Man arrested over Fukushima-related YouTube videos — Charged with criminal harassment of university scientists — Professor: I certainly don’t want to jeopardize the prosecution (VIDEO)

Published: November 11th, 2015 at 7:17 am ET


Globe and Mail, Nov 1, 2015 (emphasis added): After the Japanese nuclear reactor melted down… fears arose that radiation would pollute the Pacific and spread to Canada’s West Coast. To address those concerns… Dr. [Jay] Cullen started a radionuclide-monitoring program… “The goal and motivation … was that people were asking me, family and friends and the public at large, what the impact of the disaster was on B.C. on the North Pacific and on Canada,” he said… Shortly after he began blogging about the findings… [Cullen] was not only called a “shill for the nuclear industry” and a “sham scientist” but he was told he and other researchers who were reporting that the Fukushima radiation wasn’t a threat deserved to be executed… Even in Japan, he says, the [U.N.] determined the doses of ionizing radiation “are low enough that there will be no discernible increased incidence of radiation-related illness in them or their descendants.”… Dr. Cullen said he frequently hears from people that his science simply can’t be right because the Pacific Ocean is dying… Dr. Cullen said he understands that people are afraid of radiation, that they distrust governments and are wary of scientists… “I feel that the education system has failed these individuals in certain respects,” he said…

Globe and Mail, Nov 6, 2015: A British Columbia man who posted a video calling for the death of scientists whose research shows the Fukushima nuclear accident is not destroying the Pacific has been charged with two counts of criminal harassment. The charges were laid against Dana Durnford… In a video posted on Thursday, he said he had just been charged, and that many of his past videos had been taken down… “I was arrested… I was in court and I was charged with criminal harassment of nuclear industry PR people,” he said… he was charged under Section 264 of the Canadian Criminal Code, which makes it illegal to engage in conduct that causes someone to fear for their safety… “It’s new territory for me, and I certainly don’t want to jeopardize [the prosecution] by speaking out of turn,” [Cullen] said…

Durnford is not alone in voicing concern about the impact of the Fukushima disaster on North America. Here are a few examples from officials, professors, and other experts:

  • Former US Gov’t Official: “The elephant in the room is Fukushima radiation” when it comes to Pacific Ocean animal die-offs –Source
  • Experts: Fukushima radioactive contamination a “major concern for public health of coastal communities” on west coast –Source
  • US Gov’t: Alaska island “appears to show impacts from Fukushima”; Scientists anticipate more marine life to be impacted as ocean plume arrives –Source
  • AP: Unprecedented deaths along U.S. Pacific coast; Samples “being tested for radionuclides from Fukushima”-Source
  • Professor: “Fukushima emerged as a global threat to the conservation of the Pacific Ocean, human health, and marine biodiversity” –Source
  • Gov’t conducts more tests on sick animals to look for Fukushima radionuclides –Source
  • Scientists predict west coast killer whales will exceed 1,000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium; Over 10 times gov’t limit in Japan –Source
  • Professors: Seafood off west coast predicted to exceed gov’t radioactivity limit –Source
  • Scientist expects Fukushima radiation will cause marine bacteria in US to mutate –Source
  • Boat Captain: Fishermen “talking about Fukushima… convinced it has something to do with” poor condition of marine life –Source
  • Professor: Fukushima a suspected factor in ‘unusual mortality’ of seals, walruses –Source
  • Scientists present links between Alaska seal deaths and Fukushima fallout –Source
  • “Many researchers initially believed radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster could be at the heart of the [sea star wasting] disease” –Source
  • Mystery disease kills seals in Atlantic Ocean; Gov’t tests for Fukushima radiation –Source
  • “Fish along the Orange County coast may have been affected by [Fukushima] radioactivity… researchers say” –Source
  • US gov’t experts looking into whether Fukushima is cause of sea lion strandings in California; NOAA: “Radiation epidemic could be potential cause” –Source

Watch Durnford’s video addressing the charges here

Published: November 11th, 2015 at 7:17 am ET


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  • here find the methodology and url to results on seafood in Alaska testing:

  • califnative califnative

    Hi Obvious – Stock posted today, then I saw this AP article Nov. 30th:

    "ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska seafood has not been tainted by the Fukushima nuclear disaster four years ago, according to test results announced Monday by a state agency.

    Alaska health authorities working with the federal Food and Drug Administration pronounced Alaska salmon, cod, halibut and other species free from radioactive contamination connected to the power plant damaged in Japan more than four years ago."

