Official Data: Lettuce from US West Coast nearly topped Chernobyl contamination limit; ‘Most dangerous’ alpha radiation also detected — TV: Fukushima poses “significant health risks” to areas thousands of kilometers away (VIDEO)

Published: September 29th, 2014 at 8:16 am ET


Interview w/ Dr. Gerhard Wotawa, CTBTO radionuclide unit & head of ZAMG (Austria) forecast models (emphasis added): “[‘Low levels’ of radioactivity from Fukushima] can of course spread over all the areas of the world. But it will not pose any significant health risks beyond the immediate areas of the reactors, and some hundreds of kilometers to a few thousands of kilometersRain would release the radiation from the atmosphere and will directly put it on the ground. Very long-lived radionuclides like the cesium will stay around there 20, 30, 40, and more years, and could affect agriculture… The radionuclides can be easily washed out of the atmosphere — and in the pathway from Japan to the Pacific Ocean, and across the Pacific Ocean — supposedly there will be precipitation of the rain and most of the particles will be removed by the rain… We assume that there’s a lot of radioactivity now coming into the water from the plant… In reality there may be some health effects, but it depends very much on the level of radioactivity that comes out of the atmosphere.” >> More from Wotawa: Fallout in California 1,000s of times higher than expected for several days after Fukushima explosions

Martin Wright, Radiation Protection Senior Engineer at Diablo Canyon Power Plant (Calif.) — Monitoring for Japan Nuclear Accident (pdf), 21st Annual Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications and Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs Workshop:

Diablo Canyon in San Luis Obispo, California (150 mi. N of Los Angeles) — Rain Event, Mar 24, 2011

  • Iodine-131 = 522 picocuries per liter (pCi/L)
  • Iodine-132 = 19.90 pCi/L
  • Cesium-134 = 23.40 pCi/L
  • Cesium-137 = 25.40 pCi/L
  • Gross Alpha = 5.27 pCi/L (BBC::”Inside the body… Alpha radiation is the most dangerous” — Also detected on Mar. 19 and 21 , none since Mar. 24 peak)

San Luis Obispo, Calif. — Vegetation from private garden, Apr 14, 2011

  • Iodine-131 = 67.71 pCi/kilogram (pCi/kg)
  • Cesium-134 = 171.60 pCi/kg
  • Cesium-137 = 154.10 pCi/kg

Atascadero, Calif. (~20 miles inland from Diablo Canyon) — Miner’s Lettuce (salad green), Mar 27, 2011

  • Iodine-131 = 347.00 pCi/kg
  • Cesium-134 = 256.00 pCi/kg
  • Cesium-136 = 22.60 pCi/kg
  • Cesium-137 = 260.00 pCi/kg
  • Total Radionuclides = 886 pCi/kg or 33 Bq/kg (83% of Ukraine’s Cesium-137 limit of 40 Bq/kg. I-131 and Cs-134/136 decay much faster than Cs-137 and are likely no longer detectable in food, and don’t require a specific safety limit However, they are considered just as harmful as Cs-137, if not more so.)

Watch Wotawa’s interview here

Published: September 29th, 2014 at 8:16 am ET


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517 comments to Official Data: Lettuce from US West Coast nearly topped Chernobyl contamination limit; ‘Most dangerous’ alpha radiation also detected — TV: Fukushima poses “significant health risks” to areas thousands of kilometers away (VIDEO)

  • Cooter

    This is OT but is very important for the workers at Hanford. I posted info and links on the General Nuclear thread but found out the petition thread is broken.

    While I hate everything about Hanford and it's treatment of it's workers, they need your help to keep from being poisoned.


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Some psyllium husk mixed in water most days helps keep my digestive tract working good. IMO helps sweep out particles I don't want.

  • califnative califnative

    In the video, a farmer talks about selling the ICPR approved radiation contaminated foods for export or sale, and feeling guilty about it, because he won't eat it himself. Published on Sep 19, 2013


    Dr. Conrad Miller MD reports that we should all be grateful now that the ICRP has made radioactive contaminated food more accessible; "there may be situations where sustainable agriculture is not possible without placing contaminated foods on the market".

    In other words, it is more important to protect the nuclear industry, the profits of food corporations and keep a country from going bankrupt from the consequences of taking out 25,000 square miles of farms from a nuclear accident, than to protect the health of seventy future generations.

    ICRP is the organization that reported residents could be exposed to between 20 and 100 m/Sv per year, when the previous maximum was 1 m/Sv per year.

    • FactChecker

      100 mSv is really not that much over a stretch of a year.

      • dosdos dosdos

        100 mSv of ingested isotopes is a horrific amount for a young child who is still growing and full of stem cells. Your "facts" are largely garbage, based on nuclear industry spin that only accounts for external exposure to adults with results only of acute radiation poisoning. Keep those blinders on and believe all that tripe you're spewing.

        • Southbound Southbound

          I second that!


          • There he goes, fact chucking again.

            • +1

              Fact chucking describes it well.

              I can't recall the last time I've read so much hubris in one spot from a single user.

              I feel sorry for this person in a way. It's sad that someone is so screwed up they have to come here and repeat repeat the same exact BS we've been fed for decades.

              FACT: The TRIPLE ongoing MELTDOWNS at Fukishima are not stopping.

              IMO – The Nuclear Power Industry has been a LIE since day one in order to cover their insanely risky power grabbing experiment with everyone's DNA. 😉

              We've all been Fukushima'd and most likely we'll get Fukushima'd again. It's just a matter of time.

              The focus must turn to renewable clean power at all cost.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                He knows what he is saying is a pack of lies. He deserves no pity at all.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  I'm talking about FactChecker. His name is an oxymoron.

                  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                    yes the moronic FactChooser needs to be OXYcuted!!lol I've grown since each encounter with each schizophrenic entity it chose to reenter ENEnews and learned that it's driven by the need for attention it's handlers/programmers never gave it as a young cyborg. It shows its weakness & despair everytime we all eventually stop feeding it he,she,they,"it" has a tantrum and gets more & more obnoxious & then exposes itself for what it is & how insignificant its contribution to anything worth the time wasted on it & then it slinks away or gets the boot and suddenly the site is attacked with spammy fake ads reeking of its droll sense of humor and/or bigger site problems I have a hunch is all connected[?] This version has the smell of a FatSucker sitting in his mommy's basement behind his monitor in his Baby Huey diaper downloading kiddie porn & banned from living near grade schools except for time spent looking for the "Facts about MATTER" from sources he knows we loathe & deemed lies when they were cited by knowledgeable sources the 1st 900 times it was claimed to be viable information by those who benefited from the BS best returned to sender via the banana boat they & their sources sailed in on!"Sitting in a tent singing Kumbaye" sounds like something offering more good & fun than hanging around listening to a nuke-puke who condones & would like to see tents full of people happily singing Kumbaye die via his mentors nasty, uncontrollably deadly inventions & products!*FYFC*

                    • FactChecker

                      I'm not responsible for you developing into a hater. That's on you. I do feel bad for you. You violate every rule of decency on this forum and think you can get away with it. I guess karma is a bitch.

        • FactChecker

          How do you figure an infant is going to ingest 100 mSv? Their parents?

          100 mSv is only 10 rem. Thats not even an acute dose of any significance

          • The various transport vectors for radiation contamination are insidious.

            Unfortunately, it regrettable, that we'll all soon be learning the many ways this nightmarish contamination can spread and accumulate.


