Mainichi publishes report on thyroid cancer: 30% in Fukushima now with tumors of 2cm or less, thyroid gland only 5cm by 3cm total — Claims cancer increases after 10 sievert radiation dose, so Japan ok (10,000 millisieverts)

Published: April 27th, 2012 at 10:50 am ET


Title: News Navigator: What is thyroid gland cancer and its relation to radiation?
Source: Mainichi
Date: Apr 27, 2012

[…] At Chernobyl, thyroid gland cancer increased after radiation exposure equivalent to around 10 sieverts across one’s lifetime. In the case of Fukushima, regulations on radioactive food were soon put in place, so the amount of radioactive exposure is much less, and medical professionals have projected that thyroid gland cancer cases will not increase.

Q: How have thyroid gland ultrasound tests for children under 18 in Fukushima Prefecture gone?

A: Results as of November last year, released by the Fukushima Prefectural Government, were that among 3,765 people tested, around 30 percent had tumors of two centimeters or smaller found, but no children had malignant tumors. If a tumor is nonmalignant then treatment is not necessary. It is also said that nonmalignant tumors hardly ever change into malignant tumors.

[…] The thyroid gland, an organ around five centimeters tall and three centimeters wide […]

Read the report here

Published: April 27th, 2012 at 10:50 am ET


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27 comments to Mainichi publishes report on thyroid cancer: 30% in Fukushima now with tumors of 2cm or less, thyroid gland only 5cm by 3cm total — Claims cancer increases after 10 sievert radiation dose, so Japan ok (10,000 millisieverts)

  • For every 10 milliSv of low-dose ionizing radiation, there was a 3% increase in the risk of age- and sex-adjusted cancer over a mean follow-up period of five years (hazard ratio 1.003 per milliSievert, 95% confidence interval 1.002–1.004). Cancer risk related to low-dose ionizing radiation from cardiac imaging in patients after acute myocardial infarction. By M J. Eisenberg, Jonathan A., P. R. Lawler, M. Abrahamowicz , Hugues R., L. Pilote

    Mangano, J. & Sherman, J. (2012). An Unexpected Mortality Increase in the United States Following Arrival of the Radioactive Plume from Fukushima: Is There a Correlation? International Journal of Health Services, 42(1): 47-62.

    Excess mortality statistics by independent researcher Bobby1

    New Research on childhood leukemia and nuclear plants suggests significant health effects from low levels of ionizing radiation International Journal of Cancer study by C. Sermage-Faure, D. Laurier, S. Goujon-Bellec, M. Chartier, A. Guyot-Goubin, J. Rudant, D. Hemon and J. Clavel, “Childhood leukemia around French nuclear power plants – the Geocap study, 2002 – 2007,”

    • RichardPerry

      Is the doses of radiation exposure only or is it internal only or is it both internal and exposure. I find that most are exposure only and some internal only and none both internal and exposure. There must be a large variants.

  • Prof. Yuri Bandazhevsky found that children contaminated with cesium-137 producing 50 disintegrations per second (becquerels) per kilogram of body weight suffered irreversible heart damage . (Starrr, S. 2012 Health Threat From Cesium 1-137. Japan Times Feb 16. Available:

    Genomic Damage in Children Accidently Exposed to Ionizing Radiation: A Review of the Literature. Fucic, A. et al. (2008). Mutation Research, 658, 111-123. “Overall, the evidence from the studies…reveals consistently increased chromosome aberration and micronuclei frequency in exposed than in referent children”

    DNA damage to nuclear test vets prompts call for study of children he Government is considering whether to fund studies into the health of nuclear test veterans’ children, after a Massey study confirmed that the veterans had suffered genetic damage as a result of radiation.

    The New Zealand Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association commissioned Dr Al Rowland of the Institute of Molecular BioSciences and his team to look at the cells of 50 veterans for damage. Dr Rowland says the findings are unequivocal: in a matched control group of men of the same age, his team found an expected frequency of 10 chromosome translocations per 1000 cells, but in the veterans’ group, the average number of translocations was considerably higher at 29 chromosome translocations per 1000 cells.

