Mag: “Large quantity” of Neptunium-239 flew at least 60km from Fukushima meltdowns — Decays into Plutonium-239

Published: September 13th, 2011 at 1:16 pm ET


Nikkan SPA Magazine: Researcher Says Large Amount of Neptunium-239 Also in Date City, Fukushima, EX-SKF, September 12, 2011:

From Nikkan SPA September 13 issue (part on Date City only):

The email began thus:

“I heard it directly from a university researcher whose specialty is radiation measurement. Neptunium, the nuclide that decays into plutonium, flew at least to Iitate-mura [35km from meltdowns] and Date City [60km from meltdowns] in large quantity. The current survey method focuses only on gamma ray, and all it detects is radioactive cesium. The real danger is alpha-nuclides, which continues to be ignored. Iitate-mura may be being betrayed again…”

h/t Anonymous tips

Published: September 13th, 2011 at 1:16 pm ET


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27 comments to Mag: “Large quantity” of Neptunium-239 flew at least 60km from Fukushima meltdowns — Decays into Plutonium-239

  • Nuclear Energy Research and Development Organization and other groups has been used to calculate that March 21st to April 30th reached 15,000 tera bequerels. …
    (Cesium and Iodine) into the ocean between April 1st to April 6th near the Unit 2 water intake was 4700 tera bequerels. Although the time period was different, the new calculations above are a 3-fold increase over the previous numbers …

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    • Clocka

      In Japan, abortion has no social stigma since it was long accepted as a form of population control and was very widely practiced . There were no laws against infanticide before 1945.

      Such cases will remain just anecdotal; all will be explained away as “lower birth rate” for 2011.

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  • midwestern midwestern

    “Fukushima Syndrome” Foreign Correspondent, ABC News:

  • midwestern midwestern

    “GSDF Holds Emergency Evacuation Drill Near Stricken Fukushima Nuclear Plant”:

    • lam335 lam335

      Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. It’s very disconcerting:

      “The drill, held in preparation for any further large-scale emission of radioactive materials from the plant . . .”

      “The scenario for the drill presupposed further meltdown of the Fukushima plant’s No. 3 reactor core . . .” !!!!!

      Considering that they didn’t evacuate people for weeks the first time around, the fact that they are doing this now really makes one suspect that they think it is increasingly likely that something worse is likely to happen.

  • FaraFola

    So No.3 was melted fully, this news gives a direction…

    Plutonium is very bad stuff, and even a small amounts gives a high rate of deaths

    They had to know that No. 3 and/or spent fuel pools with these monsters was loose, and also they knew a final score

    Wide areas with millions of peoples is in danger, but no place to settle down and no time to evacuate!?

  • jdotg

    Welp, although this article is wrong, if the alpha particles which the article proposes are the true danger. I guess we should all don some paper suits, seeing alpha particles cant even penetrate a single sheet of paper or even your skin. So unless your sitting they’re actually inhaling and/or eating the stuff, alpha particles should not be harmful.

    “In general, external alpha radiation is not harmful since alpha particles are effectively shielded by a few centimeters of air, a piece of paper, or the thin layer of dead skin cells”
    And plutonium 239, is also, a alpha emitter. Stopped by a few centimeters of air, a thin layer of dead skin cells, or a piece of paper.

    As my buddy Keyshawn Johnson says on MNF….. C’MON MAN!

    Betas are stopped by a thin piece of metal, lets say aluminum. Which is Np-239’s decay mode, so it releases those particles, not alpha particles, as stated. Along with its half life being in the order of 2 days, i highly doubt they will find any measurable amount of Np-239 in japan today, instead look for the Pu-239.

    Finally, and worst of all are the gamma rays, which can penetrate through lead and is eventually absorbed by what ever it flows through. Which is released from Cesium-137.

    Them measuring the gamma rays sounds like a good idea seeing as they are the most harmful. Just my 2 cents.

    • Darth

      Since these fuel “fleas” flew at least up to 60 km away I would imagine inhalation and ingestion from bio-accumulation will be the important “disease” vector.

      The regulars here already know the limitations of external radiation. Not sure why you focus so much of your post on this aspect. I guess it is because your role model, your father working in the nuke industry, slants your outlook.

      When you die young from a cancer I guess it will be a wake-up call to you both about your bias.

      • jdotg

        Sorry Darth, I’m not going to die from cancer, any time soon. Odds are neither will you. If i do develop it, whose to say its attributable to Fuku, TMI, Chernobyl, insert your favorite here. Could be the asbestos in our high schools for all we know. Could be skin cancer, laying out enjoying the beach for too many years. Could be lung cancer from smoking a pack a day, or could be inhaled hot particles. Could be all these medicines, pharmaceutical companies shove down your throat.

        My position, Don’t you think if they had a single definable thing that causes cancer, they’d of cured it by now.
        Luck of the draw i assume, but i refuse to waste my time worrying about it. Ill deal with it when the time, if it ever arrives, comes.

        You all should have more important things to worry about honestly.

        Thanks for the kind words though.

        But inhalation and ingestion are the number one problem correct, but the materials are no longer in the air. So? Bio-accumulation. That must be the problem. Thank god for the rain and for theories. Mainly, Hot particle theory, theory, not law, as it is not scientifically proven.

        Appears some scientists, think these ‘fleas’ ingested/inhaled, “do not appear to support a significant enhancement factor”

        So yes bio accumulation will occur. But ultimately will be diffused by the sheer numbers of biological life. I propose Bio-dilution.

        Maybe instead of paper suits, they need paper masks…

    • Undertow

      Sorry to say, but you’re mistaken. Alpha is very damaging, especially when ingested. Rather than being a photon or a small particle of tiny mass, such as gamma and beta are respectively, they are helium nuclei. When one of those relatively massive helium nuclei collides with DNA it does its dirty work.

      And we should be very worried about ingesting alpha emitters. Those Np/Pu elements land on the ground where our water flows and our food grows and our animals graze. They will end up in the food system.

      And yes Np quickly becomes an alpha emitter (Pu). It has a half life of only around 2 days and then decays into the alpha emitting Pu 239 which has a half life of 24,000 years! So the real problem with Np 239 is that it becomes Pu 239, and that Pu 239 stays for about a quarter million years by the time enough half lives have passed.

      Well.. it’s worse than that though. Pu 239 then decays into Uranium 235 which has an even longer half life, which then decays into Thorium…

      You get the picture. That crap will be there for eternity as far as anyone on Earth is concerned.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Joe College!

  • dpl dpl

    I take it the article from a respected researcher was a “leak”.
    so debunkers show up to piss all over it.
    more FUD mind control