“Like Green Starlight”: Highly contaminated ‘marine snow’ covered seafloor at least 2,000 kilometers from Fukushima by July 2011 (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: September 29th, 2012 at 10:22 am ET


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Title: 1,200 Bq/Kg of Cs134 was detected in marine snow that was gathered from the depth of 5,000 meters of the Pacific
Source: Tohoku Broadcasting
Author: guardianofmiyagi
Date Aired: Sept 16, 2012
Date Published: Sept 29, 2012

Marine snow like green starlight.

A surprising result was reported by the Ocean Investigation Team.

July 2011, investigation at the Kamchatka Peninsula offing depth of 5,000 meters.

1,200 Bq/Kg of Cs134 was detected in marine snow fathered from the deep sea.

The radioactive contamination has reached the deep sea which is 2000 km distance from Fukushima Daiichi.

It is considered that the origin of this Cs134 is not ocean currents but radioactive fallout and then reached the depth of 5,000 meters.

Published: September 29th, 2012 at 10:22 am ET


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42 comments to “Like Green Starlight”: Highly contaminated ‘marine snow’ covered seafloor at least 2,000 kilometers from Fukushima by July 2011 (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    In one word: Wow!

    The plumes to certain areas in the Northern Hemisphere was to quote Kill Bill…gargantuan. The scope of the fallout has not been communicated to the public except by the Internet news sources.

    Reports like marine snow reminds us of the global consequences of atomic fallout from nuclear plants.

  • Here's the important part, as I understand this, is that this radioactive contamination IS from FALLOUT not from the currents.
    (at this time)

    Several thoughts come to mind:

    1. The massive mega-size debris field.
    (This sort of answers the question: Is the debris radioactive or not?)

    2. At some point the currents will mix and mingle with the fallout and continue to accumulate.
    (and there's still no end in site)

    3. We also don't want to forget all of the OTHER ISOTOPES, all hazardous with varying decay rates. It's a heavy duty gooey cocktail.

    4. Imagine contaminated soil from fallout. We walk on it. We can clear it maybe at some point. But, in the ocean they swim in their aqua environment. It covers their entire body at all times, fish breath it. Water repels radiation, so guess what it's going to stick to.

    My conclusion would be that animals who live in aquatic environments will be affected faster and with more devastating results than anybody wants to consider. πŸ™
    (It's possible those sick seals and other animals in Alaska are an example of this?)

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Yes, this has fallen on the entire debris field, and all the beach clean-up organizations want you to bring your children down to the beach and participate in clean-up, with no warnings about radiation or hazardous wastes of any kind.

      These 'beach huggers' don't care if you or your family die from these hazardous materials. If they did, they would issue warnings. No, they are complicit in the oncoming genocide of West Coast populations.

      Make a point, as often as possible, that these people are assisting with mass murder. There is no other way to describe what they are doing.

      Hug your kids and tell them you love them, because your government wants them dead.

    • SnorkY2K

      What about the 14 soviet era reactors dumped into the arctic? There is nothing more stupid than dumping an entire nuclear reactor into the ocean. Once the fuel melts together and boils off the lighter metals, even full immersion in water is not enough to cool it. Water against hot nuclear fuel will be abrade the fuel into easily distributed particles letting the criminals hide the radiation by diluting it into the oceans to kill for millenia.

    • omniversling

      Chas, apparently that's exactly why the buckyballs create such a new and greater menace. If my understanding is correct, the render radionuclides 'soluable, thus enabling them to precipitate. ie evaporate with H20 molecules, and fall as rain. Usually they would be 'heavy metals and subject to direct gravity, which slows their dispersal down as they sink.


      Radioactive buckyballs from Fukushima invade California beaches

      Peroxides formed by seawater and melted fuel β€” β€œEven more likely to react with elements in core” β€” β€œNot clear exactly what kinds of chemicals were released” β€” Different than freshwater β€” Is this why officials ordered halt to pumping in seawater?

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima residents failing to complete radiation-dose paperwork
    September 28, 2012

    **Critical data is missing for two-thirds of children tested for thyroid problems in Fukushima Prefecture, because their families have failed to declare the children's hour-by-hour whereabouts during the immediate post-disaster period.

    Investigators need residence records for the four months following March 11, 2011, when radioactive fallout was high from a nuclear disaster and ingested iodine isotopes could have damaged the thyroid glands of growing children.


    >>> [… Admin: Please only paste a little bit of an article. Copyright reasons. Also, a post on this report was made yesterday here: http://enenews.com/osaka-hospital-official-i-advise-people-to-keep-records-of-any-changes-in-their-health-conditions-after-fukushima-disaster%5D

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      All the parents were told that their children who were discovered to have thyroid nodules, would not receive any further medical care for two years, and the hospitals all have signs saying they are not going to administer care to anyone with symptoms of radiation sickness.

