwas thinking about those bastards in the japanese gov.
        They with held the iodine supplements from those kids. They should all hang. Slowly.

        But looking back, all of the countries that have any understanding of nukes should have stood up and call them out.

    • Jay

      Let's see on what bases this case will be dismissed , and learn .

      Defence lawyer : Your Honour and honorable Jury , nobody can prove that those tyroid problems were caused by the Fukushima reactors …
      The girls could have eaten matchstick heads for all we know , but the most important argument is that no previous tyroid checkup were done on those kids prior to Fukushima so nobody can tell they didn't have the problem before ! I rest my case .

      The Judge : Well , I am asking the Prosecution to show evidence that those kids didn't have those tyroid problems before Fukushima …

      The Prosecution : There are no such records , the kids weren't examined for this problem before !

      The Judge : Case dismissed !!

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    The 'Fukushima Necklace'.

    It's got to be high in Tokyo, too. I wonder why they're not testing there.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      I know it was a rhetorical question, but Theres 38 million reasons not to test in Tokyo
      That meand There are probably 5 to 10 million kids under 16 there.
      That's 2.5 to 4.5 million with abnormality. Half of those will probably need medical intervention.
      Just another crime against humanity. The next one is always easier, I suppose.

    • kintaman kintaman

      So am I not crazy for evacuation us from Tokyo (Japan entirely) asap after 3.11? Lately I have been getting some flack from others for what I have done. They talk to me like I am nuts.

      I am certain in my resolve but lately I have been succumbing to feeling depressed as though I was perhaps over reacting.

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        kintaman this article alone is more than enough reason to evacuate. You also know that government is now forcing school children to eat contaminated food & forcing them to help do decontamination. Add to that the intentional spreading of more contaminated waste throughout Japan & burning it & then dumping it all in the waterways & ocean. You also know that they are using *lessons in school to teach that nuclear power is safe…an older EneNews article. And of course you know that the plants continue to spew radiation.

        It took courage for you to uproot your family in order to protect them & I am very proud that you did what was necessary to do so. I cannot pretend to know how upsetting this is for you, but know that we all support you. 🙂

        • kintaman kintaman

          Thank you for your support. I have been very vocal about this disaster since the beginning and strongly believed that everything the J gov and media told us were lies. I knew I had to take us from Tokyo and Japan as everything we were told was lies. My feeling stemmed from Japan's history (Minamata, etc) and my gut instinct which told me that they would do anything to maintain the economy and prevent the nation from collapsing.

          In my mind I did my best to cast aside emotion to make my risk assessment and the summary of the process for deciding to leave was:

          Option #1 – Stay in Japan

          1) Worst case scenario – in the future we become ill and that is it game over. We should have left.

          2) Best case scenario – we all live a happy life in Japan and our health and that of our future off spring is unaffected.

          Option #2 – Leave Japan

          1) Worst case scenario – in the future Japan population has wide spread health matters as a result of Fukushima disaster. Good thing we left asap.

          2) Best case scenario – no serious wide spread health issues arise as a result of Fukushima disaster. Well then we can return to Japan in the future. The worst impact was that we had to be outside of Japan for a long time and career damage.

          This was the summary I used to form my decision and I acted on it. I could not forgive myself if I made the wrong choice if there was the worst case scenario.

          Lately though I have depression about it all mainly because of the lack of…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            kinta-san, depression because of the lack of … what?

            • kintaman kintaman

              Sorry the comment box cut me off it would seem.

              Well I have been in a state of shock this past 2 years (who hasn't!) and unable to accept what has happened and that the world nor Japan is doing anything about it.

              I have been getting quite depressed over the lack of understanding by others of what is happening in Japan and to the people. No one even knows or cares (here or in Japan). It is all too unreal.

              Add to this that I have people here (outside of Japan) who treat me like I am a mental patient for having left. My own brother thinks I was overly sensitive about the radiation. Sigh.

              • moonshellblue moonshellblue

                I think many here in the USA are in the great river denial and believe our government. Having lived near TMI during the accident I know the feeling it was like living on pins and needles and now it's like walking on eggshells as when I try to discuss the ramifications of Fukushima with doctors, chemists, etc. I get a look like I'm crazy but I know the facts and that I'm just being realistic. IMHO

              • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                Feelings of depression and hopelessness are very common with this disaster, kintaman, as with any other disaster.

                If possible, group therapy would be of tremendous benefit. The issues you are dealing with are not going to go away soon, but know you are not alone.

                Most, if not everyone, here will go through the same feelings many times before this is over.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        The family's health first, vanity second. It is a good recipe for survival! I wish I had done the same.

