“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out” — Int’l conference warns that media talk of Fukushima health effects “may be harmful”

Published: August 30th, 2011 at 6:32 pm ET


Fukushima media coverage ‘may be harmful’, New Scientist by Andy Coghlan, August 30, 2011:

Alarmist predictions that the long-term health effects of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan will be worse than those following Chernobyl in 1986 are likely to aggravate harmful psychological effects of the incident. That was the warning heard at an international conference on radiation research in Warsaw, Poland, this week.

One report, in UK newspaper The Independent, quoted a scientist who predicted more than a million would die, and that the prolonged release of radioactivity from Fukushima would make health effects worse than those from the sudden release experienced at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.

“We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out, because they are really upsetting the Japanese population,” says Gerry Thomas at Imperial College London, who is attending the meeting. “The media has a hell of a lot of responsibility here, because the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences and this shouldn’t happen again.” […]

Published: August 30th, 2011 at 6:32 pm ET


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80 comments to “We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out” — Int’l conference warns that media talk of Fukushima health effects “may be harmful”

  • They haven’t yet thought through, maybe, what they really mean by “harmful effects,” which is to TPTB pocketbooks, and by extension, to their own …

    • NoVictimNoFraudNoCrime

      Holy Crap! “We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out, because they are really upsetting the Japanese population,”

      Oh…and how do you propose to stop them? With guns?

      And oh…is “upsetting” the Japanese population more important than INFORMING them?

    • maaa

      Instead of stopping the media. They should use the media to their advantage. My suggestion is to get all the Japanese politicians infront of camera and eat tons of Fresh Fukushima produce as well as fish caught near it. They can propose to move the capital to Fukushima, have radioactive soil dumped beside their house, have all Japanese politicians stay in Fukushima.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      I’m not surprised to hear that from a conference in Poland. The bloody Polish government is about to start building their first nuclear plant next year or so.
      Heard a radio interview with one of those clowns, he stated nuclear waste not being a big deal, “to put it 6 meters underground will be just fine”.

      Reactor 2 of 4 of the Cattenom nuke plant in France (30 miles from me) just had an automatic shutdown again after being restarted after revision and refueling just 3 days ago. 60 incidents in past 2 years – but according to EDF, no reason to worry.

      Just 8 am here, and blood pressure already rising!

  • westcoast

    Thank God for Chris Busby and Arnie Gundersen and screw Gerry Thomas.

  • lam335 lam335

    “We’ve got to stop these sorts of reports coming out, because they are really upsetting the Japanese population,”

    –No–they’ve got to stop the CESIUM from coming out (and the strontium, plutonium, etc.) because that is REALLY damaging the population.

    “The media has a hell of a lot of responsibility here, because the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences and this shouldn’t happen again.”

    –Yes, I’m sure the worst damage to people in Soviet Ukraine and Belarus was from the way the western media covered the event; they had so much access to US media. More likely, the worst damage came from the way the Soviet authorities (and by extension, their own media) covered (and covered up) the event, which was to downplay and deny it. They encouraged their own people to go out and celebrate May Day outdoors at the very time that the plume way heading straight for them, and the local paper only carried a very brief story, buried inside–not on the front page–which basically informed the people that what our NRC would call an “unusual event” had occurred, but that there was no cause for alarm.

    If there was psychological damage in the wake of Chernobyl, it was no doubt the feeling of betrayal, disillusionment, and loss of trust in their own government as a result of learning that it had lied to them in the face of something that could so seriously compromise their health and lifespan.

    • lam335 lam335

      And I suspect that similar feelings of betrayal and disillusionment toward their own government will compound the feelings of loss that the Japanese people are already experiencing. I believe Fukushima will forever change their culture/attitudes as a result–we have already seen the beginnings of this in the film footage of people shouting at local government officials in town meetings, etc.

  • arclight arclight

    Not Geraldine again, I thought we whipped her arse here on enenews a few weeks ago? Right girl ya ready for another spanking then???

    “Professor Gerry Thomas, who has studied the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, said: “It is very unlikely that this will turn into anything that resembles Chernobyl.

    “In Chernobyl you had a steam explosion which exposed the reactor core, which meant you had a lot of radiation shooting up into the atmosphere.”
    Prof Thomas said although the Chernobyl disaster had led to a rise in thyroid cancer cases, the only people affected were those living in the areas of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia that lie closest to the site of the Chernobyl Power Plant, and who were young at the time.”

    Oh and in the article was also mentioned this numpty nuts (a friend of young, ahem! Jdotg)
    “Professor Wakeford stressed that safe limits for radiation in food were kept extremely low, so people should not necessarily be unduly worried by reports that they had been breached.”