    Then at the bottom of the page they link

    Fish Monitoring Program – What We're Doing:

    "Supported by funding from EPA, NOAA and BOEMRE (formerly MMS), we're analyzing salmon (all five species), halibut, pacific cod, sablefish, black rockfish, sheefish, lingcod, pollock as well as other marine and fresh water species for trace metals (methyl mercury, total mercury, selenium, copper, lead, cadmium). A subset will be analyzed for dioxins and furans, organochlorine pesticides, PCB congeners and brominated fire retardants. Samples will be collected primarily in coastal marine waters throughout the state with some fresh water species from some coastal water sheds and lakes in the Koyukuk, Kuskokwim, Yukon, and Susitna River drainages."


  • califnative califnative

    So Bob with Alaska State Veterinarian says the results of the analysis of the fish collected in Alaska are posted on the state web page. After digging around finally found it on Alaska Environment Health Food and Safety Sanitation Program – In the News.

    Results – All Sample Results are Non-Detect (ND) for Fukushima Related Radiation

    Bullshit! I don't believe it 🙁

  • califnative califnative
    The government and the nuclear power industry claim we have nothing to worry about. When you see the photos, you may want decide for yourself if they're telling the truth.

    Alaska salmon as well as all types of Pacific seafood (Shrimp, clams, scallops, squid, etc.) are being tainted with radioactive contamination. So are the people who consume them. What do you think happens to people who eat radiation-contaminated food? Worse, what happens to people who eat cancerous tumors without knowing what they are?

    According to the Local Environmental Observers (LEO) Network in Hydaburg, Alaska, they have found strange growths in the flesh or meat of salmon. "We were fishing for Cohos (silver salmon) at the mouth of the Hydaburg River with line and reel." said Brian Holter, Jr. who said that eight fish were filled up inside with strange growths that were either white or pink in color. "On the outside the fish looked fine. The growths looked kind of like individual little salmon eggs, and about the same size, their people were seeing the same kind of growths in their fish as well."

    Local Environmental Observer website

    Map and list of observations (salmon die-off, lumps on skin)

  • Back to Dana – other shoe drops.
    Libbe HaLevy put out a show with 'apology' with a photo of Rense as Dana and gets his name wrong and demands he take down his rebuttal vid.


    at 49:27 min. mark ….

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    December 1, 2015 at 11:49 pm · Reply
    Puleez code. What a load of bs .. are you advocating anarchy now?

    I said let the court decide.

    Common sense says that if I have a foul mouthed wild eyed dude making threats against me .. and implying that he has his legions to also follow up with or for him ..

    I am gonna get the hell away and call authorities.

    I am not going to try and kumbaya with him.

    Let the court decide.


    HHD here. Funny thing, that auna. "…implying that he has his legions to also follow up with or for…"
    So Cullen was trespassing on my property, stalking me, PRIOR to Dana'a arrest because he was so afraid of Dana, that he thought anyone who spoke out against his own garbage news releases posed as science, would also be someday guilty of harassment or terroristic threats- anyone who spoke out @ ENE must be an accomplice and also enough of a threat that he would cross Canadian/US borders to get a good look at them? Enlighten me auna. Anyone who calls foul on Cullen/Buesseller BS get's stalked and trespassed upon or jailed? I never posted anywhere but ENE, I have NO following and I never said one word about doing harm to anyone. But I did say Cullen is full of crapola and I did do the piece everyone seems to have missed regarding FUNDING. It's all here. Never been anywhere else on the net in 16 years. So, how did he get my address, way out here on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere?

    Buck season.

    • "But I did say Cullen is full of crapola and I did do the piece everyone seems to have missed regarding FUNDING. It's all here."

      Could you link to it please?

      Or post again?

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Perhaps one of ya'll can do a work-up of my posts regarding WHOI et al. I am not doing so well these days and have a hard time focusing since the incidence. I also have not figured out how to search comments. I think a relevant one is the one regarding the switch of powers due to their financial hardships. That is what came to my mind when I started asking myself why…

        I am going to post some details of the incident, in a minute.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Dozens of miles from town, dirt road, tiny rental car (not recommended), same shirt as in his vids, long, tan face, those hands, in a car trying to hide his face as I drove by in my big truck (recommended), sitting at our cemetary which hasn't been used for years, private property, placing his hands in his lap as if he was just waiting…in the middle of nowhere…But I saw his nervous face. I saw a man that looked exactly like Cullen. At first, I thought feds…who…huh? He looks familiar! Certainly out of place and an unusual event out here! I could see where one might assume one might not be noticed in plain clothes and car- if they had never been out to the hills. We don't dress like that or look like that 'round here. We just don't. And aint nobody gots no suntan. People notice those sorts of things in the boonies. This was right about Halloween. Dana was arrested a few days later. Did he jump the gun and place the arrest on that day, sooner than planned, just in case I saw him because he suddenly felt transparent, unexpecting of his vulnerability? What was he doing there? I reviewed his videos and I made a call immediately, when it clicked.
      Witnesses? Teen says "Who is THAT?"
      My house is the only one visible for hundreds of acres. There is one ROOF visible from the stalkers vantage point, other than my residence, past my property, just to be clear, however.

