Locals: Talk of Fukushima area being a testing ground for international experiments on radiation — Many families want to leave but can’t

Published: September 7th, 2011 at 1:45 am ET


More families leave Fukushima over radiation fears, DPA by Takehiko Kambayashi, September 7, 2011:

[…] As of August 11, at least 51,576 people had left Fukushima, whose population is about 2 million, prefectural officials said. […]

Locals said there are many families who cannot leave Fukushima even though they want to. […]

Some people said the government wanted residents to stay in Fukushima because the place has become a testing ground of international experimentation on the long-term health effects of radiation. […]

Some parents were also frustrated the government later released information that showed the crisis was more serious. […]

MD Hisako Sakiyama, a former director at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, told a session of the science and technology committee in the lower house of parliament in May, ‘It is an international consensus that there is no safe dose of radiation.’ […]

Critics said the government and the media continued to downplay the risks of the nuclear crisis. […]

Chieko Shiina of the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation:

  • “Some children got diarrhoea or nosebleeds repeatedly and others developed a sore throat […] Some children also say they feel listless and tired.”
  • Shina “feared more children would develop such symptoms in the coming months.
  • “A wise measure is to evacuate from Fukushima. If a child cannot leave, decontamination measures must be conducted.”

Seiichi Nakate, leader of the Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation:

  • Nakate “said the government must evacuate all children from Fukushima immediately especially because the operator has not stabilized the damaged plant and sufficient decontamination has yet to be conducted. […] But local public officials and assembly members are reluctant.”
  • “That is because they are worried about their own job after the relocation of children. Unfortunately, they are only thinking about what is right for their selfish interests.”
  • “I believe eventually the government will have to evacuate children […] But it will be too late to do so if the government waits for children to start to collapse.”
  • “Local residents no longer trust the government.”


Published: September 7th, 2011 at 1:45 am ET


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38 comments to Locals: Talk of Fukushima area being a testing ground for international experiments on radiation — Many families want to leave but can’t

  • kx kx

    Ofcourse, give calcium to 10%, chlorella to other 10% and so on, 10% dont have anything and other 10 have all of the drugs.

    nobel prize material here

      • theypoisonus


        hail with it , leave it on. It is much deserved at this point in time.

        Bottom line is, the peoples of Fuku Prefecture and most of N. Japan that survived the quake/tsunami have BEEN an experiment from day 1. imho

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I’m sure there are those who want to leave, but can’t.
    So, what this article says is that the ones staying, are experiments?
    That’s just great, NOT…

    Instead, help those who want to leave. Coughs Tepco’s name.

  • theypoisonus

    I don’t know if the NY Post is a credible source. Seems I have heard/read that they are borderline sensational-isms. ?

    Anyhow, this article claims that Japanese scientist / geologists/ equake-ers
    are predicting an other huge quake in Japan, centered in Tokoyo?

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi theypoisonus, yes, it’s already given a name: the Tokai earthquake. Scientists have been expecting it for decades now, it’s the equivalent of california’s “big one”.
      The Tokai quakes seem to appear every 100 to 150 years – the last one was in 1854 – so it’s about time…
      The Japan Meteorological Agency already has a page for it:

    • Hot_Rod

      These days all media outlets(especially mainstream)”sensationalize” anything they can. Think of it like this, if third-world countries can control their media, dont you think there is at least a little moderation on behalf of uncle sam in out media? Especially when the govt just has to whisper national security in the ear of a producer, and wham! dead story.

  • sueec

    This must be a joke :

    Fukushima to get power theme park for children
    Sep. 07, 2011 – 03:46PM JST
    TOKYO —
    Anyone following developments at Fukushima will know all about the now-revered “kamikaze” workers paid peanuts to clean up at the Daiichi nuclear plant there, so it’s with a watchful eye that we greet the news that a leisure firm aims to bring children to the area with a somewhat different approach to recovery.

    Kids City Japan, operator of the KidZania theme park in Tokyo, says it is planning to build a full-scale solar power plant in Fukushima Prefecture just 25 kilometers from the crippled plant.


  • http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1627508/pg1


    WE are officially all walking dead…

    There is almost no point in typing anymore…



    God How do people believe this shit?

