Levels of Iodine-131 spike to highest levels yet in Philadelphia water supply — Almost double permissible limit

Published: December 7th, 2012 at 1:21 pm ET


Title: Spike in iodine-131 found in city water
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Author: Sandy Bauers
Date: December 7, 2012
h/t Anonymous tip

Levels of radioactive iodine-131 in a city drinking-water intake rose to their highest level yet […]

“The biggest message is that it’s not a health issue,” said David Allard, director of the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Radiation Protection.

Still, they continue to watch as they have since the issue surfaced in 2011 with more monitoring after an earthquake and tsunami severely damaged Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Officials then found that a little-known sampling program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had been detecting spikes of iodine-131 in Philadelphia and other places that get drinking water from rivers and streams.

[…] agencies traced the scattered spikes to excretions by thyroid patients […]

On Oct. 17, the latest date for which readings are available, the level of one sample at the Belmont water plant, on the Schuylkill, reached a record 5.46 picocuries per liter. […]

A national drinking-water standard sets the permissible limit at 3 picocuries per liter, but that figure is for a yearly average, not a single sample. […]

See also: [intlink id=”fox-is-iodine-131-killing-babies-in-philly-deaths-up-48-percent-since-radiation-levels-spiked-in-tap-water-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 7th, 2012 at 1:21 pm ET


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46 comments to Levels of Iodine-131 spike to highest levels yet in Philadelphia water supply — Almost double permissible limit

  • Mack Mack

    I don't believe for a second that this is all from thryroid patients (excuse my indelicacy) —> urinating.

    There'd need to be a huge population (excuse my indelicacy) urinating all day and all night to it find it in the water at this level, IMHO.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    That's IMPOSSIBLE. The smart nuclear engineer students at Berkeley already assured knuckle-dragger Americans that radiation from Fukushima was almost beyond detectable.

    They never found anything after repeated sampling. They have a liquid-nitrogen cooled geranium detector, for God's sake. They can time-travel and just about read your mind with that thing.

    Philadelphia is just making these levels up to support their own paranoia. Next thing you know, they'll be claiming fetal thyroid abnormalities are resulting in children's heart disease and pervasive development disorders like the autism spectrum.

    Look at the healthy children in Fukushima. They were blasted with unbelievable amounts of I-131 and they're all perfectly healthy.

    Besides, the government would have told everyone if it was dangerous. They have *experts*.

    • Yep right at the start Berkeley was doing a great job of exposing truth about Fukushima, then overnight, they stopped, someone read them the riot act….

      Straighten up and shut up, or your whole program loses all of its funding, and your whole university loses all of its gov support which is substantial….I was watching it in real time.

      Kill nuke

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Yep, I watched them flip 180 deg. after a great start too…nowadays I don't even bother to look at the BS spewn there anymore and the last time I did surf thru the BRAWM UCB website they'd strayed so far from being objective that I wanted to puke! As of that last visit a couple of months ago-they (the BRAWM Team)hadn't even posted anything for months and stopped answering questions from panic-stricken folks trying to get some credible info & numbers from them. They just quietly stopped setting out any damning data about the levels of Fuku in food & water/ground samples they'd found and let the idiotic comments remain up alongside anything credible submitted by "anonymous" faculty/students which turned the website into a pile of crap sprinkled with any useful tidbits that usually require more digging around than they're worth. There really isn't any reason to go there anymore in my opinion-unless one likes arguing with trolls & shills instead of using their time to gain some USEFUL info elsewhere. If I remember correctly-ENEnews yanked any links or endorsements and disassociated with the UCB BRAWM website as soon as they saw the "flip flop" taking place I give credit to ENE Admin for seeing it early! 🙂 (there was hate,drama & discontent and with wisdom & class ENE emerged victoriously while BRAWM Forum did not! 🙂 ) "BRAWM"~even sounds like the brand-name of a coarse,abrasive toilet paper!=it chap's one's ass & is full of __it! LOL 🙂

