Leader of Fukushima plant “started staggering… mumbling ‘It’s all over'” before last reactor melted — Appears to collapse, has visions while motionless on floor — Top official “bursts into tears” at meeting — No way to prevent ‘utter catastrophe’ — ‘Chilling’ sound soon heard, ‘gaping hole’ in reactor suspected

Published: September 24th, 2014 at 4:16 pm ET


Kyodo News (Part 9), Sep 23, 2014 (emphasis added) : Reactor 2′s cooling system finally stopped functioning at 1:25 p.m. on March 14… [In 5 hours]… the water level had drained to 3.7 meters below the top of the nuclear fuel… leaving it fully exposed. There was also no sign the seawater was entering the reactor… firetrucks that were supposed to be injecting water into the reactor had run out of fuel… [Fukushima chief Masao] Yoshida would later recall that this felt like a “turning point,” beyond which “we had run out of all options and I thought I might really die.”… Yoshida went up to [the many workers on the 2nd floor] and said: “Thank you for dealing with the situation until now. It is OK to go home.”…  8:30 p.m… Yoshida then asked [if] there was any place people could evacuate to… Yoshida [was told] that the No. 2 plant was ready… With workers unable to operate the venting valves, the pressure continued to build… an experienced leader… felt that the reactor’s containment vessel could break at any time

Kyodo News (Part 10), Sep 23, 2014:: A [Tepco] senior official broke down and wept in the prime minister’s office when the utility felt it had exhausted all options to prevent an utter catastrophe... bursting into tears… Shortly after 4 a.m. on March 15 [Japan was] facing a potential rupture of the reactor 2 containment vessel… [Prime Minister Naoto] Kan soon realized it was too late to rein in the crisis… a chilling sound swept through the response office at 6:14 a.m, albeit duller than that of the two previous hydrogen blasts. Those present felt their blood freeze as they were told by reactor operators that the pressure inside the reactor 2 suppression chamber, connected to the containment vessel, had dropped to zero… radioactive steam could pour out into the external environment, leaving no safe place inside the plant or in the surrounding area. “The suppression chamber might have a gapping hole… [Yoshida] instantly decided it was time to evacuate the site.

Testimony reveals odd behavior just before ‘chilling sound’ and pressure dropping to zero at Unit 2: Early on March 15, silence engulfed the emergency response office as the point of no return neared. Yoshida stood up and started staggering around, mumbling to himself, “It’s all over.”… Yoshida was searching for the right time to allow Tepco employees to leave the plant, except for a skeleton crew… As he returned to his seat, he leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms and closed his eyes… he was thinking about what might happen if the reactor 2 containment vessel failed, discharging a catastrophic amount of radioactive materials… He could not think of a way to avoid such a scenario. [Shiro] Hikita… saw Yoshida’s body slide from the chair onto the floor. At first he thought Yoshida had collapsed but then realized he was sitting cross-legged as if meditating. With his eyes closed, Yoshida did not move for several minutes. Yoshida later said he was calling to mind the faces of his longest-serving colleagues: “There were about 10 or so. I thought those guys might be willing to die with me.”

See also: Secret Fukushima Testimony: Plant boss considered disemboweling himself after blasts… “I should kill myself” — “I was in despair… panicking… I could not afford to logically think” — Saw smoke at Unit 3 before it exploded, and “figured this was the end”

Published: September 24th, 2014 at 4:16 pm ET


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154 comments to Leader of Fukushima plant “started staggering… mumbling ‘It’s all over'” before last reactor melted — Appears to collapse, has visions while motionless on floor — Top official “bursts into tears” at meeting — No way to prevent ‘utter catastrophe’ — ‘Chilling’ sound soon heard, ‘gaping hole’ in reactor suspected

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    No need for scifi with a plot like this one!
    Problem is we are all spectators while at the same time "IN" the movie
    with no way out.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Really leaves some problems for the TEPCO statements of "cold shutdown".
      Question is, who will ever be held accountable for this mess and for the blatant lying about what actually happened.

    • hbjon hbjon

      In the movie Titanic, when asked if it will sink, the ships designer and Chief Engineer said, "She's made of iron, I assure you she can and will sink".

    • Fireguy Jeff, Fukushima movie is a real life saga of greed, obsfucation and ineptitude. Double Oh Seven and his CIA counterpart, Felix have been fired in favour of a dark cadre of lawyers, spindoctors and politicians bribed by Big Business.
      Superman is being sucked off by big oil. The rest of the superheroes have turned to the dark side. The general population is hypnotized by cheap electronic toys that encourage inward thinking. Enter the era of the selfie. To busy to see the toxic soup we live in. A byproduct of a man made contraption called the economy. Bullshit for the masses and unbelievable wealth for a select few on a dying planet. Don't look for a happy ending. Hint. Walk out the back door with the silverware.

