Los Angeles-area Meltdown: Cesium-137 still up to 1,000 times higher than standard — Plutonium also detected — Located between Chatsworth and Simi Valley

Published: March 6th, 2012 at 1:34 am ET


Title: Rocketdyne radiation is still abundant
Source: Contra Costa Times
Author: Susan Abram, Staff Writer
Date: 03/05/2012 07:49:52 PM PST

A partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor occurred at the former Rocketdyne site in the hills between Chatsworth and Simi Valley in 1959

  • Radioactive chemicals […] as much as 1,000 times higher than standards
  • According to federal data released on Monday
  • Of the 437 samples collected, 75 exceeded standards
  • Seven radioactive isotopes, including one known as cesium-137, measured at levels between 100 to 1,000 times higher than the standards. Other radionuclides that suggest nuclear presence include strontium-90, tritium, plutonium, and carbon-14.

Community Response

The recent data is significant to residents, activists and public officials who have fought for years for the removal of radiation and chemical contaminants […]

The numbers provides hard evidence that not only do the radioactive materials exist, but that the levels are higher than expected.

[…] They wonder what else can be brewing within the rocks, the earth, and the groundwater within the 2,849-acre property.

Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, D-Santa Monica

  • “This confirms what we were worried about”
  • “This begins to answer critical questions about what’s still up there, where, how much, and how bad”
  • The findings are “extremely disappointing, especially because the site has already undergone two cleanup efforts by its owner, The Boeing Co., and the Department of Energy. Each declared the land fully cleaned”

Dan Hirsch, president of the activist group Committee to Bridge the Gap

  • “People have been waiting for this information for years”
  • “All those years, we were told it was clean”
  • “This data prove we’re not just a bunch of unknowledgeable people, but that everyday people are proven right”

“These are remarkable findings” -Denise Duffield, executive director for Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles

Read the report here

“The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a complex of industrial research and development facilities located on a 2,668-acre portion of the Southern California Simi Hills in Simi Valley, California […] The site is located approximately 7 miles (11 km) northwest from the community of Canoga Park and approximately 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Sage Ranch Park is adjacent on part of the northern boundary and the community of Bell Canyon along the entire southern boundary.” -Wikipedia

16 miles northeast of Malibu, CA

See also:

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More on the Simi Valley meltdown:

Published: March 6th, 2012 at 1:34 am ET


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57 comments to Los Angeles-area Meltdown: Cesium-137 still up to 1,000 times higher than standard — Plutonium also detected — Located between Chatsworth and Simi Valley

  • Cindy

    There is simply put, No way to clean up radioactivity that is let loose to the environment' Period !!

    Evacuate … Evacuate the Planet !!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Yep, that section of LA got trashed from the accident.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Hey admin,
    Headline sounds like now, but story from 1959. Yes, the rad is still now, but the headline is unfair.

    • teamplayer

      Nuclear shills are all over that thread.
      Reinforcements from the "good guys" would be welcome.

  • maaa

    Money is the root of all evil.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Two cleanings huh? Hey Japan tepgov… PAY ATTENTION!

  • Nuke needs to lie to exist


    TEPCO Busted Dead to Rights on Photoshopping to Deceive


    Check out this photo which is in the link above

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Now who are you going to believe? Seems to like some groups of people might be fibbing.
    These are your providers of truth?

    Use the Force!

  • the yeoman the yeoman

    Money, maaa san, is a means to an end.
    A pathalogical need to control, to the nth degree, is the root.
    Some folks just don't feel the tribe hence the need to control.

    Alas, protests and petitions don't work on controls freaks πŸ™


    wait…I know…how bout this from ehow

    Unusual Solutions for root/stump removal

    Two ingenious home remedies do make sense but may not be practical for all homeowners. Where carpenter ants are common, sprinkling a dead stump with sugar could make the old wood attractive to this relatively harmless insect swarm. Carpenter ants do not eat wood but do tunnel through and nest in rotting wood. Old stumps could disappear faster when sweetened and the carpenter ants pose no threat to buildings in good condition. For country folk, penning poultry around the stump has worked well. Chickens tear apart the rotting wood in search of grubs and bugs but also shred everything else in the enclosure. The real effectiveness of either method is unproven but both are clearly environmentally safe. lol

    What to do

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Greetings, I'm uh, kinda dense on this one. How does one apply the carpenter ant solution to the situation being discussed here?