    Ooops IAEA wakefield, wakey wakey wakey!!! WHO do you think you are??? Lol !!

    Professor deraldine a Thomas researching oncology ….an up an coming industry connected to WPP ADK , but that’s another post! Heres the link for the quote above!!


    • arclight arclight

      im so noy finished with this young lady yet! oh no!!
      unedited repost

      got you gerry !!! thought you could get away with talking like a pratt on the net did you???
      let me take you back to the beginning children…are you sitting comfortably…there may be scary bits, so get ready to hide your eyes…

      Gerry Thomas hmmm is it a bloke is it a bird?
      Professor Geraldine A Thomas of imperial blah cheomtherapy blah oncology blah nuclear medicine blah blah research blah blow jobs xtra blow blow blah blehhhh!

      …..is a shill, maybe the very first nuclear apologist! She with a few monorobot types (you know what I mean!) giving the full extent of their intellect on this topic dated 17/3/11! She mentioned acute radiation 20,000 milisievert causing death! In a very reassuring wont happen here way!

      She said that people could adapt to higher radiation doses! Yes she did!

      though she sort of said that low dose or chronic could be bad for the population!(she was cut of by one of the monorobots here)

      She said that iodine for the Japanese would be good and was being given out! She said that Chernobyl wasn’t that bad although she said she was surprised at the quickness of thyroid problems developing in 1990!

      I think this was one of her first interviews! They denied that Chernobyl was a meltdown! Worse case scenario, she said, the Japanese have given out iodine and have done all the right things ….that was her finishing the talk!! Total bullshit artist who obviously was out of her depth in my opinion!

      heres the page cut and pasted for evidence and the link to the bbc (if you can get it ) below!

      ” Quentin Cooper presents his weekly digest of science in and behind the headlines. He talks to the scientists who are publishing their research in peer reviewed journals, and he discusses how that research is scrutinised and used by the scientific community, the media and the public. The programme also reflects how science affects our daily lives; from predicting natural disasters to the latest advances in cutting edge science like nanotechnology and stem cell research
      In this week’s programme, Material World examines and explains the science behind the nuclear power plant crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan.

      Quentin Cooper talks to Professor Andrew Sherry, Director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute, about the science and engineering of nuclear power stations. Professor Richard Wakeford explains what radiation is and its effects. Professor Geraldine Thomas, Chair in Molecular Pathology, Imperial College London, explains the health effects of exposure to radiation and how it compares to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Malcolm Grimston, expert on nuclear energy technology and policy from Chatham House discusses what went wrong in Japan and implications and lessons for elsewhere.”

      The producer is Ania Lichtarowicz.
      Andrew Sherry (www.materials.manchester.ac.uk)
      Geraldine Thomas (www1.imperial.ac.uk)
      Malcolm Grimston (www.chathamhouse.org.uk)
      Richard Wakeford (www.dalton.manchester.ac.uk)

      A programme from
      Material World.. bbc radio 4
      And if you have access to the bbc server and you want some bullshit heres the link

      personnaly I would like to award g a Thomas the anne cunter award for the fucking stupid role bimbo that she is!!

      Much love arc! Research research plus shes put a limit on her linkdin page lolol bit suspicious that!! Lol!


      • arclight arclight

        oh did richard weakfuck make his way onto my post again…!!!???? go figure that there are only limited “specialists” that would dare put thier proffessional names alongside these theories!!

        • arclight arclight

          one last bit from the above enenews thread

          “dear sweet gerry said all those things in mid march according to the very painful radio broadcast! so what has she come up with in mid august? the exact same argument except for the line about us getting used to higher radiation levels and not talking about chronic (low dose) radiation, as for internal emmitters,,,,well…you know…..???

          she is reading form a few paragraphs only…no substance…therefore no credibility….35 milisieverts in one hit or annually?
          love arc

          • arclight arclight

            couldnt resist one more dig here
            from the article from the new apologist err i mean the new scientist… 🙂

            “There’s very little leakage now,” says Thomas. “The Japanese did the right thing at the right time, providing stable iodine to ensure that doses of radioactive iodine to the thyroids of children were minimal,” she says.””

            and she was WRONG””””!!!!
            ” August 29, 2011
            By YURI OIWA / Staff Writer

            People living near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant should have taken iodine tablets to protect them from radioactive fallout, according to a member of an advisory panel of the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan.”


          • arclight arclight

            you dont think wakeford and thomas are “doing it”? do you?? just musing!!

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Wow arclight! You rock. You nailed the lies! Hard act to follow, but before I even read your thread, I was outraged by the original article:

            the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences and this shouldn’t happen again.”

            Somebody send these folks a video of the children of Chernobyl, you know the ones, those where the almost unrecognizable human children, legless, armless, distorted blobs of flesh are crawling around on the floor like slugs or snails.