  • jec jec

    From personal experience, those children need immediate followup, and biopsy to determine if NON-cancerous. Any mass in a child's thyroid at a young age is so very rare, its critical to confirm this is not a cancer. "WATCHING" is okay, once a benign tumor diagnosis is confirmed by biopsy. Also, has any test results of T3/T4 levels in these children been done? Damage to the thyroid of children, cancer or not, is a serious health issue –they are growing and forming.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I'm beginning to think we're all beagles,…some of us are just in more denial than others. 🙁

  • This article is the biggest bunch of crap I've read in awhile.

    Why would European nations and Japan (pre 3/11) stipulate an annual exposure level to radiation at 1 millisievert if cancer does not appear before 10 sieverts?

    This is outrageous.

    Another citation

    Childhood leukemia around French nuclear power plants – the Geocap study, 2002 – 2007,” International Journal of Cancer study by C. Sermage-Faure, D. Laurier, S. Goujon-Bellec, M. Chartier, A. Guyot-Goubin, J. Rudant, D. Hemon and J. Clavelthe document is online in English at:
    [excerpted from summary at Oilprice] "The study by the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, or INSERM) found a leukemia rate twice as high among children under the age of 15 living within a 3.1-mile radius of France's 19 nuclear power plants….
    The report builds upon the findings of a German study published in late 2007 studying German children under 5 years old, which found that children of that age in the vicinity of German NPPs had suffered an increase in the incidence of childhood leukemia."

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Exposure to 10 sievert for 1 hour will kill you…..

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Thank you, Majia, for providing us with these important citations. We need a resource devoted to just this type of damning evidence showing radiaton's harmful, deadly affects on the health of those exposed to it.

      I would love this resource to also include links to all the articles we've either read here on enenews,,, or elsewhere, showing all the people in Japan, including Fuku plant workers and children who have died suddenly due to cardiac infarction, strokes, or those who have contracted leukemia, thyroid tumors, etc., since 3/11.

      I wonder if there is a Japanese website that is already compiling this information? If so, we could provide a link using Google Translate.

      The reason we need ONE resource like this is to counter the obvious erroneous reporting such as is evident in this Mainchi article. That way, whenever we encounter some disingenuous pro-nuke poster in an online forum stating; "No one has ever died from nuclear accidents," we can simply provide them with a website link to one authoritative, clear, well-organized resource.

      As Chris Busby states on his website, it is important for citizens to create their own citizen-led epidemiological studies in order to get access to the true picture, as it is obvious the PTB prefer to downplay and hide the real facts and figures.

      If anyone has a link to any Japanese language or other websites that are already providing this information, please post it here…

  • Bobby1

    10 sieverts would knock down a rampaging elephant in his tracks. Pro-nuke pseudoscience at its worst.

  • Look to Chernobyl's people and the answers will come !!

  • OlympicLight OlympicLight

    The thyroid glands are a vital part of human health. If your brain was a computer, then these glands are like little processors, releasing hormones in order to further growth and sending messages to other parts of your body, telling them how to function properly.

    The fact that people are developing tumors (esp children) is a very bad sign. It can affect your health in numerous ways. Once they become cancerous, there's really nothing that can be done.

    RIP Aunt Linda, we won't forget how hard you fought thyroid cancer. You went out with your boots on

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Thanks for that info, OlympicLight. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt due to thyroid cancer.

      I would just add that people with cancerous thyroids often do have surgery to remove the thyroid, then must take a synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of their lives. I know one 10-year thyroid cancer survivor who is doing well.

      But as you state, the thyroid regulates so many of the bodies functions that having to live without one's thyroid can wreak havoc on one's body. I feel for the children and their parents who now have to worry whether their children's thyroid tumors will become cancerous. Even if they don't, surely a growth on one's tumor must affect its ability to function at its normal levels.

