Major Scandal? NRC Chairman says commission ‘not as protective of public health and safety as I believe is necessary’ — Commissioners claim his behavior is increasingly ‘erratic’, causing ‘serious damage’

Published: December 10th, 2011 at 8:26 am ET


Top nuke regulators tell White House of ‘grave concerns’ with NRC chairman, The Hill’s E2-Wire, Dec. 9, 2011:

Members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have told the White House that NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko is causing “serious damage” to the agency that could harm the body’s ability to protect health and safety.

An Oct. 13 letter from Jaczko’s four NRC colleagues to White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is a powerful, unified rebuke of the agency’s leader by his fellow commissioners, who cite “grave concerns” about his conduct and allege it’s increasingly “erratic.” […]

Jaczko defended his leadership on the commission in a Dec. 7 letter to Daley released Friday by the NRC.

He acknowledged that there are often major policy disagreements on the commission, adding that he believes the commission “has taken an approach that is not as protective of public health and safety as I believe is necessary.” But he said he respects their right to disagree. […]

Published: December 10th, 2011 at 8:26 am ET


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132 comments to Major Scandal? NRC Chairman says commission ‘not as protective of public health and safety as I believe is necessary’ — Commissioners claim his behavior is increasingly ‘erratic’, causing ‘serious damage’

  • alexa

    Could he have become eratoc due to all the Fukushima radiation exposure. I’ve seen such effects in people. Off all organizations, NRC should not be surprised of effects of radiation. Instead, they should consider the possibility of hundreds of million US citizens erratically comming after NRC soon…..

    • Actually he has not become “erratic” at all. That is what they say about people who speak the truth. Remember that Jaczko was a vocal critic of nuclear safety problems before being appointed as chairman of the NRC. He worked as a nuclear expert aide to Congressman Ed Markey (Democrat of Massachusetts). Ed Markey has been (and continues to be) the highest ranking member of the U.S. government to criticize the nuke industry and alert the public to hazards. (Rest in peace Senator Paul Wellstone, Democrat of Minnesota who also was vocally anti nuke until he died in an airplane “accident”).

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I remember Wellstone. I did not know he was an Anti-Nuke.
        I hope you continue with your INFO about this below. We’re LISTENING!

        • PayAttention

          john f. kennedy was vocal about banning nuclear tests

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            THAT I remember. So BOTH were killed because of their stance on NUKES along with so many other reasons.

          • stock

            Yeah 1963 was the year I was born, it was the year of the most pollution due to nuclear tests, it was the year that Kennedy was killed.

            And for the record, I did not kill Kennedy.

          • ion jean ion jean

            Kennedy was sad to know that children like me were out dancing barefoot in the pouring strontium rain as it watered all the food we ate.

            Upper atmospheric bomb tests, megatons strapped to rockets, had lodged so much of the yield in the stratosphere to precipitate down in convection storms…he was a president who had children all around him and financed by family wealth had no compromising policy positions therefore.

            If the atomic zealots had Kennedy crucified for the Test Ban Treaty that needs to be revealed.

            By ’63 they had channeled so much of the defense budget and in almost two decades amassed an unstoppable growth in power personnel propaganda projects and tons of human experimentation…I’m sure Kennedy didn’t like that either.

            • dharmasyd dharmasyd

              The many vendettas against Kennedy were far more than atomic skepticism alone. Try Mafia, organized crime, control of government, MIC, and more and more and more…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Partial Test Ban Treaty, 1963
              Limited success was achieved with the signing of the Partial Test Ban Treaty in 1963, which banned nuclear tests in the atmosphere, underwater and in space. Neither France nor China signed the PTBT. However, the treaty was still ratified by the United States after a 80 to 19 vote in the United States Senate.[8]

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Kennedy’s assassination didn’t halt passage of the Test Ban Treaty, 1963. And he was in favor of nuclear energy, as indicated by his reply to
                Civilian Nuclear Power–1962 Report to Kennedy
                … THE WHITE HOUSE
                March 17, 1962
                Dear Mr. Chairman…

                I, personally am very opposed to the use of thorium as an energy resource. The earth is already too saturated with radium to tolerate any more.

