Local Japanese Official: “This is the worst nation in history” — It’s equal to the war, when I think of medical cost and sharing of social burdens from radiation exposure

Published: July 17th, 2012 at 10:23 pm ET


July 16, 2012 post by Koichi Oyama, Minamisoma city council member, translated by Dissensus Japan:

Radiation Effects Research Foundation issued “There’s no threshold amount” which covered the theory of the scholars patronized by the government from the bottom.

The Japanese Government ignores it.
The politicians ignore it.
The media ignores it.
They ignore their own people !!!!


In the article of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation is written that “everybody in Japan is a victim.”

When we are exposed to the radiation, even if the quantity is low, life will be reduced.

120,000,000 people’s life will be shorter in advantage for X years and when I think of the medical cost and the sharing of social burdens, it’s equal to the war.

There’s still people, like in a civil war, who are wandering without a place to live, without hope.

This is the worst nation in history, nobody takes the responsibility and this without regretting what they have done and they smooth it over and promote nuclear power.


I can’t believe the government ignores this important article and keep restarting nuclear power plants?

We have to ask to the National Diet members.

We can’t ignore the precious researches of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because it’s also a desecration for the victims to ignore it.


They promote nuclear energy for promotion without listing to anything else, they just go straight to the ruin.

Neither media nor Medicines or educators talk about it.


Published: July 17th, 2012 at 10:23 pm ET


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22 comments to Local Japanese Official: “This is the worst nation in history” — It’s equal to the war, when I think of medical cost and sharing of social burdens from radiation exposure

  • arclight arclight

    purfect timing admin..

    Published on Jul 17, 2012 by DocumentingIan
    In Containment: the people of Minamisoma, 15 months after the meltdown

    In Containment 「格納容器の中」 part 4/5

    Part 4 STORY: Ian and Hiroshi enter the exclusion zone, 10km from the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima. After traveling down the tsunami-ravaged coast, they drive through the center of Namie town, which was badly damaged in the earthquake. After getting out of the car to measure radiation levels, they are stopped by a police patrol and questioned. Finally, after coming across a herd of cows that roams freely in the exclusion zone, the film crew unknowingly drives directly into a radiation hotspot.


    • ML

      A retelling of what happened to a man who spent 30 minutes in a hot spot for a photo session in 1945: Patrick Stout, an army Sergeant, was asked to pose for cameras in the crater created by the first atomic bomb test site, Trinity. He was diagnosed 22 years later with leukemia and died two years after the diagnosis. He told his wife that his leukemia was due to those 30 minutes spent in the Trinity crater. From Under the Cloud, Miller, pt 387.
      That test site is as radioactive today as it was back in 1945. Take heed in spending time in hot spots.

      • jec jec

        But heck..it took 22 yrs..so the military will say..no proof. Just like TEPCO will do. No proof. So tragic..thousands(millions?) ill..no proof..

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Both War and Nuclear Industry must be outlawed, rejected. refused. Human consciousness must be re-directed.

    • richard richard

      @dharmasyd – don't get me wrong, I hear you, but I'll try the small issue first – 'Nuclear Industry must be outlawed'.

      Because your first subject matter maybe required to get rid of the second subject matter.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        @richard…They are inextricably entwined in the evolutionary imperative if we (and much else) are to survive. The splitting of the atom was founded on and developed as part of the dominator psychology of war. It is the last stage of aggression before we either learn that domination is retrograde or we accomplish what the nucleioradiation extermination of the planet means.

        They are not separate, not either-or. Their psychological mating must be understood.

        • richard richard

          @sydney, yes, I do agree with you in an ideal sense.

          But I hold little hope of humanity ever reaching that state, just look around you and watch as most people are simply concerned about their immediate circumstance and environment.

          I've noted how we all support each other here. But take these writings to a pro nuke site and you'll be torn down, ravaged and spat back out (I know from experience).

          I really wish it was as you state. I've decided not to cast dispersions on the general populace in this statement, but the population is not like you and I.

          A full-scale calamity may help them see the light, but otherwise, the evolution you are wishing for is eons away, IMHO.

          In short, strong action will be the only effective way if you wish to see a change in your lifetime.

          I truly believe that and I can not see an alternative.

  • This mother of two in Japan has an urgent message for those living in Japan – and I agree with it:


    "1. The situation of the Fukushima Daiichi is not solved. The clipped reactors from #1 to #4 have been leaking radiation out in the air as well as into the ocean. This is on going issue. Please find out those clipped reactor buildings current condition and you'll see yourself they are far from safe.
    #4 reactor is in the situation still that can be an immediate threat to all human being, especially those in the northern hemisphere.

    3. Even in Tokyo, about 160 miles away Fukushima Daiichi, is not safe. There are many so called hot spots exist there. Soil there is high enough to be considered nuclear waste here in the US that we would need to bring those samples to a special Nuclear Waste facility in Texas.
    Please see Arnie Gundersen's videos.
    There are many children, adults who are already affected and have some kind of health problems.
    There are many evacuees from Tokyo and surrounding areas.

    *Please see this Cesium deposition amount calculation map.
    web. site address: yokohama konan dot info slush cs137 hot mail"


  • Zombie_Planet

    Drinking the political Kool-Aid.

