Man arrested after collecting radioactive rubble 60 km from Fukushima plant

Published: July 8th, 2011 at 4:36 pm ET


Man freed after arrest for collecting radiation-contaminated rubble in Fukushima, Mainichi, July 8, 2011:

A man has been freed after being held on suspicion of collecting rubble allegedly contaminated with radiation from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant without permission, the Mainichi has learned.

The man was arrested on March 26 after allegedly collecting about 1.8 metric tons of broken brick walls and other rubble from a house in Koriyama for a 42,000 yen fee without a license in violation of the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law. […]

Published: July 8th, 2011 at 4:36 pm ET


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90 comments to Man arrested after collecting radioactive rubble 60 km from Fukushima plant

  • ocifferdave

    Get some highly radioactive junk and sell it on the black market, yakuza baddies? Possible.

  • Misitu

    Is Mainichi a satire site?

  • Maybe he just wanted bricks? “What do ya mean this stuff is radioactive, the government told me it wasn’t!”

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    “Radioactive ruble.” Huh. I will bet the person was collecting bits of plutonium and other nasty emitters. It just lying on the ground over there after 3 went up. It will be easy to trace if it found in other places due to isotope signatures. Great, just what we all need, some dumb ass selling plutonium bits…..

  • theypoisonus

    Remember. This Govt. and TEMPCO said for a long time that there was NO damage outside the reactors. This incident happened then.

    It isn’t fair calling some guy trying to make a buck and idiot ! These people are not all genius’s you know,even tho they tout themselves as such. They have their homeless, unemployed, disadvantaged, mentally challanged,etc. just like any nation.

    They were also nuked really well just a few decades ago by ‘you know who’.
    What hypocracy !! I am honestly astounded at the blatant remarks I am reading here.

    The US Gov. isn’t any better and if you live in sunny calif.. anywhere close to simi valley.. well, you shouldn’t have ever moved or lived there.

    They used salt water also, btw.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Depends on where it ultimately ends up now doesn’t it? No one deserves this type of thing happening period. Idiots figuring it out and now look what we have.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      No, saltwater was not used at Santa Susanna. That was a sodium cooled reactor.

  • theypoisonus

    I apologize, sorta. I was upset about the Simi Valley vid I saw and then came here and read a couple of remarks that hit me wrong.

    Still in all, I don’t think at any time we have any place making jest at the Japanese. period.

    We live under a govt. and corporation just as nasty as they do. Don’t be the Pot Calling the Kettle Black.

    Best this ole broad can do for an apology under the circumstances.

  • NoVictimNoFraudNoCrime

    Just like the dogs…those bricks are radioactive, and as such they are now the property of TEPCO! How dare you try to steal them!?

  • maaa

    I thought entering the 20km zone was illegal. Since when did the authorities care about radiation?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Huzzah! They have come clean and are now all honest! Riiiiight.

  • arclight arclight

    first monsanto claim organic produce has traces of their products and they sue the organic farmers…now tepco are making similar claims on all their radiation…bad news people, tepco owns the world with their new radiation patent!! i beliecve they own the animals to…and if you have been irradiated…….lol

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    NYT’s with yesterdays news NEW tweet:
    President of Japan Nuclear Operator May Resign Over E-Mails

  • so

    The outer containment is now 60km?

  • Has anyone seen one report of these elements in the water food air or land…?
    Cause they are all just as bad as plutonium, and In my opinion even worse

    • alasanon

      I definitely saw reports of Americium detected in New England during the disaster!… Arnie Gundersen mentioned it in earlier reports. That’s some nasty stuff!
      My local radiological office out East noted that they already have identified Europium in the U.S…. Another sign, but Cesium and Strontium are more common to the accident and more damaging, they say…

      I bet the whole table of radioactive elements will be represented… It’s interesting!

      • alasanon

        Sure, they don’t care about public health… How about testing for pure scientific research value??!!!

        How often do you get to measure the most rare elements on the periodic table outside a lab, for free???!!! ;P

        • alasanon

          Does anyone else think it’s crazy that they are sending up space shuttles, but they can’t address the presence of nuclear fallout with proper scientific testing!?!