      • Oops…. i should have written that Jaczko worked for Sen. Harry Reid exposing the fraud of Yucca Mtn… my mistake. Markey has been a vocal advocate for Jaczko, especially during the effort by the nuke industry to prevent his appointment as commissioner of the NRC. Markey staffers DID prepare the report to expose improper actions by the pro-nuke NRC members trying to oust Jaczko. Sorry… I was rushing to work and just muddled the facts. The main point remains the same: Jaczko may not be perfect (or outright anti-nuclear power) but he IS an ally against nuclear industry groupthink. He WILL go public with concerns unlike almost every other member of the nuclear fraternity, and the industry wants him gone. That is the bottom line.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      :>) +100

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This man is in this position..because the industry,,allowed and profitted from his tacticc.
    Now they find his “usual personality” more and more difficult to handle..because he… himself is having trouble handling his “unusual personality”
    This type does not do well..when questioned….when things are not going their way ..etc.
    They don’t do well with reality….
    This situation will be trying to his sanity.

    • Mack Mack

      It’s ironic that they’re going after Jaczko when:

      1. He voted YES to move forward with the NRC Fukushima Task Force safety recommendations, but Commissisoners Svinicki, Ostendorff and Magwood, who are complaining about Jaczko, voted to “slow-walk” the recommendations! Jaczko also made his YES vote public, which probably irritated the others.

      2. He’s fighting for “dry cask” storage which is safer.

      3. He recommended that the initial Fukushima evacuation zone to be 50 miles right after the meltdowns, and he got skewered by the pro-nukers over that.

      —> The pro-nukers don’t like him because they say he’s stopping new nuclear plants from being built.

      —> The industry doesn’t like him because the dry cask storages are expensive and the safety recommendations are expensive.

      If the pro-nukers don’t like Jaczko, he must be doing something right. 🙂

      (credit to iam335 for the above link)

      • Not sure why that is ironic. Jaczko tries to actually regulate the industry and they call him names… sounds pretty straight forward that the nuclear crooks want to keep Jaczko from costing them money with his “public safety” concerns so they call him erratic.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Jaczko in his own defense from

        June, the NRC staff publicly questioned the agency’s top management for altering a scientific evaluation of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal site in Nevada. Researchers said Jaczko , directed them to remove findings about Yucca Mountain from the report. Staff members said for management to change a report by NRC scientists is “unusual.” Jaczko responded to the two-page letter signed by all of the other panel members with his own letter basically saying it is the rest of the commission’s members who are wrong. Jaczko argues that his “sole and passionate focus” since joining the agency in 2005 has been on nuclear safety and security. “Unfortunately, all too often, when faced with tough policy calls, a majority of this current commission has taken an approach that is not as protective of public health and safety as I believe is necessary,” said Jaczko. Jaczko denied there is a “chilled work environment around me” and said he never attempted to intimidate anyone.

    • Actually the nuke industry tried VERY hard to keep Jaczko from being on the commission at all… let alone to be head of the NRC. The only things that should surprise anyone who was following this issue before 3/11 is that the industry (and Obama’s enemies) couldn’t stop Jaczko from being confirmed. (Jaczko is by far the best person who could have been appointed and the industry hates and fears him). The other surprise is that he bit his tongue as long as he did. Welcome back to the real Greg Jaczko.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I didn’t know all that AS. Very interesting.
        Wasn’t watching the NRC until 3/11.
        Thanks for that INFO.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Learn new stuff everyday.
        So…Jaczko is THEIR ENEMY. Is this a drive to force him out?
        If he is forced out, what can we expect then? Back to usual bullshit? Who will replace him if so? Oh God, I have so many Questions now. If you care to, ALL EARS HERE/

        • Whoever follows Jaczko will be far worse (unless the public suddenly wakes up and says ENOUGH). He is far from perfect. He DID keep quiet when he should have shouted S.O.S. he clearly was insensitive when he laughed-off the question about worker safety (although i admit to laughing inappropriately when i feel nervous or ashamed or uncomfortable so i really think that we may be a little unfair about that one….) also i wish he had been more vocal about safety in general.
          That said, he is the ONLY senior voice at the NRC who is willing to even admit that the NRC is not doing enough. To those who want Jaczko gone: be VERY careful what you wish for.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            That’s a SCARY conclusion. Leads me to believe much worse will be on the horizon if he is ousted. Thanks again AS. Did not know all this. 🙁

      • or-well

        @Andrew – question –
        You seem well-informed about him. Do you think he can no longer reconcile his beliefs with his official position ?
        Is he taking a bow, going out with a flourish ? Or….

        • Yeah… I was a Greenpeace campaigner for about 6 years back in the 90’s. I saw the industry lies firsthand when they pulled the giant steam generator from Yankee Rowe nuclear plant. They had this giant radioactive hulk on a specially built truck with like 60 wheels and drove it down narrow roads over bridges with signs saying “limit 10 tons” and past homes, schools, etc… the company said that radiation would be very low (about twice background radiation they said). We staged a mock funeral procession in front of the truck (they could only drive about 4 mph anyway) and carried caskets while wearing tyvek radiation suits. Our own geiger counters quickly showed that the official numbers were incorrect. Actual radiation in the air at a distance was hundreds to thousands of counts per minute. Not having more detailed info I cannot say how much external and internal exposure we all got… but at least our banner made the NY Times…

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            So in conclusion, Jaczko is being targeted by the same people who have played dirty all these years.
            No matter how the Jaczko story is spun, it does seem consistent with the way the nuclear industry tends to issue blame when something goes wrong. Wonder who is targeting him? Big Money? Mind is reeling with so many questions.