  • Risky

    I stumbled upon some interesting info on the amount of "Curies" of just 16 radionuclides emitted into the air from a Boiling Water Reactor nuclear power plant per year:

    :: Here is the radionuclide and the amount of curries released:

    Ar41 — 25
    Kp83m — <1
    Kp85m — 150
    Kp85 — 290
    Kp87 — 200
    Kp88 — 240
    Xe131m — 18
    Xe133m — <1
    Xe133 — 3200
    Xe135m — 749
    Xe135 — 1100
    Xe138 — 1400
    I131 — .3
    I133 — 1.1
    C14 — 9.5
    H3 — 43

    Total = approximately 7378 Curies

    my math is probably off but this may equal 272,986,000,000,000 bq PER YEAR from just these 16 radionuclides.

    This doesn't even include plutonium, uranium, or the other hundreds of radionuclides released.

    :: Here are the amount of curies released from Pressurized Water Reactors yearly (PWR)

    Ar41 — 25
    Kp83m — 1
    KP85m — 16
    KP85 — 470
    Kp87 — 3
    Kp88 — 23
    Xe131m — 82
    Xe133m — 120
    Xe133 — 12,000
    Xe135m — <1
    Xe135 — 86
    Xe138 — <1
    I131 — .025
    I133 — .023
    C14 — 8
    H3 — 1,100

    Total = approximately 13935 curies

    my math could be wrong but if not, EACH PWR could be releasing 515,595,000,000,000 Bq into the air per year.

    I think the U>S> has 35 Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) and 65 Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR)

    which again IF my math is correct, they are releasing

    35 BWR’s = 18060 Tbq a year

    65 PWR's = 17745 Tbq a year

    just for those 16 radionuclides.


    • Risky

      Please anyone feel free to check the math.

      • @Risky, Ill check the math but give me a link to your source data or send me a PDF if you just have hardcopy


      • OH sorry, I didnt see the link at bottom to the source info! My bad

        I got your curies off a little and the BWR Tbq off, yours is double mine, nevertheless, still a massive high number.

        Curies Bq/Curie Bq
        Ar41 — 25 25 3.70E+10 9.25E+11
        Kp83m — <1 1 3.70E+10 3.70E+10
        Kp85m — 150 150 3.70E+10 5.55E+12
        Kp85 — 290 290 3.70E+10 1.07E+13
        Kp87 — 200 200 3.70E+10 7.40E+12
        Kp88 — 240 240 3.70E+10 8.88E+12
        Xe131m — 18 18 3.70E+10 6.66E+11
        Xe133m — <1 1 3.70E+10 3.70E+10
        Xe133 — 3200 3200 3.70E+10 1.18E+14
        Xe135m — 749 749 3.70E+10 2.77E+13
        Xe135 — 1100 1100 3.70E+10 4.07E+13
        Xe138 — 1400 1400 3.70E+10 5.18E+13
        I131 — .3 0.3 3.70E+10 1.11E+10
        I133 — 1.1 1.1 3.70E+10 4.07E+10
        C14 — 9.5 9.5 3.70E+10 3.52E+11
        H3 — 43 43 3.70E+10 1.59E+12

        7427.9 2.75E+14
        1.00E+12 Tera conversion

        2.75E+02 Terabequerel per BWR
        35 BWR Boiler Water Reactors
        9619.13 Terabequerel in USA from BWR

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        @risky….Thanks for the well organized condensation of the leakage data!
        I am with Stock on this in that I would like to help on the math check.
        A source link would be great to have posted here.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Majia, ran across some more info on lightning that might be of interest
        Cosmic rays may spark Earth's lightning
        May 8, 2013

        The article is way down the page.

          • Angela_R

            There is a lot to ponder and maybe I'll find a lot to discard in that link Plowboy, but thank you.
            Such food for thought….
            Electromagnetic beings, well I realized that some time ago. Also had read of some of the influences.

            One would do well to ask, "where does our imagination come from?"

            Recall Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
            It has been my opinion for a long time, that we don't own our ideas, they are given to us.

            "Alchemy is a method that facilitates our personal development by applying natural processes that have been heated by conscious intention, love, and a personal confrontation with the unconscious. As a result, we gain, according to Jung, self-knowledge: a transcendent relationship with the unconscious that essentially frees us from the duality of the opposites, such as time and space. In other words, we become our own true, authentic self – the true gold of the alchemists."
            Happens with spontaneity; not sure re the conscious intention.