      • StillJill StillJill

        LMAO off HoTaters,…most of us walked away from that one,…love your MOXY!

        Here's my guess at a suitable 'application'. Pour honey on TEPCOs (heads),…and let loose red ants? (buried in sand up to their lying necks, of course!)

        Could be the theory, right? πŸ™‚

  • Justme

    Something smells fishy…..bet you these samples were collected after March 2011.

    I see this card being played when more of the truth comes out.

    "The findings are "extremely disappointing, especially because the site has already undergone two cleanup efforts by its owner, The Boeing Co., and the Department of Energy. Each declared the land fully cleaned"

    • Exactly!

      And when it finally gets so bad that they can't find a nearby reactor or disaster site to blame it on, they'll say it was a dirty bomb from Iran, and Obama can finally get the war he longs for.

  • ion jean ion jean

    Could it be that 3-11-11 just added to the 1959 pile??

    They wouldn't necessarily test for C134 on this site, which remains the best marker for FRESH Fission Product…

    Boeing and DOE are like peanut butter and jelly, wine and chocolate, or flies on poop.

  • Why is this information coming out now?

    • Sickputer

      Why is it coming out now? Because of numerous reasons and Enenews being one of them. Take a bis Admin and all the posters.

      The Japan crisis has spurred interest in older stories of secret NPP blowouts and led to new whistleblowers. Testing and equipment is more affordable. But mainly… People are just pissed off at the assault on their lives by a rotten corrupt nuclearocracy. Its days are numbered and I hope to live to see every power plant shuttered and the debris safely stored for eternity (because we know that is how long that montriys poison will last).

  • Sickputer

    This could be the big smokin gun (make it a cannon) to finally open the veil of lies from the feds.

    And how about that Erin! Wow! She could be the next Ralph Nader: "Nuclear Power: Unsafe at Any Level"

    I'd vote for Erin Brockovich for President anytime!

  • Atomfritz Atomfritz

    Hehe yes,
    thanks to Fukushima the Americans start to wake up.
    People get wary and there is much to discover of nuke legacy in us.

    If you need materials for dirty bombs, just drive to West Valley and dig out the high level waste.
    Many sites like that scattered all over the us.

    Have fun finding πŸ™‚

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    I don't think the feds are worried about their "veil of lies" being exposed. Not when all they have to do is this:http://www.sott.net/articles/show/242526-Shut-Up-and-Go-Away-US-Congress-passes-fascist-anti-protest-law
    Sometimes I wonder if we are upset at the extent of these lies, or the magnitude of this disastor or that we are coming face to face with not only the government that we built here but the governments that have been established throughout the world. Reality can be very sobering…………


  • W8R W8R

    One of the members of my other forum lives just down the hill from Santa Susana, and until recently knew nothing of the danger.. His family grew up there, and all have died of cancer, and he himself has cancer as well.. When I posted last year about Santa Susana he was completely taken by surprise.. They never even hinted of any danger to the local residents..
    So do you think they will tell the truth about Fukushima??

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      The truth will become undeniable when people in Fukushima will die in masses this way.
      But, when that insight becomes common, it will be 2060+ and too late for many thousands of people.And the genetic damage will be inherited.then, irreversibly.

  • Gotham

    10,000 Curies = 370 TBq

    This from only 7 partially melted fuel rods.

    What is the estimate for Fuku…

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      about a billion curie.

      • Atomfritz Atomfritz

        that was including all radionuclides.

        Fukushima iodine release alone iirc "only" was in the order of about 10^17 Bq, which is several megacuries.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Chernobyl: "The total release of radionuclides to the environment has been approximated to be somewhere in the range of 1900 PBq of activity (in a Report to the US Department of Energy) and 12 EBq (in the assessment of the OECD Nuclear Power Agency). That is a range of about 51 million Ci to 324 million Ci"
      (Source: http://agls.uidaho.edu/etoxweb/resources/Case%20Study/Chernob6.pdf) {IAEA says ca 50 million curies}

