Local News: Radioactive leak from U.S. nuclear plant “got to the shore” — People on beaches a mile away — Officials downplaying seriousness of incident? (VIDEO)

Published: May 7th, 2013 at 10:41 am ET


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WSBT: Search for radioactive leak at Palisades nuclear plant[…] WSBT visited a park not far from the plant to hear from people on the beaches. […] Palisades sits about a mile down the beach […] “That’s not good, so I mean I get mad about ribbons and balloons, so radiation is obviously not thrilling either,” Larmee added. […] Groups opposing nuclear power plants, however, say regulators and the plant’s operator are downplaying the seriousness of the incident. “This plant is an accident waiting to happen, and it really needs to be permanently shut down before the worst happens there,” said Kevin Kamps of “Beyond Nuclear.” […]

WHTC: Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials said that 79 gallons of the tainted water had escaped, but by the time it got to the shore, it was highly diluted and posed no threat.

Businessweek: Saturday’s radiation leak “most likely … is not a public health concern,” [Alan Jackson, a radiation health physicist at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit] said. “What’s more a concern is why do these things keep happening?” “I would fixate on, ‘OK, you have this problem. Why aren’t you fixing it?'” he said.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: May 7th, 2013 at 10:41 am ET


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31 comments to Local News: Radioactive leak from U.S. nuclear plant “got to the shore” — People on beaches a mile away — Officials downplaying seriousness of incident? (VIDEO)

  • weeman

    Funny how the release was at a time no one would be swimming in lake, therefore no contamination to any people, lucky.

  • dosdos dosdos

    "…..by the time it got to the shore, it was highly diluted and posed no threat."

    Sounds familiar, eh?

  • robu

    Living in sight of the plant, I can see the concern others have. However, seeing how often the beaches are closed because of e coli from raw sewage being dumped into the water, fuel being dumped into the water by vessels or washed into the lake from the rivers, pesticides, pharmacuticals, fertilizers, heavy metals, invasive species, coal plant emissions landing in the lake, etc., I am not as concerned about the 79 gallons of lightly radioactive water spilling into a lake of 1,300,000,000,000,000 gallons. Something should be done about it, yes, but I think this belittles the real issues that the lake has.

    • what if it was 79000 and moderately radioactive meant 1 billion Bq per gallon?

      Entergy is the slumlord of nuclear, and they are killing us slowly and someday their greed and complacency may kill us quickly.

  • irhologram

    BUT now they've admitted it was the LAKE that diluted the radiation in the leak..and not that there was so little radiation in the water release? Do the math…in 10 years, the lake would have one acre(!) of nondiluted, radiative release one foot tall with 90 gallons continuing daily, counting from today. But that doesn't account for what has ALREADY been released into the lake. Apparently this release is routine and apparently, it's been going on for some time…(is it two years now of at least 34 gallons per day? Or more? We don't know.).

    • robu

      Lake Michigan is 624,308,889,600 square feet or 14,332,160 acres. If 90 gallons could leak every day, and it was even remotely higher in radiation levels than what the coal plants are already allowed to dump into it, then I would be really concerned. But that wasn't happening and it was caught and being taken care of.

      I am more concerned with the 800,000 gallons of crude oil dumped into a river that feeds the lake. I am more concerned with who knows what stuff being washed into the lake every day.


  • many moons

    Diluted and posed no threat….that lie really stumps me….
    If just a tiny particle of radioactive material can kill and organism…how can that be diluted and cause no harm???

    I've heard that one so many times now and I can't understand what the hell they mean by that????

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Have you ever swimmed in a body of water and noticed some areas have a different temperature than others? Have you every had a patch of seaweed float into the area you were swimming? If you swim into a slightly radioactive area and are exposed either externally or take in water and get an internal dose, however small it is, the radiation can damage the cells that it comes into contact with. Sometimes you body will repair the damage sometimes it won't and a cancer can start.

    Go ahead a minimize the doses of Tritium, tell it to the people who's children might be the unlucky one to get just a small enough exposure to make a world of difference to them.

    The NRC failed to protect the public and the environment from this very preventable leak. They knew it was leaking and should have had it fixed especially as it was leaking into the control room! Energy who owns Palisades can't even tell us how much radiation was in the original water before it was diluted. They say it was low so you shouldn't worry and people just belive them? Do you think everything between Energy the NRC and the public is on the up and up? Read the article below..

    Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down After Water Leaks Into Lake Michigan


    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      Wish I could correct typos, Have you ever swum or gone swimming…swim swam, swum or gone swimming, feel free to make the sentence read correctly to you. 🙂

    • weeman

      When you talk about tritium, the Canadian candu reactors release a lot of tritium into the body of water, no thanks to their design and into the bargin they are extending there life, get a grip mankind.
      The great lakes are the life blood of 60 million people and the largest body of fresh water on the plant and believe me mankind is going to require it in the near future, give hoot don't pollute.