            "We are complex electrodynamic, rather than merely chemical beings, sensitive to natural and artificial EM fields;"

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              " maybe I'll find a lot to discard in that link Plowboy, but thank you…"
              Sure, Angela R, I do that all the time (discard). Or some just shelved until more info turns up.

              "It has been my opinion for a long time, that we don't own our ideas, they are given to us. " Mine too. Seems we have studied along some similar lines, or experiences.
              "the records of everything" Glimpses happen once in a while which stays with one for a lifetime.

            • A-R Precisely well put. You have definitely seen the direction I am also headed in my personal learning curve interests. Our immune system is photon send electron return. Electrodynamics. Alchemy can ascend this effect to make the immune reflect the 9 other missing DNA spirals of the 12 intertwined roots to the tree of life. We humans are missing 9 other DNA spirals that belong to our genome. Alchemy can 'fill in' the phantasms of these missing spirals and 'light echo' them into our holographic here and now. Abstract physics is really the norm in chaos. We have only observed the quiet little eddy our sun is in as a basis for current understanding of everything. I personally recommend a blend of Noble free ion Iridium, Rhodium, and Gold. Sonic/sound/octave blasted is ok but basic stable free ion gold powder is fine. This substance is what the Hebrew used a word for meaning, 'what is it?' Answer Manna.

    • radioactiveruss radioactiveruss

      What makes Fuckushima so deadly that no one is talking about is the fact that they were using HEAVY WATER in those light water reactors. They admit as much in their one year later report. I will find the link and post later.

      • FactChecker

        If you put heavy water in a light water reactor, the chain reaction would never go. Geez where do you people dig up this information? Youtube? This is what I mean. The posters here just dont stack up to the technical information. Even Gundersen would be with me on this one.

  • Bowtieman Bowtieman

    Gone are the good old days….total helplessness…. The way we feel about our government officials here in the United States…..

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    History of meltdowns . . .

    The stream of meltdowns at nuclear plants and research facilities is never-ending, with the first known reactor meltdown happening in the fifties.

    Not safe. Failed concept. All this while we have unlimited free power from the sun.

    Unlimited. Free. Safe.

    • FactChecker

      Its naive to think any technology would be risk free. You fly, drive, go to the doctors. Do you expect perfection? Its not realistic. The important thing is that people here have overexaggerated the consequences of nuclear.


        this one's a keeper, FactChecker. I wanna chisel that closing statement about "over-exaggerated…consequences" into granite, so future generations will have a good laugh while going about the business of decontaminating the planet.

        Within less than a hundred years, nuclear technologies have generated untold quantities of rad-toxins, which promise to keep on giving for hundreds-of-thousands-of-years.

        Were there any real justice on this planet, your kind would've been rounded-up long ago and placed in re-education camps. It's only due to the fact that you've sold-out to murderous criminal enterprises, that you're freely walking about this world…

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          🙂 Bingo…accumulative and unnatural and not sequestered..a numbers game now!

          "Within less than a hundred years, nuclear technologies have generated untold quantities of rad-toxins, which promise to keep on giving for hundreds-of-thousands-of-years."

  • crill dog crill dog

    Has this latest thing just occurred ? Is it all over?

    • amberlight amberlight

      Whether it is now "all over" is moot, but this article refers to the events of March 2011. The truth that continues to trickle out of Japan often sounds like a current event, but the reference is to the immediate aftermath (within days or weeks) of the original explosions & meltdowns. The one criticism I have of this site is that the headlines often do not make that clear. You have to check the dates given within the articles themselves.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Yes ..the Yoshida testimony is years late in release ..and I think quite new to the ears and minds of the Japanese public.
        Yoshida and fellow workers had an emotional response ..acute and appropriate.

        Then they chose to lie.
        How long did their remorse last?

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Until the 'story' could be cranked up with the US?
          Before/during ..the show of resistance offered ..by watering the reactors with seawater ..increasing and enhancing the corrosion throughout?
          How long??

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I think the headline was/is pretty clear once you actually read the articles/snippets. Even when you click over to the Japanese site the date is clear as to when this was written and what it is concerning.

        It's all over is surely the main point, since we are now talking many decades and/or maybe centuries for any possible solution..

  • crill dog crill dog

    When it says last reactor does it mean No6 ???

  • kintaman kintaman

    "Instantly decided it was time to evacuate the site" ….. as I also did, except the site was Japan for me. Seeing the first reactor explode we started to pack our bags, we left a few days later and will likely never live there again. Fuck TEPCO, destroy of life.

    • We Not They Finally

      But you had/have the courage and foresight to have done that. You did the best a human could do under those circumstances, and that much dignity and integrity you have always. Good luck.