            I’m proud to meet you. And thank you so much for the History lesson.

            • And thank YOU for all the time and energy that you spend learning and sharing the info that you can about an important issue.

              • Whoopie Whoopie

                You sure Opened My Eyes. This is important Info we all should know. I fear for “worse” if he’s ousted now. Thank you so very much AS. Guess we all needed enlightenment about this issue.

      • Bobby1

        Sounds like a regular love feast for the NRC.

        And the IAEA, they are public servants motivated by pure altruism only.

        And Tepco never lies, it is doing a bang-up job with the reactors.


        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Jazcko was the one laughing in the interview when being told about irradiated people, or not? Wasn’t he the one visiting Ft. Calhoun claiming everything was fine, with or without rubber donut? And he’ll be visiting Fuku next week when the govmt declares completion of cold shutdown, right?

          I hate the guy.

      • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

        Who appointed Jaczko?

    • Bobby1

      “In August, Republican senators asked the inspector general to investigate whether Jaczko had authority to declare the Japan nuclear crisis an emergency – which grants him additional powers – since the crisis occurred on foreign soil. A Japanese nuclear plant was crippled by a tsunami last March. The senators also said they were not certain that Jaczko has rescinded the order, despite his public claims to the contrary.”

      When Jaczko declared a nuclear emergency in the US on March 11, the NRC assumed all power to control radiation information in the US. Then Jaczko assumed all power in the NRC, over and above the other commissioners.

      This is why Americans have no information about the radiation that is sickening and killing them. The NRC is dictatorially in control of the info.

      Jaczko is the ghoul who was in that video laughing at the Fukushima workers.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Ghoul is right.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        “Jaczko is the ghoul who was in that video laughing at the Fukushima workers.”

        I remember that video clip, Bobby1. It was indeed ghoulish. Anybody got a link to it? This might be a good time to take another look at the man in action.

        One chilling thought… that kind of ghoulish behavior (laughing at the victims and their concerns) could cause “serious damage to the agency” in that people might decide the NRC is not warm and cuddly after all. Perhaps that is what is annoying the other commissioners.

        In any case, bureaucrats don’t usually turn on each other publicly until very late in the game. I imagine this is some kind of successorship ritual.

      • lam335 lam335

        Interesting point. Despite having followed Fuku as closely as I could back in March, I never saw the media report anything about the fact that the NRC had this power to declare and emergency and seize total control of all radiation-related information. I would be interested in knowing more about this.

        This seems like a very dangerous power for the NRC to have, considering that, as every major accident has shown, their first instinct is always to protect the industry and the plant operator, rather than the public. At the very least, the NRC should not be able to decide to seize this authority on its own. This emergency authority should have to be granted to them for a limited time by elected officials (either the Congress or the President). That is the only way to diminish the NRC’s freedom to abuse this authority and to ensure that there is/are some official(s) who will know that they can be held accountable for the misuse of this power. In ancient Rome, they had a practice of appointing dictators with total authority to deal with crises. But those dictators had to be appointed by the senate and, I believe, approved by the people. If an individual could simply declare himself (or his agency) “dictator” without needing any authorization from representatives of the people, that is an open invitation to abuse one’s authority.

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          That’s what you get when you’re represented by an “Empire.” Dictatorships, power that corrupts absolutely, zero transparency, secrecy, lack of accountability, no punishment for crimes, and crimes against humanity.

  • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

    Maybe they are discrediting the guy because he wants to measure, report and inform the American people.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Some Trolls were tearing into him yesterday. Know what I think of him NOW? (it hurts to say it!) HERO. Ouch!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    No..this guy is no good…we need a full expose on this guy…

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Yeah…I know. I HATE THEM ALL TRUTHFULLY. Fukushima 9 months in NO END IN SIGHT If I could EDIT I’d delete that comment. He’s NO HERO.

    • Mack Mack

      Aren’t all of the NRC Commissioners vetted first by the pro-nuclear lobby group, the Nuclear Energy Institute?

      Doesn’t that scream “conflict of interest?”