            Yeah, the psychological effects must be much worse!!!~~~

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            arclight, you rock indeed 🙂

          • Arizonan Arizonan

            Gerry can be reached for comment at:

        • Arizonan Arizonan

          FYI, Gerry can be reached for comment at:

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        I agree she is a dangerous nuclear shill, clearly, since she only began to publish in 2008!! But could you please keep the sexist comments about her to a minimum? Unnecessary and offensive to other readers. Attack her science, not her cunt.
        Thank you!

  • theonlyjesse

    Thomas said that Japanese researchers attending the meeting are upset too. “They’re saying: ‘Please tell the truth, because no one believes us’.”

    For one very simple reason: They have been caught lying again, and again, and again, until they go silent for a few days, then they repeat.

  • TraderGreg

    Dark days for science in Warsaw. Their wallet won over the sound scientific principles. They belong to the Hall of Shame of the science.

  • cossack55

    Next thing ya know there will be attempting to “stop the reports” of people/things getting broken in all of our current wars. Imagine.

  • Tanuki San

    I live in Japan and I can easily say that the most depressing thing isn’t statistics about how many people will die from cancer (cancer is treatable nowadays anyway), the most depressing thing is not being able to trust the government, which seems more concerned about the economy than people’s health, and knowing we’re being lied to or not told the truth until it’s too late. There are plenty of moms in Japan who are very concerned and unsatisfied with how the government isn’t doing enough to protect children, and no public relations campaign will stop them from from worrying. More lying and trying to hide the reality, no matter how harsh it is, will just make people more depressed.

    • arclight arclight

      @ tanuki san
      i think the reasoning is to make a connect with psychology and heart disease and general disease of the major organs…as opposed to ionizing radiation causing these things… dont forget how the iaea gathers statistics, ignoring deaths from anything but the blinkered iaea viewpoint determined in the fifties, before dna was discovered! and i would like to see the details on the reports on chronic radiation poisoning….but these studies are not being done because there is no problem….catch 22!!
      keep a note of the people who say these crass comments… they reappear quite often! they are the anti nuke campaigns best adverts. lol …tsung tsu, know your enemy!!

      • “…the reasoning is to make a connect with psychology and heart disease and general disease of the major organs, as opposed to ionizing radiation causing these things… ”

        Well said arclight!

        It’s called “Deniable Credibility”. It’s like saying nobody was harmed because of Three Mile Island or disputing the Chernobyl death numbers. They attempt to create a ‘shadow of doubt’ for those who are not well informed or who cannot think for themselves.

    • Tanuki San,
      Why are you still there ??
      Are you able to leave the country ?

  • Granny M

    Media talking about that pesky Daichi thing is bad for you. Media talking about 9/11 is essential to Homeland Security. And since there is an entire generation of children without first hand memory of that event, the new 9/11 coloring book will help them understand and react to the sound ‘9/11’ with the appropriate visceral response.

  • arclight arclight

    was geraldine a speaker or only an attendee? if she was an attendee then the new scientist targeted her for a predictable quote! ahhh now we see how the media works…

  • March 21st

    You gonna believe Japanese MSM…


    March 17th

    27 signs that Nuclear Crisis in Japan Is Much Worse Than Either The Mainstream Media Or The Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us…


    June 3rd


    Dr Helen Caldicott – Fukushima Nuclear Disaster- You won’t hear this on the Main Stream News….


    red red wine

  • Ras Bumboclat

    Jah they know not what they’ve done! They are pawns of Babylon spreading seeds of destruction.

    Here is Gerry’s email address if you want to say hi:


    • theypoisonus

      I suggest worse action than one lousy email… how about bombarding her with mass emails… oh say for an hour or two ??

      heh heh heh heh heh ! 🙂

      • arclight arclight

        wonder if she knows shes got a fan club at enenews?

        dont forget to tell her to keep up the good work shes doing for the anti nuke lobby! lol 🙂

        • arclight arclight

          err … sorry about the rude bits geraldine! that was my alter ego, the nasty darklight!! ive put him back in the lockable chest!! keep up the great work geraldine!! im a fan!! 🙂 …cough!

          • arclight arclight

            @ Andy Coghlan keep up the good work….cant wait for your next article! maybe busby? fair and balanced reporting eh?????????

          • arclight arclight


            Radioactive urine in Fukushima poses small health risk
            16:28 27 June 2011
            Andy Coghlan, reporter

            “The figures did not exceed the maximum of 20 millisieverts a year, but we want residents to use these results to decide whether to move,” Kamada told the Japan Times. Isotopes caesium-134 and caesium-137 persist longer in the environment, with half-lives of 2 and 30 years respectively. So while the threat of cancer is less than for iodine, caesium in the soil can potentially contaminate vegetables and other foodstuffs for many years, says Kamada.

