Magazine boss back from Fukushima: Major cities are being irradiated — They’re not telling people the truth (VIDEO)

Published: January 1st, 2012 at 2:07 pm ET


Nice to know some people in the public spotlight are actually informed about what’s going on in the world

PODCAST #164 – Shane Smith, Brian Redban, The Joe Rogan Experience, Dec 6, 2011 [*WARNING* ADULT LANGUAGE]:

Interview with Shane Smith, Founder of Vice Magazine (NYT piece on Smith here)

Transcript Summary


I was just in Japan. Whats going on down there… you want to talk about Mad Max.

The actual reactors, the steel containment of the reactors is now melting into the groundwater and into the soil.

There’s major cities of 500,000 people that are being completely irradiated. They’re not telling people the truth and the kids are really angry and frustrated and the gov’t is denying it […]

If it f—- up even this much… If it f—- up even a tiny bit […]

In the Ukraine an area the size of France is still completely irradiated and you’re just like wow what the f—? How is this even a f—— option.


How is this a possibility that you could have one mistake. Even a natural disaster, or tsunami [Note: It now appears the earthquake was a contributing factor in the meltdowns ([intlink id=”japan-journalist-tepco-not-telling-truth-blacking-out-key-documents-evidence-mounting-fukushima-meltdowns-caused-by-quake-would-delay-reactor-restarts-by-years” type=”post”]SOURCE[/intlink])…]

An online presentation shows irradiated water moving through pacific. It’s f—— terrifying.


It’s beyond terrifying and what’s happening in Japan now, it just shows you what can they do… how are they going to evacuate a million people? Where are they going to evacuate them too?


You can be a two hour drive [Tokyo] from a nuclear disaster like that? That doesn’t seem safe.


Tokyo… it feels kind of like a ghost town, a lot of people have left, its gone beyond future, now its like post-future if that’s the future then we should drink a lot today, because its not going to be pleasant.


I’m going there for the first time in February for the UFC… going to Tokyo … I’m [terrified?]

Brian Redban:

You’re terrified?

That’s saying something for the host of NBC’s ‘Fear Factor‘ to be terrified. New episodes of Fear Factor air Mondays at 9/8c.

Click play button below to listen to audio clip (NSFW):

Download the podcast here

Published: January 1st, 2012 at 2:07 pm ET


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77 comments to Magazine boss back from Fukushima: Major cities are being irradiated — They’re not telling people the truth (VIDEO)

  • Kevin Kevin

    Yeah leave it to Rogan to bring “f#@king” clarity!

    • arclight arclight

      doesnt sound as though rogan was paid off by the nuclear industry.. some others were…
      breaking and relevant

      Japan’s nuclear power industry gave money to nuclear regulators

      “Two of the organisation’s five permanent commissioners and 22 of its 84 outside examiners received donations from companies and industrial organisations related to nuclear power, in five years to March 2011, Asahi said.

      The donations totalled about Y85 million ($1.08 million), the daily said. Of them, 11 received donations from nuclear reactor manufacturers and, or, power utilities and nuclear fuel companies which are examined by the commission, Asahi said.

      The commission is authorised to guide the state and power utilities from a neutral position.

      Haruki Madarame, chairman of the commissioners, received four million yen from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries between 2006 and 2009 when he was a professor at the University of Tokyo before assuming the commission’s post last April”

  • Dr. McCoy

    Perhaps the Mayan 2012 prophecy was pertaining to the island of Honshu.

    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Don’t go Joe!

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne


      Why would we base our lives on the Mayan calandar anyway. Their calendar ran out on them centuries ago anyway.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Thx anne, agreed, my rational humane God loving mind takes over at these times…I’ve argued on this subject every time that the Mayans were bloodletting human sacrificers…they were messed up bad on the drugs they all did…they did not earn the moral high ground in this beneficient universe so they were not privy to prophesy of Eternal Truths

        Sounds like the Nuclear Party, huh? Same fate will befall them in time…extinction!

        • Sirius

          Still, they had astronomic (not astrologic…) knowledge far in advance, and they had construction technics that we still cannot reproduce… What drug were they on?

