Little Chance: TEPCO expects to miss decontamination goal at Fukushima plant

Published: August 13th, 2011 at 5:32 am ET


Japan Nuclear Plant Operator Expects to Miss Decon Goal, Global Security Newswire, August 12, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power on Wednesday indicated it had little chance of meeting its goal to this year eliminate the bulk of radiation-tainted water flooding Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant, the Asahi Shimbun reported […]

The plant contained 120,240 tons of radioactive liquid, the firm indicated […]

Published: August 13th, 2011 at 5:32 am ET


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33 comments to Little Chance: TEPCO expects to miss decontamination goal at Fukushima plant

  • lokay5 lokay5

    TEPCO’s not gonna meet their timeline for radioactive clean-up?

    No?! really?

    I’m shocked! SHOCKED I tell you!

  • What I don’t understand is its very hard to get these areas below 0.5 uSv/hr with decontamination. It is impossible to decontaminate the whole prefecture. They are really dreaming when they think it will be a safe area to live in future. They just won’t admit the severity. If you could decontaminate these places Pripyat in the Ukraine would be a boom town!. When will Japan realise they have had a triple meltdown plus more(spent fuel).

  • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN

    Are You ‘EfffN’ serious TEPCO ??? I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed…afterall it has got to be a pretty big task…to ‘De-ConTamiNate (4) Open-Pit Reactors worth of ‘CoRiUM’ seething, raging, on/off FissIoNinG, GlObZ of MoLtEN DeAtH…UnForTuNatLey…The “DraGoN” was released 5 months ago…I only hope I Live to see the Day…When these “BasTarDoZ” PaY ! See Video of the extent of the actual Damage @

  • But than again I think some of the hotspots in Tokyo are hopeless so maybe my view is too extreme.

    • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN

      No, Not Extreme…Just Unrealistic in Regards to the Actual, Horrendous, Damage that most of the World has yet to see…’MuChLoVe’ “MD”

  • arclight arclight

    off the same link repost

    Schools in Fukushima clearing radioactive dirt, but nowhere to dump it.
    “The municipal governments are fully behind the project. Officials are keen to prevent more children from moving outside the prefecture. They also are anticipating the day when children, who were evacuated with their families, return to their home schools for the second semester.

    At one school in Tanagura town, heavy machinery was stationed on the school grounds because of repair work being done at the gymnasium. As a result, soil removal work could not start.

    No soil-removal plans are in place among 287 schools located either in the Aizu region of western Fukushima Prefecture, where radiation levels are low, or in the no-entry zones near the Fukushima No. 1 plant, including Futaba and Naraha towns.

    Two-hundred and eighty-nine schools, including those in Iwaki city, said they were “considering” soil removal work.

    All municipal governments reported that the soil removal work had proved to be “effective,” with radiation levels on school grounds falling, for example, from 3 microsieverts per hour to 0.2-0.3 microsieverts per hour as a result.

    High-pressure hoses were used to clean school buildings at facilities where soil was not removed, the municipal governments said. Officials said those schools also removed sludge from side ditches and took other safety measures.

    In the absence of a blueprint to dispose of the contaminated soil, schools have had to bury the dirt in their own grounds–usually in a corner in holes 1.5 to 3 meters deep.

    The volume of soil in 19 municipalities, where data is available, amounted to some 178,000 cubic meters, equivalent to a pile 14 meters high covering the entire baseball field at the Tokyo Dome.
    The cost of the soil removal work differs according to the size of school grounds. But many of the municipal governments set aside roughly 10 million yen ($130,000) for each junior high school and about 5 million yen for each elementary school.

    In the meantime, 23 of the 90 prefectural senior high schools in Fukushima either have implemented, or plan to implement, soil-removal work. The total cost is estimated to hit at least about 6 billion yen if private-run kindergartens and day-care centers, which receive prefectural government subsidies for works, are included. “
    Arc: why not put the money into resettlement???
    And this
    “The Fukushima city government has received a number of inquiries on decontamination plans from parents of children who have been evacuated outside the prefecture.

    “We cannot ask them to return, given that the families are facing a tough choice,” said an official in charge of those matters. “But we wish to send out the message that we have at least a certain outlook with regard to the safety of school grounds.”
    Arc: speechless!

    • arclight arclight

      “In the meantime, 23 of the 90 prefectural senior high schools in Fukushima either have implemented, or plan to implement, soil-removal work. The total cost is estimated to hit at least about 6 billion yen if private-run kindergartens and day-care centers, which receive prefectural government subsidies for works, are included. “
      a little future costs here a little future costs there, minimise or hide other costs there, its no wonder that zerohedge aint talking about this clusterf$%k much!

      • arclight arclight

        oh and what, in percentage terms, is the amount of area to be decontaminated and how much will that cost? thinking of area to northwest and the sorrounding nature reserves “reserves/nuclear experiment sites”
        and what level are they saying is safe again?? or will they eventually drop that! then that will enter the costs, drip by drip!
        nuclear madness!!
        oh! no typos…cool!

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          @arclight – do you ever sleep? Whenever I log in, you’re here. Take care! Btw, did you see Moonkai around lately? I wonder what our french friend is up to!

          • arclight arclight

            adhd and sleep dont mix well !! thanxs b and b…lol!
            havent heard from moonkai for a while, but susprct hes having a well earned break after those cracking posts!! hope hes with the family! but he has the buisness too! hope your ok @moonkai

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            Or maybee there is more than one Arc??