          • CB CB

            I’m sure when It is revealed, that the media will make it out to there the victoms, not us.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Man freed after arrest for collecting radiation-contaminated rubble in Fukushima

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Fukushima 93 yr old commits suicide “Im evacuating to the grave”. Killed by nuke industry & political meltdown.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        I am sorry but at 93, you might as well let nature take its course. I am sorriest for the poor children.

      • alexa

        I suspect radiation death is not an easy painless death. Especially when Japanese authorities do not recognize or cover up radiation illness.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    The diabolical country on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean (no it’s not North Korea) that is what Japan seems to have morphed into will have Dr. Shunichi “100 microsieve­rts/hour radiation is safe”

  • SteveMT

    His arrest is equivalent to the killing of the messenger.
    Oops, there is no law on the books for this, so they reluctantly released him. Strategy: Let’s quickly write a retroactive law covering this practice.

    Ergo, the creation of a “Radioactive Big Brother” and “The Ministry of Healthy, Non-lethal Radiation Exposure.”

  • maaa

    What’s the future for Japan.
    “Nearly half of Belarus’s teenagers have serious health problems. Forty-five to 47 percent of those graduating from high school have physical disorders like gastro-intestinal anomalies, weakened hearts, and cataracts; 40 percent of them have chronic “blood disorders” and malfunctioning thyroids. The number of handicapped adolescents has trebled in the last decade.”

  • Information Control Continues

    Though the NILU and EPA announcements helped fuel a censorship narrative that implicated both the Japanese and American governments, it was clearly the falling radiation levels that prompted the organizations to change course.

    Good try Slate, but we don’t bite.

  • maaa

    Radiation Coverups Confirmed: Los Alamos, Fort Calhoun, Fukushima, TSA

  • chemfood chemfood

    live fuku-chat for the night owls

  • Company Finally Admits 765 KG of Uranium Burned In March 11 Oil Refinery Fire Following Japan Quake

    “Now They Tell Us” Series: Depleted Uranium Storage Facility Next to Cosmo Oil Refinary In Chiba Burned after Earthquake Hit on March 11

    The facility belongs to Chisso Petrochemical, and it contained 765 kilograms of depleted uranium at 0.3% concentration. It caught fire when the adjacent Cosmo Oil LPG tank caught fire and exploded.

    Not a problem, the Chiba government now says, and Chisso hasn’t said anything about the facility.

    There was a “baseless rumor“(link in Japanese) that circulated on the Internet on March 12 that said “Harmful substance will come down with the rain after the Cosmo Oil fire. Do not expose your skin.” Cosmo Oil and the government dismissed the rumor vehemently.

    Maybe the “baseless rumor” was not about Cosmo Oil’s tank but about Chisso’s depleted uranium…

    On June 30 Chiba Prefectural Assembly held meetings of 2 standing committees, “general affairs and disaster countermeasures” and “planning and water”. In the general affairs and disaster countermeasures committee, it was revealed that the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) tank fire and explosion at Cosmo Oil Refinery in Ichihara City, Chiba also burned the adjacent depleted uranium storage facility. There was no leak of radioactive materials, according to the committee.

    The Chiba prefectural fire department disclosed that the depleted uranium storage facility’s roof was burned down because of the fire and explosion of the LPG tank at Cosmo Oil. The depleted uranium storage facility belongs to Chisso Petrochemical [subsidiary of Chisso Corporation].

    According to the fire department, the storage facility is licensed by the national government as “nuclear fuel usage location”, and had 765 kilograms of depleted uranium that contained 0.3% of radioactive material [uranium]. The depleted uranium is used as catalyst for gas production.

    Looking at Chisso’s press releases, there is no mention of the depleted uranium storage facility at this plant location. The explosion and fire at Cosmo Oil Refinery was finally put out on March 21, at which point Chisso was able to go inside their plant to assess the fire damage.

    Ichihara City is on the west side of Chiba Prefecture, facing the Tokyo Bay, and there are many industrial plants and petrochemical facilities on the reclaimed land on the Tokyo Bay. Chisso Petrochemical is marked with a Yellow balloon with a dot:

    A minor detail, but Chisso Petrochemical is NOT adjacent to Cosmo Oil, by the way. There is Maruzen Oil in between the two. Hmmm. How would Chisso’s facility catch fire when Maruzen’s did not?

