Local L.A.-area Paper: “Radioactive sea spray has been shown to blow hundreds of kilometers inland” -Study

Published: June 10th, 2012 at 4:30 pm ET


Title: A Radioactive Nightmare
Source: Ventura County Reporter
Author: Michael Collins
Date: June 7, 2012

[…] Radioactive sea spray has been shown to blow hundreds of kilometers inland in tests conducted in the United Kingdom by British and European researchers.

[…] In the 2008 report “Sea to land transfer of radionuclides in Cumbria and North Wales,” the greatest average concentration of cesium-137 and plutonium-239 in soil at a depth of 0 to 15 centimeters was found 10 kilometers from the coast. The highest average amounts found at 15 to 30 centimeters deep were 5 kilometers away from the sea illustrating the unpredictability of radiation fallout.

A 62-page UK study released in December 2011 found that sea spray and marine aerosols created from bubbles forming and popping when the sea is choppy or waves break have increased concentrations of radioactive “actinides.”

Actinides are chemically alike radioactive metallic elements and include uranium and plutonium. One actinide infused the spray with an 812 times greater concentration of americium-241 than normal amounts of Am-241 in ambient seawater.

The report cited information that sea-spray-blown cesium 137 was found 200 kilometers from the discharge source in the New Hebrides islands in northern Scotland.

Another UK study found that the Irish Sea has a micro layer on top of it, perhaps only thousandths of a millimeter in thickness, that can become imbued with fine particulate material and its absorbed radiation.

These concentrations of plutonium and americium are four to five times their concentrations in ambient seawater. Plutonium concentrates by 26,000 times in floating algal blooms at sea, says the report. […]

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Published: June 10th, 2012 at 4:30 pm ET


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34 comments to Local L.A.-area Paper: “Radioactive sea spray has been shown to blow hundreds of kilometers inland” -Study

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    "These concentrations of plutonium and americium are four to five times their concentrations in ambient seawater. Plutonium concentrates by 26,000 times in floating algal blooms at sea, says the report."

    Oh, this is great news. And I just had a plate of fish tacos . . .

    I thought I tasted plutonium. A little like almonds . . .

  • This article contains a lot of accurate information. I would advise reading it in full. Then, sending links of the article to those you love who may have a desire or need to know the facts.

    from article:
    "In other words, no federal agency, department or administration is doing anything to sample and analyze water from the Pacific. Fish aren’t being tested for contamination, either. 'NOAA is not currently doing further research on seafood,' Belva said…"


      Might there be a way of checking levels of fallout by checking the change in color of rain? (Even if the change in color is minute, it must still be detectable.)


      "The mixing of enormous amounts of airborne irradiated materials combined with heat and thermal currents from the firestorms led to rainfall in both cities within 30-40 minutes of the bombings. As the fallout particles were mixed with carbon residue from citywide fires, the result was the awesome—and injurious—“black rain.”

      This “black rain” reached ground level as sticky, dark, dangerously radioactive water. It not only stained skin, clothing, and buildings, but also was ingested by breathing and by consumption of contaminated food or water, causing radiation poisoning."

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Not good for those within 3 miles of the coast, if this report is true.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    "normal amounts of Am-241"
    Americium is a man made element.
    Normal amount… a joke?


    • SnorkY2K

      Manmade is somewhat wrong. It just occurs in nature in very very tiny quantities where a large concentration of uranium has naturally reacted such as under Hawaii or Wyoming. Since it is so dilute it would not be normally encountered in a measurable amount in nature.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        May you can tell the source of this info?
        "where a large concentration of uranium has naturally reacted such as under Hawaii or Wyoming."
        What kind of natural reaction did you mean?
        The only known natural reactors were in oklo (Gabun, Africa)
        But in the U.S. it's legal to dump smokewarners which contains Am-241 in normal garbage. Maybye this is the "natural source".


