Louisiana sinkhole now 24 acres — Officials issue cease and desist order after gas found “approaching explosive level” coming from hole in front of homes

Published: July 21st, 2013 at 3:13 pm ET


WWL – AM870, July 21, 2013: Parish workers discovered water and debris moving inside the containment berm area early Friday. Bubbles on the water’s surface indicated a gas release, and there were tremors felt in the area. […]  The periodic ‘burp’ was the second in two days and the fourth in the past two-and-a-half weeks, according to parish officials. […] The [blue ribbon] commission, thus far, has not been able to come up with a reasonable prediction of what the future holds for the area.

The Advocate, July 20, 2013: The 24-acre Assumption Parish sinkhole underwent a periodic burp early Friday […] on Friday, Conservation Commissioner James Welsh ordered Texas Brine Co. to cease a type of earth-probing test aimed at seeing where gas is in the shallow rock under Bayou Corne. […] In addition to the sinkhole, gas is being released from bubbling sites in area bayous and is thought to be gathered in an aquifer and even in shallower rock under the communities. Welsh’s order follows Boudreaux’s cease and desist order to Texas Brine earlier this week after residents complained about a plugged probe site leaking gas in front of homes […] he tested the hole and found leaking gas at a concentration that was approaching an explosive level.

See also: [intlink id=”video-official-unable-to-find-bottom-of-giant-louisiana-sinkhole-during-depth-survey-entire-length-of-750-foot-measuring-cord-used” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: July 21st, 2013 at 3:13 pm ET


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19 comments to Louisiana sinkhole now 24 acres — Officials issue cease and desist order after gas found “approaching explosive level” coming from hole in front of homes

  • Lion76 Lion76

    "The blue ribbon commission" sounds like money not well spent. What are they doing all day?

  • pcjensen

    hahahahaha! a cease and desist order, righto, that's going to be very effective. LMAO. Nobody knows how to deal with this, how is anyone supposed to stop that which is entirely unknown? How dumb is that? These people boggle my mind.

    A cease and desist order ought to have been issued last year.

    • We Not They Finally

      You're correct. Just yesterday the geologist point man on site, Gary Hecox, said that they hadn't a clue what was going on, EXCEPT that it is like "nothing before in the history of Mankind." So the cease and desist order must range from haven't-a-clue to run-for-your-lives. But all they seem to be giving out at the moment is, don't go over THERE unless you want whatever blowing up in your face.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    So glad y'all all think this is so very funny. Over 350 lives have been changed forever. An entire community destroyed. No end in sight. No one knows what to do about it. Really something to laugh about…

    • Jebus Jebus

      rainbodais, no disrespect, but when you have a nation, the ocean, the northern hemisphere, our food supply, the futures children, little children in Fukushima, being irridiated for two years and four months, all because of a criminal nuclear industries lies for fifty plus years, it makes Texas Brine's crimes look like the pope had a wild weekend sampling at vineyards…

    • ftlt

      Rain: You are right it is tragic on a small scale..

      However when compared to what is going on worldwide everyday it is so small it is almost inconsequential (sorry).. This is happening everywhere here and around the world…

      250,000,000 humans died (meaning rubbed out) from democide "alone" in the 2oth century..

      In the 21st century, that figure will be made to seem like the halcyon days of yore..

      Endless war for profit, pollution and resource depletion for the benefit of the greedy few races along unabated…

      Death will be the hallmark of this century – that is – if anyone remains to record it…

      Live well not better must be our battle cry..

      Unrestrained so called free market capitalism is a planetary death machine..

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Why be sad? I remember someone "feeling sorry" for me for trying to live an informed life, taking such situations more seriously and calling for better actions to be taken by authorities. Now all of a sudden certain people want pity from everyone else. No one made you move there, stay there, or even let things go on this long without some "real" answers. Some of us saw the eventuality of this thing playing out exactly as it is doing. With nothing more than a silent, authority trusting, "wait and see and hope for the best" attitude. Well what are we supposed to do, sit around getting progressively more "shocked" at this obvious news that keeps coming out in slow trickles? Are we supposed to sit around hoping for the best, really? A "return to normal" of some sort? If you're waiting on that, I would advise you to "just give up and leave already" I don't know what else you're waiting for. Doesn't take a genius to see the responsibility deflection taking place, from top to bottom, corporate buck passing 101. I'm sure some are salivating at the possibilities of a nice lawsuit, but for everyone else you might as well pray on your way out of town. There is no "fixing this" sorry to say.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      I don't now and never have asked for pity from you are anyone else. I AM NOT LEAVING. I would rather live in a place I love not knowing when my time is up, versus being a nutcase that walks around with a radiation detector trying to pinpoint when my time is up, as well as how bad it will be when it happens, and has no enjoyment out of life.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Then whats the point, if you don't care about your fate?
        Hey look, survivor is on TV, and good luck…
        We nutcases have work to do…
        Shut 'em all down, before they fall into the sinkhole…

      • Stacey Stacey

        By the tone of your responses, it doesn't sound like getting much enjoyment out of life living in the place you love; with or without a radiation detector. I'm just saying…PEACE OUT

      • JPH

        this sink hole is going all the way to the salt dome, isn't it?

  • Jebus Jebus

    I look to the west, from where I stand, and I see a billion ELEphants stampeding towards me and I turn around to the east and I see people pointing down a hole in the swamps, shouting, "look over here, a squirrel just passed by here…

  • pcjensen

    It is quite ridiculous. The big Corps are getting away with murder, big nuc accidents, little nuc accidents, big oil accidents, little fracker accidents… it is easy for me to laugh, but it isn't laughter at the people who lost their homes, it's laughter about the stupendous idiocy of officials thinking they can somehow make it okay by issuing a cease and desist order.

  • musivick musivick

    i think that somehow the deepwater horizon well-capping event is involved…
    lets say that the abiotic oil artery that was under tremendous pressue some 30k+ feet down has somehow migrated along the deep strata layers to come erupting into those salt dome caverns directly under the 'sinkhole'…. all hell is breaking loose, with the earlier reported 600PSI gas leaks bubbling up towards the surface

    • dana dana

      You're not the first one to say that. One of the lead geologist in Austraila says that when BP drill so deep they sent a crack 200 miles up and that's what's causing a lot of the problems we are having in the area. Now wether that's true or not, I have no idea.

  • andagi andagi

    Dear Admin,
    Thank you for continuing coverage on this situation. Folks here express concern for and support of public safety, leaving a very wide berth for individual choice.
    Thank you all posters. This wonderful forum educates and helps people who are in harm's way make their best choices.
    I personally care about all affected by this situation. As a healthcare professional I've posted before about the limited burn center resources in the face of a major disaster.

  • afisher

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this situation. After watching the video of the guy describing the funnel and now knowing that the depth of this "funnel" is >750 ft.
    Seriously, if no one knows how deep this "funnel" or the width of the measurable gas leaks, the cease and desist order is somewhat surprising. Does that mean that everyone is sticking there heads in the sand and saying it is too dangerous to know / share this information. If that is the case, does it mean bend over, kiss your behind and hope for the best that this is an isolated / local process and would never occur elsewhere?