Lead Architect of Microsoft Windows 95: Something very much amiss in Fukushima — Like an almost totalitarian state — People now saying “For the sake of my child’s health, I’m not going to think about radiation”

Published: March 1st, 2013 at 4:43 pm ET


Title: Japanese Blogger’s Troubling Insight into the Psyche of Post-Disaster Fukushima Residents
Source: RocketNews24
Author: Philip Kendall
Date: Mar. 1, 2013

In just 10 days’ time, two years will have passed since the magnitude-9.03 earthquake […]

According to one former Fukushima resident, however, there is something very much amiss in the prefecture. […]

In an article published by influential social commentary website Blogos, Satoshi Nakajima, a computer engineer whose credentials include having worked for Japan’s own NTT Communications and being the chief architect on Microsoft’s Windows 95 and 98 operating systems, recently discussed the state of things in Fukushima Prefecture two years after the disaster. […]

In his article, Nakajima likens the situation that of an almost totalitarian state, wherein one either adheres to the commonly held belief set or is seen as a potential threat […]

Excerpts from Nakajima’s message translated in the RocketNews24 report:

  • Despite evacuating Fukushima in the summer and coming to live in Yamagata Prefecture, I make occasional trips back to the area. […] From doctors and hospital staff to schools and city officials, the message being repeated over and over is that Fukushima is safe, so much so that I have come to feel that, if I didn’t go along with it and join in this way of thinking, then I would simply not be welcome there.
  • People have begun saying ‘For the sake of my child’s health, I’m not going to think about radiation any more.’
  • The government has created an environment wherein people are going about their daily lives, all the time wondering whether their child will develop cancer or leukemia, yet conditioned not to breathe a word about it. It’s like living in wartime Japan again.
  • We cannot put our faith in a government that is telling us ‘there is no immediate harm,’ when, prior to the accident, entry into areas with the same amount of radiation would have been prohibited.

Full report here

Published: March 1st, 2013 at 4:43 pm ET


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24 comments to Lead Architect of Microsoft Windows 95: Something very much amiss in Fukushima — Like an almost totalitarian state — People now saying “For the sake of my child’s health, I’m not going to think about radiation”

  • amberlight amberlight

    Welcome to the club, Mr. Nakajima. Do you think things are really much different elsewhere and that rocking the boat will not make you a pariah in the Land of the Free as well? (Just this week I had run-ins with two good ol' boys attacking my position on a local hot-button issue.)

    Stop buying into the cultural mindset and speak Truth to Power! Shout it from the rooftops! The youngest victims of this holocaust deserve no less!

  • We Not They Finally

    When their children are dead, they won't have to worry about radiation anymore. They'll just have no children. But look how the Germans were sucked into the official line on the Reichstag. Or Americans about a rather large event here….

  • "…if I didn’t go along with it…"

    That excuse could be used by an accomplice to a crime.

    "…the message being repeated over and over…"
    "…CONDITIONED not to breathe a word about it."

    If you know your being brainwashed is it still brainwashing?

  • And that while WHO's-on-first says this:

    The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant has raised the risk of cancer for people, especially infants, living near the crippled plant. – See more at:



  • NoNukes NoNukes

    It isn't just Fukushima, has anyone heard that a new radiation belt has been created?


    You know how new radiation belts have created before? By insane white guys, employees of the United States, and private corporations blowing up nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere:

    Operation Argus was a series of nuclear weapons tests and missile tests secretly conducted during August and September 1958 over the South Atlantic Ocean by the United States's Defense Nuclear Agency, in conjunction with the Explorer 4 space mission. Operation Argus was conducted between the nuclear test series Operation Hardtack I and Operation Hardtack II…

    The Argus explosions created artificial electron belts resulting from the β-decay of fission fragments. These lasted for several weeks. Such radiation belts affect radio and radar transmissions, damage or destroy arming and fusing mechanisms of intercontinental ballistic missile warheads, and endanger crews of orbiting space vehicles.

    So, is Fukushima the equivalent of Argus nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere? Or worse?

    • pcjensen

      was wondering about that potential, thanks or the details and info on Argus. Wow.