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    • many moons

      They believe it cause they want to…it comforts them and it’s a hell of a lot easier than the truth!
      Most people have trained their minds not to think, if it isn’t one of the selections from the burger king menu, well then it isn’t an option….simple, easy and uncomplicated. Now let me sit on the couch where i can stuff these fries in my mouth and get a force feeding of daily news.
      It just KILLS me when the national news says that Japan is still reeling from that quake and Tsunami….lets not speak of the worst industial disaster in the history of mankind?
      How can they call themselves journalists? Where are their principles. I guess if they ever had any they were thrown out with the pay stubs…
      Go to Hell!

  • matina matina

    The Japanese should focus their fingerpointing onto themselves and not blame others for their secrecy,lying,incompetence, inactivity, indecisiveness and irresponsibility. The country’s leaders, experts and press have been succesfully boosting the populations sense of ‘nationalism’ and eventually ATTRIBUTING THE BLAME OF THEIR HOMEMADE NUCLEAR PROBLEM TO “foreign/international” evil powers that use the Japanese as an experiment.
    Sorry Japan, the international community has been helping you (just from the top of my head i can name a view like Greenpeace, CRIIRAD, LLRC, Safecast, Pachube…). Japan has rejected help on numerous occasions the latest being the one from France:”French offered to take Fukushima fuel, Kan says” http://www.asahi.com/english/TKY201109060349.html
    And as Nobel laureate Kenzaburo Oe cautions Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda against prioritizing the economy over safety,it seems to me that the Japanese problem is selfinflicted.
    Japan is killing Japan for economic gain and also knowingly and willingly poisening and killing slowly the Northern Hemisphere and Pacific Ocean.
    Hitler would be proud of the enormous gas chamber of slow death the Japanese have created in the Northern Hemisphere but at least he was not blaming others of the mass murder he conducted.

  • matina matina

    Nobel winner urges Japan to abandon nuclear power


  • pure water

    Dear friends,
    As far as the plutonium and trans-uranium elements are the big issue, i thought it is a good idea to have some research in Russian.They have a product, which is used to detoxify human body from plutonium and other heavy metals. This is the link
    It is named цианкацин. Japan was not in the position to refuse help.(Sorry, but pride is one of the 7 deadly sins). At the upper left corner are listed several big Russian cities, where it can be ordered. I hope google trenslate is good enough to reach the point. if you need some help, I am ready to do it-both languages not native, but i practiced them enough to be useful.

  • pure water

    Zincazinum -this is in latin letters and the main ingredient is Zinc trisodium pentetate.
    I hope Japan will order some of it, so do the US in the future.

  • jec jec

    Dont the scientists consider they have enough research from Chernobol? Or is the fact the children/families have been exposed to a higher radiation dosage make additional research important?Does anyone remember the infamous World War II Japanese medical experiments? http://www.bordeninstitute.army.mil/published_volumes/ethicsvol2/ethics-ch-16.pdf
    Sad the same is being done now, when will they learn? And WHAT is the goal for the research-to minimize liability?

    • many moons

      There is always more to be learned when dealing with nuclear material. It’s a very new science. Consider that nuclear science is only 100 years old and it’s very compex. Ex. When the nuclear bomb was invented most scientists believed that the blast would kill many people, after bombing Hiroshima it was noted that many more died from the fallout than from the blast. Researchers quickly changed their focus from blast to fallout in determining what makes a successful bomb. The research just goes on from there, radiation in the oatmel for the mentally retared, smashing atoms, inventing new isotopes…I’m sure that this experiment will cause a lot of cancers but it will also advance the cure! (as if we don’t have enough people in the world with cancer already) The sad truth is science is a curiosity based endeavor….what’s gonna happen? If all this bothers you just remeber your tax dollars paid for every cruel experiment.

  • lam335 lam335

    re: testing ground for low-level radiation exposure

    Actually, though, proponents of nuclear power benefit from our relative lack of knowledge about the long-term effects of low level radiation. This limited knowledge enables them to coentinue denying that there is no safe dose (and it even leads some–Ann Coulter among them–to claim that such exposure may be “good” for you). The nuclear industry don’t want us to understand these effects better, because they know that the more we learn about long-term effects of low level exposure, the less they will be able to continue denying and downplaying its harmful consequences. I find it interesting that funding for research into the effects of low-level exposure was cut in Congress’s recent debt legislation at the very time that much more data about its effects on human beings and other life forms–sadly–is coming to light in Japan.

    Also, the article says that people can’t leave because of “travelling and living costs, jobs, children’s ties with friends and school activities, ancestral land and elderly to take care of.”

