Major science meeting on Fukushima’s link to wildlife problems on West Coast — Looking closely at extent of radiation coming into affected areas, and how to best assess impact — Human health experts ‘reevaluating’ radiation limits in seafood… FDA levels ‘not terribly protective’ (VIDEO)

Published: August 27th, 2014 at 8:15 pm ET


Interview with Kristen Milligan (transcript excerpts), Oregon State University marine ecologist, by WheepingWillow2, June 13, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • 3:00 in — In fact there’s a workshop happening — I think it’s in either Boston or Washington DC, they’re just finishing up this week — which is looking at, it’s an international group of scientists looking actually at the radiation in the environment from Fukushima and looking at how to best assess impacts on wildlife in the Pacific… So they’re currently hard at work trying to make a very good and robust risk assessment of that, and it’s very complicated.
  • 5:00 in — There’s all these different stresses happening, and certainly Fukushima is one of them. Right now the scientists are looking closely at the question of to what extent the radiation is coming into the areas where along the West Coast, where we’re seeing these current ecological problems in the wildlife, and trying to balance that with all the other known things out there.
  • 6:00 in — The plume is really starting to be predicted to come in, reaching things around this time, and that’s part of why [inaudible] scientists are working together in a workshop just this past week about this — to figure out how to best measure and also look at levels, and how that relates to the problems we are seeing with wildlife.
  • 11:30 in — [Radiation levels in the tuna are] 3 times what they had been. It’s still well below the — whatever the, if you believe in FDA levels or not — which I actually used to work in water quality issues working on dioxin  and DDT — and I think the FDA levels are not terribly protective. But there are other levels that are set by the EPA that are much lower than the FDA’s. The radiation levels in the fish are 3 times above what they had been, but they’re still lower than either one of those. That’s actually another thing that the workshop — that’s just been happening — is reevaluating, not just US scientists, but also human health experts from around the world.

If someone is familiar with the workshop being discussed, please post a comment or write in using the form for news tips at the bottom of the right column. On June 16-17 in Washington DC the Department of State hosted the ‘Our Ocean’ Conference that “brought together individuals, experts, practitioners, advocates, lawmakers, and the international ocean and foreign policy communities to gather lessons learned, share the best science, offer unique perspectives, and demonstrate effective actions.”

Full interview with Milligan available here

Published: August 27th, 2014 at 8:15 pm ET


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134 comments to Major science meeting on Fukushima’s link to wildlife problems on West Coast — Looking closely at extent of radiation coming into affected areas, and how to best assess impact — Human health experts ‘reevaluating’ radiation limits in seafood… FDA levels ‘not terribly protective’ (VIDEO)

  • combomelt combomelt

    such vague and terrible non-speak, senseless speak, confused mumbly speech.
    "Scientists working together in a workshop." Keebler Elves, or Santa's Helpers? Either one, it makes no difference, The doom-plume is HERE!! AND btw, it ain't a plume,!!!! It's a continuous radioactive ocean current, and its radiation-infused waves are now beginning to break on West Coast beaches. Salty, cesium sea-spray is 'reaching' CALI beaches NOW. NOW. NOW. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW????????

    • GQR2

      They are sure to have an event that will leave them baffled,mystified,uncertain,alarmed but not tooo alarmed NOT alarmed enough to make any of them present at a hearing or go on Good Morning America. Kebler Elves or Santa Helpers..good one Combo. A radioactive continuous ocean current that is bioaccumuling in the food chain and everything it contacts on a cellular level.

      They need to realize the EPA is "not terribly protective" either,IN FACT not one of the organizations that people assume have the Public Health and Welfare in its trust,can be trusted to protect. They ONLY protect businesses,they protect Corporations and Companies,NOT the individuals.

      • We Not They Finally

        They might as well say that at least the EPA is weighing in, even if it is rubberstamping mass death. With the ebola vaccine, no medically-related agency has even been weighing in at all. Sarepta, the vaccine company, got their whopping $291 million to develop it, not from the CDC, but from the U.S. Department of Defense!

        On the other hand, if setting radiation standards were simply put in the hands of the U.S. Department of Defense, at least we'd know that we were being handed a WMD outright. At least we would know that we were looking a killing machine in the face outright.

      • nedlifromvermont

        Guess Big Nuke has pretty much everybody who holds a regular job in the press or at a university by the short and curlies …

        How does a corporation (GE for example) which cannot die and which cannot feel empathy and which has no moral basis for its existence other than the greed of its leaders be treated as an individual under the law?

        Guess the lawyers and judges who graduated to the US Supreme Court are a bunch of greedy, scared, stupid people … just like the wankers who got us into this uranium-fission, cancer-causing, species-ending nightmare we, here, call the Fukushima follies …

        Heard a Fox commentator, a retired Army General, touting the moral values which the US has and holds fast to, as we swagger around the globe with our two-thirds of a trillion dollar annual military budget … What a load of horse shit! The US spawned the light water reactor business, suckled it, and unleashed it on a war weary world. We are the Wankers of the World!!! Worse that Russia; worse than ISIS; worse than Hamas. We give thyroid cancer to all the children … because it makes our greedy super rich businessmen bankers a little richer??? Got it, world???

        Now breathe deeply the plutonium dusts and repeat after me: "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of Nuclear Power; and to the Police State for which it stands; one fascist uranium-fueled dictatorship under God, with cancer and premature death, for all!!"


        • Steve_G Steve_G

          Couldn't put it better, nedifromvermont. Total bullshit with a side of bat-shit crazy insanity of the nuketards!