      • Yo Fact, what is your take on hormesis?

    • FactChecker

      And if ICRP increases the recommended safe limit, its still safe.

      Remember, ICRP doesn't set policy. Governments are free to use other resources, like the crackpot ECRR if they so choose.

      Wonder why they dont use ECRR? Busby is fuming over that one.

      You cant cherry pick your arguments. ICRP represents the best medical advice for radiation protection.

      • dosdos dosdos

        Again, ICRP is the best advice around for external exposure of a healthy adult male of 30 years of age for acute radiation poisoning. Apply it to any other exposure situation/result, and it's garbage.

        • FactChecker

          ICRP also provides internal dose recommendations for all demographics including babies.

          You knew that right?

          You were an infant during the Cold War. I guess if your thesis is correct, you suffered some form of brain damage. Got it.

          • dosdos dosdos

            There is plenty of hard data that shows that ICRP is flawed as a system for a comprehensive assessment of broad exposure models with multiple isotopes.

            The fault lies in its assumption that it takes X amount of exposure to produce a sustained mutation of cells. Truth is, it's impossible to discount even a single neutron as a source of sustained DNA mutation in a single stem cell. On the other hand, it might be billions or trillions of neutrons before you have a sustained mutation. It's a crap shoot.

            There is no single formula that can predict the effect of radiation, beyond a statistical profile of a given population under highly hypothetical and unrealistic parameters. You can't say that X number of people out of a group of Y number of people will contract cancer if the group is exposed to Z amount of radiation. It averages to percentage defined by statistical parameters, but radiation effect is a crap shoot and doesn't conform to linear equations.

            If you think that you can define what will happen to the health of a populace based solely on dosage, you just don't understand the science in real world application. You're living in a world of statistical models that very restrictive parameters.


            • dosdos dosdos

              The fact that you don't doubt the official numbers, when so many doctors and nurses have come forward in Japan in the last three and a half years, stating that the actual data is not being released. If you cling to a static system created by those who support nuclear power for profit and political power, in the face of such evidence, then you are misguided.

              And the quip about brain damage is typical of someone who can't see beyond the figures handed to them. It's a cheap trick used to discredit someone who has punched holes in a well-believed argument.

              I have a MS in physics. And I have seen your brand of myopia all too often among those who don't really understand what science is, even as they study it.

              • FactChecker

                I have 2 MS degrees, one in engineering physics and one in nuclear engineering. I also have a doctorate. If we are done measuring then lets get to the heart of the matter.

                You say there are many doctors in Japan, yes there are and the only ones you seem to cite are the ones that confirm your world view.

                THere are many doctors that say the contrary. The PSR is a social not medical group. The Japanese doctors you cite have been coopted by PSR.

                I understand radiation physics and medical consequences of radiation more than you think.

                Its not benign in large quantities. However Fukushima did not put out large quantities. Your side may disagree, but the facts are clear – Fukushima is not a planet killer. End of story.

                • Agreed, its not a planet killer by itself, but it is a country killer. Japan is in a world of hurt

                  Loss of 10% GDP for 10 years and that was my original prediction and I am sticking with it.

                  PHD in what?

      • You mean this ICRP?

        ICRP [International Commission on Radiological Protection] Caught Manipulating And 'Faking' Scientific Data; via @AGreenRoad

  • Heh soc, you said you wanted to have a beer together, how about Hawaii…this November. We can geiger test some boiled off seawater, wouldn't that be a hoot.

    You stand by the BBQ as its boiling off….

    • Maybe we can do a fund raiser and get some fresh imported Fuku harbor fish, Fuku grown rice, veggies and fruits flown in special, just for him? Maybe even buy him enough for a year's supply?

      • FactChecker

        I've drunk Japanese wine, ate Japanese food, and dont even wince over Pacific seafood. Why? Because knowledge is power.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Pretty sure that "Party On" mentality is what got us here in this place in time..

          Yes Sir!
          Bring me more of everything, bring it now!
          What would you like Sir?
          I want to eat Starfish!
          Oops sorry Sir, we are out of Star Fish, they all died!
          Bobby are there no pieces and parts left for me to eat?
          No Sir, they are all gone.
          Please report to incinerator #4!
          Yes Sir, Right Away!

          Bring me the next Bobby and bring him Now!

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    This guy has done a great job exposing the radiation dangers in Tokyo and has taken great risks to his freedom to do so. Please watch these short video's recently posted. I would hate to even visit Tokyo now much less live there.

    Published on Sep 14, 2014 Horiba Radi PA1000 0.27uSv/h

    Published on Sep 14, 2014 Downspout apprx 930cpm, 4.18uSv/h Kanamachi Katsushika Ward in Tokyo

    Published on Sep 14, 2014 There was a black substance Horiba Radi PA1000 0.9uSv/h Takasago Junior high school Katsushika Ward in Tokyo Inspector EXP+ 1.6uSv/h apprx 520cpm

    Published on Sep 14, 2014 Micro hot spot 500cpm, 0.95uSv/h on the ground directly near Kanamachi station Katsushika Ward Tokyo

  • razzz razzz

    I am all for alternative energy but something is very wrong with the wind turbine concept.

    'Bats lured to deaths at wind farms ‘because they think turbines are trees’

    "…About 600,000 bats are estimated to have been killed by wind farms in the US in 2012."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Forbes. The epitome of cognitive dissonance…

    American Heart Association: Pay More Attention to Radiation in Imaging Procedures

    • New term: Pimp Dissonance PD

      Fazel offered some overall reassurance: “In general, the radiation-related risk of any imaging test to an individual patient is very small and, when the test is clinically appropriate, the benefits of the test typically far outweigh any potential risks.”

      MRI is better for almost everything, yet they have these old CT machines and they get highly paid to use them.

      And every "expert" doctor want his "own" set of data so patients get dosed the shite out of them.

      Med radiation is HALF our "new background". Eff med radiation, rarely is it now the best course of action.

  • In the UK disease is getting so bad, Cameron wants surgeries to be open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Oh sure, that will increase quality of care.

  • Please review this 1981 video of President Reagan talking about Christmas, compare that to current day when high school football player are trying to be restricted from touching a statue that has religious connotation to them.

  • rogerthat

    from VanneV: ''the earthquake broke the cooling pipes''.

    From recollection, workers saw it happen, and knew what that meant, and have described seeing the pipes breaking during the earthquake. At least one official (and i think perhaps Kan) has said that they pumped water in, but it did not reach its destination. We've seen videos of smoke peeling out of reactors with no tsunami in sight. A 9 earthquake might be expected to do those things to pipes in a nuclear reactor, because metals are degraded by radiation and earthquakes break things.

    Yet the other day some insurance crowd said Fukushima demonstrated that nuclear plants, even very old ones, were able to survive very big earthquakes. go figure.

    • FactChecker

      VanneV is full of it. The reactor coolant pipes are located in the reactor building and no one is allowed in there during operations due to high radiation levels. The pipes that broke were probably secondary steam pipes which are outside the reactor building and designed to less stringent seismic requirements.

      This is what I mean. The posters here are hopeless when it comes to understanding nuclear technology. Its the blind leading the blind.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        “…A diagram showing temperature changes at the reactor's containment vessel indicates that temperatures and pressure momentarily shot up immediately after the quake.
        “Mitsuhiko Tanaka, a former nuclear reactor design engineer, says high-temperature steam apparently leaked out to the containment vessel after either the reactor's pressure vessel or its accessory piping was partially damaged.
        “The operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., admitted Wednesday that critical cooling piping at the same plant's No. 3 reactor may also have been damaged in the quake….”