  • CB CB

    April 26, 2012 at 7:05 pm · Reply
    That is how I see the Sea Spray happening on the West Coast. Like salt on a car after a windstorm close to the water.

    Stop the normalization of radioactive poisoning!

  • Sea)Water and Aerosolized Radiation/Bucky Balls
    …scroll up for radiation monitoring and debris tracking links

    Fukushima fallout forecasts for those into duck and cover

    folks needing to know about the not monitored rad situation..

  • Not too long ago, weather reports started reporting UV, pollen, air quality, even flu outbreaks. They should add radioactive particles.

    • richard richard

      Yes, that should be on the cards. But I'd bet nukers are holding the collective throats of the weatherpersons. They'd have to admit to regular 'venting' (what a murderous joke that is).

      It's the people versus mob.media.corp.guv

  • Just great.

    I'm right beside the sea, on the West Coast (Vancouver Island).

    This just adds to the how-many-ways-can-this-stuff-get-me lineup.

    Buckyballs for breakfast.

    Now thinking of evacuation.

    • I feel ya pu.,

      I live on the port of tacoma / waterfront

      • richard richard

        You guys are toast. How long do you think you can stay there, and do you both have dosimeter?

        • I send samples to a friend via usps. Its roughly a 640 count for every sample. 10 min count. So 6 times background is constant in rain. Also metal mouth is becoming a normal occurrence here.

          I doubt that I will not get cancer within 5 years. (however) I only would gain another two to twenty years on my clock If I moved virtually anywhere on the planet:(

          • richard richard

            Thanks taco with ur thoughts and situ.

            Correct me if I'm suggesting the wrong device, but I feel the Ekotect was worth buying, even tho I'm not as immediately threatened as yourself.

            I appreciate also that it's a chunk of money. But if I was in your location I'd want my own personal, immediate, metering.

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            Tacomagroove – 2 to 20 years more if you move. I assume that is if everything goes perfect. I'm getting at the fact that sometime in the future, the great unwashed masses WILL be jolted out of their collective commas and mass panic WILL set in. Food production, electrical production, fuel production, medical care, distribution systems, EVERYTHING will start to fall apart and stop working as people try to 'escape' or just plain loose their minds. Once the Pacific is completely poisoned and the land is contaminated, it's a short trip to hell from there.

        • I have no dosimeter, no geiger counter and no money.

          I'd saddle up and ride outta here, but I don't have a horse either.

          Most of my family thinks I'm crazy. I've therefore had to adopt a new one (that would be you guys).

          I'm also not sure I need a geiger counter because I already know what's going on. Besides, they don't pick up everything and they can't measure what's in the food.

          I have stayed mostly inside for about a year now, and avoid the rain like the plague (which is what it is now).

          However, I do have an ace up the sleeve: New Zealand citizenship.

          • andii

            Please consider contacting kind people (in Canada & US) who are offering free homes to those that are affected by Fukushima. They exists. Or better, move to NZ. I would if I've ready citizenship.

      • winonatacoma

        Me too TacGroove, I'm very close to Port of Tacoma so I watch your posts with great interest.

  • many moons

    I wonder if the radiation has made it's way to the South Atlantic?
    It's just a matter of time…but who will test and tell the truth??

    "no enough to hurt you" "trace levels" "small amounts" "normal levels"
    That sea bass has trace levels of plutonium we could swith out the spinich for some thing less radiaoactive so you can stay with in the "no immediate health risk" catagory for your meal!

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    For decades I thought that the splitting of the atom was the trigger for the evolution of consciousness for our species, and therefore life on this planet. I still believe that, yet I question whether we are capable of making the necessary adaptation.

    I visualized that the evolution of consciousness must be the increase in reverence and respect for all life. To live into the future, we must go back to the past, to the wisdom of the native americans and other indigenous peoples who lived with the knowledge that we must respect, honour, protect, and value all life. We must live for all life into the furure, whether you call it 7 generations or the 40 generations Helen Caldicott says it will take for the full genetic effects of fukushima to be manifest.

