Los Alamos lab director: “I could feel the heat of the fire on my face as I watched from the roof of our Emergency Operations Center”

Published: June 30th, 2011 at 8:46 pm ET


More Than 90K Acres Burned In Los Alamos Fire, CNN, June 30, 2011:

[…] the nearby flames will keep the Los Alamos National Laboratory closed through at least Friday, a statement on the lab’s website said.

“What I witnessed today was an incredibly professional job by men and women who are risking their lives to save our community and this laboratory,” Charles McMillan, the lab director, said Wednesday. “I could feel the heat of the fire on my face as I watched from the roof of our Emergency Operations Center.” […]

Published: June 30th, 2011 at 8:46 pm ET


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43 comments to Los Alamos lab director: “I could feel the heat of the fire on my face as I watched from the roof of our Emergency Operations Center”

  • Jebus Jebus

    We can look at all of these sensational headlines, we can comment, rant, complain and cry for our childrem.
    It will do no good at all if we do not act.
    What DO we do about all of this and the assaults on our intellegence.
    I, as an individual, do not have the answers, but we as a group can and must come up with something to stop this madness.
    We must be the threat that they envision us to be.
    They are scared shitless that we will join together and be the force that eliminates their power over us.
    Make them afraid. Make them shit their drawers.
    I know there are many talented people, from every walk of life, on this blog.
    We must come up with ideas…
    This is the only thing I can think of right now, that we must join together and stop this madness…

    • I’m a documentary filmmaker and have been meaning to make something on Fukushima for a while. I quit my TV directing job in Seattle and just got down to the Florida Keys a few days ago to avoid the jet stream. We do need to ban together and figure something out.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Thats the spirit needed…
        I have linux, html, asp, .Net, VB, and app programming skills, as I’m sure many others here do. Probably more than me.
        I also practice herding cats everyday at work…

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          You’re right on the mark J.

          I have no expertise but I do have ideas. I happen to think that westernmost rainy Kauai, 3500 miles from Fuku, may be the leading indicator of what’s coming to the u.s. west coast, and that radical HawaiiNewsDaily.com, already monitoring the air there, may be a great anti-nuke partner.

          Ideas like well-publicized results of civilian radiation detection comparisons of auto tires and air filters taken out of service and out of the rain and air in February, vs readings from identical tires and filters in use and exposed to radiation since 3/11.

          Ideas like comparing the ground readings under Kauai buildings constructed in February with readings of the post-Fuku wet ground just outside the new construction.

          I’ll bet engines on commercial jets on the Hawaii-Tokyo routes have hot metal components compared to identical engines on Atlantic and European runs.

          Industrial office AC filters in Hawaii compared to readings of identical filters in CA, IL and NY. might be interesting.

          Perhaps auto, airline and AC mechanics and others might be interested in knowing the contamination levels they’re dealing with 40 hours/week.
          Detectors given to them to test their working environment might turn up surprising results.

          Just some ideas for now, but I agree something has to be started.

          • patb2009

            jet engines won’t hold much in the way of radiation, the flow paths are too clean to trap much

            but, maybe, the oil coolers might have something.

            car and building filters are worse.
            lots of air flow.

          • That brings up a thought from last week, these jet engines that are on passenger jets and such, the engines get a lot of hours but are required to be taken off and rebuilt after so many hours, we know they are up around the jet stream, wonder what they readings would be when they are serviced and if the mechanics are told to check for radiation before servicing ?
            Wew know reports in early days of jets being contaminated !

          • HardLeft

            That is a really good idea, JB.

            Keep it simple… The car-air-filter idea is strong; you basically need one good researcher, one good nuclear engineer, and maybe an epidemiologist. Keep the design simple. Figure out the variables, set up the controls, run the experiment, get it peer-reviewed.

            Of course, I am no longer convinced that we are living in anything approaching a democracy in the US, so while raising consciousness is always excellent, it should be only one part of a multifacted solution.

            As a psychotherapist, I am very interested in the normalcy bias, and the idea that a lot of people seem to be getting very fed up with MSM and a high-consumption lifestyle. I am also concerned about safety planning, and the enormous amount of psychic energy that is required for people to convince themselves that our current way of life is healthy, fun, and can go on forever.

            I wonder what we could accomplish if these assumptions could be challenged. I cannot force people to accept my own point of view– that’s not my job and it’s an ethics violation. I can, however, try to encourage people to confront basic physical realities as demonstrated by research, and plan for their own safety. And that is what I intend to do, as these issues arise in clinical practice.


      • risabee risabee

        Could jump into a child rescue program. I’d be up for it.


      • @ Keys
        Stay out of the water, Corexit, SeaBrat4 and lots of Oil with radiation, don’t eat the seafoods from here, I know people getting bacterial infections, my future son in law, close enough ? Arm swelled turned red, hospitalize for 5 days !
        Stay out of the rain, watch for Plumes in the air, Enjoy tour stay here in Cloudy Florida !

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Take a deep breath, buddy.