    While lack of funds and elderly relatives to care for may be unavoidable situations that legitimately prevent people from leaving, “school activities” and “ties with friends” are NOT. This is short-sighted–to let your child’s future health be destroyed so that they can continue hanging out with school friends today make NO SENSE. Only people who don’t understand–and have been misled–about the true dangers of the situation could possibly make such a choice. The kids can keep in touch with friends by letter or email and reconnect after the crisis–get them out of there and save their health today so that they can have a full lifetime of activities with friends in the future!!!

  • shaktasna999

    Now is the time to get readers not acquainted with enenews acquainted. All that is left now are for the Fall, Winter, and Spring rains to come for the U.S.

    Spread the word. Tokyo still needs a work stoppage. They’ll have one eventually I guess-one way or the other.

    I’m tired today. I need tea.

  • Jon_NY Jon_NY

    No reason to worry. 😆

    FAQs for People Living Outside the Evacuation and In-house Evacuation Areas

    Question 1. Will there be health risks if one is exposed to rain?
    Answer The level of radioactivity is such that it will not cause any health risks when one is exposed to rain even in those areas outside the evacuation and In-house evacuation areas where traces of radioactivity have been detected. However, if it still worries you, take a shower to wash your hair and skin, and wash your wet clothes.

  • pure water

    Does Japan has natural healers? Every country has to have some left. They are priceless and people have to ask them. They know nature, plants, animals. The cure is in their hands, if possible.I have seen such a healer in my own country to recover a girl, fed with cow milk after Chernobil. The girl has a multiple organ failure and skin problems, but survived. She changed teeth at the age of 4, the skin still looked red and irritated, but this girl was so clever and loving! Hope she is fine now.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re the people’s costs of moving from Fuk. – 0F COURSE Japanese govt. and Tepco should pay those costs, and medical costs! They caused this disaster. It’s like if you cause a car accident, you are responsible for the people and property injured/damaged/destroyed.

    But on the planet of ‘too big to fail’ there is also ‘too big to be held legally liable for your acts of criminal irresponsibility and lying to the people and the world by long-term policy and practice’.

    Without the police powers to enforce them, laws are just pieces of paper. And we are quickly being brought up to speed re who is in control of the police powers and legal systems of the world, at this point, and it ain’t Joe Sixpack or his designated representatives who have long ago sold out to the highest bidder. And Joe’s too busy watching the game to know or care… listening to the Nightly alleged News is his way of ‘staying informed’.

    Joe Sixpack and wife and kids in fact are, depending on context, ‘lab rats in human guise,’ cannon fodder, ‘over-population,’etc.

    Time to face facts. Dr. Strangelove and his pals don’t care about us human lab rats… in fact, word on the street is, they think there are a good deal too many of us.

    But it is looking like Strangelove Inc. has maybe gone ‘a bridge too far’ with this one. All those lines of coke kinda, you know, cloud your judgment, after a while…delusions of grandeur and godlike invincibility and like that. There are even names for it… sociopathy/narcissism, etc.

    It’s kinda ipso facto, I would think – judge only by results… if you and your pals have destroyed the whole bleepin’ ecosphere of the entire planet… then maybe you are not quite right upstairs.

    And morally…. well, what’s that? Just a luxury, an impediment, in the realpolitik world and coke-hazed minds of today’s statesmen.

    And the Ph.D. guys, the brainiacs … all of them seem to have their price. I mean – that’s what grad schools are for – right?

  • James2

    I’ve heard this “families want to leave, but can’t” a couple of times.

    Here’s how you leave: 1. Pack up your stuff 2. put it in the car or train, or bicycle or backpack if necessary. 3. Leave.

    If people want to leave, but feel they can’t because the government won’t pay for it – then they are endangering their own lives unecessarily. The government cannot afford to evacuate them, and will find excuses not to – it is bankrupt.

    It is the same story in the US. The government cannot afford to tell you how bad the radiation is, because then they would have to do something about it – and they have no money – zero – nada.

    YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN REGARDING THE NUCLEAR CRISIS. No one is going to help you, no one is going to believe you, no one is going to do it for you. If you feel you are in danger, act. If not don’t act. If you don’t know, and don’t act, then you’ve made your decision. Don’t whine about the government.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      You can’t pack up and leave on a bike, car, train, or back pack to another Country, it takes a lot more than that.