      I don't think any of those parents are interested in participating in any rad sickness studies – paperwork, interviews or otherwise – knowing that their government is going to allow their children to die with no medical care.

      How soon do you think this policy is going to show up in your neighborhood? The world's medical community is completely unprepared for anything like what is fast approaching. Notice how no other governments or world health organizations are condemning the Japanese government for implementing these horrific policies?

      Complete silence on government-sponsored infanticide, soon to become genocide of their own population.

      Get a grip, folks. This is how our world leaders respond to an ELE, that they are responsible for in the first place.

      • hbjon hbjon

        It's interesting that the nuclear fuel will disolve to a certain size piece and sink to the bottom of the ocean. The cesium, krypton, xenon, and iodine would have all been released in the early stages like the old remedies that used to go "plop plop fizz fizz". But the heavy gases just don't rise to the surface as fast.

      • Anthony Anthony

        I agree its absurd and if you really read it, its quite unfair. There is no doubt where the medical issues are brewing from… they are actively trying to disqualify injured people through bureaucratic dogma which in turn easily becomes a deadly vicious circle for the patient.

  • razzz razzz


    Managing contaminated water

    Removing contaminated water from the reactor and turbine buildings had become the main challenge in week 3, along with contaminated water in trenches carrying cabling and pipework. This was both from the tsunami inundation and leakage from reactors. Run-off from the site into the sea was also carrying radionuclides well in excess of allowable levels. By the end of March all storages around the four units – basically the main condenser units and condensate tanks – were largely full of contaminated water pumped from the buildings.

    Accordingly, with government approval, Tepco over 4-10 April released to the sea about 10,400 cubic metres of slightly contaminated water (0.15 TBq total) in order to free up storage for more highly-contaminated water from unit 2 reactor and turbine buildings which needed to be removed to make safe working conditions. Unit 2 is the main source of contaminated water, though some of it comes from drainage pits. NISA confirmed that there was no significant change in radioactivity levels in the sea as a result of the 0.15 TBq discharge.


    • This report is incredibly biased and full of contested assertions about:

      health effects of noble gasses (report claims them to be biologically inactive, which is not generally agreed upon)

      amount of releases (report says almost no releases after March of 2011, which has been flatly contested)

      etc etc etc

  • JustmeAlso

    I can not understand there are people who say it is safe.
    I do understand people believing in nuke power being safe, like believing in a religion.

    • m a x l i

      It's all in here. The lies, manipulations, selfishness, the hunger for power, the hunger for instant gratification, lack of conscience, lack of responsibility, lack of empathy, lack of foresight, lack of regret, inability to normal reasoning, lack of learning from past mistakes or even admitting to it…Find out for yourself if this link helps you understand:

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        It's hard for the average person to comprehend the depths of evil in the mind of a psychopath.

        We revolt at the Joseph Stalins and Adolph Hitlers, yet elect these same personality types regularly and honor our business leaders equally afflicted. Once in power, they surround themselves with similar psychopathic personality types, until the complete control structure is thoroughly saturated with psychopaths working in synch.

        This is what we truly have now. And, ultimately, we can only blame ourselves for this. Fukushima will clean house, top to bottom. I can only pray that what comes after us doesn't make the same mistakes.

        • Maggie123

          TimeIsShort: "I can only pray that what comes after us doesn't make the same mistakes."

          I think humanity will repeat these trends and behaviors until we more deeply understand ourselves, and this understanding is entirely possible, (at least enough to make huge improvement, I don't imagine 'comprehensive' in general societal terms.)

          We don't even have to turn ourselves into academics – but we must first acknowledge that we're born with impulses both "social" and "anti-social" and that these, can be selected to be encouraged or disciplined (possible for the individual – don't mean 'external' policing.)

          Adults already operating with 'buried wounds' (true for almost everyone, even people who are fully functional)need freedom, opportunity, and emotionally safe environments to work work through these — while simultaneously we relate to all children born as precious.

          Even a "privileged" child is unconsciously "anxious" when it witnesses injustice, unfairness, and unaddressed struggle. At least that was my observation the more I taught young children and watched them respond to things going on. Intuitively they sense: "If that other kid today … could it be me another time?" The child will develop 'wariness' maybe just a bit, but enough. Attitudes, hierarchies, need to compete … all this gets started. Eventually the child is socialized to understand that 'that other kid' had "issues", ("not like our family"). … bit more…

          • Maggie123

            I just realized this not the non-nuclear discussion … I'm clearly running off topic. Cutting to chase will use Occupy camps to suggest how healing/learning can be accomplished without everyone needing counseling or academic study! Consensus solution finding, creating services for real needs, having time for one another's humanity, conflict resolution, … practices/experiences of this type causes people to relax and develop insights, attitudes of inclusiveness, and personal confidence. … my take!! πŸ™‚

      • Maggie123

        Maxli: Great article – very long – comprehensive! I read some of it, mostly a quick scan, and have bookmarked it for a more careful read. It's interesting and makes perfect sense that there's growing interest in understanding the 'psychology' that explains today's extreme ruthlessness among the 'ruling classes". I *do* keep a watch out for assertions that lead people to believe these ruthless power-wielders are "born not made". It's a dangerous mistaken belief – lets everyone else "off the hook". Easily leads to "it's those monsters who're at fault and we've had no role."