    • Jebus Jebus

      No, That is what is killing us…

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Wanted the Lab director of Los Alamos, who was involved in leaving 30,000 barrels of Plutonium outside under a tent, to take a minute, breathe deeply, and enjoy the fruits of his labors. That comment wasn’t in response to yours, Jebus, although it looks so now.

        I think that you are absolutely right, I’m sure that there are more intelligent people here than at any website that I have ever been to.

        If you mean that I should be nicer to the lab director, well, I’ll try.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Lol, No worries. I am a little edgy.
          I am at a point that will not allow me to consume any more pablum. Anyone challenging my convictions, here or in meatspace, had better be prepared for some enlightened rebuttal…

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            I’m there with you, I felt like I could not take anymore today, except that you are a lot more eloquent and focused than I with my wishes for one lab director. I love this site, but the sequencing goes all over the place with unintended consequences. I’m signed up for your army!

    • Jebus Jebus

      One sheep runs out from the flock to face the wolf and the rest just stand there blinking…

  • In case you missed it:

    Jellyfish Shut Down Nuclear Power Plant
    by Sharon S.
    June 30, 2011
    An invasion of jellyfish managed to stop operations at a nuclear power plant in eastern Scotland after high volumes of the creatures flooded water filters and clogged the cooling system.
    EDF Energy’s Torness nuclear power station near Dunbar, East Lothian uses seawater to cool its reactors and on June 28 a large influx of jellyfish were “sucked in” as the part of the process and blocked the water screens, reported Sky News.
    Operators manually shut down the two reactors at the facility as a precautionary measure.
    A spokesperson for EDF Energy told Sky News,…

    Jellyfish Influx Shuts Down Nuclear Reactors
    Thursday June 30, 2011
    James Matthews, Scotland correspondent
    Reactors at the Torness nuclear power station have been shut down by jellyfish.
    Workers at the plant are now clearing the jellyfish from the cooling filters before the reactors are restarted.
    It is unclear why there has been a sudden surge in the numbers of jellyfish in the sea off Scotland’s east coast, but it is thought a rise in North Sea temperatures could be a factor.

  • arclight arclight

    by reporting and expanding on the stories brings more over to this side of the nuclear divide…there lots of anti nuclear etc sites and organisations needing your funding or support…many links from enenews comments…pettions etc…and when people do wake up to fear, people who understand the facts of these disasters will be able to offer advice and support of a practical and positive nature to thode around them…i think

    • Misitu

      In my alter ego I promote news items reported here on that dreadful “social notworking” site and have two friends/relatives that at least follow what I have reported, which is something. Secondly, the dreadful puff site wnn has a page on the same site, when I started commenting there the pronukes were in the majority, now there seem to be a lot more antis commenting which I see as another favourable development.
      Finally, there is a very funny series of exchanges on the following ZH entry
      http://www.zerohedge.com/article/fire-closes-plutonium-los-alamos-national-laboratory following an stfu attempt by pronukeshill-and-selfstyledengineer cpnscarlet which I advise all to enjoy, not only because he tries a comeback only to suffer a repeat of the celebrity treatment. Enjoyable.

      I wonder cautiously if they are beginning to get a trifle dispirited.

  • Jon_NY Jon_NY

    Disturbing report, especially the section on contamination starting on page 3.


    More info on this wonderful facility.


    There are major discrepancies in the materials accounts for weapons plutonium in Los Alamos Waste. An analysis of official data indicates that the unaccounted for plutonium amounts to
    about 300 kilograms

    • Misitu

      Maybe it is financial year end.

      Here is a true story.

      I worked once at a manufacturing company whose managing director aka Mr Punch had managed to keep everybody on the Board quiet [that includes the Bank… now why would the Bank have a seat on the Board?] for a few lacklustre years. Anyway one year end they loaded a heap of finished goods onto furniture vans parking said vans in the company yard for the weekend, hence the goods were now ex inventory allowing a modicum of financial health to be reported.

      This is absolutely true, I was there.

      Maybe the 300kg of Pu was just an accounting trick and is still in the back of a furniture van nearby.

      Sorry this is all getting too much! All this reckless lack of attention in such a killer industry.

  • M Curie M Curie

    Jebus & Keys, lots of years herding cats – both human & Maine Coon. Retired @ 49 frm Silicon Valley. Admittedly apathetic (due to the good life) untill 3/11/11. Preemie guinea pig for radiation in SF ’42 & UC Berkeley r/d of radioactive iodine scanner; Chernobyl necklace since ’64. Anti-anti nuke!

    So much for the resume.

    1. Since MSM is shut down, how do you convince even “well educated” sheeple (some who taught college level physics) that the issues are real and affect them?

    2. How do you fight the big $$$ and politics invested in nuclear?

    I feel like the Lone Ranger sans Tonto!

    • Jebus Jebus

      M Curie,
      Interesting resume, provokes the thought of, What are the individual ages of this enenews family. My guess is that most are older and wiser. We elders have been through a lot in history at this moment in time. I am a late boomer from ’59, having recieved my fair share of this poisonous mix we call nuclear from the moment of conception. My father was in Okinawa when we violated this earth the first two times. We have seen enough of this planets crimes and humanities follies to last an eternity. Literally!

      As for how do you…?