    • AntiNuke159

      Children in Fukushima are perfectly healthy??? Almost 40% of them have cysts in their thyroids, in one or two years I suppose many of these cysts will turn into cancerous tumors. And that’s just thyroids, radiation causes tons of other diseases. It is obvious that the governments have two options: cover it up, hide and fight the truth, or face law suits that will bankrupt nuke industry and governments. Guess what path they choose.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Seems the radiation problems are getting worse.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Limerick NPP Leaks! I131 is made in a nuclear reactor, half life eight days. Exelon is certainly contaminating the grou.dwater near Philadelphia, and yes, people will die of cancers and we will get increased genetic diseases for generations because of it. Wake up people.

    • Bones Bones

      Exactly. If they aren't finding other levels of I-131 like in Philly anywhere else in the country, I would think it really is a localized event and some company is responsible. I would tend to agree with you and hasn't Philly had high levels of I-131 for a very long time. I could have sworn I've seen high levels even before Fukushima, but I could be mistaken. I have a well where I live and it feeds into the big Skook downstream. I'm hoping it's not affecting the groundwater here. Gotta get it tested for sure.

    • patb2009

      I"m with you, if it's a local spike then it was a gas emission from a local source,

      oculd be limerick could be something else.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Yes, get it tested. Dont trust the corporate/gov authorities to tell anyone in Penn. the truth. Too many billions involved at Limerick. There are activist groups that can help with testing. Google Limerick and groundwater.

  • I read of this on the EPA site this morning.
    I do want to ask one question here …
    Been noticing on radiationnetwork high readings for weeks in this area .
    Think there is a link?
    Because it sure seems strange to blame it all on some unknown medical patients …

    • probie probie

      That high reading in that area you've seen was probably me (but at Limerick)!lol I just went to Philly a few days ago and ran the same model Geiger counter as the Philly station runs for 2 hours. Our readings were almost identical in shape, but their counts were consistently about 20cpm higher. I honestly think that station's high is a close local problem, maybe bad sheet rock, fiestaware, a patient neighbor etc, maybe even blowover from Salem, who knows I didn't go that far, but it's not widespread or even detectable within a short distance. Even several weeks ago another gentleman took readings in northern New Jersey and while a bit high, they still weren't comparable to the Philly station. Anyhow, I then went to Limerick and sat for another 2 hours within 4400 feet of the stacks. Even on approach there was a noticeable rise in my readings making the difference from start at 29cpm to an average of 43cpm throughout that 2 hour period. And of course, upon leaving it went back down forming a nice ugly wave. Whoever said it was Limerick and not Fukushima is most likely correct in my opinion. Limerick is a known leaker.

    • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

      In that general tristate area shown on the radiationnetwork we have the Salem NPP and the Oyster Creek NPP, both of which experienced loss of ultimate heatsink emergencies and experienced damage a few weeks back during Hurricane Sandy.

  • Ok probie . I just keep noticing those high readings on that one geiger .
    I think it is a local problem too!
    Limerick is a good guess .
    Thanks for the reply .
    BTW, high readings all over the map over at that site . So many close or over 50.
    not good at all .

    • probie probie

      I've noticed that station rise as well. It was sudden. Earlier in the year their average (still high in comparison) was roughly 50cpm. They logged off for whatever reason for awhile then came back and have since been, again consistent, but what they are now at around 60cpm. Either way, they are definitely too high for my taste! Unfortunately though, no one has been able to personally contact them so who knows if they moved their setup or made any changes to account for this latest, albeit level and sudden, rise. Honestly, they don't worry me much though (except for the station owner personally). What's bothersome to me is the known Limerick situation, the poor Schuylkill and groundwater issues coupled with journalistic insinuations of deflection regarding Fukushima as a possible source (these later times), or simply implying it's still some mystery. To mention your other comment, other stations over 50 are due to various factors, some are because they run the even more sensitive than Inspectors, the PRM-9000s, and some are because they really look like they're rising over time or are periodically getting hit by the jet stream or local something. Seriously, all of you guys should join! You can even run the software just on simulation until you do/don't get a gc. With as much time as many here devote to study and observation too, the extra insight would be nothing but valuable for all. The more pixels the better picture!