          • arclight arclight

            you dont think the world could handle two of me do you?…. hehe!

        • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN

          A ‘PluToNiuM_StaR’ and an invitation to proceed to the next LeVeL…MuChLoVe…’MD’

        • Pallas89juno

          Dear Arc: Well, there was a contamination of two apartments in Germany by plutonium (very small amount) stolen by a worker in a Plutonium processing facility, or one where Pu is present. It cost $2 million dollars to decontaminate those private apartment units. That was years ago, as well. Not sure how to extrapolate that abatement cost to a very advanced, very densely crowded, worse-than-Chernobyl contaminated entire region of a first-world nation. I imagine the costs will be well beyond the initial estimates in the $250B U.S. range.

          • arclight arclight

            im sure the cleanup, if en masse would work out at a per apartment a bit cheaper in theory…but you make an interesting point! and how are they going to clean up the wildlife sanctuaries south of the reactor site, that have migrating birds!! and all the farmland to the north west…weve yet to see heavy concentrations of plutonium far from the plant, however tepco and co would have us believe there is no plutonium or strontium!! some particulates have been found, but wheres the plutonium????? 🙁

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I hope Moonkai got out of Japan.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I hope so, too. I like to think of him reunited with his family, enjoying life in Barcelona! It’s strange but nice to care for folks one has never met and probably never will (though I like the idea of running into one of you enenewsers some day) 🙂

  • maaa

    Not gonna meet timeline for cleanup , not gonna evacuate, not gonna everything.

  • micsam

    First things first this is just pr stop the source of radiation at the nuclear plants melt though before decontamination will be effective, or make all living things immune to radiation, Japan & tepco need help from the world community. I guess doing something is better than doing nothing.

  • bmurr bmurr

    Even IF they SAY they have decontaminated, which is completely unrealistic, is the rest of the world expected to trust this country’s exports are not going to be contaminated going forward?

    Also – what is with all these ELE comments? Lets substantiate before we start the evangelical preaching. 2044 nuclear weapons tests world wide since 1945, and we are still here. My parents lived through the most of the atmospheric weapons tests and they are in their 60’s.

    • Sickputer

      I also lived through the 60’s (and most of the 50s) but nuclear reactor fallout is a different bird. It does not decompose like the bombs and has far more hazardous waste. 6 reactors and their spent fuel from 40 years is like burning up the yearly reactor core from EVERY nuclear plant in North America. You can thank the lack of a dumping repository for that brilliant nuclear industry strategy. An ELE is not off the table by any means… Certainly not for Japanese people and maybe all of the Northern Hemisphere. The three fat ladies have yet to sing….

  • theypoisonus

    They feel obligated to say someting ever day or two to let the ‘little people’ believe that they are doing/trying something.

    Meanwhile, no one compensates the farmers, mostly organic, who lost everything, a lifetime of work. The chicken farmer started his business in1950 after being released from Russian interrment. 🙁

    THe race horse breeder, third generation, lost his whole spread of land, barns, etc.

    There simply isn’t enough money to give all that hard work and pride back.

    What a horrid shame, and they are soooo hurt and mad. WHO can blame them. I sure can’t !!

  • theypoisonus

    Maybe it was fifth generation hours breeder, no tea yet, but he had to give his colt up for adoption. 🙁

  • StillJill StillJill

    I do hope that the historian types among us are also capturing the intellectual and emotional decline/demise also. The disintegration of morals is OLD news,…THIS is different. The reaction peeps will have when circumstances FORCE them to BELIEVE–like a sick and dying child.
    I’ll say it again, One can deny reality, but they can not avoid the consequences of denying reality. Period. Fukushima,…the great equalizer!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Said another way,….minimize to our demise!

  • NeverAnyDanger

    We already know Tepco is going to miss all the goals they set and all the goals they’re going to set. Does Tepco think anybody believes anything they say after all their lies? Their credibility is in the toilet,down the sewer and long time gone. Along with the Japanese government.

  • StillJill StillJill

    A CHILD who is never chastised will THINK and FEEL Omnipotent.

    • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN

      MyCaL DeaN
      August 13, 2011 at 4:40 pm · Reply Report comment Report comment
      @ JiLL M ClarKsoN: Thanx so much 4 the encouragement…But I must say that ‘ALL’ of you fine people in this ‘Forum’ right here right now…have just been handed…the ‘Opportunity’ to enlighten the masses by taking ‘MyCaLzMuVeeZ’ Specifically the _’FuK_U_ShiMA’ and ‘PorT_CaLhoUN’_ ViDz_ViRaL_. These 2 short ‘DoCuMeNtArIeZ’ are an easy way to get your ‘foot in the door’ and leave the interpretation that you wish to convey…and were the ‘Soul_Inspiration’ of a person who has access to ‘iNsIdErCoNtAcTz’ and is currently fending off some very vicious attacks for even ‘Releasing’ these ‘ViDz’ in the first place…”ReMeMbEr”_’ItZ_uP_2_U_’__
      “MuChLoVeAlWaYz” ‘MD’

      MyCaL DeaN
      August 13, 2011 at 4:49 pm · Reply Report comment Report comment
      WhOOpZ__Ha_Ha_ this was supposed to go on the ‘WeeKlY_FoRuM’ page but it ‘somehow’ got pasted here instead…hmmm…’DiVinE_InTeRvEnTioN’ ???