      That is why we must band together as one.
      To come up with the ideas needed to affect a change in the world we live in.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Maybe the French farmers have the key to social initiative, driving 1000s of their dirty tractors around the Eiffel Tower and streets of Paris, immobilizing tourism and local traffic for a week or two..

      Be visible, in numbers, in old cars and painted trucks (you don’t need a demonstration permit to get ‘caught’ in a traffic jam do you?).

      Embarrass the corrupt officials. Ask the unanswerable, hostile questions at town meetings and higher public addresses.

      “Mr. Governor: You and your party have totally ignored the real solutions to both the 100 year credit collapse and the nuclear disaster. Rather than run again for office on more meaningless, empty assurances, have you considered retiring and avoiding the upcoming wrath of victimized citizens?

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Maybe break it into areas:

        Campaigns: like risabee’s child rescue and jump-ball’s french farmer-type action

        Research: jump-ball’s idea of air filter testing, etc.

        Communications: flooding of/networking with other media as discussed on previous post; recruiting Celebrities who will Twitter reliably, etc.


        Keep everyone busy during the slow news moments…

  • alasanon

    Does anyone know if they are dropping water like they did over the Fuku plant reactors? (Tons per helicopter) That would seem like a quick & dirty option…before it is too late!

    This reeks of Katrina, BP in the Gulf, and assorted domestic madness!…

    Maybe we can top Fukushima!… The year isn’t up yet! 😛

  • theypoisonus

    Nabraskashima? Asian Week: Great Pics with info on what is where at the installation.


    Enviro Group Calls for Daily Updates:


    Also,allegations that Google is blocking Nuke info. Would not suprise me one single bit. We are way to dummed down to know any truth about anything. (they wish)

  • Jebus Jebus

    My brain is racing, but I want to cry.
    I think of my son and daughter.
    In this worlds future, how will they get by.
    I think of my unborn grandaughter.
    This world we allowed, will she get her chance to try.
    Or will she be led to slaughter.
    By the crimes that we let by.
    I sit and think, but I just want to cry.

    • arclight arclight

      the best advice ive heard on this blog is to stay informed..be aware…and that info could help your family..have a disaster plan ready (as does the families of the government)and then you can only do your best….this knowledge can be hard to swallow sometimes…but it makes me appreciate and enjoy those i love more..i only hope that you can gain the same strength from this as i do….and keep researching and posting…history shows us that change is inevitable, thats our objective here, for our families and friends…peace

      • Jebus Jebus

        Agreed, Knowledge is power, meant to be shared.
        Family is love, meant to be cherished.
        The poem above just came out, I couldn’t stop the words even if I had tried.
        Something is evolving inside of me. I just haven’t realized what that is yet…

  • tony wilson

    get a grip he says,get a grip.
    no nuclear slaughter here.
    clean and refreshing and goood,not like dirty coal.
    we are saving you and the planet from the global warming menace.
    areva and exelon are the new gods of the future.
    it is the only way.
    mombiot says embrace nuclear love it.
    look level after level of safety to protect you.just for you.
    nobody has ever died from plutonium,we release it in trace amounts for your health.
    a volatilized energy boost for lung.
    internal emitter equation is a lie.
    it is in you yet you live.
    learn to love the atom and help sarkozy,cameron and obama save the life of a brown coal miner.

  • Godzilla

    “I could feel the heat of the fire on my face as I watched from the roof of our Emergency Operations Center.”

    Did he just watch the fire ….. or did he also FIDDLE while watching it? (diabolical laughter)

  • DrNature

    I am a Naturopath with over 2 decades of experience in handling and successfully treating “Chronic and Terminal Illness”.

    I am especially appalled with the gross hubris displayed by the Nuclear Mafia and their obvious disrespect for our children and humanity in general.

    I have family members into Daytrading (who fully comprehend the Nuclear Mob money trail) and another in IT technology, who are willing to throw in support as well.

    If we are going to fight we need to hit them where it hurts… the bank account.

  • I bet the Egyptian Revolution started a lot like this.

  • shaktasna999

    Keys I have access to a filmmaker as well if you want to join forces.

  • shaktasna999

    Um…guys…there’s another problem


    *breathes into bag*

  • HardLeft

    Another thing we can all do is just refuse to engage with MSM and us-vs.-them Left-vs.-Right thinking.

    When the Usual MSM Topics are discussed, even with close friends, ALWAYS step up and tell people you pay no attention to any of that. And tell them what is important to you.

    If you’re worried about sounding like you’re insane, just preface it with something like, “I’m really concerned about the long term implications of US (or European) energy policy.”

  • Jebus Jebus

    >recruiting Celebrities who will Twitter reliably, etc.<

    I have just made an attempt at this, two attempts actually, see how it goes…

    This thread is inspiring to say the least…

  • odylan

    If you can smell the smoke then a particle from the smoke must be in your nose otherwise you wouldn’t physically be able to smell it. So even if you are miles away be very careful. You might think you are not in the actual smoke zone and that what you are smelling is some distance away but be warned it is not – something is now inside your nose.

    Unfortunately I don’t know how it is if you just “feel the heat” but don’t actually smell the smoke.