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    /they really need to update the format of the radiationnetwork map. Needs to be much bigger to be usefull.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Hello all, Interestingly enough I was perusing Radnet Envirofacts today and did a query of Region 5 from 2010 to 2012 going down the list of nasties(radionuclides,of course)and found mixed up in the fray that I-131 was being detected in Pasteurized milk from Cleveland,Detroit,Cincinnati,East Lansing MI,etc.-also S-89,90 & PU 238,9 as recently as Oct.29,2012??!! The highest levels from 2010 to near-presnt are also the most recent-WTH??!! When I look at the patterns(weather,release events & rumors of release events & obvious spikes in background radiation,etc.)-it seems to confirm my gut-feeling that my wife's cancer and serious (new)health disorders as well as the escalation of long-running,previous health issues becoming out of control-is NOT a "coincidence" and directly connected to the cocktail of radiation and non-radioactive industrial airborne particulate matter that's no less carcinogenic(?!) I guess whatever's blowing around the Windy City also isn't responsible for the EXPLOSION of new patients in Oncology,Chemo Infusion Center and Radiation Therapy that I saw with my own eyes? The Lead Nurse who ran the Radiation Dept. quit after 25 years under circumstances that I can only speculate since it wasn't long after I sort of blinsided her with a barrage of questions amidst mention of Fukushima after interrupting her scripted explanation of medical radiation(?!)I BELIEVE the I-131 found to be from patients urine PROVES more cancers suddenly appeared! TAKE CARE ALL…

    • Mack Mack

      Thanks JB –

      If anyone wants to do a Radiation query of their area, here's the link:


      Out of curiosity, I checked for TRITIUM in drinking water in different regions and found several areas with Tritium in the drinking water.

      • rambojim

        I wouldn't put to much faith in any website that ends with gov…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          I wouldn't have either,except they (the EPA themselves)published the data and although "buried" amongst old figures the inclusion of testing data from only a couple of months ago show higher levels of ALL radionuclides detected including the short-lived products of fission I-131! They may lie or not mention things to the public,but maybe they're running scared & HAVE to set it out somewhere to cover their arses when people like myself grab them by the throat and hold them accountable for cancers like the one my wife has or had 🙁 (God willing that she remains in remission?!!) I don't exactly buy everything on a .gov site either since any admission of the presence of ANY level of things that aren't supposed to be there by our so-called "protective agencies" are bound to be way worse than they're letting on! But now they can go back and say "we published data that showed I-131,etc, was discovered in water,milk,etc. so that the public may use their own discretion when consuming such"(or breathing such air,etc.)~but it wouldn't make it to that point since somebody wearing a black hat would walk into the courtroom with a couple of goons to grab the court records and associated files and rubber-stamp them with whatever NSA security classification they care to use to quash the case and seize the "evidence"(in my wife's case="Markers P51 & P21a showing marked mutation possibly linked to EP"??!!,which was on a PC file we weren't supposed to have access to!?)…