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        I am a handicapped, single mother with at least one small child I had in my late 40's, unexpectedly. My health has declined significantly since the incident, therefore, since I won't be here long anyways, I will give my last breath in resistance of nuclear.

        For those of you who noticed my interest in the case, my interest in the defense and the publication of Cullen/Buesseler activity since the arrest and my interest in distancing myself from Dana, perhaps now you will understand why. I fear for my life and it won't be long now. I, for one, won't be dragging any of the anti-nukes down with me. I go alone.

        • irhologram

          "With at least one small child"… What does that mean? you have ip other children, but they may or may no be small?

          For Cillen personally do stake outs, if this is a conspiracy (and I'm not saying it isn't)…strains credulity. There are minions to do this sort of dirty work.

          How could you see his hands in his lap if he was sitting in a car parked in the cemetery, and so not on the road…and so not as close to you to observe…not everyone wearing dress shirts with tan, long faces and relaxed hands are Cullen.

          Paranoia makes one filter reality in creative ways…sometimes,..and I use the word paranoia because you imply Cullen or his ilk are going to kill you for suggesting funding (coincidentally , as I did today with Majia. I'll let you know if I see Cullen.)

          I don't mean to make fun of you, but I also don't like seeing you distressed. Dana's arrest, as you suggest, had likely been in the works for some time. His world and fate did not depend on your actions. Try to relax. It is unlikely there is a hit out on you for suggesting private funding.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            Thanks for the sensitivity. Meh.

            The trespasser saw my, small, beautiful child when I took her from her carseat. Enough said.

            "Cullen personally" I asked myself the same thing, of course. The answer I have alluded to is this: With such a sensitive thing, why would anyone risk anyone else doing the stalking, but themself? I really don't know why. Why don't you guess?

            How could I possibly see his hands in his lap? You are starting to sound…well..anyways…I was high up, in a truck. (He) was in a tiny rental car. I pulled up right next to him. I SAW HIM. Ya ever been in a truck? You can see right into cars. Nobody EVER parks there…

            Of course you should be skeptical. This stuff doesn't just happen, now does it? So, I should just keep my mouth shut and not say anything, cuz we all know these guys aren't capable of such filth, right? I mean, just in case I'm wrong about identity, right? Also, to avoid being called a crazy- good for nothing psycho with attention needs and …'s just best we don't talk about these things, yes?

            "Paranoia"?…Again, we all know these things aren't possible and these guys are just all around do-gooders. Ya think I haven't thought about that for the past month? If I wasn't paranoid before, I am now. Yeah, maybe it's nothing. Carry on then.

            "Unlikely". Yes, do carry on and write me off, mmmk? Just an old crippled loon with nothin' to do and nowhere to go but ENE.

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              The notes were made PRIOR to Dana's arrest. The witness and myself, PRIOR to the arrest. How could we have known to be looking for Cullen, on that fateful day, prior to the arrest?

              Number of times I have claimed to have been stalked in my life: Zero.

              Number of cars parked at the cemetary by my house in the last few years: Zero

              Number of new renatl cars in the area at ANY given time: Zero

              Number of guys runnin' around lookin' like Cullen: Zero

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            "…It is unlikely there is a hit out on you for suggesting private funding. …"

            You already seem to have your mind made up about some inmportant questions. I don't think that "hit" would be the motive for the appearance, as you state. I think someone assumed they would not be seen and was hoping to entrap myself into making violent threats in order to throw me under the arrest bus. And was privately hoping to see who it was they would be going after before the jail hit. The days before the arrest, there were physical threats made here…possibly in hopes I would respond as such, being that I was so outspoken regarding the scientific atrocities of the "victims", JC and KB. I didn't bite, I saw what I saw and here we are. Or maybe he just wanted to find out who I was, was seen and went ahead with the arrest before I could tell. You should spend a little more time evaluating the situation, as I have, before putting me on the chopping block.

            My guess is as good as anybodies, I suppose. I have never claimed to be anything but a dummy with stupid questions.

            • irhologram

              HillBilly. It was you who said, "I fear for my life, and it won't be long now."

              I'm satisfied with leaving this discussion at this time. I wish you well.

              • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                Bye bye, ir.


              • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                My health took a significant turn for the worse of late. I speak now, in case I won't be here to tell later. And I won't. Nothin' to gain, nothin' to lose. The stress of my little secret aint helping. I told myseelf never to tell- … … my child, you know? They are so precious and pure.

