“Like a Science Fiction Movie”: Bizarre deaths after radiation exposure at US nuclear site — My whole family’s dead; Mom eaten up by tumors everywhere, could see them growing; Dad had masses suddenly erupt all over; Brother died at birth — Incredible number of colleagues killed by cancer, 2-3% alive (VIDEO)

Published: September 19th, 2014 at 3:39 pm ET


KING 5 News, Sept. 17, 2014: Investigators expose a continuing pattern… If you work  [at Hanford] and speak up about safety concerns, watch out. Chances are you’ll be met with harassment, intimidation, and the end of your career… Hanford’s tank farms [hold] the deadliest substances on Earth… Shelly Doss: “If you just ignore [the rules]… you risk contaminating the person… contaminating the environment… These were blatant violations”… Managers [said] she was to ignore that and 5 other major violations… “They were very angry because they’d been getting away with it.”… After 23 years… Shelly Doss was… fired… In the last year, they fired… 2 high-profile Hanford managers who blew the whistle. >> Watch video here

Trisha Pritikin, Hanford downwinder, interview by TalkingStickTV (emphasis added):

  • Part I at 0:15 in — My brother… is one of the many infants who died shortly after birth in what is now known to be the Hanford downwind area.
  • Part 2 at 12:30 in –My father died of thyroid cancer 3 years ago. He was [a nuclear safety engineer] at Hanford who believed that there was nothing wrong there… [I have severe thyroid disease and] my mother had thyroid disease. There’s no history of thyroid disease anywhere in our familyMy whole family’s dead now… My mother died this March of rapidly metastatic malignant melanoma… just took over her body. It killed her in 6 weeks. I’m not saying this to evoke pity [but] to educate people.
  • Part 3 at 1:00 in — The most logical reason I’ve heard for why this information on radiation… wasn’t shared with the public is liability. The government doesn’t want to deal with people’s health problems caused by the involuntary exposures.
  • Part 4 at 1:30 in — [My dad] didn’t want to admit that he had thyroid problems, because he was a nuclear engineer and [said] nothing was wrong with Hanford… It erupted almost overnight into masses [and] went all over his bodyThen he suddenly had 20 masses in his lungs. I thought, ‘This is like a science fiction movie,’ because it’s moving much faster than cancer ever moves… [He received] a letter from the Dept. of Energy… saying in response to his letter asking whether he had ever been a subject of human radiation experiment, yes he had been.
  • Part 4 at 6:30 in — In March this happens again… [My mom’s] whole body is getting eaten up by malignant melanoma. There are tumors everywhere, they are just growing all over. You could see them growing in her stomach, it was surreal. These two people died deaths which are very bizarre; you don’t see this in normal life. It’s like you take a science fiction movie — look at this person getting eaten up… If I simply state the facts, [the American Nuclear Society and DOE] accuse me of being emotional and over-involved… They say thyroid cancer’s a slow-moving disease and people don’t die.
  • Part 5 at 1:00 in — Last Christmas my mother was still alive… I was going to Oak Ridge for a meeting and my mom said you could visit our old friends… she listed 6 couples… she just kept saying, ‘No, they’re dead. No that’s right, they died… Well, they’re all dead, I guess you don’t have to visit any of them.’ She didn’t think it remarkable that they’re all dead… There’s this incredible number of my parents’ colleagues who are dead from cancer… They just didn’t want to put 2 + 2 together and say, ‘Everybody’s dead from cancer, isn’t that weird?’ Yes, it is weird –and now you are both dead of cancer mom and dad… just the strangest, fast-moving cancers. If you could put all my parents friends together would be just 2% to 3% of them alive still, it is so amazing.
  • Part 5 at 13:00 in — No [family] history of thyroid disease yet 4 of 4 members of my family developed [it]… There are lots of families with multiple incidence.

Watch the highly informative 50-minute interview here

Published: September 19th, 2014 at 3:39 pm ET


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66 comments to “Like a Science Fiction Movie”: Bizarre deaths after radiation exposure at US nuclear site — My whole family’s dead; Mom eaten up by tumors everywhere, could see them growing; Dad had masses suddenly erupt all over; Brother died at birth — Incredible number of colleagues killed by cancer, 2-3% alive (VIDEO)

  • CB CB

    It's not sci-fi, It's real.