    By the way, Chisso is the same company that caused extensive mercury poisoning in the Minamata Bay in Kyushu by dumping methylmercury in the wastewater from the company’s chemical plant, and the company has been kept “alive” so that it makes profit to pay compensations to the victims. TEPCO’s likely future.

    (By the way, turning gossipy, Japan’s crown princess is the granddaughter of the Chisso president who fought and fought the “allegation” in the 1960s that his company’s plant caused mercury poisoning.)

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    German government researcher­s acknowledg­ed that nuclear power was discovered near the clear-cut evidence of a correlatio­n between childhood leukemia and cancer.

    • Mats

      And you know what?

      They say that there is no proof, that the leukemia is caused by the radiation.

      radiation which radiation?

      • arclight arclight

        “Exposure to high doses of radiation causes leukemia by inducing DNA damage through translocations (Kamada N et al 1987). Population studies show a link between radiation exposure from nuclear testing between 1951 and 1962 in the United States and the onset of leukemia (Archer VE 1987; Johnson CJ 1984). The incidence of leukemia was high in the United States in the years during and immediately after the nuclear testing. Utah showed high increases (up to five times the norm) in leukemia rates, which persisted as late as the 1980s (Archer VE 1987; Johnson CJ 1984). Exposure to radiation is linked to acute and myeloid leukemia in children (Archer VE 1987). The association between radiation exposure and leukemia was noted in survivors of the atomic bomb in Japan (Ichimaru M et al 1991) and in people who lived near the nuclear reactors in the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 (Noshchenko AG et al 2002). Leukemia caused by radiation typically appears 10 years after exposure (Tilyou SM 1990).” And this is the link! commercial site but referenced points.
        And then the quote below points to evidential discussions…all agree to some damage though!
        “The UN’s World Health Organisation and the International Atomic Energy Agency claim that only 56 people have died as a direct result of the radiation released at Chernobyl and that about 4,000 will die from it eventually.
        They also say that only a few children have died of cancers since the accident and, that most of the illnesses usually linked to Chernobyl are due to psychological distress, radiophobia or poverty and unhealthy living.
        But other reputable scientists researching the most radiation-contaminated areas of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are not convinced. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, another UN agency, predicts 16,000 deaths from Chernobyl; an assessment by the Russian academy of sciences says there have been 60,000 deaths so far in Russia and an estimated 140,000 in Ukraine and Belarus.
        Meanwhile, the Belarus national academy of sciences estimates 93,000 deaths so far and 270,000 cancers, and the Ukrainian national commission for radiation protection calculates 500,000 deaths so far.
        The mismatches in figures arise because there have been no comprehensive, co-ordinated studies of the health consequences of the accident. This is in contrast to Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where official research showed that the main rise in most types of cancer and non-cancer diseases only became apparent years after the atomic bombs fell.
        With Chernobyl there have been difficulties in gathering reliable data from areas left in administrative chaos after the accident. Hundreds of thousands of people were moved away from the affected areas, and the break-up of the Soviet Union led to records being lost.”
        not a monobot article obviously!!
        Just putting me oar in on this one! peace

    • With the onset of the verification within a 5 to live childhood leukemia multiple sclerosis in the Ministry of the environment of the Germany Federal Government, nuclear power plant near 5-year-old following child correlation of nuclear power plants and
      Research Germany Government of the risks in nuclear power plant located near leukemia in children under 5 years are made scientifically increasing the closer the distance of the nuclear power plant and residential area for the first time. From the researchers acknowledged that clearly evidence of correlation between pediatric cancer and leukemia was discovered near the nuclear power plant. Going public debate and citizen held in Bonn on December 16.

      In the France nuclear energy consultant, Michael Schneider says Hague reprocessing plant last information talks about the health impacts of radioactive contamination of the nuclear facility and residents around the participants from had questions. Mr. Schneider said is not a health problem professional recently mentioned in the Germany had a high childhood leukemia rates around nuclear power plants and research reports.

      It is told Chris Busby Dr doing low level radiation campaign ( LLRC:THE LOW LEVEL RADIATION CAMPAIGN ) England Wales is campaign report this spring has come me Germany research about recently reported results of a review of this report in early October, and Germany in big echo is serious birth.

