Shock? Major Japan Paper: Cancer risk in Fukushima ‘probably infinitesimal’ — More radioactive contamination should be allowed in food and where people live — Don’t question burning disaster debris

Published: March 3rd, 2013 at 7:36 pm ET


Yomiuri, Mar. 3: The risk of adverse impacts on human health caused by radiation that leaked during the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is probably infinitesimal.  On Thursday, the World Health Organization released a report saying health hazards resulting from the nuclear crisis are low. The report also says the risk of people in radiation-affected areas getting cancer will not be higher than during their normal lifetime.

Yomiuri, Mar. 3: To ease the concern of people in disaster-stricken areas, it is essential to review the goal of reducing annual radiation contamination levels in these places to one millisievert or less per year. The goal has widely been taken to mean that one millisievert is the threshold between danger and safety in areas affected by the nuclear crisis. The Fukushima prefectural government considers the strict decontamination goal as an impediment to encouraging residents to return to their homes, and has asked the central government to set a new target. The government should quickly start considering this request.

Yomiuri, Mar. 1:  The panel, chaired by former education minister Akito Arima, pressed the government to “avoid turning its back on nuclear power and tackle the issue squarely.” We believe the panel’s proposal is reasonable. [… Nuclear Regulation Authority] Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said when deciding on the restart of nuclear power plants, the authority will not take the costs to power companies into account. However, we believe it is impossible to conduct nuclear regulation without considering the efficiency and economic performance of nuclear power plants. The regulation authority’s political independence is guaranteed, but that does not mean it should become self-righteous.

Yomiuri, Feb. 25: Some places in the world are exposed to radiation of 10 millisieverts a year that comes from the ground, among other sources. A radiological examination at a hospital exposes the patient to about seven millisieverts. The one-millisievert threshold also has become a factor delaying the return of nearly 160,000 evacuees from the nuclear crisis to their hometowns.

Yomiuri, Feb. 25: A mistaken political message also was given by Niigata Gov. Hirohiko Izumida. He condemned the disposal by the prefecture’s Kashiwazaki and Sanjo cities of disaster debris from Iwate Prefecture as general waste as a “criminal act.” But radiation levels of debris from Iwate Prefecture are the same as trash collected within Niigata Prefecture. We urge Izumida, the head of a local government, not to exacerbate damage caused by nasty radiation rumors.

Published: March 3rd, 2013 at 7:36 pm ET


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25 comments to Shock? Major Japan Paper: Cancer risk in Fukushima ‘probably infinitesimal’ — More radioactive contamination should be allowed in food and where people live — Don’t question burning disaster debris

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Time to go get the "authorities" making these statements, put them in straight jackets, take them to their nearest mental hospitals, give them frontal lobotomies and electro shock before they kill again, before they kill anymore.

    Yes. Stop them before they kill any more. Time for a new official acronym: HDMS = Human Delusional Murder Syndrome.

    • Auntie Nuke

      The correct term for this is "Organizational Psychosis." I interview the man who invented this term, Dr. Lloyd C. Williams, and explains it in relation to Japan and the nuclear issue on this week's Nuclear Hotseat Podcast, posted by 10 PM Pacific time on Tuesday, March 5 at:

      As for this report? Scandalous and evil.

  • japan guinea pig

    Its typical of the Yomiuri shimbun to print this kind of article protecting the Nuclear industry and kissing the governments ass. The Yomiuri shimbun is NOT a newspaper,its a SNOOZE paper !! Especially the English edition. They have consistantly kept foreigners ill-informed from the start of this whole fiasco.Un-believeable….the Japanese government needs to stop lying to its own people and the Yomuri shouldnt back them up by printing their LIES !!!

    • takedake

      Sorry to say I like the black humor of your username :-).

      This is why it's often called the Gomiuri not the Yomiuri, and it should be referred to as such at all times.

      For the non-Japanese speakers, "Yomi" means "reading," "Gomi" means "garbage."

  • CB CB

    Shouldn't question – not to exacerbate damage caused by nasty radiation rumors? This article was dated Oct 25th 2011.

    Doctor finds Uranium and Zirconium in Tokyo resident’s fingernails — “We are becoming nuclear fuel rods”

    This is not a rumor nor something that should be downplayed.

  • Sickputer

    Niigata Gov. Hirohiko Izumida knows who the real criminals are in Japan. And the educated Japanese people know it also.

    The nucleocrats are hanging on to power by lies and deception. They have no scruples about other people's living conditions, but you can be sure they don't want to live in Fukushima Prefecture. There is a certain grim satisfaction in knowing these pompous asses in Tokyo are exposed to contaminants from the nuclear megaplex also. They may eat imported foods and water, but the same dust blows in the wind and water for bathing is contaminated.

    Decontamination does not work. The liars who promote it are financed by the power industry.

    • japan guinea pig

      Well said Sickputer …"DECONTAMINATION DOESNT WORK" !!! its just a PR exercise by the government to fool,…fools into believing that they are doing something about the poision pond that they have created.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Spread this far and wide. Any credibility the WHO had is now gone. They might as well say that dying is good for your health.

  • ion jean ion jean

    WHO now stands for World HELL Organiz(Ed Crime)ation!

    We need to take Drs. Helen Caldicott, Chris Busby, Michio Kaku, Ernest Sternglass et al and freakin' move to a new planet! This one's been gobbled up by fat hogs and barfed up again…

    The kind of violent barfing I used to do as a young thing back in 63 as my family flew through plumes of fallout on the airplane to grandma's house…JFK put a damper on it then…they put one on him.