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            cont'd~please don't assume I still have the same level of trust in .gov website info EXCEPT for the fact that they admitted finding I-131,etc. in drinking water,milk & air filter samples as recently as 10/29/12 in higher numbers than they'd ever admitted to previously. To my way of thinking-I multiply their "published" findings 3x in order to guess the REAL findings that they DON'T put out for public viewing and "consumption"! Even by their own admission that cancer patients urine caused the spike in detections of PA's water supply is contradicting their assertions about the harmless nature of low-level radiation?!! Why is there a sudden "spike" in cancer-related radioactive medical waste? Because maybe there's also the sudden "spike" in the number of new cases of cancer that they should be talking about?!! I KNOW what's up because I have spent nearly every weekday since Feb.20,2012 at the Cancer Care Center,Chemo Infusion room,Radiation Therapy,surgery,oncology,nuclear medicine,patient registration waiting rooms,etc. and I watched it go from a handful of patients to "standing room only" from mid-March to present levels that required them to remodel & expand the facility to accommodate for all of the new,mostly terminal cancer patients!! I saw enough to KNOW for certain that "something" has happened to our environment & I don't need .gov or anyone else to tell me "what" caused it!~I'd like to know "where" it came from though???!! 🙁

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    What?! Are they trying to say that cancer-patients in local hospitals who go to the bathroom were causing the higher levels?!!! That's absurd! ~ It's either a local event or it was from Fukushima. (my other theory … one way the GOP wants to handle the urban-voters). (I know, not funny, but no less disturbing).

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    Could it be some fracking waste-water whatever since they seem to have so many-many wells in that part of the country?

    • lam335 lam335

      But I-131 has such a short half-life, it doesn't seem likely that fracking would releasing or generate it.

      I would think fracking might release stuff like uranium and maybe some radon daughter products, which have longer half-lives. But if I-131 is present, it was produced fairly recently (and probably as a result of nuclear fission).

  • Mack Mack

    Does anyone else see the idiocy of using iodine-131 in thyroid treatments when it's iodine-131 that causes thyroid abnormalities?

    • lam335 lam335

      I believe the purpose of the I-131 in thyroid "treatments" is essentially to destroy the thyroid. I'm not a doctor, but I think this is how it works: after they remove the rest of the thyroid, they use the I-131 to destroy any remaining cells.

      Radiation doesn't "cure" anything. It just kills cells. But they use I-131 to target thyroid cells because they are the only ones that suck up iodine.

      • lam335 lam335

        Here's an article that says thyroid cancer rates have significantly risen among women in recent decades. I point out this article only because of that piece of information. Her speculation as to the cause of this increase is lame, and she seems entirely clueless about the fact that nuke plants routinely spew radioactive iodine into the air:


        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          My wife came down suddenly with IBC Stage 3B and it was considered a rare,aggressive form of cancer accounting for only 1-5% of all breast cancer cases (at the time). But since she was diagnosed & finished the worst of her treatments including losing a breast and 7 lymph nodes under her armpit area-no less than 4 people,2 related to her and 2 friends ALL have been diagnosed very recently with the same,rare IBC??!! We have ELEVEN of the poison-spewing death plants that includes at least 9 that we are considered as being in the path of the plumes if there was an accident or sabotaged,not including Argonne Natl. Labs & Fermilab! I'm only 2 miles from Midway Airport and about 4 miles from Argonne and even closer to Red Gate Woods-the birthplace of the foul technology sickening & killing off the population now whether due to incompetence & irresponsibility or an intentional,planned effort at population reduction & the evil,disgusting and STUPID notions forwarded via Agenda 21 "actors" & fans! I bet there's no other "entry-level" jobs around that pay more for general laborers than those in the nuke industry?!Especially for those who pass the new screening criteria that they use for new hires which I'm sure focuses on how "solid" & "loyal" they will be as "insider's",rather than expertise,know-how & mindful of "public" safety they might display?! Being thoughtful,highly intelligent and/or having a conscience precludes any consideration for employment…sorry 🙁

          • amberlight amberlight

            Johnny, I'm sorry your wife had to go through such trauma. I am curious as to the ages of your wife and the others you know who are dealing with this. When I was growing up (born in 1944) cancer was a rare, albeit feared, disease and, except for childhood leukemia, mostly a problem for the elderly after a lifetime of exposure to environmental toxins.

            In the last couple of decades you would be hard pressed to be in a group of people where there weren't several individuals currently battling cancer of one kind or another and a bunch more who have gone through treatment in the past. The saddest part is the number of children and youth whose lives are sorely impacted if not cut short by this horror. We are killing the very ones we should be protecting.

