Leaked TEPCO report: 120 billion Becquerels of plutonium, 7.6 trillion Becquerels of neptunium released in first 100 hours — Media concealed risk to public

Published: October 15th, 2011 at 8:21 pm ET


Yokohama, Oct. 15 — Mochizuki of the Fukushima Diary website is reporting on a June 2011 document that has been “leaked on the internet” which reveals that Plutonium-238, -239, -240, and -241 were released “to the air” from Fukushima Daiichi during the first 100 hours after the earthquake.

The amount of plutonium released is said to be 120 billion Becquerels.

It also states there was a release of 7.6 trillion Becquerels of Neptunium-239. As neptunium-239 decays, it becomes plutonium-239. (SOURCE)

Mochizuki says this report was made by Tepco for a press conference on June 6 and the media knew and “kept concealing the risk for 7 months and kept people exposed”.

Read More: Media knew 1.2×10^12 Bq of plutonium was released to the air in the first 100 hours

Report in Japanese here: 20110606008-2

UPDATE: Mochizuki has updated his post. It appears the plutonium figures are now 1.2 trillion Becquerels, 10 times higher than originally reported.

Published: October 15th, 2011 at 8:21 pm ET


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225 comments to Leaked TEPCO report: 120 billion Becquerels of plutonium, 7.6 trillion Becquerels of neptunium released in first 100 hours — Media concealed risk to public

  • fellfromthesun

    Could someone who’s read this report point me to which pages I can find the stats to confirm the above figures on Plutonium release? I’ve been wading through it, but can’t seem to find it — I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t figured out what all the graphs are yet.

  • fellfromthesun

    Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but the attribution to the document in the top right hand corner of the first page is “原子力安全 保安院” which is the government NISA, not TEPCO. So this would not have been a press release by TEPCO.

  • fellfromthesun

    Actually, this document was not “leaked to the web”. You can find it available to the public (and in English) at:


    • Bobby1

      I downloaded the Japanese version of this on June 29. There was a link from a Japanese message board at the time. This is the first time I have seen discussion of it in English, and the first time I have seen it in English, thanks for the link.

      The neptunium decays into plutonium, I don’t know how this translates into becquerels. But the plutonium risk of death is usually expressed in units of weight (micrograms), not becquerels.

      • fellfromthesun

        Hmmm … I’m not sure either but that’s a lot of plutonium, and they (TEPCO, govt.) were just not discussing that at all back in June, even saying (not very convincingly) that plutonium detected outside the plant may have been from weapons testing, not Daiichi… so they were ignoring their own report? If they were trying to downplay plutonium releases, then why release this data? Strange.

        Also, why would Fukushima Diary present this as a media conspiracy of silence, and as a leaked TEPCO press conf. doc, when it clearly isn’t? Why lie about what it is, when the actual info contained is damning enough? I don’t get it…

        • Bobby1

          The xenon release is incredible. Remember there was another huge release on March 20-22. And this report doesn’t even count unit 4.

          There is a media conspiracy, I haven’t seen this report quoted in the Japanese or American press.

          • fellfromthesun

            Sorry, I don’t believe in vast media conspiracies. While some media clearly don’t report anything except what the government says (NHK), just look at how many headlines on EneNews come from newspapers in Japan. If a paper or TV program reports on, say, the high Strontium levels in Yokohama or the Plutonium in Iitate-mura, why would they not report this? I want to check if Shukan Kinyoubi or some of the more aggressive periodicals covered this…

            Very strange. I’m wondering if this report was quietly slipped out there and did not get noticed or something. About the exact same time this report came out is when the first reports of PLutonium being detected in the environment came up in the media, and TEPCO and its academic puppets were all over the media assuring people that Plutonium was a heavy FP and would not travel far beyond the Daiichi plant.

          • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

            hahaha you do not believe in vast media conspiracies???
            For crap sake..well, perhaps connections is how you view it? GE owns NBC, partners with comcast, partners with Disney, who owns the whole ABC conglomeration.. and so on..(continued on wikipedia)
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          • fellfromthesun

            Cataclysmic –let’s see, you don’t trust the mainstream media to report correctly on nuclear issues, so you come to EneNews … where the top stories for today were sourced from the Tokyo Shinbun newspaper, Wall St. Journal, Japan Times, and AFP. New York Times just ran a big piece on Tokyo hotspots last weekend, which was also cited here. Explain these reports, then, if you think the media are all one big conspiracy in bed with the nuclear industry.