  • We Not They Finally

    O.k. They're invited to a parent-teacher conference in Fukushima City. They can listen to the parents and teachers recite the CHILDREN'S alarming illnesses. Then they can take up residence at, what shall it be? Reactors 1, 2, or 3? Choice of meltdowns. Bye-bye. Go quickly. No memorial services for you. The HORROR of these people. The inhuman HORROR.

  • ion jean ion jean

    Political independence is a misnomer as politics of the nuclear kind have NO independence NO grasp on reality NO scientific basis just SPIN plus NO conscience.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Helen Caldicott is the source regarding harmful effects of radiation. Governments are ill-informed, and want to stay that way.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    There are many possible opinions, but only one reality.
    WHO Report: Risks from radiation are tiny.
    We say the risks are grave.
    WHO Report: Even Fuku-nuke workers won't get cancer.
    We say Tokyo children are now growing thyroid cancers.
    Japanese MSM: Nuke protesters spread baseless anxiety, erroneous ideas, nasty radiation rumors.
    We say the danger is great.
    (Even in US, where the NRC didn't even order children to stay in from recess as the plume passed overhead.)
    TEPCO says Corium1,2,&3 are in Containment Vessels.
    We say Corium1,2,&3 has left Unit1,2,&3 buildings.
    There is only one reality.
    Time will tell who is right, and who is not.

  • nedlifromvermont

    per Chris Busby, "Beware the dying kick of the beast …" These nuclear criminals will never relent; they are pre-programmed for mass murder and mayhem. Once you build a killing machine, a reactor or a right wing death squad, they are hard to shut off …

    be patient 'newsers … the truth is coming out slowly but inexorably … and we will "hiss them to their graves …"

    peace …

  • ion jean ion jean

    On August 20, 1963, Edward Teller testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in opposition to the test ban treaty. "From the present levels of worldwide fallout, there is no danger," he said. "The real danger is that you will frighten mothers from giving milk to their babies. By that, probably more damage has been done than by anything else concerning this matter."[41]

    This is the Atomic Asshole who thought to add cheap dirty U238 to his hydrogen bombs and the rationale for much of the continued 1950s testing was to make them cleaner…

    Lies and Doublespeak from the US govt regarding ANYTHING nuclear is what the public needs to understand…

    We have been unwilling guinea pigs to perpetuate these lies…

    Check out "Killing Our Own"

    • ion jean ion jean

      And they taught Japan WELL

    • ion jean ion jean

      We are your Government

      You are our Guinea Pig

      First we will dig it then bake it then explode it everywhere

      Then you will breathe it walk through it then eat it and drink it for the rest of your lives and the twenty generations after you (if you're lucky enough to carry a live baby to term) oh and don't bother to tell us if it makes you sick cause we really don't care

      Just shut up and pay your taxes

  • japan guinea pig

    Japan should turn Fukushima into a national attraction and call it "The Fukushima illuminations"…bacause everything Glows in the dark !!

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    This is typical Government Propaganda, just like when the US Army was told it was safe and to march a platoon of US Army troops, in a slit trench near ground zero to get up and walk to "Ground Zero" after an above ground Nuclear Blast at the Nevada Test site!

    Go to the Las Vegas Atomic Testing Museum and watch them walking into the valley of death!

    As a kid I was told to go out and watch the last "75" above ground blasts, it was safe. I felt the hot particles dancing on my skin from a wind shift, and saw the brightest light ever seen. My mom got multiple tumors and one tumor the size of a tennis ball on her neck. I got dozens of tumors and some fatal cancer, and my friends in Southern Utah, most of them all died young of cancer!

    My dad built the "75" last above ground 1957 bomb hoists, and lowered the bombs. He died of bone & lung cancer!

    SURE IT'S SAFE, SAFE TO DIE, SOME SOONER THAN OTHERS! How's your luck? As Clint Eastwood said in the movie "Dirty Harry", "Do you feel lucky?"

  • Jay

    Talking about risk of exposure and 'Russian roulette' ?
    Medical Fact : it takes just One single cancerous cell to start a new tumor !

    Have that Tatooed on his forhead ( if you find that part ) .

  • Mack Mack

    The chance of getting cancer from Fukushima is not infinitesimal…

    it is INFINITE.

  • SophieQ

    If Japan never experienced a bloody revolution, now is the time. Now or never again. Ruled by lying, psychopathic, self-righteous, criminal, corrupt and utterly mentally challenged, by testosterone alone operated 6-Sense-Machines with no recourse at all? Watch the Japanese people croaking away – then You get the idea what they will do when the same thing happens here. Wait, You can melt all this radioactive waste into metal to build large roller coasters. Americans are known to be able to combine the necessary with the useful, aren't they?
    Quick look back at Chernobyl, the disaster I experienced in an area that was hit by the fallout (Bavaria), which has shown, that being born with two heads, six extremities, three eyes, baby heads that never developed a proper skull in pregnancy – in short, there is a 'museum' of the collective radiation damage inflicted on humans, animals and plants. Sadly so, we no longer live under a just system, if we ever did. Telling millions of people that radiation has only an infinitesimal effect on the health of all Japanese people should be punishable with death through the gallows.

    • SophieQ

      Apologies, one sentence got lost…
      "…that being born with two heads, six extremities, three eyes, baby heads that never developed a proper skull in pregnancy can hardly be called 'infinitesimal' – in short…"