      • Songie Songie

        kintaman, you are not crazy. stay strong and be confident in the knowledge that you have protected yourself and your family from the scourge of ongoing, unmitigated, unprecedented levels of radiation. it takes courage to go against the crowd.

        also, if "they" can't admit that you did the right thing by evacuating, while they have kept their families exposed to dangerous levels of radiation… they have to call you nuts in order to save face….

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        kintaman, don't listen to those people. We know the cloud of radiation blew over Tokyo, just after Reactor 3 (and the SFP?) exploded. You did the right thing.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        You did the right thing.

        It only takes one person standing for truth to make a majority.

    • dosdos dosdos

      There was testing in Tokyo, and they found the levels just as bad as Fukushima. However, rather than raise an alarm, they pointed to the test results and said, "See, levels are the same all over Japan. These are normal levels in Fukushima. Nothing to worry about."

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        The point of moving and burning radioactive waste throughout Japan. I don't think Kan mentioned that in his book. It was his order.

  • ConnectingDots

    "However, the government still refuses the linkage of these symptoms to the accident."

    "The Japanese government should fulfill its moral and legal responsibilities for the evacuation of those still living in highly contaminated regions, especially the children."

    —Toshio Yanagihara

    • kintaman kintaman

      "However, the government still refuses the linkage of these symptoms to the accident."

      There could be people dying in the streets and the traitorous gov of Japan would be saying the exact same thing. Just wait another ~10 years. When will the people revolt? What more needs to be done to them for them to act?

  • razzz razzz

    Playing out like the good doctors, with their research and findings, thought it would and it is still early in the catastrophe…sad.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    thyroid abnormalities in 43% out of the 42,000 children tested. …

    Should be headline news around the world. This amazing story will fade into nonexistance right here at ENEnews in a few days. I am looking for a web site that has easily accessible and permanent information like this. Short and to the point. Whats up with wikipedia? The apparent control of the media is an astounding accomplishment.

  • wagamama

    Kintaman, I know how you feel. We left Tokyo shortly after 3.11 by chance, because my husband had an overseas work assignment. When I talk about nuclear issues with people, or the contamination of Japan, people look blank, don't care, think I'm overreacting or mentally unstable. And then I start to question myself …

    • Bones Bones

      You aren't mentally unstable. The only reason the military gets away with keeping our reactors, we need plutonium for bombs don't we, is through psychological warfare. The propaganda machine at it's finest! You are intelligent, aware, and know bs when you see it. No one is born understanding the world. I'd recommend watching some Stephan Molyneaux videos on youtube. I love his philosophy and it either ties into nuclear power or he does talk about it directly sometimes. It sucks realizing the world is not how you thought, but slowly you will see it as it really is. My fav Mr. Molyneaux's quote,"[Lines are drawn on maps to denote areas where slave owners control. Countries are the farm and the pigs enforce the state's power over us aka slaves. The quote isn't precise, but it's accurate. lol

      I think we all get to a point of break down with all this news and the state of the world and feel alone in a certain way. You will get over your old manipulated ways of thinking about the world and learn how you really feel as yourself and will grow to accept it. It will empower you eventually. I kinda had a, "This truth thing is nuts moment after a couple years and went through the 'loss cycle' and I feel so much stronger. Don't forget to love yourself as you are, and try to find people who believe like you. Those fools who don't understand you are just brainwashed, so feel bad for them. They don't know what they don't know! – Thanks Rummy for that one!…


        good advice bones…

      • kintaman kintaman

        Bones you are quite right. The reason the nuclear industry still persists is purely for maintaining the nuclear stockpile and their cycle.

        I find it quite interesting and extremely depressing how we are all subjected to propaganda and the vast majority swallow it up and believe it. People I love and respect are at complete odds with what I have said regarding Fukushima and they (as I said before) think I am talking crazy. Why is it that I do not believe what they believe? I am not anymore intelligent than them. Is it apathy on the part of those who do not want to consider the truth?

        We humans are all such complex yet at the same time simple animals. From an distant point of view I am sure it is quite interesting to watch but at the ground level and experiencing what we all are going through it is a tragedy.

        For myself the thing that makes me the most upset/depressed about this all is the utter destruction that has been done to the Japanese landscape, people and ocean. These are precious lands with such a long and deep history. The people who owned the farm lands in Fukushima had them passed down for almost a thousand years and have worked them so tirelessly every day. To have their birthright taken and destroyed over heavy metals that have been dug up and used to boil water is simply unbelievable.

        Any outside spectator, if there ever was one, would think we humans are all insane (we are).

  • kk sum



  • kk sum