Mainichi: Gov’t tells university researchers to stop radiation tests on Fukushima residents — “Testing people stirs uneasiness, so we would like you to stop it”

Published: June 14th, 2012 at 7:47 pm ET


Fukushima Prefecture asked university to stop radiation dose tests soon after disaster
June 14, 2012

The Fukushima Prefectural Government asked a research team from Hirosaki University to stop conducting internal radiation exposure tests on prefectural residents after the outbreak of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the grounds that the tests were “stirring uneasiness,” it has been learned.


The university’s research team has questioned the prefecture’s actions.


the team said it was contacted by Fukushima Prefecture’s Local Medical Care Division, which reportedly told them, “It’s all right to measure environmental levels, but testing people stirs uneasiness, so we would like you to stop it.”


“The reason anxiety about radiation has become prolonged is that we have no information from that time (soon after the outbreak of the nuclear disaster),” Tokonami said.


However, as a result of the prefecture’s request, hardly any test data on internal exposure to radioactive iodine-131 during the early stages of the nuclear crisis exists.


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Published: June 14th, 2012 at 7:47 pm ET


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23 comments to Mainichi: Gov’t tells university researchers to stop radiation tests on Fukushima residents — “Testing people stirs uneasiness, so we would like you to stop it”

  • jec jec

    Guess the people just get sick, die? What medical care do the people of the prefecture receive when they are unemployed, ill, and unable to work? Are they receiving any assistance? Or must be tested to PROVE exposure to radiation? What happens when they have radiation sickness or cancer or heart disease? No tests, no proof..right?

  • Cisco Cisco

    For them, and for us…
    Those of us, who will not be exposed to radionuclides, will be the exceptions.

    You will inhale it, eat it, or have skin exposure. And, it will metastasize into a cancer sometime in your life. Your DNA will be corrupted; and, if you procreate, you will pass your damaged genes on to the next generation, and each generation thereafter.

  • arclight arclight

    "However, as a result of the prefecture’s request, hardly any test data on internal exposure to radioactive iodine-131 during the early stages of the nuclear crisis exists."

    this statement and the fact that the recent WHO report used algoryths (staistics) to work out the dose rate of the children of fukushima, a few weeks before the childrens REAL data test results came in means that the WHO report was rushed to meet the wall street journal etc copy deadlines..

    over the past year i have noticed the pro nuke stories coming out in copy and paste form and ending up in the new scientist etc on a couple of month basis.. the media would then NOT touch any fukushima story until the next PR media pro nuke orientated pulp

    this WHO report was to clam the scientific backlash at the stupidity of the handling of the health and safety requirements of the people of fukushima..

    the WHO report can not have worked out the correct dose recieved if the above statement is true..

    next is the media campaign to get people back into japan like the usa young people that will be sent to work in the disaster zone.. eating the local food and drinking the water.. and breathing the air,, all this on top of the impending disaster that many scientists and politicians have been warning off.. the ongoing situation in diachi sp4 and unit 1,

    this is all PRo nuke PR.. horrible and cynical
    when is the results of the tests coming in??
    need them for a video…


    • arclight arclight

      and most definately this

      "The central government headquarters for nuclear disaster countermeasures conducted internal exposure tests on 1,080 people between the age of 0 and 15 in the village of Iitate and other areas in late March, but these were simple tests in which radioactive iodine could not be measured directly."

      how did the WHO work the doses out??

      off to read the report 🙁 i may be some time 🙁

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    No tests, no evidence. No evidence, no crime. This is how the authorities behave at almost every nuclear facility on earth. Hanford, Los Alamos, Fukushima, San Onofre, Kazakstan, Lop Nor, Aldermaston, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Palo Verde, everywhere. The French have been reluctant to do whole body scans on victims of their tests in the Pacific, just as the US has been unwilling to collect data on victims of the Nevada test site radiation releases. The unwillingness to collect evidence is one of the main markers or characteristics of this industry I think.

  • Remember that radiation also causes brain damage which may explain the grammatical error in their injunction.

    Perhaps the Government meant to say: INCREASE THE TESTING to protect our precious hard-working (and tax-paying) citizens and the citizens of the world.

    After all, what is there to hide? The technology is safe and green, so nothing to worry about.

    Yes, increase the testing, please.

  • richard richard

    i read it as "stirs uneasiness" in the

    you know, the mob just doesn't like the truth being revealed, it means they may have to do something and cuts into profits … makes them uneasy.

  • TheBowRiver TheBowRiver

    Does anyone in the world community and here believe, in all honesty, that the nuclear industry and their bought and bribed officials lose sleep about citizens being worried?

    How spiked is that Kool-Aid at the NRC and IAEA public relations offices?

    There is one thing though that seems to terrify them beyond measure. An informed public.

    The nuclear industry will stop at nothing, short of running out of bribe money, to prevent the majority of people in Japan from understanding the truth as well as the grave danger of the failed nuclear reactors in Fukushima

  • Mauibrad Mauibrad

    The Japanese Government is pure evil, the Devil incarnate. They deserve to fall. Sooner the better.

  • Mauibrad Mauibrad

    Karen Murray – Harder to sue without hard data. Reminiscent of 9-11 evidence being whisked away before anyone could analyze it.

  • pure water

    Of course, the government does not want people to know the levels of the internal exposure. According to Yuri Bandazhevsky:
    10 Bq/kg of internal exposure to Sc leads to functional problems
    20 Bq/kg – electrophysiological disfunctions
    40-50 Bq/kg – changes in metabolism
    30 Bq/kg is enough to reduce the energy levels twice, due to the effects on mitochondria
    50-60 Bq/kg in animals equal the effects of 6 Gy of external exposure
    People previously exposed to internal radiation are more vulnerable than those who incorporate radionuclides for the first time.
    If someone can translate these videos from Russian to decent English, please, do it (I wish, I coud!):
    As good and useful, as Dr. Strenglass videos! I just extracted the data from the first video.

    • voltscommissar

      Bandashevsky's work was post-mortem examination of human body tissues. So it is not "exposure", it is the content of Cs-137 in the heart muscle, liver, spleen. etc of the dead child. The children were dying of infections mostly I think. The Busby/Shearman/Yablokov/Bandashevsky theory on that is that the high death rate from lots of non-cancer causes such as pneumonia, was because the children's immune systems had been badly damaged by those levels of chronic "low-level" bodily contamination. The contamination comes from eating staple foods such as meat and potatoes which themselves are contaminated, or from playing outdoors on a windy day and inhaling lots of hot particles. Same goes for Japanese children still being subjected to unethical experimentation by NOT EVACUATING them from contaminated areas.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Medieval behavior:
    If politics outranks scientific truth…
    What's left for mankind?

    It will be a long, dark and painful way
    to get back the light of truth.


  • Longjohn119

    It's ALL about limiting Corporate Liability …

    Really no different than the Gulf Oil Spill (Or as I called it The Drill Baby Drill Oil Spill)

    Our Politicans and Business "leaders" (And I use that term loosely) taught them well ….

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Terroristic behavior…

    Maybye we should name the nuclear industry and also
    spallation-friendly governements as what they are:


    • harengus_acidophilus

      This seems to be a good translation of:
      "ALl NUCLEar engIneering leads to DeAth"