  • GreenRenew GreenRenew

    The most toxic site on the planet which will soon be overtaken by Fukushima. At least one is recognized by the mainstream press while the other is not. Not yet.

  • ‘Everybody’s dead from cancer, isn’t that weird?’ Yes, it is weird –and now you are both dead of cancer mom and dad… just the strangest, fast-moving cancers. If you could put all my parents friends together would be just 2% to 3% of them alive still, it is so amazing.

    As one of those victims, a one in a million skull cancer victim, in light of this 2 or 3% survival rate of the first FUKU wave combined with all the crap from before; means I basically am a living miracle.

    Check for sores regularly. Use alkaline Ph balance techniques. Do not eat very much! That is important eat only that which does not usually bio accumulate, and take things very slow and carefully.

    This is what can happen if you are careful…Death is what happens if you arte not…

    Caution graphic contents.


    • images of my recovery are on page 2.

      • Dear Ontological,

        I am so very sorry for all you have suffered. Seeing those pictures, my heart just goes out to you and to all who suffer from the nuclear nightmare. Peace and gentle hugs.

        • TY lunamaria, survival is important. The powers that be, have apparently been desperate to hide the data. I cannot even locate my surgical logs. Immunofluorescence saved my life, and is a BAD word to the AMA monster money doctors.

          They have even tried to exterminate generational knowledge in Cambodia. (link below).
          I believe this was basically the same lame genocide results as what is being done now, changing RAD laws to lethal dose limit parameters to insure Chernobyl ELEments do the most damage to those exposed the longest to them in just a few months as the St90 changes into Yt90, and 64 hours of decay heat later becomes Zr90, one helluva HARD metal in your teeth and bones! Then again in 2016 as the Cs137 changes into Barium137 including random 3 minute in duration, flashes of Gamma in our teeth & tissues.
          The laws also have been changed due to horribly toxic food now becoming a BIG issue from FUKU fallout in way too many places.


          • J.

            "Immunofluorescence saved my life, and is a BAD word to the AMA monster money doctors."

            I have never heard to this therapy. Any information would be welcome.

            I hope you continue to recover and flourish. You may also wish to look at the site altcancer.com. There is a wealth of information there.

            • None of the material for this bran new science is officially out yet, the UCLA server will have these materials out June 1 2015. It is basically a way to illuminate micro invasive carcinoma using certain angstrom light frequencies.

              They DID keep my teeth they removed for testing basically I should have results of the St90 test, and the materials about the actual procedure also released then. I got in early due to my diligence, and having researched the Head and Neck oncologists works, and going to discuss the technique to the most impressed UCLA super surgeon. These people have been slammed since! They have gone from an ave. of 1 in a million to 4 in a million in 2 years for skull bone cancer removal patients. so in other words 400 a year to 1600+ per year of this rarest of cancer treatments.

              Many died from the first FUKU wave. Many more are soon to die from waiting too long. I was almost dead and well into stage 4 when they finally got to me, even knowing about it EARLY!

              Yes alt cancer is a good source thanks. The AMA is still refusing to acknowledge this treatment and the paperwork included a disclaimer by the AMA stating such treatments are not recognized. Yah because it does not promote BS chemo/radiation etc. at ridiculously expensive rates…

              Right now the AMA cancer scam is making them billion$. Soon they will be telling people they will have to await the ELitE to get done first. If they are still alive when the surgi-bot unit is available…

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Glad you are recovering, Ontological. Hang in there.
        Ok by me if you HOLLER whenever you want to.

    • 53rockwell 53rockwell

      Ol Death get us all one way or the other. Sorry for your suffering. I feel It when Ya post. http://youtu.be/If1yxmaJ14M

  • American Phoenix57

    We have been conned by the madmen of our time. Humanity is being slowly poisoned by chemical, biological and radiological toxins in our air, food, water, medicines and anything that touches our bodies.