            P.S. You are spot on with the globalist agenda of population control and reduction!

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              @amberlight;Thank you for the kind words & concern! I was born in 1964 and my wife in 1973.She's about to turn 40 in January but still well below the age group most frequently associated with IBC. Her family & our friends that have recently been diagnosed with the previously rare cancer are all either younger or the same age & from the same area with the exception of the fifth woman she learned of,a 31 yr. old cousin who resides in Erwin,TN being diagnosed as Stage4 IBC yesterday and is considered beyond hope regarding her survival chances for the 5 years following its discovery & treatment. I might add that my wifes chances were less than 30% of being alive in 5 years unless the amount of carcinogens in the environment have reduced EVERY patients chances of recovering from it even in my wife's case that held a good prognosis since the same biopsy results of the massive tumors that were treated via chemo to "shrink" the tumors prior to surgery which also contained the DNA markers P21,22and 51 "not for our eyes" data about "EP"(Environmental Pollution"?)possibly initiating it,and the parts we were privy to regarding the biopsy of the removed tumors & labs indicating that the cancer was gone prior to Radiation Therapy treatments(38 of them in 2 months?!)to kill remaining "rogue" cancer cells was deemed a "success" 🙂 5 years of Fuku & God knows what else on top of the treatments & x-rays,CTscans,MRI's,etc.already past scare me & make "celebrations" a bit…

              • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                premature(?) 🙁

                • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                  I forgot to even mention the babies I saw coming into chemo & surgery that I THOUGHT were with adult patients & found out to my horror & sadness that they were the patients! OMG! Even the "conditioned" staff of the cancer care center were visibly shaken up & fighting emotions while they stuck IV's into little one's arms or porta-catheters surgically implanted straight into their hearts like my wife for administering chemo drugs! I've seen things I want to TRY to forget,but NEVER will no matter how hard I try! My heart goes out to ALL of you who know firsthand of what I speak and to those who will be diagnosed with some form of cancer and the harsh treatment plans they will suffer & may or may not be "cured" or ever fully recover from…I'd expected "something"(?) BAD to happen to people I knew following Fukushima and what happened to my wife following my 20 yr. old daughter's "miscarriage"following sudden "heart failure"(cesium?)was my absolute "worst nightmares come true"! And we won't be the 1st or last of the group here on ENE to go thru this Hell! I'm signing off now as my wife just got severe abdominal cramps following days of nausea,weakness that I'd thought ended?!!wth…Take care,duty calls… 🙁

        • amberlight amberlight

          Iam335, that is interesting about the spike in thyroid cancer among women. Here in northern California I and several women I know have had laryngitis that hangs on for weeks. Although my voice is back, it is still rather husky going into the 3rd week. I am wondering if we are experiencing the first wave of what will become an epidemic of thyroid conditions due to Fuku radiation wafting ashore.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            @amberlight; You just hit on ANOTHER issue,"symptom"(?)that's being seen here by most women with my wife agtain being on the extreme end of things! She has severe asthma since birth and had to spend 5 fays in the hospital that coincided with the biggest "spike" I've seen in EPA and independent radiation monitoring nets all year that began on 11/23 culminating in hospitalization for 5 days following inpatient admission to the hospital on 11/24! My 66 yr. old mom has had laryngitis and chronic nosebleeds on & off now for quite some time now. I've concluded that EPA,NRC,etc. consistently give "low ball" figures,but nevertheless have limited value and do help me to come to some pretty horrific conclusions! We are on our own when it comes to protecting ourselves & loved ones-many of which STILL believe the scumbags who are sickening/killing them for profit would "warn" us to take action "if" there was a "problem"?!! HELLO?!! KNOCK KNOCK,is anyone home-the lights are on?!! I don't need to be sodomized with a fuel rod to know when I'm getting FUK'uD by parasitic,corporate scum & their govt. butt-buddies! My senses and interpretation of the effects of nuclear on nature,the environment and our quality of life all changed now as I KNOW every breath I take,bite I chew & drink of water,milk,etc. must contain some levels something harmful & the world feels "dirtier" than ever. I used to welcome the rain as it gave the earth a much-needed bath!,now I know the truth &…

      • Mack Mack

        Iodine-131 is also used in x-rays/imaging for kidneys, bladder, gallbladder and spine.