  • "an experienced leader… felt that the reactor’s containment vessel could break at any time…" This IMHO is open admission of knowing GE sold them 54 lemons, that if used for fast breeder PU production would eventually fail under NORMAL conditions due to a fatal design flaw.

    The man that sold the JP south had very carefully covered up the Mark One flaws, also was too afraid to drive across the Golden Gate bridge of his design. HE also knew THAT was flawed as well. RIP F. P. Doyle. You were a disgrace to Humanity! Arrogant to speak of a modern designer in this way? Well yes, but I knew him PERSONALLY, and his lavish ELitE lifestyle at the penthouse of the Chrysler Building was way MORE arrogant!






  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 "GE sold them 54 lemons"

    Pretty sure all them, 400+, will end up being nothing but lemons and the human/biological taste when it's all over will not be bitter sweet.

    Simply..sour! 🙁

  • The image below is a natural weather phenomenon. However there are issues as to the electrostatic display of excited ELEments and Barium in this vortex. Note the subtle pink color of the Barium/Cesium etc, crystalline metal particulate vortex inside, and under the 'hole' in the cloud.
    This electrostatic pattern of 'lightning sprite' like fanning is the same exact principle of the sprite, only this is electro statically excited Barium bound loosely with Cs137, and other fission products.
    This is in effect a macro example of that one split second in sprite flash time, held to behold in weather modeled by the same unchangeable Quantum electrical/quantum mechanical phenomenon that governs a sprite; for all to see. This is the 'weak' forces in action; electrostatic force is truly an awesome power to ponder. Zero point energy begins precisely in the same manner as this electrostatic wind driven event examples. I saw lightning in a Barium/Cs137 cloud the other night here make a pattern just like this center vortex feature! This is the way Cs/Ba combo is kept in the air. A vortex over the Mojave desert almost continually removes sand from the Mojave, and deposits it over the S Pacific. Mojave desert sand can be found on beaches in S Cali. So these natural 'heat lows' will in the same way fill up with this dust, and distribute poison in the air everywhere the wind blows.


    • We Not They Finally

      Why are you introducing "zero point energy"? What do you know about it? It is said to be the source of possible "free energy" for the world, but that is almost never explained. And why are the (apparently) highly NEGATIVE results of "a sprite" so different? Just for laymen, please. TY.

      • "A question! Since before your sun burned hot in space and before your race was born, I have awaited a question."…City on the Edge of Forever.

        Electrostatic energy has been suppressed, Einstein basically could not get the theory of everything right because he was not allowed! He was forced to debunk the most powerful force in the universe as 'weak' and due to the fact he taught that these forces were insignificant he could not invent sufficient math to present the theory of everything as solved.

        Electro gravity is the secret to massive energy and supraluminal velocities become possible in the abstract of hyper dimensional physics. Electrostatic energy is vacuum. This tiny 1% fraction of the universe is very insignificant, but is the reason it is stable. Vacuum is in actuality what holds an aircraft in the air as the air is forced down under the wing, there is vacuum over the top, and that is what suspends the plane in the air. One can fool vacuum to form by forcing electron wind down so fast over the titanium/magnesium hull, that the Electron Wind Disk operates on (UFO). This principle cannot be reckoned with easy, but with proper management of the forces, three condenser capacitors can 'steer' the vehicle instantaneously without a computer! So the forces of free energy are simply…Cont.




        • electrostatic, electro gravity, and electron spin.

          The mercury vortex generator is a good start for the next step to conserving the energy in a thermodynamic field. Get past the fact you have been educated to believe things like ancient life was crude, oh hell no!



          I will leave this for now to absorb, I will elaborate on this stuff further it will be yet another rather large learning curve however.

        • last link does not work.. is there another?

          • Specifically the 2nd youtube link is dead..

            • I recommend then a search for "free energy".

              • Folks…I am NOT responsible for: bad connection speeds, i(idiot) phone issues with mobile companies, connection issues on your server, Ip, or .EDU.

                I am just an old man and a cancer survivor. I do not kick you around in disgrace unless asked for. I am still really wondering why I have to be so scrutinized in here. I give you people space to be HUMAN try a little compassion.

                • Ontological, everyone gets scrutinized here. Don't take it personal. Because of the media warfare that happens, ie trolls. Not all trolls are obvious. Arguing that nuclear is good hasn't worked for them so they use more subtle tactics.
                  Bringing up side issues like haarp, alternate energy, politics and religion is perfectly normal human behavior. I have learned a lot and even expanded my movie collection because of miscellaneous ramblings. However this is also a ploy used by trolls to derail a conversation away from the core subject, create animosity between members and discredit the site generally. If a casual web surfer enters this site searching for info on a triple meltdown and finds a heated discussion on some obscure subject labelled by the masses as "conspiracy theory" the surfer might discount this site as a paranoid tin foil hat group. There are paid trolls trying to do this all the time. Not saying you are one of them.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    So you do not wear a tin foil hat? I guess you have not taken a very good hard look at the world you/we live in my friend.