    • ReactorHalfEmpty

      Bingo! Fukushima suspicions were my initial thought when I read an article about the new "third radiation belt" this week. But then I thought that it's perhaps more of an outer-space particles thing. And now you dare to comment here and indicate a strong nuclear testing tie of prior such happenings. Oh my. Thank you for your input!

      Now that we have established that the new belt could be Fukushima related, the next question would be: what kind of significance does it have?

      • ReactorHalfEmpty

        However, the comments at http://science.slashdot.org/story/13/03/01/1740209/nasa-discovers-third-radiation-belt-circling-earth don't seem to particularly hint at a relation (high altitude, i.e. outermost belt, and they say that it's not really a separate belt).

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          I am surprised that one does mention Fukushima, in between all the bad jokes about suspenders.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          The article does acknowledge the existence of two satellites launched in 2012 (how convenient) for the study of radiation in space. They are most certainly also looking at radiation within the atmosphere.

          And it's hard to believe these were the first satellites looking at radiation, considering they've been studying atmospheric and space radiation since the '50's, concurrent with atmospheric testing of atomic weapons.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    The key question of civilization:
    Which thruth can be born of lies?

    Remember you and me and everyone and think about our "daily lies", just for convenience. We call it courtesy or duty and sometimes we lie "for harmony".
    But – in fact, it IS convenience.


    • natano natano

      Brad Blanton wrote a very good book on it called "Radical Honesty".

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      There's a difference between telling your daughter that you didn't get her that new Little Pony for her birthday, and telling the world that their children aren't going to all die from 'Fukushima AIDS'.

      But that's just me.

  • wagamama

    It's the same in Tokyo or Kanagawa. You can't talk about radiation. It's a kind of imposed silence.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Yablokov, expert on Chernobyl, explained that while not everyone exposed developed cancer, everyone, everyone, developed immune system disfunction,

    "The ongoing global spread of radionuclides from the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is causing immune system-related illnesses in Japan, the USA, and worldwide. The same phenomenon occurred and is still occurring after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in 1986, where it was termed “Chernobyl AIDS.”

    One result of many studies conducted during the last few years in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia is the clear finding that Chernobyl radiation suppresses immunity – a person’s or organism’s natural protective system against infection and most diseases.

    The ultimate consequences of destruction of the immune system is immunodeficiency and an increase in the frequency and seriousness of acute and chronic diseases and infections, as is widely observed in the Chernobyl-irradiated territories… The suppression of immunity as a result of this radioactive contamination is known as “Chernobyl AIDS.”…

    Apparently, impaired immunity triggered by Chernobyl radionuclides adversely affected all of the individuals, without exception, who were subjected to any additional radiation. (Yablokov et al., p. 87 & 92,


  • natano natano

    Here's an intersting article about how the fear based mind set works, and how it may be genetic. In Japan, compliance is everything, even if it means getting your kids to take one for team Nippon.

    Read the bottom part about the psych study. It explains how this short term denial feels good enuf to justify the inevitable, and subconsciously acknowledged, train wreck coming down the tracks.

  • Jay


    The Japan birth rate did not decrease over 2011 .
    So they know about the radiation yet still having babies … iresponsible as Hell !

    As for the Architect of Windows 95 ? A software Built with back-doors that the hacker find forcing MicroShit to issue patch after patch to close those doors .
    Once all doors are close a new Windows version is release with brand new back-doors that hackers find again while MS is issueing new patches …. This has been the routine since DOS 2,0 …. WHEN those dumb programmers will learn ???? F***K That !!! My money , time are not important to MS . Someone please design a back-door/hacker proof software !/

  • Anthony Anthony

    Noun 1. totalitarian state – a government that subordinates the individual to the state and strictly controls all aspects of life by coercive measures

  • Anonymouse

    That sure is backwards,obviously.

    the new "normal".

  • Gnyf

    Serious, who cares what a Microsuck developper says? Can anyone think of anything more unreliable than Windows?

    If he had any skills, and truly wanted to do something for the Japanese people, and the rest of the world for that matter, he would develop a virus that wrote the truth about the Fukushima situation on the screen on every damn computer in the world, and couldn't be removed before people had read it all. That would get the facts, and information that the medias won't report out to the sheeple, and perhaps make them react for a change.