        • FactChecker

          You cite an antinuclear site for your claim? No good.

          Prefer the UCS report

          The core was still covered 30 min after the earthquake.

          Strip charts dont lie. Read them all.

          • Sickputer

            Lochbaum does a good analysis of what he was given…basically analog gauge recordings of things that happened in that 30-minute framework.

            He wrote that assessment two months after 311.

            But based on what we know years after the earthquake, perhaps this Lochbaum sentence is enough:

            "The decay heat from the shut down reactor core continued boiling water and steam continued flowing to the turbine."

            SP: Scram and boron rod insertions deployed, but did it help prevent disaster?

            No. Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) have control rods and holes at the bottom of the steel reactor vessel, not on top of the shroud like Pressurized Water Reactors (BWRs).

            The General Electric/Toshiba/Hitachi design for BWRs was an accident waiting to happen. Hundreds still chug along in America and abroad while sleeping citizens don't even consider that their countryside could become the next nuclear hellhole for a million years.

            We know the cement ground foundation pads for the Fukushima turbine buildings (essential for cooling the reactor building) were floating earthquake-resistant.

            The reactor buildings were on a separate pad. Deadly mistake.

            8 foot lateral movement and 2 foot vertical earthquake movement crushed the cooling piping between the buildings.

            Power didn't matter, the EDGs were superfluous for the short time they survived before the tsunami wiped them out (sans one at higher ground).

            Mother Nature trumps nucleoape designs. *:-)

          • Yep a puddle of melted core fuel shat (the same offensive term used to describe you FC) into a puddle of stagnant uncirculated water…Such amazing technology there…

            Right. Clean energy. Check.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Wednesday, May 25, 2011
        “After two months TEPCO is dribbling the information out which only proves the critics and fringe scholars and the "sensational" media abroad were right from the beginning. First was the news of core meltdowns in all three reactors, and after two months no one cared. Next, the news yesterday that the Containment Vessels, not just the RPV, have holes, and no one cared.

        “Today, TEPCO admits the Reactor 1's Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) may have broken right after the earthquake and the pipe connected to the High Pressure Coolant Injection system (HPCI) for the Reactor 3 probably also broke during the earthquake. (The article linked below doesn't say the piping is for the HPCI, but the earlier Mainichi Japanese article on May 25 says so.)

        “So much for the ‘tsunami did it’ narrative that's been adopted by the government, TEPCO, and the nuke industry.

        “And so much for the ‘reactor will not break’ myth cultivated by the nuke industry worldwide….”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        “At 15:29, that is approximately the same time the footage above was recorded, a monitor about a mile from the reactor buildings sounded radiation alert according to Yuji Okada, Tsuyoshi Inajima and Shunichi Ozasa's post with the title "Fukushima May Have Leaked Radiation Before Tsunami" published online on Bloomberg News May 19, 2011. The source of the radioactivity may have been contaminated steam from the suppression chamber, escaping through the short stacks via damaged valves and broken piping of standby cooling systems like the RCIC. Once the fuel rods in the reactor core super-heated because of the persistent loss of coolant, their zircalloy cladding reacted with water to produce large amounts of hydrogen that accumulated in the reactor buildings, until the gas detonated in violent explosions.

        “It is important to note that neither the widely-acknowledged extended offsite power outage nor the failure of onsite emergency diesel generators may have caused the standby coolant systems to malfunction. Rather, the constant leakage of coolant through shattered loops in these systems may have prevented effective reactor core cooling and may have been detrimental to further attempts of cooling with the addition of seawater during the days after the earthquake and tsunami. The loss of coolant eventually would lead to extensive uncovering of reactor fuel cores, core melt-downs and the eventual melt-throughs of highly radioactive material.

        “The operator of the Fukushima…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          “The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station known as Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO for short, apparently paid little heed to maintenance and improvements of emergency equipment instrumental for a successful cold shutdown after a loss of coolant accident. TEPCO's probabilistic risk assessment predicted a temblor of the strength of the Tohoku-oki Earthquake to happen only once in ten-thousand years or less (Report of the Japanese Government to the IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety, figure III-2-3, page III-39). Loss of coolant accidents may be met by similarly anemic standby cooling systems at any nuclear power station with such reactors in an earthquake zone….

          “In accord with the hypothesis entertained in my post, RCIC failure remains the most likely cause that precipitated the reactor's demise. During the morning hours of Mar. 13 after the RCIC had come to its final halt, RPV pressure rose rapidly and its water level dropped decisively, uncovering the core.

          “A safety/relief valve was opened, relieving the pressure into the primary containment at around 9:00 on Mar. 13. At 5:20 on the following day, the operators vented the suppression chamber with hardened venting. At 11:01, a massive hydrogen explosion severely damaged Unit 3 (07/29/11)….”

          • FactChecker

            Your link is no good. Its full of hypothesis. Look at the UCS reports that Lochbaum put together.

            Even though I am no fan of the UCS or Lochbaum, its adequate technical work, and paints a very different picture with actual plant data records, not conjecture and hyperbole.

            The earthquake did not cause the meltdown. Period.

            End of story.

            No antinuclear blog link will change that truth.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        January 19, 2013 at 10:04 pm
        with the #1 reactor…
        Had they not lost power, had they not been hit with the wave. The safety pressure relief system had a complete fault in logic of design. They could not activate the system even after they got battery power. They could not activate the system using aux compressors due to broken pipes… but lets say the pipes were fine. The system still could not be activated because the flaw.
        The first stage pressure relief sent the steam to the suppression pool as designed. (The torus/donut) BUT! The second stage relief runs through the torus, and out to the vent stack. The pressure in the torus was greater than in the PCV (Core) and so it was physically impossible for the safety relief valves to be opened, no matter what they did! At that point… even with full power restored, the unit was on runaway to meltdown with no way to stop it. The pressure wouldn't allow water to even be injected if they were suddenly made available!
        COMPLETE functional FLAW in the BASE DESIGN of that type of reactors!
        They say the pipes were sub-standard… yada, yada, yada… IRRELEVANT!

        • FactChecker

          That link is no good because its from ENE

          If you think ENE is an unbiased news aggregator that is one thing, but if in reality ENE is used to spin, craft an antinuclear story, then that is misleading and not a very good basis for technical forensics.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        September 6, 2014 at 10:51 am • Reply

        ISPC typed these pixels of light:
        "I have yet to see any indication that the generators were flooded. It is my understanding that there were 16 generators, any one of which could power all the switches and pumps for the remaining reactors. Secondly, the backup systems do not require off site or back up power because they run off of steam."
        SP: Several things prevented the possible use of a single or two EDGs powering and cooling the 6 reactors post 311.
        Assuming a handful of EDGs had survived:
        Biggest obstacle…cooling pipes and electrical components (switching junctions, lighting, etc) were crushed by the huge vertical and horizontal movement at the earthquake impact. Left virtually no working piping to circulate water. Cracks in the HUGE spent fuel ponds made replacing those water sources more mission critical than the unsavable cores at Units 1-3.
        The laying of power cables was also an exercise in futility in the race to prevent spent fuel pond fires and core meltdowns. Too much weight for cables, too few tiny humans to drag them large distances. Units 5 and 6 were close together, on higher ground than 1-4 and had one air-cooled EDG that survived. Unit 6 was a newer design reactor. Not much hard news on why these two survived, but being offline in the reactor vessels for months meant they probably only had to patch and cool their spent fuel ponds.
        The debris factor onsite from the earthquake…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Fukushima Worker Testimony Made Public, Reveals Height Of The Crisis
        August 21st, 2014