                    Conspiracy is all there is…it is now everywhere.. and intrinsic to our new way modern life and it is now found at all levels of our developed by others society and culture.

                    None of us can keep up with how fast these conspiracies are moving these days.

                    Helter Skelter of the human brain waves guarantees this continuum..

                    We must simply… 🙂

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      ..Simplify! 🙂

                    • Obe, in the context of the conversation the implications of "conspiracy theory" by mainstream thinking is crackpot fringe ideas not to be taken seriously.
                      I remember years ago reading about how secret service could manipulate your computer or phone to turn the camera on without turning on light or indicator even when you think your unit is off. I discounted it as another paranoid conspiracy theory until Snowdon leaks proved that British Intelligence was doing that exact thing. Conspiracy theory turned mainstream. Gangsters in Europe pull battery out of phone before discussing business. Don't show up with an iPhone. You can't take battery out. For the purposes of the discussion with Ontological, mythought is that if you wish to promote Fukushima as the huge disaster it is and generally denounce and rightly so nuclear technology in general a large segment of people won't take this site seriously if it contains a lot of "conspiracy theory" type content.
                      Myself personally I wear my tin-foil hat with pride. Always a pleasure talking to you Obe for you indeed are very wise. May the force be with you always. Is a luxury for me to be here today. Busy busy. Gotta go.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Agreed there may be fringe elements attempting to disrupt this Nuclear discourse, but then, this is a knowledge portal and one of the last portals available for the discussion of such conspiracies that have/are/might be going on around the world.

                      Most other sites are seriously moderated and scrubbed as you say.

                      It is often apparent by many of the off topic posts that misdirection is happening within the contexts of these Nuclear discussions. I am partly responsible for some of these, but these misdirections are for the expansion of the human mind by showing the ludicrous side of our current human condition.

                      With Nuclear Technology we and all our futures are now in serious trouble is the bottom line and what has happened at Fukushima will negatively affect this world for eons.. 🙁

                      Certainly all these people involved had to "conspire with others" to allow 54 reactors to be built on the most unstable land mass found on this planet and for some reason layman commoner human intellect allowed them to proceed. 🙁

                      This tells me we have a very long road ahead/struggle if we hope/expect to some how save this planet from ourselves and our actions.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      great thoughts, Mark. We depend on one another to keep things real.

                      You can easily disable remote monitoring of cell phones, by placing them within a shielded enclosure. Some people are using clamshell enclosures that completely block the carrier signal going to the cell phone. But any metalized enclosure will do. You can even take two differently sized stainless-steel bowls. The important thing is to fully shield the cell phone from the carrier signal. And if you're really up to being a paranoid, you may want to isolate the enclosed RF-shielded cell phone from picking up background audio. There's always the possibility that the shielded phone could be recording background audio and uploading the conversation when it's reconnected to the carrier signal. Muffled low-quality audio recordings are easily cleaned-up and enhanced…

                  • m a x l i

                    I agree with everyone in this little side thread. And I'm especially happy to see that yellow face under a cylinder hat among us. Mark's comments are always on target and well written.

                • m a x l i

                  You look young to me.

        • FactChecker

          This is a fine example of crackpot science. Good luck with that.

  • jackassrig

    Thanks @Risky. I'm not a nuclear type so I don't have any frame of reference for bq. and such large numbers. One thing among many I don't understand is why the pressurised reactor gives off almost twice the BWR. I would think it would be the other way around.

  • Here is a whole host of horrors in air/water craft PWR insanity. These are in service in many places, and where I am going with this is there in black and white Technicolor is MORE reactors that can be placed wherever, when they decide to melt down in some kind of emergency/disaster. We cannot hide from the mindless madness of the nuketarted now anywhere on the globe, land sea or air.



  • mairs mairs

    I remember at the time that internet forums were saturated with nuclear industry shills/psycopaths telling everyone they were harmless hydrogen explosions. Nothing to worry about. May you all rot in H.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "At first he thought Yoshida had collapsed but then realized he was sitting cross-legged as if meditating. With his eyes closed, Yoshida did not move for several minutes. Yoshida later said he was calling to mind the faces of his longest-serving colleagues: “There were about 10 or so. I thought those guys might be willing to die with me.”

    DID they die with him?
    What is the disposition of the other workers?
    What has happened to them?

  • readytosnap


    I know its ot, and its the first time I tried posting a link, hope it works.