      Proven Germany Government, nuclear power plants around the children’s cancer high incidence
      First report of the first was one high rate Germany nuclear power plant is in an area around within 5 km be leukemia are children under 5 years (infant). Findings made Federal radiation protection agency with the Ministry of the environment of the Germany Federal Government, and concerned that radiation leaving the nuclear power plant in Germany over the years, but people around giving health effects, such as the frequent occurrence of cancer “in the nuclear power plant near children’s cancer” ( Kikk-Studie ) called was released in December 2007.

      16 Were investigated nuclear power plant location. 5, Germany nuclear abolition plans in two places last year and this year was abolished
      From 1980, surveyed the distance children’s residence and the onset of correlations between location in terms of the nuclear power plants including Germany domestic 22 nuclear power plants during the 2003 associatedwith pediatric cancer and childhood leukemia in under 5 years old children about 16. Results obtained from the data of approximately 6300 children are children live from the nuclear power plant within a 5 to pediatric cancer, childhood leukemia both than in other regions had shown a high incidence. 1 On pediatric cancer. 61 Times, childhood leukemia at 2 pm. 19 X a statistically significant result in statistically high incidence that became apparent.

      Federal Germany this research is risks in nuclear power plant located near leukemia in children under 5 years are made scientifically increasing the closer the distance of the nuclear power plant and residential area for the first time. From the researchers acknowledged that clearly evidence of correlation between pediatric cancer and leukemia was discovered near the nuclear power plant. However, it did not identify the causal relationship between radiation emitted by nuclear power plants to cause cancer.

      For Germany Environment Ministry was based only on the statistical research methods led to a significant conclusion of the above related biological cannot be mentioned in this research, radiation protection Commission ( SSK ) commissioned a review of the report. And October this year, the Ministry of the environment press release on report of SSK has undergone re-examination drove.

      Cannot be admitted SSK announce that overall around the nuclear power plant within a 5 under 5 years of childhood leukemia incidence is high, but radiation from a nuclear power plant causes leukemia risk describes from the observed radiation from a nuclear power plant. Have you have arising out of nuclear power plants and nearly 1000 times the radiation dose is required. Trying to augment basic research will continue to validate the causation.

      Lee regional nuclear power plant in Wales cancer occurrence radioactivity have caused Dr. Busby
      Pointed out that Dr. Busby, fetal intrauterine exposure will cause leukemia
      LLRC Busby Dr Germany Environment Ministry last December reported for Germany authorities have encouraged discussion always same would be said. This means “to cause illness exposure dose is too small and would be”. Say it’s based on incomplete risk model of ICRP International Radiation Protection Committee are currently being used to evaluate it from the

      According to Dr. Busby, current risk models are in enormous bomb Hibakusha Japan that says, “was induced by uterine children 0-4 years of age-related diseases are incomparable and bomb Hibakusha is the concept of the radiation dose absorbed in the early stages of fetal development, perhaps” basing on the received sharp gamma-ray radiation absorbed dose.

      Dr. pointed out that emit alpha line number mg into on the body of small particle ( radioactivity ) breakdown occurs even hundreds mSv radiation dose is 滅ぼしたり fetus very easily, and can cause mutations that may lead to cancer or leukemia.

      SSK report on 16 December in Bonn public debate and citizen will be held, has aroused great interest in the Germany, but seems totally free of Japan major media coverage.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Removal of Melted Fuel Rods MAY Begin In 10 Years – If New Equipment is Capable – TEPCO Mid- and Long-Term Roadmap Released

  • Mats

    violence contre activistes – go to the highest european court for human rights – this is outrageous !!!!

  • Sickputer

    The first aerial video above Reactor 4 at Chernobyl:

    Looks a lot like Fukushima Reactor 3, no?

    But there is a lot more core nuclear lava left at Unit 3 in Fukushima and it has not sung its last song yet. Yes a great amount of the dangerous Unit 3 spent fuel rods expelled in chunks over a two mile area from the March explosion. An unknown amount was vaporized and went in the jetstream and regular winds around the globe.

    I wonder how much of the splintered fuel rod assemblies are still sitting around the plant giving off radiation. Somehow I doubt they have been collecting and securing most of these dangerous fragments, probably because their fear is great and their workforce is tiny compared to Chernobyl’s cleaners.

  • AustralianCannonball

    This video is from May 21st and was never posted on the forums. It is about the TEPCO executives: