Nuclear Expert Back From Japan: Fukushima deposited a lot more radioactive material than Chernobyl, except for immediate area around reactors (AUDIO)

Published: September 5th, 2012 at 6:52 pm ET


Title: Clean Energy View: Fukushima’s History, Recovery & Future
Source: The Organic View
Date: June 19, 2012

Energy expert, Thomas S. Drolet, President of Drolet and Associates Energy Services, Inc. recently visited Fukushima and was also at the site shortly after the disaster occurred to assist with the recovery process. Mr. Drolet has also been to Chernobyl and is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of nuclear energy.

At 21:00 in

Drolet: The land to the northwest of Chernobyl Unit 4 was severely contaminated in comparison to anything that happened at Fukushima Daiichi, and then was less and less.

The only good news I can say about Chernobyl is the initial blast was so strong and so powerful that a lot of it went up into the air, into the stratosphere almost, and got carried by the jet stream around the globe.

So the dispersion was far greater in distance, and the amount deposited — except for the immediate area, say a 20 mile area around Chernobyl — was a lot less.

So its just the way the vagaries of the explosion and the wind were at the time.

Full Interview:

Title: Athabasca Uranium Appoints Nuclear Energy and Uranium Expert Thomas S. Drolet to Advisory Committee
Date: August 23, 2011

Athabasca Uranium Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas S. Drolet, BEng, MSc, DIC, to its newly-formed Advisory Committee.

Mr. Drolet has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Royal Military College of Canada, a Masters of Science degree in Nuclear Technology/Chemical Engineering and a DIC from Imperial College, University of London, England. He has had a 42-year career in the energy sector, especially in nuclear, where he spent 26 years with Ontario Hydro in various engineering, research and operations functions (predominately in their Nuclear Energy division). He formed and headed Canada’s R&D Program into Fusion (CFFTP) in 1982 and then moved into International Commercial work with Ontario Hydro International, a spin-off of the world’s fourth largest electrical utility, where he was named President and CEO in 1993. Mr. Drolet was then appointed Managing Director of American Electric Power Canada, and President of Canadian Energy Opportunities, Inc. where he was involved in mergers, acquisitions and other consulting activities in the Canadian and US power sectors. Following a stint at DTE Energy Technologies as their head of International Business for Distributed Generation products, he was most recently the President and CEO of Western GeoPower Inc., doing electrical project work in North and South America. He was at Three Mile Island in late 1979, at Chernobyl, Ukraine soon after the accident in 1986, and has recently been interviewed extensively for his expertise regarding this year’s Fukushima incident. He is a frequent guest and key-note speaker on Nuclear Energy at global conferences and consults in the general energy sector worldwide.


Published: September 5th, 2012 at 6:52 pm ET


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33 comments to Nuclear Expert Back From Japan: Fukushima deposited a lot more radioactive material than Chernobyl, except for immediate area around reactors (AUDIO)

  • Keep up the heat on TEPCO (aka Japan Gov), eventually they will be shamed into action.

    romeny says he includes nuke in a national energy plan.

    We need to educate Romney.


    Remove nuclear from your ideas.

    It is apparent that all we get from nuke is lies and disease, they haven't got their act together in over 50 years, and over 100 accidents.

    check some of these sites. The average person is WAY against nuclear. The nuclear cartel has proven themselves as arrogant, greedy, and liars.

    Solar is 3 cent per kWH, 20% to 30% Annual rate of return, nuke is like 1.666% rate of return, IF it doesn't blow up.

    Check these sites–public sentiment is strongly against nuke.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Thx for taking action!

    • irradiatedinbako

      @Stock .. Romney pro nuke plarform was quite well defined last I checked the candidate platforms .. MORE MORE MORE .. more military .. more nuke energy with fast track licensing ..

      IMO you can write a million emails but that will not change his mind.

      Not gonna argue the other side. Just sayin' …

      • irradiatedinbako

        As long as our US military wants to build up and bully the world into our view of submission we will use that Silver Bullet Bomb ..

        DU ..

        Nukes rule .. low grade .. high grade ..

        Face it folks.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Romney says he loves kids…


    Chernobyl Heart Movie; How Children Are Affected; via A Green Road

    Pass it on…

    A Green Road Beyond Nuclear Library; access all videos and articles

  • Paiute023 Paiute023

    ROMNEY??? OBAMA??? wait… one minute,guys SLow down ,and think..It's like telling Noda or TEPCO Exec's ,ahh drop all NPP 's ;tell the TRUTH ,and be nice..IT AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN,. romney is a muppet and Obama is just Kenyan(and a slow jogger,at best). these guys could care less about kids or children or babies, Sheeple commnets!,dribble,more like droll from zoloft knock-offs.won't matter much soon ,about presidential opinions or Fake election promises(misses).The Economy will be struck with that Financial iceberg,that WE told you jar-heads about for years.Then TEPCO-JPGOV'T won't have to pay one red penny.,nor the USA. Obama's 2013 budget has a $1,3 trillion SHORTFALL!!!! Oops! where's the $ gunna come from ,oh let's see: Medicare,pensions,etc. Ouch! oh yeah ,did ,i,dare mention the euro will tank,too. Romney ,…this guy's a real moron ,oh mormon,..OK BOTH!