        • JimLynch JimLynch


          • lucius.cornelius

            The Daily Mail is not a serious newspaper. It has a reputation for lying and publishing hate-generating articles (made up stories about "benefit cheats claiming £20,000 a week" or endless underage paedophilia type articles where they drool over barely pubescent girls).

            There are no serious newspapers left in the UK. There are one or two papers that used to be serious, but all are now compromised, having lied about Russia, lied about welfare and lied about immigration. Not to mention tax evasion, wage levels, Unions, the EU, the C02 driven climate change scam, etc.

            But they are right when they say that Burning Man makes Glastonbury look tame. But then Glastonbury has been turned into a Corporate friendly, BBC friendly, leftwing orgy of self righteousness and self-delusion. Back in the day, before the Police were allowed on site, Glastonbury was hardcore.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Seems to me ..that the 'partyers' in the 'photo op' ..are all dressed the same.
            Rather like ISIS.


            A debauchery trap.

          • bo bo

            Wow obe.. 'virgins' ( first timers) are 'initiated' by rolling in the sand on the ground.. you mean, this sand?


            Plus fukushima, of course

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Wicked man..? oh wait ..different movie..

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          You go Nedli!

        • demise demise

          It is exactly what the elite and Obama wants to happen as they party in their new bunkers that have been secretly built and stocked over that last several years. Were do you think the tarp money went? Most can't be accounted for and the books have been buried too deep to find. Obama is a socialist puppet dragging us through the dirt so we can't fight back when the #$% hits the fan before his term is up.

          1.6 billion bullets for homeland security and 900,000 for the EPA! Read between the lines.

    • Well said, combomelt. During breakfast last week, I was watching cable and Cindy Crawford was being interviewed about selling her family mansion in Malibu and leaving the area. She was concerned for her family (and stated so publicly). Better late than never. Beautiful beach front. California's coastline ruined by radiation. This truly breaks my heart.

      An aerial photo of her home:

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Bed pan wasn't she talking about PCBS in the schools , and thyroid cancers . I think fuku myself
        Giselle and Tom Brady also have home for sale they are building a mansion in boston suburbs
        Finding folks moving should be very easy looking at real estate transactions every state has them .

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Oops it was about the cancers ..but in the meeting they spoke not one word of Fukushima radiation
          Are you hearing that they are now ?

          • I don't remember whether it was PCBS in the schools or not, clamshellernh. I don't know how recent the interview was either. I do remember that she felt that it wasn't "safe" there any longer. I only saw a minute or so of the interview and I never heard Fukushima mentioned. I just assumed that's why she was selling.

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              I watched the meeting and it was parents demanding that the sealant be removed because of it being poisonous , it was a long video with no talk about Fukushima .
              And it was the Malibu schools

              Iosted about it here responding to someone else asking if this sealant is being used all over , but I am sure that those out that way must be talking about this

              Peter coyote and a few others have been .

      • Sol Man

        Genomes are in jeopardy (and everything else!)no matter where the move is. Radionuclides as seeking a steady state "out of the box."

    • mairs mairs

      Radioactive iodine from Fukushima was in the kelp off of Southern California in a matter of days after the meltdowns. It came by air, and kelp concentrates iodine. Like mercury which also circulates around the globe in the atmosphere, it falls into the ocean.

    • papacares papacares

      notice notice notice – has anyone seen this report and photos from a flight over the Northern Pacific last night

      no-one at the moment knows what the strange glow is/was but the pilot got some fantastic pix

      pilot said in his entire career he has never seen such an event

      very troubling

      • papacares papacares

        surely this is not the coria – however notice the location from the pilots charts listed at the link – here it is again

        • One theory is that this is an underwater volcanic eruption, but that makes no sense, because there should be smoke and steam covering up the underwater light.

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          Sounds to me like someone found the Ark of the covenant, maybe the melting mermaids are phoning home to get a ride off this crazy rock because the humans have finally done it in. Or it's some crazy, expensive new weapon we had to sell our children down the river so we could afford it. Sorry children, I know you wanted to go to college, and oh eat and drink and breathe, but look, we can blow up the moon, now…WaHaha!

      • mt1000

        I am trying hard to get this link to be well known!
        It shows astonishing lava-like fire in the Pacific ….I think it is Fukushima corium etc.
        The pilot gives the coordinates of the spot (in the photos).
        I put it on Before it is News in the 'International' section but I see that site is under a heavy spam attack of ads posted as articles.

        • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

          Saw that and posted it here 2 days ago. I doubt it is corium, sheesh. The green ionic sheen is high energy plasma emanating from the direction of Alaska I believe. So much for HAARP being dismantled. Following the path NE it is likely a huge patch of radioactive garbage from JAPAN. I mean like highly radioactive. My opinion.

    • 2014 Salmon Second Mass Die Off In Progress From Fukushima Radiation, First Mass Die Off From Dams, Running The Gauntlet; PBS Nature; via A Green Road

      Animals, Insects, Birds And Plants – Negative Effects Of Chronic, Cumulative Man Made Radiation

  • combomelt combomelt

    "The plume is really starting to be predicted to come in."

    wtf DOES THAT MEAN?????????????????????????????

    Who 'predicted' that 'IT' is starting to come in.

    Is this what a 6th grade english class graduate sounds like???


    • We Not They Finally

      It's gibberish. It doesn't mean ANYTHING. Plumes started from the beginning and have been ongoing. When you ignore the past and present, future tense does not MEAN anything.

    • johnnyo

      and of course Cali was getting dosed hard just a few days after 3/11/11…from the air. I know we all know that but I think it's important to remind any new-e-newsters.

