Lid of Reactor No. 2’s containment vessel appears to be leaking

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 10:57 am ET


Japan Concedes Severity of Blast, Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2011:

Tokyo’s nuclear regulator revealed an apparent leak in the lid of Reactor No. 2’s containment vessel. That container was a crucial barrier between the overheating nuclear fuel rods at the reactor and the outside world, and the new information suggests radioactive substances were surging through holes that were collectively the size of a business card.

Published: June 7th, 2011 at 10:57 am ET


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  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Krypton-85 is CAUSING climate change. See the following:
    Gov’t simulation shows radioactive plume of Krypton-85 over Tokyo March 15 — Reactor No. 3 with MOX exploded March 14

    See quotation from article “Meteorological Consequences of Atmospheric Krypton-85” in comments to:

    What could be causing the extreme weather the United States is having?

  • RemainIndoors

    What’s hot this season! Lead suits & masks with oxygen units!

    And now, for your convenience, all of the Quiz Broadcasts!

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Are the numerous moving white dots in the TBS/JNN live cam radiation?

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury


    Massive Industrial Air & Water Flow Control..
    STEP #1: A Transocean SemiSub Oil-Drill Rig can be set up offshore at the top of the slope leading into the deep Japan Trench directly over the tectonic subduction zone.

    Step #2: The breakwater impoundment lagoon needs to be doubled with a bigger secondary seawall, sealed with a gate, and massive zeolite-boron sandbags added.

    Step #3: The reactors really do need to be covered with tents and suctioned with slight negative pressure, the massive air-volumes can be scrubbed inside pneumatic tent-arches floating inside the breakwater lagoon. — The lagoon is used for temporary radwaste impoundment.

    Step #4: The massive LeftCoast Lifter bargecrane can be used inside the breakwater to demolish the powerplant. Solid scrap can be washed off inside the lagoon and sorted for risk.

    Step#5: Several 63″ HDPE-pipe outfall dredge pipes can be easily connected to the Transocean drill-rig offshore. All the liquid radwaste mudsands can be injected into deep subduction wells. Bigger solids can be screened out and dropped thru vertical HDPE-pipe tucked into bottom of ocean trench under geomembrane cover, capped with burial later.

    THIS WOULD BE THE WORLDS LARGEST HYDRAULIC MINING OPERATION… eventually leaving a big harbor bay where the powerplant was, and 500 square miles of bare washed sand and gravel inland.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      You said that yesterday. And as I recall, no one believed you then either….

      • BeaGreen

        ActuallyN I’d like to see 21st Century in charge of the remediation project he proposes. Maybe he needs a wider audience.

        • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

          Yes, a HUGE Engineering Project, because Industrial
          forces are just Champing at the bit to get these rich
          fat gravy contracts, and the extremely skilled workers
          are just so eager to jump into the Sieverts/per day and
          Heroically show what the Power of the People Can DO!
          With Big Comrade Mao banners, full of the revolutionary
          Beaming Faces of the Proletariat! Banzai! Banzai!

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Massive containment structures of some type are exactly what is needed for Fuku I.

      The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development(EBRD), representing many countries contaminated by Chernobyl and aware of the current breakdown condition of the sarcophagus has contributed $788 Mil with another $300 mil or more needed, and has begun construction of the center arch of the dome some distance away from the reactor, from where it will be moved on a rail system to it’s place over the core. Then the sides and additional pieces will similarly be built out of high radiation range and then rolled into place and attached to the arch.

      My WAG? Increasing rad levels in air, water, land, crops, animal and seafood, spreading soon to Korea, the Philippines, China, Russia, Alaska and eventually everywhere else, will result in another containment project for Fuku I, way over $1 billion cost, with international support from 20 plus countries.

      And how much longer will the widespread but futile news blackout delay the funding and planning of this 2nd massive, and much needed containment?

      Probably long enough to contaminate the equipment and offices of the print and broadcast media, and I’ll be glad they’re gone.

      If I’m still here.