                I know I am officially a troll feast now. But here I am, putting my private stuff out there in the small chance…


                I can help…



                …I am thankful for the freedom I have had here to express my views. Thank you, ENE and ene'ers.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  HHB, you are safer for communicating and inking your concerns.

                  Your concerns should be on anyones awareness list.

                  Take note, details, lic #, description, details…

                  Live in awareness, not fear…

        • aunavoz

          Hhd .. I am empathetic to your concerns.

          Next time you are fearful when a stranger shows up on your property I strongly suggest you call the sheriff. At least make a report .. license plate etc.

          Please take care.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            What makes you think I haven't, auna?

            And don't give me your please take care empathetic line of total bull. You're just covering your arse. I got the message you sent me about Belushi.

            Sorry you said "he has his legions to also follow up with or for". Truly, I am, because that is what made me see that this is so much more than Dana wrongs, but also about the threat that the entire anti-nuke team poses to the industry and their lies, isn't it? Why don't you tell us what else is in the works for us all, since you seem to speak for them and know so much.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            geesh, I think everyone should report everyone to the police/fbi, that way we will have all suspicious bases covered. We could implement something like they did in Argentina (or Guantanamo)…it will be great aunavoz! Just think; total control over dissention and dangerous anarchists! (your accusation against me)

            With the March 1976 coup d’état, the system of ‘disappearing’ people was employed on a national scale, with a complex bureaucracy that made use of state resources and installations: it became the chosen method of repression . The procedure for the ‘operations’ carried out by the task forces followed a relatively stable modus operandi. This involved asking for a ‘green light’ from the local police in order to be able to go into action. Once a liberated area had been declared, the targeted person was abducted, either from their place of residence (62%), in a public place (24.6%), at their work-place (7%) or place of study (6%). The majority of the abductions took place at night (62%) . The victim was abducted blindfolded and taken to a CDC. Once there, the initiation rite involved torture – the aim being to obtain as much information as possible as quickly as possible. In many cases, however, both physical and psychological torture continued throughout the period of imprisonment.


            • aunavoz

              Code .. only gonna answer to your first paragraph. I said are you advocating anarchy now ..

              That's not the same as calling you anarchist.

              Whatever .. we have been through many rounds here ..

              Sorry.if I offended.

              Are we all getting tired .. or is it just me?

              And you do remember my Belushi story was to you .. not HBH don't you?


              • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                Belushi? You mean after I posted a Belushi song, you immediately posted your rant about how Belushi didn't learn his lesson about keeping his artistic fire in check and died as a result? Right below one of my comments, claiming you didn't know where to put your comment, and haphazardly placed it below one of mine. And alluded to it being specifically for Code? Is that what you are trying to get Code to back you on? Why?

                Smart much?

              • It's funny how AunsVoice and Holodude flock together.

                • Must be a twin of Auno, because last time he posted in another thread, he said he was leaving and never coming back..

                  Hey Auno, is that you, or someone else?

                  Have you changed your mind about ENEnews?

                  Why are you here?

                  What is your goal?

                  What is your purpose here other than dissing Dana and other anti nuclear activists?

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    “It’s new territory for me, and I certainly don’t want to jeopardize [the prosecution] by speaking out of turn,” [Cullen] said…

  • irhologram

    Current "terrorist" situation, whether false flag remains to be seen. If so, this time, it's also about banning body armour.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    I can't determine if the subject earth sciences guy (cullen) has any radiation/health effects training. He's got lots of papers though:


    Also talks about how a whole group of people went in due to leukemia in 2011.

    All of them are dead now, except for Kevin.

    Last man standing.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    If you specialize in heavy metals and their effects, shouldn't be too hard to start dissecting the Fukushima thing…

    Awe, they're broke. Sorry. No funds for testing of Fukushima Japan radionuclides from the unprecedented nuclear disaster which included the meltdown of three reactors and all of their components.

    Oh well…


  • Evangelist Calls On Christians To Assassinate Abortion Providers – See more at:

    Ever hear of any of these people being charged with anything?

  • (Nuclear Proctologist) Dana Durnford Vs. Ken Buesseler and Jay Cullen

    Both get funding from nuclear industry, but that would not affect what they are researching nor impact the results, would it now?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      what is good about this refutation of banana equivalent dose? The extra dose of radiation from eating bananas may be zero, but the actual dose of radiation from potassium is about 70 bq/kg or 5000 bq for a whole person.

  • freebywill

    Fantasizing about committing a crime, even a crime of violence against a real person whom you know, is not a crime, ” 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Barrington Parker said in a statement.

  • ricksimpson


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