      The language is borderline nonsensical. It would be a much higher compliment than deserved to call it Orwellian. Who are we at war with again? East Oceania? Al KyDaEuropa? I-S-S-I-P-P-I??
      are we all not enemy combatants? Do u ever wake up feeling like an insurgent?? Fake beheadings, fake concern for our mother EARTH

    • mairs mairs

      That's how someone speaks who has to dissemble and not tell the truth. Her anxiety affected her speech patterns and she couldn't lie glibly enough.

  • GQR2

    That syntax is awful,they have no editors – the writing and i say this as a horrible writer.awful writer, Do they proof read at all? ever ? One has to really wonder,and this is the brain trust??! people. Day in Day out,all night long for the rest of eturnity. Generations born decades after anyone here now is long gone will be suffering the catastrophic mutations.(that is unless the Earth is hit by a Methane increase,an asteroid) Healthy provisions will be scarce,extreme disability very common. Its not a pretty picture and the people facing it deserve the Truth.

    • ENENews

      There wasn't a writer or editor, it's transcribed excerpts from a telephone interview by WheepingWillow2 on YouTube

      • GQR2

        good to know. Thanks and nice to see you pop in admin. How is it going?

        • ENENews

          Hey GQR2, thanks for asking. Just getting back into the flow, had some things to deal with but doing good now. Hope everyone is doing good too.
          Don't know if you all saw this study that came out recently, but I think people on this site will find it rather interesting… probably will be doing a post about it at some point.

          'A Supervised Approach to Predict the Hierarchical Structure of Conversation Threads for Comments'

          "online threads have become valuable source of information… many people with different views participate in the arguments, they are valuable source of information for researchers as well… ENENews is a news website covering the latest energy-related developments… The average number of comments per article in Thestandard and ENENews are about 50 and 39, respectively, which are larger than the other datasets… Thestandard and ENENews have longer and deeper discussions… Russianblog, ENENews, and Thestandard have more comments in higher levels meaning conversations are longer… We already saw that the average length of threads in Thestandard and ENENews is longer than the other datasets and their paths are much longer and more complex than the other datasets… Importance of features in ENENews and Russianblog datasets will be shown in Table 7… ENENews has larger threads and more complex paths So, we use these datasets to evaluate features in depth…"

          Here's the link

          • zogerke zogerke

            great to see you admin. that is an amazing article, am working through it, structural analysis of how the threads work, with images and graphs….TY

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Can we get the off topic site running correctly again ? All new posts are in the middle and not the end and you have to look for them as you are not redirected to said post .
            That's what's happening on my end

            Thank you for Ian fairlies work as well as dr mouseaus

            Libbe has just done a peice on the TEPCO lawsuit that can be found on nuclear hot seat episode 166

            Can you post them for us as they really cover so much in real time , she's a tremendous intelligent reporter who's work is a service to all . I will send you the link for your consideration , it is NOT opinion . It's just good journalism .

            Thank you again for what you are doing here

          • andagi andagi

            WOOHOOO Admin!!! 🙂

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Is this the one you reported on ?

            This is April of this year

            MIT Professor & US Experts: Japan “must act now to seal Fukushima reactors, before it’s too late” — Concern US to be affected by “explosions – a chain reaction, engulfing reactors one to four” — “Situation is dynamically degrading and unstable” — Aircraft can likely entomb plant in 6 months

            Sent from my F-iPad

            • clamshellernh clamshellernh

              Why Japan’s Government Is Bringing Nuclear Back | MIT Technology Review

              ENERGY NEWS16 COMMENTS
              The Numbers Behind Japan’s Renewed Embrace of Nuclear
              The Fukushima disaster led Japan to shut down nuclear power plants, but three years of rising costs and carbon dioxide emissions are forcing it to reverse course.

              By Mike Orcutt on March 11, 2014

              WHY IT MATTERS
              Shifting to nuclear power from fossil fuels greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

              Three years later: An aerial photo taken on March 11, 2014, shows what remains of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station on the third anniversary of an earthquake and tsunami that led to a major crisis at the plant.

              In the three years since the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japan has tried to replace nuclear energy with fossil fuels. But the costs have proved prohibitive, and now the government is convinced it must turn its reactors back on.

              Prior to the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and meltdowns, Japan was a nuclear powerhouse. In 2010, its 54 reactors generated 31 percent of the island nation’s electricity and 10 percent of the world’s nuclear power.

              After the disaster, the government ordered all reactors to be shut down for stress testing to determine whether they could survive extreme events, and only two have since been restarted. In 2012, the prime minister said Japan would…

          • JimLynch JimLynch

            Thank you!

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            Wow, Admin. That is a terrible read, but contains much more math and science than typical publications related to "Fukushima". Congratulations are once again in order. ENEnews is still the only blog I regularly contribute to. It has been my favorite site since the Event. Glad your work is getting the recognition it deserves. Congratulations. Stay well.

            Make 'em tell us where the damn corium is! 😉

          • bo bo

            Hi Admin, hope you are feeling better.
            It is very good to see you back out here !

          • GQR2

            Hmm very interesting Admin so we are being studied,that wasn't too hard to imagine or figure out.

            The provocateurs certainly lengthen threads, but that potential is anywhere, Do they purposefully give counter points to enhance arguments and enrage – what about the depth of the comment thread is being studied. i will look at the study but had to say one can feel the study going on. Do you put the controversial bits that are designed to provoke a reaction in quotes on purpose ? This type of set up must and does create emotions which do propel conversation, this article a case in point.