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Fukushima Unit 3 Reactor Vessel Failure Preceded Explosion
        August 7th, 2014
        “As part of TEPCO’s admission that 100% of the unit 3 core has melted and left the reactor vessel, they included this new information seen in the graph below. The graph shows the times of events related to the melted fuel. TEPCO now estimates the reactor vessel failed just after about 7 am on March 14th. The pedestal line shows a very rapid shift from the reactor vessel to the pedestal. Not the gradual transition seen between the core and the lower plenum. It also shows between about 6 am on March 14th and 1 pm on March 14th that the molten fuel mass significantly migrated from the pedestal to the drywell of the containment structure. This transition activity from reactor vessel, to pedestal to drywell happened over a 7 hour time frame. As shown, a portion of the melted fuel remained in the pedestal, the majority of the fuel migrated to the drywell. TEPCO’s graph also appears to indicate that the transition from the reactor vessel to the pedestal may have been rapid rather than gradual over time. This would indicate a rapid all at once bottom head failure of the reactor vessel rather than a slower drip of melted fuel. This impacts other scenarios such as fuel migration or the ability of the core to burn down through the concrete base mat. The modeling software used (MAAP) does have limits including ones in their corium behavior after it leaves the reactor vessel. This could be part of why the…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          This impacts other scenarios such as fuel migration or the ability of the core to burn down through the concrete base mat. The modeling software used (MAAP) does have limits including ones in their corium behavior after it leaves the reactor vessel. This could be part of why the lines for the pedestal and drywell activity are so abrupt. The extremely short time frame does support the idea that all of this transition was rather fast and could have included catastrophic events like a rapid bottom head failure or a quick exit of the corium from the pedestal….”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        July 9, 2014 at 7:43 pm • Reply
        Experts Had Long Criticized Potential Weakness in Design of Stricken Reactor By TOM ZELLER Jr. Published: March 15, 2011
        In 1972, Stephen H. Hanauer, then a safety official with the Atomic Energy Commission, recommended that the Mark 1 system be discontinued because it presented unacceptable safety risks. Among the concerns cited was the smaller containment design, which was more susceptible to explosion and rupture from a buildup in hydrogen — a situation that may have unfolded at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Later that same year, Joseph Hendrie, who would later become chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a successor agency to the atomic commission, said the idea of a ban on such systems was attractive. But the technology had been so widely accepted by the industry and regulatory officials, he said, that “reversal of this hallowed policy, particularly at this time, could well be the end of nuclear power.”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        July 9, 2014 at 7:49 pm
        Wed Mar 16, 2011 at 01:27 AM PDT
        In 1976 3 GE Scientists quit in protest over flaws in Mark 1 Reactor design
        There is over thirty of these designs, operating right now on this planet.
        Some uprated with MOX fuel.

        • FactChecker

          Three engineers quit, 10,000 remained on the job yet you dont hear from any of them even years later. Why is that?

          • Its called EGO, if you admit you are a bad person, that is the worst most can do to themselves, so they cover reality in layer upon layer of lies.

            Einstein was wrong, insanity is not doing the same wrong thing over again, insanity is a series of lies getting deeper and deeper to protect ego against the fact that you actually are a bad person.

            shoe fit?

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

            They've probably died from radiation poisoning which includes heart attacks.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Hiroshima Univ. Historian: Don’t believe Tepco’s lies — Fukushima meltdowns caused by quake not tsunami — Smoke, radiation spike, loss of coolant, collapsed walls and pipes were all before wave hit (VIDEOS)
        “’I was in a building nearby when the earthquake shook. After the second shockwave hit, I heard a loud explosion that was almost deafening. I looked out the window and I could see white smoke coming from reactor one. I thought to myself, “this is the end.”’” -The Atlantic (Cached Version)”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Caldicott: “When the earthquake occurred the reactors sunk about a meter in the earth” (VIDEO)

        Seismologist: Coastline beneath Fukushima nuclear plant could crack open during quake — Japan sits with possibility of having it ripped open (AUDIO)

      • name999 name999

        non-fact checker, you will only convince ignorant people who want to believe you are correct. From my heart, I wish you were…

      • FC:

        ahahahahahaha! so much evidence against you, nobody will listen to you now for behaving so selfishly and acting out against those who produce facts … your opinion is emptiness…..

        • earthsmith earthsmith

          "the pipes that broke were PROBABLY secondary steam pipes….."

          Probably???? Does not sound very factcheck worthy to me…..

          FC I suggest you get over to fuku asap and get your facts straight….

          you know whats a few low doses….you can do it

      • Crickets Crickets

        FC, the more you post the scarier it is for me to realize that people like you actually have some influence on my family's health and safety. Go shill for some other industry that doesn't affect the rest of us, please.

      • F left his fact checking at the door if he thinks NONE of the cooling pipes broke at Fukushima during the 9.0 earthquake.

        Ho hum, denial so sweet… don't ever have to worry about a thing, because nothing bad ever happens, and everyone will live in a nuclear paradise with 70 virgins, forever.

      • own_quality

        Can't we ban socref from this site? He adds no value. We need a rating feature as well as a "report abuse" feature. There also needs to be controls such that once banned they can't just register again under a new name.

        • FactChecker

          This is an open site, with invitation for all points of view, not just a staunch antinuclear position. Who is this socref?

          You have your views, I have mine. I elect to share my views.

          You want links? Be prepared to understand my links. Dont just dismiss them as shill and troll links.

          I play to elevate the technical discussion.

          If you are not up to it, then why would you ban me? Because I am more knowledgable that you and everyone here?

          That's petty jealousy. Get over it.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Why would we want to see your technical links?

            Will your links make those 3+out of control Nuclear Core Melt Downs go away?

            Will your links magically cleanup all the massive amounts of released Nuclear spewing toxins with shelf lives/decay rates past our lifetimes. Poof all gone if we read your links?

            You are sounding pretty silly about now.. 🙂

            • FactChecker

              So now the truth of your position comes out – you have no idea that low levels of radiation are innocuous. So you come to the table with the notion that a single decaying atom will somehow be hazardous to your health.

              You breathe in trace amount of radioactive isotopes with every breath.

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                Yes and the trace isotopes probably came from an asshole like you just doing his job. Now please save your "highly technical" and overblown opinion of yourself over all others and go fuck yourself and learn how to check your spelling before you post. It's hard enough trying to analyze and understand what drives a piece of shit like you to begin with and that doesn't leave much time to spend on a worthless piece of shit with facts from people even lower than you who you just run to fetch coffee for & borrow their written propaganda to throw around to feed your delusions of grandeur or bucking for a promotion from shit-shoveler to official jr.bootlick status by hanging out here to impress your sociopathic idols if you aren't actually one of the assholes with too much time & your hands trying to brown nose your way back into operations after being escorted offsite & banned for a spell for failing a fitness for duty alcohol and/or drug positive detection. That's probably as far as you have or ever will get in the field & at best,you're just a one-faceted,"limited" to remaining as up to date in your obsoleted & waning field of expertise as it's your only option as you know about little else & the crap you would cite is either biased BS or part of your reappearance that always reeks of desperation on the part of the "expendable" nuke-puke piss ants who are rightly worried for their future[?]Whatever the case nobody here's buying your banana's today FactFelcher.G'BYE

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Go get em.. Johnny! 🙂

                • FactChecker

                  Mr. Blade,

                  You seem distraught. Take a chill pill. Your problem is that you blame nuclear for the problems in your life.