    1. Political figures protect their ass first. ($$$.$$)

    2. Political figures are bought for and compromised (caught in sex & money scandals) [Blackmail]

    3. Political figures will shut up or else!

    Always been that way.

  • razzz razzz

    The US is not much better. We have a president that no one really knows for sure where he came from. After Fukushima, the head of GE is appointed some czar post to promote jobs and nuclear energy by over regulating coal fired plants and not promoting natural gas (nixing the Canadian to US pipeline) or solar.

    It seems the game is fixed and you can't change it.

  • ML

    The ultimate concern of US government regarding nuclear bomb testing was public relations, not public safety. They omitted information, distorted, and deceived to attain that objective. Nothing has really changed. The dangers still aren't fully understood, and in the governments mind, not a priority to understand. The same now applies to nuclear reactor safety. The "how" of dealing with a nuclear reactor accident is never sufficiently understood or detailed, just like dealing with the waste has never been adequately planned out. Just like the atomic bomb, nuclear energy is "simply too big, too technical, too complex for the human species. We could build it and we could destroy with it, yet we understood nothing about it." (Under the Cloud, Miller, pg 396)
    Japan is no different in that regard. But Japan is bearing a terrible burden due to the collective ignorance of the pro-nuclear directives.
    When the AEC was asked in court who had the responsibility for the safety and welfare of persons and property near areas of public fallout, they basically said the public would have to protect itself. Under the Cloud, Miller, pg 389.
    For too many government leaders, nuclear energy/weapons capability comes first. They resolve the cognitive dissonance with the attitude that hazards are necessarily vague and unproven. I applaud Germany for breaking ranks.

    • ML

      I would like to suggest that many people start asking asking our presidential and congressional candidates who is responsible for the safety and welfare of persons and property near areas of fallout. I hope a new answer will evolve, other than the one given by the AEC years ago as detailed above.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Excellent point on the cognitive dissonance method. "Hazards…vague and unproven".

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    No, this is not the worst, Koichi Oyama. This is just the point where we must realize that all the horrendously evil we, as human beings, have done to one another must be realized, acknowledged, forgiven (as we forgive infants) and used as the foundation for a new civilization, as a new basis for human interrelatedness and our inter-relation with all life.
    Thank you, Koichi, for your diligent work and dedication, for all the important contribution you have brought to human growth…so that we may all continue…

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      I agree with you dharmasyd. In fact, while we may somehow manage to stop nuclear power, i still feel that humanity and the world is headed over the cliff. We must deal with all fronts simultaneously. There are enough of us to do this. Nuclear power and its poison is a drop in the bucket of the harm we have caused. We began an extinction event 45,000 years ago and have accelerated it in the past 200 years to a frenzied pitch long before nuclear fission was a nightmarish dream in the fevered minds of men filled with fear and hatred. We keep making the same mistake over and over again that we can put out one fire and let the rest of the forest burn. You are correct, military inhumanity and nuclear power are linked. They are mirrors of each other. They are twins.

  • Max1 Max1

    Profits over people…
    I've been saying this for some time now regarding the obvious and odious collusion between corporations and government here in the USA. BP oil spill is a good example.

    Minimize the damages to society by denying the truth.

    Corpratists ARE the modern vampire. Money pulses through their veins ans humans and nature lay in the waste piles.

    • ML

      Yes. Things are a little different now than in the 40s to 70s. Now corporations run our government and our government is concerned with corporate relationships first, then public relations, and throw an occasional bone (really not even that substantial) towards public safety. It boils down to protecting oneself still. Getting harder and harder.

  • Japan was a nice country, I traveled it extensively. Now I refuse to spend a penny there until all their plants are shutdown. I will gladly pay 15% more for a non-cesium laced plate of sashimi. But I will pay 0% for a cesium laced plate.

    Its not just Japans fault the whole nuke cartel is at fault and guilty of crimes against humanity. A special place in hell is prepared for them. No amount of "fire insurance" is going to change that end result. 99 accidents, plus the coverups that succeeded, figure probably 2 coverups per fess up.


  • allanshields

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  • gotnuttin2lose

    Could not agree more. I was scheduled to return there SPR 2011. But, my Japanese wife and boss, and other friends (US and Japanese alike) said, "Don't come here now!". One dear American friend (in good health) from Iiwate died of a heart attack just a couple months after the meltdown–probably from cesium. Left behind his charming Japanese wife and a handsome teenage son. Of course, the hospital found some other cause for heart failure.
    For the most part Japanese National health care (for gaijin) is adequate. But, all medical personal must obey the offical govt. edict:

  • gotnuttin2lose

    Sorry! …medical "personnel" must obey…
    On a personal note, I myself was completely stonewalled by several Japanese doctors (one of them from a most distinguished med school of course), regarding the permanent loss of pigment on my hands and fingers. In an area by a river, I had dug a small shallow hole for my rabbit to play in, where some of the top soil had seeped into my gloves. Doctors would not admit the obvious cause: toxins from munitions (probably mustard gas) were hastily buried there right after the war. Local old timers had divulged to me after seeing my hands.
    News items appear every year, regarding contaminated wells. And, the local old timers come clean and tell people only after it's too late for some.
    What is so maddening is that a childrens' play area (sandbox, swing, jungle gym) was put on that very spot. All safe according to the old timers, unless you were stupid like me and broke into the top soil under the grass.