      • I agree with Anne:

        2012: Western culture obsessed with end of the world, not ancient Maya

        It’s our culture that is obsessed with the end of the world, not the ancient Maya, writes Kathryn Reese-Taylor

        Read more:

      • Dr. McCoy

        Just making sure y’all knew that my comment referenced the Mayan prophecy in jest. Please don’t group me in wack job doomsday cultists. Happy 2012 everybody!

      • Actually, the Mayans and Incas were slaughtered by foreign invaders, (Spaniards) who were also the cause of huge amounts of diseases that caused the death of most of the indigenous population. They came for the gold, and to ‘convert’ everyone. The price of conversion was stealing all of their gold.

        I do not think judging whether they had access to eternal truths does us any good. The Spaniards judged them, and found them to be like animals, worthy only of slaughter, much like the Christians who came to America found that they were also just like animals, worthy only of slaughter.

        We were not there at the time this all happened. We can talk with Mayans today though. We can talk with American Indians and other indigenous peoples all around the world, who all suffered the same fate as these two cultures. Genocide is not pretty, no matter how it is packaged or justified.

        These ancient cultures all have much to teach us, such as about how to live in harmony with Mother Nature. We have lost our way, and opened Pandora’s Box of science.. but we lost our connection to Nature and the wisdom that these people offer us, even today.

        Science without heart and a connection to Nature is deaf, dumb and blind, as well as suicidal. Or modern society is testimony to this. Fukushima MAY end up teaching humanity this lesson, just as Chernobyl was supposed to, but didn’t.

        Those who worship at the alter of science and blindly follow it, while putting down all those who are wise in the ways of Nature and Nature’s laws, do so at their EXTREME peril.

        Science without Nature’s wisdom can and does end up having genocidal effects, just the same as fanatical belief systems such as the Christian Crusades, settling of the USA by religious groups from other lands, and Hitlers camps, just to name three examples of many genocides throughout history.

  • Spectrometising

    Fully understand Kevin. I have done that one a few times. Kinda annoying there is no “remove comment” option…….I know!!….Enenews should have a a credit card facility so that comments can be removed if desired using a modest fee structure. OMG…what am i saying?

    • Kevin Kevin

      lol it was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. I was listening to that, well, guy… Rogan and typing in a completely different tab on the youtube page and responding to a discussion there. I was not on ENENEWS I did not open the ENENEWS comment box or anything like that. IT was entirely different website where I entered the comments and they some how magically appeared over here in ENENEWS. A first for me to run across such a glitch. A bit disturbing really. To be commenting in one thread on an entirely tab in an entirely different webpage and discussion thread and have it posted here. That was totally bizarre. And no there should be no fee for something like that! lol

      • or-well

        All the same quantum holograph? Yikes!

      • Spectrometising

        I don’t touch Windows or Mac. Only Linux as it is serviced by the world wide open source community. If i am going somewhere into dangerous internet territory, i use a live DVD linux distro like the latest Mint or Ubuntu and remove the hard drive completely….Linux can run entirely out of the DVD drive…..Thanks for setting me straight on the pay to remove comment idea…It’s always good to get a second opinion about new ideas.

      • James2

        So Kevin are you really this freeintx right wing activist dude?

        • Kevin Kevin

          huh? I have made it clear I live in Canada… the post which was oddly put up here, was my response to that rabid weirdo, as you know I sometimes cannot help myself and I engage in flivorous attempts to sway the hard headed, aggressive sorts.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    I’m glad Joe Rogan understands the situation in Japan. There are some serious calculations you should run if you want to visit there. How much air you breathe is how irradiated you will be by the end of that event. Say it’s a three day event at least 120 cubic meters of air is going to go through your system. If you happen to avoid the hot spots you should be fine, then again your running from something you can’t see. I personally would not drink or eat anything local and drink bottled water only. No showers, no ice and brush your shoes off when you get inside to sleep at night. Sealing airflow in your hotel would also be a good idea to minimize air particle movement. You are after all walking into a fallout zone so not wearing a mask is like playing Russian roulette. The ghost towns will only grow and the environment will show the signs of a post nuclear holocaust as more and more people evacuate or become sick. This genocidal test subjects children and the elderly to a swift death. I would avoid Tokyo because the evacuation zone should realistically be 300km. 400x Chernobyl radiation release is not something to take lightly.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    “It’s beyond terrifying” (at about 53:55)

    Well worth watching. It rambles at times. Stay with it. Only part of it is about Fukushima, but it’s all eye-opening.