                  Your response is typical to people who feel powerless to do something about their lives.

                  I've lost people to cancer but I am not about to blame nuclear for it. To do so would be deflecting responsibility.

                  Take responsibility for your life. For a change.

                  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                    It's ok FartFelcher, I got another minute or two aside from responsibilities people like you who have trouble just walking & chewing bubblegum at the same couldn't fathom to chew the fat with you. In my short, but eventful 50 yrs I didn't go far in school or life but that's okay because I could've been a big success story like you and your nuke shitium but I wound up having to care for the people dying of the shit your kind did to them while far less depressing gigs & my personal aspirations & ambitions were set aside by choice to help people instead of a career & plan for retirement which your crew has a greater share of responsibility for having taken away than all of the other contributers from industries that created the toxic cocktail swill mixing together as it met just this side of the Continental Divide & converged manifesting itself as a 50-66% cancer rate even by the questionable & misleading practice of citing a 2010 CDC report of lower incidence of cancer rather than post-311 stats that will tell a different story should the data be left accurate & intact. I doubt the 19% of the most costly & risky in every way domestic power production nuclear provides that either pays your wages or you HOPE will is worth it and any one of the several people I knew who suddenly died or are currently losing their battle with cancer are worth more than all the brightest, egotistical,sociopath nuke-pukes combined.Only shady investors & politicians would miss em anyway 😉

            • Lorem Ipsum


              Why would we want to see your technical links?

              Will your links make those 3+out of control Nuclear Core Melt Downs go away?

              Will your links magically cleanup all the massive amounts of released Nuclear spewing toxins with shelf lives/decay rates past our lifetimes. Poof all gone if we read your links?

              You are sounding pretty silly about now.. 🙂

              Well said, obewanspeaks.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @PurpleRain; I saw something about this virus in the lst day or 2 that named Denver,CO as the location where the "paralysis" issues began. Wonder why it seemed to begin to "mutate"[?] there? I recall the first illnesses that beset Japan in the 1st year post-311 was Enterovirus & Rhino-something-virus. It seems there's a few coincidences to look into? Since there appears to be "patterns" emerging with distinct similarities I'd bet are related to & interconnected to a source & event in the country of this version of the bug's origin[?]! Lotta weird bugs going around of late for sure! 🙁 Speaking of which, I learned Oak Ridge is plagued by an annoying hybrid-mutant cross between a cockroach & a tick. It spreads disease & shits all over everything like a roach and waits in ambush in the perfect site for its preferred prey to pass by in close proximity where it hops aboard and spreads diseases that harm their hosts and cause the brains to swell if their resistance to BS is at risk. I think ENE has become the chosen "ambush site" for the cockroach of whom I speak? lol
      Take Care Purple Rain 🙂 I'd better go or Dr.Blattaria Ixodidae might do this to me(again)?? 🙁 I guess there's always a shit"pile" in jeopardy on any given day?
      Take Care 'newser's! 🙂 …

  • rogerthat

    Asian forum warns of nuclear threats
    Tue, Sep 30, 2014 – Page 4

    … Mari Takenouchi, a Japanese reporter from Okinawa Prefecture, accused the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation of publishing false studies that claim nuclear radiation is “harmless” to the human body.
    Calling the committee’s move “criminal,” she said that the UN might appear to show concern over threats posed by nuclear power, but it is lobbying for development of the high-risk energy.
    She said the chance of contracting thyroid cancer in Fukushima used to be one in 1 million, but after the nuclear accident, the figure rose to one in 3,000.
    Takenouchi said the nuclear radiation emitted in the aftermath of the accident not only affected Fukushima residents, but spread across a vast area.

  • rogerthat

    Gov't to lift evacuation order for Fukushima village, but residents wary

    … It was the best place for raising children, but it is different now," said Ono.

    An incineration facility for contaminated waste is scheduled to be built near Ono's house, and there are also multiple storing facilities nearby for contaminated soil which was produced in the process of decontamination…

  • rogerthat

    Two former prime ministerial foes who became anti-nuclear campaigners in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima crisis joined a rock festival event in Tokyo on Monday that brought together musicians opposed to nuclear power.

    "We must create a country where nuclear power generation is zero. Let's develop our country without nuclear power," shouted charismatic former leader Junichiro Koizumi from the festival stage, hosted by renowned musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.

    Mr Koizumi told reporters that an "unexpected event could happen anytime" at nuclear power plants in Japan, touching on the recent volcanic eruption of Mt Ontake in central Japan which occurred without warning and killed dozens of climbers…

  • rogerthat

    … At a press conference Tuesday, industry minister Yuko Obuchi, who oversees the power industry, … said, "Obtaining consent from local communities is not a legal requisite for a restart."

    • Neither is insurance, because no one will cover nuclear plants after Fukushima.

      No informed local consent or agreement, no insurance; what the F are they waiting for? Democracy?

      Nope, don't need that, a free press or the truth either.. Just bulldoze ahead, and D#( the nuclear torpedoes.

  • Nick

    “Fukushima Daiichi units; however, the pressure data measured
    for the primary containment vessels have indicated that the earthquake may have caused leak paths
    in at least two units.”

    “The authors have spoken to several workers at the plant who recite the same story: Serious damage to piping and at least one of the reactors before the tsunami hit. All have requested anonymity because they are still working at the plant or are connected with TEPCO. One worker, a maintenance engineer in his late twenties who was at the Fukushima complex on March 11, recalls hissing and leaking pipes. “I personally saw pipes that came apart and I assume that there were many more that had been broken throughout the plant. There’s no doubt that the earthquake did a lot of damage inside the plant," he said. "There were definitely leaking pipes, but we don’t know which pipes—that has to be investigated. I also saw that part of the wall of the turbine building for Unit 1 had come away. That crack might have affected the reactor.”

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        I'm glad the headline of the above post I provided the link to was intentional sarcasm although I do wish it really held some semblance of the truth. The content of the actual article tells a different story though & that story is the one we already know. Nuclear was never meant to be used as a means of producing a trickle of energy controlled by human or artificial intelligence. They sought & found the formula to release unprecedented,massive amounts of energy & poison upon opposing forces & their supporting industries & civilian workforces as intended,but they never invented or cared to allocate the type of funding needed to address the risks associated with attempting to harness it properly nor deal with the aftermath of their short-sightedness in their rush to enter the Atomic Age. They left that up to those of us who paid dearly for their so-called "clean" electricity as ratepayer/customers, then they charge us as taxpayers for providing Plutonium,etc. for mfg. of nuclear WMD's in the name of national security & defense,then again for cleaning up & storing their effin' messes as both taxpayers & ratepayers & I suspect we even somehow wind up paying for hired trolls like fat-chucker to come here & "try" to push our buttons. Claims of advances in revised,prototype reactor designs won't fare any better than their aging,crusty,old facilities being pushed to pump out more electricity(& emmisions)edging closer to the day they too go belly-up 311-style.*FUK NUKE* 🙁 .