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        It sure does Mack. We need Congressional Hearings on the NRC NOW!
        It just might happen, now that there’s this new Jaczko problem.
        Ya know Obama appointed the asshole. Another Fail of O’s.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I have to go to work..I’ll be back with some the meantime..i hope folks tear him the good one he deserves.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose I recall …last seen on enenews..laughing the face of the journalists questions…about Fukushima.
    …..grumbling through clinched teeth…no emotion..Heart….show no emotion……

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


  • or-well

    “erratic” – as in not sufficiently “Nukes are doubleplusgood!”…

    Maybe next he’ll start acting erotically…

    Maybe he’s started to see the nuclear glowing light or maybe it’s nothing more than an internal power-play in the NRC fiefdom, but whatever, it’s still the pro-nuke enabling NRC.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Langley just posted. Sounds like he’s Changing Gears! This is GOOD!!
    December 10, 2011 Normally, for the sake of independent observation, I’m on my own, but even though I resist like all hell any collaboration, at this point, my knowledge of the technical aspects of the consequences of the Fukushima disaster requires A CHANGE IN TACK.

    I’ll be emailing people Monday. Being a boundary rider has its liimits.

    Paul Langley

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      He’s TOUGH, INDEPENDENT AND VERY VERY GOOD AT CALLING THE INDUSTRY OUT! Wonder WHO he’ll be mailing? Oh damn, you better believe I’ll keep a Close Eye on his blog. THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @Whoopie… the trolls have bad things to say..because they work with him..and know him a whole lot better than we do….
    There have been reports..that he is a bully in meetings ..etc….

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Yeah and look what he did for 9 months. NOTHING NOTHING!!

      • rebelgroove

        You’re right. He did nothing for 9 months – except perhaps wrestle with his conscience and build the courage to speak out against what he saw a wrong.

      • He also was the ONLY official voice of the nuclear authorities to say that the evacuation should be a 50-mile radius.
        He was the last speed-bump before Yucca mountain would have allowed the nuke biz to call the waste problem”solved” so they could start their nuclear “renaissance” here in the U.S.
        He was the lone voice on the NRC in favor of implementing the Fukushima panel recommendations to avoid an accident here.
        And on many other issues he was the only voice in favor of greater safety standards.
        Soooooo…. not nothing exactly.

    • Mack Mack

      Or maybe the trolls don’t like him because he won’t tow the line and completely follow the pro-nuclear agenda.

  • rebelgroove

    Read between the lines – as soon as one of ‘them’ has a moment of moral doubt and speaks up, the rest turn on him like piranhas and eat him.

    Simply more evidence that the NRC is actually beholden to the nuclear industry. I mean, after the ongoing and ever-more-serious crisis in Fukushima, only an absolute fool or a complete ass would even suggest nuclear energy is safe.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Edward Tulley opposed to having a fukushima here? Gregory Jaczko needs your support.
    5 minutes ago

  • or-well

    Distracting theatre.
    If he’s a good guy he’ll be OUT.
    It’s the NRC after all.
    Is he less bad or more bad or breaking bad or cracking up or getting religion ?
    Irrelevant. Until and unless he blows the whistle.
    He’ll pull aside the curtain or he won’t.
    Time will tell.
    Until then it’s Showtime, fodder for mass media.
    Just my opinion.

  • or-well

    You folks do good work re: tracking these jackals, I would like to add.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Hey New York,
    Do ya really think this guy is sane?

    New York Nuclear-Accident Evacuation Would Work, Jaczko Says
    December 09, 2011, 7:46 AM EST

    By Brian Wingfield and Julie Johnsson

    Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) — The New York City area may be safely evacuated in the event of a Fukushima-like disaster at the Indian Point nuclear plant because a crisis would unfold slowly, the top U.S. nuclear regulator said….

    It’s bloomberg, ya gotta click thru the ad.

    • or-well

      “…a crisis would unfold slowly…”
      as in controlled release of info.
      To who’s benefit ?
      How did evacuating New Orleans work out by the way ?

  • Jebus Jebus


    Gregory Jaczko Has a Cold

    By: Gregg Levine Friday December 9, 2011 8:30 am

    In April 1966, Esquire Magazine published a story by Gay Talese that is still considered one of the greatest magazine articles of all time; the article, the cover story, was titled “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.”

    The piece, still very much worth the read, says much about celebrity, journalism, and, of course, celebrity journalism, but germane here is a point Talese makes early on: for most people, having a cold is a trivial matter–after all, it’s called the “common” cold–but when a man, a cultural icon, a giant of stage and screen like Sinatra (remember, this is 1966) has a cold, well. . . .