      There are many reasons why people can’t leave on their own, even if they wanted to.

      They have no right to make anyone a guinea pig.

      I believe there are responsible party’s here to get the people out, who want it.

      Any corporation/government that puts up Nuclear Power Plants or anything that is dangerous should also make sure the safety of the people and environment.

      This also should include at least getting them to a “safe” relocation site elsewhere.

    • Ken31ONCA

      Shut up idiot stop blaming innocent people and judging thinking you know everything about everyones situation, a week ago u didn’t think there was any danger. Who the fuck are you? Can’t stand people like you what are you a tepco spy, basically saying its their own fault, well its probably a lot harder to even get around japan then you think, I bet there are a lot of buses, trains that aren’t running and roads probably didn’t get fixed, so if u wanna judge people go look in the mirror.

  • StillJill StillJill

    AMEN James! +1000

  • bleep_hits_blades

    A lot of people just don’t have the money to do that, to pack up and leave.

    Asking that ‘the rule of law’ be applied here, against govt./industry, when it is so rigorously applied against us, the people, even for minor infractions, is not WHINING.

  • James2

    How much money does it take to walk out the door? It doesn’t require money to leave.

    It requires you to get off the couch and give up your claim on useless possessions (maybe that you don’t yet realize are useless).

    It requires you to give up a home and town that will kill you if you stay.

    It requires you to give up your job that will kill you and your family if you don’t leave.

    It requires you to want to survive, rather than wait to die, or wait for a government that has been shown time and again to lie – to tell you the truth…

    • WindorSolarPlease

      You can’t lump everyone into your own circumstances, look beyond.

      There are reasons why people can’t go to a different Country on their own.

      Let’s say you shot off a gun in the air, it hits a stranger, this person is injured badly, are you the responsible party?

      Tepco and the Government is both the responsible party’s in this. You don’t build something that dangerous, just to say oops so sorry when something happens. Then on top of this, use the people in their research.
      Wow..Now that’s classy.

      I do agree, that you can’t hold your breath waiting for them to do the right thing.

      If you want out, do it and help anyone you can, who can’t.

    • Blown Camaro

      And go where, James2? Should they just walk into the ocean? THEY LIVE ON AN ISLAND! Do you think living on the street is a safer place for a family than in their own home? You did not give this much logical thought.

  • StillJill StillJill

    James is right–it’s like waiting for the ‘stress in your life’ to calm down before quitting smoking. Good luck with that one! We’ve been trying to do things without ANY discomfort.
    ” Half measures availed us NOTHING until we let go absolutely”-AA-Big book.
    Or, waiting up on top of the high dive,…waiting for the fear to go away so you can jump. Guess what? The fear goes away AFTER you jump. The tension is what propels us!

    If Japan waits for the funding to MOVE,…they die. If Japan waits for their Gov’mnt–they die.

    See those streams of walking refugees like in Africa? What do they HAVE,…that Japan doesn’t? Spoiled and domesticated cows,…that’s what we are. All fattened up for them. Not this ol’e Gal. I’ll hitchhike alone, a single woman, and walk down dark, lonely alleys- Like the wife in “The Road”,…I’ll take a walkabout! At least she died with her integrity–FREE! 🙂

    That’s the way I’m going too! 🙂

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Unfortunately, a lot of those refugees in Africa starve to death on the way…it’s true that if it’s possible to leave, they should. But I’m sure it’s not so easy for everyone.

  • James2

    I didn’t say go to a different country.

    Leaving Fukushima will slow the exposure. I’m not sure you folks who have excuses understand the nature of the substances we are dealing with here.

    If I were in the northern 2/3 of the island I would leave. Ideally you get off the island – but that will not be possible for most.

    You go to the south end of the island – Osaka. You live in the streets or in a tent city if you have to – and yes, this is more desirable that being exposed to any airborne Plutonium dioxide from Fukushima – which has been proven to be nearly 100% fatal in tests.

  • Sickputer

    It’s an island yes… But parts of it are far more hazardous. Yet… take into account the Japanese obedient culture, their homogenous populace and we can’t expect the same reactions as a different group of world citizens. Every culture is different and there would be different family decisions faced with similar circumstances. It is hard to watch though… As the man said at Fukushima Diary…it feels like being on a speeding bus with the driver dead and 99% of the passengers unaware of the danger.