    • Any mention of breaking pipes at FukU is a harmful rumor, official ABe policeyyyy


      • FactChecker

        No one said pipes didnt break. The reason you continually say its the earthquake is that its your religion.

        • Actually, even NHK recently aired pictures of broken pipes on the melted down reactors, with high level nuclear liquid waste pouring of it them.

          The various news agencies in Japan all admit water is pouring out of the reactor vessels from these broken pipes and 'other' holes that they have not found yet.

          How did those pipes break, if not during the earthquake? Hmmmm?

          Are you saying the reactors melted through?

          • FactChecker

            They weren't HPSI or LPSI pipes.

            • yea, so when the water levels currently in the melted down reactors are down near the bottom of the reactor, maybe not even covering the corium left inside, when they should be near the top, what does that mean?

              pictures of broken pipes coming out of the bottom of the reactor showing water flowing out of them, straight from the guts of the reactor where at least some of the molten corium is, what does that mean?

              There is no pressure in the melted down reactors, and they should be pressurized at all times except for fuel change out, but what does that mean?

              All of this is just harmful rumor, in the world of F..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    rogethat..there you go..we are all being screwed by the force of the Word Craft laws written! 🙁
    "Obtaining consent from local communities is not a legal requisite for a restart."

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @obewan & Nick; I have that same nasty gut feeling(re;the restart)that I got the 1st time I saw the report of the 3/11 EQ/Tsunami hitting the 2nd biggest GE/BWR-equipped NPP in the world. That nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach was confirmed by my wife becoming a victim of the 1st wave of 311 sickness & death just shy of a year after it'd begun. I'm not gonna seek to add my name to the charter of the "Psychic Friends Network" just yet, but my intuitions have rarely been wrong when it comes to such seriously negative issues & events so I'd be a fool to follow the nuke-puke protocol & start dismissing what my small lick of common-sense offers in the way of survival & cohesive,competent thinking especially with regard for others who rely on me for EVERYTHING despite my shortcomings & limited education & skillset. When global impacts of radiation & irreversible damage & unstoppable creeping death was added into the equation I realized how futile "doomsday prepping" had become since the romantic notions of going back in time to an 1800's lifestyle is impossible since the crude,rugged conditions on the frontier in the days of old didn't include 100's of nuke plants abandoned & going down like dominoes rendering all crops,wild game & freshwater unfit for consumption! 🙁 I used to fancy myself as a "gunfighting survivalist"[LOL],but I knew NOTHING compared to the way I see things so clearly & sadly as I do now. 🙁 TakeCare….

  • Nick

    Not sure why we are arguing about how much damage happened to FD-NPP before the tsunami.

    A lot of damage happened.

    Not all of it caused the crisis, as the tsunami flooded the site and wrecked plumbing, etc.

    Regardless, a massive amount of radiation was released.

    • FactChecker

      A lot of damage all over Japan happened. That was the biggest tsunami on record and many many people are still displaced.

      With regard to nuclear and Fukushima, the antinuclear cult will always find a way to demonize nuclear because frankly they dont want progress. They want us all to live in tents and sing Kumbaya.

      The 60s are over people. The Summer of Love is over. Time to wake up from your utopian dream.

      • combomelt combomelt

        Wrong again,….

        the 60's are COMING UP!

        And, ONLY 45 years from now, fukushima will still be pouring radiation into our tiny biosphere.

        fukushima will still be continuously poisoning EVeRYTHING.

        they have no workable plan. Hell they can't get close enough to even take a peek see for the corii. Undeveloped robots can't survive either. looky here, shiny things………

        albeit we don't know what other calamities will befall that plant, or any one of hundreds of others that are comitted to our destruction.

        "The Summer of Love is over. Time to wake up from your utopian dream."

        True, and truer..

        we here at ene woke up long ago. you should try it sometime.

  • Nick

    "Japanese authorities have informed the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre (IEC) that today's earthquake and tsunami have cut the supply of off-site power to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant."

    "This early onset of emissions is interesting and may indicate some structural damage to the reactor units during the earthquake, according to the report"

  • radiophobia

    "FatCheckers" cites UNSCEAR report …

    Play chess, not checkers and listen to:
    NUCLEAR HOTSEAT#161: UN´s UNSCEAR Fukushima radiation report blastet by IPPNW´s Alex Rosen

  • Dick Shenary

    FactChucker has posted – "The pipes that broke were probably secondary steam pipes which are outside the reactor building and designed to less stringent seismic requirements." Good guess FC! The pipes inside the reactor building are designed to withstand seismic jolts, but the quality of piping outside of the reactor building is not important because everybody knows that quake damage only occurs indoors. Most people want FactChucker to go away, but if this is an example of pro-nuker feedback – bring it on. I find FC to be amusing and annoying at the same time.

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. Bad people can become good people, just as good people can become bad people. FactChecker is not sitting on the fence. Time will tell with him, but time is short. It could be that there are more important matters at hand. peace

      • FactChecker

        There is no sitting on the fence. Either you understand nuclear tech or you dont. People like you get your information from people that do not understand the tech, so its like a spiral down some ludicrous rabbit hole. Then your imagination runs wild.

        No wonder a bunch of you are running around with Geiger counters. Heck dont even do that. Go get a scintillator detector to understand the real radiation spectrum. Its all energy you know.

        • F, you feel like donating a bunch of them? Surely plenty of people will take you up on that offer, but most people can't afford what you are suggesting and don't have the knowledge to properly use one either.

          So your suggestion to not waste money on any other cheaper radiation detection device rings hollow, and is very unconvincing.

          To each their own. Start with a high quality pancake tube type of Geiger counter, and move up from there, if you have the money and time to get up to speed on how to use it properly.

          • FactChecker

            Cheaper radiation instruments dont tell you the energy signature. A Geiger counter doesn't distinguish.

            You can get a good cell phone scintillator detector for a couple hundred bucks.

            Most people here, college educated as they are, can afford one if they want. Either buy the latest smart phone, or a state of the art radiation detector.

            Heck you can even build one with Arduino.

        • Yo Fact, can you donate a scint? Even a used one.

        • hbjon hbjon

          That's me. The Mad Hatter 🙂

          • hbjon hbjon

            Ok, here's what you do.. Create a vacuum inside a brass tube after soldering in a couple of electrodes that are well insulated from the tube. Make sure the electrodes are separated at least 1/4 inch, but not more than 1/2 inch. Charge with argon gas at low pressure. To safely deliver one thousand volts potential to the electrodes consult an electronics expert. Count the clicks it makes per minute. Educate yourself about the half lives of isotopes. Use lead shielding for a more accurate reading. For the more advanced scientist, also build a flame spectrometer to identify the elemental composition of the sample. Get a prism to disperse the visible light spectrum of the sample that has been vaporized and ignited. Sort out the various isotopic signatures. The strength of the spectrum will tell you the quantity of atoms that were present of each particular element.
            It is important to identify the elements that compose your sample, because we must scientifically eliminate the hypothetical bananas as being the source of all radiation 🙂

      • FC is doomed, sayeth the stock

    • @ DS, His pitiful game is to trigger posts of anger, fear and hopelessness on the ENEWS site.

      Sort of proves the escalating desperation of pro-nuker shills who attempt to invalidate any truths about their killer industries, doesn't it. 🙂

      FC isn't even very good at it. His tired gums have no teeth.