      • johnnyo

        admin…..u r like a rock star…..we r just the groupies. This site puts most of the rest of the interwebby thing and ALL of MSM to shame. Keep on rockin in the free world! (Holds up cheap Bic lighter until my thumbs starts to smolder)

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Yes but it's old admin
        Are you looking for something happening right now ?
        I do remember MIT and other scientists having a pow wow way back when in boston
        I'll try to find it
        But it did not bid well in the favor of blaming fuku that's for sure

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          Special report: The fallout from Fukushima – New Scientist

          Sent from my F-iPad

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            New research suggests even low-level radiation in Fukushima negatively impacting wildlife | RocketNews24
            More from dr MOUSEAU


            Dr. Timothy Mousseau, professor of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina and researcher for the Chernobyl and Fukushima Research Initiative, presented new findings to the International Ornithological Congress in Tokyo last week that suggestradiation contamination around Fukushima Daiichi, even at low levels, is negatively impacting biodiversity and wildlife populations.
            Mousseau and his collaborators have been monitoring radiation levels at 1,500 sites and bird populations at 400 points across Fukushima over the last 3 years. The lay of the land and dispersal patterns of radioactive matter have created a very heterogenous situation in the Fukushima exclusion zone, meaning areas of high radiation lie right alongside areas of low radiation. By controlling for other environmental factors, the scientists can apply a rigorous statistical analysis to predict what the population in a particular area should be.
            Using this method, Mousseau et al have found both the number of birds and the variety of species drop off as radiation levels rise, and more importantly, that there is no threshold under which the effect isn’t seen.
            This is counter to what both the Japanese government and the United…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Is this the conference she spoke of?

    Seems as benign as all the rest to me…

    Our Ocean 2014, June 16-17

    • ENENews

      That's the same conference mentioned at the end of the post: On June 16-17 in Washington DC the Department of State hosted the ‘Our Ocean’ Conference that “brought together individuals, experts, practitioners, advocates, lawmakers, and the international ocean and foreign policy communities to gather lessons learned, share the best science, offer unique perspectives, and demonstrate effective actions.”
      Seems like that could be it but I'm still checking things out.

      • Jebus Jebus

        I'm not seeing anything on top that mentions Fukushima.

        Or Radiation. I saw the words, "lessons learned"

        All I saw were ways to profit from tighter management.

        Of course that has been the Fukushima theme all along…

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      ADMIN this is from MIT in boston

      I found a part 2

      Lessons Learned from Fukushima (final)2

      Sent from my F-iPad

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        This is also from MIT
        Wether this is relevant to this story I do not know
        But it does make for some very interesting reading

        MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub | Information about the incident at the Fukushima Nuclear Plants in Japan hosted by :: Maintained by the students of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT

        Sent from my F-iPad

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Scientists just need to know that they can't safely control nuclear fission. That's why we keep having meltdowns, with each one larger than the one before it.

    Time to move on from the failed concept of nuclear power.

    • MagentaTrifoil MagentaTrifoil

      This recent study on the shelf life of nuclear reactor components says it all. Component lifetime expectancy off by orders of magnitude.

      "…have demonstrated the power of high-energy beams of charged particles (ions). The ions can rapidly and consistently damage samples of ferritic-martensitic steel, the material used in certain nuclear reactor components. The significance of the result is that the breakdown closely replicates that seen when high-energy neutrons from a nuclear reactor interact with the material – damage accrues in a matter of days, rather than decades."

      Sitting time bombs peppering our planet.

      • DAYS, rather than decades.

        Wunerful. Sitting time bombs, worse than we thought.

      • TY ADMIN, "FDA levels ‘not terribly protective’"… Never have been…Never will be so long as corporations are allowed to influence governments…

        @Magenta Trifoil, very high energy photons (such as gamma rays) can indeed cause crystallographic defects as discussed in this report by N.P. Baumann.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @ENE Admin:"Great seeing you out here,"in-person",so to speak,& glad you're ok & have worked through website and/or personal issues & moving forward with things that could improve ENEnews. I suspect the remaining minor glitches with the OT forum,etc. are the remnants of the site crash you worked so hard to correct a short time ago[?] & the good nature & mission of ENE easily allows me to assume tech problems probably aren't "coincidental" nor "innocent" in nature[?]! Always glad to see you as well as all my peeps not here to promote nukes or their own completely OT businesses.THANK YOU!" 😉
        @MagentaTinFoil; Your reminder of the effects on metal reactor components soon after beginning operation via bombardment with radiation brings to mind the thought of embrittlment of the steel & transmutation to a glass-like state further proven by the continued NRC-allowed operation of affected NPP's despite hundreds of thousands of tiny cracks in containment vessels,cooling towers,etc.! They're ALL just FUKuPs waiting to happen from the get-go!! 🙁
        @thread headline; Hopefully the studies & symposiums actually lead to something useful & worth commendation could result from this small(sign?)suggestion that they're finally admitting to the presence of radiation damage to ecosystems & the food chain & wildlife that isn't just another(tease?)empty promise designed to cover their asse[t]s??. WAY too late in coming IMHO[?]!!

  • We Not They Finally

    "I think the FDA levels are not terribly protective. But there are other levels that are set by the EPA that are much lower than the FDA’s."

    What is this SAYING? That at least the appallingly post-lethal levels of radiation allowed by the EPA are lower than the kill-you-on-sight FDA?

    WHAT?? These are the scientists leading the way?

    • Angela_R

      WNTF, I've often wondered about mammograms, etc

      "How do I protect myself from x-ray and gamma radiation?

      Your exposure to x-rays is almost entirely from dental and medical x-rays, including mammograms. The best way to protect yourself from excessive radiation from x-rays is to make sure the technician performing the procedure has the proper qualifications, and to simply ask questions. You might inquire about the necessity of having an x-ray, or receive assurance the x-ray machine has been inspected recently and that it is properly calibrated. You should be aware of steps taken to prevent exposures to other parts of your body (for example, through the use of a lead apron)."