            Wakeford told New Scientist that the amounts found were hardly surprising given the heavy contamination of areas northwest of Fukushima.

            He said that although the radiation was considerably higher than typical annual natural doses of around 1 millisievert, the levels shouldn’t pose too much of a hazard provided the amounts begin to fall in coming months.

            “These sort of levels pose a pretty small additional risk,” he says.”


          • arclight arclight

            what sort of scientific background has this guy?? Seems really into Darwin and…this?!!

            Parrots join apes and Aristotle in the club of reason

            00:01 22 June 2011 by Andy Coghlan

            Then each parrot watched a researcher hide a walnut under one opaque cup and a seed under another. Next the researcher hid the cups behind a screen, removed one of the treats and showed the bird which one had been taken. Finally, the screen was removed to see if the parrot could work out which treat must remain, and under which cup it must be.”


            must be training up the new nuke schill parrots then??

        • arclight arclight

          in the brief biography section his biography is by far the smallest…nearly non existent in fact

          “Andy Coghlan has been a reporter with the New Scientist magazine for 16 years and has reported on GM crops from the outset.”


          but I liked this quote from him… shame it was about gm not nuke!!

          “Andy Coghlan (New Scientist magazine)
          Friday 4 April 2003

          I plan to give the jurors ‘character references’ for the principal protagonists who’ve helped to get us into this fine mess. Jurors need to know of all hidden agendas and motivations, so I’ll do my best to lay these bare.

          If jurors take information at face value, without realising the hidden agendas of the witnesses, they might reach prejudiced and misguided verdicts. I’m afraid to say that no one, including the media, my own publication and my own news judgement, will exactly come out of the analysis smelling of roses. The whole thing’s been a sorry tale of naivety, greed, cynical opportunism, implacable dogma and manufactured hysteria.”


          • arclight arclight

            well i think thats a hatchet job done and dusted!! good nights work amd ill leave you wonderful guys to fill in any cracks!! goodnight all…
            love light and peace

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Send this:
      Chernobyl Decay and Deformed

      Or find other NON-Psychological graphics at You Tube. These idiots should be forced to see this.

    • arclight arclight

      “In May 2010 “Business Development” was renamed “Corporate Partnerships” to better reflect our aims and the service we provide. Our mission is to increase the value and quality of Imperial’s industrial collaborations to return the maximum benefit to Imperial and its partners”
      Dear Geraldine only seemed to do a few articles/publications on breast cancer, then in may 2011 she was allowed to part contribute to articles rushed about Chernobyl effects….hmmmmm! heres a list of her “accomplishments”, see what you make of it?

      Professor Gerry A Thomas
      Chair in Molecular Pathology
      Department of Surgery & Cancer
      Tel: +44 (0)20 8383 2443
      Email: geraldine.thomas@imperial.ac.uk

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    “The media has a hell of a lot of responsibility here, because the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences and this shouldn’t happen again.” […]

    I have nothing printable to say about this comment.
    It’s nice to know that deformed children and deaths from cancer are not as bad as psychological consequences.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    and that the journalists have responsibility, since the government has abdicated its own

  • Bobby1

    Sounds like they’re getting nervous.

    Hey murderers, are you hearing footsteps behind you?

  • westcoast

    The Canadian government is in full support of her efforts. We will tell you about the potential dangers of buying semen over the Internet but it not our policy to inform you of the potential dangers of plutonium, cesium, strontium, etc. In fact we love telling you about semen. We don’t want to talk about plutonium, cesium, strontium, etc.

  • Undertow

    If I were Gerry Thomas I’d support nuclear power too. I see that she works in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College. If nuclear power is eradicated she would lose the source of all those cancers. That would be bad for business.

    I’m glad none of my doctors came from Imperial College. Talk about throwing the Hippocratic Oath out the window! This line of it is particular disregarded by doctors from Imperial College, it seems:

    “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

    However, cure is more profitable than prevention. Gerry, I’m sure you are a very profitable doctor. Nice work. You should be a member of the MBA faculty at Imperial College instead.

    • bmurr bmurr

      I assure you there will be plenty of sources of cancer for years and years to come.

    • FML

      Not even cure, manage. Doctors don’t try to cure patients, they try to manage your disease to keep you coming back and put you on every medication possible, for they get paid for each signature.