      • FactChecker

        My game is only to elevate the technical discussion here to a higher degree of quality. If you can't deal with real technical discourse, go ahead and call me a shill.

        You see, the fact that I continue to read so many glaring errors from posters fuels the fire.

        Get it right, or I will get on you.

        No one said radiation wasnt dangerous, or nuclear tech didnt have risks.

        I am merely saying people fan the fire with falsehoods – these million deaths from Chernobyl, these massive thyroid cancers from Fukushima, bird and other animal deaths.

        Its all speculation on your part and those of your ilk. Arnie Gundersen doesn't know, Helen doesnt know. They dont know what I know.

        You can claim you know but I have seen little evidence from this site that there is any real knowledge, just fear and loathing over people that do know.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


          Are you in the same time line we are, or are you coming/visiting us from a another dimension?

          • FactChecker

            From you, its pure speculation. Plain and simple.

            You claim a million Chernobyl deaths, but no one but antinukes are running out to buy the Yablokov report.

            No credible radiation protection professional even cites Yablokov.

            Gundersen joined the bandwagon when he switched sides.

            But there are more of you that came over to our side than ours that went over to yours.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              They are not out buying copies because they are all lining up at hospitals for chemo therapy treatments. 🙁

              Once they get you in there, there really isn't much time for anything else.. 🙁

              Cancer treatment is very inconvenient..not pleasurable at all. 🙁

        • Wow, a visitor from another dimension, where GOD knows the truth, the only truth, and everyone has to bow down and worship HIM, and his TRUTH… no one else is WORTHY of mention or attention..

          All Hail, all must bown down and worship.. God has arrived on the ENEnews scene. Time to close down all of the anti nuclear sites and worship F.

          Sacrifice Zones, Nuclear Power and the Sacrificial Victims System Is Spreading Globally As Part Of Predatory Capitalism

          • FactChecker

            Funny, I think ENENEWS passed themselves off as a "news aggregator" but now you ADMIT it is an antinuclear site. Ok fair enough.

            Just dont pass ENE off as a credible technical site.

            It can't be both.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Sure it can be..your here.. but you have brought nothing with you. 🙂

              • FactChecker

                I bring credible technical information that resonates with the rank and file. I dont bring fear and loathing, and the world is ending mindset. I bring hope for people who dont want to fall into the trap the antinukes want to set for them.

                Free thinking people like me go against the grain. That is why I am here.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Free thinking people? You my friend are not free thinking people..

                • TravisT TravisT

                  Fact Checker, as someone who is learning I appreciate your technical input.

                  • Yes, everyone in the world is waiting and anxiously holding their breath for the next 'technical input' from the F.

                    Are you officially approved by the Matrix, F…?

                    Just fact checking the source of all of the facts, that are being checked, via the source..

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but, doesn't one work hard and pay the corporate learning institution loys of money for a little piece of paper that proves you have the credentials?

                  You know, to prove to the unwashed masses that you are an expert?

                  I have seen Arnold Gundersen's Credentials.

                  I have seen Helen Caldicott's Credentials.

                  I'm sorry FactChecker, I didn't catch your credentials.

                  I'm just not sure about your credibility FactChecker without seeing the proof.

                  You know how the Net is these days, ya gotta check yer credentials…

            • No where did anyone 'admit' this is an anti nuclear site.

              There are many anti nuclear sites and groups, dedicated to exposing the truth about nuclear lies.

              ENEnews aggregates many news sources, experts from all walks of life and many points of view. If you don't like that, and you want only GOD in the form of F talking, well, maybe we can build a website for you, so you can do that.

              • How do we contact you so we can explore how you want your website built and what you want included in it?

                A great many people will surely flock to your site, since you have all of the answers, all by yourself, correct?

                Why bother with listening to all of these hundreds of other sources, when just one will do…

                Any ideas on what to call it?

            • hbjon hbjon

              Not everyone believes it is an antinuke site. I for one think it's a site where we all can gather and agonize over the disaster at the Fukushima complex. Many here lack wisdom and many have wisdom. It's a matter of opinion and point of view 🙂

        • Technically…..we are observers who see the damage around us. Every day, in our yards and neighborhoods.

          Seeing and being in touch with real life.

          Mutated animals and plants that made it through other assorted poisons, pollutions and climate fluctuations suddenly increased dramatically apre Fukushima's deadly man made radioactive spewing.

          Most people don't need a technical description to tell them if their ass is on fire. 🙂

      • FC got no game, no real game

    • FactChecker

      You have to understand that the main steam isolation valves provide a clear demarcation between the primary and secondary.

      It wasnt a guess. I interned at Bechtel during the time these Mark Is were being designed and built in the US.

  • Massive 9.0 Earthquake Caused Multiple Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Reactors To Meltdown And Out in 2011; via @AGreenRoad

  • FactChecker

    Actually, you are mistaken.

    It was the tsunami. Here is the link with the timeline.

    The tsunami ocured a half hour after the earthquake and inundated the diesel generators which was used to power the HPSI and LPSI.

    Its always an antinuclear rant to say it was the earthquake when the facts dont support it.

    You see Dr G, you aren't playing to the same level as I.

    Slide 4. Time of fuel melt clearly 5 hrs after the earthquake, after the tsunami

    • What level? This is not a game F.

      Sorry, not playing with the confuse them with statistical baloney sandwich.

      Mixing apples with oranges and calling them all kiwis does not work here.

      The pipes broke after the earthquake. Period. NHK aired pictures of this. If you don't believe pictures, well that is a terminal condition, and we are all so very sorry, if you are suffering from this syndrome.

      No backup system can pump water through broken pipes caused by an earthquake, and a meltdown is assured, no matter what.

      Now add blocked valves, stuck valves, inoperable valves and even the firefighters were unable to push water into the melting down reactors.

      Dear F, your statistics and super God knowledge are verrrryyyyy impressive and we at ENEnews will all come over and bow down to you, if you can bring us pictures and videos of all of the reactors having pipes connected all the way through to the diesel generators, and no holes anywhere that allow the reactors to empty of water being poured in from whatever source…

      Everyone is waiting… F?

      Where are you?? F?

      Did you fly to Japan yet? Maybe we can even get someone to greet you at the gate and drive you to Fukushima..

      We are all anxiously awaiting the results of your absolute confirmation of your belief system that earthquakes cannot ever bring down ANY nuclear reactor, much less Fukushima.

      That is science right? Confirmation and proof…

    • hbjon hbjon

      That is a matter of opinion as the hyper link means nothing. There could have been damaged coolant transmission lines from the massive EQ. The SFP's may have leaked all their coolant and blew their contents because of cracks. Punching a hole in the top of the containment to get emergency coolant into a SFP is not an easy task. They make them strong enough to withstand jetliner kamikaze's.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      It was 41 minutes, not half an hour.

      “14:46: A 9.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Honshu Island at a depth of about 24 kilometres (15 mi).
      “• 15:27: The first tsunami strikes the plant.[8]

      And the earthquake not only broke the 30 cooling pipes leading out of the torus, it also damaged all the electrical systems leading to the reactor buildings and cut off all the electricity needed to run the cooling system.

      Nuclear energy is dependent on fossil fuel electricity for its cooling. In the case of an EMP bomb or a Carrington Event caused by a CME (coronal mass ejection) every nuclear reactor will meltdown and there will be no way to keep spent fuel pools covered.