    • or-well

      “Gregory Laczko Has a Cold”

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I didn’t know where you were going with that one Jebus, but when I followed your link… Wow! really good piece.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I like FDL. I’ll post to HP Thanks

      I liked a @YouTube video FAREWELL TO NUCLEAR POWER – A Lecture on Fukushima Daiichi by T
      3 minutes ago

      • Good one Whoopie!

        From lecture video – At 8:15
        “I think if women start movements rather than stupid men, then women can change Japan” – Hirose

        * –> “Please protect your own children, the children in your neighborhood, and your grandchildren…” – Hirose

        * This point really needs to be pounded in like a non-stop drum!!!
        I am for anything that works. 🙂

        note: the video has a bit of sound issue for several seconds at the start, don’t worry, it goes away quickly. The actual lecture starts up at about 6 minutes.

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Actually I think women would be worse actually.
          and I’m a woman, old one at that.
          Japanese Women COULD DO IT THOUGH!!

      • Sevv Sevv

        Thanks Whoopie for posting
        Watched the whole 3 hours, very informative. Wishing Japan courage and hope!

  • Eric

    Hi guys, been watching since mid March. The energy you old posters have maintained the last 9 months is amazing.It’s been good learning who most of you are.It seems tho, that many are confused by not recognizing and really owning the fact that the ruling paradigm is genocidal in nature inherently. James2 has a post2-3 days ago which most of us need to revisit now and often, describing Japans strategy of spreading radiation. Significant post in part because it can help break the false assumption which many, even here, have that those in charge are incompetent.It is an act to confuse the fact of effective depopulation plans stepping into high gear.Explain again, James2

    • James2

      Well, thanks for acknowledging. You got the first part right, but I’m not sure the second part.

      My statement was this:

      We all thought the strategy should be to contain the radiation, and evacuate those who are in the area.

      Frustratingly, Japan hasn’t seemed to be trying to contain the radiation at all. However, given Japan’s population density and the ability to contain 6 melting down raging nuke plants (yes I said 6, not 3 or 4) they, appear to have decided on a totally different strategy.

      That is to distribute the radiation as far and wide as possible away from the source – in other words send it offshore; send it through the air; truck it into the mountains; ship it away in food, in computer chips and cars – dilute it as much as possible, and keep the Japanese people in place.

      Undoubtedly they determined early-on that the cost and risk to the entire country was too great to contain and evacuate, so they’re trying this other strategy – which ought to outrage the rest of the world – but the other countries are too stupid to admit they’ve been tricked.

      Hence the seemingly bizarre actions of burying plutonium fragments; scraping off school playgrounds; burning materials at night and sending them up in smoke; dumping everything into the sea – None of these things seem logical until you understand the strategy – then it becomes crystal clear.

      Now I do not in any way relate this to “depopulation” which I think is a bunch of horsecrap – I think it is solely a Japanese Government method of survival.

  • Jebus Jebus

    More doublespeak…

    NRC Chief: Nuke Industry Must Heed Lesson of Japan
    By: Matthew Daly, Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s nuclear safety chief said Tuesday he is worried that U.S. nuclear plant operators have become complacent, just nine months after the nuclear disaster in Japan.

    Gregory Jaczko, chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said recent instances of human error and other problems have endangered workers and threatened safety at a handful of the 65 nuclear power plants in the United States….

    ….The NRC has conducted a greater number of special inspections this year — 20 so far — than at any point in recent memory, Jaczko said. The inspections were all prompted by site-specific concerns, but could indicate broader problems, Jaczko said….

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    A Pro-Nuke just replied to my comment:
    “This isn’t really goung to be about Fukushima, but about Jaczko’s withholdin­g informatio­n (illegally­) from the commission in the Yucca Mountian episode.
    Jaczko is essentiall­y a political animal, and his chairmansh­ip will die a political death, and as we all know, if it’s political, right or wrong simply doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    WHAT THE HELL? I swear, this is “gonna get good”. rotflmao!

    • or-well

      “…if it’s political, right or wrong simply doesn’t have anything to do with it.”
      Regardless of source, I agree with that.
      Perhaps “…get good” in this case means only it gets worse if insider dissent is silenced, or remains business as usual with a new NRC head.

      If they start cutting each other up it might be entertaining, but I suspect there are ample folks who would take ALL their places.

      I hope we learn more. I too am all ears.

    • Jebus Jebus

      This is a confusing and interesting drama unfolding at the NRC befitting of any reality TV.
      On one hand G.J. states that the Nukes need cracking down on.
      But his actions and decisions tell another story.
      His four “Peers” can’t stand him.
      Congress is starting to notice.
      O is the only one who can fire him.
      There’s a hearing on wednesday…

      APNewsBreak: NRC Panel: Nuke Chief Damages Agency

      Four Nuclear Regulatory commissioners from both parties say they have “grave concerns” about the panel’s chairman, charging that the actions of Gregory Jaczko are “causing serious damage” to the commission and creating a “chilled work environment at the NRC.”