        So long as infants enter into social environments (usually immediate family) that are already damaged, angry, carrying unconscious, unhealed hurt or confusion from their own early years – virtually always the case, although usually relatively harmless – we will continue to create "monsters". It's known that even body chemistry of a pregnant woman influences brain and therefore cognitive function in the infant born. It's also known that much post-birth healing can be done, the brain is more 'plastic' than once thought.

        To be "born irremediably psychopathic" is surely rare, if even possible. Psychology (which I value *very* highly) has been horribly wrong before. In my rural 1950's environment, "mid-life crisis" was unidentified, an unknown 'aberration' for social norms. (more…)

        • Maggie123

          A few adult farmers, none-the-less, "flipped out" and behaved "very oddly" when they reached their mid 50's. (In the incidents that froze me as a child in my tracks – these behaviors were of no harm to anyone, did not even include sudden lavish spending to wreck family finances!)

          The science of the time absolutely believed shock treatment was the solution. So these unlucky individuals were hauled off to the state hospital to be "repaired". The adult community "tsk tsk'd" at the sad necessity, but felt reassured, pleased, that science had solutions.

          As a woman I've witnessed all manner of wild assertions about women's "health issues" as "explained" by science. Never a word about "social attitudes and cultural memes" – always "the woman's body needs fixing". This continues even now.

          Like I say – the article is *very* long. Since I've not read it carefully I can't find fault with it on the question of "born or made". I did catch a brief portion that seemed pretty enthusiastic about "born to be bad" as a conclusion.

          Jeeze – I just did it again – long 'OT' post as a reply!

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Now thats a long off-topic post there Maggie Tsk Tsk πŸ™‚

            But i have too agree with everything you say as usual , so it will not be hold against you LOL

            Regarding the much needed selfknowledge as a species , there is this culture of ridiculising psychology and theraphy , in line with the rest of the dumbing down maneuvers like crippling education and promoting propaganda. No coΓ―ncidence in my book.

  • razzz razzz


    Tepco then began transferring highly-radioactive water from the basement of unit 2 turbine hall and cabling trench to the holding tank and waste treatment plant just south of unit 4. The water contained 3 TBq/m3 of I-131 and 13 TBq/m3 of Cs-137. Some120 m3/day of fresh water was being injected into unit 2 reactor core and this replenished the contaminated water being removed, as in the other units.

    Tepco built a new wastewater treatment facility to treat contaminated water. The company used both US proprietary adsorbtion and French conventional technologies in the new 1200 m3/day treatment plant. A supplementary and simpler SARRY plant to remove caesium using Japanese technology and made by Toshiba and Shaw Group was installed and commissioned in August. Desalination is necessary on account of the seawater earlier used for cooling, and the 1200 m3/day desal plant produces 480 m3 of clean water while 720 m3 goes to storage. By mid March 2012, over 250,000 m3 of water had been treated.


  • razzz razzz

    By the end of June, Tepco had installed 109 concrete panels to seal the water intakes of units 1-4, preventing contaminated water leaking to the sea. From mid June some treatment with zeolite of seawater at 30 m3/hr was being undertaken near the water intakes for units 2 & 3, inside submerged barriers installed in April. From October, a steel water shield wall was built on the sea frontage of units 1-4. It extends about one kilometre, and down to an impermeable layer beneath two permeable strata which potentially leak contaminated groundwater to the sea.

    A 4-year international survey assessing radiological pollution of the marine environment near the plant commenced in July, under IAEA auspices and led by Australia, South Korea and Indonesia. In September, researchers at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Kyoto University and other institutes estimated that about 15 PBq of radioactivity (I-131 and Cs-137) had been released into the sea from late March through April, including substantial airborne fallout.

    Summary: A large amount of contaminated water had accumulated on site, but with the commissioning of a new treatment plant in June this was progressively being treated and recycled for reactor cooling. However, the main plant is not performing as well as expected, and a supplementary plant was installed. Some radioactivity has been released to the sea, but this has mostly been low-level and it has not had any major impact beyond the immediate plant structures.

  • Mack Mack

    Remember Ken Buesseler/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution did research on Fukushima ocean contamination.

