Mainichi: Photosynthetic bacteria used in Fukushima City to reduce radioactive cesium levels — Magic Microbes… Sound familiar?

Published: November 11th, 2011 at 5:18 am ET


Researchers remove 90 percent of radioactive cesium from sludge with bacteria, The Mainichi Daily News, November 11, 2011:

“A research team here has succeeded in developing a method of removing radioactive cesium from sludge using bacteria” […]

They “collected sludge from a swimming pool at a public school in the Fukushima Prefecture capital of Fukushima and ran experiments there in September.”

“The researchers mixed 90 grams of photosynthetic bacteria with alginic acid and other chemicals” […]

“Radiation levels ranging from 12.04 to 14.54 microsieverts per hour at the start of the experiment were found to have dropped to between 2.6 and 4.1 microsieverts per hour by the end of the third day.” […]

“Through dehydration and incineration, the volume of the used bacteria mixture can be reduced to a seventy-fifth of its original volume, and weight to a hundredth.” […]

It’s reminiscent of the controversial ‘magic microbe‘ method used by during last year’s massive blowout in the Gulf of Mexico: “There’s a new form of microbiology that is… is attacking this plume and using it as a food source” -BP official Mike Utsler

Published: November 11th, 2011 at 5:18 am ET


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37 comments to Mainichi: Photosynthetic bacteria used in Fukushima City to reduce radioactive cesium levels — Magic Microbes… Sound familiar?

  • “and incineration”…

    they are really trying hard to screw up even this one dimm light of hope…

  • goathead goathead

    So the wee creatures just eat the cesium, they don’t make it disappear??? and then we burn the wee creatures??? sounds like another epic fail!!!!!!

  • Darth

    What a joke!

    Did not say what they would do with the radioactive bacteria or all the radioactive liquid used to wash off this little sample.

    Radioactive Cs-137’s half life does not change. All they have managed to do is coax it to bio-accumulate in the bacteria.

    Cost? Time?

    • Suddenly, I’m not so thirsty

      Sometimes Japan’s vaunted code of honour gets a little out of hand—just ask Yasuhiro Sonoda. The MP felt obliged, when challenged by journalists last week, to down a glass of “decontaminated” water drawn from radioactive pools surrounding the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant, having boasted about the cleanup job around the facility. Sweating, hands trembling, Sonoda swallowed the drink. “Oh, God,” said one nuclear expert.

  • maaa

    Huh “Radiation levels ranging from 12.04 to 14.54 microsieverts per hour at the start of the experiment were found to have dropped to between 2.6 and 4.1 microsieverts per hour by the end of the third day”

    Taking the best scenario which is 12.04 dropping to 4.1 msv, its only 75% reduction. Not 90% Trying to trick the japanese with maths?

  • From the vid.: “The Cs dropped to 1/12 of its original density in 24h and was GONE by the third day. The same effect was confirmed in soil”.

    As commentators have noted, numbers don’t fly together and the teletubies are fed the “GONE” puding.

    • ENENEWS Staff

      Marie Curie: Why her papers are still radioactive –

      After its discovery, everyone presumed that something so energetic as radiation just had to be beneficial. […]

      Manufactures of everything from toothpaste to laxatives packed their products with radioactive thorium. Radium bath salts claimed to treat insomnia. “Revigorator” pots – ceramic drinking vessels lined with radon and uranium – were prescribed for flatulence, among other ailments.

      It wasn’t until the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that radioactive consumer products were banned, too late for industrialist and socialite Eben Byers, who tried to treat an injured arm with nearly 1,400 bottles of radium-infused water. He was buried in a lead-lined coffin.

      • oscar419

        The Christian Science Monitor is one of the only news papers I trust in all honestly. They are always pretty straight up with stuff.

      • odiez1 odiez1

        Ironically that article doesn’t explicitly say anything exact about why her papers are still radioactive. They could at least have said, “she was so contaminated that everything she touched and used on a regular basis became contaminated as well,” but no.. C’est La Vie.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          It may be OT but slightly interesting-The Manhattan Project would’ve suffered a seriously long & delaying setback when the entire worlds supply of Plutonium was accidently spilled less than 3 miles from my home,had it not been quickly scooped up and wrapped in a copy of the Chicago Sun Times newspaper!!Japan wouldn’t have been bombed and perhaps the Nuclear Age wouldn’t have evolved or as quickly had it not been for that person’s (Fermi?possibly)quick thinking?!!~I wonder what then of the “hero” & the others present during the incident?How did they meet their demise & where might the answer to that be found? Weird trivia-unfortunately my area is rich in atomic history-much of which is still with us locals when we seek recreation at places like “Red Gate Woods”,parking on Cass Ave. to watch the white reindeer within the forested “restricted” area’s dotted with pole-mounted sensors topped by stainless-steel rain caps-the reindeer supposedly imported for use in research conducted there,but I suspect might be for testing bio-accumulation due to activities related to the small research reactors & “particle collider”etc. that are housed in the many buildings in Argonne National Laboratories where operations that began in the crude wood & graphite first reactors at Red Gate Woods were moved to after they chucked everything “hot & dirty”down a deep hole & filled it with concrete.The “landmark” best used to find the trail leading to the entombment site is a huge slab of pure graphite that fell off the back of a US Army truck hastily blazing on to the new site at Argonne.They haven’t tested the many hand-pumped water wells since the early 80’s when they found the contaminant levels had diminished greatly & two weeks later all of the hand pumps were gone & securely capped?!!Local residential private wells have also become the homeowners optional responsibility now. God I feel so old now,lol….Have a great weekend everyone-party like it’s 1899!(lol)