      The link provides a considerable amount of information

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Well I am behind as usual , I hate them they hurt .
        What I would suggest is not going to a breast health surgeon or a place just dedicated to the breast , the false positives are most likely to be found in them .

        There's a new digital mammogram out as well , I think it's less radioactivity involved

        • EngineeringBloke

          Clamshellernh, There is a diagnostic technology called thermal mammography. In a cool room, the patient is scanned with a thermal camera. Abnormal tissues, such as cancerous ones, radiate more heat and show up on the images. This can show such abnormalities long before they would register on X-ray mammography.

          If you search for this term, you can find images and details of the technique.

          Also it is a passive detection by the camera using the body's heat. This is unlike bombarding the body with x-rays which is not health! And thermography has fewer false positives, too.

          This is not widely available or accepted as a diagnostic technique by many doctors or insurance companies.

          Note: digital mammograms still use x-rays but capture the information with sensors, so the resulting image can be used with a computer, the older approach captures the image on x-ray film. Both these require compressing the breast tissue which may not be good, especially if there is a tumor, beyond the discomfort.

        • Gabe Gabe

          As well, the most recent data indicates that mammography does not increase life expectancy.
          Just had a discussion with my MD about this issue since clinics across the land continue to push mammography despite the knowledge that there is no real life expectancy benefit.
          Actually, I tend to have debates quite often at my clinic, with both MD and nurse people. Leaves them exasperated, to say the least. When I suggest that all males have their "particulars" mammogram end to check for cancer the look on the faces of the health care providers is "priceless." You know….good for the goose, good for the gander…teehee;;;;) Being in the health care field myself I find it delightful indeed to ruffle the feathers of the ignorant, but grandiose purveyors of drugs and cutting and radiation and internal poisons.
          Anyway, I believe the study was published in a journal from Europe! but can't recall right off hand.
          Remember to always be a pain in the butt at the clinic……..go loaded with info. And do not give in!

  • dunkilo

    Radiation rots everything it touches !
    It will never touch my soul
    All the memories of giving love and feeling loved will be carried with me into my next life.
    love to all

  • Cisco Cisco

    Like palliative care, there's plenty of dope(s) to ease the pain, false hopes and happy talk; but, you know the patient is terminal.

    We're looking into it, not to worry 'cause the FDA and the EPA are on the case, too. SSDD

  • Archie

    Scientists vow to endeaver to persevere.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    I question if this great gathering of Cyantists can find a link between radiation contamination in fish in the Northern Pacific, and the millions of gallons of highly radioactive water being dumped in the Northern Pacific from TEPCO's Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant each and every day for the past three and a half years. If they do find a link, my fondest hope would be that they can and do determine exactly what constitutes the safe level for consumption of radionuclide contamination in seafood. Until they do, Sushi? Anyone? OK, then… Onward, Dana, through the sticky pink and blue fog! peace


    This is very important information. When the economic collapse occurs soon it will be too late to recover your banked finances. The polar economic shift has been taking place since the plundering of your federal reserve. A continuation of the economic bafoonery is reaching its glory. A federal reserve is not available to plunder a second time; so they plan to plunder your bank accounts. Those forewarned will survive such theft.

    Ecological damage will soon cause mass food inflation, planting home crops, sharing and caring resources a must. Those whom can, should prepare to vacate to the southern hemisphere.

    They are planning a poor north and a wealthy south world. The anti-humans have abandoned your nation. War, pestilence, fear, and treachery the mark of a corporation. Non-human paper pushers.

    You came into this world without coin & you shall leave the same way. Vanity under the sun. Murderers for vanity. Perfect people, in a perfect world. I have trouble changing a plug; let alone knowing everything about atomics. If only I was a General Electric Hitachi I would be master of the universe. Not!!!


    • Gabe Gabe

      You are so right about this. I recently retired, early due to scoliosis progressing, and was able to get my hands on the $$$$$ I had put aside in a deferred compensation plan. Very interesting reactions I got when I said I wanted it all. The plan person did their best to talk me out of it. That failed. I had the $$$$$ placed in my credit union account. Within a month I went to retrieve it and the situation was something I never expected to encounter………the resistance to my taking all my money out of the system was formidable, to say the least. They did their best to convince me to not remove it, even going so far as to express concern for my safety if transporting the money in cash. At that point I asked them to explain to me how anyone but "they and I " would know about this, and I certainly wasn't about to rob me.
      I too highly recommend you get your hard earned money out of their grubby little hands. You all do know that when you put any money in any financial institution you become a "creditor." As such, you have to wait in line to even compete with any and all creditors of the bank. Any guess who loses? That would be you.
      My readings indicate collapse is near.

      • General User General User

        A little known fact; Cash withdrawals in excess of $5000 MUST be reported THAT DAY by your financial institution (bank, credit union) to the powers that be. Dont remember which alphabet group it is: FDIC IRS DHS.
        There is also some lower number perhaps $3500 that is reported at month end.

        • SOUL VOICE

          Report away for the time is at hand. Get in before the rush or change in legislation; I say.

          There is no crime in what you own. YET.

  • rogerthat

    SimplyInfo had a yarn the other day that people seem to have missed. In it they say that, based on Tepco's figures, a total of about 673 terabequerels of radiation was released into the ocean over a three-year period, and that this ''would be in addition to any initial sea releases during the meltdowns.''
    (note that the gist of this story is in the update, which it contains)
    Simplyinfo has a follow-up today:
    Fukushima Daiichi Sea Releases Updated To 157 billion becquerels per day

  • rogerthat
    The UC Hastings East Asian Legal Studies Program presents "The Role of Law and Lawyers for Nuclear Disaster Victims: A UC Hastings-Waseda Symposium on the Legal Aftermath of the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster."
    … This situation posed an enormous challenge for the law and lawyers. How could people seek remedies for their damages? What new laws were required to help local governments and residents? Did the devastated areas have a sufficient number of prepared lawyers, and how could outside lawyers help? How could legal services be provided to relocated local governments and dispersed residents?
    … The symposium is free for students, faculty and staff and $30 for members of the public. It will be held in the Alumni Reception Center, 2nd Floor, 200 McAllister Street, San Francisco from 8:30 am –6:15pm on Friday, September 19, 2014.