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        IT IS CONFUSING…until you read Andrew Spagnoli ABOVE.
        Please scroll up and take a look.
        MIND IS REELING and wondering if PU and Jebus might be right about writing Jaczko with support below.
        There’s a lot to RE-THINK, RE-EXAMINE ECT. about Jaczko. If whoever is doing this SUCCEEDS – Andrew says we’ll all be wishing Jaczko was back.

    • lam335 lam335

      One thing they are angry about is the way he handled the decision to end the Yucca mountain project.

      . . . So now they are appealing to the White House.

      . . . Don’t you think maybe the White House, along with Harry Reid, had something to do with the decision to discontinue Yucca Mountain? How receptive can the WH be to these complaints if Jaczko handled Yucca as he did on their orders?

  • I suspect he might know one or two things that we don’t know, i.e. terrible things, and he’s covering his tracks for later on.

    Things like:

    1. There is no solution
    2. Everyone will die
    3. They don’t know how to tell us
    4. It will get worse
    5. It will get worse

    If Number 2. is happening, then word may get out, and he wants to get a headstart on things in case the whole world tries to lynch him.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Maybe the only way for him to survive is to step out from the shadows of the dark side and step into the light of truth.
      He could probably use a couple of friendly emails right now!
      Maybe we can guide him? 😉

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear PU:

      There are solutions, but not without utterly upending and replacing top-down hierarchy and capitalism with bottom-up (citizen control) directly democratic, transparent, sharing-based systems. The current problem for example, under Structural Functionalism (Parsons), our current dominant exploitation-hoarding based system, only 1% of the entire population of the planet ever will have any access to higher education–one problem of many with status quo–no problem inevitable or that difficult to change. How has creativity, solution genesis, problem amelioration and conservation outcomes have been prevented? Most of all solutions are prevented, simply by the lack of access to education and then by the lack of open-source info sharing by the tiny percentage of people empowered to generate solutions–how many detoured by greed, or by paycheck enabling grant writing? Do we imagine that it’s impossible to change? In fact, our current human political and socioeconomic systems are like metastasizing cancers, they are natural; but they are aberrant and are not the highest and best or the most natural expressions of human group structures. Sharing-based structures with bottom-up, a-hierarchical forms are the condition in which humans have spent most of their existence as a species. The latest ~260 years, in particular, require the most effort to up-hold, maintain and are the least rewarding for those whose assent is demanded (99.99% who are not multi-millionaires and billionaires, who are the most psychotic parasitic humans). Current top-down greed driven hierarchies are not resilient and are the least creative structures–despite PR to the contrary. This is part of the point, and there is tremendous learning potential from the triple main disasters of these times: Fukushima (collective irradiation by failing nuclear reactors and associated waste)= related destruction of all species genomes, anthropogenic global warming/masse extinctions

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        The triple main disasters that are caused, inevitably, by human society locked in nearly universal, top-down greed-based status quo socioeconomic and political structures are as follows: Fukushima (and other nuclear reactor/waste disasters), anthropogenic thermal maximum and related mass extinctions. It takes much more energy to maintain these systems than it does to replace them with systems that would make much more sense for an ecologically speaking K-type, upright, sight-driven, land prey species wholly dependent upon sharing and ecological mutualism for species fitness.

        • or-well

          Yay Pallas89juno !
          Them’s fightin’ words !
          (to the 1%)
          So from a longer-term perspective, what we need is not revolution but counterrevolution, to overturn the relatively recent dominance of unsustainable concepts and particularly the influence acquired by those who control Capital powered by the now-ending era of relatively cheap and easy to get energy.

          A quick interpretation of your thoughtful posts.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as Amended in NUREG-0980

    This Act is the fundamental U.S. law on both the civilian and the military uses of nuclear materials. On the civilian side, it provides for both the development and the regulation of the uses of nuclear materials and facilities in the United States, declaring the policy that “the development, use, and control of atomic energy shall be directed so as to promote world peace, improve the general welfare, increase the standard of living, and strengthen free competition in private enterprise.” The Act requires that civilian uses of nuclear materials and facilities be licensed, and it empowers the NRC to establish by rule or order, and to enforce, such standards to govern these uses as “the Commission may deem necessary or desirable in order to protect health and safety and minimize danger to life or property.” Commission action under the Act must conform to the Act’s procedural requirements, which provide an opportunity for hearings and Federal judicial review in many instances….