    We are worthless to them dead or healthy. . . the moneys in between. Awakening is a long and painful process. No time to figure it out for most. We are way past the comments period. A few adjustments to your life could mean the difference between barely surviving or a productive life. He who hesitates is lost.

    What to Take before we Eat.

    What to Do before we Drink

    What to Wear before we Breathe. (Japan for now – soon the West Coast)

    How to Live before we Die. (Handy Research Guide)

    "There Is Still Time… Brother"

    • Sol Man

      With the earth about 4.5 billion years old and human civilization 14,000 years old this process is not slow. It is on the time line of history nearly instantaneous.

      • American Phoenix57

        True Sol Man human activity will in time be just a blip on the screen of history. But oh what a blip it was. . .

        • General User General User

          In an older thread; Another Newser typed these pixels of light:

          Some future generation, or intergalactic traveler will note TWO thin layers of radio-active geologic strata.

          The currently layer of deposits building up with FUKU fallout


          A layer (sorry, have forgotten which era) from an asteroid impact with ELE damage.

          Peace All

          • m a x l i

            @General User, you made me curious. I would like to see the original comment. Would you be able to find it? Or you remember anything? Name of the Newser? How long ago? Thread topic? Thanks!

      • stinkyperfume stinkyperfume

        last I heard is earth is more like 670 billion years old and populated for dozens of millions of years…our history never written for this. Scientists are ego money and brain superior driven, they think they deserve all the money, more better life than stupid people. They hire workers that they give salary to for radiation so these workers get nuked, the real smart one's never cared, they really think people should give them big money or they deserve to die, they really think they should be credited for college degrees and the brains to get them. They really want more than the other's or they don't care if you die, not at all, they would prefer to populate the planet in the future with people who aren't so stupid. They cannot believe they have to put up with stupid people that can't read a physics book in a few days. I've heard them talking to each other privately back in the 1970's…it was pretty nasty what they thought of stupider people. They believed you should not have had children if you don't have a certain intelligence level. One of them had several doctorates and a massive heart attack around 60 years old….he is a relative of mine. Another relative just had a massive heart attack…it's all in the karma rules…this earth was created for karma resolution not getting rich, not being a genius and deserving more money because your smarter. They can change the earth but for what is really is currently has been discovered. See youtube TheGalacticHistorian for…

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      WE will all be healthy by 2020 and don't pay attention to this article, they ate wrong, slept wrong..sure.
      Don't pay attention to John Wayne
      Don't pay attention to Chernobyl
      Don't pay attention to DU weapon use
      Don't pay attention to all the dead people in this article
      Don't pay attention to all those dead people in Japan 25% of the population loses their lives to cancer.
      Don't pay attention to this one either..

      Cancer is going down? Really?

      Numbers should be interesting in 2016..

    • 53rockwell 53rockwell

      Follow the money . Too find the root of injustice and evil. I have . Am I angry Yeah. We just got more info available thats all. That seperates us from every other generation before us. WATCH OUT. They are a lot of wormholes and deadends ,but in the end, if you are diligent it all leads back to the same ol spot. The root of evil.

      • lucius.cornelius

        Money is not evil. Money is a thing and no thing is evil in and of itself. The evil is in men's hearts. Which is why the original saying is "the love of money is the root of all evil" and ne'er a truer word was spoken.
        But then what is "evil" but the absence of good? So evil is a void, like darkness. Darkness is just the absence of light, not a force itself. So evil, far from the absurd nonsense that the movies serve up, is not a glowing red eyed, virgin blood thirsty monster, it's what happens when men turn aside from good. Just as darkness is what happens when the light is blocked.