    • tony wilson

      21st Century Schizoid Man.

      come fly hence to that radiated plot.
      gaze upon that crumbled hulking husk of a troubled ruin.
      dwell in that septic isle surrounded by a blister blue cobalt cesium sea.
      suck forth the sweet steam filled air of hell, into lung and exhale your death.
      drink up corrupted water and drown in sepulchral agony.
      fall on thy knees before mighty pluto eat corrupted cankerous soil.
      uncorked,unchained mighty Erebus is free. he will do his will,you will do his bidding.
      let know man deny his power.

      • ocifferdave

        Tony Wilson has an Editor and that Editor is gonna make him rich:

        21st Century Schizoid Man

        Come fly hence to that radiated plot

        Upon that crumbled hulking husk of troubled ruin gaze

        Dwell in septic isle so blister blue so surrounded by cobalt cesium sea

        Suck forth Hell’s sweet steam into lung–

        Exhale your death.

        Drink up water corrupt drowned in sepulchral agony

        Fall on knees before mighty pluto gorging corrupt upon cankerous soil

        Uncorked,unchained mighty Erebus is free!

        And he will do his will

        And you will do his bidding

        Let man deny his power not.

  • tony wilson

    drip, drip,drip the controlled media give us daily nuggets of future death.
    an isolated reports kept apart really mean nothing and have little effect.
    the separation of the facts is the key.
    isolation of the information,isolation of the information.
    you will soon forget,until another bit tommorow.
    these are just figures,just numbers,it means nothing.
    it is leaking,it is not leaking,it is a million,it is a hundred maybe a thousand.
    drink your green tea,eat your fish and move along.

    • Ruffcut

      I don’t know about the fish part.
      I’m trying bentonite over zeolite. More available at health food stores. The seolite seemed too expensive and only can find online. Some ranchers feed zeolite to their lifestock and should not cost so much.
      One bottle of bentonite cost 10 bucks and should last awhile. Now I know what clay tastes like. Yummy in the tummy.
      ANd can feed to my dog, too.

      • zeolite is the best material for trapping radioactive particles, from what I understand. It’s a main media in the TRAP radiation water filters that Nuwater Concepts developed following the accident at Fukushima.

        I wonder if you can effectively wash radioactive particles away with water. Does anyone know? Probably not. I imagine the radiation permeates throughout the produce.

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          For external particles it does help to wash the produce. Plants, like us, also internalize radioactive particles. Neither we nor the plants can wash those off.

        • mff

          If you look it up Zeolite, is a crystal type product which is similar in composition to asbestos, and has been known to cause the miners lung disease mesothylioma (didn’t spell it right) so don’t kill me. lol But, I believe if you check it out, you will find the bentonite will be safer all the way around, and if you look at the data on being able to adsorb it has the largest capacity 70-100 as opposed to kaolin and the other goodies out there. just google-you will find it

        • Ruffcut

          Yes zeolite is used for filtration, so it should not be 50 bucks a dry form bottle.
          Also some homeopaths say powder zeo is better than liquid.
          Chug, chug, chug that bentonite mug, of mud.

          • Au Au

            I think you mean naturopaths. ; )
            Swizzle and Chug before it sinks to the bottom of the glass.

    • BlackRain

      I read everything you write (as time allows).

      Your humor is spot on. Even your sharpest, bloodiest comments have both heart and wit.

      Thank you, Mr. Wilson

    • Kay

      “the separation of the facts is the key”

  • nomade

    Well that’s all absolutely fascinating but what has it got to do specifically with the lid of #2 coming off?

    Lots of radioactive steam in #2. That figures.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Have I left anything out?

    Put Iodine Tincture on skin

    Drink filtered or distilled water, and watch where the water is coming from, no coast line area’s.

    Boost your immune system take vitamins..
    calcium, garlic, vitamin C, Omega3D

    Keep Detoxifying inside ..ginger…ginko biloba…antioxidants

    Detoxify outside body..bath with equal amounts of baking and Epsom salt for 20 to 30 min’s..detoxify pets also

    No milk..No leafy Vegetable…No cheese..No sea Food

    No swimming in the ocean

    Let fruits and fresh vegetables soak in sea salt/salt and baking soda.. Rinse..freeze

    Take shoes off before walking in the house.