      • OlympicLight OlympicLight

        Thanks, she was a great person.

        I know that surgery is available, it just doesn't have a high success rate, as we found out. She was also quite old, and I meant that the elderly who develop thyroid cancer don't have much of a chance.

        I thought it would take longer for cancer to develop, but it happened in just 10 months. I suspect it was a result of Fukushima, since she was a gardener and spent a lot of time outside and in the soil.

        I really hope these tumors aren't harmful to these kids. Hopefully we won't also see signs of growing thyroid problems in other countries as well.

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Oh my goodness, I didn't realize your aunt's illness was so recent. I am sorry to hear this, as I too suspect it must have been brought on by exposure to fallout to Fukushima. Too many people with compromised immune systems, elderly and even seemingly otherwise healthy adults have been affected by it this past year. 🙁

          Read my postings, and others', about what we've witnessed or experienced over the past year under the "Possible Fukushima-Related Anomalolies" thread, especially the April 10-April 25 section:

          My dear elderly mother experienced a stroke last June after the EPA showed the highest levels of I-131 in the city (Anaheim, CA) next to where she lived, and Los Angeles showed I-131 in their drinking water. My mother also started having kidney failure; both of these health issues are possible effects of radiation exposure.

          My mother passed away last month, after her health continued to decline, almost a year to the day that the radioactive MOX-filled plume from the explosions at Fuku reactor and spent fuel pool #3 first arrived on the West Coast of the U.S. I truly believe it was Fukushima that caused her stoke and kidney failure and I will do everything in my power to insure the truth is finally revealed about the deadly effects of nuclear radiation so the world FINALLY ENDS NUCLEAR POWER. All to boil water? What a…

          • What-About-The-Kids


            …All to boil water??? What a waste and truly a crime against humanity and all living things.

            • OlympicLight OlympicLight

              So sorry to hear about your loss as well 🙁

              And I agree, there is no need to have nuclear power when there are so many alternative available!

              I read over most of the lists you provided about illness and symptoms people have had since fuku. Its alarming how many people have been affected already! Not to mention all of the animals too. Seals and walruses are washing up on shore with lesions and hair loss, shrimp are found with tumors and no eyes, birds are falling out of the sky (literally) millions of bees and fish have died…it goes on. I myself found a dead seal in Tacoma last weekend on the waterfront.

              Things are going to get a lot worse, I fear. Radiation has already begun to affect sea life, and will slowly work its way through the entire food chain.

              But I suppose if it's the end of the world, I won't have to pay off my student loans! Lol

  • Cowtipper

    As far as I have understood from all the Chernobyl reports, and other sources, thyroid cancer takes a certain time to develop. Even if you get higher doses, cancer still takes it's time.
    Thyroid cancer in that many pepole in a year? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't this smell like something must have happened earlier than the accident last year, giving the cancer time to develop in that many people?
    Reports from before the accident refered to Tepco having big problems controlling the mox rods.
    Maybe people had already been nuked, and that's the reason no one bothered evacuating them in time.

    • OlympicLight OlympicLight

      I suspect its a multitude of reasons why they didn't want to evacuate, and why they're still not evacuating Tokyo.

      1) The government doesn't want to cause a panic

      2) They were worried about the money in their pockets, and didn't want to risk their exports

      3) They were worried how this would effect the economy. Thousands of people were displaced from the tsunami/eq disaster and having to relocate even more people meant it would take a while before things went back to normal

      4) The people, their clothes, their cars were and are probably all contaminated. I doubt other contries would want to accept radioactive people into their borders and risk more exposure

  • CBF

    I'm wondering why, if radiation is OK, why they used to go to so much trouble keeping the shit submerged in water. Now it seems we can bath in it, eat it, breath it and play football with it. Radiation it good for you, makes you grow big and strong.

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