    Near the end, about an hour and a half in, Smith mentions “an island of plastic in the ocean – the size of Texas”. As I understand it, this has nothing to do with the tsunami debris from 3/11 – it is a “garbage island” that he had reported on earlier. (I might misunderstand this).

    Great find, Admin.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    “Tokyo feels like a ghost town”
    Didn’t notice that so far.

  • MaryW MaryW

    I just wanted to get the word out on this info. Since we all are on the same mission, I felt it was ok to post this. 🙂 Fukushima Diary is in the process of creating a LIVE chat that will be up soon on its site. Jan 01.2012. “To answer your questions about the situation and evacuation , I’m planning to put a live chat box on the blog. Will update it on a post soon.” Iori Mochizuki Happy New Year Everyone!

    by MaryW

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    “Please Look at The FLUXGATE MAGNETOMET­ER from HAARP Do you see the correlatio­n as I do.. Japan Earthquake also PAST and Present.. Look for yourself and do the research as I have been the past several years.. We don’t have to be scientist to figure this out my friends just curious enough to dig a little deeper for the truth

  • Well, I happen to be of one of the male genetic mob, but it looks like the female voice is getting louder in Japan, thank God.

    As we found out in Communication Theory (101) (and Public Relations) – Anne Coulter aside – women are more likely to engage in ethical communication and deal fairly. Probably no mistake that women were entrusted with picking the chiefs in Iroquois society.

    Sorry to break this into a male-female thing, but it is extremely important and topical in today’s world, well-researched by James Grunig et al and relates to something called “two-way symmetric” communication (ethical, fair, good). (Most political systems today are one-way asymmetrical [think Hitler]).

    Japan’s future could be in mums’ hands
    Nuclear crisis has turned concerned mothers into Web-savvy activists

    A matriarchy is a society in which females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership and moral authority. It is also sometimes called a gynocratic[citation needed] or gynocentric[citation needed] society. Some anthropologists and authors hold that there are no known societies that are unambiguously matriarchal,[1][2][3][4][5][6] but possible exceptions include the Iroquois, in whose society mothers exercise central moral and political roles.[7] There are also matrilinear, matrilocal, and avunculocal societies, especially among indigenous peoples of Asia and Africa,[8] such as those of the Minangkabau, E De (Rhade), Mosuo, Berbers and Tuareg and, in Europe, e.g., Sardinian people.[9][10]

    • Also interesting that the internet has made global communication more two-way symmetrical, more, dare I say, democratic.

      You’re seeing it pop up in things like the Occupy and Spring (Arab Spring)movements.

      So, there is hope. As nasty as the world is, it is indeed becoming more two-way symmmetric.

      For the academic types, you’ll see it discussed in “Excellence in Public Relations and Commmunication Theory” by James Grunig, and in “The Handbook of Public Relations” by ? Heath.

      Tepco would be one-way asymmetric communication – not an equal or ethical conversation but unethical, of the ‘manufacturing consent’ kind.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        This would be true if, as Anne points out below,…

        women with power in the US sold [had to sell] their souls

        …because they found they were required to grow pushy, aggressive balls in order to ascend to power in the male halls of government, finance, business and control. Look at Hilary! A better example of male dominance could not be found anywhere.

        She “made the grade” by erasing her femininity.

        But you’re still correct, PU, the first step is to appreciate and respect feminine characteristics.

        Will we do this in time?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I don’t think Hillary is lacking in femininity. However, she campaigned as against nuclear energy. And as Secretary of State she has gone along with Pres. Obama’s agenda as a Secretary of State must. As Senator of NY she fought to have all ingredients posted on all pesticide labels. But since becoming Secretary of State she has allowed all radioactive goods from Japan to come into the US and has gone along with the media blackouts. Colin Powell was destroyed as a political candidate by the Bush administration when he presented evidence of weapons of mass destruction to the UN before the invasion of Iraq as justification for invasion. He lost any viability as a future candidate in the process.

          Hillary should have stuck to her principles and resigned. Now no one will ever believe that she has any principles. Her husband is purported to be the son is Winston Rockefeller. And certainly the Rockefellers are responsible for the disaster in Fukushima. It was also under President Clinton that the MOX processing facility was approved for Savannah.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Posted to HP Pu. Your probably right, it will be the Mothers who stop this Nuke bullshit.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Women have no power in the world in any nation including the US. The women with power in the US sold their souls over before they were allowed to act as puppets for the elite.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I am part Cherokee, and the US government killed us off long ago.