  • Paiute023 Paiute023

    CBuck ,yes dramatic fo' sures!! i know .Religion and speed of one's jogging ,is,like so politically incorrect,Sorry My American indian genes, got the better of me. my point is ,was If you think Romney is going to do anything,different than the last 6 presidents ,your smoking some strong crack. "Drop a note to Romney" -that's crazy talk

    • CBuck CBuck

      Oh hell, these days I don't think there is room for being politically correct, it's literally killing people.
      I know what your point was and I agree.
      I'm just letting off a little steam so to speak. 😉

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      @Paiute023, you are correct in that letters won't immediately change Romney or Obama's minds, but, in social change, and I know that you know this, it takes one small action built upon another over a very, very long time to bring about a result. If a letter won't suffice, and i actually think they add up, then why not an open letter in an editorial section of the local paper to both of them? I don't know about the Paiutes, but, i come from the Freckle Clan Comanches, a mixed group that tended to do things a bit differently. As a tribe and as a gene pool, we are nearly extinct, less than a 1000 Comanches as of 1971, the last count, and most of us are mostly white now. So we throw our hearts and dreams onto the wind like so much dust to be taken up by some tree or blade of grass elsewhere and we will live that way. We never give up. The Earth is too precious. A Rainbow Warrior, a Navajo, spoke during a Rainbow gathering several years ago telling us that it is we, the wounded, who must be the healers in this time. There is no one else to do it. No time to wait and be whole first. That is why i implore each of us to do some small action as often as we can, including letter writing.

      • Paiute023 Paiute023

        Vic from Oregon,Beautiful words brother in arms!! If it's healing to be done ,then LET'S DO IT!!!! i spoke to the Mayor and city council of Laguna beach,cA on april 17th ,2012, about fuku fall-out and ,phytoremediation and apple pectin for the school kids in Orange county, Ca. After,the 3 minute" Time-limit" i was easily dissmissed ,and no thanks given. Funny how the Gay guy Telling everybody about an AIDS walk @ disneyland got a super extra long "3 minutes".i guess Radiation fall-out from Fukushima polluting the WESTCOAST is ,just tready enough.

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Quote VFO ; "A Rainbow Warrior, a Navajo, spoke during a Rainbow gathering several years ago telling us that it is we, the wounded, who must be the healers in this time."

        Man that line really keeps resonating…its good somebody said it.

  • Paiute023 Paiute023


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Not much point in explaining the differences between two horrible nuclear disasters that spewed cancer causing radiation onto millions of citizens. And both, still leaking radiation today. And can't be stopped, because the Nuclear industries of the world can't stop it. Man-made, unneeded technology that only supplies 15% of the world's electricity needs.

    We can easily supply that 15% with clean and safe power plants.

    • @TheBigPicture
      September 5, 2012 at 10:51 pm
      Very effectively stated and critical for policy now. It is so like a mirage this 15% because they are going to consume all this and much much more even after being closed down to decommission, because of the wastes to be isolated. Change over to a new life style in steps that immediately will deliver the 15% through conservation, energy substitution and some living within the means.
      Banks give loans for planting saplings of analogous varieties
      Give loans for nurturing them always with love and admiration
      A new found respect for the trees which act like giant pumps
      They form an atmospheric distribution network
      Equitably distributing nutritious water
      In accordance with the dry biomass density of vegetation
      They provide services annually worth billions
      And they practice return and Mother Earth appreciates
      The marvellous deeds of trees
      The loan repaid handsomely
      In a community where the banks belong to them really
      This is the opposite of mirage nuclaire
      Appreciate that you produce electricity yourself
      At 1.2 Volts shockless and tens of watts
      It is really wholesome public interest science working
      In place of fragmented false vested interested science
      Capstan operated lifts!
      Vapour absorption cooling!
      Electricity not for boiling water!
      But by solar!
      Match thermodynamically your wits
      With temper
      Make cloth by hand and prosper!
      Now you are infintely far away from nature
      Making mirage by nuke temperature

  • razzz razzz

    This Drolet person is purposely misleading in his speaking. Rambles on with no conclusion, vague in his facts, basically a tool.

