Tepco: M6 quake caused leak at Fukushima Daiichi — Water coming from pipe of Units 5, 6

Published: May 21st, 2013 at 2:20 pm ET


Title: Earthquake Occurred on May 18, 2013 (Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power Stations) (Follow-up Information No.2)
Source: Tepco Press Release
Date: May 20, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip

This is a follow-up report on the statuses of Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power Stations after the earthquake occurred in the offshore of Fukushima Prefecture (M5.9) at around 2:48 PM on May 18.

At around 4:10 PM in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, a TEPCO employee found water dropping from an overflow pipe of Units 5-6 RO treated water tank (D7 tank) where the leakage was found yesterday on the site patrol after the earthquake. […]

Regarding the treated water dropping from an overflow pipe of Units 5-6 RO treated water tank, the leakage area is estimated to be about 2 m x about 2 m and the leakage amount is estimated to be about 4 liters. […]

The water dropping is assumed to be caused by the earthquake occurred at around 2:48 PM today since the treated water tank was at full capacity from yesterday. […]

See also: [intlink id=”strong-m6-quake-hits-near-fukushima-nuclear-plant-intensity-5-officials-no-reports-of-damage-so-far” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: May 21st, 2013 at 2:20 pm ET


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26 comments to Tepco: M6 quake caused leak at Fukushima Daiichi — Water coming from pipe of Units 5, 6

  • combomelt combomelt

    More Duct tape?

    • jec jec

      Yes, buy up all the company stock for those companies…(sarcasm). Good engineering always requires the "duct" tape approach…in cartoons..

  • hbjon hbjon

    Elements and substances from fissioning Uranium and Plutonium are freely moving around in the air and water with no end in sight. Any shaking to the wreckage will always cause more releases from the smoldering heaps of debris. Bad gas is emitted 24/7. Nothing can prevent further failures. How's that pyramid coming along?

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes. AGreenRoad (the blog) covers that quite well. As of a few months ago, there were apparently THREE THOUSAND BILLION lethal doses of plutonium already released into the atmosphere.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    site patrol report; The plant is still in ruins, the nuclear melt-throughs unabated. No end in sight

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Good thing you are in complete control of the on-site situation, CS, as your avatar shows.

      I wonder what ol' Walt would say, seeing as how he was all about the kids.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Im kinda proud of my avatar because I drew it with only a slight modification from the original TEPCO logo. Find the TEPCO logo and you will see its a three eared mickey mouse cyclops.

        There was a great scene in the Disney movie fantasia where Mickey the Wizard made broomsticks carry water, but then he couldnt stop them and was nearly inundated. It reminds me of letting the nuclear genie out of the bottle.

        Sadly, After mergers and takeovers, A Disney family board member charged that the company had been changed into a "rapacious, soul-less" corporation. Hmmm, whats up with corporations anyway?

        For an interesting expose on Disney's struggles see http://rense.com/general91/walt.htm

      • hbjon hbjon

        You know what Walt would say….I stand with Billy Graham.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    I have often wondered about the condition of Daini concerning the Spent Fuel pools and the reactors. Partial meltdowns? Who knows as TEPCO has a problem telling the truth. IMHO

  • weeman

    If four liters of contaminated water is worth reporting, what about the hundreds of thousands of contaminated water they want to release into the ocean, with no idea when or if ever they will stop dump it into ocean, now that is outrageous and should be plastered on every newspaper in circulation world wide, silence not a peep, we would not want to go against our overlords.
    It is the press's obligation to report such matters, so we can keep the overlords in check, but the press is no longer free speech and have failed to keep there hypocritical oath and have failed society as a whole, shame on you, you forgot why you wanted to become a reporter, to tell the truth.
    The national enquirer has more content than the new York times, both are fairy tales. Lies.

    • We Not They Finally

      Reporting four liters is tantamount to F-U, don't even ask. You're totally correct in your comments, but it becomes daunting to know where to apply pressure or to who or how and when it might make a difference.

      • weeman

        The only thing they care about is money and you hit them in the pocket, as a collective society as a hole can win, we have to pool our resource, we have more money than them, start by making sure your reteriment money is not invested in these blue chipped companies, as if that's going to happen, we all want more and to survive this time in history mankind better get his priorities in order and not mine for me, it is going to take a whole new outlook to come to our senses, we better hurry or we need divine intervention, your pick, I don't think the latter is to impressed with us, so don't count on that, we are on our own.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    "RO treated water" produces "waste water" which contains all the concentrated dirty contaminants that get filtered/rejected out by the filter membrane…. I wonder if THAT is the water that is being stored in those tanks. IF so, then having it dumped or leaked into the pacific is basically the same as if they didn't treat the water at all.

    RO water filtration a good "mitigation" measure that people can take if they want to protect themselves. I have been drinking bottled "RO" water for 3 years now but my next house will have a whole house RO filtration system.

    • Lion76 Lion76

      and by "RO" that means "Reverse Osmosis" I should have cleared that up… also, how it works is that it takes water pressure to physically "squeeze" water through a filtration membrane that will filter out down to as small of a micron as your filter allows (usually as low as .5 microns) which means that radioactive "particles" the same as non-radioactive dirt particles will get rejected and only the "soft water" comes through the filter. There are pretty basic kitchen sink reverse osmosis systems that almost anyone can buy for drinking/cooking needs. Do not be fooled by "charcoal" filters they only take out things such as chlorine and chemicals. But for radiation needs you have to use R.O. filters because of the particle issue like I explained earlier.

      • Lion76 Lion76

        and I'm sorry again, that should be .005 microns but here's a good link to clear it all up http://espwaterproducts.com/about-reverse-osmosis.htm

        • Lion76 Lion76

          oh and one more thing that I had thought about previously, is that if you go with a canister filter system where you can use whatever filter media you wish, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use "zeolite" in one of the canisters. Zeolite has been mentioned before as a good contaminant trap mineral. I tried the liquid zeolite for a while as a detox measure and I can't say whether or not it worked in that fashion (although I did always feel better after using it) but it could be just a placebo effect. I still drink it in my bottled water from time to time but not as religiously as I had at one point right after fukushima broke. (thinking of starting up again with it, it can't hurt)

          • We Not They Finally

            People don't realize it, but reverse osmosis filtered water is even available these days in some WalMart stores for 25 cents a gallon. We were surprised, but people should check.

  • We Not They Finally

    So long as the language is still about "leaks," we get nowhere. TEPCO could blanket the whole Pacific Ocean and they would still call it a "leak."

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      amazingly, and with solemn tragic acknowledgement, the entire human race seems to support the "leaks" sheeple/enablement doctrine. Nobody comes forward. I would never have believed how weird life turned out to be when I was little. Humanity; a tragic, deadly disappointment. How did they survive this long? But now the IQ lowers to retardation. Disheartening to the extreme

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Units 5 & 6 ? Are they in meltdown or have they been?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Fatal Fallout; Dr Gary Null Exposes Dangers Of Nuclear Power; via @AGreenRoad

    Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear War

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Fukushima disaster radiation still contaminating water
    May 27 2013


    From Enenews today's stories…


    The photo shows a clear…R5..by the looks of the 'connections'..how can it not be leaking.
    Reactor 5 ..looks pretty bad..