      Some people have asked why they haven't moved the spent and new uel from reactor units #5 and #6. They can't because this fuel and these buildings were damaged by the earthquake. The reprocessing plant at Tokai has been abandoned because it was also damaged by the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent earthquakes.

      Nuclear energy is not safe. It has never been safe and it will never be safe. Nuclear accidents bankrupt whole countries and destroy the population with radiation. The next and subsequent generations are plagued with genetic diseases and early death.

      Who will take care of the ever exponentially increasing nuclear waste which is taking over the whole world? There won't be enough sacrificial…

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        There won't be enough sacrificial lambs to be forced into this duty. How will they replace all the dry casks which can last at most 100 years, but which in reality decay and explode much sooner. No country has the money to keep manufacturing these casks which have only a very limited time span.

        Nuclear energy is only for the benefit of the few at the top who steal the money and the lives of over 7 billion people. Nuclear energy cannot exist without a kleptocracy which only looks at their own very limited life span and which sacrifices the very lives of their own children.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Did we somehow miss the/that 30 foot raging tsunami at Chernobyl, TMI and Simi Valley?

    You are once again grasping at straws, trying to support your failed technology..please.. either we currently have 3+out of control Nuclear Meltdowns live going on/spewing toxins right now on this planet's surface polluting and poisoning the entire planet with absolutely no time line for complete cleanup..or we don't!

    Which is it? 🙂

    Are you killing this planet or are you loving this planet? 🙁

    Based on the millions of dead starfish and sea snot you are killing it..but then you might disagree.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The deaths will be coming, just like they came after Chernobyl, TMI and Simi Valley and all those 2053 above/below/ocean Nuclear Bomb Tests conducted worldwide.

    You my friend are living inside your own fantasy land and you need to get ahold of a red pill as quickly as possible. 🙂 You appear to be deeply brain washed…by others.

    The US government does not pay out billions of dollars to victims because no one was harmed or died from your Nuclear Technology spew..wake up!

  • califnative califnative

    Nuclear Trolls and the Banality of Evil

    A troll is someone who joins an event or forum in order to sabotage proceedings.

    Yesterday a new troll showed at Enenews. I actually think the new troll is an old troll because of the pattern of his disruptions (definitely a masculine ego operative here)

    The trolls at Enenews typically emphasize their expertise in nuclear engineering in order to disparage other commentators and rebut headline news about the Fukushima disaster.

    The troll “Factchecker” arrived at this forum yesterday, clearly intent on combating the fact that nuclear reactors can lose containment explosively.

    We haven’t had a troll in a while so his arrival signifies the perceived importance of this forum’s content. Trolls usually arrive when Enenews runs headlines with strong evidence indicating that there were nuclear explosions and loss of containment at Fukushima Daiichi.

    The trolls rarely discuss the biological effects of radiation, but rather focus on displaying their knowledge of nuclear engineering, while denigrating other participants.

    Factchecker wants to CAST DOUBT on form readers’ certainty that the reactors blew at Fukushima Daiichi even when the body of empirical evidence for radiation contamination clearly documents loss of containment.


  • califnative califnative

    Factchecker twists truth in order to deny the catastrophe that occurred in March 2011 so as to protect the nuclear industry, its shareholders, and captured regulators.

    I doubt Factchecker is a fanatical believer of his twisted propaganda. Too much careful framing is occurring with his responses at this time (until he gets tired and starts losing control and becomes increasingly irrational).

    Hanna Arendt described the banality of evil at the heart of Nazism. Factchecker illustrates this banality of evil, as does the entire nuclear village.

    • The test has F stumped. He is calling all of the PhDs in the nuke world to answer the three questions. He may have to go to God directly to get them.

      Still waiting F… what are the answers?

      How much radiation was released from Fuku compared to Chernobyl?

      Did #3 have a plutonium MOX fuel explosion or just a steam explosion?

      How much radioactive water from the multiple broken open reactors is leaking into the ocean per day, at what is the radiation level per liter in that water?

  • califnative califnative

    Goodheart-that's what put him in melt down before, Jebus badgered him with silly, stupid questions (brilliant) and it drove him crazy, which is why he can't answer your questions. VanneV, Stock and you got under his skin. He is quite evil if you read some of the things he said before, vulgar, anger, bitter man. I've never seen anything like it, normally I would feel sorry for someone like that but he is beyond help.

  • When Fuku3 blew sky high in the criticality from MOX fuel melted density separation…I knew it was time to shut them all down

    The neutron blast from that criticality gave 5 worker lethal doses as Japan reported to NRC and is in FOIA docs.

    Shall ye believe your lying eyes?

  • Yo soc, and empathy and social humor test—–

    Where da coriums?

    Went Fission!

    get it?

    • SadieDog

      "When nuclear reactors are refueled, a 12-hour spike in radioactive emissions exposes local people to levels of radioactivity up to 500 times greater than during normal operation, writes Ian Fairlie. The spikes may explain infant leukemia increases near nuclear plants – but operators provide no warnings and take no measures to reduce exposures."

  • radiophobia

    Nuclear Hotseat#154:WHO/IAEA Unholy Alliance – Joe Mangano Shreds WHO´s Epidemiology
    Nuclear Hotseat#165: Dr. Ian Fairlie on Soaring Child Leukemia Rates near Nuke Reactors

    FactChucker´s Poem:
    Roses are red
    Violets are red, Bushes are red, Trees are red …
    … ??? … ! …
    Holy shit! – My garden is on fire …

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    OMG… He's BAAAACK! The epitome of evil rearing its ugly head.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    FS – that video covers a lot. Sent it to several people.


    The nuclear industry needs to give burial insurance to the people of california

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes they do! 🙂

  • We Not They Finally

    Today we have chemtrails in newton the first i have seen since arrived in june..Whats next?Very bad sign whats next Fema?Get ready people the experiments may soon be starting..This maybe the ultimate diversion from the fact our ocean is dying and so isnt the earth.Be ready for anything..

  • raddog

    Why is 3 year old data considered "news"?

  • raddog

    ENE staying on the cutting edge in its efforts to unnecessarily alarm the ignorant public.

    • -1

      Not alarmed. Aware and pissed, maybe.

    • Sickputer

      Looks like the nun imprisoners in east Tennessee are on a long extended Columbus Day Holiday…

      SP: The Japanese control their doctors easier than the Soviets did in the late days of their radiation-destroyed empire. Just the threat of job loss is sufficient for 99.99% of Japanese physicians. A few brave souls have spoke up in Japan but the Soviets were especially good at threatening physicians with not just job loss (which in Japan is really enough) but also with imprisonment:

      2009 Chernobyl news article from Belarus:

      "According to Dr. Pierpaolo Mittica, the on-going medical nightmare of radiation poisoning includes(25):

      1. An increase of 100 times the incidence in aggressive tumors of the thyroid(26) and 50 times the incidence in other radiation-related tumors (leukemia, bone and brain tumors) in the contaminated areas. Much of this carcinogenic increase is in children.

      2. There is a 30-percent increase “in malformations due to genetic mutations, of pathologies of the senses, cardio-vascular, skeletal, and muscular systems and the connective tissues, as well as diseases of the nervous system and psychic disorders.

      3. There is a 20-percent increase of premature births.

      4. These figures do not include unknown numbers of spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, and still-births due to radiation.

      5. Physicians and scientists who spoke out were discredited, fired, or jailed."

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