  • Sol Man

    With all of the myriad of poisons available in the environment it is the youngest, oldest, and the weakest that will show the effects first. I mean the babies, the elderly and the sickest among the population.

    • many moons

      I remember Arnie explaining that if you had a one dollar bill made out of plutonium and ripped it in to 1 million pieces, each one of those pieces could kill a person….how diluted can this water make tiny particles…it's not like the particles get dissolved into the water…just how does this dilution of radioactive particles work?

      • weeman

        Actually the radioactive particle can precipitate from the water and be left on shore for the wind to disperse,
        So it is not encapsulated in the water and is free to leave under certain conditions.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    So this sets the stage for the next fight between my home state of IL and the state of Michigan(?)="whose leaky crap NPP is turning the World's largest freshwater source for millions of people into a cesspool of tritiated coolant water & cesium infused fecal matter"?!! "They" disgust me…("they" meaning TPTB,the State of IL,ALL of the filthy nuke plants & misc. foul industrial polluters)… Now I have to drag my bullet-riddled leg,my sick wife,her huge bag of meds & nebulizer,etc. and now a 30lb tank of O2 on a cart because it's gotten so hard for even non-respiratory disease sufferers to breathe the thick,gritty,concentrated toxic air that makes my area 2 miles west of Midway Airport in Chicago a known "Cancer Cluster Quadrant" among other unflattering,infamous things that the Windy City aka "Caponeville" is known for!! ARRGGHH!! Please excuse the angry rant but I tend to get wound up & pissed off with each bit of news of yet more instances of nuclear "attacks" on my loved ones & town via crap corporations & crap politicians they have in their pockets who allow this shit to occur & continue attacking the population from known nuclear disaster(s) in faraway lands and "unknown and/or UNDERSTATED" release events literally "in our own backyards"??!! Does it make me a terrorist for wanting to punch certain people who IMHO are responsible for this mess every time there's a setback or really bad series of events regarding my wife's cancers/seizures/asthma,etc…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      >>cont'd>> and that her unexplainable illnesses are nearly all considered "rare" for a woman her age(40 yrs.)who doesn't smoke or drink(or even swear for that matter!) to have to go through!! Maybe I'll still get my chance to smack someone upside their nuke-happy melon and I'll be able to knock more teeth loose after a few months of carrying wheelchairs,30 lb. oxygen tanks and a canvas bag with a nebulizer,etc. and a small pharmacy of pills & inhalers,test equipment & a file the size of the Chicago Yellow pages phone book up & down 4 flights of stairs and hope to not catch any more stray(?) bullets flying through the air between my building and however far away I had to park our often vandalized vehicle the night before?!! They say whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger"(?)!! If that's true then I should have super-powers by now instead of "stupor" powered or maybe I'm just plain stupid for having made the wrong decision regarding family ties,friends & sentimentalism that allowed me to choose this particularly stagnant,toxic,corrosive environment instead of the places I could've chosen to live that are arguably better choices of residency for people with asthma & immune disorders,etc. and in that regard I failed as a husband,father and health-caregiver since IMO maybe she wouldn't have gotten the cancer or maybe her asthma would've "gone away" in a proper climate,etc., idk what to do anymore! How do I help her recover while it's still FUKuD-up?!!

      • Johnny I dont follow all your stuff but some of it. I moved to Hawaii and aged 10 less years than my friends, now I shall move back to Lake Michigan area for family sake.

        And I shall try to kill all these nuke plants in the area. I take small credit for Kewaunee as a confirmed kill. Lets get the rest.

        And always feel free to move, I am moving back for family, but family can be overrated. A move is a fresh start, pick your friends and associates!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    OT..Fecal matter..

    Report Cites Large Release of Sewage From Hurricane Sandy

    "Over 10 billion gallons of raw and partly treated sewage gushed into waterways and bubbled up onto streets and into homes as a result of Hurricane Sandy — enough to cover Central Park in a 41-foot-high pile of sludge, a nonprofit research group said in a report released on Tuesday."


  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    i know this is mainly about npp's but did you guys see what happened to that 82yo Catholic nun? wasn't she supposed to be tried today in federal court?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Even if no harm came to anyone, they still have no place to put the waste, which must be guarded for 1 million years plus… basically FOREVER. For 30 years worth of electricity? MADNESS = INSANITY !

    No Solutions For Nuclear Disasters Or Nuclear Waste; via @AGreenRoad http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/no-solutions-for-nuclear-disasters.html

    Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/p/recycling-or-long-term-storage-of.html

  • Kill Palisades, Entergy is a slumlord.