      "An independent estimate of the initial Chernobyl release is 240 million curies …" (The American West at Risk: Science, Myths, and Politics of Land … – Google Books Result
      books.google.com/books?isbn=0199881669…Howard G. Wilshire, Jane E. Nielson, Richard W. Hazlett – 2008 – )

      FUKUSHIMA: estimates so far are at around 1 billion curies, so several orders of magnitude MORE than Chernobyl. Not sure where estimate comes from or who did conversions. This estimate appears to be for one radionuclide – caesium – from one reactor only. We do not have a Fukushima "total release" figure yet. (I think those will eventually have to be nnual reports.)
      "Fukushima 1 released 40,000 trillion becquerel of Radio-Cesium which are: 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 becquerel: http://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201202290025" I think IAEA is still standing by their ridiculous estimate of 60 million curies for Fukushima, which puts it 10 million ahead of Chernobyl even by official estimates. (UN Agency's Fukushima Report: β€œThe total release amount was … 60 Million Curies Radiation Released At Fukushima, Only 50 Million Chernobyl . … 10, 2012: http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/01/10l-of-…ge-500000bqcm3/ …)

      By the way, wikipedia estimates 15 curies released at 1979 Three Mile Island 'accident.' That's the official figure. I have also seen unofficial figures that go as high as 240 million curies for TMI. Never measured accurately I think, as on the ground mutations/experiences never matched what officials said had been released.

      • Atomfritz Atomfritz

        There have been some official release estimates for Fuku-I.
        However they are on a Japanese document released long time ago and I lost the link.
        Most of the releases were as very short-lived isotopes that usually don't get mentioned in official radiation measurements.
        And these official estimates have been revised to be higher than the initial release estimate.

        The alleged official TMI release figures only mention I-131, no other isotopes, and are a "estimate" at all, too
        Very "helpful" was that the radiation measurement instrumentation was "at service" at the accident time, so there is no data available. Other sampling data done by the govt are classified up to today if I remember correctly.

        So I believe it is safe to assume that it was quite a lot more than 15 curie. The experiences that were reported in the testimonies indicate way more, just taking the widespread metallic taste into account.

  • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

    Thanks Admin. I knew all along that Simi Valley was a much bigger story than was ever reported. I think some of this may also be attributable to Fukushima as well.

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      Just lets hope the admin will be careful not to post every junk rumor that Fukushima Diary spreads.
      Which would be very contraproductive.


    Wow! I had no idea. Reading up on it now I am learning all kinds of things. Like the fact that they had another melt down in 1964 which involved 80% of the nuclear fuel!!!!! Mother F#%kers!!!


  • StillJill StillJill

    Atomfritz,…..Fukushima Diary is our friend.

    Just because he can not PROVE every tip he receives,….you can not say they are lies, or untrue. Where is YOUR proof? Hummm?

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      Look at this story for example.
      Every prank gets published at Fukushima Diary, no matter how absurd it is.


      • Sickputer

        I have questioned a news release at FD before here on Enenews months ago. But what is your complaint about the honeycomb story?

        I think I've seen some photos and videos that indicate black melting fuel overflowing from the wreckage so perhaps that is what the whistleblower was referring to.

        FD has a lot better ear to the ground than all us non-natives. He is a good source to receive Honshu tips and being an expatriate he has less pressure from the yakuza. Some postings at FD may be rumors, but we have a lot of noise around here also as much as we have signal. I am going to give him a lot of journalistic leeway…he doesn't have a wide social net to fall back on.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    My family came very close to moving to Simi Valley in 1960.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Wonder if Whoopie has seen this one yet?


    No wonder Bakersfield is such a "hot spot". This crap blows right into the valley….

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Thyroid cancer rates are sky rocketing in Southern California. This is where much of our produce and food is grown. Millions have now eaten, breathed and drank this past and new nuclear radiation contamination now spewing all over the world.

    You can't ever cleanup an invisible mutagenic cancer ghost. You can only hope it will decay and disappear on its own.

    No Nuclear "Cancer Ghost Buster" will save any of us. Cancer and disease is now the norm and good health is now the rarity.

    Weep for the world's future..

  • SweetDakini SweetDakini

    Having been a lurker here a long time, I am so glad I live in the rain shadow east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Once upon a time, I missed not getting the rain storms that Bakersfield did, now I count this as a blessing.