        And the love of money can be further reduced to the love of power. All crime is an attempt to redress, or take advantage of, a power imbalance, whether real or imagined.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          ..therefore..the only thing that can be/represent evil are ..Manmade thing's..i consider every non-biodegradeble manmade things..evil..it blocks and therefore kills..life.. 😉

      • Hey there rockwell, wondered where you were. You've written some down to earth posts with good overviews in them. Hope you're doing well as 2015 grinds bumpily along. 🙂

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Asbestos seems benign comparatively. Lawyers must be fearful to take these cases or the government outlasts them (they print money). It would be interesting to see the history of outsourcing at Hanford. Some things like prisons and nuclear mess sites should not be contracted out…

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Prisons are bib business these days and they have lobbyists, hence the longer sentences for minor things have come into force..rotten, for money.

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        BIG business..

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Following the money.. is always fun!

        • 53rockwell 53rockwell

          Follow the money :)Corporate Prisons is one key.The owner of my company (this is a small company less than 15 workers) told me the other day taht the war in Syria,Iraq was good for his business, he knows my stong antiwar stance. I told him I make a peacefull product that couldnt be used to kill nobody unless you dropped it on they house with a Skyorsky helio.
          When I first started working there ,I had gotten fired from a job for my protests against the first one in Iraq, the I was with Cindy Sheehan.The Draftsman was talking shit about us in the Breakroom, and made a comment about those people camping in the ditch. I sed "Hey Buddy, I am those people"'. What good did I do ? Not None. I didnt change his mind. I didnt stop the war neither. Now we go again :(FUCK . Still I wont quit. Maybe antiwar anti Nuke Music is a better way. Yah Mass apeal.

  • As mostly a blue collar worker this is all very normal as far as I'm concerned. Criminal? Yes. Anti-life? Idiotic? Yes yes. I have seen lots of toxic scenarios managed the same way. Not nuclear. But various toxic chemicals dusts etc. Is better now but still sucks as situations are managed, not delt with.
    But Hanford is the grandaddy of nuclear. Originally first A-bomb factory and now nasty toxic waste dump next to the majestic awesome Columbia river. Pisses me off living in Vancouver that US toxic dump relatively close. You Americans are always so critical of Japanese handling of Fukushima triple meltdown. Rightly so, but what of your own country? Still leaning up the mess of your nuke bomb factory built over seventy years ago and the private companies contracted out by your gov flouting basic nuke safety laws with an unofficial nod wink wink from gov reminds me of Yakuza management of triple meltdown.
    We all need to choose life love and Mother Earth over greed money and poison. Peace. For those so inclined, God Bless.

    • Thx, Mark, for mentioning that many here blame the Japanese for their nuclear mess and we have our own. In fact, i'd say we have both. Fukushima IS an American/Japanese mess made by an American company and Japan is still an occupied outlier of the US militarily after we dropped H bombs on them, so we hold much sway in the politics there. The US made the bomb, unleashed the bomb, kept dropping and testing the bomb, dumped the bomb waste into the ocean, into the sand, into the rivers, into the mountains and lakes and streams. We are the the despoilers supreme. And, all our various nuclear repositories in their various states of crisis just show that we don't clean up any better than our neighbors across the Pacific.

  • Really takes a lot of courage to walk away from a job. Not for me as I can't see beyond my nose. A tall can of beer very cold in a park is a perfect destination from walking off a job. Everyone needs to realize that we all need to walk away from this death economy that serves the one presenters. Walk away from all the crap they make you think you need. Rich actually means good health and happy, not lot's of money. Good luck, folks.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Health yes – the richest in the world would give it all back to regain health.

    • General User General User

      Absolutely correct.

      No paycheck/life style is worth a shortened/disabled lifetime.

      Wont find me in any "one percent-er" owned rat race maze.

      Peace All

    • 53rockwell 53rockwell

      You are a man aftermy own heart. I lost a good job In the 80s and took another job at slave wage. Then I went and took a pipe welding test at another place aright net door and got hired for 2x what I was making. I went to work the next day and when the boss come ,making his rounds ,I told him I was leaving and why,, He said when Ya going ? I said right after I finish maching these parts . He Said dont go . and He come back and give me 3 dollars an hour >to stay
      The boys that took the other job didnt know what they was doing and put a cutting torch on a live pipe full of ammonium hydroxide. Set it on fire and it it killed 2 of em ,and blew the other 3 offin the roof.With Burns and fall injuries.
      Be carefull out there boys . Watch Your as, and watch the other guy too , he is the one get ya dead quicker.

