Mainichi: “It remains unclear where the melted fuel is situated” — “Temperatures of the pressure vessels alone are far from convincing”

Published: September 21st, 2011 at 3:17 am ET


Actions speak louder than words over cold shutdown goal for Fukushima nuclear reactors, Mainichi, September 21, 2011:

[… I] t is notable that the government has failed to clarify what a cold shutdown at the Fukushima plant specifically means. […]

Since it remains unclear where the melted fuel is situated in the troubled reactors, the temperatures of the pressure vessels alone are far from convincing. […]

It is important to grasp the actual conditions of the reactors and fuel as accurately as possible […] the government should specifically explain the conditions of the reactors and risks involving them to the public. […]

Published: September 21st, 2011 at 3:17 am ET


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54 comments to Mainichi: “It remains unclear where the melted fuel is situated” — “Temperatures of the pressure vessels alone are far from convincing”

    • mungo mungo

      hi taco, what do you mean when you say “this”?
      keep up the good work- btw, i watched “on the beach” last night, wow, where can i get myself some of those “special” tablets?!

  • This basically means: you took the words out of my mouth…

    its a really embellished way of saying it… Like when someone cries out: Thats what ive been saying all along!!!.

    This < --- just seems easier. I did want to mention that there are extra cranes surrounding reactor 4 today, which typically indicates a problem in the sfp. (spent fuel pool).

    It looks as if we can expect some fogging tonight from the reactor…
    As the article above states: (cold shutdown) ?

  • Also strange light top right from base of r4. Very strange…

  • Strange operations at live cam (east of r4)
    … Weird lighting anomoly, and fogging…
    Time 1:49am Pacific Sept 21st

  • anyone know what the fuck the yellow plasma beam is at fukushima right now???

    • socal stukncali

      @tacoma: its there all the time at night. or most of the time. I think it’s either Daini or a site where they burn stuff because ive seen fire over there a lot.. or maybe it just looks like fire from the black and white.. but its funny cause now they only put it in black and white when theres a fire

  • cam2011-09-21 17:55:06 Seriously weird lighting anomaly

  • staycalm

    I have been watching the cam for about an hour (there were lots of birds flying around over R1, presume they will no longer be flying). It looks like they got the tent up, possibly.

  • something is very wrong on site…

  • do you see the crazy yellow laser?

    Thats the live feed; watch the end strange lighting anomaly.

    • Steven Steven

      That’s an artifact of a droplet of rain on the camera weather shield Tacoma. And please hold on the shill thing, I’m not saying there aren’t crazy bad things happening, just on this occassion it happens to be nothing related to the meltouts.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Looks like the rain splashed something on the lens? I see the coloring on one tower which appears to be rust?

  • live cam now blippy and fog forming everywhere…

  • staycalm

    I can see that too, but to be honest there’s not really much point worrying exactly what is going on cos we can’t influence it. Will just worry yourself ill (that’s my take and it is why I have not posted here before despite reading for months – and stressing out like crazy).

  • two cranes on 4, with crazy yellow plasma beams…

    Close to cold what?

    • Taco, this, that, those,

      ….Friend et al, it is what it is.

      Sounds like a planet ending event, definately out of our hands.

      …After making amends with your Maker, Party like its 1999.


      red red wine

  • staycalm

    Whatever I could see before, not sure if it is still in place because there’s too much rain on the camera now. It did look like a massive upside funnel, which is why I thought it might be the tent.

  • IDK I uploaded a link to the video above…

  • Powerful typhoon pummels Japan
    Thousands evacuate as Typhoon Roke triggers floods and threatens to hit the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant.
    The typhoon had been preceded by heavy rains which flooded large part of central Japan [AFP]
    A powerful typhoon has smashed into disaster-ravaged Japan after rains that preceded it killed at least four people.

    Two people remained missing in the central prefecture of Gifu, including a young boy who disappeared on his way home from primary school.

    “Roke typhoon landed at around 2pm [0500 GMT],” on Wednesday near Hamamatsu in Shizuoka prefecture, a meteorological agency official said.

    The Japanese government warned all those in the path of the typhoon to heed any evacuation orders immediately.

    “We need to be extra vigilant against a potential disaster caused by heavy rains, strong winds and rough seas along a wide area from western to northern Japan,” Osamu Fujimura, chief cabinet secretary, said at the regular morning news conference in Tokyo.

    The typhoon comes six months after a devastating earthquake and tsunami killed thousands and sparked a crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant, where workers were reinforcing the facility against the storm.


    The typhoon had been preceded by heavy rains on Tuesday which flooded a large part of central Japan.

    Over a million residents around the city of Nagoya had been advised to evacuate…

  • staycalm

    Somewhere between the two extremes lies the truth, hidden. Good point, Grace.