  • Nothing new here :
    Japan Nuke Regulator’s Attempts to Control Public Opinions Confirmed

    Tokyo, Aug. 30 (Jiji Press)–An independent panel to the Japanese industry ministry said Tuesday it has confirmed that the country’s atomic energy regulators were involved in attempts to control public opinions for the sake of nuclear power plants.
    At three symposiums held between 2005 and 2007 on nuclear plants, officials at the ministry’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency asked operators of the plants …


  • Steven Steven

    Gird your loins ladies and gents… I suspect we are about to be designated as ‘psychological terrorists’. Welcome to the New World Order – check your personal opinions at the door.

    • Bobby1

      Here comes the Thought Police. As if things weren’t bad enough already.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Steven, as the FBI declares “eco-terrorists” the second largest threat for the US after Al Quaida, you’re probably right.

  • HardLeft

    I keenly appreciate everyone’s rage against Thomas for her bad physical science on exposure to ionizing radiation, even to educated non-scientists like ourselves.

    However, as a psychotherapist– a rookie, an intern, I’ve only been practicing a year or so, I have my degree but I’m a few years away from earning enough hours for my license– what she’s saying about effects of “bad news,” psychologically, on physical health, is completely appalling.

    Where, precisely, in the literature do we find accounts of hundreds of thousands of people giving themselves cancer or heart attacks or strokes, as a group, in response to a single publicized event? How many peer-reviewed academic papers have been written about large populations freaking out and giving themselves health problems that shortened their lives?

    Of course, psychological trauma can cause serious physical problems, and there is a large body of work on exactly how this works, how neural nets are re-shaped, neuroreceptors changed, hormonal and other changes, and how unhealthy this is. I work with people who have PTSD from real physical trauma, and I might even accept that people can get PTSD from imagined trauma as well.

    But not from a story in the Independent. Science doesn’t give you PTSD, and even if it did, it does not pose the kind of epidemic risk that she suggests.

    This is an idea that seems to have been suggested exactly twice: After Chernobyl and after Fukushima.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      ..rage is so under appreciated…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I suspect also that there is fear that if so many people are dying and without food and health care and no money for pain medications that there will be chaos and violence. Radiation affects the brain and there is certainly justification for that fear. I am certainly preparing to expect to be without anything, food or shelter or health care or family or friends. But then that has been the case for humanity since we appeared on the planet.

      I read a post that only the wealthy will have money to fight cancer. Actually, we see a lot of wealthy people dying of cancer all the time. And there are already plenty of people dying of cancer without treatment because they have no money or health care.

    • arclight arclight

      i did an ma in guidance and counselling with young people in a multicultural environment! i have a form of dyslexia (listing) ….thank you for making this post..it is a clear rebuttle of this theory that wakeford and co use! and the admonishment to the media!

      “The media has a hell of a lot of responsibility here,”

      a point to note, i have not seen any psychology specialists in the uk or chernobyl that will put thier names to this “theory” of thiers.. it seems to be theoretical nuclear scientists that claim this!
      good post! (im with heart though on the usefulness of rage to create/encourage investigation, however i will lock darclight up a bit more! lol 🙂 )

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        I had a student once many years ago from Bylorussia (where Chernobyl is). She told me that the people had been told they were suffering from a new disease that was making them sick, the fear of radiation. It was a radio-phobic disease! Radio-phobia explained all! Apparently humans catch it quite easily in the presence of 76 trillion Bq of the stuff.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    “…the worst post-Chernobyl effects were the psychological consequences…”

    Nice try Gerry Thomas, you paid a**h*le agent, but in fact the real ‘worst post-Chernobyl effect’ is the current cracking of the 2nd 1980s concrete containment that augmented the original one, and was designed to last until 2011, afer which an additional containment and cover would be needed, as is now being funded and planned, at a cost of over a billion $s, to prevent a renewed radiation release.

    Misleading words such as yours may fool lots of the people most of the time; eventually disinformation such as you are spreading will be shameful for you, and worse, fatally tragic for 100s of 1000s of victims of radiation exposure in both the Chernobyl and Fukushima regions, and millions more in distant regions affected by weather driven, uncontained, radiation fallout.

    Shame on you!

  • dpl dpl

    Gerry is telling us the plan is
    to make people RADIATION HARDENED
    to condition us for life off world after
    the planet is FUBAR
    unfortunately we are the lowest form of
    unintelligent life in the universe and
    unwelcome beyond this prison planet for the
    criminally insane
    ever wonder why ET doesn’t call on us
    we are untrustworthy
    hopefully some higher being will come and repossess
    the planet and send us on our way to extinction

  • Ras Bumboclat

    I do not sense that there is anything “New” about the New Scientist, but something as old as Babylon and evil as hell.

    Bless up

  • mikael

    Japan is becoming the Land of the Living dead.