  • weeman

    Put yourself in Yoshida's shoes, he did what he could, but it was predetermined the outcome once you lose cooling, yes mistakes we're made, hindsight is one thing but reality is another.
    Blame the design of reactors and government for putting it there in the first place and lack of common sense?
    Nuclear power is ludicrous and a dead end, fool's stop

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There is a connection between history and hindsight.
    In fact it is said ..that there is no vision of the future without a clear look at the past.
    He did his best ..but without emotionality ..the technical aspect ..awesomely wrong.
    I don't think ..I dodged reality by hindsight.

  • My understanding is that Yoshida was a hero who went against management and Japan gov by going ahead and using seawater as a last ditch effort to cool melting cores. He died of throat cancer which was deemed by the Dark side to have nothing whatsoever to him operating a triple meltdown, multiple fuel pool on fire nuclear disaster of unprecedented proportions.
    The Bullshit flows fast in Japan and USA. And all we want to do is dance. Time was when the train station hired people to clean the public washroom. Now they hire people to keep the public out of those washrooms. Is a mean nasty group we got in power. So just relax and breathe deep the gathering gloom and plutonium dust. Take another selfie………….

  • rogerthat

    So where was the global media apparatus when all this was happening? The biggest disaster in human history, and three years later tiny fragments of the story start to dribble out.

    In a normal disaster, newspapers are crammed with interviews that capture the drama, exhaustive analysis that explains exactly what happened, why it happened and who, if anyone, is to blame.

    We are told what precautions to take, what the consequences will be.

    Even today, where is the mainstream media? When are they ever going to tell the full story of Fukushima? On their current record, not in our lifetimes.

    ''Bringing you the news as it happens'' has become ''Bringing you the cover-up and the lies as they are fed to us.'' No critical faculty, no questions, just pap for the masses.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Mr. Yoshida, what are your views on Karma, today? peace

  • razzz razzz

    The story of Fukus' Daiichi is dynamic in that it is always changing for the worst. You can follow along at WikipediA as someone is adding to the timeline as it becomes available but at the same time a lot of information is still omitted.

    'Timeline of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster'

    With a station blackout and already 3 or 4 explosions, hopelessness and despair had set in by the time Unit 2 was the last to pop, pretty much with a whimper but no less dangerous than events at Units 1,3&4. Only radioactive zombies remain to contemplate their dim future at that point in time.

    Did the Washington think tanks have it correct to blow holes in the sides of the containments? The melts could travel sideways and out onto the floors like at Chernobyl. A gruesome event but at least you know the melts are above ground and a bit easier to deal with to cool and then cap. The threat of losing any of the fuel pools probably nixed that idea.

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. Yoshida determined that the only thing that could be done to stop the reactions after the SCRAMs failed would be to inject bromated water onto the core(s). This would stop the reaction, but would permanently ruin the reactor. He decided to go ahead, knowing it was the last action possible to prevent further disaster, only to find that the bromated water tank was empty. I wonder if at that time he could conceive how bad this disaster would become. I do not think so. I do not think anyone could. peace

    • Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia And Internet Censorship; How To Create And/Or Edit a Wikipedia Article. Help Create A Sustainable Global Carbon and Nuclear Free Future

      • What is needed are knowledgeable ENEnewsers to go in and tell the truth in the Wiki articles…

        • My good Doctor, wise words indeed. I did that myself when the idiots were calling the melted through reactors in "cold shutdown". Looking up cold shutdown in Wikipedia a couple of years ago, the fukushima disaster was sited as an example of cold shutdown. You have to create a password and user name and my edit didn't appear verbatim but the offensive fukushima in cold shutdown was removed. Technology has come along way, baby. You don't need the latest iPad. I do it all on a $150 android phone. Fight trolls on Wikipedia, take pictures of overbearing security guards or record conversations and of course make phone calls. There is a flashlight app and a Ukelela tuner. My 4 and 5 yr rascals navigate android and can watch my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon, the Rabbit of Seville on this cheap electronic toy.
          They don't know I'm giving them an appreciation of classical music. I digress. You and me are reporters and we can shoot video of any event and have it posted on YouTube before the 6:00 news. Mainstream becomes lamestream as more and more people look to crowd sourced news such as EneNews.
          It's the best and worse times and the one percenters are running scared. If you have the time, fight the good fight.
          All you need is a phone.

          • m a x l i

            @ Mark, very wise words, too. Something Julian Assange once said fits in here nicely (roughly, from my memory): Citizens need to start to watch and record what governments and corporations are doing. When they know they are being watched and scrutinized, they will be terrified and will have a hard time doing criminal business.