    A friend's husband worked at Rocketdyne when they lived in Reseda and after they moved here, he passed away from a cancer at in his early 50s. She was always suspicious that the illness was related with the environment at his job but could never prove it.

  • Justme

    These comments are troubling. It indicates to me that there are many people here on ENENews that still have no idea what is happening with the Fukushima crisis. The truth has been told, why is no one reading it? http://www.nrc.gov <—- it's all right here in black and white.

    As for ENENews, it's a great site. Actually, I think it's the best site. It was my number one go to site and allowed me to spend most of my time learning nuclear science and nuclear engineering. It helped take the stress off of trying to find reliable information regarding the current events.

    Thank You ENENews!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    CB, yes Arcata and other parts certainly got slammed by this Fukushima recent fallout event as did the Sierra Foothills. We did not get as slammed as bad as they did up north though and or in other parts of the West Coast and Canada.

    There is has been much talk by the commenters here about these mutagenic events, as the rest of the world ignores these real nuclear contamination ramifications and biosphere mutations going on all around us. It is sad that there is such apathy inside our general populations about such matters.

    These plant mutations much like the witches brooms often discovered in nuclear radiated contaminated fallout areas are evidence of the genetic damage now being done everywhere. A witches broom is the behavior found in the plant kingdom that mirrors the biological mutagenic cancer growth found in the animal kingdom.

    It all appears to be one and the same and its such a shame.

    Weep for our futures my friend…

  • Radiation Readings Soar at Rocketdyne (more info)

    March 6th, 2012
    article by Michael Collins – EnviroReporter.com

    WoW! πŸ™

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      Thanks for the interesting link!
      Part of the reactor wastes were just shallowly buried, and it's no overly speculation that they spread around now from the burial sites.

      Maybe it could be a very funny action form to dig out the burial sites and throw the excavated stuff into the gate of the White House πŸ™‚

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great article but it is not very good news for the entire world. This industry is very young and when you look at some of the "Anomalies" or is it now called "Atomalies" popping up everywhere, we may all be in for a wild ride on the Nuclear Radiation Contamination side of things.

    The cesium levels are still very high in Simi Valley and then there is this article to ponder.

    Could our scientists have made a huge mistake in the decay rates for certain manmade radioactive isotopes being created by all these repeated disasters, bomb blasts/tests and operational releases into our environment and ecosystem.

    How many of these little radioactive invisible rascals have we really released in the last 60 years on Planet Earth well below our protective magnetosphere grid? How many are still here giving off sustaining decaying energy signatures into our planet's atmosphere and ecosystem?

    What if the scientists were all wrong and these radioactive energy signatures and isotopes do not decay properly based on the 1/2 life decay rates they calculated and sold to the public trust?

    I would say we will all be in for a "Very Bumpy Ride" if they were mistaken about these given calculated decay rates and so would be any weather patterns affected by these lingering decaying energy signatures.

    We might just be cooking ourselves as I type this and that would be a very bad thing to do for all the biological life found our planet.

    I guess we will know soon enough since most of these isotopes are still here and…


      @obewanspeaks: they're able to accurately determine the half-life an isotope from its physical properties. They didn't guess or extrapolate how these structures were produced.

      What's really frightening is the fact that they can have durations that can last into thousands-and-thousands of years; some into hundreds-of-thousands of years! Relative to their lifetimes, our species might as well have just arrived on the scene. And they would have had to know that the byproducts of their industry would last this long.

      It's become an inter-generational dance of death. That such 'knowledgeable' scientist and engineers would have turned a blind eye to this cold reality, is – to say the least – staggering…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    … still present and yes they appear to be still giving off sizable energy decay radiation readings.

  • Auntie Nuke

    W8R, there is a citizen-run epidemiological site for those who have been harmed by the Santa Susana nuclear accident. Cancer, cancer cluster – they want to know what happened, where the people lived, what years. It's on Facebook at: Secrets of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. Have your forum member go there and register. I've discovered several of my friends were impacted by this accident and didn't know it until I started sharing the information.

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Auntie Nuke, I have a friend who had thyroid cancer and her mother got cancer living downwind of Santa Susanna. Thank you for letting us know. I will pass this along. I am sure she'll appreciate it.