    Here's why:

    "…On his appointment to the UAX Advisory Committee, Mr. Drolet commented: “Despite the events in Japan earlier this year, I am extremely bullish on the nuclear energy sector. That continuing enthusiasm is based on my profound belief in the need for balance in the world’s electricity supply system and the need for more baseload power supply for the increasingly electricity-driven energy future that I see. I truly look forward to helping Athabasca Uranium achieve its goals. With its extensive land position in the heart of Canada’s uranium sweet spot, UAX’s exploration and global opportunities in uranium are unbounded…”

    Taken from:

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Great find razzz. Thanks for digging that one out!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Yes, perfect find, razzz. Shilling for uranium mining – ugh! M. Drolet has no credibility as an "energy expert" once he does that.

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      nice one razzz. That explains it.

    • Its the Drolets who are letting us down
      Absolutely ignorant of energy audit of anything
      Consuming energy much more than they ever produce
      During their entire lifetime!
      Mirage and reality
      Shun the drolets and political leaders
      Who are implementing nuclear power programmes
      Forever crimes against all life
      The Society is lawless
      Which is silently
      Witnessing the lawlessness of laws
      Look Drolet what say you
      When I point out that trees enable
      Power flow through life at 1000 megawatts per square kilometer
      While nukes consume all the power they deliver
      And much more and are indebted forever
      Which exterminate life
      Life does work and is born again
      Uranium is consumed never to come back again
      Drolet, you are the very embodiment of vested interest science
      Which is infintely inferior to Public Interest Science!
      Do the audit and get enlightened.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    "The only good news I can say about Chernobyl is the initial blast was so strong and so powerful that a lot of it went up into the air, into the stratosphere almost, and got carried by the jet stream around the globe."

    I don't agree here. What produced the enormous plume in Chernobyl wasn't the explosion, but the fire that raged for the following 10 days.

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      It was probably a mushroom-type explosion.
      The blaze following only made things worse.

      But I agree with the dude, in regards to fireworking, Fukushima was three duds (compared to Chernobyl)

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Chernobyl did not have any radiation close around it? Huh?

    What happened to all of the 1 million workers who got HUGE doses of radiation trying to decontaminate the reactor building and the lands around it?

    Why did the whole forest turn red and then die, near Chernobyl?

    Why did a whole city near Chernobyl get evacuated if there was no radiation nearby?

    Why are hundreds of thousands of people still living in highly contaminated areas around Chernobyl, with no hope of help, assistance or of moving out of there?

    Why are animals still unsafe to eat due to cesium/strontium and other radioactive contamination thousands of miles away from Chernobyl, in many countries such as Germany, Ireland, Norway, etc?

    • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

      I think you read the quote backward. Albeit it was a bit confusing to listen to. He's saying Chernobyl was worse in the immediate area, but Fuku was worse in total?

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    About the oh-so-responsable Russian nucleocrats some folks keep banging about. From this week:

    "The Russian nuclear corp. Rosatom and the Norwegian Agency for Nuclear Safety have launched a joint operation in the Kara Sea. Targeted moves the sunken Soviet nuclear submarine K-27. The question is whether it will be salvaged to prevent radiation poisoning.
    Since the mid-20th Century, the bottom of the Kara Sea is a burial ground for nuclear waste.

    Before the twin island of Novaya Zemlya are thousands of containers with spent nuclear fuel rods and two dozen ships with radioactive material. In addition, several nuclear reactors and an entire nuclear submarine are sunk in the sea. (…)

    The nuclear-powered submarine K-27, the Norwegian environmentalists created so much grief, was sunk in 1982 in the Kara Sea, as no repairs to the former radiation damage were possible. Before disposing of the destroyed reactors was filled with a special solution, which prevented the escape of radioactive substances. To prevent contact of fissile materials with the sea water, 270 tons bitumen were pumped into the damaged area.

    Deputy head of the Institute of Oceanography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mikhail Flint said: "There is no evidence of a release of radioactivity. The repository was established there very carefully."

    Good luck.

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      Thank you for the link.

      However, I don't understand why the Norwegians worry so much about K-27.

      And, allegedly the Russians said that there is a possibility that one of its reactors become critical again, but didn't say why they think so.

      With the reactor compartment filled with furfurol and bitumen, it sounds somewhat safe.

      I don't understand why the Norwegians seem to care less about K-278 than about K-27.
      K-278 Komsomolets already has rusted away to a big part and leaks plutonium to the sea.

  • If bitumen is so good at creating a 'safe' repository for nuclear waste, why aren't all of the nuclear waste places just burying their nuclear waste in the La Brea tar pits?