    Dust with wet rag and wear mask and gloves

    Grow vegetables under cover

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Forgot this:

      Have Hepa filters and keep doors and windows closed

      On bad days put plastic around windows and doors. However, when windows have plastic around them, make sure to get fresh in air with one window open. Put a wet sheet covering the window, keep spraying it with water.

      Filter shower water and all water access with charcoal and zeolite filters

      Did I forget anything else?

      • Au Au

        Pledge Dust and Allergen Dry Cloths available online are better than Swiffer for dust control. I am running an experiment by taping one along the top of a a/c and heater vent that is a cheap plastic air directer that you can buy at Home Depot. It is flapping in the breeze as the air comes out. I’ll check to see if dust is less in a few days. So far, it does look interesting. Our system has a really fine filter on it anyway:
        so I am not interested in doing what I describe below.

        Maybe, if someone cannot afford a hepa filter this Pledge cloth could be used as a less expensive alternative. Probably better than nothing. Maybe put slits in it so air can flow through it and tape it down around the edges of the vent. You would know if it worked if you had less dust coming into the room. Dispose of carefully! It would be full of radioactive particles.

        Wheat Grass- you can just cut it and throw it in a powerful blender like a VitaMixer. Add a cup of water and zing. Drink. No juicing necessary. It can also be eaten just as grass. Sweet.

        Organic fertilizer called Tomato-Tone is marked as being made 10/10. It has hyper-accumulator product in it like poultry manure, feather and bone. So, might be a good idea to stock up that type of garden supply if possible. Same goes for the seaweed plant food.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Thanks for this info.

    • I think I’ll just reincarnate.

    • Ruffcut

      Coral calcium and ester C is more betterer.
      Some MD said something about magnesium for rads and diabetes, but that is not backed by much.
      Coral calc and mag, control my blood pressure. My dad and two bros have HBP, but not me. (damn, too late, my eyes are bulging out!)
      I am drinking almond milk now, though not much. It is ok if you add enuff chocolate sauce.
      Carlsons liquid fish oil is the bomb for omegaman 3’s. The cheaper fish oil pills are shit, make you burp and are inferior.
      What the hell can we do for fresh fruit and veggies? SHit back to canned crap.

      • Au Au

        You can buy plums from Chile now and bananas from South America. You can still get last years apple crop in the store now as they were in cold storage. Probably could get some of those weirdo fruits from tropical areas. Could be an adventure.

  • BlackRain

    Really? It still has a lid?

    • Kay

      I was wondering that myself.

      Turns out it’s #3 that has no lid.

      Which I guess is why we won’t hear that the lid at #3 is leaking.

      • Misitu

        Where did you see that No. 3 has no lid? It was what I suspected from the cryptome hires overflight photos, but Arnie said otherwise; notwithstanding which, something looking blurrily like a RPV cap seemed to go up in the criticality explosion, about half way, and drop down again.

        If you or someone else has data, or a constructive guess, I’d be keen to hear. It’s one of those intuition things. Which seem to be part of the flavour of this site.

        Thanks in advance

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    105000 metric tons (28 million gallons) of Contaminat­ed water at Fukushima just reported

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    It was Bad enuff! an’ now Dis!
    Oy Vey! Dere Goes da Neighborhood!

  • James2

    Hi folks James here. I had to change my name because of the new password system.

    They have to have something daily to give the news media. Giving them garbage like “the lid might be leaking”.

    But it’s about like looking at a horrible car accident and saying there’s a dent in the fender.

    Of course the containment is leaking. That’s what cause the explosion three months ago….

    We’ve got to get people focused on the right thing.

    And that right thing is not reactor 1, it’s not reactor 2, it’s not reactor 4 – all of them would be horrible nuclear accidents alone;

    But the worst of all is Reactor 3. That’s where the plutonium on and offsite came from. That’s where there’s a potential that highly, highly deadly Plutonium Dioxide got launched into the atomosphere and that’s the one that had the gigantic recriticality a couple weeks ago in open air.