  • rogerthat
    STORY13: 71 workers stay at Fukushima plant, eat canned meat as "last meal"
    Today, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) four Commissioners blessed the NRC staff's "Continued Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel" Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) and Rule, previously called the NRC's "Nuclear Waste Confidence" policy.
    The vote went ahead, despite widespread calls for Commissioner William Magwood to resign, or recuse himself, due to conflict of interest, and despite a call for NRC Chairman Allison Macfarlane to postpone the vote until after Commissioner Magwood's departure from the agency on Aug. 31st. …

  • rogerthat
    How table salt may help scientists understand public radiation exposures after a radiation release
    Radiation safety workers in Fukushima, Japan have helped a doctoral student at Lund University in Sweden demonstrate that ordinary table salt can be used to measure radiation exposures. …
    After Fukushima, Vanderbilt researchers study radiation's effects on robots

  • Checkmate

    What a crock of Sh&t, Rome is burning and the firemen are watching!!!

  • Checkmate

    Sould have said "Firemen just watching."

  • jimbob jimbob

    I bit into an apple last Saturday and two of my teeth broke off.

    It is fortunate for me that I seem immune to pain but it is very uncomfortable. I will be seeing a dental surgeon tomorrow to get the roots removed.

    I was outside in the rain a lot after the meltdowns due to gardening and work.

    I am wondering if this is contributing to my worsening dental condition. I also had a tooth break off while brushing my teeth last August.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi jimbob

      Back top right tooth cracked off also. That lovely (sarc) mercury filling is still in place, so it doesn't hurt. Looks like Dentists are going to busy.
      Wonder how much a cap tooth costs these days? Wonder who we can send the bill to, TEPCO?

      • jimbob jimbob

        The mercury fillings were not the problem, in 1981 a nice dentist replaced them all with modern fillings, all of which have since fallen out.

        I thought she said I had cavities I needed filling, if I had known it was simply to replace old fillings I never would have got the work done and if I did not have a good dental plan at the time she would have never recommended the work!

        I have been very suspicious of dentists ever since, never tell them you have a dental plan before the work is done, they will milk it for all it's worth.

        My apologies to all the honest dentists that may be on this site, I'm sure there must be some!

        Back on topic my wife died in March of this year from septic poisoning from a perforation in her bowels and initially I thought it had nothing to do with Fukushima but since then I have learned that extreme diarrhea may be caused by radiation poisoning and she was suffering from that for several weeks before her death.

        It may be connected and it may not but I thought I would put it out there.

        • SOUL VOICE

          Please do not discount leaky gut syndrome from genetically modified foods containing poisons that cause such diarrhoea. GMO foods and foods made invalid from irradiation must be avoided to survive radiological pollution.

          Nuclear is becoming Nuvisible.

    • Crickets Crickets

      I've never lost any of my adult teeth, but in the past two years, both of my upper bicuspids (the first ones behind the canines), both left and right, broke right at the gum line. The first one I lost chewing on a piece of sourdough bread and the other one just sort of fell off in my mouth one day while I was driving in my car. The idea of having a tooth get so weak that it cracks and falls off for no apparent reason is starting to scare me. What happens if I lose a tooth like this when I'm sleeping and/or snoring? Will it be vacuumed into my lungs? I live near the California coast and I've been thinking about the possible fuku/tooth weakening link.

      • Crickets Crickets

        When I examined the broken pieces of teeth that had fallen out, they didn't appear to have any decay, but they looked dead somehow. They were sort of a gray looking color. I floss and brush regularly, so even though my teeth have always been prone to cavities, I do take care of them and never thought they'd just start crumbling out of my jaws all of the sudden.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Teeth, crowns, caps, are breaking/cracking everywhere..

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi obewanspeaks,

      Dentistry will be the up coming profession. Somehow, I don't see trouble with teeth declining anytime soon.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @obewan & the Group; IN the past 2+ years my teeth,while not in the greatest of dental health(or "mental"health either,lol)began to rot,break,infect & fall out at an expedited rate as never before nor expected??!! When & "what" I can & do eat is either soft or I have to chew it like a demented beaver with my remaining row of 6 top front & 7 lower front teeth which are starting to go too!! It brings to mind Ontological's description of the timeline for Cold War Strontium fallout to manifest itself & decay into the next daughter element having been born in 1964 & recounting the "feel good" years of my early youth in the late-1960's through the 1970's,as well as those years I was sickly & lethargic in between that hindsight allows realizing now could be the time periods of fallout/exposure events that plague us "Downwinder/Baby-Boomer's" who supplied the 'gov "tooth fairy" with many invaluable "experiment/test media" samples for a few nickels & dimes left under our pillows!! They've already KNOWN the biological,harmful impacts of their radioactive "Shitium-311" long before 311 occurred & while they refuse to allocate adequate funding & resources to replace nuclear crap or "tame" & develop "OFF" switches for NPP's,they spare no expense promoting,building newer,just as or more prone to failure & disaster designs & sponsor incompetent lying piece of shit "experts" from the nuketard pool & whatever(subliminal?)methods successful at "dumbing down" the…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Johnny mine have done the same and it was noticeably much worse after 2011 when the radioactive clouds passed directly over head. 🙁