    ** Sampled as deep as 1,000 meters (3,200 feet)

    ** Found radiation @ "3,900 Bq per cubic meter in areas closer to the shore, and 325 Bq in sites as far as 372 miles (600 km) away."

    ** Found "both cesium-137 and cesium-134 in"…. "sea life" … "sometimes at concentrations hundreds of times that of the surrounding water. Average radioactivity was about 10 to 15 Bq per kilogram."


  • Sol Man

    For the moment we live in Evermore.

  • Maggie123

    This headline instantly brings to my mind the American Marshall Island disasters. Oh no!

  • Jebus Jebus

    See, it all went five thousand meters below the sea.
    Everythings fine, there's nothing down there.
    Nobody lives there. Just a bunch of sea creatures.
    There will be no immediate helth effects.
    Each dose is well below the established lethal levels.
    What could possibly go wrong?


    What they are saying is this is from fallout from Fukushima, not from the currents. That is it is from the airborne releases from Fukushima and not from the water that is being released daily from Fukushima's cooling efforts. This means a lot more is to come because the amounts of radioactive contaminants in the water are a lot more by orders of magnitude!
    In a few years this deep accumulation will circulate across the Pacific and wash up on our shores as well as all Pacrim nations spreading death slowly to the entire Pacific region.
    The deep water currents are slow moving, far less than the currents we normally deal with on the upper layer.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Crikey! Seafood anyone?

    • andagi andagi

      Dear eatliesndie,
      Why, thank you! Did you say 'Plutocracy' ala Newburg with 'Fuku'rikaki. Smile now πŸ™‚

  • jackassrig

    YAPCO was pumping water into those reactors for months. Spraying water on the top of the buildings. TEPCO can not possibly account for all of the water that has run off the surface. I bet TEPCO could stick a shovel in the ground and hit water. That means the ground has no absorption. The water is going to run off and is going to run into the sea. TEPCO is polluting the sea from above and from the run off at the plant.

  • arclight arclight

    how about a nuclear and biological dump that is 200 km NE of honshu..

    did it get upset by the thousands of earthquakes.. i think yes.. fractured drums from earthquake acoustics and would the tsunami have dragged all the stuff on the bottom of the continental shelf? or is it tidal?

    hmmm? need more data on this but i smell a rat somewhere! πŸ˜‰

    • arclight arclight

      4 July 2011 Last updated at 05:58 Share this pageEmailPrint
      Japan finds rare earths in Pacific seabed

      Japanese researchers say they have discovered vast deposits of rare earth minerals, used in many hi-tech appliances, in the seabed.

      The geologists estimate that there are about a 100bn tons of the rare elements in the mud of the Pacific Ocean floor.

      At present, China produces 97% of the world's rare earth metals.

      Analysts say the Pacific discovery could challenge China's dominance, if recovering the minerals from the seabed proves commercially viable.


      no mention of isotopes here? and it was in july 2011 as well…hmm?

      • arclight arclight

        of course JAMSTEC did a survey nearer the shoreline only giving 10 bequerels or so

        cool pics and coloured stuff here.. likely the data is innacurate and manipulated and the readings were done by the great philosopher yamashita himself

        reliminary Results of
        JAMSTEC Activities for
        the Great 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

        Published: jan 2012


        • arclight arclight

          Upon governmental request, simulated the distribution of radioactivity concentrations using
          JCOPE (Japan Coastal Ocean Prediction Experiment).
          MEXT issued five press releases on the results between 12 April to 24 May:

          the atmospheric dispertion chart looks weak to support the high aerosol contamination

          data point 8 is missing on this part of the pdf

          Horizontal distribution of 137Cs in surface seawater of the western North Pacific (chart)

          tells you who is responsible for the cover up here

          "Building a network among universities, research institutions, and private companies to research the impact of the earthquake and tsunami on marine ecosystem, and its recovery process. The network will contribute to the revival of fisheries."

          always follow the money

          10 year project for establishing marine science hub in Tohoku region

          "Planning to build a new research vessel which will be utilized to research the ecosystem of the Tohoku area. Scheduled for completion in 2013."

          and of course they are experimenting on the citizens of fukushima and myagi so the fukushima "medical" hospital or Auschwitz-Birkenau hospital as it should be called now has lots of money for that too!
          think of the research possibilities

          Fukushima has positive fallout for marine science πŸ™


          • andagi andagi

            Dear Arclight,
            Great post!! πŸ™‚
            I believe (sadly so) that there is need for marine research now in every way. But, am (as you know) completely agast with this ongoing, seemingly complete and utter disregard for all victims of this heinous crime against all life, including the life of our dear planet.
            We must keep up our presence! We must keep coming together against this horrible boondoggle! Great minds and souls are here at ENENews!
            Thank you Arclight, thank you Admin πŸ™‚
            Sorry, bringing you 'aloha Friday' on Sunday πŸ™‚ Enjoy.