  • petersmarty

    I am in Yokosuka on the south side of the Tokyo metro area. There has been intermittently heavy rain and very strong wind. I have not yet ventured outside to see what damage, if any, there is. There was a power outage of 1 sec or less at about 2140 UT. there are air radiation monitoring stations in Kawasaki and Yokosuka (5 and 8 stations, respectively). I have been keeping an eye on them over the last month, and there is usually little variation ini the values. there was an increase of roughly 40% for a few hours on 8/19 that corresponded to the increased levels that have already been mentioned by other people. the levels began to rise slowly about 1400 local time, and they hit a peak around 1800 that is about the same level as wS reached on 8/19.

  • Grace Grace

    I have just telephoned the Japanese Embassy in London to offer some houseroom here for people and to highlight my concern. She said the government had got it all under control, I respectfully disagreed. I asked her to forward my concern and my offer.

    Let’s get ringing the embassies!

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Grace, Kudos, That is awesome and a great idea. I have been filling out endless petitions which pretty much amounts to paper blowing in the wind or so it would seem. So, off to google some numbers. Thanks again.

    • arclight arclight

      nice one grace!! πŸ™‚ put a smile on me face!! ta very much!

  • roxy

    Ah!! It’s here! You should see all the Japanese with Facebook and twitter status’s,, “I can’t go home now because the typhoon”

    ^^ what a grave danger to fukushima’s already crippled reactors,

    I hope they hold on for the fight of there lives

    Like tacomagroove said! – if the reactors topple best bet would be to leave Japan once and for all!! Haha

    Not a laughing matter, but hey whatever floats your boat!

  • petersmarty

    (continued) sorry I was not clear– the levels are elevated above their ‘normal’ levels as I write this. The reading at 1900PM is lower than the 1800 reading (which was 30-40% above ‘normal’), but it is still not back to what it has been over the last month. The peak at all stations in Yokosuka was in the 1700PM reading. (wonder why it was earlier than the peak in Kawasaki?) You can see the readings at a website in Japanese:

    I suppose that the rain is bringing some of the radioactive elements down to the ground and that it will collect in drains and such. Hope there will be surveys to determine what the impact is.

  • Grace Grace

    Please Facebook users – help me out here, start asking questions to the pro-nuke groups, I know it says you have to ‘like’ them in order to post on their walls, and I certainly do not like them, yet this is a way of communicating with lots of pro-nukers, pointing them in the direction of truth.

    World Nuclear News. IAEA. etc, look at their likes and you have the links.
    Peacefully and respectfully, I ask questions, they answer, I ask more, the holes in their arguments are exposed and everyone can read them.

    On my own here, starting to appear as a nutty lady, perhaps, some help would be really appreciated.

  • Blondie Blondie

    At around 20:30 Japan time 21-09-2011, I was watching the livecam and it looked really foggy and ominous around reactor 3. Lots of rain too and then the cam went black. I haven’t been able to get anything but a black screen since. It’s troubling to watch the cam, but it’s even more troubling to not be able to see what is going on!

  • petersmarty

    WHoops…I was 12 hours off. The power outage took place during the height of the storm. The correct UT was about 0940 (1840 local time).

  • roxy

    Right, And who’s sayIng there prayers the reactors don’t tip over? You must be one of them petersmarty, seeing your name is new here, there is alot of Fukushima facts and data to absorb and catch up on, and if you knew Anthing along the lines of how serious this all is you sure as he’ll wouldn’t be in Japan right now would you?? Heh

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Petersmarty! are you really in Japan? I know a guy who
    used to be a civilian-nuke-contractor for the Navy.
    I try to show him some info about all this Fuku stuff.
    He hasn’t even gone to see the youtube of the explosions.
    He says he has a buddy from those old contractor days
    who is living in Japan, and says, it’s OK, there’s no
    hysteria there, and so this is a lot of Anti-nuke
    exaggeration!! I asked this fella, who is a very reverent
    church Elder, doesn’t it make any difference to you,
    if the tales and reports and Data be True? We are
    being totally bombed with deadly Hot particles and
    Gamma as well as the more common rads?
    Leaders of Congregations are giving IGNORANT ASSURANCE
    that everything is OK/”Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself”/
    (slash) Oh Well, You Can’t do Nuthin’ about it/
    “Can’t fight City Hall”….
    And we have so-called Mental Health Professionals whose
    job is apparently to enforce a Stupid-Peasant Level of
    awareness, under threat of authority to JAIL You for
    daring to bring forth the ACTUAL TRUTH of this REALITY.
    It is probably too late for your unborn baby. Your Kids
    are suffering DAMAGE every hour you stay in the Rads.

  • Without facts, the decision cannot be made logically. You must rely on your human intuition

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    I have not been able to find ANY public reports on levels of I131 in cow milk in Japan. Most alarming. The failure to provide potassium iodide to all children throughout the much wider-than acknowledged “affected area” should go down in history as one of the greatest crimes a government can perpetrate against its people during a nuclear crisis. The science on I131 prophylaxis is sound. The cover-up here at Fukushima is enormous, almost beyond comprehension.