        We are all eating it, breathing it and drinking it, like the good little controlled by the force of law guinea pigs we represent as the general public at large. 🙁

        We are all/have been screwed..few humans have seen/understand what we here.. see and understand.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          obewan,I think they see it,maybe understand it in their heart of hearts,but just build a "wall" & shut out their own "voice of logic & reason" where the convenience of remaining in denial affords them a false sense of well-being & illusions of TPTB & allegations of so-called "protective" agencies having theirs & their loved ones & youngsters health & well-being ahead of corporate profits & agenda shields them from the truth of the matter but not from the harsh realities & impacts they can't hide from forever[?]! 🙁 Maybe human souls carry the "lessons learned" but not properly handled in past lives & evolve outside of the ruined,radioactive shells left behind in failed worlds??!! May the FORCE be with you & the Group obewan!!
          TAKE CARE my friend! 🙂 …

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            You too Johnny and you have allot to take care of and always wishing you and yours the best in your daily struggles. You are a very good strong man and yours can handle anything they throw your way.

            May the power of the Force be with you and yours always.. 🙂

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          I had three teeth snap off at the gum line this last month. Hmmmm

          Teeth much worse after 3-11-11.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            obewan, SO sorry to hear about the teeth. Teeth are a problem without a solution. Radioactive teeth are a nightmare. Death is the only and final solution to dental problems.

          • A relief to see this thread with tooth stories re-surfacing! I'll just say I've experienced the same things everyone here describes. I look at the last decent picture of my former smile with fond and envious memories. LOL

            I already had issues with a MOUTHFUL of old mercury fillings, courtesy of the dental work done in the old ignorant days. Seems I've never had a chance to coordinate finding a knowledgeable dentist, enough money to pay (no ins…self employed starving artist syndrome) and place to stay while all the work needed could be done.

            I used to loan or give copies of a most amazing book, "It's all in your head" by Dr. Hal A. Huggins to friends whenever I could.

            I have a very high tolerance to pain so I toughed it out as pieces of fillings fell out through the years. But the additional factors of increasing radiation really kicked in about 4 years ago and whole teeth died or cracked off. My jawbone shrunk so drastically that my 2 lower front teeth were forced behind the next ones, died and rose upwards like teetering chisels. Finally one (root and all) came out. I have 3 teeth in the front, waiting for that other front one to give up it's grip.

            Goldenseal powder helped with pain and took away abscesses that would have become dangerous.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        cont'd- "methods successful at dumbing down the masses(most of 'em) and continuing down this exceptionELE foolish path of nuclear destruction & self-annihilation for nothing else but greed,vanity,stubborn pride & I've concluded that these "rocket-scientist types with their genius IQ's are in reality more dysfunctional & short-sided than their public victims sensible enough to see & understand & be concerned about the things they and their handlers "should" be VERY worried about??!! Instead of looking down at the public masses they seem to feel are beneath them,perhaps they should be apologetic & working hard to remedy what they've done and try to reverse course & shut down the whole obsolete,failed & flawed nuclear fleet & infrastructure before they wind up on the pitchfork & torch carrying public victim/mob("our") "shitlist", in case they should manage to escape the cancers,etc. that most will NOT in the very near future??!! I feel like a effin' "genius" now when standing next to/compared with "pro-nuke experts" & PR shills!! I should go up the road a few clicks to Exelon corporate headquarters every time my self-esteem & lack of accomplishment depresses me!! I'm sure I'd have prime examples to convince me that I could've turned out to be a much worse person & even bigger loser than I feel like I am every time I wonder if I could've prevented my wife's cancer & our daughter's miscarriage had I been a better provider[?] 🙁 Wish I'd seen it coming…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          p.s., I'd like to very quickly apologize for the length of my posts before I mosey on down for a break. "Abusing my keyboard" has become almost an OCD Syndrome issue when I've been wound up & worried as we have another appointment tomorrow which might be the day we get the long-awaited oncology test results & follow-up treatment plan & associated details that were delayed for nearly a month,but feels like a YEAR??!! The "waiting" & being kept tortuously in suspense is nearly as bad as what follows bad test results!! 🙁 My last remaining patches of hair the color indicated on my expired ID has either turned white/gray or fallen out & I've used my few remaining teeth to bite off all my fingernails. Now I've got to put myself in check by putting down the computer before I wear it out!! lol…Sorry peeps! Have a great evening & weekend if I don't make it back for a couple days or so.. TAKE CARE ALL
          BLADE;"Over & OUT"

          • Crickets Crickets

            Hoping the best for you, Johnny. Your posts are both informative and thought provoking, and never seem too long to me 🙂 Take good care!

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              TY Crickets! That's nice of you to say! 🙂 I don't really synch with old friends I knew for years via FarceBook or the frequent wakes/funerals I'm limited to these days. The apathy re; Fukushima/radiation issues bothersome but expected by now. Ridicule & being isolated & judged a "fearmonger",etc. drove a wedge between the people I once "knew" but no longer do. The only place I feel like I'm in my realm anymore is pretty much right here on ENE or with my closest immediate family. It also drives me to fits of typing & later regret for "clogging up" the threads with my blather. For what it's worth-I don't say or type it if I know or think it's not true and there's alot more to talk about here than I wish was the case!! If the nuke-pukes & their stooges & serfs hadn't ever come to be the sub-species of soulless humanoids so eager to rule,yet so not worthy,also wouldn't have brought about ENE & her sister websites and we wouldn't have ever bumped into one another on the information superhighway in all likelihood. The sad part is that even though it would've been our loss, it surely would've nipped most of our other problems in the bud & a sacrifice gladly made! Under the present circumstances I don't know what I'd have done without you guys & gals and the priceless info & camaraderie that draws us together! I'd give up & self-immolate on the NRC's doorstep if all of you weren't so diligently wielding our most effective weapon,"TRUTH"!! Thank you,ALL…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    $10,000+ dollar mouths full of excellent teeth will not be rotting away inside any of the grave sites anytime soon..teeth are must be like gold.