    I sympathize with the desire "to move away," to find somewhere else to go, but the only safe place for us to go is into a new, evolved state of consciousness. I'm 79. I've lived my life. So I really don't need to move. But for those of you young enough, and with the awareness that you demonstrate on this thread, I bless you on your ways. I bless you on your survival and your knowledge to create a new, better, more conscious, and surviving world.

    May it be so!

    • Nicely said dharmasyd.

      "The only safe place for us to go is into a new, evolved state of consciousness."

      The golden thread that seems to run through all the indigenous peoples is a great reverence for nature as if it were really part of themselves. They even go so far as to personify it, as in 'Mother Earth' (for she really is, literally, a mother in the sense she gives everything we have – food, money, wealth, life, oxygen and so on).

      They thought (think) of things (in general) and 'things' as always dynamic, never static – reflected in some native languages that didn't have any nouns (static, labels), only verbs (dynamic, changing,).

      Also, an innate sense that everything was connected – in the present, but also across the Three Times (past, present, future) – called interconnectedness.

      Interestingly, the interconnectedness is also expressed here:

      King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."

      The Buddhist one-pointedness of mind I think (cf. Patanjali where he defines what "The Lord" is and how meditation upon it is the highest form of meditation) is expressed in their reverence for The Great Spirit.

      The same fellow expressed it as:

      King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      "And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first…

    • many moons

      If you really think about it, mankind has NOT come very far from the cave.
      Our civilization is not evolved much over the centuries

      Now that science has discovered how to split an atom we have only managed to destroy the planet. If we had truly evolved first, this knowledge would have been used in a constructive way and not for destructive purposes.
      The Indians of the world, of the amazon for example are far more evolved in their thinking than your average capitalist.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        On the whole ..humans are evolutionary failures..simple as that.
        One of the keys to survival is adaptation to the environment.
        FAIL OUT.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          I sometimes imagine Mother Nature watching us and thinking to herself "Nah, adding bigger brains to gorillas didn't work."

        • many moons

          I don't agree. That's too easy…to dismiss this mess that way.
          Really there have been many civilizations that lived and thrived and did not destroy the earth. Think of how America would still be a beautiful pristine place if the native people were left to govern it. If you read "the name of war" it explains how the indians shared the land-America when the invaders came to own the land and their is the difference that led us to this horrible mess we are in…I own it, I'm more powerful than you, I can blow you up if I want, I pay more for my shirts cause I can please note the little horse in the corner…these greedy concepts are how nuclear was put into play and led us down this tragic path.

  • razzz razzz

    "…These concentrations of plutonium and americium are four to five times their concentrations in ambient seawater. Plutonium concentrates by 26,000 times in floating algal blooms at sea, says the report."

    There it is again, algae or some form of a fungus that can entrap fallout and at least hold onto it. Whether it can process and/or break it down is something else but at least it seems it can collect the fallout.

    i.e. Chemotrophs are organisms which require chemical reactions to be their energy source. Chemotrophs are divided into lithotrophs and organotrophs. Lithotrophs require inorganic mineral components, where as organotrophs utilize organic substances.

    Of course you can't win, either the radioactivity gets you or the fungus covers and smothers the earth while recovering the fallout.

  • andii

    "Leukaemia clusters have also been reported from areas near many other nuclear sites, particularly those where contaminated river, estuary or sea sediment is involved, or particles of radioactive material are dispersed to the atmosphere [ECRR2003]."

    "The explanation given by Green Audit (GA) was that sea to land transfer of radioactive particles followed by inhalation represented a risk to those living in the 0-1km coastal strip since the particles could be translocated from the lung to the lymphatic system resulting in leukaemia and other cancers and also producing germ cell damage and foetal damage in utero leading to effects in children."


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great thread and "Mother Earth" appreciates all the references. She weeps daily for allowing man kind to proliferate on her surface!