  • rambojim

    That area of Pennsylvania has had increased radiation levels for over a year now.I believe that one or more of the nuclear power plants in that area is purposely releasing radioactive isotopes into the air for a reason that (of course) they are not disclosing. As I write this, 69 CPM according to Radiation Network in that area of the state….

    • lam335 lam335

      For what it's worth, Limerick is only about 20 miles away.

      Last year when the story first came out about this, they claimed it was simply because of all the thyroid patients in the vicinity. There may be more medical-related facilities there than in some other places, since it's a major city, but then why aren't such spikes found in other major cities with many medical centers? (or perhaps they simply haven't looked in other cities, and if they did perhaps would they would find similar spikes there too?) Also, if people come from the broader region for thyroid treatment in the city, wouldn't they go home pretty quickly after that treatment, so that their I-131 would not all be excreted in this one area in Philadelphia?

      But the concentration in one or two areas of the city also seems to raises doubts about a theory involving one of the local nuke plants. Why would only a couple of places within the city measure so high if it were something that was routinely being released into the air, as opposed to something traveling through particular waterways?

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        There was mention of TMI having some sort of problems again as recently as a couple months ago and I can't find it now but thought I'd read about it here as well? WOW! it's O.T.,but I just watched my new GM counter (that I haven't completely figured out yet because the manual is in cyrillic Russian characters?!) just doubled with the alarm going off and noticed it began clicking & dinging as soon as the rain started collecting on the window screen!~I think it was a good deal @$133 off eBay for an MEPA AQ-22 Ecoguard,pancake-Geiger tubed device? It's described as having the same GM tube as the blue Radex 1008 and has a pollution monitoring function and even a Breathalyzer(??,LOL)so you don't get drunk and drive into a radioactive or industrially-polluted hot-spot area?!!LMAO!If anyone has,or is familiar with this model I'd appreciate any help or info available?! THANKS! I'm gonna give my keyboard a break now though since I've made up for lost time on the PC a bit too much since my wife's condition improved a bit in the last 24 hours & my caregiver duty load has lightened up a bit as a result. Sorry for rambling a bit much! 🙂 HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ENEWSER'S p.s.,I may not be well-liked or have my views respected or accepted much these days but I feel "at home" & "in my zone" here adding to the diversity our group displays & offers to those smart enough to care!)

        • vital1 vital1

          Free Geiger Counter Use Guide.


          If there is a significant amount of radiation in a rain event, placing a Geiger Counter close to the glass window can detect it. The water droplets contaminated with radiation stick to the glass. What you will detect will be mainly Gamma radiation. Glass is as a barrier to Alpha radiation. It can also filter out some of the beta depending how thick the glass is and what type of glass it is.

          If the radiation level drops quickly over a few hours, it is probably mainly Radon decay daughter washout. Although there is the possibility other short lived fallout isotopes also being present.

          If the radiation level near the glass window doesn't drop to near normal after a few days there is the possibility that long lived fallout isotopes are present.

          I often see the comments like, "It is just Radon washout." Radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer after smoking. I have seen Radon washout tests showing multi uSv/hr levels. You wouldn't want to be getting wet in this, or breathing it in at these levels for any length of time.

          Our tests in the Southern Hemisphere have been detecting increasing levels of Radon daughter washout in rain events. So increasing Radon levels can be just an important indicator of increasing radiation levels in the environment, and something to be concerned about.