    • What about the feminine aspect that all people have within them? There are predictions that the world will soon be ruled by the feminine aspect, where it has been ruled by the male aspect up to now.

      The feminine aspect is intuitive, ruled by the heart instead of the mind, is non linear, and has no problem with input from the community, being led by a bottoms up kind of organization style.

      We are either joining and being part of bottoms up, community based organizations (church, politics, business, non profits) or top down organizations (church, politics, business, non profits).

      We give our energy, money and time to top down or bottoms up structures, which then has consequences that come back to us. Which type of structure are YOU supporting in YOUR world?

      Are you voting for candidates that take corporate money? That is a top down structure. Are you part of an organization that micro manages and has all kinds of ‘rules’ and fiats coming from the top down to you? That is a top down structure, male energy dominated structure.

      Are you supporting organizations that are dominating and controlling Nature in a male energy, mind/ego driven, greed based organization (most oil, nuclear, coal and other monopolies)?

      Why not switch to joining, starting or being part of a bottoms up, feminine energy ruled organization that relies on intuition, mysteries, and working in harmony with Nature, working on renewable energy, and thinking about what is good for seven future generations, instead of trying to dominate and destroy Nature?

      Bottom line, even males have a feminine aspect or side to them, and can tap into this bottoms up, community based energy that is in harmony with Nature and all of it’s processes.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi AGreenRoad, though I think I catch your drift and basically agree with most you say, i think it’s a prejudice that feminine energy ruled organizations can be described as “relying on intuition and mysteries”.
        I think as well it would be a good idea for mankind to have more women (or feminine energy) in responsible positions, I don’t think those structures should necessarily organised bottom-up.
        A strong-minded charismatic woman, who’s not only able to discuss everything ad infinitum, but also is able to set limits and lead – that’s what I’d go for.

        Unfortunately, the alphas in charge right now won’t let go easily.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Great point! We DON’T need to be ANYTHING special,…to figure this one out! Creation KNOWS, for GOD’S sake!

  • Kevin Kevin

    Rogon refers to an “online presentation of the irradiated ocean water and where it is flowing” is anyone where of what he is refering to aside from the many versions of computer modelling we have seen here?


    • Grampybone Grampybone

      The first event simulations from the beginning of the disaster predicted the spread of radiation over 3 months in the ocean. The pic is really old but you can see it here –

      There are pictures all over with projections for a 3 month period. After that timeline there is no telling just how many radioactive currents are now tearing through the veins of the ocean. If you think of the ocean as a giant circulatory system it becomes easier to imagine the particle spread like rattlesnake venom coursing through our largest oxygen and food source on the planet. The seas are going to become very dangerous in this year. Happy 2012.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Interestin­g comment at the Physics Forum:
    ~snip~ …the managers and regulators who failed to act on knowledge of the tsunami threat ten years ago. If they had acted, this event could have been more similar to North Anna than Chernobyl. I find it hard to blame the reactor operators who were stuck with the result of that failure to act.

  • skizexq skizexq

    I’ve been having a tough time understanding the radiaton amounts and what they mean, I found a couple charts y’all might find helpful:

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      TY skiz. I’ll post to HP altho the thread is dying.
      I appreciate it so much.

    • There is no ‘dose’ to radiation. Radiation kills, and even one particle can kill you. These charts are mostly meaningless and useless. All radiation that is man made is DANGEROUS and adds to your risk of death and disease from 2,500 diseases, plus weakening your immune system and opening you up to attack by all of the germs of the world. A common result of low dose radiation is a huge increase in ‘infections’ which is the case now in Japan…

      Hospitals are getting overwhelmed with all kinds of infections and diseases that were not as common before FUKU.

      Want proof?

      “CERRIE Majority Report says Dose is meaningless
      ….. There are important concerns with respect to the heterogeneity of dose delivery within tissues and cells from short-range charged particle emissions, the extent to which current models adequately represent such interactions with biological targets, and the specification of target cells at risk. Indeed, the actual concepts of absorbed dose become questionable, and sometimes meaningless, when considering interactions at the cellular and molecular levels.”