    Its been 6 months, in that period of time we all have witnesed the rise in numbers on everything regarding radiation. All the health issues will take some time to manifest, and by that I say the next 6 months will be wurse.
    Its slowly showing up in various problems already, like nosebleading and lung(flulike)issues.
    No matter what they are to day, everything will be wurse, up to now its been a steady upward slide and without any end to this for now.
    I am 100% certain its going to be horrible(winther wind paterns), and then it will be to late for the majorety of the people of Japan. They are and will be contaminated beyound anything previous expisienced.

    Ohyea they are afraid now, when they so openly disqus sensur of news from Japan, and since its a world wide event they also diregard OUR right to know and make preperations against the fallout.
    And Iam even more furious by the fact that this downplaying and flattout lies are going to have a hugh impact on people in the Nother Pasific region, from Japan to USA/Canada.
    We are not done with this fallout and radiation exposure, ulike the Tjenobyl this is completly different and still ongoing.
    When children is expiriencing health problems, we all know that its because of radioactivity. And this downplaying servs only one part, the part that risks been Sued and forced to compencates to the People. So the Lords of Fog are starting to look for a way out of their own mess, and of course, they are pushing for us to take the entire bill for thia accident.

  • arclight arclight

    So the new scientist is not so balanced in their scientific outlook! Heres the truth from Belarus/ukraine
    Some images are “tough” , don’t watch if your squeamish!

    Chernobyl heart

    “In Belarus, only 15-20% of babies are born healthy. Roche comforts children who are born with multiple holes in their heart, a condition known in Belarus as “Chernobyl heart.” A lucky few will have their heart problems fixed by Dr. William Novick, who heads the International Children’s Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with congenital or acquired heart disease in developing countries throughout the world.”
    See video here

    and if you want to see the update documentary
    return to Chernobyl







    and heres the link to the charity page, if you wish to donate!!


  • suzie-Q

    Arclight quote “personnaly I would like to award g a Thomas the anne cunter award for the fucking stupid role bimbo that she is!!”

    No one could have said this better!!! My skin crawls at the sight of Ann Coulter!! When she opens her mouth I feel mental and physical pain!! These women/people are full of maggots!! Do either of them have children??

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Please, a nuclear shill is a nuclear shill, no matter what their gender. A nuclear shill of whichever gender is just as likely to have or not have children. A female scientist, however misguided, is not an opportunity to vent virulent sexism.

      • arclight arclight

        @arizonan , sorry but i did overstep the mark with uneccesary comments…must have thought i was on zero hedge there for a minute….thanxs for highlighting my mistake…in mitigation i was really angry when i posted that as thomas had just commented on levels in children, but it was no excuse for my outburst…big up arizonan!! will try to be more polite in future! working on something now! peace! 🙂

  • Ken31ONCA

    well geeese sounds like this guy wants to voulenteer to work around the hot spots at the plant! He says its all in peoples heads, i bet that douchebag has a underground lead shelter. Somebody grab this guy a suit, or actually they probably dont even need them, cause as long as they believe the radiation is good for them they are gonna live long healty lives…. give me a break. this was probably the plan to cut down the population for the NWO. Id like to see an episode of conspiracy theory on fukushima cause people need to know whats going on

  • shaktasna999

    *Rant on*

    How does this person call himself a journalist or even any form of research scientist? He clearly has current, valid statistical data available to him that he chooses to avoid.

    WHY? What is this f*cking moron getting paid that he thinks it’s prudent to baldly ignore something that will affect every person on the planet?

    I want to take up a collection to send this douchebag or any journalist that wants to take the challenge-right directly into the hotpsot to measure and “reassure” us that our “worries” are unfounded.

    We should have Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened do a “Send a hotshot to the hotspot” trip package. All expenses paid straight to Fukushima for a week; but ONLY in Fukushima. They could visit no where else.

    Yep. This is going to be an anger management day today.

    *rant off*

    Hang in there guys. Have a wonderful day.

  • Ronnie_D.

    Notice he didn’t say the reports aren’t true. So he has no problem with the prediction that a million people will die as a result of the radiation emissions. Nope. Just don’t say it publicly. As not to upset anyone. This, I believe, is the very meaning of burying your head in the sand.