    And that’s the one they would like to divert your attention from.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Hi James. I posted your very great comment at HP. I think your right. This is a diversion tactic to take everybody’s EYE OFF THE BALL #3. TY

    • There is plutonium in all four reactors james. Also wanted to mention that the reactors spent fuel pools did not have a containment…

      Reactor 2’s core leaking is a very big deal…

      Though I will agree the fuel in reactor 3 is a big threat, this information is very vital none the less…

      Also reactor 1 and 4 are both huge concerns, in their current state. They equally match reactor 3 in my eyes, though two melting down is another really huge implication, needless to say.

      • James2

        It’s true, there is plutonium in all the reactors, however all plutonium is not created the same.

        The plutonium in the fuel of #3 was new MOX fuel.

        It is made from mix of uranium powder and Plutonium dioxide powder. The powders are ground to nanometer consistency so they burn well.

        Most plutonium can pass right through your system if you were to say eat it.

        However nanometer powders are more likely to float in the air and get breathed rather than eaten. Then they lodge in your lungs, and do their nasty stuff.

        On top of that, plutonium dioxide is much, much more dangerous – look it up.

        Plutonium in all the other reactors is a by-product of the fission process and is bound into the nuclear material – it doesn’t exist as powder, and so can’t be inhaled. Now, they haven’t said if there was any MOX ready to be loaded in 3 or even in 4. I guess that’s possible, but I’m more worried about what’s already been ejected at 3.

        • radegan

          Those nano powders no doubt reached the jet stream, or let’s at least say they would be the most likely part of the core ejection to reach that altitude. Now it can sprinkle on our heads for years, a little bit here…a little bit there.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Yes..and because it is in continues fission it is emitting re-criticalities.
            It does not need to reach jet stream altitude to be carried across the Pacific..all it needs is the beautiful Pacific breezes.
            And so it goes…

        • Anthony Anthony

          James2 I’m glad you are taking time to open the knowledge about the plutonium, more thorough than it was the last big conversation about it for sure. And I think your information is more along the lines of how we should view the plutonium situation at hand. Thanks again.

        • Ruffcut

          I’m not so sure about the pluto. I think large samples need to be taken and sent to capital hill, for more analysis. The members of the federal reserve could also take a closer look.

      • Tacoma when you write that reactor #4 is in trouble you are referring to the spent fuel pool, correct? Reactor #4 pressure vessel is empty…

        again, you you please post link to your godlike productions argument…

        thank you

    • One might argue its neither, it’s the #4 spent fuel pool.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Welcome back to the outfit, m8,
    here’s ya rations, heres ya space suit.

  • James2

    Best known study of plutonium dioxide exposure in beagle dogs:

    144 dogs exposed to plutonium dioxide – resulting in 93 bone tumors, 46 lung tumors, 20 liver tumors – with multiple tumors competing as a cause of death, starting 1.5 years after exposure.

    So it is deadly stuff, but of course we don’t know how the dosage given to the dogs compares to anything that might be gotten from Fukushima. Typically these lab tests involve high dose rates.

    From the abstract:

    “Radiation pneumonitis was observed among the dogs with the highest ILBs. Deaths from radiation pneumonitis occurred from 1.5 to 5.4 years after exposure. Tumors of the lung, skeleton and liver occurred beginning at about 3 years after exposure. Bone tumors found in 93 dogs were the most common cause of death. Lung tumors found in 46 dogs were the second most common cause of death. Liver tumors, which were found in 20 dogs but were the cause of death in only 2 dogs, occurred later than tumors in bone and lung. Tumors in these three organs often occurred in the same animal and were competing causes of death. These findings in dogs suggest that similar dose-related biological effects could be expected in humans accidentally exposed”

    • Anthony Anthony


    • Darth

      Dogs – the most kind creature on the planet. Poor suffering dogs. I guess humans did that to them on purpose. How do these humans sleep at night?

      It’s not nice to “fool” with creations of Mother Nature. There may be blow-back… on all of us.

      • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

        Yes, it may be the ninth inning, and mankind may be ahead, but Mother Nature bats last.

      • James2

        They hide those animal test facilities well these days, so the PETA people can’t find them, however without those dog tests, we might not know how bad this stuff we’re dealing with is.

        Of course the very fact that we know how bad this stuff is is reflected in the effort to cover up all knowledge of it getting out into the environment.