            So, your message is: Anyone, even me or your five-year old 🙂 , can, after a quick registration procedure, become a wikipedia author? Off course, the question that comes to mind is: Who decides what is left in and what is thrown out? I could try to research this topic somewhere else, but one or two sentences speaking from your experience, if you are inclined and able to add something more, would be of greater value for a start. It could encourage people to follow your advice.

        • For sure! WIKI needs tweaking! Thank You Doc!

  • Crickets Crickets

    The news media has become a corporate tool used to keep people from knowing anything important. When they report on something that appears to be important, it's just fluff…headlines without a story, that minimizes any reality of what is actually going on in the world. Sadly, most citizens seem to be OK with this. And I also believe that most people in the U.S. have no problem with the news media, politicians & scientists being deep in the pockets of corporations, whose only goal is to increase their profits. The whole system plods along, and people accept it so long as they have some way of paying their bills and having the latest toys. The news media like most other entities has become monopolized. Remember when monopolies were considered a bad thing, not so long ago? What happened? The game has changed and nobody seems to give a shit.

    • razzz razzz

      Crickets: It is called corruption. Corruption owns the Congress, courts, corporations, banks, governmental agencies, militaries… People have to rise up and revolt to get anything changed but while allowed to smoke dope and do farm animals, they remain passive.

      This guy sums it up best.

      October 11, 1798, John Adams: "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

    • Now lets discuss something REALLY important..

      When is the next Ipad coming out?


  • Sol Man

    This worst of technologies was designed to accomplish exactly what is being accomplished. All to accumulate fiat dollars while everything is poisoned for all time. Maybe the politicians, banksters, and major stock holders have the antidote for the myriad toxins.

    How can anyone be proud spreading so much misery and death?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Yoshida slipped off his chair, with tears, and went into meditation.
    Stumbling around muttering "It's all over."

    I know just what he was going through.
    I was muttering the same words at that moment.
    "It's all over." 🙁

  • Dick Shenary

    rogerthat – ''Bringing you the news as it happens'' has become ''Bringing you the cover-up and the lies as they are fed to us.'' No critical faculty, no questions, just pap for the masses.
    Once you realize that MSM is a complete misinformation tool, it becomes amusing to try and tease the real story out from amongst all the lies. Watching the news becomes like working on a cross-word puzzle. This is exactly what we do here at enenews as we dissect news from MSM to try to understand what is really going on.

  • curly

    As we post here at ene, they dig and enrich more of this poison. So much money to be made. They probably can't keep up with demand. Guys sit in little cubicles, paid to find new markets. The waste products increase, no safe way to store it. Any opposition to the world order that continues this and all the other madness will be hit with radioactive munitions. Opposition only creates more profits, and more uses for, and spreads the poison. It's the perfect crime. It's incredibly ingenious. I too should off my chair, with tears and go into meditation and stumble around muttering "It's all over."

  • Nick

    "The Way I See It….there was no lasting threat of radiation. Remarkably, outside the immediate area of Fukushima, this is hardly a problem at all. Although the crippled nuclear reactors themselves still pose a danger, no one, including personnel who worked in the buildings, died from radiation exposure. Most experts agree that future health risks from the released radiation, notably radioactive iodine-131 and cesium-134 and -137, are extremely small and likely to be undetectable."

    Likely to be undetectable??

  • Nick

    It is all about the SPIN.

    With the Fukushima Fiasco folks either believe it is a disaster or not.

    The MSM obviously believes FD-NPP is a ho hum news item and hence we go on our merry ways shopping and texting.

    Certainly people are still alive in Japan and while diseases are taking a silent toll, for the most part the world shrugs off the triple melt throughs.

    Nuclear technology has already ruined our planet.

    Might as well build more bombs and power plants before more people wake up. Right?

  • Dick Shenary

    The more we are attacked as "Fukushima alarmists" the better we are doing in asking questions regarding this tragedy. When we are completely ignored is when the nuclear industry no longer considers us a threat to win the hearts and minds of anyone.

    • danger kitty danger kitty

      Dick S., your words:
      "The more we are attacked as "Fukushima
      alarmists" the better we are doing in asking
      questions regarding this tragedy."
      So true. And the media silence, coupled with the lack of awareness in the general public is nothing short of surreal.

  • curly

    Nick—I hope they're right.

  • curly

    I guess Yoshida had been reading too much Caldicott!

  • NRC has ablog post up about their quality control, LOL

    I has this to say—————
    Per the article "The agency BELIEVES plants and vendors have effective quality assurance programs in place to proactively prevent the use of counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items. "

    As a quality control manager, I am from Missouri, show me. I don't believe anything that vendors or suppliers portend meets standards until I or my team have personally reviewed the item, and if we have to rely on a vendor statement of quality contol then that statement (if lied about) will carry definite negative ramifications to the person who signed it (they get fired in most cases) and there are fines against the company.