  • dpl dpl

    when telling the truth is considered “leaks”
    welcome to the misinformation age
    I see cracks appearing in the propaganda wall they will have to bring this to the next level
    convince you that it’s all in your head
    chill take a pill, go shopping
    it’s no worse than a nonstop flight around the world.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    What more does Gerald want? The mainstream media is already ignoring or minimizing Fukushima as much as possible.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Geraldine Thomas is a friend of George Monbiot’s. The good professor has made several statements to the media since March 2011 about how harmless manmade ionising radioation is. She was in charge of studying cancer pathology in thyroid tissue exposed to radiation from Chernobyl. Important work, she found a radiation marker in cancerous thyroid tissue which would always mark that the damage had in fact been caused by radiation. However, she also clings to the belief that only a few dozen people had any harmful effects from Chernobyl, and denigrates the NY Academy of Sciences book because it is not ‘peer reviewed.’ She seems to truly believe that everyone is blowing this out of proportion, but I couldn’t find much background info on the internet. Her academic background is in pharmacology and pathology, not in physics. She teaches at Imperial College London; search google for Gerry Thomas and radiation and you will find several sites where she downplays the danger to human health of radiation. Oddly, according to her professional website at Imperial College, her entire publication record appears to begin in 2008, with [Williams ED; Abrosimov A; Bogdanova T; Demidchik EP; Ito M; LiVolsi V; Lushnikov E; Rosai J; et al. (Aug 2008). Morphologic characteristics of Chernobyl-related childhood papillary thyroid carcinomas are independent of radiation exposure but vary with iodine intake. THYROID. 18:847-852.] Why was she chosen to be on this team, when she has no previous publications in the field? Why didn’t they pick someone who had been working on the issue since 1986, when the accident happened?

    I don’t know about any of you, but spending hours in the lab studying thyroid tissue doesn’t necessarily equate to “few harmful health effects have been found.” There are no epidemiological studies in her list of publications: http://www1.imperial.ac.uk/medicine/people/geraldine.thomas/publications/

    And George Monbiot just uses Gerry Thomas’s name, tissue research, and academic rank to completely denigrate the years of radiation health-research that Helen Calidicott has carried out. George Monbiot is the biggest pro-nuclear journalist in England. Shame on both Thomas and Monbiot.

    Professor Thomas has been busy monopolizing the market on irradiated tissue from Chernobyl and now Wales…and she will control the results of studies conducted on those tissues. She has no epidemiological research to back up her claim that only a few dozen deaths can be attributed to Chernobyl fallout.

  • andras48

    Hello everyone. I must say that I am amazed by the hostility and ugliness in some of the posts. Personal attacks on Dr. Thomas will not change her message not affect her professional standing.One of the overall problems of this thread is the collapse of several issues.
    1) The accident itself. It is tragic and TEPCO and the Japanese government took “face” savings that are criminal. I don’t think many people would deny this fact, including Dr. Thomas. Personally I think that nuclear power production should be revisited, regulated more tightly, and perhaps abolished

    2) Health effects of the accident. There are several issues
    2a) Exposure to high doses. The unfortunate workers who were involved in clean up operations will have serious effects, although there have been no reports of deaths yet (but then would they tell us ? )

    2b) The amount of radiation released the the accident. I submit that nobody knows. Measurements are difficult to make. The english versions of the Japanese press reports are very sloppy. Doses are confused, wrong units are reported, no gamma spectrometry is ever presented (without which there is absolutely no information about the isotope distribution). To his credit,Busby has taken an air filter with him and made some measurements in Tokyo, although he has not made the results available publicaly. He has also correctly pointed out that radiation from inhaled particles is much more dangerous than the external exposure. However, it bothers me that both Gunarson and Caldicott use measurements reported in the Japanese press, well knowing that they are not reliable.
    2b) The Chernobyl accident is very much in the minds of everyone. There is a lot of controversy about the health effects of Chernobyl. The problem is that there were significant political changes during the 90’s, so health data reporting may have been affected. The other issue is the general low quality of health care in the Soviet Union. It is very difficult to do epidemiological studies with radiation. As horrible as it is, the only studies we have are the survivors of the atom bombs, another nuclear incident in the USSR in 1958 and several studies on nuclear workers. Based on these studies, an increased occurrence of leukemia was expected. This dis not materialize (as of 2006). There were 6000 cases of thyroid cancer (in the west the cure rates for this type of cancer are between 92-96%, a fact that does in no way lessen the tragedy of the cancer). What we do know from the studies I mentioned above, and from annecdotal data from radium dial painters, uranium miners and medical procedures in the 1930 with high doses of radiation, is that the latency period of radiation induced cancers is 15-30 years. Thus there was no increased incidence of other types of cancer. The Greenpeace study and the book published by the New York Academy of Science are based mainly on mathematical models ( it is hard to imagine how 900,000 accurate death certificates were found).
    Finally, contrary to what one of the commentators says, Dr. Thomas did not find any specific markers for the radiation induced thyroid cancers (the reference is on her website). Every study that has been done so far both on animal and human cancers induced by radiation has shown that at the molecular level the radiation induced cancers are not distinguishable from the spontaneous ones (a fraction of which are induced by the background radiation.
    2c) Biological effects of low radiation doses. The bottom line is that we don’t know. To detect an effect of 10 mSV,a study of 1,000,000 people would be required, which is not practical. So most regulatory agencies (except France) use a model called the linear non threshold model that essentially says since we don’t know the effects of low doses, lets be conservative, and assume that any amount of radiation can have an effect (albeit with low probability) The French regulatory agencies have takes the view that low doses has less of an effect, and thus have different protection standards. Others, like C. Busby advocate that low doses have more damaging effects than that predicted by the LNT model. He has a so called second event theory SET). It has never been proven in any biological system.(I have to point of that Busy is trained in physical chemistry. Futhermore, even if this theory were correct, it only applies to isotopes whose decay involve two events, such as strontium 90, but not to cesium 137, which is what if of concern in the present situation.