    • Jebus Jebus

      Nuclear Regulatory Legislation: 111th Congress (NUREG-0980)

      Page Last Reviewed/Updated Sunday, March 13, 2011?

    • Bobby1

      There is an article in the federal register about the NRC’s role in a nuclear emergency. This is one of the “executive orders” that the President issues without consultation of Congress.

      I found the link a while ago but I lost it. The web site is a maze, and the article might have been taken down.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        Yes! The executive orders website would cross a Rabbi’s eyes.

      • midwestern midwestern

        Bill provisions on US Nuke Policy await House-Senate Conference:

        WASHINGTON — The top four lawmakers on the House and Senate Armed Services committees met Thursday for a second day behind closed doors to hash out a compromise bill on fiscal 2012 defense authorization, a process expected to resolve months of disagreement over nuclear policy provisions (see GSN, June 22).

      • ion jean ion jean

        I’m not positive, but there is a site that I think has a list of all 100+ Executive Orders…the sound of that word creeps me out; i guess with the balance of powers though, Congress could challenge anything the President decides and impeach him if he’s not protecting the general walfare of the citizens.

  • James2

    This is an internal battle at the NRC – I suspect Jazco is thinking about coming clean.

    Some of them have figured out they are committing felony after felony by covering Fukushima up, and allowing North Anna to restart, and probably dozens of other things.

    They know we are watching and documenting.

    Some of them, and their energy company “handlers” don’t care – they want to continue to follow the money.

    But as the reality continues to slowly leak out – as the MSM starts to publish a few stories here and there – the fear hits them.

    They will be the ones who will be thrown under the bus and indicted, when/if this hits mainstream before the 2012 elections. Somebody will have to go to jail – and it will be them. And a felony trial and conviction is no laughing matter.

    So do they save themselves now by coming clean – or continue to walk further and further out on to a shaky limb that can easily be chopped off?

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      So far, he missed some hundred opportunities to “come clean”, methinks. Bet he’s having a good laugh and some drinks right now with his pronuke buddies, laughing about that great spin “nuclear with morals and responsibility”.
      I don’t buy ONE SINGLE word of this bullshit. He’s shown us his true face too often.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        @Bread and Butter

        But remember, B&B, people in general are not black/white. Most are gray. Meaning, some things about them are good, and some are bad. Very few are all one way or the other.

        I think James2’s comments are pertinent. Remember Arnie Gundersen’s appearance before the NRC? Those members were insulting him by ignoring his comments while he was speaking. Jaczko has to deal with people like that every day.

        I once compared holding political office with being a wife of Henry the VIII. Maybe that’s how Jaczko feels at this moment.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hi NoPrevarication, mmmh, maybe you’re right – but I think he must have been singing along with them for quite some time to become Chairman of the NRC in the first place, no? That’s reason enough to mistrust him (for me).

    • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DisasterInterpretationDissorder


      This is an internal battle at the NRC – I suspect Jazco is thinking about coming clean.

      Some of them have figured out they are committing felony after felony by covering Fukushima up, and allowing North Anna to restart, and probably dozens of other things.

      They know we are watching and documenting. ”

      So, its working ?! We , the webwarriors of collective conscious are setting some of them straight, GREAT !!!! 🙂

    • ion jean ion jean

      Since its inception, the atomic age and subsequently the AEC-NRC has been laced like a wedding dress cocktail with lie after lie after lie after human experiment after animal torture after radiating 160 million young children externally and internally…there has ALWAYS been infighting, warring camps, angels and demons galore

      Does this mean Gregory Jaczko is officially an angel? I know Ed Markey is pretty darn close, so I’m as optimistic about this association as I am pessimistic about the Obama_Exelon love affair…

      Jaczko, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT in history, your time TO SHINE…don’t be afraid of the wolves, the people of the United States have GOT YOUR BACK

      If you can hear me, form an alliance with Gundersen, Caldicott, Busby, Kaku, Moret, Null, et al the other wonderful angel whistleblowers

      Agreed that the fire of a felony certainly motivates, but not as deeply as THE FIRE OF TRUTH

      We The People are demanding total transparency about increases in disease from fallout and NPPs, the dark origins of radiological “medicine”: how the pseudoscience came into being not as a cancer cure (more of a cause) piggybacked onto the atomic war machine

      How fallout from the tests covered the entire US and gave unsafe doses internally and externally to 160 million as the US military turned the entire biosphere into one trembling subject, studied by the Rand Corporation

      People who were babies at the time were never stopped from eating, drinking and breathing fission products but Eastman Kodak was sent detailed fallout maps every time…their film paper was of greater value than millions of babies’ HEALTH AND SAFETY