        I feel terrible for those US service men and women who were in the USS Ronald Reagan battle group who were driving through that cloud of stuff which could have contained PuO2, and particularly for the airmen that flew a helicopter through it.

        But I’m devastated for those folks in Japan that might be breathing it on a daily basis – think of the children who may have to deal with those “competing tumors” in a couple of years.

        This is why it’s so important to know what is happening at fukushima and not cover it up.

      • Ruffcut

        Animal testing is a bit cruel indeed. In the detroit area it is estimated there are 50,000 abandoned dogs. My wife was going to work yesterday and saw an abandoned puppy on a busy road. She almost called me to come get it, but was worried that I would stroke out. A stray came in my yard a couple years ago, stressed and freaking. I made called to animal control and they said to “let the dog out of the yard”. I was so pissed off, I went to the hospital for 19 hours for they thought I had a stroke.
        Dogs are mans best friend and banksters are the worst.

  • fallingdown

    hi guys ive just joined after finding this site on twitter.this forums is surely supposed to be about fukushima? why is it full of people posting rubbish on this topic here? please whoever is in charge can we please have this forum fukushima only and stop this talk about climate change admins can you sort this out please and delte posts maybe that have no relevance at all so we can all get back to the fukushima crisis.i would like to say hello to all members and start off by saying,the head of the iaea has stated the fukushima disaster should not be called a disaster as no one has died.opinions please

  • fallingdown

    ok im not staying here to be moderated and waiting for comments to be relayed to the chat room.this is completely stupid need to sort your website out here.why ask people to post if you wont post the text? amateurs im going elsewhere

  • Darth

    Men – put on your jock strap; Ladies – fasten your seatbelts.

    Antisocial, from the lunaticoutpost, who in the past has demonstrated to be one of the most conservative posters in their Fukushima thread, and undoubtedly a current or ex Nuclear worker with expertize in fission and nuclear reactors has just posted the following:
    “The individual I know, along with all of her co-workers that were operating weather stations early on are being treated for internal radiation exposure…
    …the number of people exposed to considerable danger during the first week is enormous, and many in the JDF are furious with the government and TEPCO for understating or hiding … Most have had a pretty good idea what went on for the past few weeks, but as it becomes public they can no longer pretend, and the anger is growing. Humiliated is the word I’ve heard used a lot, and thats a strong word in Japan.

    Just to re-iterate, somewhere between 15% and 35% of the core of #3 was ejected up during the explosion. The remainder was forced down. Its assumed the pressure vessel was damaged and this core material is below it now. The explanation I’ve seen for the modulation of the radiation is that as water seeps in to the primary containment, it acts as a moderator/reflector and when it reaches a “critical” depth, it reflects enough energy back into some of the material that it re-achieves criticality. Once this happens the heat created begins driving off the water and the reaction slows. Remember, water between fuel slows the reaction between the fuel, but water surrounding fuel enhances the reaction. The danger here is a large storm could swamp the building and the water could get deep enough that it cant be driven back by the heat, and a potential explosion could result.

    One and Two are melted utterly. No one who values their life will come anywhere near those containments for years to come.

    Fuel pools are wildcards. …
    Three is a done deal. Nothing at all can be done…

  • Darth

    Three is a done deal. Nothing at all can be done about it…

    … One is believed to have ablated through the floor to some extent based on seismology readings that aren’t being made public. There are sensitive sensors all around the grounds listening for underground activity, as well as satellite based imagery used to locate bunkers and tunnels that can image the ground density. 1300C material generates pressure underground that alters the density of the ground, and these changes can be detected and visualized. It’s also theorized that this pressure underground is whats driving the water into the other buildings. As hydrostatic pressure builds moving away from the underground source, the water is pushed up and away and is finding the path of least resistance into other buildings. …there are volumes of real information being created daily. The level of information being made public is the equivalent of what TEPCO would have known in 1975. It’s 2011.


  • James2

    I’ve never been to lunaticoutpost and I hestitate to even go to someplace called that, however this is 100% consistent with my idea of what has happened from the start.