    Having said all this (and thanks for reading so far)i am pleased by Dr.Thomas’s statements. In 2008-2009 ~120,000 people in Japan succumbed to lung cancer, or which ~ 110,000 were caused by smoking. Now, no one can make an estimate of the long term effects at Fukushima (we don’t even now what doses will prevail) There are not studies of the long term effects of Cs137, except for Chenobyl. Yes, there will be some health effects. Give what we know so far, they are not likely to be as severe as smoking. Moreover, there has been a lot of hysteria about the fall out that has reached the US and Canada. Again its a question of measurements. Very few places (like UC Berkeley) have the right equipment to make accurate measurements. Radiation detection has become so sensitive that very small increases can be observed, but “increased radiation” is a very powerful phrase. Unfortunately,some very inexpensive radiation detectors are available, and if there are increased “counts” people are alarmed. 100 counts vs. 200 counts is twice the volume !
    Finally, there were some serious psychological consequences of the Chernobyl accident, which were mainly due to misinformed concers http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0936655511005334 Such are the effects that Dr.Thomas is warning about, and I think her concern is well taken. Thank you for reading this

    • arclight arclight

      Firstly I only caught your post, I am sorry for any delay in my response.
      I should say that you make a good and just critique of my post, and I admit in context of the increasing numbers of readers to this site, you make a fair point…and

      I apologise for any offence I caused!

      My critique was weakened by this outburst…and I will make no excuses..i will endeavour to make my posts more respectful…

      To answer your point on the “ collapse of several issues” I wish to make this respectful response to a thought out critique of the substance of the accusations made against prof. Thomas, prof. wakefield, Andy Coghlan and George Monbiot’s (thanks for the post arizonan)…

      “I don’t think many people would deny this fact, including Dr. Thomas.”

      What about the lies about iodine being given out and that it was “the right thing to do” ? she maintains this lie from her first radio appearance to the recent article in the new scientist (a reputable scientific magazine) the fact that iodine was not given out because it was not needed, according to the press releases? The fact it was not given out!

      Your claims that no health effects don’t match the facts of a nuclear disaster of this type… as prof Thomas said herself that she was surprised at the increase in thyroid cancers so soon after chernobyl,, four years approx…. and the problems described by the children of Chernobyl charity are more overall health problems and the destruction of the previous economy, in an area covering 5 million people +.. theres your test group! Ask how much studies have been done by the caring nuclear scientists… only the recent report you eluded to, the only other study apart from the more limited but more accurate greenpeace report….as for the iaea report with its very limited brief (this is a scandal!) I will not bother commenting! The worlds nuclear corporations and backers could easily have funded a health data report and monitored it for accuracy….all the info in the recent report, if funded and supervised properly would have been pretty definitive and informative, why was this not done?

      As for testing…the Japanese have been doing their own independent testing as well! Showing that unlike Chernobyl fukushima has its own unique isotopic pattern, with five or six main components…the video describing this info can be found on enenews…the testing is becoming numerous and more accurate as time goes on but the government has generally come up with low doses and tries not mention plutonium and strontium etc. but unfortunately things seemed to be getting more desperate than that!

      On radiation induced cancer and statistics on the thyroid… why only cancer? There is evidence that shows that the thyroid can develop dozens of thyroid conditions that cause huge health problems! So even if we discuss your statistics we ignore the myriad other thyroid conditions that would change the impression of the limited statistics posited!

      As to prof Thomas and cigarettes and rock climbing that’s called freedom , as to isotopes polluting the environment there is no free choice or option! And its illegal in most other countries to slow kill a small percentage of a large population, for good reason too!!

      “Cognitive Impairment and Emotional Wellbeing of Exposed Children” a qoute from your link! Care to discuss? Really would like some links to these charges people make, maybe you could forward more such links?

      “Very few places (like UC Berkeley) have the right equipment to make accurate measurements” well that’s true….they are a bit slow on rainwater samples, discussed on enenews, read on uc berkely site!

      Thanks for responding….and im soory for any offence, it wont happen again…like prof thomas, I kinda new to all of this reporting stuff (the press normally covers this stuff)! peace