      Now Fukushima seeks to rob the health and longevity of another generation? If there’s anything worth dying for, it’s the lives of our children, not oil, not lithium, gold, uranium, not global supremacy and domination, and certainly not to line the pockets of utility execs and treasonous politicians.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Oh, i did not mean to leave out of my rant the poisonous legcay of fluoridation…a waste product from enrichment that wreaks havoc on hard tissue and causes ADHD and 65 other chronic debilitations, turned into a cure for cavities in the same spin fashion as radiation curing cancer

        “I guess if we just make the cause the cure, it will so badly screw with the evidence that we’ll never have to deal with those millions of lawsuits we’re afraid of and, hell, if they come for us we can always say we were just doing it for the gfood of our nation but we couldnt warn everyone because its a case of nationalsecurity which is way more important than the health and safety of American citizens and their offspring, and so the reputation of the NRC is Preserved, safe from the erratic behavior of that loose cannon Jaczko, once we can do to his reputation what we did to Oppenheimer’s.”

        You’re in good company Greg; keep up the good work!

    • Bobby1

      Jaczko thinks it’s a wonderful idea to leave thousands of tons of spent fuel next to highly populated areas like New York City.

    • Jebus Jebus

      But is it the best idea to put hundreds of thousands of tons of spent fuel in one spot, anywhere on the planet?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose he says..something vague…NRC needs to learn from Fukushima… he’s an instant hero..and comes up smelling like rose.
    ..they say sociopaths make the best salesmen.

    • Jebus Jebus

      If he really wants to be a hero, he can fling open the shades and let the sunshine in!

      • ion jean ion jean

        LOL Jebus, as we know “sunshine” is the government’s codeword for STRONTIUM 90 cause just like sunshine it’s EVERYWHERE! And we just got a fresh batch shipped to us from overseas to replace the levels that had decayed since the 60s! Good thing too, our kids are hungry and so are their growing bones!

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    The shitstain in the NRC’s drawers is finally seeing the light of day! Maybe it’ll take Jackzo wearing his Iron Man underoo’s inside-out,during perhaps the single,unscripted moment in his life at the helm of the NRC?!! If the instability starting to rear its welcome head and the in-fighting there is a sign that the time for public pressure by those who understand what nukes really represent to take advantage of the weakened position & vulnerabilities and finish them off with the call for an entirely new agency to be created & take over the regulatory tasks that don’t really exist except in the minds of the victims in denial being spoon-fed their BS via MSM. Of course even a completely new agency would eventually fall in line with their corporate puppet-master’s orders & ambitions-but the time it’d take for the corruption & greed to reach all the levels of function required to put their nuclear train back on track might be just long enough for some slick maneuvers of our own device to make sure it stays derailed. If something positive evolved during a period of incohesion in the NRC that results in more of their dirty little(maybe not so “little”)secrets-they might not regain their juice and if it happens due to some indecisive,bald-headed “jackal” turning on the rest of the pack for whatever reasons-I hope it’s because the dude took a look at his own kids or grandkids and did some soul-searching & found out he still has one! Maybe it’ll be contagious & catch on with some of the other clowns in the Nuclear Regulatory Circus…may they all show up to work monday wearing their shitstained drawers outside of their clothes!!lol…..~PEACE~

  • jackassrig

    I dont trust a apparatchik as far as I can slobber. Throw him in the water and see if he floats. The bastards are up there to do one thing and that’s to protect the nuclear industry.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      It’s very likely that this a controlled debate to make it seem that the US and the present administration is really concerned about the safety of nuclear power plants. This is a red herring because no nuclear power plant can possibly be safe. And the administration should really be decommissioning all nuclear power plants and not allowing any new nuclear power plants to be built. And it should be also denouncing MOX fuel. Can’t believe the politicians unless they denounce all things nuclear and denounce the use of all electomagnetic weapons.

  • jackassrig

    The FAA has no concern over airline safety. They are there to protect the airlines from lawsuits. Dead passengers are valued at 1 million a piece. When the passenger amount exceeds the repair of the planes, then they will issue a order to repair. All apparatchiks are the same. If the old chisel face has had a change of heart, it’s because he’s afraid of swinging from a rope.

  • jackassrig

    If they had decommissioned Fuku after 30 years, we would not be having this discussion. These GD bean counters will be the death of us all.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    In Feb….Jaczko said that GE ..Westinghouse..will get licensing priority.

  • entropy

    Weird. Read the comments. That’s why they like nuclear, no evidence.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I don’t consider this truth telling…
    The 50 km…evac zone that Jaczko recommends is piss…in comparison to what is needed.