      • lokay5 lokay5

        Marie Curie was hot! Literally!

  • Why Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Isn’t Over

    Yale University Press London on November 11, 2011

    … [ We all know that radiation sickness is a slow-motion phenomenon, but in the aftermath of the 3/11 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disasters, we have lost interest in what is happening on the ground in Japan. We mustn’t—the world community must stay involved.

    This time, the consequences of the actions of public officials and a corporation, in this case TEPCO, (Tokyo Electric Power Company) will not be confined to a single village in Japan. Many Japanese do not believe what their government is telling them the truth about risks to their personal health. There are charges of Japanese government censorship and the withholding of critical information. Although traditional media does seem more controlled, information is available on the Internet, in citizen blogs, and also through non-profits that monitor the nuclear issue. Bands of citizens armed with Geiger counters and dosimeters are using mobile technology to provide readings that are published on the Web. Mothers in Fukushima share stories of their children’s nosebleeds and unexplained illnesses, and their fears for the future. In spite of Japanese cultural biases, this time ] …

    A good read

  • Anthony Anthony

    Yeah Id be a little cautious of radioactve bacteria myself. Not trying to shoot down corrective efforts….just seems we have no knowledge of the outcomes of this baterial experiment.

  • They have said the oil eating bacteria they made and put in the GOM that even changes other bacteria’s to become oil eaters, we do not know the end results yet as to what it has done to the Gulf sea life and beyond, this also may have been used in 2009 in the spill above Australia and they have been experiencing great deaths of sea life since ….

    Australia: Corexit EC9500 and Corexit EC9527A Used, Activists Claim 8 Deaths, Fish Kills Linked to the Dispersant’s !
    Wednesday, November 03, 2010,_Activists_Claim_8_Deaths,_Fish_Kills_Linked_to_the_Dispersants.html

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Full of links, this is a KEEPER if you face Pro-Nukers everyday like we do at HP
    How the nuclear industry uses its bloggers network to lie to the public×316695

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Starting the chain of events for cellular cesium accumulation is not going to fix anything if they end up burning the bacteria in the end. Even though microbes have a higher resistance to these isotopes they still have a Lethal Dose level. Once they concentrate enough of this contamination and are consumed after being burned won’t it just mean they are burning more and more concentrated waste? They can’t take into account that there has been fallout in areas where humans have yet to find it and it is all seeping into the water and land just waiting to be washed out. Even if they decontaminate areas where people are frequently it does little to change the over all effects on widespread areas unchecked. I tell this to liberal people and it makes makes their skin crawl. Conservatives who I speak with tell me to ask god for help. I wish they would start evacuating and entombing already. With the reactors releasing new fission products and spreading Iodine all over the globe there is little decontamination can do if it only lasts until the next release of isotopes.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    What are we, all breathing in, and subjecting our bodies to?

  • More info on radiation-eating bacteria:

    Microbes Survives Vast Dose of Radiation
    Scientists report bacterium that seems to be able to repair damage to itself
    Bug Engineered To Eat Toxic Waste

  • Many questions rise from this idea. The idea is nice on the first look, but maybe more problems are generated than solved. Who is collecting the bacteria, they are a life form and undefined things can happen (as in aJurassic Park “…life always finds a way…”) . The mutation rate will increase – I can imaging lots of horror scenes on this. They can spread it around and whatever.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Are these magic bacteria taking up the cesium, drying out and then blowing away in the air?

    • good idea, let them collect together (like some primitive mushrooms or so I dont know the name) become food for birds and then fly away ?! and being dropped to …

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    IF they can get the microbes to eat the isotopes and IF they can burn them, and IF they can trap the radioactive shit with filters and in the ash and IF they can dispose of that properly and IF and IF and IF and IF and IF and IF…….. Too many IF’s in there if you ask me…