          • Mack Mack

            @ALL – As Johnny Blade said, the EPA has some new results.

            Here's what was detected in rain in Regions 1 and 2 (I should state that their criteria for Minimum Detection is beyond my ability to understand)

            CESIUM-137 in RAIN results in picocuries per liter

            Boston, MA
            9/15/11 .51
            10/15/11 .12
            1/15/12 .25
            2/15/12 .41
            3/15/12 .2
            4/15/12 .09
            5/15/12 .62
            6/15/12 .46
            7/15/12 .12
            8/15/12 .18

            Concord, NH
            4/15/11 .05
            11/15/11 .05
            12/15/11 .23
            3/15/12 .33
            8/15/12 .3

            Hartford, CT
            9/15/11 .01
            10/15/11 .41
            11/15/11 .18
            12/15/11 .44
            1/15/12 .64
            2/15/12 .18
            3/15/12 .4
            4/15/12 .36
            5/15/12 .02
            6/15/12 .57
            7/15/12 .21
            9/15/12 .21

            Albany, NY
            9/15/11 .66
            10/15/11 .4
            11/15/11 .44
            12/15/11 .03
            1/15/12 .45
            2/15/12 .26
            3/15/12 .33
            5/15/12 .12
            6/15/12 .06
            7/15/12 .33
            8/15/12 .3

            Yaphank, NY
            4/15/11 .79
            10/15/11 .03
            11/15/11 .34
            12/15/11 .02
            1/15/12 .31
            2/15/12 .56
            3/15/12 .27
            4/15/12 .41
            5/15/12 .02
            6/15/12 .08
            7/15/12 .12
            8/15/12 .27

            —> Do you notice any patterns?

            —> Is this from Fukushima or local nuclear power plants?

        • lam335 lam335

          And Peach Bottom ALSO had some issues a month or so ago.

  • Mack Mack

    EPA "Result" Column — Iodine-131 — Drinking Water — Pennsylvania:

    Columbia, PA
    3/29/11 .198
    4/13/11 .065
    4/10/12 .185

    Harrisburg, PA
    3/29/11 .104
    4/14/11 .133
    4/4/12 .261

    Phila/Queen, PA
    4/4/11 2.21
    4/14/11 1.254
    8/31/11 1.32
    12/7/11 .095
    5/23/12 .13
    7/18/12 3.65
    10/17/12 3.28

    Phila/Belmont, PA
    4/4/11 1.29
    4/14/11 1.87
    8/31/11 .57
    12/7/11 .16
    5/23/12 .37
    7/18/12 2.83
    10/17/12 5.46

    Phila/Baxter, PA
    4/4/11 .455
    4/14/11 .363
    8/31/11 .074
    12/7/11 .259
    5/23/12 -0.01
    7/18/12 .62
    10/17/12 .74

    Pittsburgh, PA
    3/28/11 .359
    4/14/11 .112

  • Mack Mack

    In March 2012:

    “Several thousand gallons” of water containing as much as five-times the government’s “safe” level of radioactive tritium was accidentally released at Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station last month and then flushed into the Schuylkill River…"


  • Sickputer

    Don't blame local nuclear plants for I-131 in water. It's the frackers…

    Iodine-131 is a radioactive tracer frequently used in hydraulic fracturing according to Halliburton and other company patents of the process.

    There have been 300,000 petroleum wells drilled in Pennsylvania since oil drilling began 150 years ago. Only in the past few decades have they employed the deep drilling techniques using toxic chemicals.

    "Robert Kennedy Jr., president of the nonprofit Waterkeeper Alliance, estimates that it takes over 4,200 truck trips to carry fresh water in and contaminated frack water out of each well site."


    SP: Fukushima emissions are unlikely to kill you before the frackers will. We are all sick and dead men and women walking in America. There is nobody in Big Brother's entourage that will save this land from a toxic death.

    As long departer Enenewser red red wine used to say: "Party like it's 1999!"