    • 53rockwell 53rockwell

      Marky A tall can of beer in the Park Rally 🙂 I been there. How about a bottle of cheap wine and a god bag of weed?

  • razzz razzz

    Her nuclear safety engineer dad laughs her, she still decides to get pregnant and births a sick kid, the employer with its lawyers will try to stretch the timeline out until she's dead. Ignorant, sad and criminal.

  • 53rockwell 53rockwell

    Dont worry Kids .The Ruskies done got nuke science down. No more radioactive waste.
    O brave new world
    That has such people in't!

  • Pete

    Many interesting happenings in Washington lately, a few weeks ago we had chain lighting up in the clouds that never struck the earth for several hours. Not that strange in many places but Ive never seen chain lightning in washington a single time before in the 25 years I've lived here.

    I know several people with strangely broken bones, and they all said that the doctors office's have been packed with bone breaks every time they've been in.

    Every bird flock Ive seen so far this season has been flying North but at least Ive been seeing birds. During periods of high emissions during the past three years, I've had extended periods where Ive seen None. In addition to all the strange animal and sealife behaviors/deaths going on in Washington.

    Its still amazing to me that no one tests for anything here, but its like the above story, we have so many nuclear geniustards here that everyone thinks if there was an issue, one of those fools would tell us…Ha.

    Ive been thinking about trying to crowdfund or kickstarter a realtime room temperature isotopic identifier, maybe if there was a test result someone could point to people here might think or do Something.

    So many rich people here its disgusting, but they do nothing productive for humanity with their millions or billions. I live in near poverty in one of the richest zip codes in america but you can't tell most people anything they don't already know, and in my experience you cant tell rich people ish…

    • razzz razzz

      Pete: Maybe you are looking for a bullet to the back of your head. Nuke forces are extremely powerful and already have the data, they just don't release it and keep it under wraps with the blessing of the government because at this point in time they have the blessing of the government to keep quite.

      If the government and its contractors are held liable, what contractor is going to bother to bid on work they know is a death trap that they will have to pay for? Then what will the government do for workers? The Russian Chernobyl thing with no actual long term fix?

      Only contracting office fat cats rake in the dough while the little people get worse than nothing.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Bone breaks -could there be a connection to:


    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi Pete , did you noticed a difference in the sound of the thunder compared to normal lightnings ? Like..one lightning , one bang , not a bang with a rumble.. ? Like big firework ..or gunshots or bombs up there would sound..

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      I think " geniustards" says it all, Pete. If there is a more dangerous way to boil water, I don't know about it. Your water is hot now, but unfortunately your planet can no longer sustain life. We have to make these trade offs, that's just life. Whatever…no, when you destroy life for money, that not "just life", it's the grossest, most wide spread insanity of our times. Its enculturated blindness. Although we like to call it capitalism, it's self destructive in the extreme. And I don't think humankind is going to survive through it. We have to have money, right? No, No, No! We have to have a planet, clean air and water. Wholesome food. Sacrificing life for profits has gone on too long. We could do so much better.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Its really not that amazing. Entirely predictable, amazing that people have their heads so far in the sand after so long…

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Fire WRPS. String them up. Shut them down. Throw them in a ditch. Throw them in jail, dead or alive and all that.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    I've been keeping a list of friends, relatives, neighbors, pets .. all who were seemingly fine before 3/11 but have since gotten cancer, heart attack, tumors, odd teeth problems, diabetes, or just dropped dead. Was hoping it would slow down but just added two more last week.

  • 53rockwell 53rockwell

    More bad news Give me a break Yall Killing me.Nothing positive on this site

  • 53rockwell 53rockwell

    Im seriously considering splitin

  • 53rockwell 53rockwell

    Aignt nuthin but bad news every day.
    Fuck it Im outta here.Say something positive Bs

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Let's see ..something positive ..quick.

    My nose bled twice today ..but I don't have Ebola.

    Best ..I've got.

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