  • derp

    In the Ukraine an area the size of France is still completely irradiated and you’re just like wow what the f—?

    The area of France is bigger than that of Ukraine. The prohibited area is 4300 qkm.

  • arclight arclight

    woods hole sent the ship sentry to japan…

    we just get bits of summary…
    when we go to the website for an update we get this…

    Last updated: November 14, 2011
    “If there are warnings in Japan about eating certain products contaminated by radiation, why is it safe to eat the seafood?
    Except for the vicinity of the reactors, seafood and other products taken from the sea should be safe for human consumption. Radiation levels in seafood should continue to be monitored, of course, but radiation in the ocean will very quickly become diluted and should not be a problem beyond the coast of Japan”

    and this

    “What is being released from the Fukushima reactors and how dangerous is it?
    So far, we know that releases from the Fukushima reactors have been primarily composed of two radioactive substances: iodine-131 and cesium-137. In large doses, both of these isotopes or radionuclides, as they are called, can cause long-term health problems. So far, however, only those working at the plant face the most serious exposure.”

    no strontium 90? with 200 scientists? hmmm
    the chinese were testing for more than….
    how wise!!

    not much more here….

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Creepy stuff, arclight… the stuff you highlighted and, looking within it, “products taken from the sea should be safe”. SHOULD BE? Darned right, but are they?

      … and “only those working at the plant face the most serious exposure”. So therefore what? Don’t worry, be happy because they will die first? So what if person X faces the most serious exposure – what exposure does everyone else face?

      Lies, half-truths, distortions, misdirections, omissions… from the “professionals”. I expect it from bureaucrats, shills and politicians. I didn’t expect it from the science community. Call me naive.

      I’m glad you found that but I wish it weren’t there to be found. Shame on them.

  • Radiation dose charts about what is safe and unsafe are largely meaningless and useless. Why?

    “ICRP lists types of radioactivity for which dose is meaningless.

    The 2007 Recommendations of the ICRP (their latest) acknowledge (1) the complexities and challenges of internal contamination under conditions where energy deposition is extremely heterogeneous. Here ICRP discusses radionuclides emitting alpha particles, soft beta particles, low-energy photons and Auger electrons, stating: “… the heterogeneous distribution of energy deposition is of concern with respect to the averaging procedure in the low dose range and especially with radionuclides which are heterogeneously distributed in an organ or tissues and which emit particles with short ranges. However, no established approaches are presently available for practical protection practice which take into account microdosimetric considerations or the three-dimensional track structure in tissues and the related energy deposition. Considering the stochastic nature of the induction of cancer and of hereditary disease and the assumptions that one single track of ionising particles may be sufficient for the initiation process, it appears that the present approach is pragmatic for radiological protection with a justified scientific basis. The uncertainty associated with such an approach should be kept in mind.”

    1 Publication 103, Annex B Paragraph B55

    Bottom line, low dose radiation kills you and makes you sick, even at doses that the nuclear industry and all of their charts with bananas, airline flights and cosmic rays say is ‘safe’.

    We are seeing the results of ‘safe’ levels of radiation in Japan. The government and nuclear industry is inviting people to come back into contaminated areas. The environmental agencies arbitrarily raise radiation limits by orders of magnitude, and say that is ‘safe’.

    Fly too close to the…

  • Cartoon that explains the fallacy of ‘safe’ radiation dose charts and nuclear industry spin about ‘safe’ levels of radiation.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Tantalizing labels, AGR, but it doesn’t load for me with the latest Firefox on Win7. I’ll try other ways to get it.

      “wobblyscience”… “deadsheep”… Gotta be a good one!

      In the same spirit, here’s a new wry cartoon comment on the whole Mayan Calendar thing:

  • Take the time to watch the following movie if you want to understand how radiation works and why we are dealing with Pandora’s Box..

    Once we open the Pandora box of horrors, they keep on coming out, for a LONG LONG LONG TIME. There is no closing the box once we open it..

    With FUKU, we opened Pandora’s box.. Now the horrors are coming out and our children, their children, and their children’s children for MANY generations will get the gifts that Pandora brings.

    Title: True Stories: After The Apocalypse (Nuclear Testing Effects)

    After Apocalypse Movie


    Full Movie:

  • And the worse is yet to come !

    : (