            Sure, there’s serious media conglomeration controlling an increasing amount of media outlets, no argument there. But as you can see from this site, there are still lots of journalists and editors doing there jobs.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              The majority of people watch TV,rather than read newspapers & I’ve NEVER been a believer of 99% of the conspiracy theory bs,except for in the case of this one HUGE event & the not so coincidental ownership of “televised” media outlets!~I also did a bit of personal research into the timing & reasoning & costs surrounding the acquisition of the media venues listed and noted that GE & big corporations heavily vested in the civilian & military nuclear industries spared no effort & in almost all cases paid top dollar for the shares that allowed them to effectively “gag” or place limitations on what makes it onto the airwaves that could negatively impact their profits & expansion ambitions.It’s become so obvious to anyone who chooses to open their eyes & scrutinize all of the facts & it shocks me how willing the majority of the public is willing to accept the bs running rampant,if even for the fear of solid,logical,respected members of society suggesting they’re “paranoid kooks”by the same party’s who choose to be more skeptical of the obvious and known dangers we now face than they’re willing to question with regard to media non-coverage and/or downplaying of the event in focus?! Anyone of reasonably sound mind who’s willing to accept stark reality,even when it implies “bad things”for their own future,as well as humanity either already have, or have begun to realize in their heart that we’re not likely to thrive as hoped for & our days might well be numbered.”Happy thought’s & denial”don’t shield us from our fellow man’s incompetences & greed or disregard for all life & the implications this mega-disaster holds in store!,I’ve never had such a strong premonition that something as bad & seemingly irreversible was underway before this-with vast resources deployed to “sweep it under the rug”compared to the BS industry & Govt.’s expenditure to implement needed safety measures,develop alternate energy tech & be forthright with,& show concern for public…

              • Besides which, a “massive conspiracy” is not even needed… all you need is a for a few key people to make a few key decisions and the vast majority of the folks who maintain the “conspiracy” are simply trying to get rich, get powerful, get respect, or just feed the family. Most people involved do not even realize that they are involved… they are just pawns.

  • fellfromthesun

    Table 5 has the plutonium release estimates.

  • fellfromthesun

    >Technically anyone that had access to the information highlighted above, that did not release it. Is criminally responsible under the charges (criminal rendering of evidence and criminal omission in respect to 30,000,000 attempted murders)…

    I guess since this was released to the public on a govt. website, then you are also guilty as charged.

  • StillJill StillJill

    You’re right on fellfromthesun,…in June,…they were talking about how plutonium was as safe as table salt. Yummm,…now they admit WHY they were pushing pu’s ‘safety’ in June.

    Here in Cali,..we had the terasoff decision in psychology,…which went to the Supreme Court,…the “liable to WARN” decision. In short,…..if someone (therapist, in this case),…KNOWS of a threat about to happen to someone,…they MUST warn that someone. Period.

    This reminds me of the terasoff decision. That decision BTW, has withstood all court challenges.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Whoopie and you other tough activists!
    You made me get on the phone and bug some profs
    and research guys around my Alma Mater.
    It was a pretty interesting variety of responses.
    How refreshing to get a Full Prof and Department head to
    cheerfully take time with me….I sent him the photos
    of James Tekton’s deformed sunflowers, and the Link to
    the Durango geiger shopping trip to the Produce counter.
    The Chem-Nuclear Department guy was apparently
    under pressure, hassled, harried, like in a position to
    really risk his career, unless I’m only projecting my trip…
    I recommended ENENEWS! and in a couple of cases,
    actually got the folks to follow along on the ‘puter as I
    gave them Executive Summary of everything.
    So, Thank You, Whoopie….don’t know if any Good
    will come of it. Also spoke to the Editor of the Daily Campus Paper,
    talking about Editorial Governmental Limits, and at least
    please do some reading at ENENEW.COM!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Way COOL Elenin! You bet it matters! It’s the old ‘sewing seeds’ deal-e-o,…as you know. Our words are IMPOSSIBLE to UN-HEAR, eh? The seeds fall low into their souls, I’m convinced! Then,…when they start to SEE things for themselves,…all our words come back in Dolby Surround Sound! 🙂

  • Human0815

    Mochizuki was and is wrong,
    you can read the Report at the Guardian,
    daily Mail and the Telegraph,
    as well as the original: http://www.meti.go.jp/press/2011/06/20110606008/20110606008.html

    That Paper was not hided away as i already mentioned, it was there since the release on 06.06!




    Always research!

    Greetings, it is much , much less, but still deadly= rofl!

  • roxy

    human,, you are protecting your beloved tepco , we all know your inlove with yourself, face reality please

    • Human0815

      @ Roxy,
      your comment is very shortsighted and you should correct it or wear Glasses!

      We here in Japan need to face Reality,
      for this we need the right Numbers
      and good Information!

      When you go now to Fukushima-Diary.com you will see
      that he corrected his Posting,
      and this is good and right-
      we all need to be open,
      that is the only way to survive!

      For the majority of People there is a significant difference
      between 770,000 terabequerels and 71.000.000 Terabq.!

      “According to the latest estimates, 770,000 terabequerels – about 20% as much as the official estimate for Chernobyl – of radiation seeped from the plant in the week after the tsunami, more than double the initial estimate of 370,000”.

  • thelili

    Human0815 I understand that you are scared but most of the people here are right. Japan is not going to survive.

    As to those that ask about keylogging-it’s not done for the content posted here. It is to track you back to your emails and see what you are up to.

    Why do people think that if the Japanese and American governments are willing to let millions die from radiation they won’t monitor what you are doing now for future purposes?

    Definitely keep spreading the news but remember to protect yourself. Angering unstable governments can make life problematic. Backup your data and make mirror sites.

    For better or worse you are all political activists now.

  • dave14139

    How many Kilograms of plutonium were released. Telling me that 120E9 bequerels (disintegrations/sec) were released do not directly disclose the amount. Kilograms please.