    The real question is:

    1. Can they get the fuel out of the shared spent pool before it burns?

    2. Did the cloud from #3 contain PuO2 and how far did that stuff travel.

    3. What’s the modeling of where the radiation is now?

    4. Will the evacuation hit Tokyo.

    5. When the Japanese economy crashes (not if) What’s the plan to shut down or manage all of the other nuke plants.

    • radegan

      Regarding question #2 – didn’t the Japanese government admit that ‘at least’ 200 lbs of plutonium had been ejected out of the core? Of course that’s a gross underestimate, they will soon ‘correct’ to about ten times that much.

      • James2

        I could have missed it, but I think the one thing they’ve held tight on since the beginning as that the explosion of #3 did not come from the core.

        Of course that’s because there is so much money at stake on the outcome of that issue.

        The French, who have been ironically helping with the “cleanup” of Fukushima like mad, sold the MOX fuel to them 10 years ago, and they just last summer got through all the legal battles to get it approved for use. As I recall they loaded the fuel immediately after the court decision.

        Just to show you how tangled a web this is, the French are also collaborating with the US on the contruction of a new multibillion dollar MOX manufacturing facility in South Carolina – which is underway now.

        The US has a lot of old plutonium warhead material they’d like to process into MOX and then resell to power companies – so they have a big incentive to not have MOX fall out of public favor.

        • radegan

          “…the one thing they’ve held tight on since the beginning as that the explosion of #3 did not come from the core.”

          James, I find the worst deniers are stymied by three images. The plans for the reactor, and post-explosion pics of #3 and #4. Any fool can see the reactor, or part thereof, has left the building.

    • 1. No. Not if it is in a state of criticality (holding a high temp).

      2. cloud carried pl… also traveled all the way back to japan twice…

      3. in theory they stopped… heres a hint… layer every map… then you see teh real pic… notice they never tracked it once it lapped…

      4. It should have already… Though the evacuation will create
      a huge collapse in world trade. bankrupting several
      countries… So they say stay its safe lol

      5. USA is the japanese military…

      • James2

        Do you have evidence the shared fuel pool – which is down at the end of the row, past #4 is critical?

        It definitely was not a month ago, although the flashes seen about a week ago sure looked like they were coming from there, not #4.

        I can’t dispute anything you write about plutonium traveling, however I’ve had people that I trust pretty highly say that plutonium is so heavy it falls out quickly.

        Not to say none of it traveled, but they insist not much can. This has been my fear since very early on.

        I haven’t been paying much attention to the maps.

        I’m sure somebody is “war gaming” the economic situation. My gut instinct is this will propel another country onto the world stage – India perhaps.

        Unless we have major health problems as a result – which is quite possible – I think the economic net on the US will be neutral. It will be violent shifting for awhile – lots of wealth will change hands, but in the end, people will need goods and services and food.

        But I think we certainly have a high risk of domino meltdowns at other reactors. When the public finds out what has happened, they will demand nuclear be eliminated. Those that work in the industry better prepare to work the next 20 years dismantling everything.

    • Ruffcut

      “5. When the Japanese economy crashes (not if) What’s the plan to shut down or manage all of the other nuke plants.”

      Don’t expect a crash. TPTB will hold it up and make it rally.

      And the USA is the global military. Once they have outlived their usefulness will turn the US to the banana republic that it is surely headed.

  • Darth

    P.S. I see that the above link has been “nuked”.

    I found this information at

  • James2

    Notice the guy got shouted down immediately.

    One guy got on there and tried to show them exactly where the stuff ejected through the roof – had a clear picture of it – they shouted him down.

  • nomade

    What about units #5 and 6? All the attention seems to be focussed on 1234. I can’t get the You Tube camera view as I’m in Europe too…can you see them on it?

    Both still standing I trust? Any smoke/steam?

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Lets send a box of Iodine suppositories to TEPCO, to insert where it will do the most good.

  • nomade

    Like there isn’t enough radioactivity around there already, N Korea just fired a test nuclear missile towards the East China Sea (and Japan)

  • nomade

    Sorry, Yellow Sea… the sea between Korea and Japan

  • nomade

    My Geography sux!! No worries, Yellow Sea is towards China I think.