  • jimbob jimbob

    I have always had bad teeth but nothing like the last couple of years. It may just be age but they seem to be almost disintegrating now.

    I love corn on the cob and have a couple of lovely cobs in the fridge but I am scared to eat them now. I don't know how many more teeth I might lose munching on them.

  • rogerthat
    (i know this is off topic, but i post it in the fond hope that a few might find it helpful. imho john hussman's weekly column – out every monday – should be read by all who are interested in economics, markets and what the future might hold. i've been reading this mumbo-jumbo for 40 years and i think he is simply the best.

  • rogerthat
    August 28, 2014
    DOE signals broader safety concerns on Los Alamos, WIPP waste drums
    While previously suggesting that the nuclear waste drum that erupted at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant had “unique chemistry” that may have caused the accident, the Energy Department recently notified New Mexico officials that they are… (login required)

  • rogerthat
    (- simplyinfo, on the ball as usual)
    WIPP; Cause Still Unknown, Missing Records, State Radiation Monitoring Lapsed
    August 28th, 2014 | Add a Comment
    The LA Times covers the ongoing issues at WIPP. Their findings match with ours in our efforts to follow the events after the explosion in the mine. Records kept at WIPP have many missing records in the public inventory system. We have asked WIPP and DOE officials multiple times through multiple channels why the inventory system has so many blank and missing record files. They have repeatedly refused to provide an explanation for the blank barrel records or to explain when that would be corrected. The Times also points out during the initial incident there was no radiation protection staff at the plant and they were unable to locate the on call person. It also took 13 hours to set up the emergency response center. The state of New Mexico has admitted … Read entire article »

  • rogerthat
    … In an unprecedented display of frustration, 47 of the nation's 72 inspectors general this month signed a letter to Congress complaining that the executive branch has systematically attempted to obstruct their investigations. Specific examples included stonewalling from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice and the Peace Corps …

    – this editorial is by the Orange County Register

  • rogerthat
    Editor’s Note: This editorial by Greg Mello originally appeared in The Santa Fe New Mexican on Saturday, August 16. Reprinted with author’s permission.
    – good, imho
    All Comes Down to Money: the interim disposal of Fukushima nuclear waste
    The Trinity Test Legacy And The Birth Of The Atomic Bomb

  • rogerthat

    ''… and I think the FDA levels are not terribly protective. …''

    – depends on the point of view. they certainly protect the nuclear industry lol

    • Ana Ana

      Exactly. Who is being protected is the question. The lack of protection of the ordinary people is a feature not a bug.
      Ana in Sacramento

  • jimbob jimbob

    Johnny this made me laugh out loud!

    "When & "what" I can & do eat is either soft or I have to chew it like a demented beaver with my remaining row of 6 top front & 7 lower front teeth which are starting to go too"

    I know exactly what you mean! I have a bag full of fresh apples I picked last Saturday but I am afraid to just bite into them for fear of losing more teeth. I cut them into small slices and chew them slowly.

    Eating has become a real chore for me.

    It is interesting and disturbing that others here are experiencing the same things.

    My wife who had never had to get a filling in her life also started getting problems with her teeth, we had just chalked it up to age.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @jimbob; lol,I'm glad to have made such a dire reality/condition we suffer in common worth a chuckle or 2! 🙂 Man I keep seeing those damned "temp-tooth" individual fake teeth commercials and I keep picturing the horror on the faces of the kiddies if they were looking when about 15 of 'em came out & stuck in an apple or something!! lol On the other hand,I bet they're made & marketed by a GE subsidiary too!! 😐 In all seriousness though,I could see the "aging" factor with regard to 1 or 2 incidents spread apart on a lengthier timeframe,but they just seemed to go by the half-dozen within a few months of each other and that makes it another "chock full o' strontium" matter altogether! Pretty soon we're all gonna look like rappers when the only way we can eat non-pureed food is if we got our gold & diamond-studded "grills" on!!! lol…. I'm kinda sensitive about my "jack o lantern" smile these days though. I actually used to do well with the ladies back in the day.looks like I won't have to grow much older before me & the wifey are sitting in creaky rocking chairs with creaking,popping joints pissin' & moanin' as we slurp our bowls of "hot" oatmeal & Cream of Wheat?!! I'm 50 and she's just 42. Even after 23 years of wedlock I didn't expect to be "old" just yet & yet "here we are" 🙁 …..

  • Nick

    This thread has some teeth to it.

    After chewing on some of the comments, I got. Mouthful!

    Last year while chewing peppermint gum, two of my fillings came out. Having never lost a filling before it took me a few moments to realize the bits were't gum.

    I decided that a visit to the dentist wouldn't make my teeth stronger ( for some reason I have become x-ray intolerant). After a few months of mild pain, the nerves in my teeth retracted enough to be a sane person again.

    I bet brittle teeth are the new norm.

  • uriejarafa

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    • SadieDog

      "They are believed to be a legacy of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, when a reactor at a nuclear power plant in then Soviet-ruled Ukraine exploded, releasing a massive quantity of radioactive particles into the atmosphere.
      Even though Saxony lies some 700 miles from Chernobyl, wind and rain carried the radioactivity across western Europe, and soil contamination was found even further away, in France."