    San Onofre is a glaring example of lack of NRC oversight. On a multi hundred million dollar purchase, the item that seperates the radioactive from the neighborhood it sits in, it is a glaring and obvious failure of the NRC to either approved with "proof" or nogligently didn't even look at the drawings and see the components were obviously different. The SAn Onofre issue is "like for like", and it wasn't and it just about blew up in our faces.


  • OT: Harvesting a boatload of Lemon Balm yesterday, got a patch about 3 feet wide by 7 feet long.

    Supposed to be a great detox and radiation reducer.

    Maybe goes great in a banana smoothie, will advise

  • dunkilo

    Has anybody used the product called "detox daily defense"i went to the web site…seamed a little iffy…..
    Drink a glass of baking soda nightly (8th of a tblsp).I just want to be around this world while my son grows up 🙂

  • Nick

    Detox ideas are all well in good, but the placebo effect may be
    the qualifier. (if you believe in it….)

    The following article is a case in point. While the list of foods may be beneficial in radiation detox, the author is not up to speed
    as one can see by the snippet below:

    "Luckily two ocean currents have diluted the radioactive material and have caused the concentration levels to fall below the World Health Organization's safety levels."

    ANYONE who believes WHO is suspect! There are NO SAFE levels of ionizing radiation. T'is a PR stunt brought to us by the nuclear industrial/military complex.

    Also, the idea of dilution is also a red flag. Radiation permeates, it does not dilute in the biosphere.

    Then there is zeolite. You know, the stuff that supposedly has "holes" in it to trap ions? What isn't mentioned is that these holes can be blocked by a slew of molecules, rendering the zeolite useless as a detox agent.

  • dunkilo

    As for those DC blood sucking ticks,I have come to the conculsion:
    1-They are useless
    2-they are ever spewing Bullshit,non-stop(phewwwwy)
    3-They are slaves to $$ and power(puppets of the 1%)
    4-They are not worth speaking of at my dinner table
    5-They care about us as much as the booger they flick off their finger,or what they flush down after they take a poop.
    I will try not to give them any thought,as they bring down my IQ .
    Have u heard of the new Max-I Pad !!Darn still cant find the cord to plug it in 😉

  • rogerthat


    … Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato … urged the government to decommission the Fukushima Daini Plant, which lies south of the ruined Daiichi plant.

    Obuchi said .. she fully understands that Fukushima residents see the issue differently to others waiting for nuclear safety screenings elsewhere in Japan.

  • rogerthat

    Today's funny:


    … "What Fukushima showed us was that nuclear stations, even those built to 1960s earthquake standards, are robust enough to sustain a 9.0 quake," DeMerchant said…

    (Colleen DeMerchant, general manager of the Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada (NIAC), a non-profit association of insurers that form liability and property damage pools for nuclear installations}

  • rogerthat

    And another, even funnier:


    Fukushima is not contaminating Pacific

    Guest Author · September 25, 2014
    By Les Corrice
    … there is no groundwater contamination being released to the Pacific Ocean at F. Daiichi..
    … the seawater in and around the port at F. Daiichi shows no evidence of a highly-contaminated groundwater influx…
    .. the inner harbor (quay) at F. Daiichi has been sealed off from the outer port and the open sea for nearly 3 years…
    … Current testing inside the quay shows that all isotopic concentrations are so low that the contained seawater meets Japan’s national standards for release…
    … if 300 tons of highly contaminated groundwater were actually flowing into the sea itself, the testing results of the surrounding ocean would show it…but they don’t…
    … To prevent any possible future contamination of the Pacific, Tepco has built an underground barricade all along the shoreline … future Pacific contamination from F. Daiichi groundwater is quite improbable.

    But, there was no discernible groundwater contamination making it into the ocean before the soil-barrier was completed. What prevented it? Soil is an awesome filtering medium for radioactive isotopes…

    – simply stunning stuff. made me choke on my rice krispies lol

    • That is a twelfer on a scale of one to ten..

      Kind of takes after Abe, who claimed right before Japan got the Olympics that all radiation from Fuku never left the harbor, and it was all sealed in.




      Of course, he was not wearing any clothing at the time he said it, which makes it that much more absolutely ludicrous..

      But of course it is deadly serious, because those innocent little profit motivated lies kill millions of people.

  • rogerthat


    Industry minister Yuko Obuchi said Thursday that it will be "very difficult" to restart Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima Daini nuclear plant … the plant cannot be dealt with in the same way as other nuclear facilities in the country "given the feelings of people in Fukushima Prefecture."

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